Hump Day Morning Trade Chatter

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Brook Lopez is definitely back. He put on an offensive show for the Nets last night in their win over the Mavericks.

A trade deadline cynic would argue that he was being showcased as well. He’s long been rumored to be the piece the Nets would have to deliver to the Magic in a potential blockbuster deal for Dwight Howard.

The broken right foot that cost Lopez 32 games this season appears to be in fine shape, he dropped 38 points and the go-ahead free throw to power the Nets over the Mavericks last night. His every move will be analyzed as the perfect bait for the Magic, who have to make a decision to either deal or not deal Howard before the March 15 deadline.

Deron Williams gushed about his current big man after the win over the Mavs, telling reporters:

“He was a monster tonight. He carried us from the start of the game and it makes a difference, I’ve said it all season. … He knows how to play the game and we’re glad to have him back.”

Williams has to be measured in his praise. And the Nets have to be careful with Lopez, who outside of his ability score, isn’t in Howard’s category in any way. If they see him play at a high level for long enough, they might start to rethink this notion of moving him for Howard or anyone else.

Still, you can’t argue that Lopez has great timing. The Nets have won three of their last five games, and that includes wins over the Bulls, Knicks and now, the reigning champs.


Go ahead and add Timberwolves’ forward Michael Beasley to the list of players being showcased as the trade deadline draws near. So what if he’s still coming off the bench.

Rookie Derrick Williams and Beasley dropped 27 points a piece as the Timberwolves knocked off the Clippers in Los Angeles. They’ve both been overshadowed this season by All-Star power forward Kevin Love and rookie sensation Ricky Rubio. But with rumors swirling about the Timerbwolves hoping to get involved in a potential deal for Lakers forward Pau Gasol, Beasley would have to be a part of that deal.

Williams would have to be off limits for the Timberwolves. But not Beasley, whose season has been altered by injuries and Rick Adelman‘s decision to play him off the bench.

This one bears watching.


With suitors lining up to inquire about guards Jose Calderon and Leandro Barbosa, the Raptors are pushing back from the idea of moving either one of them, according to Ryan Wolstat of The Toronto Sun:

Moving Calderon doesn’t make much sense at this point — he has had a fine season and is the only man on the roster capable of being a starting point guard in the NBA. He will be even more valuable in the summer with only a year left on his contract should the team acquire other options by then. Or he could stay put with a bevy of talented young potentially restricted free agent point guards hitting the market in the summer of 2013.

Raptors president/general manager Bryan Colangelo has said in the past that he is interested in extended Barbosa, who will be unrestricted this season.

Colangelo drafted Barbosa while running the Phoenix Suns.

For his part, Barbosa said he pays trade rumours no mind and would be quite happy to stay put.

“I love my teammates, I love the way we work together. If it happens, it’s part of the business, there’s nothing I can do about it,” Barbosa told the Sun.

“I like Toronto, I like the organization, don’t have a problem with anybody. We are young, but we are learning. The team has grown a lot, especially with Dwane Casey coming to the team, he’s really helping us.”

Things can change in an instance and certainly overnight or during a fortnight. The trade deadline is far enough away that minds could be changed in Toronto regarding both of these guys.


While the Raptors are sending out signals that they are not interested in dealing anyone at the deadline, the Jazz remain open for business, though there is no deal imminent, according to a report from Brian T. Smith the Salt Lake Tribune:

The Jazz are still evaluating a team that has 10 contests remaining before the trade deadline, including tough home matchups against Miami and Houston, and a five-game road trip featuring contests at Dallas, Philadelphia and Chicago. Utah has lost eight of 10 and is just 6-13 since starting 9-4. However, the Jazz are only five games behind the fourth-place Mavericks in a stacked Western Conference, and Utah has not become a seller yet.

The Jazz remain open to moving starting point guard Devin Harris, league sources said, and reserve small forward C.J. Miles could be made available in the right situation. But Utah continues to take a long-term approach in building its team after the Deron Williams trade last February, and the Jazz won’t make a move simply to pull the trigger.

With a frontcourt logjam that includes starters Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap and youngsters Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter, you might expect the Jazz to be shopping one of those big men. But according to Smith they are not. And that’s probably a wise move since no one is quite sure what they have right now in Kanter and Favors is steadily improving.


