Orlando’s Original Big 3 (Shaq, Penny And 3D) Reunited At The Barbershop

ORLANDO — It’s probably a painful thought for longtime fans in this city, but what if Shaquille O’Neal never left?

What if the Orlando Magic’s Big 3 of Shaquille O’Neal, Penny Hardaway and Dennis Scott had stuck together throughout the primes of their respective careers? What might they have been able to accomplish? How many more NBA Finals might they have reached?

Sure, it’s a dangerous game to play, even now after all of these years have passed. But you have to wonder …


  1. Shaquirt says:

    Oh God, Shaq, Penny and Dennis, nooo! Hey wait a minute, doesn’t Orlando Magic have the ultimate success in wasting great talents and gifting them to it’s competitors. Well then, there was no chance to keep them together under Magic Jersey.

  2. Dom V says:

    Shaq in his prime would make dwight look like a little boy FACT

    hell bynum usually gets the better of howard…. SHAQ would literally destroy him and enjoy doing it too


  4. jonski22 says:

    even if they stick together they will not win a championship..the EAST was stock in that era, even after MJ retires..you got the Knicks, the Heat, NJ, Philly and Pacers…and the Magic does not have a good coach in those years…while the cimpetitors have Riley and Brown….but i like Penny and Shaq…you have to love them!!!! but i love the Pacers in that era..Smits, “Davis bothers”, McKey, Mark Jackson, Reggie…

  5. ieyham says:

    bulls was swept at that time by orlando because his airness MJ was coming from a retirement.
    not in his 100%. see whats happen the next year after that. huhuhuhuhu….magic was swept by the bulls.if MJ did not have leave the game, the bulls would have got 8 championship instead of 6.
    houston just got lucky MJ was not there.

  6. Lino says:

    Nick Anderson was better than D Scott. And no one was calling any 3 Magic players back then a “Big Three”. It was Shaq & Penny and the rest.

  7. Paul says:

    Did anyone notice how distant Penny was from 3D and Shaq and that Shaq rarely faced Penny. I have been holding this back for a while. Shaq was a great player, but not nearly as great as HE thinks he was. Shaq should’ve been even better but he rested on his laurels and hid behind great wing players. I think Shaq isn’t even in the Top 5 greatest centers ever.

  8. Belizeboy says:

    Dennis Scott the third member for a “Big 3”? No wonder they never won a championship.

  9. Hibachi says:

    Paulo, Dont forget that Dwight is more of a defensive player than on the other end. He gives you 15 boards and 2-3 blocks all the time. And yes he is a mutiple times all-defensive player of the year. But Shaq back in the day dominated players like this night in night out. Just name a few, Dikembe Mutombo, Alonzo Mourning.

    Dwight’s Orlando team is not even a top 5 team in the league today. And that Magic from the old days? I would easily put them among the contenders. The only problem is that team is lack of depth.

  10. Hibachi says:

    I don’t know what you are saying prix.

    First, Magic didn’t let go of Shaq. He was a free agent and Lakers offered him a bigger contract than Magic’s initial one. Then after they tried to match that deal, Shaq felt that was too late and like he said in this video, he wanted more than that.

    Second of all, Penny Hardaway never got posterized by Hill, period.

    And Scott was not even 28 yrs old when Shaq left Orlando. I don’t get that “retiring” thing you said.

  11. anonymoose says:

    Shaq gives himself way too much credit!

    • alexzo says:

      agree! but he deserves it… still he does… i’ve been watching his post basketball career (TNT) closely… for some reason i sense his insecurity… i dont understand… he shouldn’t be… but he is… he’s had a long & accomplished basketball career… but he seems not content… he still keeps talking of HIMSELF… it’s like he’s out there still trying to prove himself eachtime… He;s funny alright but sometimes it’s quite painful to watch how he can’t seem to go over his retirement… well i guess that’s really how great players are… it must be so difficult to be at peace with yourself after not being able to do what you’ve been doing for half your life… something we fans would never understand…

  12. Snd1 says:

    Surely orlando’s big threee was shaq, penny and horace grant… 3d was a role player…. suppose now he works in tv it sounds better

  13. Fr3D says:

    So great to see those 3 back together and laughing.

  14. Basrani says:

    “Who guards Penny? Thaaannk you!!! Who guards Penny?? I don’t know… Thank you!!!”
    “Who guards Shaq? NOBODY!!”

  15. Putra says:

    The Orlando Magic, of course with Penny Hardaway, Shaq, Scott and all the 1994-1995 crews know how to play the game. I miss what Penny and his Lil’ Penny entertained us through the media, the “Shaq attack” shows, etc. Although their togetherness has never last long, they have become part of children and teenagers ‘dreams’ at that time. Their are great and we should also give credit to Penny for his efforts to the game. He couldn’t contribute much due to the injuries.

    In the end, the “big 3” and the 1994-1995 Orlando Magic, thank you for the greatest entertainment you guys have bring at my younger age. Thank you Shaq, Penny, Dennis, Horace, Nick etc. Thank you Sekou Smith, to bring our memory back again : )

  16. Paulo from Brazil says:

    I’ve been following the Magic since then. And they are right, that team would smoke the current team. No one would be able to guard Penny, but one thing they are wrong, Dwight Howard would be able to guard O’neal one-on-one. Maybe O’neal would still win the battle, but if anyone would be able to guard him one-on-one that would be the 3-time defensive player of the year. That would be a nice battle to watch. Magic 94-95 would make this team look silly.

    • alexzo says:

      dwight can take shaq in his prime? nah…don’t think so… maybe in his dreams! no offense superman 2… but the original is always the best!

      • ying says:

        Dwight would’ve been eaten alive by shaq. Look at what Shaq did to Dikembe Mutombo, who wasn’t not a 3x defensive player of the year, but rather a 4x defensive player of the year. Not to mention, dikembe had the height to match up with Shaq. Shaq’s way too big for Dwight.

  17. prix says:

    I just remember how they beat the Bulls and everybody hurts…but they are ended up schooled by Hakeem in the finals..Shaq ended up in a better teams and win championships..Penny is no more than a puppet and Grant Hill just posterize him all the time..and Dennis Scott needs to retire..I wonder why Orlando let go of Shaq, they have a great championship team..or just scared of the BULLS in the East..

    • uoykcuf says:

      Yea, I think after those anderson choke moments in the finals. Orlando got swept by the Bulls next year and they are just different since then. Shaq leaves, Ronny became the center(still a pretty good one, I recall) If they stay together and Penny never got hurt I bet they’ll win champions after mike retire. They’ll kill most of the team in the east and west will only have SA(dundan arrived at 97).