Sprite Slam Dunk Contest Needs Yet Another Tweak, Or Two … Or Three!

ORLANDO — The silence, and we’re talking crickets, in the Amway Center after several of the dunks was the first sign that All-Star Saturday night’s signature event was going to be a little off.

That “worst dunk contest ever” chatter seems a little strong, but the 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk contest certainly exposed the fact that a serious tweaking of the format, namely the rules and regulations of the competition, is in order. No offense to the league’s new slam dunk king, baby-faced, human pogo-stick Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz, but not even his peers around the league were satisfied with the competition or the results.

The 4 million fans that cast the deciding votes on NBA.com, Evans snagged 29 percent of them compared to Chase Budinger‘s 28 percent, were drowned out after Evans was handed the trophy by a flood of Tweets from other players around the league who didn’t agree with the results.

A small sampling of the instant, and at times brutal, reaction that reflected the mood in the building:

  • Roy Hibbert: Robbery!!!!
  • Jason Richardson: I think Paul George or Chase Budinger should of won…. Guess all [4] million votes came from Utah lol
  • Hassan Whiteside: u tellin me I could of won a NBA slam dunk contest in HIgh school Jump over 5’5 Kevin hart n a reserve dunk with a cam n dunk 2 balls smdh
  • Stephen Curry: Even though the 2 ball dunk was nice prolly the best of the night, u can’t have the WORST dunk ever and win.
  • Hasheem Thabeet: “@MAL___: This is what happens when you let half a million ppl that probably can’t touch the backboard vote. Jeremy Evans?!? Smh” LoL
  • Shane Battier: Evans had the best single dunk, but this voting process was seriously flawed. #airbudwazrobbed

There are so many elements involved in pulling it off just right, but Battier said it best, the voting process is seriously flawed. We need the on-site, human element involved. Evans admitted that his first dunk was “awful” and that if not for his splendid two-ball dunk where he jumped over the head of a sitting Gordon Hayward, who tossed the balls into the air for Evans, the trophy probably would have gone to either Budinger or George.

(For the record, my ballot would have had George edging Budinger for the top spot with Evans and Williams rounding out the field.)

Now that we’ve seen what this contest looks like without an expert panel sitting courtside crowning the winner, it’s obvious we need to get that back for Houston in 2013. If we’re going to be upset with anyone for the results of the contest, it might as well be Dr. J, Dominique Wilkins and whatever other Hall of Fame dunk legends willing to sit in those chairs and judge the new kids on the block. Plus, without that instant feedback from the judges, how are any of the contestants going to know what degree of difficulty their next dunk needs to be to survive?

It never helps to have props (Diddy, Kevin Hart, throwback jerseys, etc.) that are more recognizable than the contestants themselves. But I’m not going to bother lobbying for LeBron James, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook or any of the other superstars people want to dunk to enter this contest without some sort of high-stakes focus (we could start with a $1 million cash, winner-takes-all pot that the winner walks out of the building along with his trophy) for them to lock in on.

I think we can all agree that the days of the superstars entering this contest as a measure of pride in their abilities to perform above the rim are over. But if the big boys can’t see that their services are needed to help revitalize one of the oldest and most beloved events on the NBA calendar, they need to take those fancy glasses they love to wear and crush them under their feet.

Bottom line, when the crowd disperses after the contest you want them buzzing all night at the parties and into the morning about the amazing things they saw, the outlandish showcase of skill and talent that was on display. You don’t want everyone shaking their heads about all the flaws in the system.

You certainly don’t want to see those long, awkward silences that we saw Saturday night as the dunks were completed without nary a scorecard being raised to show how they fared.

And you absolutely don’t want the fans exiting the building before the champ is announced, the way so many of them did here during All-Star Saturday night’s marquee event.


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  2. Bran Floré says:

    Ever since the 2000 dunk contest, it has become stale (except for the JRich contest). It’s like the article on bleacherreport.com said: Vinsanity killed the dunk contest. Every dunk we’ve seen since then pales in comparison to the show VC put on in Golden State!

  3. gcampono says:

    Want a really new idea ? Let players do all the same dunks [each player proposes a dunk, or even dunks are voted by fans chosen from a list] and judge them on their execution, possibly on the basis of several criteria (elevation, style, power, etc.) or eliminate the worst at each turn.

  4. Kang says:

    common guys we already knew it was gonna b the worst dunk comp ever when we saw the list of the participants

  5. Kel says:

    I agree, get Dr. J and Dominique, MJ, etc. on a panel. No fan votes. No props. (Sorry Blake, but your car dunk was kind of stupid. Demar Deroazan should have won). The only acceptable props are jumping over someone like Nate did, I think is ok. It has to be reasonable, now the contest is gimmicky. Go back to the old days where it’s just the player and a ball and a basket, and then see how creative he can be. That’s what it’s supposed to be all about.

  6. Mike says:

    I agree this is the worst dunk contest ever!!! Have you watch the 2012 slamdunk showdown that was won by an unknown player? His dunks are unbelievable, even those 4 contestants are no match to him. I hope NBA will go back to the previous years were there are judges that scores every dunk. and not just 4 players are chosen to participate. 6-8 players would be good enough.

    • kent says:

      i for one think that props are ok, however, it seems like thats the only way that some of these dunkers can be creative. It’s not about dunking the ball anymore.

  7. V@n says:

    VC, MJ, DR.J, Dominique and even J-Rich could raise the roof out of the arena with no props!
    Some props would be fine! but i dont like dunkers bringing another rim or another ball to the court,
    its just cheesy. it could only entertain the people who didn’t witness the great ones do a dunk contest.

  8. RocketsFan says:

    Even though i am a Rockets fan and DID vote for my boy Chase Budinger, I thought Evans deserved it. The reason people are mad is because this no name, last minute kid won. He had the best dunk of the night. He screwed up his first one yeah but that two ball dunk over Hayward was amazing. Even Reggie,Kenny,Shaq and Chuck said it was amazing. Yeah, Kevin Hart is short…..but he is a HELL OF ALOT TALLER than the hood of an KIA sedan and Evans jmped ALOT farther. So when you look at it jumping over Kevin Hart is a more diffcult dunk than jumping over the hood of a KIA. If Blake,LeBron,Or Dwight had done these dunks it would have been “OMG BEST DUNK CONTEST EVER!”. Be happy for the kid, he came in last minute and deserved it. He nailed his 2 dunks while Chase had to have Kenny HELP him,Paul George missed 5 in row while placing stickers on the BOTTOM of the backboard and then doing a practice dunk basically in the dark after hitting his pelvis on Roy Hibbert. Give the kid credit and be happy for him. let him have his moment, don’t put him down. He’s worked hard to be where he is and deserves his moment to shine. If you have to BRIBE players who make 20 MILLION a year with more money to do an event made for the fans…..screw them. These guys came out to dunk because they were honored to even be picked. Build them up, don’t put them down

  9. youguysaredumb says:

    People are saying they could jump over kevin hart…but evans cleared him with his legs…its not like he tea bagged him and used his hand to lift himself…chase had no creativity…but overall a weak contest

  10. chuckster says:

    Great points very well said. Yes, we need the legends back in the table to be the judges, like what the event used to have. Okay, so it’s a good way to let the fans be involved in the judging, but they set them aside for “poll’ purposes ONLY but never to decide the eventual winner. The recent slam dunk contest was awfully boring – the worst since the year the All Stars featured the “spin the wheel” category for the Slam Dunk. Secondly, please, throw in the superstars to participate! Are they too great not to join this event? NBA, do something, invite these real entertaining stars with 5 star caliber! I want the old slam dunk contest back before it’s gone for good. And at least put at at least 6 contestants… 2 rounds then another for the 2 competing finalists!