Warriors guard Monta Ellis continues to see his name tossed into the trade rumor mix, same as he does every season at this time. (What would a trade deadline be without at least two or three juicy Ellis rumors to spice things up?)

But he has company this time around. David Lee and even Steph Curry are being mentioned in hypothetical deals, according to Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle:

Ellis, Lee and Curry are all hearing their names among trade rumors as the March 15 deadline approaches. The Warriors have been active in talks about Ellis, looking for a star in return or considering deals that would package the scoring dynamo with Andris Biedrins’ bad contract.

Warriors sources said there is little to the buzz about dealing Ellis for New Jersey center Brook Lopez. They’re still convincing themselves that they’re in the running for Orlando center Dwight Howard, who has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t want to play in the Bay Area.

“That’s for the front office. We have dialogue every day, but my focus is on getting better every possession, every quarter, every game,” [Warriors coach Mark] Jackson said. “We talk about how we can get better and how we can accomplish our goals, which are to get to the playoffs and have a legitimate chance to win it all.”

Winning it all? It’s good to have goals. But if the trade deadline isn’t the focus (at least of the bosses in Oakland), something is seriously wrong.


  1. Steve says:

    Think about the Lakers for just one minute…The biggest improvement they can make on their team is at point guard. They don’t have one. Blake is a decent back up but certainly not a starter. Fisher is a great leader but also not a starter at this point of his career. While Gasol or Bynum for Howard is a good upgrade but to lose both would be a bad trade. The biggest upgrade would be a point guard. Look would Lin has done for the hapless Knicks. They got a starting point guard for essentially nothing and they had the other pieces in place. So what would make the most sense for the Lakers is a trade that would involve Gasol or Bynum but not both…A 3 team deal that would bring Ellis and Beasley to the Lakers for Gasol makes alot of sense. Sounds like two separate trades would would work considering Beasley is on the table for the Lakers 1st round pick. So a Gasol for Ellis tarde might make alot of sense

  2. charles says:

    Deron no amount of nice words is going to turn Lopez into Howard.

  3. Tim says:

    Minnesota doenst need a trade michael beasley… their team is still young and they need to developed their game before they bocome a legit playoff team… rushing that by trading a talented scorer like beasley is a waste… if they really wont to trade someone then trade randolph, who is a good player who just doesnt get minutes, and some other role players for a solid SG

  4. killme says:

    Dirk Nowitzki to Atlanta
    Dwayne Wade to New Orleans
    Dwight Howard to New Jersey
    Joe Johnson to Dallas
    Marvin Williams to Dallas
    Eric Gordon to Miami
    Trevor Ariza to Miami
    Carl Landry to Miami
    Brook Lopez to Orlando
    Marshon Brooks to Orlando
    Ben Wallace to Lakers
    Rodney Stuckey to Lakers
    Barnes to Pistons
    Mcroberts to Pistons
    Yao Ming to Knicks
    Jeremy Lin to Rockets
    Rooney Turiaf to Rockets
    Mayweather to Jail and Rehab

  5. Jeff says:

    i think lakers need no trade at all…… all they need is a solid point guard who can defend….. fisher is now old to do some dirty works in defence—- blake is a shooter not a defender—– they need a PG who can guard— sign aaron brooks or Gilbert arenas!!!

  6. nheng says:

    Lakers should try to deal troy murphy,steve blake for stephen curry or for d-will but not pau…

  7. TelekinesiS says:

    Nets – Dwight Howard, Steph Curry
    Magic – Monte Ellis, Brook Lopez
    Lakers – Michael Beasley, Derrick Williams
    Warriors – Jason Richardson, Hedu Teg, Jordan farmar
    Wolves – Pau Gasol,

    • TelekinesiS says:

      Nets – Dwight Howard, Steph Curry
      Magic – Monte Ellis, Brook Lopez, Derrick Williams
      Lakers – Michael Beasley, Devin Harris
      Warriors – Jason Richardson, Hedu Teg, Jordan farmar
      Wolves – Pau Gasol,
      Jazz – ummmm im stuck………………….u guy figure it

