Kobe Bryant Passes Michael Jordan For All-Time All-Star Game Scoring Mark

ORLANDOKobe Bryant is still chasing Michael Jordan‘s record of six championships, but he’s already snagged another of Jordan’s hallowed records.

Bryant passed Jordan for the All-Star scoring record on a fast break dunk with 4:57 to play in the third quarter here Sunday night, with 264 points. He tied Jordan minutes earlier with two free throws and finished the night with 27 points and total of 271 points

LeBron James is next on the active list with 207 points.

Most career points, All-Star history

Kobe Bryant 13 271 20.8
Michael Jordan 13 262 20.2
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 18 251 13.9
Oscar Robertson 12 246 20.5
Bob Pettit 11 224 20.4


  1. r-boy says:

    I’m not a Kobe bryant fan ever since but he’s just simply awesome and he’s the only one who is capable of break ing major records in the NBA now and he still has like 5-7 or more playing years left on his shoes so i will not be suprise if he became the all time leading scorer of the league. I don’t like the but I don’t hate em so congratulations KOBE! you deserve it

  2. Prix says:

    Lets all agree that Kobe is top 5 or 6 ALL TIME!! LeBron…. maybe after you get a couple rings.

  3. Lakerrssss says:

    You know who’s overrated? Jeremy Lin. He has one good season and everyone thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips. Please. Lebron and Kobe are great and you can tell because they have sooooo many haters. Congrats Kobe. He may not have 6 rings like Jordan, but 5 is pretty damn awesome nonetheless. He works hard, and even His Airness has acknowledged that he’s the only person in the NBA that can be compared to him.

  4. kd mvp says:

    ye man rip greenfire I agree with you these people are just ignorant of the truth kobe is a great player so is lebron even though I hate lebron why do oyu have to hate to downplay kobes achivements.

    are you guys jelly bro.

  5. LeBron King says:

    Good job D-Wade for fracturing koe’s nose. LeBron was robbed twice thanks to all you haters. he tied alltime 3’s and he was the second guyt to hae an allstar triple double. wade is 3rd and JORDAN is 1st. No one is 4th. Nobody remebers or cares bout that do they. LeBron did NOT miss a layup he was going for a dunk and it slipped out

  6. akbar says:

    yAh kobe is also a great player but for me michael jordan is the greatest player..coz michael, he bring the team in the championship bcoz he is great leader…and he takes 6 ring ang 6 championship…and take note all 6 title is only one mvp and that is micheal jordan,,,,,

  7. Rip Greenfire says:

    Let me ask a quick question, why should a man who LOST the all star game win MVP? Would it have made sense if LeBron won final’s MVP last year? No? That’s what I thought.

  8. F.G. says:

    I love watching LeBron & Dwayne play but I felt their egos were on display in the game. The others were playing and having fun but they wanted to be physical in a game that is usually more offensive. No one should be out to hurt someone else. Skill doesn’t erase character. I enjoyed seeing the others laughing & enjoying the game. The 4th is always more serious & you know they will kick into another gear. Kobe continued to score with a broken nose & dealing with other injuries. I was happy that Durant got the honors. He has more character than them all.

  9. Sea Pea says:

    Kobe never got froze out of the game like Jordan. If Kobe had to play along side Isaiah Thomas he wouldn’t have that record right now…..

  10. Renato says:

    Sorry but this article isn´t about Lebron.It´s about Bryant getting the first position in the scoring list.I believe it´s quite the milestone.Kobe is a great player ( the best in the league in my humble opinion) and has a great history in the league.This is just another achievement in a spetacular carrer,and i believe no one should question that. Congratulations to mr.Bryant.

    • Belizeboy says:

      It’s partially about Lebron (his name is tagged), and people are just voicing the truth. Lebron is a beast of a player on both ends and was truley playing like an MVP while everyone else was just clowning around.

  11. Witnes says:

    How bout a 26PPG scoring average in the All-Star Game like Lebron has along with a triple double which is only 1 of 3 in All Star History? Yea thats ALOT more impressive than a TOTAL point output by KB. Sorry KB fans, enjoy the record for maybe the next 3 years tops, then its Lebrons.

  12. CNZ says:

    @Evan he was injured in 2010 I believe. Those are games played not all star selections.
    Oh and Lebron is going to have 260-270 points in two more All Star games, so..

  13. prix says:

    Kobe is great but MJ is a GOD..he is still light years away from heaven and miles away when you talk about achievements from Magic, Bird, Russell and Chamberlain..He´s the 24th best player in the world in my list just like his number…

  14. Evan says:

    BTW, the stats posted by the mr. smith is wrong. This is kobe’s 14th all star game.

  15. LBJ should have one the MVP, what a come from behind effort! What choking? Haters, keep hating!
    Let me finish by just saying, after it is all said and done, Lebron will be on top with records and rings in toe, whether you like it or not!!!

    Lebron for Prez!!!!!!

  16. Eb says:

    Lebron u were awesome n I was never a fan until I watched u tonite nice job I’m a new fan

  17. Should be a judge in the arena to score the MVP rather text message.

    • Knickfan212 says:

      Right! Same thing with the dunk contest (which was the worst dunk contest I’ve ever seen), Voting by text just wont get it.

  18. I just want to say what would happened if Jeremy Lin were in the court today?
    Sorry but he is overrated.
    In another topic the level of this game today was to high. Heroe ball?
    That is part of the past. Lebron deserves the MVP. Period.

    • LOL says:

      Agreed. Lebron had the BEST OVERALL GAME, bar none. But because his teammates weren’t into the game as much as he was, except for Wade, they lost. He almost singlehandedly beat a team of All-Stars by himself? lol But thats what you get when you’re a hated guy. Noone cares. But at the least he should’ve gotten Co-MVP. He was ROBBED this year just like he was LAST year. Pathetic,

      And who REALLY cares about KB’s scoring mark except his fans? Please, its a product of more minutes by KB and him shotjackin as usual. If any star actually went out to TRY to take the record like he has, they can do it. His record wont last long. Lebron is at 207 points now and KB’s at 271. So in a few more years Lebron will have it, and then maybe after that KD, but we’ll see. But without a doubt either way KB aint havin that record but only for a few more years. How bout the highest scoring AVERAGE in All-Star game history at 26 like Lebron has? MUCH more impressive than KB’s total points.


      • lakermig says:

        youre a douche my friend its a part of history kobe scoring the most points in all-star games what, you want them not to mention it, as for shot jacking what are you sayin kobe averages 20.8 points a game cant you read comapre that to the like 30 that lebron and kd score or try to score and tell me whos the shot jacker have you even seen the game or even highlights half the time the ball is at /getting shot by lebron and durrant …same old story.

  19. Work Horse says:

    Take sides … Have opinions … Do as you please, but you can’t deny the man.
    He has just keeps chipping away !

    • Coach Dee says:

      You’re right on. Records are meant to be broken. The question is, who will break it next? Kevin Durant, which I really have no doubt, will get most of the scoring records by the end of his career.