  11. OBrosh says:

    that was one of the worst dunk contests ever!!!
    I think that going back to the old format is necessary and have legends who have won the event in the past rate the dunks!
    instead of having fans vote for the winning player… fans should vote for the player who they want to see in the contest
    one of the best all star moments is the Micheal vs Dominique dunk contest and fans in the present would appreciate having all stars in the dunk contest!!!
    players like Blake Griffin, Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook

  12. Lu says:

    I think the payers should take pride in being in this contest. No disresepect to any of the contestants this year but it really wasnt a great dunk contest. Next year imagine if stars were in it? Imagine a Blake Griffen, LeBron James, John Wall and Russell Westbrook dunk contest, with judges and only part of the voting is done by the fans so its not a popularity contest?

    • RocketsFan says:

      Exactly. Players won’t do it unless they get something out of it. and fan voting was the only way to ensure a contest wasn’t rigged. Last year Blake was pre picked to win the contest because of a KIA endorsement. It had nothing to do with the Judges, it wa about KIA saying “we’ll sponsor you if you have him win this contest”. Same with years past, when nate jumped over Dwight, he ran back into the locker room to change into the “Kryptonite” uniform before the judging was even made that he would move on, it was all staged. At least this year the fans actually got a say. Stars who already make hundreds of millions won’t do something for the fans unless they get even MORE money. I don’t want someone unless they do it for pride

  13. strikers says:

    They presented the Worst Slam Dunk Contest ever!!! BOOO! BOOO!

    I would love to see Blake Griffin, Lebron James, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Russell Westbrook in next year Slam Dunk Contest.

  14. lakermig says:

    the dunk contest is over and done with for many reasons most being brought on by the league itself like fan voting because it doesnt make sense. its fun seeing judges there and they do the dunk and look over at them to see what they got or whether or not hey have to step it up.But its also done for another very valid and probably most important reason,ready…It’s a dunk contest how many different dunks or variations of the same dunk are you gonna see how many times can you see a guy do a windmill whether it left to right,right to left,coming from the left, there is a limit to how many different dunks there are and unfortunatly till humans become way more athletic weve pretty much seen them all.And i for 1 am totally sick of seeing props id rather not see antoher dunk contest in my life than have to see more ppl jumping overr a 3 foot high motorbike or a guy sitting on a chair(4 feet high) or a blind folded ahole who can actually see or worst of all yet a guy who glows in the dark distracting from the only reason he is there in the first place.

  15. Francisco says:

    The biggest change that should be made in order to make the Dunk contest fun to watch. HAVE NBA players DUNK against the BEST DUNKERS around the country.

  16. Alex says:

    As much as I agree, Hasheem Thabeet needs to shut up, those 4 million people might not be able to touch the rim, but I guarantee they could kill him in one on one hahahah, worst player ever lol.

  17. DBen says:

    I actually thought some dunks were pretty reasonable. As for all those calling for “more 720’s” etc, I have still only ever seen one video of one guy doing that – even Air Up There’s 2nd video that is around didn’t really complete the dunk successfully. It really is about what style you can bring to your dunks now – e.g. I thought Budingers windmill had a really nice lean on it – probably more lean, more power and more extension than Jordans famous one. I was also happy with the format of everyone gets 3 dunks, with no finals. That way you know that you get to see everybody’s best efforts – unlike a few years ago when I really wanted to see what else Jamario Moon had up his sleeve. BUT I think the best idea would actually be this: the contest is only open to players who have already made the All-Star teams! Yes, we may not actually get the very best dunkers, but we do get players that we are interested in watching. NBA players could enter the Sprite Showdown if they wanted to perhaps (until they are good enough to make the All Stars that is!). Oh, and no fan vote either – not sure what that helps. Would they bring that in for the 3-point contest???

  18. Rj says:

    lets have john wall, dwight howard, blake griffin and lebron james slam dunk contest next year!

  19. Brent says:

    I completely agree that there needs to be a revision to the dunk contest and I have an idea.

    Turn the dunk contest into two contests at once: have it be a dunk contest AND a shot-blocking contest. Get 4 good/great shot-blockers: mainly centers and power forwards. Then have the 4 regular dunk contestants as well. Each dunker gets to face each shot blocker once, so they all get 4 dunks. Each dunk is rated from a panel of judges like usual, but also if there was a block on the dunk attempt, then the block is then rated based on difficulty of the block and also the authority of the block. If there is a foul on the dunk attempt, then the shot-blocker has to stand at the top of the circle beneath the basket and he then cannot move or jump and the dunker gets to attempt to posterize his victim. The top 3 dunks of each player will be averaged and the highest average will win. Since blocking shots will not happen every round, the winner will be whoever can block the most shots. If there is a tie between players that blocked the most shots, then the scores of the blocks will be looked at, and the person with the highest average will win. I think that would be an exciting dunk contest and I think it would be great involving another contest.

    • lakermig says:

      at first i thought you were joking then noticed you seem to have thought it out too well for it to be a joke but there are super obvious flaws with your idea..its nearly impossible to pull off a super dunk over on in the face of someone like dwight howard and even more imp as if players are gonna go at each other like beasts when they can seriously injure themselves in the process

  20. Marco says:

    The system is flawed. Just like what i like to call the yao-ming effect…from this year onwards, JEREMY LIN will be voted by the 23842942343 amount of Chinese population and will be in every all-star game!! If slam-dunk contests were 100% purely fan voted, i am sure that if JEREMY LIN simply dunks or even does a lay-up, the 24234723843 will vote for him. This shows how 100% fan voted is flawed, if you’re popular, you win regardless of the output.

  21. Cooper says:

    Hey, I thought that this dunk contest than some before. Remember the one in Dallas? Boring as ever… Nate Robinson brought out the cheerleaders and everyone was thinkin he was going to jump over them!… But they just stood there and cheered. Anyways, since I’m a Jazz fan, let me tell you about Evans. His first dunk was completely terrible. Second was amazing, obviously! And the third one was harder than you think. Go look at where he jumped from. It was 3 feet in front of the free throw line! That’s actually pretty far. That dunk just looked bad cause kevin hart was in it. I’ve seen highlights of Evans doing ally-oop windmill dunks and 360 dunks. He’s a very humble kid which made him nervous thus making him timid with everyone in the world watching him. He definitely deserved that trophy. Paul George would have won if he didn’t take five times to do that Larry Bird dunk and run out of stickers. But I guess that’s what happens when you mess up a ton during the contest.