  8. LebronsHairline says:

    these are the stupidest trades ever…now i see why fans dont have a say….
    Monta is a type B type A- superstar top ten in the league in scoring….Moe is not enough at all…
    Kobe would demand a trade if the lakers got rid of pau(B+) for Beasley(C+) and a draft pick(TBD)…u get rid of a big man who can score… Rondo(A) is a top Pg in the league…u cant give him up for nothing…the celtics hold a lottery ticket in him…

    u guys need to get realistic…Orlando can lands Rondo(A) only if Jameer(C+) & ryan anderson(B-) are there asking price…they may want a pick as well…Jameers numbers and value are down…while anderson & garnett wont give u much of a presence in the paint…

    and Mayo(B) has been on the trading block b4 & he wasnt traded…so the asking price is very high…dont think these teams arent trying to get the best possible deals… i just dont see any of your deals workin for either teams…
    The bulls have the best pieces to land dwight in my eyes…Noah(B-), Deng(B), brewer(C) will get u Dwight(A+) …money adjustments can be made with other pieces but these are the type of deals Teams are tryin to wait for….These ratings are slightly exaggerated….but they give u a feel of what these players comparisons… remember when the celtics got Garnett(A-) for Al Jefferson(B), Ryan Gomes(C) Gerald Green(C+), Sebastian Telfair(C-) and center Theo Ratliff(C)-, two first-round draft picks and cash considerations…& now with the bargaining agreement and david stern vetoing trades….Dwight will be goin to the highest bidder…(Nets) or staying and going to the Mavs next year

  9. Harsh says:

    That will never be the new LAL team, I HATE it from my heart. Mayo? Chandler? what happened to Steve Blake? Fisher? M .World Peace? Roberts?

  10. Harsh says:

    La Lakers are the bomb!!!:)

  11. poinkero says:

    If Howard wants a Championship, he should go to Chicago. Howard+D-Will will never beat Miami..The Lakers is another option, but they just can’t pay him enough.. With Chicago, he’ll get atleast a ring with little sacrifice financially..

  12. NosTRADEamus says:

    I dreamt Dwight Howard wearing New Jersey Nets’ Home jersey..

  13. Jon Sullivan says:

    I want to see Beasley in a Raptors uniform asap! I think there is plenty of possible trade opportunity in Toronto, and potential to make a really great move before the deadline so we can see a solid playoff team next year with jonas coming in. Maybe a three team trade possibility with lakers, wolves and raps.

    Lakers: Calderon atleast
    Wolves: Pau atleast
    Raps: Beasley atleast

  14. cappucinno says:

    Gasol & Ron Artest for Beasley, Luke Ridnour, and Derrick Williams.. Lakers starting five – Ridnour, Bryant, Beasley, WIlliams, Bynum, Minnesota starting five – Rubio, W. Johnson, Artest, Love, Gasol.

  15. cappucinno says:

    Gasol & Ron Artest for Beasley, Luke Ridnour, and Derrick William, seems fair

  16. ryan says:

    i think the lakers should go afer sesions, mayo,beasley and wilson chandler while sending ron to minny , morris and a 2nd to houston who send flynn to cavs so lakers get sessions and a 1st from la then sen blake and mcrob for mayo , then you send ebanks the exception and a ist to denver for chandler and you fix the holes on the team all around while keeping the big three the starters would be plus you just add a center who gets cut or go and trade a 2nd for whiteside and your set
    c -bynum
    pf – gasol
    sf – chandler
    sg – kobe
    pg – sessions
    c – murphy
    pf – beasley
    sf – barnes
    sg – oj. mayo
    pg – goudblock

  17. hamazing says:

    Howard to Bulls
    D-WILL to Lakers for Blake and Kapono
    Beasley to Lakers for Barnes and 1ST Round Pick

    This would be Perfect..

  18. qwerty says:

    I like the idea of trading Moe Will to Monta Ellis… Howard should go to Thunders for Perkins, Sefolosha and a Draft Pick..
    Lakers should trade Metta for a PG like Calderon and trade Gasol For boozer and an Draft pick.. Go Bulls!