  22. Celtic says:

    derrick williams was clearly the least worthy–next to buddinger who clearly cheated with the blindfold and needed a hand on diddy to get over him.
    george probably should have won it. jumping over hibbert at that distance tops every other dunk where jumping over someone was involved, except for evans’ two ball dunk over gordon hayward. but george turned the lights out. i could barely see it when i was watching. he might as well have turned off all the lights and shouted when he’d done a layup. it was a lame dunk contest: yes the best dunk did deserve it–because no other dunks were good enough to beat it…

  23. James says:

    You want to know why the dunk contest was awful? Because the “stupid” announcers have to announce every dunk before it’s even attempted. It totally ruins the element of surprise. I mean who would’ve thought that Dr. J. would jump from the free throw line. It was original and unique. Every dunker should have at least 3 good original dunks. They gotta stop this copying other previously dunks. Well, at least the fans now can vote. The only improvement I’ve seen so far.

  24. @jaytuduri says:

    Look at this “Streetball” Top 10 dunks… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrU2Y513kto

    No props. Highly creative.

    These 10 dunks beat most dunks in the NBA Dunk Contest of the past 10 years.

  25. JJ says:

    George would’ve won if he used a glow in the dark ball

  26. Alan says:

    Fans around the world accidentally voted for Jeremy and thought they were voting for Jeremy Lin

  27. NBA should do away with the Slam Dunk Contest. No matter how many tweaks they make the fact of the matter is if the superstars do not compete then it will continue to be boring.
    Solution: Stern offers Lebron $2mil. Lebron then goes public. Not only is he entering 2013 but he’s going to win. Whoever beats him for the crown will receive a $1 mil check from Lebron himself.

  28. Salt says:

    Ok, here are my thoughts and issues with the dunk contest that no one has seemed to mention yet.

    1) The Sprite Amateur Slam Dunk contest was 10x better than the NBA one. And it wasn’t even that good this year. Last year’s had better dunks. But that’s still sad that the Amateur’s are better than the Pro’s. Barkley said that they should have them compete against each other next year in the dunk contest, but they better not because the NBA players would get straight up embarressed on a national stage.

    2) The dunks the NBA players are doing have no real creativity. It’s just become a prop contest. And the dunks they seem to do are just older dunks that they’ve tweaked with props. Dominique’s windmill over a motorcycle… Vince Carter’s dunk in the dark. They are the same dunks we’ve seen that are just recreated with a small tweak and we get no WOW factor from it. Do something DIFFERENT!

    3) There are still plenty of dunks that we haven’t seen done by NBA players that the amateur’s are doing. Under both legs, 720’s, etc. The NBA players need to watch some of those on youtube and practice it over and over so they know they can do it on the first try and not take 10 times to do it and take away from the Surprise factor.

    4) The Ceballos dunk is a scam. Budinger tried his best to sell it but we’ve always known that was a fake dunk. You can tell when he jumps and turns backwards and is still looking behind at the rim. Nice try, but that was the 2nd WORST dunk of the contest.

    5) I agree that the prize money should be raised and have high stakes so that some stars will be enticed to enter. Take the fans out of voting and give it back to some good judges who’ve won in the past. A good lineup would be:
    John Wall, Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Rudy Gay.

    If those guys can’t be convinced to enter the contest then we might as well have a Pro’s vs Joe’s dunk off and let the NBA get embarressed so that the best dunkers from the league will feel compelled to come out of hiding and take back the title.

  29. iknowdunk says:

    agree @dunkmanpr, if dunk contest was for pure dunk talents, terrence williams, alonzo gee, nick young should go. maybe christian eyenga too. if not, at least let derrick rose have a duel with russel westbrook

  30. Dmitry says:

    C`mon, this dunk contest was near total bust. Silence, underappreciation, and frustration. New system with 3 rounds haven`t brought an excitement. And I agree with Hibbert, overall that was George win, bottom line. Next time NBA should revive old system with finals, and judges. Moreover, fans should have only one card, I mean after every dunk we must wait about 30 seconds, while fans posting their scores, another words, fans will be 6th judge and this is it. I was shocked when Evans won with absolutely nothing in 1st and 3rd attempt. This contest was totally awful!

  31. Taryn says:

    This won’t get posted as I made a post hen this thread only had 5 comments and you moderators didn’t allow it. There’s no point on trying to stimulate thought about what’s best when clowns decide what is posted and what isn’t because it might make their own fraternity(sports writers)look just as incompetent and out of touch as the NBA. Just wanted to let the people know “screening/sensor ing” this thread don’t deserve their pay. NBA players are soft and scared of being one upped is why the dunk contest is dead now. Amazing dunks speak for themselves but not having the stars of the league involved says it all. The NBA might as well have had fans in the crowd come down and not execute dunks. They would have been just as recognizable and just as forgettable. Oops inhared my thoughts again. Big brother will no doubt delete but that’s okay. You sensors are a joke sitting on your biscuit never havin to risk it. Real fans have real jobs and lives. I pulled a person out of a hole in floor at a house fire we fought the other day. I’m a real person and fan of sports. Not some clown that sits behind a lap top all day deciding an opinion on the dunk contest and disservice the sports writers do is not the message I want people to talk about. You sports writers/comment moderators are just as much to blame with the dunk contest being a joke.

  32. Pick says:

    If the stars aren’t going to participate, then next year they should just have players sign up to see who can dunk on the highest goal. Start at 10 ft and raise it 6 inches until no one can dunk anymore. That would be more exciting that dunking over people and props. I’m over that.

  33. Efren Reciproco says:

    when i notice the the all star is about to start im so very excited and when i watch the contest im so bored.ok at this point i watch the dunk contest and always the same type of dunk i see. windmill windmill jump over a teammate..

    just put blake,derozan,iggy,josh smith,dwight howard,shannon brown, nate robinson j.r smith,john wall and the other player from dallas i forgot his name.

    and the judge will be michael jordan, dominic wilkins,larry bird,magic johnson and shaq

    i think next year at houston it will be fun to watch all the players that i mention.. and please no voting system.. let the judge decide who will win the slam dunk dontest.

  34. Le Witzki says:

    I think it will be better if they LET THE PEOPLE/FANS DECIDE on whom they wanted to compete on slam dunk contest, just like on how they vote on their fav players on EAST/WEST game instead of letting them decide the winner. A pannel of judges is always important for the players to see how good or bad their dunk was, so in thier next dunks they’re goin to perform better.

  35. Michael says:

    I wanna see Lebron James do at least 1 dunk contest dude is best player in world with ridiculous speed athleticism and leaping ability he would draw mad ratings too.. Big ups to his performance in the all star game if east wins he’s easily MVP of game

  36. Michael says:

    The dunk contest has been weak for the past 6 years, the days of entertaining dunks from the likes of Jordan, Carter, Wilkins, Nate Robinson, and the others are long gone. This year was probably the worst contest in years, the dunks were nothing compared to the past years. Last year, Blake Griffin did put on a show, and it is a shame he did not want to come back and do it again. This contest needs to be made for the leagues best dunkers, not for those who copy each other dunks in effort to try to make it better. First, Houston Rockets guy jumps over PDiddy, then Indiana Guy jumps over two team mates, then Jeremy Evans does the same thing but adds a little finesse to it. Jeremy Evans was the only actual player who was able to actually clearly jump over his prop without touching. Good Job Jeremy. Dunk contest 2012 = FLOP

  37. Bubba_Chuck says:

    man.. the crowd went sleepy saturday night, we need to spice it up by putting big names on it, lebron, john wal, russ westbrook to name a few. this guys know what to do to light up and revive this well loved event.