  19. Lakers R Us says:

    The trade by the Lakers of Pau Gasol to Houston and Lamar Odom to New Orleans for Chris Paul made sense. The Lakers need a point guard and CP3 is the best in the league! No way would I ever move Pau Gasol unless I received equal value in return! I’m sorry but Michael Beasley is not equal value! He’s no where near the player Pau Gasol is! The Lakers need to sit back and make a deal that makes sense, and gives them value! In the meantime they will be OK! They’re not as good as they were; but 20-14 still isn’t too bad! Jeez! People act like they’ve moved down to the cellar or something! I’d actually like to see them acquire Rondo! I think he’d be a great fit for them!

  20. Semi Kalosi says:

    Bulls, Bulls, Bulls… I am however, really starting to believe that he’ll go to the Nets. But the Bulls, as i’ve said many times, have the pieces to trade.

  21. iiB3ND0V3R4M3N says:

    dwight to nets without question. this year, dwight has no been too strong offensively but he is a maniac on the boards. Lopez will provide better offense and dwight needs to play with a point guard like d-will for him to be a very strong player. The nets are set with rebounding with hump. HUMPHRIES AND HOWARD FTW ON THE BOARDS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!

  22. japotz says:

    I hope Miami Heat will get a great back-up big man on court to back up Joel Anthony..

  23. wonderBOi says:

    @Clippersfan4471, Seriously? Ellis for Mo without any other piece to golden state? And Mo being a true PG? LOL to this

    @Toronto Raptors need good players!, your trades are hilarious and unrealistic. Nets gets Howard while just sending out M. Brooks and a 1st pick? LOL to this as well.

    I could agree from one post above about trading Howard for Wade, 2012 1st round pick but not with Battier.

    I think it is better for Howard to be at Nets with D-Will. Pure PG and Athletic C is a fantastic combo.

  24. ko0kiE says:

    how are beasley and lopez being showcased? it’s still the nba.. you just don’t score 27 (11-15 Shooting) and 38 (17-28) points by getting extended minutes.. they both played a terrific game.. period.

  25. rob says:

    Utah Jazz Trade
    Paul Millsap & Devin Harris
    Portland Trail Blazers Trade
    Raymond Felton & Wesley Mathews

    This is a Even trade and the salaries match up very well.

  26. rob says:

    The JAZZ should trade Al Jefferson & Gordon Hayward straight up for GS. Monta Ellis.

  27. crazy stuff says:

    what about oden,wallace,mathews and draft picks for rondo and would be a big gamble by celtics but if oden stays healty(almost impossible) that would been one of the best trades for both..

  28. JR says:

    How bout a 3 team trade. Boston Orlando and Memphis. Boston gets Mayo and Gasol. Orlando gets Rondo and Green, Memphis gets Dwight. Boston would get a dynamic scorer and an allstar center. Orlando would get a great pg and a decent wing while Memphis defence would get a great boost. Boston’s problems would be solved. Orlando will still have a superstar. Memphis will be the number one defensive team in the league. Savvy?

  29. jmndodge says:

    Don’t know that MN is desperate for a trade. Beasley is a good player, could be the best 6th man in the league, Adelman insists that you play defense first. A new experience for Beasley, but watching him, he could have the complete package. I’ve been impressed with his maturity this season. Digging his way out of the dog house, he is playing well, saying the right things or being quiet, and starting to work well with this team. Wes Johnson needs to spend more time at SG, and DWill needs to make the transition to SF. Not likely to happen this season, which leaves Beasley valuable for the team. Gasol is a great player, but with three true centers, Miller, Darko and Pek, — Love taking the majority of PF minutes, the Wolves need to make more than a straight Beasley – Gasol trade. Would rather see them package a couple of bench players (Toliver, Randolf, or Webster) for an aging shooting guard who can his the open jumper and give them 10 minutes a night. Randolf would be a great find in the right place. Crazy athletic, skills and size, but needs time on the floor, and does make some bonehead plays. Might be the key in the right location.

  30. wolves fan says:

    please take beasley and darko and send them to the lakers for gasol.can you say championship.

  31. buzzkillington says:

    Will someone please take Luis Scola off Houston’s hands? Anyone? We’ll throw in Hasheem Thabeet for good measure.

  32. Miami says:

    There is no future for Howard in Orlando. I am wondering if Otis Smith will do a trash talk for Howard like the way he did for James,

  33. DS_UK says:

    The Lakers don´t need Howard. They have two talented big men already. They should try to trade Metta World and other bench players and get a reliable PG like Calderon.

  34. Clippersfan4471 says:

    What about Mo Williams for Monta Ellis. Gives the Clips a legit scoring/shooting guard while giving the Warriors a true point guard allowing Curry to play the 2? Foye goes back to 2nd unit and Bledsoe gets the backup minutes at point while going against CP3 in practice every day?

  35. Ginobili says:

    If Minnesota gets Gasol they’d be one of the best teams in the western conference. Gasol, Rubio, and Love? Sick.

  36. yham says:

    these coming two weeks will be pretty exicting!
    youll never know who will be the looser and the fortunate one.
    please add another big man for miami..
    heat fans…

  37. bauer says:

    jazz must trade millsap+harris+miles for a godd pg to organize the team. d-will have to come back…

  38. stevezz says:

    There is Jason Kidd on the left in NETS uniform!!! 😀

  39. Toronto Raptors need good players! says:

    Dwight Howard to New Jersey
    Pau Gasol to Orlando
    Rajon Rondo to Orlando
    Jameer Nelson to Boston
    MarShon Brooks to Boston
    Ryan Anderson to Los Angeles
    Nets 1st round draft pick to Los Angeles (Sign a SF)
    Los Angeles signs Gilbert Arenas

    • A Fan says:

      You got to be kidding me…
      Celtics giving up Rajon for Jameer and Marshon is just ridiculous. They don’t need a semi-lazy point guard and a rook behind Allen.. Trade would make no sense imo.

  40. Toronto Raptors need good players! says:

    Dwight Howard to New Jersey
    Pau Gasol to Orlando
    Rajon Rondo to Orlando
    Jameer Nelson to Boston
    MarShon Brooks to Boston
    Ryan Anderson to Los Angleles
    Nets 1st round draft pick to Los Angleles

    Everything works out good if nets get a pick between 1st pick and 10th pick
    I think all the teams would do better/depends on lakers draft pick if Lakers choose a SF and also sign Gilbert Arenas there making playoffs after they rebuild!

  41. Toronto Raptors need good players! says:

    Dwight Howard to New Jersey
    Pau Gasol to Orlando
    Rajon Rondo to Orlando
    Jameer Nelson to Boston
    MarShon Brooks to Boston
    Ryan Anderson to Los Angleles
    Nets 1st round draft pick to Los Angleles

  42. Toronto Raptors need good players! says:

    Dwight Howard to New Jersey
    Pau Gasol to Orlando
    Rajon Rondo to Orlando
    Jameer Nelson to Boston
    MarShon Brooks to Boston
    Ryan Anderson to Los Angleles
    Nets 1st round draft pick to Los Angleles

    Everything works out good if nets get a pick between 1st pick and 10th pick
    I think all the teams would do better/depends on lakers draft pick

  43. la fan says:

    lakers should try trading bynum for rubio and marc. get the brothers together lol. and fill the point guard spot. if rubio is not available try for beasley

  44. TTKIN says:

    The Lakers shouldnt trade Pau unless they are getting a GOOD deal. Their big 3 is not the problem (although Kobe should shoot less). Pau had 10 straight double doubles and has been a mosnter since getting beat out by Marc for the all-star spot. Bynum is ok but has yet to prove to me he can go a year without being injured (almost was NOT cleared to play tonight). The Lakers need role players. They dont even need a good PG or good SF, they just need average at this point. Peace and Barnes are OK defensively, but neither play offense (well, anyways). and there really is no need for me to mention their lack of PG, that’s been obvious since when, 04? 05? Or was everyone in favor of signing Smush Parker? Im not counting the Lakers out of it though. Is there a better team out there at getting the talent they want/need?

  45. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Bynum for Howard. I would like to see that.

  46. Ben says:

    I’d like the nets much more if they retained Lopez, and got Howard in the offseason to have a Howard/Lopez frontcourt.

  47. ChrisBrown says:

    Maybe getting Dwight is a good opportunity for the Lakers to win a title but knowing he would not sign an extension makes it very risky. Let him go to New Jersey its what he wants after all and we’ll see another version of New York before the Jeremy Lin mania. Beasley and Calderon would be a good fit for the Lakers. We just have to wait for the trade deadline and see what the Lakers do.