  38. BIGMatta23 says:

    Gotta have at least one outsider (street baller) come and participate against 5 other NBA players. Egos will rise – to prove a point.

  39. RRF says:

    Bring it back 80’s system!!! 8 players, only judges can vote, no fan vote. If this continues, in 10 years we will only see chinese players in all star game!

  40. Billy says:

    Worst dunk contest ever!!!!

  41. fsfs says:

    no the one with shannon brown was the worst one. this is SECOND WORST DUNK CONTEsT EVER>

  42. Worst Dunk Contest says:

    Voting system is a flaw. If they consider to have people’s vote, fan vote should be in scale like from 1-10, and votes should be per dunk. rather than voting for the person itself. judge the dunk, not the person. and in Houston, 2013, there should be the judges again, eg Carter, DW, MJ, etc.

    NBA superstars like LBJ etc, should entertain the fans join the slam dunk contest!

  43. Luke says:

    I think as a idea to bring positive attention to the dunk contest there should be a dunk contest with previous winners (or runner-ups if they were good) such as J-Rich, Iggy, Nate, and then also some of the more elite dunkers such as Lebron. The dunk contest has begun to become about props and not the dunks (similar to what Derozan talked about last year). It’s true it’s a lot harder to have creative dunks now since so much has already been done, but most props just seem pointless (Budingers windmill was just as good-maybe better-than Williams’ windmill over the motorcycle). The dunk contest needs to be what it used to be like, energertic, fun and have that “DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!!!” vibe, as well as judges too.

  44. tdot says:

    Derozan did dunks no one in the league ever did before, and thats why he should have won. And seriously, the dunk contest should ban jumping over things its actually one of the lamest dunks to watch because any dunker worth his salt can jump over a person and dunk it. When Derozan did that show stopper it was the first time since vince carter (maybe jason richardson) that i said “Oh MY GAHD what did i just see!”

  45. Mike Gnomes says:

    Ok this is easy. Put the dunks on a spinning wheel Spin the wheel and each person does the same dunk. See who does it with the best style and best flair. As the rounds go up the dunks on the wheel can be harder. If the free throw line dunk for example gets picked. they line up and get going. my 2 cents.

  46. Joe says:

    I agree about tweaks and that this was the WORST dunk contest EVER!!!

    (I thought George’s ball was going to be GITD since its green, but apparently did not glow with the black lights)

    For the tweaks, I agree to get the Marquee names go at each other… Like the skills challenge, it can be done with a little donation/charity work. Like “LeBron James dunks for a Prevent Baldness Campaign” or something.

    Good point about having judges score the dunks at “ringside” but I wold say fan involvement was what the NBA is aiming for. So I would say get them to vote for the BEST DUNK OF THE NIGHT instead.

    I agree with Taze about card scoring… I would say the judges should give an “average” dunk a 5. 10 should be reserved for the Vince Carter/J-rich type between-between-the-legs-and-run-off-to-your-mother dunks. Not some lame old dunks that have been copied off previous ones. (They should penalize dunkers for not being original).

    They can also come up with something like Chuck/Shaq version. Have former champions (retired or otherwise) pick 3 dunkers each and create a mini team competition and the winning “manager” will have his team members compete in the semifinals and a “wildcard” (best dunker) from the other team.

    Or something like a “WEAKEST LINK” version of the dunk contest. Where dunkers will try to do the best scores and accumulate monetary points (e.g. 10 points = $10k) for their charity. Then they get to vote for the “weakest dunker” after each one had a dunk.

  47. Adaham says:

    Interesting question: Do you think BG would not have won last year when the fans would have voted? Just as Jeremy Lin would have been voted as a starter this year in the Allstar game if the whole story would have happened a couple of weeks earlier, last year the hype was all about Bad Blake and he had to be in the rookie game, the Allstar game and the dunk contest. Do you think after last years outburst of Griffin, there was any way he was NOT going to win the dunk contest? Even if I agree about the prop stuff and that pure dunks (one rim, one ball) should be rewarded. Hype and media is a huge factor in opinion forming, and I don’t see how the fans would have made a different choice last year.

    • Adaham says:

      sorry, that bit was supposed to be an answer to a post above, regarding the fact that the judges were skewed by rewarding BG last year with the title.

  48. billywib says:

    ballers from street can do way better open the doors !

  49. Dunkmanpr says:

    15 to 20 eligible dunkers. Let fans choose 6. it has to have a final round ( more drama ) NO PROPS ALLOWED*

    my dream contest:

    Nick Young
    Terrico White
    Terrence Williams
    Alonzo Gee
    Keneth Faried
    Iman Shumpert or DeAndre Jordan

    all this guys are realistic choices Not stars but great dunkers

  50. jeremy says:

    i think the slam dunk contest was pretty good. i just think the players should had been more excited and got the crowd really into it. also i think we should bring back the judges to give they votes but also have the fans to vote too, meaning the judges to give 50% of they votes and the fans give 50% of they votes. then combine the votes together and the player who have the most votes, is the slam dunk winner. i hope the NBA will think about this voting idea!

  51. not a bad contest says:

    I like Paul George and voted for him, but I do not think this is the worst ever. Why? Because think about it, who were the judges from previous years, how do they rate a dunk? Those judges were biased too. The 2 ball over Hayward dunk deserved the title. ALL of the other dunks lack creativity. But the one thing the contestants need to think about is this: show your athleticism, not using a bike or a car or whatever, the dunk can be simple, that’s why Jordan’s dunk from freethrow line will always be the best.

  52. Rockettothemoon says:

    Evans won it hands down… Those tweets were from, what… the low rung of the NBA (besides Curry, but when the hell does he ever dunk???) Granted Evans first dunk wasn’t the greatest, but the hangtime and coordination to catch TWO in the air and throw them down? Come on… and Kevin Hart may not be the tallest, but Evans DIDN’T resort to pushing down and off someone he’s jumping over. Give Evans credit, America voted and he took the crown, well deserved. If it were the other way around with judges voting, you’d be bitching about something else. Evans alllll day, also give him credit to the point that he had only a FEW DAYS to SERIOUSLY consider what dunks to practice in lieu of the contest.

  53. Cesar Mariano says:

    Well, Mr. Sekou… you’re absolutely right… that recently concluded NBA dunk contest was the worst ever. I should have not wasted my time watching this lousy hullabaloo in the first place.

  54. DJC2973 says:


  55. Chris says:

    WORST DUNK CONTEST EVER!! maybe kenny smith should learn to sit down during the contest as well, the last thing anyone wants is to hear the nonsense that guy spits out.

  56. Ben says:

    Well to me, it was patently clear this would be the result of letting fans decide. I said it was a bad choice at the time and I still say it now. Even for the all star starters, you don’t necessarily get the best results.

    The format doesn’t need tweaks, it just needs to go back, fully, into the hands of judges. Fans shouldn’t get to vote. Fans shouldn’t get any input at all. Its trendy to do that in this day and age, but it’s ultimately a bad decision and poor for the product of basketball.