  48. steve says:

    Pau Gasol should stay with the Lakers.There is nothing good out there that would be a good trade for L.A..Bynum for Dwight is a good trade maybe try to get a third and fourth team involved in this trade like the Nets and Houston to get another piece for Orlando and Houston gets Brook Lopez since they want a big and they can give up two or three players.

  49. basketball players says:

    with that said this deal would never happen but who knows. likely factor = 0.05%

  50. basketball players says:

    the only deal orlando would accept without looking back and realizing that they were cheaped out would be if they traded dwight howard and possibly chris duhon for miamis dwyane wade, shane battier and a draft pick. would you rather trade lebron or dwyane for dwight howard? and dont say lequeen isnt clutch because thats not a valid arguement seeing as lebron is having an mvp season being possibly the number 1 team in the NBA to most

  51. Navdeep says:

    From where it stands now I think the Magic are not going to make a trade and the reason for this being will be the loads of free cap space and money they would be saving for future prospects. Dwight will probably go to Dallas in the summer and I think so will Derron Williams

  52. Intel says:

    Pau Gasol is a Center
    Was never a PF

    • JJ87 says:

      Agreed, look at his early days in Memphis. Sure, he’s not a banger, but he’s never professed to being one. Plus, in his days when he was playing in the middle, he was playing the best ball of his career so far. Whether Minnesota is right for everyone…the jury’s still out.

    • rdnblue says:

      …and the Wolves are pretty happy with Pekovic. You might not have heard of the guy yet because you’re in Lakersland and don’t care much about flyover country, but he’s been really statistically solid for them for awhile now. As in, close to or getting a double double a night. I think they’d rather develop their young guy than to sit him on the bench behind a guy with maybe a couple years left in the tank. Just because Gasol played with Rubio in Spain doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to unite them on a NBA team.

      The Wolves are actually in need of a shooting guard. I’m pretty certain the Lakers don’t want to trade theirs. That’s pretty much the end of it.

      • MinneLakers says:

        If Minnesota is to play with Rubio as the true point guard and will play him with big minutes, I don’t really think they need a shooting guard who can create his shots. They can just have one of those spot up shooter shooting guards or develop one of their own… I would rather wan’t Minnesota to acquire Gasol for Beastly and Rindour/Barea because although Peck is playing with solid numbers is still very young and needs to learn a thing or two about being a great Center and Gasol can teach him just that and at the same time contribute into making Minnesota a deep playoff contender… They don’t need a shooting guard.. They need a solid Center who can shoot mid-range and perform great post-up moves.. The answer, GASOL!

  53. bucketnekkid says:

    The Magic should definately make some sort of trade. At this point it appears as if Lopez would be their best trade unless they can get the Lakers to swap Bynum. But u can’t just risk losing someone that good and getting nothing in return.

    • natefilewood says:

      Agreed. But if they get Lopez, thats exactly what will happen. So what that he scored 38 points last night- he had 6 (!!!) rebounds, which for a 7 footer is terrible and just plain lazy… Orlando’s defence is bad enough with the obvious exception of Dwight…

      • Clayton Gray34 says:

        lopez is only four years old, you have to give a big guy at least 6 years to show some improvement and grow up. not all are like dwight and come out of college ready to be a starter, most have to work there way up and lopez shows great potential.

    • Eric says:

      The Magic’s don’t want Bynum. The Lakers already tried to offer Bynum but the Magic would not take it whatsoever

      • MinneLakers says:

        Correction, they offered Gasol and Odom.. Bynum cannot and will never be traded because the Lakers Organization is in love with him

  54. nasir says:

    i agree @ boom

  55. nasir says:

    i agree

  56. SooWOO BLOOD says:

    Dwight howard to golden state PLEASE

  57. Boom says:

    how about a 3 team trade with Grizzles, Nets and Wolves. Wolves get Mayo, Nets get Beasley and Grizzles get Jordan Farmar and Damion Jones. Nets get a scorer they need, Wolves get a shooter and a conventional SG, while the Grizzles fill a need for a good back-up point guard for this year and the next one.