    Let this be a lesson to any waves within the NBA to have fans have votes on other things, like the MVP etc.

  57. Clive says:

    i do agree that this year’s dunk contest was the worst. The dunk contest needs more big name all-stars that can dunk, needs to get back the court side judges, needs more creativity and more contestants. In 2000 when Vince Carter won the slam dunk there were 6 contestants. Those guys entering the slam dunk contest are obviously not a fan of or interested in the art of dunking. If they were we would be seeing dunks in the NBA dunk contest like we see from guys like T-Dub, Kenny Dobbs, TheAirUpThere, Golden Child, Guy Dupuy, James White and all the guys from team flight brothers.

    Let LeBron, Derrick rose, John wall, Blake Griffin Dunk in 2013 and revive the dunk contest.

  58. jeever says:

    Evans 2 ball dunk was by FAR the best of the night. thats why he won.

    i think they need judges back but they can keep the fan voting in addition to judges where the top fan voter gets a 10 from the fans second a 9 ect. I think some fan involvement is good but combine it with experts!

    and certainly the stars need to get back into this contest like the days when Jordan, Bryant i mean c’mon Lebron step up!

  59. stots35 says:

    Why keep changing the rules? They had it down back in 2000. I’d say got back to those rules and call it a day. This year was a huge dissapointment, it was a popularity contest. What’s next are they going to let fans start voting for the 3-point champ? Stop changing the rules and work harder at getting the best dunkers in the contest. Every contestant was over 6’7, did they even ask westbrook, drose, jwall (who didn’t seem to mind putting on a dunk show this weekend). You need a range of dunkers, different sizes and strengths, that’s what makes the contest exciting.

  60. Hunter says:

    They should make all stars from each team compete in every competition. Then people would care about watching good players compete against each other like it used to be. No one wants to watch a glow in the dark show with four players who don’t even start for their own teams. David Stern needs to (retire) take a lesson from Roger Goodell and consider canceling the events around the all star game if the players continue to not take it seriously. The NBA couldn’t even get the defending champion to compete in it this year. They should just give the players a weekend off in the middle of the season instead of putting basketball fans through this garbage. NBA all star weekend is a joke, and so is the voting. Monta Ellis(top 10 in scoring) got snubbed again and Kevin Love(top five in scoring and rebounding and number two in efficiency behind LeBron) should be starting. Fans are numb to the current all star weekend. Just put out first, second, and third team all NBA and all defensive rosters at the end of the season. Please reply to my recommendations(including David Stern retiring).

    • Salt says:

      I agree that the fans voting for allstar starters needs to be changed because it’s just a popularity contest and the ones who deserve to go or start usually get snubbed. But it’s all about the mighty $$ and Stern knows that fans vote for what they want to see and so that means money in his pockets. That won’t change as long as he’s the commissioner… So I also agree with you that he needs to retire and leave. He should’ve been gone. He’s a cancer to the league that has just gotten worse and worse.

  61. Pao says:

    paul georges dunk is VC’s windmill against da grain dunk which is already a difficult dunk to do and then in the dark, nice one, woulda been nice without the lights off too.

  62. kevin says:

    some of these nba stars are in game dunkers,i see the crowd go crazy when lebron dunk a one hander on a break in a contest thats nothing

    • kent says:

      I am so tired of evereyone and their grandma lobbying to get LBJ in the dunk contest. The reason why Lebron and the other “stars” won’t participate is because they ARE NOT CREATIVE DUNKERS. plain and simple.

  63. Taze says:

    Dunk Contest this year was horrible, but so have been others before it
    1 Bring judges back
    2 Fans should get to choose from a list who gets in the dunk contest
    3 Fans should not be able to vote on who the winner should be
    4 Make any judge that gives a 10 twice do 20laps (bcuz really all I see are 10’s and 9’s and for really bad dunks8’s . The really bad ones should get a 3 or something not 8)
    5 Give the dunkers some motivation some money or something
    6 Dunkers should get a head start to think more on creative dunks (also let the reserves know they’re the reserves so they can start thinking aswell)

    if all this happens the dunk contest should be exciting again like in the Dwight years

  64. For a white guy I’ve been known for my “hops” back in the day we used to lower my rim so we could dunk and let me tell you it is not very difficult to jump over small items. How can you have the best and worse dunk and still win?

    This is ALL-STAR Weekend. Where the NBA showcases their best in everything. I want Lebron and Blake to be banned from dunking in games. If you;re not going to showcase your talents on the biggest stage of the year then you shouldnt be allowed to dunk anymore.

  65. Dunkk a Thon says:

    They need to bring back judges and have a pot or something. “1 million to the charity of your choice”

    We need to bring back the greats to the dunk contest.

    I want to see Lebron, Ibaka, J. Wall and Griffin in next years dunk contest.

    If they dont do this, its just going to get worse and worse every year. This one being the worst one.

  66. VCtheGreatest says:

    WHy bring the judges back? They weren’t trust worthy last year when they gave blake griffin an entry into the final round.

    They gave blakes windmill a better score than derozans through the legs…..
    you want these people back to judge?

    Who agrees with me? The judges aren’t any better to be honest. They robbed derozan last year.

  67. zhion says:

    john wall exhibition dunk in rsing star is much better than this guys lmao

  68. LONDON says:

    I say forget the dunk contest, have a one on one tourney, LBJ vs Kobe, Dwight vs Bynum, CP3 vs D.will etc…THAT will be a new and improved version of All Star Saturday because LBJ and other superstars are too scared to enter the Dunk contest.

  69. NBAFollower says:

    Still better than the ’10 Dunk Contest. I think the props are a decent way to cover up the fact that everything has been done. They are necessary ’cause without props, it would be even more boring like the ’10 contest.

  70. Desean says:

    I can’t believe how horrible this event was this year, the dunk contest use to be between the most divine dunkers in the league… The last real, entertaining, most competitive Dunk Contest was 2000 with Vince Carter, after that its became all prop, no creative talent or skill what so ever, yes we know these guys can dunk, but their is no entertainment in jumping over Kevin Hart, their is no entertainment in Derrick Williams failed attempts at a dunk that has already been done by JRich… And Chase Budinger????? Seriously???? You have 10 year old kids posting videos on youtube begging players like Lebron, Westbrook, Blake to entertain them… John Walls behind the back in the soph/rookie game was more impressive to me than any of that… The NBA has really screwed all star weekend up, its not even fun to watch anymore, i can remember when i use to look forward to it happening, I can remember when it was competitive an fun all at the same time, and now its not even fun much less competitive. Dear NBA, FIX THIS next year!!!!!

    • Aurelio says:

      Excactly, 2000 was great, VC wasnt the only great dunker in there too, Larry Hughes stunk but Carter, McGrady, and Francis killed it, I remember awesome contests like 2004 with J Rich, players live too much off props nowadays, what happened to gliding through the air finnesse like Jordan and Carter and the power dunks of Dominique, now its all props, no style

  71. David says:

    This is no way Evans should have won. He won strictly from the popularity of Kevin Hart. Paul George dunks over a 7’2″ NBA Center, and loses out to Jeremy Evans dunking over 5’5″ Kevin Hart? Robbery. They need to change the voting format. Paul George was the only creative dunker. A glow in the dark dunk (360 in pitch blackness at that) was impressive.

    • Aurelio says:

      paul george also went over dahntay jones and that glow in the dark dunk was great, also kevin hart is only like 5 foot, not even 5 foot 5, anyone in that contest couldve jumped over him

  72. uaz says:

    I agree judges should be back

  73. Blake#1Griffin says:

    All I have to say is bring Blake Griffin back for the 2013 dunk contest, and convince LeBron to join.

  74. fan7 says:

    actually im quite satisfied with the dunk contest..i mean,i expected budinger to do some basic dunks,and that dunk with 2 balls evans pulled off was great..at the end of the day it was better than i expected…

  75. JTGV1 says:

    next years dunk contest shud consist of dwight howard, blake griffin, john wall and russel westbrook and jermy evans (since hes the champ) and there shud b 4 rounds since theres this many dunker and if all the dunkers bsides jermy evans wont dunk they shud b fined and booed whever they go for robbin the fans of what cud possibly b the best dunk contest ever if they were to enter

  76. Dunkmanpr says:

    we don’t need the big names in the dunk contest. its just that the people who select the participants always get it wrong. they don’t seem to know what true dunking talent is. invite Nick Young and Terrence Williams and you will see the difference. guys just need to make the first dunk

  77. Óscar Morgado says:

    I believe that all would be forgiven if some NASTY dunkers entered…seriously, for their in-game performances this season, only Paul George qualified to participate! As far as dunking, it’s still James’s, Griffin’s, Deandre’s, Wall’s and Westbrook’s show…and by the way, only Griffin entered so far, so there wouldn’t be some kind unnecessary repetition through the years.

  78. Sosay says:

    yeah the dunk contest was a bummer, but i think the important thing to remember is here is that nothings changed over these past 15, 20 years, puff daddy STILL should NEVER be allowed anywhere near a microphone.

    • fabi says:

      1. judges have to come back
      2. semi and final round like in any other saturday allstar event
      3. implant categories, eg 1 round 3 dunks: one with out props, one with props, and I with team mate
      4. Should down the phone/twitter voting system.(except part of the money goes to the champion which would motivate stars)
      5. ask throughout the league who wants to be in the dunk contest, make them film an application video, and let the fans decide who particpates
      (6. I would love to see them dunking in each others faces.for instance could they create a category where participants try to block the other on his way to the hoop.that would be awesome)

  79. airupthere says:

    This dunk contest had me wishing for the dunk contest with the wheel

  80. manilawoman08 says:

    Well, I agree to everything Sekou said. Really, this is the worst. But maybe, introducing Rookies and non-superstars to the Dunk Contest isn’t a bad idea. I mean, it’s their chance to show off, so maybe next time the organizers could announce it a little earlier so that the participants could practice a little longer.

    Also, live judges would do the trick. Their reactions, along with the fans’ scorecards, give hype to the event. I somehow miss Kenny and others shouting “Let’s go home” or “You win young fella” at the top of their lungs. Plus, the original format was a lot better. 2 rounds (3 in first and 2 in the final round), 5 dunks in all.

  81. DOBSON10 says:

    Bringing the judges back won’t help anything, they’re the morons that gave Nate freaking Robinson 3 Trophies and put his name in the record books as the only 3 time winner, thus tarnishing the Contest forever. (He MIGHT have deserved to win ONCE/His 3rd win was the worst Dunk Contest ever BTW/). Not that the fans will do much better, but dumping the judges certainly wasn’t the problem last night and wouldn’t be any other year.

    The obvious problem is and probably always will be, the spoiled, self-entitled Superstars that refuse to participate in the contest every year because they’re either too lazy or their egos are too big that they are afraid they will lose on national TV (LeBron). It’s simple, better players, better dunkers = better contest. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done because it’s the players right to refuse and today’s Superstars are too spoiled and lazy to enter the Dunk Contest.

    One thing I think would help the contest in general however (though with the lack of talent/creativity performing the dunks it might make it worse) is there should be 8 Dunk Contestants, 3 Rounds, 2 Dunks each Round, Head to Head Championship Round. The way they’ve been doing it in recent years is anti-climatic. There should always be a head to head for the Championship and 4 dunkers is not enough. That would make it better IMO. Though again, there needs to be better players picked to participate, that’s the biggest flaw by far.

    • Aurelio says:

      I dont think it should be ONLY all stars, i agree, people pay big money to see their favorite players do crazy dunks, and they should NOT be given this, but desmon mason lit up the contest and he was never a star, doesnt have to all be superstars, lebron needs to go in tho

  82. Alex says:

    seriously john wall’s dunks on the rising stars challenge were better than all the dunks in the dunk contest SMH

  83. KaroLT says:

    & sekou i totally agree…. this dunk contest was soo artificial…felt like a scripted play, the worst dunk contest EVER…. need the judges back

  84. enil08 says:

    The thing about the slam dunk contest is that you want to see some of your favourite players dunk. I think that the fans should vote from a pool of players who are willing to compete. AND we should go oldschool and let 8 dunkers participate. I know that the nba is all about business, so maybe the fans could vote the first round, but but please nottt the final round.
    We need to see Dr. J, (Vince, Kobe), MJ, Nique, Choclate Thunder, Thompson, all those guys judging. The ones who were considered to be great dunkers. Its getting worse every year. I’m losing the saturday night exitement. I stay up all night until 5 a.m to watch the contest (Europe) and then i get to see someone doing the worst reverse ever with a camera on his head??? Thats not even worth staying up till 12 p.m.

  85. Dave says:

    The Stars need to be in the dunk competition. All-star weekend is about the fans. With disappointing performances like these, there is no excitement riding into Sunday’s game. I say boycott Sunday’s game.

    • Aurelio says:

      This year was terrible, i wouldnt miss sunday night tho because theres probly better dunks in the game than there was in the contest

  86. Flori says:

    Huge disappointment… My main man Paul George or Chase Budinger should have won. Judges-definetly! Fans to vote – not so much,maybe just for the finalists…

  87. The Dunkard says:

    Worst Slam-dunk contest I’ve ever watched. I hope next time instead of giving the fans the chance to choose/pic their winner, why don’t give them/us the chance to pick who’ll gonna dunk or be a part of the contest. Now we can see LeBron, Blake, Demar, Jason R., or any stars that they see who can really dunk! Let ’em bring their A-games and show the fans why they’re voted for! Then bring all the legends to the table and make them judge! BTW, I truly agree with Sekou here. And lastly, c’mon enough of the silly antics and props. Give us what we want.. Real dunks! Creativity, athleticism, and imagination not RESOURCEFULNESS!

  88. John Doe says:

    I never really got the hype around the dunk contest, but this was just bad entertainment. I don’t have a problem that the superstars don’t get in there. I think it’s fine that other players can be in the spotlight. Except the Evans dunk with two balls and the idea of George with the glow (although it could have been done better) there was nothing creative. Nothing. And sorry Kenny – but walking around talking rubbish or not at all won’t do it either.