    • Clayton Gray34 says:

      damion james is a small forward not a point guard

    • Eric says:

      Pshh. Grizzlies lose big time

      • Qwertify says:

        No they won’t. Mayo is an expiring contract. At least they’d get a decent backup PG and a young SF in return

    • robbay2 says:

      that is a great start for the nets pursuing Dwight, but I think the grizzlies would also want wesley johnson who isnt playing up to his potential along with damion and farmar.

      very good trade, I wouldnt have thought of that.

  58. Renato says:

    It´s hard to see a good trade for Golden State.Of course they would love to get Howard for Ellis,but it wouldn´t be possible,cause the Magic can´t lose that much defensively and add just a a scorer (a great scorer,but still).As for the nets,it looks better to get Howard. Lopez is very skilled offensively,and certainly can defend (not as much as Howard of course), would be a better trade for the Magic.

    • natefilewood says:

      No trade is good for Orlando. End of.

      • Renato says:

        I agree.But it will happen anyway,so its important for the managers to get the best of it.Embrace ignorance isn´t an option.

      • robbay2 says:


        you are correct but you must think

        they could lose dwight and have Brook Lopez,

        or they could lose dwight and have nobody at center.

        your pick

      • omae says:

        Or, Orlando can just lose Dwight for nothing and rebuild through the draft…are the Jazz or the Nuggets that much closer to winning a title than Cleveland? Don’t think so…

    • uwa says:

      that trade can happen like this; lakers are ready to give up both gasol and bynum to get dwight plus some depth, orlando doesn’t want bynum, dwight doesn’t want to go to golden state so, bynum goes to golden state, ellis goes to nets, lopez goes to magic, gasol goes to rockets, kev mart goes to golden state, scola goes to magic, dorell wright plus some other role players goes to lakers from golden state.

  59. Giles says:

    I think it is obvious the Lakers, with their penchant for stars, and their history of getting what they want, would prefer Southern Cal.`s Kevin Love to Michael Beasley.

  60. kvnss says:

    What would Minnesota do with Love and Gasol?

    • asdf says:

      play them, gasol is really a center, and he’s proven that he can play the five

    • got_watcha_want says:

      Not sure if the money matches up, but beasley and Ridinour for Gasol might actually be good for both teams.

      • anchorman says:

        Lakers don’t need Ridnour as they already have steve blake. They need athleticism and defence at that position and Ridnour is none of those things.

      • uwa says:

        no no no, beasley for gasol? that doesn’t make any sense, if lakers do that trade it is suicide. lakers are looking to get dwight, if they can’t they won’t move gasol for a sixth man and an avarage point guard.

      • MinneLakers says:

        I do agree with you on that sir!

      • Mo says:

        Think about it this way, if we give away Gasol, for a guard and small forward, we would only have Troy Murphy and Josh McRobertson to replace him which would be terrible. The Lakers need a decent point guard and a powerforward.

    • nbn says:

      they already have aa center in pek. they dont need gasol, keep beasley and make a push for the playoffs

  61. David says:

    Okay, imagine this, Dwight Howard becomes a free agent this summer, which actually is a possibility right now. The he can goto virtually anyteam he want via a sign and trade. Because he can sign a one year 5 million extension and leave via a sign and trade. Orlando will do it because they will get back at least some one and it will be their big thank-you for Dwight’s last 7 years. On the other hand, Dwight will play one year at 5 million, but his new team will have Bird rights to him because bird rights will not terminate without him leaving via free agency. That means, over the next 6 years (the 5 mil one year deal and then the max deal) he will only get paid on average just over 2mil per year under the max contract. This is, I think, a small sacrifice compared to playing on a championship contending team.

    • uwa says:

      2 mil is not too much for us, because it is just a number however it is big money, so howard won’t do that.

    • Tim says:

      No matter how logical it may or may not be long-term, there is no way Dwight plays for just $5M next season.

      • David says:

        Okay, maybe I exaggerated on the 5mil just to make my point, what about 10mil? Then Howard will only give up 1 million per year, which is far less then what the Miami trio gave up.

        Maybe 2mil is alot of money even for a guy who earns 18 million a year, but think of winning multiple championships, isn’t that joy worth at least some million for pro atheletes?