    Bring back the judges – they can actually feel what’s going on in the arena. People voting? They will always get it wrong. But I guess you can make more money like that.

    Next time I only watch the rising star challenge. There were way better dunks in that game!!!

    The biggest problem is that all contestants don’t take it serious. And not only in the dunk contest. It’s not about having fun. It’s about having a competition between the best players! I want some game 7 type playing out there!

  89. Carmaster says:

    This has to be the worst slam dunk contest in recent memory. A bunch of no name NBA players. Having no judges was awkward and the new format failed. They need to get LeBron in the dunk contest. After hearing the participants a few days prior to the dunk contest, I knew it was going to be a borefest.

  90. Belizeboy says:

    Doesn’t matter what they do with the Dunk Contest, there is always going to be a group of people unhappy with it. I thought the contest was good as far as creative dunks, but what was lacking was player personalities. Really that’s what made the old school dunk competitions so famous was the big names, egos and styles. Anyhow I think people need to just realize we almost didn’t have a dunk contest this season, and it’s great just to be able to tune in for FREE and watch the NBA.

  91. DonDraper says:

    Ok, after writing these suggestions, i want a job at organizing NBA dunk contest events:

    1) NBA should put a list of dunkers who are willing to participate in the dunk contest (for exmple, 10-12 dunkers are willing to participate in the dunk contest event) and then let fans vote and decide who should enter
    2) NBA should bring back the old day system – 6 dunkers
    3) First round should be like in 2000 – each contestant has to make 3 dunks and 2 best dunks count (each player has 2min to complete a dunk, and then 2 more tries, because we will be able to see each player give their best), then 3 dunkers advance and have to make 2 dunks
    4) No more fans voting (only voting 6 dunkers they want to see participate)
    5) Bring the judges back and they should be able to see the replay, so there will be no more robberies (2007 dunk contest, when judges didn’t understand Howards sticker dunk)
    6) No more Kenny Smith commenting the dunk contest on the court (let players have their own), instead bring Kenny back to TNT with Chuck and others.
    7) Attract more sponsors and as Sekou mentioned, 1st place takes it all – 1million $.

    You will see a MAJOR improvement!

  92. DaveLeeky says:

    I agree with the idea of judges, and it does need tweaking, but a few things:

    1. Jeremy Evans was only called into the contest 3 days before in began, once he flew out he a few hours tops to practice, so an excellent performance given that.

    2. The best dunkers should be in the competition, not merely the biggest personalities. I have a feeling that just because he represents a small (not particularly liked or appreciated) market that people are much quicker to hate on him.

    3. He took off from the circle on the two-ball dunk, that miles away, even for a single ball dunk with no one to jump over.

    4. He didn’t push-off anyone/thing when he jumped over Hayward and Kevin Hart, unlike other dunks, sure jump over a 7’2” guy, but when you use your hand to elevate over them and then whack them on the head as you go past, that’s not quite as impressive.

    • Nick says:

      1. Okay, he never plays… he obviously had time to practice because of the youtube video he made. The Kevin Hart Dunk was the same from the video..

      2. Paul George’ left hand probably helped him out 1 inch or 2.. Roy Hibbert is 7’2!! It was way more impressive..

      3. I’m guessing he won the contest because his name is Jeremy… All the New Yorkers probably voted for him because of the linsanity nonsense..

      Yeah the dunk with Gordon Hayward was very nice… his first dunk was laughable and his Kevin Hart dunk was extremely overrated.. ( Should have been Budinger or George in my opinion, even though Budinger’s blind dunk was a total hoax)

      • RocketsFan says:

        No, Evans only had 1/2 a day to come up with dunks for the contest. His youtube video he made was months ago to try and be PICKED for the contest. Dwight Howard helped him come up with ideas and got Kevin hart for him. Evans got his ideas IN ORLANDO and had 3 hours to practice them. Paul George hit his entire pelvis on hibbert….sorry not an inch or two…more like at least 6 inches while dunking one ball. completely clearing someone while catching 2 balls in mid air taking off from the circle>pushing off hibbert. Also, Kevin Hart is taller than than the hood of an KIA and he jumped from the corner further out than Blake Griffin,,,,,s in reality Evans last dunk was more difficult than Blakes KIA dunk.

  93. Radovan says:

    Leave it out. Evans had the best dunk of the night. Period. If anyone got robbed it was JaVale McGee last year. Jumping over a car? Seriously? I’ve seen it done by a 5 inches shorter guy in a middle level European competition. What were the judges doing then? This is the best way to do it. Let the people have their say. The best man won last night.

  94. Nino says:

    “You certainly don’t want to see those long, awkward silences that we saw Saturday night as the dunks were completed without nary a scorecard being raised to show how they fared.” -strong agree! It was strange to see no score board being raised or to not hear an announcer say “They gave him a 50!” The slam dunk contest is no slam dunk contest without judges.

    Agreeing completely with what Daniel said.

  95. Tony T says:

    The only way the dunk contest will ever be great again is if you have more than one superstar. Last year had a pretty good idea with people who were very original. The next dunk contest should definitely have judges and should consist of Blake Griffen, Russell Westbrook, Rudy Gay, and either Dwight or Lebron.

  96. Humberto says:

    ok NBA here’s an idea… 2013 dunk contest: no voting at all from the fans, judges back. vince carter, michael jordan, d wilkins, dr j and darryl dawkins as judges. first round 3 dunks and second round 2 dunks… and men with the creative mind of kenny smith giving advice to the dunkers cuz seems like they keep thinking a windmill is a “dunk contest” dunk. and last but not least… try your best to get griffin, lebron and dwight in there 🙂

  97. MaFox says:

    Everything Daniel said about the props and going back to the roots of one ball one ring is exactly how it should be.

  98. allaroundballer says:

    Actually the contest is better than ppl expected. Except D Wiliams

    Overall Budinger dunks are better, he showed high jump n force also difficulty n creativity on blindfold back slam.
    The fact that Ceballos did 20 years ago at same place even made it the coolest story

    Don’t do this voting next year !

    • allaroundballer says:

      I even think Budinger did better than Brent Barry’s Air Jordan

      • RocketsFan says:

        Budinger couldn’t even complete the dunk! He missed it completely then had to have Kenny Smith help him count his steps back then tell him when to jump. I’m a Rockets fan….but he didn’t do anything impressive at all. Evans last two dunks and George’s Blacklight dunk was the only dunks worth watching. Evans deserved so be happy for the kid.

  99. Lord p says:

    Worst dunk contest ever..except Paul George dunks and Jeremy Evans 2ballls slam 7 out of 10 players in any level can execute those dunks…nothing exiting at all..!!!!jeremy Evans don’t deserve the tittle..how can he win after his first and 3rd dunk(Awful)..at this level also my man the White Mamba Brian scalabrine can show up and impress us more than the Champ did..😂 a shame the slam dunk contest

    • Daniel says:

      Haha, YEAH WHITE MAMBA! I was sad to see BG didnt try to defend his title. at the end he should have gone on the floor, said “move over junior, daddy’s here” done a blindfolded, lights off, 360 windmill over hibert on a bike. that would have been cool.

  100. ShakenBake says:

    Worst Dunk Contest ever…. Fans should vote who will join the Slam Dunk Competition. Like the All-Star game. Pick 15 dunkers get the top 8 highest vote getters and do it playoff elimination style. If you vote Lebron Bryant Wade Westbrook Griffin Wall Carter Iggy howard etc. no need for the pot money because they all got lots of money. i think they will do their best dunks because i know for sure these guys egos are straight of the roof and they know they are the best of the best and hates losing.

    • Yo says:

      They “know” they are the best and hate losing… thats why none of them want to compete- they dont think they have anything to prove by winning and they’re scared of losing.

  101. Daniel says:

    I completely agree Sekou.

    The slam dunk contest has taken a serious turn for the worst. Whilst I appreciate the thought of letting the fans decide the winner, there is a distinct need for judges. There is something missing from the contest without a panel of judges deciding whether or not to give a dunk a 10. At the very least the inclusion of judges adds to the atmosphere of the contest.

    Secondly, there is a serious problem (I feel) with how dunks are getting performed now. The recent contests (the 2011 one in particular) was sabotaged by the over-hype of props and silliness. The best individual dunkers in the 2011 contest were easily DeMar DeRozan and Serge Ibaka, and whilst what Blake Griffin and Javale McGee were entertaining, they weren’t sticking to the contest’s roots. The dunk contest is primarily about doing something incredible with one ball and one hoop. There is a distinct reason why the contests of the past are immortalised as amazing, I’m thinking Dominique, Jordan, Carter, Richardson etc. here. Those guys knew how to put on a show and do something amazing without the need for stunts and props. Not only was the Blake Griffin car dunk not that spectacular, it was also hugely over-hyped. I think the car dunk was actually Hollywood’s worst kept secret the previous February.

    So if we could get back to the roots of the contest, and get these great athletes to perform truly astounding, proper dunks and get the judges panel back, I think we could have a winning formula once again.

    There are so many dunks that don’t require props and stunts that we haven’t seen yet. Dunking over people is fine. Using elbows etc is fine. Using cars, bikes and cameras aren’t, at least in my personal opinion. We haven’t yet seen any 540 or 720 attempts. I honestly think that some players have the hops for that type of thing. That would be a truly great dunk, not dunking over a car listening to “I believe I can Fly”.

    • Wesley Orlowski says:


      • head scratcher says:

        not to mention he didn’t even jump over the car. it’s not hard to clear the front of the hood of a low rising sedan. as shawn kemp so graciously pointed out.

    • Dunk Contest.. says:

      @daniel.. Props make slam dunk contest look more entertaining… Like McGee Dunking two balls in two rings for me that is more entertaining than dunking from the free throw line… We are in the modern dunk contest. You need to make a good props to win.. What is the remaining dunks that does not need a props to look it good?… 720 dunk, Double Windmill from the free throw line, 360 behind the legs dunk, double behind the legs dunk and some more impossible dunks.. Only superman can do this.. Dunkers does not have a wings to fly dude they are humans that’s why they need to have a good props to look it good bro…

      • Daniel says:

        Props make the dunk look cheesy though. 2 balls is one thing, but cars and bikes are another. The Blake-car dunk was just a two handed dunk with his knees bent to make sure he could get over the car. The Williams-bike dunk was at least more impressive with windmill action but he didn’t do much else. He didn’t kick his legs, he didn’t make the dunk look hard. He let the bike try and do it for him, which is not right in my opinion.

        Some of those dunks you mentioned are entirely possible and if completed would be amazing to watch. Props in my opinion don’t make the contest interesting or entertaining. All they do is trivialise it in my books. There is a reason why the likes of Jordan, Dominique, Carter and Richardson are heralded as some of the best dunkers of all time. They were simply better dunkers because they actually stuck within the original parameters of the dunk contest.

    • Dunk Contest.. says:

      Yes, Jordan, Dominique, Carter and Richardson are best dunkers of all time no doubt.. Jordan famous free throw line dunk was more entertaining if he made it with objects like tables or person. Dominique 360 dunk was more entertaining if he made it with two balls.. that’s is ridiculous than making only 360 dunk. Then Carter 360 windmill dunk is insane but if he made it while he’s blind fold that’s will be the greatest dunk in the history.. Richardson…, well i guess he make props in 2002
      dunk contest so never mind… This is the another one Dwight Howard is the props king remember Superman dunk it’s looks good having a superman costume in the contest than dunking it without that one..

      • head scratcher says:

        some of us aren’t fooled by gimicks. we’re talking about a dunk contest – a show of raw talent – not a magic shop where all the tricks come in a package with instructions on how to make it work.

  102. mb says:

    Are you kidding me??? Evans dunk over Hayward beat every other dunk of the night. I would love to see all the other NBA players hating on him try that. Jumping over someone while catching two balls at one time and slamming them down is rediculous. Even his tribute Malone was better then some of the others…..the reason why is because he didnt put his hand on the shoulder of the person he was jumping over to get and extra boost like the other two similar dunks. The blind folded dunk was a scam. His second attempt he didnt even have his eyes completely covered…I mean you could see his eyes!!! Come on!!! THe glow in the dark dunk was stupid. You couldnt hardly see what he did and it wasn’t anywhere near the skill required to do what Evans did.

    • kenny says:

      yes evans dunk was the best of the night, but it was 1 dunk! Even i can jump over kevin hart or whatever his name is! This years dunk contest was just stupid. Its pointless letting voters decide the winner, most of them wont vote based on the dunks but on the player, Im sure that if shumpert competed he would have won simply because new yorkers would have voted for him

    • j mora says:

      u obviously dont know basketball. I bet u cant even touch backboard for that matter

      • young kush says:

        how do you explain nate beating dwight previously if its about fan vote,, most dunks were retarded especially the jumping over diddy dunk..he was way taller than and i kno friends who do that all the time…shannon brown dunks were better than them

    • abraham keys says:

      who needs to put they hand on kevin hart shoulder to jump over him nobody so thats why he didnt put his hand on his shoulder and u cant have the best and worst dunk and win thats really stupid my man what slam dunk contest was u watching i bet u like the nate robinson dunk over dwight howard watch closely hand on shoulder

  103. MaFox says:

    Oh ALSO, why couldn,t paul george also use a glow in the dark ball. I didn’t even know if that thing went in or not cause I couldn’t see man!!!

    • Imad Akel says:

      I would love to see D. Rose, D. Wayde, Lebron James, Blake Griffin, Russel Westbrook, john wall and such in the contest.

      I think i know what it is though, players seem to have gotten scared. It used to be a contest where the players don’t need props, don’t need to feel pressure to “entertain”, or talk to the audience. Just go out there, and dunk it.

      You don’t have to be prop creative. It didnt have to be about difficulty. I dont care if you can dunk 6 balls at the same time, I prefer a graceful vince carter 360 windmill instead, with the lights ON, and without a stupid meter spitting out a meaning less number. I wanna see the camera go to Wilkins or Jordan as he nods in approval with a face that says “not bad”,

      The best dunk of the weekend was John Wall’s behind the back drunk at the end of the rookie challenge. Maybe it’s not the most difficult of dunks, but its definitely not that easy either, and it looks pretty good in slow and normal rate replay.

    • c0achdesigns says: