Blogtable: Our Midseason Awards

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

At the season’s halfway point (roughly), give me your Sixth Man, Coach and MVP of the first half. (In that order. And expound a little.)

Steve Aschburner: James Harden is my Sixth Man halfway through, same as he was before this thing began. His team is winning, he’s playing well and he isn’t starting – done! I’m going with Philadelphia’s Doug Collins over San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich for COY because Collins has gotten the Sixers to buy in even though they’re young, rely on defense and don’t line up behind any superstars to get their results. My first-half MVP is Miami’s LeBron James, whose all-around game and killer efficiency gives him the separation from Dwyane Wade that conventional wisdom said would make it tough for either of them to win this award while teammates.

Fran Blinebury: Sixth man: James Harden. The Thunder have the best record in the league and his numbers across the board are a career-best. Coach: Doug Collins.  Recent stumble notwithstanding, nobody expected this. MVP: LeBron James. It shouldn’t be debatable.

Scott Howard-Cooper: James Harden, a scorer and a playmaker and an important reason the Thunder has set the pace in the West the entire season. Coach: Gregg Popovich in a close call over Doug Collins, just because it would &!#% off Popovich to have to go to center court to accept the award. OK, and because the Spurs remain near the top of the conference despite meshing youth with experience while overcoming the Manu Ginobili injury. MVP: LeBron James, the best player on the best team, or on any team.

Shaun Powell: Sixth man is a layup; James Harden is getting buckets. At times, he’s the best player on the floor for the Thunder, which is saying plenty. For coach, I’m going with Gregg Popovich; this might be his best season ever, surviving Ginobili’s injuries, getting something from Tony Parker and Tim Duncan at this late stage of their careers and winning with role players. MVP is LeBron James, who is doing it all for Miami and then some; he probably wrapped this up when D-Wade sat for a stretch and Miami didn’t miss a beat.

John Schuhmann: I’ll choose Thaddeus Young as my Sixth Man. He doesn’t score as well as Harden, but he does make a huge offensive impact when he comes into the game with Lou Williams and Evan Turner. And he’s a much better defender than Harden or his reserve teammates. Stan Van Gundy is my Coach of the Year First Half for having the Magic at 21-12 with just two consistent players and a whole lot of distractions.  And LeBron James is my MVP thus far, putting up ridiculous numbers on the league’s best team, which has been outscored when he hasn’t been on the floor.

Sekou Smith: Sixth man honors belong to Philadelphia’s Lou Williams. You could make a strong case that Williams and not Andre Iguodala deserved the All-Star bid that went to the 76ers. Williams has been as consistently good as anyone on that team this season and when the game is on the line he’s usually the one with the ball in his hands.

Coach of the Year is a bit tougher, what with as many as five different coaches having legitimate claim to the crown. But it comes down to two. Doug Collins is doing a fantastic job in his second season with the Sixers and Gregg Popovich doing his usual masterful (yet unappreciated) job guiding the veteran Spurs through another splendid season. Collins gets credit for pushing a team without a clear-cut superstar into the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference standings, but Pop is showing us all that the Spurs continue to be the class of the league when it comes to having a near-foolproof system of getting the most out of whatever players are on the roster. Slight edge to Pop.

The MVP is just as tight, with a four-man group of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant all in the mix right now. James, however, had continually distinguished himself (via all of the metrics and whatever the naked eye tells you). By any measure, he’s having a season for the ages. He’s having the best shooting season of his career from inside and outside of the arc and the free throw line. He’s the best all-around player on both ends of the ends of the floor on the planet and there’s no disputing it.


  1. Karl says:

    COY: Scott Brooks
    ROY: Ricky Rubio
    DPOY: Dwight Howard
    MVP : Kevin Durant
    MIP: Jeremy Lin (I like Ryan Anderson, too)
    SMOY : James Harden

  2. D Wade is the 2nd best player in the NBA behind James .

  3. ASAD says:

    Jeremy Lin forsure

  4. WtF says:

    Most Improved Player of the Year: GREG MONROE

  5. jordan says:

    Coach of the year :Scott Brooks
    Rookie of the year:Ricky Rujbio or Kyrie Irving
    Defensive Player of the year Ibaka howard or kevin love
    MVP Durant
    Most improved Jeremy Lin
    sixth man James Harden
    This should be how the awards are half way through this season.

  6. not lebron says:

    Lebron shouldn.t get that MVP because he has bosh and wade
    he cannot carry that miami heat without them.
    he’s having easy baskets because he has 2 superstar teammates that opposing should guard too.

    while kobe is a one man show that opposing team just keeping their eyes on him alone but still winning.

    it should be kobe,drose or dwight

  7. coolknicksfan says:

    MVP: Lebron
    Most Improved: J-Lin all the way!
    ROY: Kyrie
    COY: Popvich
    6th man: James Harden

  8. Luke says:

    how does frank vogel not get any credit or any chance in coach of the year for what he’s done with the Pacers… 3rd best record in EAST

  9. Cleveland (13-18)
    Pace: 94.6 (12), Off: 98.5 (22), Def: 102.1 (21)
    Minnesota (17-17)
    Pace: 96.2 (5), Off: 100.2 (17), Def: 99.2 (14)
    The Wolves are the most improved team in the league statistically.


  10. ism says:

    Look, I am not even a LeBron fan and even I can acknowledge his status as mid-season MVP. We saw last season that it takes a little more than just three superstars to make a dominant team, because although they made The Finals, they still did not match the stellar expectations they were so deliberately raising, and by that I do not only mean that they lost The Finals.
    However…right now…as a non-Bron and non-Miami fan, I must say: this team is putting up some galactic basketball and LeBron is the MVP, period. So great to watch, such beautiful defense and they are really celebrating the art of the fast-break. What’s left to wish for? Except Dallas snatching away the title again, of course.
    Anyhow. Give him some credit, others may be close but LeBron should be MVP until now!

  11. SAVVAS says:

    Durant for MVP
    Rubio for ROY
    Harden for 6th man
    coach Popovich for coach of the year
    Lin for most improved!
    Ibaka for best defender

  12. SAVVAS says:

    The ASG was great but I want to say something about D Wade!He is 1 of my top 5 players but he should punished for the foul on Kobe!I dont believe that he act so stupid…I mean come on!!It s not the finals!its rediculous to injure somebody in an All Star Game!!!

  13. lobcityclips says:

    Kevin Love for MVP. got the t-wolves at .500 and 4th in scoring and 2nd in rebounding, with no other superstar on the team. unless you count rubio who cant score 20 points in a nba game

  14. KoN says:

    Why is Rick Adelman not even mentioned (not even in what I read of the comments) for COY, sure the wolves have only a .500 record, but he took them from being the worst team in the NBA to being in playoff contention this year; that is quite and accomplishment. Also, while I would agree that were it to be decided right now, most improved player should go to Jeremy Lin, why has no one even brought up Nikola Pekovic. It is a very similar sitiuation to Lin, Darko Milicic got hurt and Pek got a chance to play and just exploded. I mean the guy only had like 1 double double last year in the span of 65 games and he has already had 8 this month in the span of 13 games.

  15. skopje says:

    omg comon every week lebron is n.1.that is not fair cuz if somwone deserv mvp then is kobe bryant the best of the best stile on 16 year in nba and nowone cant be in his level as he is..ok if not kobe then for sure more ho deserv is kevin durant.they have best record in the nba and they play more good then everywone else..u se when wade back .he is always score more then lebron he is the leader of the team not lebron.

  16. NOH says:

    In both the clutch and the long run, Kevin Durant is the guy I would want leading my team over Lebron James. Just sayin’.

  17. Anon says:

    Sixth Man: James Harden
    Coach of the Year: Doug Collins
    Defensive Player of the Year: Dwight Howard
    Rookie of the Year: Kyrie Irving
    Most Improved Player: Jeremy Lin
    Most Valuable Player: Kevin Durant

  18. Sid says:

    Kobe is mvp so far.

  19. General06 says:

    Surely if people are talking about how a team would be without their star player in the team(which so many are) Dwight Howard would have to be a serious contender for MVP. His easily the best defensive player in the league and if you took him out the Magic team(3rd best record in the East- better than Kobe Lakers) they wouldnt stand a chance in hell of making the playoffs( which looks like being proven sooner rather than later).
    Just stating this against other peoples reasoning for MVP.
    Personally, LBJ is the best player on the planet for me, and i sure aint a heat fan

  20. Brindan says:

    Sixth Man- Lou Williams
    Coach of the Year- Gregg Pop
    MVP- Lebron James
    Lebron James is the best player o the planet!!!

  21. KR says:

    morons just stretching for excuses LBJ doesn’t deserve it.
    – he has 2 quality teammates. yeah, then who? a center that doesn’t score, some aging players who are sometimes serviceable, a serviceable but limited point guard, and a determined but still unrefined rookie to spark off the bench. aka, standard role players. OKC is the most richly loaded team in the league, but that too doesn’t make KD undeserving. i like the guy & he is also having a big year, but he still doesn’t have as much dominance as LBJ.
    – just because he hasn’t had to overcome age or injury is also a ridiculous argument
    – he’s a beast of an athlete so he should be good. true. but he is so far beyond good.
    what makes LBJ indisputable MVP to now is what he is doing on the basketball court. nobody has balled like he is since a certain guy who wore 23 in chi town. nobody. love him or hate him, he is producing one of the finest seasons of NBA basketball in history. and he would have beefed up numbers if they played him longer, but they don’t need to when getting some blowout wins.
    if he keeps it up, and they ever name a best team of all-time based on a single season – LBJ 2011-12 would be in the starting 5.

  22. kura says:

    and you guys say he has 2 all star team mates to help with their best record! like i said above
    HE LEAD HIS CAVS TO THE BEST RECORD TWICE ALONE!! ALONE!! imagine if you took away lebron from the cavs when he was playing there? and well look what happened when he left da cavs? the went from the best record to the worst record in the league. haha in lebrons prime right now you think he wouldnt be able to again?. . and you wanna talk about taking durant from his thunder? they still make the playoffs with another star leading them westbrook, and then the best man in the league off the bench harden with perkins, ibaka, sefolosha and co!
    Imagine if lebron didnt have to share the ball with wade and bosh like with the cavs this year on his own team? His stats would be crazier than his already crazy stats this year.. along with his stellar play besides stats. like aggresive defense, being a vocal leader aswell aswell as a leader with the ball etc. for kobe’s fans. yes, been great, scored well and is one the greatest all time but this is not about career achievements its about the season and whos played best and lead their team as being the best player in the league.! his team doesnt have the best record not even 2nd or 3rd even with his 2 all star players. bynum(current), gasol(ex). and also durant has also had his best season and is also playing crazy good its just lebron at this moment has had the better season. and that’s being HONEST not choosing a favourite player. he DESERVES it no ones GIFTING it to him!

  23. Nate says:

    Kobe is better than Lebron

  24. Pau & Drew says:

    Tim Duncan
    February 22, 2012 at 12:40 pm
    Sekou Smith, Greg Poppovich does not coach the Suns….he coaches the Spurs hahaha

    Chris Ramos
    February 22, 2012 at 12:46 pm
    Sekou smith needs to double check his work, Greg Popovich is the coach of the Spurs last time I checked, not the suns…

    Chris Ramos
    February 22, 2012 at 12:47 pm
    Sekou Smith needs to check his work before he types, Greg Popovich is the head coach of the Spurs, not the suns….

    February 22, 2012 at 1:09 pm
    what is wrong with u is says spurs losers read carefully


    He fixed his mistake.

  25. b. angus says:

    it’s obvious 2 anyone that the mvp will bee the king’s once again. his numbers are the best of his of his career…the man is strictly ballin this year

  26. eturkok5 says:

    My opinion,

    MVP: Lebron James
    COY: Tom Thiboeadu
    Sxth: James Harden

  27. I5Rivalry says:

    I love how not a single person mentions LaMarcus Aldridge. The man is putting up 22.3 PPG and 8.3 RPG and on a team who without him would easily be in the tail-end of their conference. The man is completely overlooked because he is on a Northwest team. If he were on a bigger market team he’d be the center of attention.

  28. jaineptuno says:

    If you are granted mpv James, commit a great injustice, james has a lot of help with Wade and Bosh.

  29. Blah says:

    No MIP from them? That has to go to either Ryan Anderson or Jeremy Lin.

  30. GARNETT says:

    STOP WHINING!!!!!!!!! LBJ Clearly is the MVP he does other things on the court then score. Durant on the other hand is primarily a scorer. Harden for sure will be the sixth man this year I just watched him tear up my Celtics. Most Improved will be Jeremy Lin that crazy asian.Coach I dont care about but lets say……Spoelstra because he is handling using 3 All-Stars and doing it effectively.

    • NBAfan says:

      MVP is not the “best player on the planet” award…if so, Jordan should have won it every year he was with the Bulls, and Kobe should definitely have more than one.

      You also contradicted yourself there. How can a guy playing with 2 other all-stars and a pretty decent supporting cast to boot be MVP? There are certainly more Valuable players out there.

      If Lebron takes 5 games off, the Heat will most likely win those 5 games anyway.

  31. JJ says:

    Dear brothers/sisters, MVP is just no such a fun thing, it is evaluated in different angles and based on those chriterion we have to accept the MVP is LeBron James Durant, paul, Kobe played best games though. Whatever the case till now the MVP is LeBron.

  32. coreyv424 says:

    What no love for Rick Adleman for COY. Has the twolves on the brink of the playoff picture. With 18 wins in 36 games, more than they had all last year.

  33. Pedro Lee says:

    6th man: James Harden, hardnose player that has a smooth drive and can finish in the paint. Stats prove it.

    COY: Kevin McHale, took a very average Rockets team and has them in the playoffs as of now, how can you even skip him?
    Greg P. has had 2 years with his squad so it’s no surprise he has them in the playoffs plus add the Parker/Duncan’s experience.

    MVP: Kevin Durant, they’re young and at the same time take care of business. They’re the future of the West and will be a consistent Finals participant.

    MIP: Kyle Lowry, how can you even overlook Kyle? He’s leading a team that’s full of heart and does not give up. The Rockets don’t really have any PREMIER SUPERSTARS yet he’s shooting the 3’s from almost half court. He gets in the paint with no fear. For the past 2 seasons he has improved in every stat category. Also has the Rockets in the playoffs. Don’t sleep on the Rockets ya’ll!

  34. Kenneth Fox says:

    Thank you Sekou for picking Lou Williams for sixth man defineltey deserves it, he’s been huge for phillie this year and ye Greg Pop coaches San Antonio ha



  36. JAYrock says:

    Lebron deserves MVP…wade is off this year and bosh is overrated and lebron has some of the best overall numbers you’ll ever see nowadays. He HAS been the best player in the league for the past 6 years this is nothing new lol Kobe shouldnt even be in the discussion. He has 2 of the best big men in the NBA, and all hes doing is hogging the ball…the fact that he went 4-15 the other night and the lakers STILL won shows how hes not as big of a factor as people think. Just ESPN loves to overrated him and loves to compare him to jordan even when he never deserved that praise. Hes a great player but a ballhog..leave it at that no need for the unecessary praise hes a top 15 greatest player of all time..not top 5. Anyway, Durant should def be in the discussion, dwight howard, and chris paul should be there too. But due to the lack of star talent in the nba this year i guess kobe could be 6 or 7 in the voting…then maybe linsanity lol just kidding.

  37. Angelik says:


  38. deonix says:

    lebron James is the best player in the nba period and THE MVP we are all waiting for the championship this year to crown him KING

  39. TheMamba says:

    I think ya gotta give the mvp to LBJ this year. I’ve been an LBJ hater since his Cleveland days, and I loved watchin him wilt in the finals against Dallas. But his numbers don’t lie this year and though im a huge Kobe fan, i think lebron deserves it this year. There are games that frustrate me with Kobe when he seems to be hurtin us with forced tough shots against double teams instead of dishing the rock. Bynum and Gasol need more touches for sure. But the heat are clicking and are definitely the best team in the leauge. Bron deserves mvp

  40. Aaron Tharpe says:

    6th man: James Harden
    COY: Kevin McHale
    MVP: Kevin Durant

    MIP: Kyle Lowry or Kevin Love

  41. michael marañon says:

    My Sixth is James Harden, ’cause his playing his best game in his career and helping his team as number one in the west.
    My coach of the year is Doug Collins, his team is very consistent right from the start of this season, despite with no legitimate superstar. And my MVP is king Lebron, he is a do-it-all player, no other player in the NBA right now that is playing a complete game, only Lebron. Whether it’s defense or offense, rebounds, all departments, he’s a superman. And hopefully, a championship ring for him this year. That’s the only thing lacking in Lebron’s phenomenal career.

  42. Chris Sims says:

    Everyone needs to stop kissing LBJ’s butt. he is a great player, and it the most amazing ever, athletically. but last time i checked, MVP stood for most VALUABLE player. the miami heat could get the finals with only Bosh and Wade. My MVP is KD, without him, there is no way the thunder are even nearly as good as they are now. KD is the most lethal player currently and he is only gonna get better.

  43. joel says:

    Hopefully LBJ, will get back to back MVP.s award……this season ………… out guys……….thats my prediction LOL

  44. 12Kevinmartinfan says:

    MVP: Kevin Durant
    Most-Improved: Kyle Lowry
    Coach of the Year: Doug Collins
    Sixth Man: James Harden

  45. ANGELITO batangAMA says:

    ROY:Kyrie Irving(no doubt, though rubio is my pick but stats shows and kyrie proving to the cavs and to all that
    “2nd coming” is Real.(of course the 1st coming is LBJ)

    6xth man -James HArden

    COY – Coach SPo

    DPOY- Dwight Howard

    Most Improved- Jeremy Lin

    MVP- Lebron James – MOnster Numbers and leading the heat to the number one spot.

  46. Cousin says:

    6th man: no point in arguing what everybody says: Harden
    COY: well… lets not decide between Doug Collins and Pop. Just mentioning them both.
    MVP: LeBron
    Now, to the Kobe extreme lovers: one of the greatest ever, indeed. The guy has the guts, the skill etc. He also has the status of celebrity that allows him to mock anyone even coming close to an argument with him. That being said, although he is such a great player, how can anyone out there say he should be MVP just because he helps the Lakers to a 4th place in what used to be the better conference(lots of good teams in the East nowadays, right?). Now… the best way to appreciate a player, besides the number of wins his team has, is calculating his efficiency. Mr Jordan used t have similar efficiencies. Mr Bryant falls behind LeBron, and so does all the other players in the league, some MVP contenders by a considerable margin… So? Feel the need to argue with me simply because u love Kobe that much(or hate LeBron) ?

  47. The Gac says:

    Hey what the heck are you talking about? Read Sekou Smiths article one more time carefully and i swear to you it doesn’t say Suns. Get your dang eyes checked. I agree Lebron is MVP so far, but Kevin Durant will win it either this year or the sometime with in the next 2 years, he’s just that good.

  48. John G says:

    So for everyone who believes that having Wade disqualifies Lebron from MVP, but Kobe should have it, let’s look at your logic.
    Miami Starters: Lebron, Bosh, Wade, Chalmers, Anthony
    Lakers Starters: Bryant, Bynum, Gasol, World Peace, Fisher
    You’re saying that not one on the Lakers–not one of those players–is as instrumental to the Lakers as Wade is to the Heat? Because as a Heat fan, as much as I love DWade, if they traded him for Bynum, the Heat are instant NBA champions. Or do you not believe that Lebron/Bosh/Bynum would be the most unfair advantage in basketball? Kobe/Wade/Gasol would be contenders, but Lebron/Bosh/Bynum would crush all challengers. Idk if people just started watching basketball, but the Lakers have an All-Star team. OKC has an all-star team. Durant and Westbrook put up 51 and 40 the other day.
    Having two all-star 7 footers on your team plus Kobe plus World Peace and the ridiculously efficient and poised Fisher… I don’t understand the argument about Wade. The Heat are doing it without a legitimate center. Anthony is 6-9. Give credit where credit is due. Lebron is the best player on arguably the best team, and if the Lakers can’t seem to find their rhythm with Kobe, plus Gasol, plus Bynum, Fisher’s efficiency and experience, and World Peace… whose fault is that?

  49. johnqball says:

    how do they pic the MVP if its by stats then it LBJ if its by popularity then someoneelse…
    just saying even last year when they gave it to derick rose was it for his stats dont think so cause there were a few other guys with better stats..
    so i reiterate if its by stats so far LBJ if not then there is alot of other popular guys.

    as for COY ..pop/spo
    6-man Harden…

  50. Truth says:

    Kobe bryant doing alone? How about Pau Gasol and Bynum? both of them are one of the top players in the league and metta world peace is doing good defensively, how about a stats check before making a nonsense post.

  51. nbafan says:

    @ TMAC what i wish i never read you post i feel stupid. I can tell your a cavs fan.

  52. Martin Arsue says:

    For my opinion, I will pick KEVIN DURANT for the MVP of the year because he always put the OKC to unsuspectable situations into winning opportunities. DOUG COLLINS for the Coach of the Year, for the Rookie of the Year, I will choose RICKY RUBIO, well cause he help KEVIN LOVE with all the works.. Sixth man, James Harden, ’cause he puts some terrific points on the scoreboard, he actually helps the OKC to score. Most improved, well It’s gonna be JEREMY LIN, because he shows a lot of effort just to score 20.3 ppg.

  53. puke says:


    james who?…lol

  54. Jamesson says:

    There’s no doubt Lebron is the MVP. Best overall player, Offensively and defensively he’s an overall beast.
    Most improved player I didn’t want to give it to Lin because he only played what? two weeks? But I got to give it to him.
    ROY Kyrie Irving
    COY Pop

  55. muho says:

    king james the mvp some people say durant deserves it because lebron plays with bosh and d wade. durant ia playing in a mush better team some great players and some great role player harden ibaka perkins … lebron is a much better palyer tha durant and his efficiency is out of the world. nuff said…

  56. ELE GR8 says:

    The King of efficiency Lebron James is the MVP stats dont lie… the next player who could probably and will most likely beat him for MVP is not yet born.

  57. hello says:

    this should be lebron’s back to back to back to back MVP titles! ROSE just got lucky last season!

    • khalis says:

      stop it Lebron said it his self that derrick deserve the MVP last year. I agree that Lebron and Kevin Durant are the only two candidates for first half MVP.

  58. bRybRy #1 Spurs Fan says:

    Im not a fan of lebron and will not be..But to be fair,I think he deserve the MVP award..Ahhhh..So hard for me to admit it but i know and i really know that he is still the best basketball player today..Where can you find a player who can play multiple ow i mean ALL positions anytime..Aww it hurts my eyes again when i read my words…

    Some say he doesn’t deserve it bcoz D-wade and C-bosh is in his side..Well then K-durand doesnt deserve it to coz of R-wesbrook and J-harden and S-ibaka em should i still mention um Thabo or maybe K-Perk.. So to is Kobe coz Gasol and Bynum is in his side,Special mention Metta World Fish (Artest and Fisher).

    If their sidekicks are your basis to deny those candidates to be the MVP then who will be the MVP??Em maybe Chris Andersen of Nuggets?who else,Dante Cunningham of MEmphis…HAHA….

    I will take LEbron for MVP..BUT!!!! I am not a fan of him..ill just look forward to next season and hoping that he will be the best player again..


  59. Chot says:

    huge kobe fan, but i don’t think that kobe deserves the mvp, i’m not sure where the guys get their information.

    MVP – LBJ by a slight margin
    COY – Doug Collins – because nobody even thought that the sixers would be this good.
    6th man – Fear the Beard- James Harden

  60. kaloy says:

    is there a LIN-man of the year award?

  61. Whatever says:

    I still can’t believe that a columnist and NBA reporter would refer to Tony Parker as “at his late stage of their careers”. Has everybody forgotten that he ISN’T EVEN IN HIS 30s?

  62. T-MAC101 says:

    Coach: Doug Collins although i agree its really close between him and pop
    6th man: Harden
    MVP: Between durant/kobe. Kobe’s doing an excellent job despite the extremely drop of performance shown by the rest of the laker roster along with age and whatnot. No doubt lebron’s been putting up a lot of impressive numbers and highlight reels, but we have to take into account that the other candidates are playing without the same level of gameplay that wade and bosh has to offer. hypothetically i’ll bet a healthy wade + bosh with an injured lebron would be just as succesful as the current lebron + bosh situation when wade got injured.
    most improved:no debate – jeremy lin
    rookie of the year: kyrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  63. Jim says:

    This years
    MVP: Lebron James
    Surprise of the year: Linsanity
    Rookie of the year: Kyrie Erving
    Sixth man of the year: James Harden
    COY / Coach of the decade: Pop.
    Most exciting player: The guy from Clippers
    The best point guard: Tony Parker
    The best center: Kevin Love
    The best shooter: Kevin Durant
    The best rebounder: Dwight Howard
    The best power forward: Dirk
    The disappointment: Anthony / NY
    The most selfish player: Kobe Bryant
    The most insane player: World Peace
    Prediction: OKC will win it all this year.

  64. momo23 says:

    6th Man- Beasley
    Rookie of the Year- Ricky Rubio
    COY- Doug Collin
    Most Improved- Jeremy Lin
    Defensive Player- Ibaka or Jordan Clips

  65. pogi ako says:

    you guys keep on telling lebron should not be on the race because he’s playing alongside with two allstars but he won back to back MVP in the cavs, alone! LBJ too strong nobody can stop him. Lebron should be or must be the MVP for the next decade!

  66. Brad says:

    Sixth Man:James Harden
    Coach of the Year: Popovich
    MVP: Lebron

  67. McCOOLEET says:

    COY: Popovich
    Sixth: Harden
    MVP: LBJ – does anyone in here own a fantasy league basketball? anyway, go to the players tab and look at his fantasy points and percentage owned

  68. LakerHeatFan says:

    Sixth Man: Harden
    Coach of the Year: Spoelstra
    MVP: Hands Down, THE KING LBJ

  69. NBA says:

    Most Valuable Player.

    It made sense when someone said it up there..

    If you took LBJ away from the Heat, would they still be as successful?

    If you took Durrant away from the Thunder, would they be so successful?

    Who’s more “valuable” to enable success?

    I’m an LBJ fan but I think Durrant is more valuable to Thunder’s success. LBJ’s stats are better though. So they should make another category award: “Player with best stats” or “Best individual player”…?

  70. BWJ 136 says:

    MVP: LeBron James without a doubt. You people are like Gru’s mother from Despicable me, even he did a great job all you say “eh”.
    Young Gru: Look, Mom! I drew a picture of me landing on the moon.
    Gru’s Mom: [looks at Gru’s picture] Ehh.
    Young Gru: Look, Mom! I made a prototype of the rocket out of macaroni.
    Gru’s Mom: [looks at he macaroni prototype] Ehh.
    Young Gru: [excitedly] Look, Mom! I made a real rocket, based on the macaroni prototype. [presses button and sends rocket into space]
    Gru’s Mom: [looks at Gru’s rocket as it flies off] Ooo… [looks back at Gru] Ehh.
    Lesson: one must appreciate the works of others.

  71. kobe says:

    sixth man;manu
    most improved;blair
    def plyer;tiago splitter

  72. bob johns says:

    Why does everyone keep mentioning lin as the most improved player? In my opinion he hasn’t “improved” at all. There is no baseline to judge him on. People just want to say his name because of the media frenzy. If anything you should be saying lin is the rookie of the year. Hes not, but thats obviously the point you idiots are trying to get across. He came out of the gates running, so if anything he has just kept pace with where he started. I see no “improvement”, especially after only 10 or less games of a players career.

  73. Benchman:Harden

  74. Nemanja says:

    MVP: How can LeBron and Durant be close? LeBron has more ppg, they have equal number of rpg, LeBron has way more apg, more spg, beter shooting percentage. What is there to think about? He’s a triple double threat every single night. What he does on the court, no one else can. To me, it’s a no-brainer.
    MIP: Jeremy Lin or Nikola Pekovic, but only if they continue to play like this for the rest of the season.
    COY: Greg, for sure.
    Sixth man: Lue Williams or James Harden. I can’t decide.

  75. Vin says:

    LeBron is hands down the mvp so far but Durant is close with that said Kobe shouldn’t even be in the mvp talks WTH……. COY – rick aldeman turned that team around look how bad they did the past yrs

  76. BEGLES says:

    First of all, let us not consider Kobe as the MVP. For me, he is the most experienced player in the league, but his performance is not MPV like. Yesterday against Dallas, Kobe did not help his team and it was Bynum in essence that took the game. You dont see such nights from Lebron or Durant, never. There are two players that should be considered for the MVP, Lebron James and Kevin Durant. KD still lacks defensive mentality. LJ is definetely an ideal player, extremely efficient on both ends. His team is winning with him and struggling without him, plus, LJ dominates any defender you put against him
    Defensive player of the year- Dwight Howard (no arguments valid)
    Most improved: Jeremy Lin
    Coach of the year: Stan Van Gundy. His team is in the top 4, with no players other than Dwight who can take the load. His coaching has made this possible. Just noting, D12 is well underrated. Everybody understands he is a great player, but his contributions are limitless. In my opinion, he is a better force than Lebron James on the floor (though he has not shown it until now this year)
    6th man- James Harden. Many times i see him on court, he appears to be thunder’s best player!!! Thats wondrous for a guy coming off the bench
    Rookie of the year- Irvin.

  77. Captain says:

    MVP = Lebron James while Kevin Durant = PAYATOT, LAMPA, BOPOLS!

    Go Heat!

    Go Miami!

  78. Jayjoe14 says:

    MVP and Sixth Man of The Year: BRIAN SCALABRINE

  79. Tygger2K6 says:

    that Michael guy who commented here should be 6th man, coach and MVP. like his post, S-T-U-P- aydee!

  80. mark Anthony says:

    fantasy MVP is James, real nba mvp? james but durant just a step behind, it will now depend on the results of the standings.

  81. Brock Lesnar says:

    Coach: Tyrone corbin
    MVP: Brian Scalabrine
    6th man: Lou Amundson
    Most improve: brian cardinal
    rookie: Charles Jenkins

  82. josh says:

    all star game should have a 1 on 1 competition that maybe also could decide the MVP????

  83. josh says:

    MVP should be kobe Bryant the lakers are not the best team but there high up in the ranks and kobe is carrying them and is averaging more points then any other player in the league, while he also doesn’t have the luxury of Dwayne wade or a chris bosh or a russel westbrook… he has 2 centers who have played better days and dealing with trade rumors. he has no point guard to help run the floor and score on a consistence basis… since when did the most valuable PLAYER award become about the teams win and losses … im just sayin

  84. Asian Pride says:

    I cant understand why people keep saying that kobe has no supporting cast while Pau and Bynum are putting allstar numbers aswell! U are right when u say LBJ has Dwade and Chris Bosh but every team has his good supporting cast.If its really someone else than LBJ I think kevin love should get more love than Kobe.

    MIP Linsanity
    6th man James Harden
    COY Collins, claiming 4th in the east is a pretty good job with only having 1 allstar calliber player

  85. jacob says:

    Most improve player Kyle Lowry Lin just play around 10 games and way too many turnover.
    MVP Durant or Le Bron whoever get the better record at the end of the season

  86. MVP : LeBron James

    Great player… proud of him!

  87. bheinteh20 says:

    oh i forgot

    almost gone crazy for LINSANITY!

    with JR and Baron in, their pretty close to my team MIAMI.

    let’s fast forward to east finals already!!!

    oh btw, its gonna be a pity for any team on the west going to the finals,

    coz MIAMI’s gonna bring in the broom..

  88. Cyrus says:

    Most Improve:Jeremy Lin
    Most Defensive Player:no doubt Dwight Howard
    COY:Stan Van Gundy
    Sixth Man:James Harden
    Rookie of the year:Kyrie Erving
    MVP:Lebron James

    • Cyrus says:

      Dwight Best Center in the League

      • NBEATZ says:

        Dwight is the best in the league, but if he was playing in the early 90/s to the late 2000’s he would no where near the best centers in the leaque, I mean who does dwight have to go up against??????
        Bynum? Joah? M Gasol? P Gasol? Hibbert?. I mean come on let him play with Shaq, Rik Smits, Robinson, Hakeem, Duncan, Mourning, Sabonus, Motumbo, Divac, Ewing, Guys like Greg Ostertag at 7-1 close to 300 pounds and Tom Guliotta at 7-1 and 260 with the speed, not to metion if you throw in some PF’s that could play against Howard like Rodman, Malone, Webber, Rasheed Wallace, Shawn Kemp all in there prime would give or power through Howard. If Yoa could have stayed heathly he would be in his prime with Howard and who know what could have happened there? With a few more that I cant think of at this time. The thing is Howard is a beast……IN TODAYS GAME ONLY!

  89. bheinteh20 says:

    yeah yeah watever you guys are sore losers

    without a doubt the KING will always be the KING

    highest eff rating

    best team with best buds


    hell Durant could be up there but a mile apart, DWADE might be a little higher than him. STFU I MEAN IT

    hell CP3 one of my fave could be up there but doesnt do it all

    nuf said

  90. James Han says:

    LeBron James is clearly the MVP those of you whoe say otherwise are either haters or just straight brain dead. Even says so.

  91. billywib says:

    nba should chose who’s the best of the best when both finals west and east are are over except for COY who needs to be given after championship final

    and keep MIPY before the playoffs

    6th man : harden and batum (i’m french :D)

  92. King-Size says:

    LeBron for MVP! ‘Nuff said.. Kobe & Durant lack DEFENSIVE & HUSTLE statistics. Rose missed many games this season. Dirk’s team is on-and-off. And Parker is just not that consistent.

    COY: Popovich, for making the most out of his roster
    6th man: Harden obviously~

  93. rojobilbao says:

    6th man: Mo Williams
    Coach: Kevin McHale
    MVP: Kevin Durant

  94. khristian galvezx says:

    MVP = LBJ
    6TH MAN = D JET
    MOP = LIN

  95. Daniel says:

    How can you even have Chris Paul in the discussion for MVP…
    Coach- Collins
    6th man-Lou Williams
    MVP- Lebron James by a mile.

  96. John Cena says:

    MVP: MAMBA! oh yeah!
    Coach: Collins
    Sixth man: poor Lamar, but it has to be Harden.
    Most Improved: How about Nikola Pecovic? damn, he’s good!

  97. rose and kobe fan says:

    MVP:LBJ without question
    COY: Collins or POP
    6th man: harden

  98. JAy says:

    I just don’t understand why they don’t get Kyle Lowry in to the 6thman of the year award talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? KYLE LOWRY SHOULD BE THE 6TH MAN OF THE YEAR PEOPLE! james harden just won’t give up the ball,coach Brooks should give him another basketball and send him to the practice gym so he can play alone

    • KOBBER23 says:

      Kyle Lowry is a starter and the 6th man award goes to the best benchplayer, thats why.

    • BogieMan says:

      umm, i think he doesnt get nominated for the 6th man of the year awar because he is a starter….

    • bob johns says:

      kyle lowery starts moron.

      hes definately a top 5 point gaurd this season though. He’ll get his acklowledgement next year if the rockets get to the second round of the playoffs this year.



  100. JM says:

    LBJ for the WIN!!!!!!!! YEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  101. kura says:

    why is there such a sour feeling for durant, kobe fans to accept who individually has played his best season yet in lebron james. you want talk about giving kobe respect for his service to the lakers? yes at age 33 he is playing amazingly, but give all credit to lebron james who still with his 2 all star team mates is able to put up numbers like 27.7 – 8.1 – 6.8. like r u serious? to average 27 alone with a top 4-5 player in the nba is crazy alone. and dont forget about lebron when he lead his cavs to the nbas best record TWICE IN A ROW!! YES!! so we all know he’s capable of carrying his team to a best record alone!! guys, we’re talking about the midseason mvp at this point, just judge on honesty not favouritism.if we were giving credit to players simply for mvps then y not give lebron credit for being in his prime and being the overall best player in THE WORLD!!! hmm? durant has been amazing and would be just slightly behind lebron but the best player on the best team is who? YES LEBRON JAMES!

  102. Durantula says:

    MVP Durant, because he is more value for his Team I think than James is. Ok, James´ Stats are a little bit better, but Durant is close. And Durant made a big step in being a complete Player. His Offense, Defense, Leadership- all at Age of 23- is so great this Year.

  103. johnnay says:

    Listen. I want you to think about LeBron James for a second without bias. Did he elevate the play of Cleveland absurdly when he was there? How are those same players’ averages doing without him? How have the Heat players been performing this year with him in the fore of leadership on the court this season? Lebron just makes other people better. He makes them play better defense, give more on offense, and is generally a pleasant presence on the court for his team. He takes the pressure off of them, hits them when they’re in position, and defends as intensely as he scores.
    He, in other words, plays basketball in every possible perspective of the game. Yes, he’s on a team with two excellent players. But he’s still the best on the best team. How can you possibly argue that other players deserve MVP above him? Durant and Kobe would be the only contenders but they just don’t have the same on-court impact on the players around them that LeBron has. Kobe talks about how ‘it’s their responsibility’ to score – you think that’s going to foster a productive environment? Particularly when he takes more shots than anyone else in the league to get his points. I mean nobody on the bench has a chance to shine because he’s getting all the bloody shots. Durant… in a couple years his scoring will outweigh LeBron’s intangibles but for now he’s just not there.
    Anyway, just my 2c.

  104. Derly says:


  105. Amitpal says:

    Ok at half season i guess we can give to lebron cause it doesn’t matter who get’s it. But at the end, depending on the record, MVP should go to Kurant, Chris or Kobe. It’s hard for Durant cause Westbrook is probably also in the top 10 for mvp or somewhere around there. Kobe has Pau and Bynum and if u look at it, they r also a big reason why the lakers r where they r today. Kobe started off great end the half low. Chris hasn’t had a career year number wise but has taken a Lottery pick team to third place in the west. Of course Chauncy was also a big part of it until he got injured but now in the second half if the clippers r in the top 2 or 3 chris should definatly get a good nod for mvp. Look at whose scoring in the fourth in the final couple minutes, and he’s shooting better then kobe or any other closer in the nba. Although the last two games r a turnoff.

  106. numb3r69 says:


  107. FILIPINO FAN says:

    LBJ for MVP..stats dont lie!..haters gonna hate coz LBJ will get his 3rd MVP and 1 ring this yr..sorry folks.

  108. Lord of Destruction says:

    LEBRON JAMES will be the MVP. Haters stop hating . That is the reality , be professional .

  109. TelekinesiS says:

    for Defense of the year… D.Howard… but i prefered to see Ibaka shows more by the end of the regular season… and hopefully he does more than D.Howard.

  110. iwshiwasevil says:

    i does not matter if Durant becomes this years MVP. He already won the bets player award for the 2010 FIBA. That was way better than an NBA MVP award. He just became the world MVP at age 20 (or 21, i’m not sure)

  111. JimmyW says:

    who cares about the supporting cast around them or the injuries, who has played the best ball so far this year? It is LeBron by an absoluete mile, those saying that he has wade and bosh to help him, what are you on about? He is doing exactly what he did in cleveland with a mediocre team, taking them to the top with his individual brilliance. Wade has missed almost half the games this year yet Miami still have the best record in the NBA. This is because of Lebron. Wade never got higher then the 5th seed when he was by himself, ever since Lebron cam they have been the best team in the east. you look at the bulls, without Rose they are still winning so he has to be taken out of the picture. the thunder have one of the best records and yes this is because of Durant but he does nothing on defence, the reason why they have improved is the added defence provided form Perkins and Ibaka. You take kobe out of the Lakers and they might still make the playoffs in the west, people saying they would be a bottom 5 team in the league have no clue, Bynum is starting to play brilliant ball and help guide this team to 4th in the west, think what the Lakers would be like without Gasol and Bynum, struggle to make the playoffs.
    Lebron has been by far the best player in the league thus far and so he deserves the MID-SEASON MVP.

  112. Tim says:

    You’re saying LeBron shouldn’t be MVP because he plays with Bosh and Wade because they’re Allstars? I guess Durant can’t win MVP then since he’s playing with Westbrook (Allstar). I guess Paul can’t win because he’s playing with Griffin (Allstar). And Kobe can’t win because he’s playing with Bynum (Allstar). I bet you want any of the other 3 guys I mentioned to win MVP yet you say LeBron can’t because he plays with allstars.

    MVP means putting the team on your back and providing the most you can, and all 4 of those guys have done that this season. I think LeBron deserves it the most because he has to deal with all the pressures fans and media give him, then he adjusts his game to improve those things they criticized. They said last season, he barely scored in the paint, I’d say he’s largely improved on that with all the highlight reels of him dunking. He lead the team to numerous victories scoring 30+ while Wade wasn’t able to play. He’s shooting an career high above 50%. He nearly averages a triple double, and is great defensively. He’s more patient this season and has been able to come up clutch and take the last shot (making it) numerous times. LeBron, so far is the leading candidate for MVP.

  113. TelekinesiS says:

    6th man of the year… still early to tell… now NYK have JR Smith…. who know… he may show some more impressive ends. but to me i have few great candidates like… James Harden, Jr Smith, Mo William, J Crawford, And players from Sixers. Well is still too early to predict 6th man of the year… is also depend how coach used them…

    Most improve of the year… hmm so far everyone says J.Lin…. i had a question about this… was he just the most improve or is just that his talent just shown on NBA but actually he is that good? lol cos he didnt get the chances much to play last season… so why not give the Star of the year award to J.Lin… lol

  114. TelekinesiS says:

    Coach of the year, i will say Pop Greg, for first half… he able to manage his team remain top of the ladder…. is amaze that how he can still carries this team to top ladder when u look at the players roster. and on and off injuries this first half. he know how and when to use them and saving what best values for the playoff. keeping the great balance healthy for the last. is really amazing

  115. The Great One says:

    MVP: LeBron (hopefully D-Wade comes on SUPER strong in the 2nd half of the season and then the award will go to KEVIN DURANT!)

    COY: Doug Collins without QUESTION! He has the EXACT SAME SQUAD he had last year and they had a 15+ point differential to start the season

    ROY: Kyrie Irving (hopefully, Ricky Rubio has a strong second half)

    MIP: Jeremy Lin (honorable mention goes to Greg Monroden..Monroe)

    Sixth Man: Lou Williams WITHOUT QUESTION (He’s leading his team in scoring OFF THE BENCH with ZERO starts)

    DPOY: Gonna have to agree with the guy above & give Iblaka anhonorable mention with over 3 dismisses a game)

  116. TelekinesiS says:

    While many of you have forgotten MVP stands for MOST VALUABLE PLAYER… MOST VALUABLE!!!! Is not just about the scoring machine only… is about the whole lots in the games what does the best out of it .. in the high possibilities on court BOTH ENDS.. thats included Offense and Defense and Clutch and of cos Teamworks too…. when u look at all these adds up… LBJ is the all rounds players in NBA who has the most talented in all areas.. he may not be the best shooter or defender or clutch.. but adding them all up together.. he aboves all in NBA player from i what i have seen so far this season. Yes Kevin Durant is also a runner up or close…but KD is just a shooting moster…yes he is a great players but looking in all his combos…LBJ got more. CP3 hes great player… specially team leaders of the baller… wish they have the Baller of the year in NBA and thats definetly goes to CP3. Kobe Bryant? ummm no offense he is great player as well… not saying his old… but he is behind KD now. he may have better shooting skills than LBJ.. but defense and teamworks… still behind KD.

  117. 23>24 says:

    I am going for LBJ for the MVP

  118. Sekou Smith says:

    6th man : James Harden
    COY : Thibodeua
    MVP: LBJ

  119. angeliyakin says:

    Sixth Man = Mo Williams
    Coach of the Year = Eric Spoelstra
    Most Improved Player = Linsanity
    MVP = Lebron James

    How can Coach Spo not even mentioned as COY candidate? He certainly did and continously does wonder in a very effective way of coaching the so called- Miami’s big 3… Not to mentioned having the team’s best record of the league right now.

    I can strongly say he is underrated and he should get the same respect as one of the most respected coaches… the one he truly deserved.

  120. r-vel says:

    why is lebron mentioned in any MVP race? it doesn’t matter what numbers he puts up, the fact is he’s playing side by side with Wade and Bosh. that by itself takes him out of the equation. sorry bron bron, but you don’t deserve much of anything when you’re playing alongside two other all-star starters.
    this is so true..

    • Ryan says:

      Westbrook must be chopped liver in this case if you think Durant is in a different situation. Plus, as this board seems to have unanimously decided, KD also has sixth man of the year.

  121. BogieMan says:

    How can Kwame Brown not get a mention in this conversation!?!?

  122. Phil23 says:

    MVP has to be LeBron, To the people saying that he can’t be in the equation coz he’s playing with Wade and Bosh, the difference is, LeBron can lead the team without either of them as we’ve already seen. Without LeBron in the team, the heat just wouldn’t be the same team.

  123. fuzzy says:

    Um, I think Lebron would never win the mvp again because he does not need it. he needs MVP finals. It is either a close call between paul and durant. I will go for paul since he is the play maker of the clippers. For 6th man. It should be al harrington or louis williams but they would not win it, since harden will be the one who will win it. For COY, well Gregg popovich should be the winner but I want kevin mchale to win. For most improved i think it should be LIN he could make his average go up by 15ppg! from 2.9 to 18ppg

  124. RekeMania says:

    COY: Thibedeau, no team has the injuries to key players he has and no team has more wins.
    MVP, with no depth on the bench, no other half decent guards and the Lakers big men being a little inconsistent, i’d have to give it to Kobe, he is the scoring leader is pulling a team that would be pretty awful without him, he is a little inefficient but that is because he is called to take so many shots as players like Metta, Blake, and Barnes aren’t stepping up at all. Measure the MVP by how much better they make their team, without Kobe Lakers are barely playoffs if that, without LBJ Heat are still contenders, Durant is the runner up for 2nd.
    6th man is James Harden, better than a heck of a lot of starters he is lethal!

  125. storm says:

    Coach of the Year: Doug Collins if they placed 4th, 6th, or something like that…

    Rookie of the Year: KYRIE ERVING ( “NO DOUBT” though I’m a Rubio fan)

    Sixth Man: James Harden

    Most improved: I fell I should say Jeremy Lin (but I consider him as a rookie though) GO LINsanity!!!

    MVP: I don’t want to be ahead of myself so let’s wait for wade to play his minutes alongside LeBron cause they’re other players in the mix (like Bryant, Durant, Paul, Rose ( if the back doesn’t anymore) and Love (is you want to put him NO PUN intended)

  126. Phil Jackson says:

    mid season sixthman: Udonis Haslem

    mid season COY: Doug Collins

    mid season co-MVP: LeBron James / Kevin Durant

  127. batotox13 says:

    6th man : James Harden
    COY : Collins
    MVP : LBJ

  128. roger says:

    Steve Nash MVP!!!!!! yew.

  129. bobson says:

    MVP = Lebron….

    thats all that matters

  130. JFD says:

    6th man: James Harden
    COY: Doug Collins
    MVP: Lebron James

  131. Toa Tia( The Heat Fan) says:

    Miami Heat is better than OKC! So go Miami Heat. Actually OKC are my 2nd favorite team but heat is my number 1 favorite team.

  132. joblagz says:

    this is LBJ’s prime.. show some respect and just give him mvp honors asap.. it’s also chris bosh’s prime imo but since he is third option, he’s not doing much.. plus i can smell another championship in south beach..

  133. skunk says:

    james harden
    frank vogel (close call over doug collins)
    lebron james

  134. Brad says:

    COY: Pop
    MIP: Linsanity
    MVP: The One and Only King James
    6th Man: James Harden

  135. nugs#1 says:

    al harrington should be 6th man of the year

  136. DG says:

    so lebron gets credits for playing good when wade is injured and not able to help him? kobe dont even have a player as good as wade in his team right now, and hes still carrying his team, and putting up good numbers per game

  137. Dan says:

    No love for Tibs as coach of the year?? He has had to deal with more adversity then any other team or coach in the league. The projected starters at the begining of the year have only played 5 games together, and they’re 26-8. Thats what coaching is about. LBJ is a b*tch, hate the man and I hope the heat don’t win another game all year.That being said at this point he is the MVP, but just wait untill the end of the year after my boy D-rose gets healthy.. 6th man- James Harden, thats clear.

    • Basketball studies says:

      dang you hate the man…thats kind of strong statement. I can’t believe how people turn a sport into something so personal with people we only watch on TV. smh

  138. David says:

    First of all, I’m not a Kobe fan and never will be , but he should definately be the favorite for MVP.

    Has everyone forgotten already that he TORE A LIGAMENT in his wrist (shooting hand) just before the season started? For many players this would have sidelined them for at least a month and maybe have required surgery. He not only didn’t miss a game, but he has put up MVP numbers. Before the injury, alot of people were already writing him off as being too old before the season started and he has proved all the nay-sayers wrong. He’s having one of his best years statistically and virtually, single-handedly leading his toward the playoffs.

    As for Lebron, he is putting up great numbers but he is not doing it alone. True, Wade was out for awhile, but Bosh was picking up the slack during that period and not Lebron.

    Durant is still putting up great numbers as well, but you have to argue that Westbrook is just as valuable to that team as Durant.

    • Stevenash says:

      single-handedly? umm.. gasol is averaging 16.6 & 10 with an efficiency of +22.75 bynum 16 & 12 with a +23.04.. kobe’s efficiency is only +22.88 slightly higher than gasol’s by a hairline. bynum is doing more for the lakers than kobe does.

    • KOBBER23 says:

      …but Bosh was picking up the slack during that period and not Lebron… you can´t be serious. yes Bosh was good, but to say Lebron did´nt pick up the slack is just a lie and you know it. Don´t get me wrong. I´m not a Bron fan. Í consider him mentally weak because he turns into a below average player in crunch time. Thats why he has´nt got the MVP that really matters yet. MVP of the finals. maybe this is his year, and maybe not. we´ll see!

  139. CarlosKing says:

    6th man: Mo Williams
    COY: Doug Collins
    MVP: Lebron James

  140. OzzyKidd says:

    Wow, so much hatred for LeBron.. I realise he’s not the poster boy of the NBA anymore – fair enough. However, everyone has their favourite team and player – and with this, we judge accordingly.
    I’ll be straight and say I’m a total LeBron James fan, and at this point, most have given up reading my comment; for those who still are – remember this is a ‘MIDSEASON’ award.. and at this given point in time .. YES Durant is very close to LBJ.. but right now, who’s in front? Which guy has the overall best stats (RIGHT NOW!)? Hence the “no disputing it” bit.
    Also, with the amount of people throwing about the ‘oh LBJ has amazing players around him so he attracts attention’ bs – you could spin that around the other way and say “there’s an amazing player on a team with average or less than average players (i.e. LBJ in Cleveland) so he should get MVP because he’s carrying a team to the playoffs..” did LBJ get MVP then? YES. Will he most likely get it this year too? WHY NOT?! .. two complete different reasons for MVP. So try and justify that for me, please?
    The MIDSEASON award without a doubt goes to LBJ, this could definitely change as many other astonishing players such as Kobe, Rose, Paul, Lin, Durant and Dwight continue to play throughout this season..
    Your MVP is always going to reflect the player you like the most (for whatever reason), but personally – if I were on a team I’d want the most valuable player at that given moment – whether it’s LBJ or not (if you hadn’t noticed, there’s a reason all the experts picked LeBron thus far, I would too)
    Who would YOU want?

  141. isyok10 says:

    idk bout Couch, but:

    MVP: Scal- the white Mamba

    6th man: Scal-the White Mamba

  142. charles says:

    Rick Adleman is best coach because of the huge improvements for the team and players like Love, Pecovich, Ridnour and Rubio – isn’t that what coaching about? Personal development of the players and the team? Kevin Durant should be MVP because without him, the thunder wouldn’t even make the playoffs. Without Lebron, the heat are still playoffs. Jason Terry is still the sixth man because he is the only consistent player on that team this year – even nowitzki has been been fluctuating.

  143. Alvin says:

    6th man: Mo Williams
    Coach: Doug Collins
    Mvp: Kobe just cause he’s playing over lotsa injuries and his team is not putting up enuogh numbers. The guy is prolly experiencing fatigue with the team and a new coach behind his back. He had some bad games, so what? everyone does.
    Most improve: Jeremy Lin
    enough said

  144. COY:Erik Spoelstra
    SIXTH MAN: Jamaal Crawford
    MVP: Lebron James playing awesome basketball and most efficient in the league.

  145. Epsilon says:

    MVP – KOBE BRYANT doing alone still 4th in the west race and leading scorer of the NBA

    Lebron James has Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh thats why they are the Best Record in the NBA they should be
    called the MVP TEAM
    Kevin Durant has Russell Westbrook great supporting cast

    Rookie of the year – no Doubt KYRIE IRVING

    Coach of the Year – SCOTT BROOKS from 8th seed to 4th now at the TOP…

    Doug Collins is in a Race…
    Gregg Popovich again Spurs on Top early Exit again in playoffs…

    Defensive Player – Dwight Howard period…

    Sixth man of the year – Lou Williams vz James Harden thats all…

    Most Improved Player – Jeremy LIn……………….

  146. Dale N. says:

    COY: Rick Adelman. Do you not see what I’m seeing? When will he get credit for what he always does: create harmony and trust — and coach the heck out of basketball.

    Sixth man: Nick Batum. He’s getting some starts now, but Harden is doing what he did last year, nothing more and nothing less. Batum is creating a new legend in the NW. An emerging star and an impact off the bench, putting up highlight plays and eye-popping stats.

    MVP: I’m with those who disqualify LBJ, not because he’s highly suspect in the crunch, but because he has great players around him, attracting attention. Ditto for Durant who can’t create separation from his point guard, as THE cause of a great record. Instead, I give you a different four players to choose from. To wit: Kobe, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Kevin Love. The 2nd half will decide the issue in my eyes.

    • MVPPPPP says:

      lol a guys eficiancy is best in the nbas history . Durant plays more time – gets points LBJ – play less then durant yet he gets almost the same amount of points with better procentege overall half of the heats games are blowouts . While thunder its very close. Now you can say ” i don’t care if LBJ got the same amout of minutes he wouldn’t score more” on the oposite my friend when D-wade sitout this guy averaged 32 points 6.8 rebounts and 7+ asists in a game Can Durant match this? no..

  147. cheesy chips says:

    Lebron James efficiency for this season is currently 32.61 that is higher than any other player in the history of the nba. Even better than Wilts 54 point season. If that doesn’t deserve MVP what does y’all?

  148. Thonas says:

    COY- Most def Doug Collins. I don;t really understand why everyone is saying Greg, he has veteran players. While Doug is doing his best with young players.

    MVP- Durrant.

    6xth man- Is def James Harden

    • RG says:

      so you’re saying Popovich doesn’t have young players like Leonard, Splitter, Neal, Blair, Green, Joseph, and Anderson that help contribute to the vets like Duncan and Parker while Ginobili and Ford are still out? because that’s the reason why he deserves to be mentioned. Pop has managed to develop the young players to play in the Spurs system and lower Duncan’s minutes while still winning games. Collins deserves to be mentioned too, but it’s not like he has all young players on his team. he does have vets too like Iguodala and Brand.

  149. Johnathon Ross says:

    6Th = man Louis Williams, he leads his team in scoring and is there go to guy down the stretch.
    COY = Tom Thibodeau, he has had his MVP out for 10 games, Deng 7, C.J. Watson 11, Rip 23, Gibson 3 and Noah missed just 1, to have those players miss that many games and to still have the Bulls 26-8 he is the stand out coach off the year in my opinion.
    MVP = Lebron just over Durant just over Kobe just over Paul just over Rose, if Rose stay healthy and get in the from he was in before the Back injury then he could get the MVP by the end of the season.

  150. KaroLT says:

    6th man – sweet Lou ‘Williams’
    COY – Doug Collins
    MVP – Kevin Durant & a vote for Josh Smith the way he’s helping the Hawks by doing it ALL

    • KR says:

      if josh smith is doing it all, LBJ is doing it all before halftime. jsmith is balling, but lebron is having one of the best seasons seen in a long time.

  151. Justin says:

    How is Thibs not even mentioned in the article for COY? why because he was coach of the year last year? we have the best record in the leauge and we have been dealing with injuries to our best offensive weapons. had rose not been slowed and out due to injury whos to say he wouldnt be putting up the same numbers he did last year. its liket he peyton manning effect. your team knows you are the best player on the team but nobody understands the severity of not having you out on the court/ field. lebron is lebron and would do well on any team. the fact that he plays next to superstars is how hes having a stellar year. much like michael started having when pippen arrived.

    • Ryan003 says:

      L-James is the most complete player. . .Maybe Durant is there but not so Close. . Still remember the game against the denver Durant need 51 points just to win . .And that game was close to end?! Lebron does what it takes to be MVP again just like Steve Nash when he win the MVP!!!But for us I more like to see Miami to win it all the way not just a MVP crown but a championship one!?

      • Ao1 says:

        Take out James and the Heat would still win. Take away Durrant in their team and the Thunder will struggle to win. So with that, who is now the Most Valuable Player? Hmmmm…

      • Why use hypothetical scenarios to choose the MVP? When Rose got injured, the Bulls did just fine. Who’s to say the Thunder wouldn’t do the same? A lot of people probably thought the Nuggets would go downhill when Melo left, they ended up getting the better end of the deal last season, building a deep team. It makes no sense to predict how a team would do without a certain player because there’s no way of actually knowing. Instead of stating what “might” happen “if” the team were to lose their best player, how about you back up the MVP claims with what IS actually happening. OKC & Miami are tied for 1st place & the main reason is because their best players are playing at an extremely high level… BUT, no one in this league is playing at a higher level than LeBron. He’s putting up some scary good #’s & has been the main reason why Miami is #1. He ran the show when D. Wade sat out for 8-9 games, going complete Cleveland mode & the Heat were just as hard to stop w/o Wade in the lineup. It’s a tight one, but Bron’s putting up better all around numbers, in a more efficient manner, while playing less minutes because the Heat are stomping on everyone they play. Either one of the 2 could emerge as MVP by the end of the season, but as for the 1st half of this season, it shouldn’t even be debatable.

    • KOBBER23 says:

      started having? have you seen his stats prior to Pippen. you make it sound like he was an average player before Pippen joined him. nothing could be further from the thruth.

      • justin says:

        no I meant he didnt win championships until he got pippen. how many did jodan win before pippen? None. He won them all with Pippen. The one year Jordan retired, the Knicks made it to the Finals. The following season, with Jordan coming out of retirement late in the season, the Magic made the Finals. Pippen played with the Bulls throughout pretty much all of the prime of his career, and was clearly the Bulls second best player, and for a year and a half, their best player. Without Pippen, the Bulls wouldn’t have won their titles. He was great defensively and was the perfect sidekick to Jordan.
        still wanna talk about something being further from the truth?

    • OKCKD35 says:

      bulls do not have the best record in the league, they are behind the heat and the thunder and neither spoelstra or brooks are mentioned. Next gripe?

  152. glock93308 says:

    Yeah I dont know how they can just say Lebron by a mile when Durant to me is right there along side him in the MVP race. Also Chris Paul to me is a very strong MVP candidate for how much he has improved the Clippers. They did have Billups, Mo Williams and Caron Butler who are having great years but without Paul the Clippers go NOWHERE.

  153. RJB87 says:

    It doesn’t matter if he’s playing along with all stars have you seen how he’s playing? His numbers are high on both ends of the floor. You’re crazy to think that he’s not MVP

  154. joel says:

    MVP Lebron James ………..he deserved for this award….notes during the absent of Wade he bring his team and they win many times..and look his stat even though his playing with 2 All Star He remain on top among of them..

    • Ao1 says:

      You made it sound like DWade was out for a long period of time. It was just for few games. Bosh even dominated at times during DWade’s absent. Durrant is more derserving than James!

      • Basketball studies says:

        Your looking at points along I’m pretty sure….lets look at percentage on offense as well as defense. durant isnt mvp at this point. He is better off trying to get the scoring title. Wade was out for like 8-9 games which is a huge chunk especially with the short season and even with wade on the floor lbj numbers are still crazy. I know a lot of yall hate the man but real sports fans can see through that hare to recognize whats in front of their face. the numbers dont lie

  155. Dylan says:

    Sixth Man = James Harden
    Coach of the Year = Greg Popovich
    Most Improved Player = Linsanity
    MVP = Kobe Bryant

    How can you leave out a guy who carries the otherwise worst team in the NBA to 5th place in the conference! He leads the league in scoring, and knows how to finish a game unlike King The Fail James. I am not saying this because I am a Kobe fan, in fact I am a Kevin Durant fan. But what does MVP really mean? It is who is the most valuable player to their team. Take away Kevin Durant from the Thunder, they are still playoff contenders. take away Lebron from the Heat and they are still sick with the Wade – Bosh duo. Take away the Black Mamba, and the Lakers are nothing.

    • Ah ah says:

      I disagree with you. If you take away Kobe, you still have, Gasol, Bynum and Artest. All 3 are Allstar Players or Ex-Allstars.
      Bynum’s bringing up big numbers this season, while gasol is struggeling a little. And don’t forget Mr. Fish who’s efficiency in the 4th is incredible.

      Now look at Miami’s Roster. Who is takin nearly the whole load there? It isn’t the team captain and it isn’t chris bosh. Miami is loosing when LBJ is out, but they’ve won most of the games when wade was out. And I think James deserves the MVP-Award more than ever, because he is playing on a winning team and has the ‘same’ stats he had in cleveland while playing alongside 2 big stars in the league!

      This is my opinion:

      Sixth Man: James Harden
      CoY: Popovich
      MVP: LeBron James

      • Rommel of the Philippines says:

        Undoubtedly, LeBron really showed a very splendid performance this season. An all-around player, a fate never seen in some stars. I go along with all these experts. I strongly agree at this moment that the MVP Award goes to LeBron James! I’m a fan of LeBron since 2005, but in fairness to all, not as only being a fan, as I look at a wider scale up to placing myself not a LBJ fan, no wonder I will pick LeBron as the MVP because of the observations I write above. In addition, Coach Spo is my COY.

    • KOBBER23 says:

      no way. the combo of Bynum and Gasol are pretty good. if Gasol had more touches, he would´ve been an allstar. your logic is flawed.

  156. Soul251 says:

    6th man Lou WIlliams
    COY Gregg Popovich
    MVP Chris Paul

    • lobcityclips says:

      finally someone says CP3 he has taken over in L.A. and is now the best player in L.A. and the best player in the NBA.

  157. NBA Commissioner David Stern says:

    Sixth Man = James Harden
    Coach of the Year = Greg Popovich
    Most Improved Player – Linsanity
    MVP = Kobe Bryant

    How could you not mention a guy who is keeping his team 4th in the West, and a team that without him would be 30th in the league! He is doing so much at the age of 33… you have to pay a guy like that some respect. I’m not saying this because I am a Kobe fan, in fact I am a Kevin Durant fan, but Kobe is doing so much more for the Lakers, who has the dumbest Gm in the world

    • Michael says:

      You are absolutely right, the Lakers have such a dumb GM. They need to trade Bynum + reserves for D12.
      Props to POP POP, for carrying the Spurs alongside Tony Parker.

    • Stevenash says:

      yup costing 9 turnovers per game and taking shots away from their 2 all star bigmen.

    • manny says:

      i am sorry but The lakes have a winning record without kobe so dont said that LA would fall to 30th

    • “Keeping” his team in the 4th spot? Yes, the Lakers lost a chuck of their talent, but there’s no question, Kobe’s playing with the best big man combo in the league. If he wasn’t so busy chucking up 25-30 shots a night, maybe they’d be in a better position & wouldn’t look inferior to the other elite teams. Everyone knows Kobe’s great, one of the best ever, but there’s no way you can choose him over LeBron or Durant for MVP, at least not at this point. I don’t care who they’re playing side by side with. THEY are the ones puttin’ up those monster numbers night-in & night-out & their teams are winning because of it. Right now, the Race is a tight one between LBJ & KD. I give the slight nod to LeBron. KD didn’t have to deal with his all-star teammate going down for 8-9 games. LeBron did & he kept the Heat looking like the #1 team in the league, while postin’ some ridiculous numbers. It’s still a tough decision, because Durant has been OKC’s savior in those 4th quarters, keeping them at the top of the West, but then again the Heat have been playing so well, their stars hardly play in the 4th… & if you’re talkin’ stats alone? A lot is identical, but LeBron is hands-down the better facilitator (6.8 apg) & is shooting lights out (55%), Even more efficiently than Durant from 3-pt. land (41% to Durant’s 37%). Gotta give credit where credit is due.

      • AlsoFanOfTheLeague says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Player fans are too stuck on their favorite players and they look at the wrong stats to justify it (like all-time scoring list). I would have to argue that Kobe is perhaps one of the least efficient players of the league. Fourth in turnovers and, get this, 67th in FG% at 43%. He should be thanking his lucky stars he has Bynum and Gasol to clean up his misses and pull down some offensive boards. They are the ones keeping the Lakers at Bay. 27.4ppg, 8.1rpg, 6.7apg and 55% FG% (5th in league) takes the cake. Oh yeah, league-leading 27-7 helps too. KD has his case as well, but nobody is playing better than Lebron right now.

      • NBAfan says:

        Best Big Man Combo? I’ve never heard of that category. The things people make up….if so..then Wade and Bosh is the BEST ALL-STAR COMBO Lebron could hope for.

        Durant for MVP in 2012!

  158. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Coach of the year : Greg Popovich
    Rookie of the year : Kyrie Erving
    Defensive Player of the year : Serge Ibaka and Dwight Howard
    MVP of the year : LeBron James
    Most improved player of the year : Jeremy Lin
    Best sixth man of the year : James Harden or Lou Williams
    The worst player of the year : Carmelo Anthony.

  159. MrSteele says:

    6th man: Al Harrington
    COY: Tibs
    MVP: this year & for the next 10 years D Rose

    • Stevenash says:

      Rose is a little overrated. He’s not even the best point guard in the league this season. The bulls are doing pretty well without him

    • manny says:

      the bull play so well without rose….. Rose is a terrific score but since when taking allots of force shots make any player the mvp. Rose is a guard that does not make any of his teamates better. he is able to score in many posession but his teamates are so much better without him on the floor… i am not saying that the bulls are a better team without rose but i am saing his teamates are better without rose

      • Anonymoua52 says:

        Isnt that the point of filling the void when your best player is injured?

        If Rose plays so well every game, then when hes not there, the players must improve their game to fill the gap he leaves, correct?

        Its silly to say his teammaters play better without him, because by nature, they have to

    • KR says:

      yeah, that season he had in 2015 was amazing.

  160. HeatKingOfEast says:

    If you’re going to say that a player cant be mvp because he has all star teammates. lebron, durant, kobe, paul is out of the picture here. Even rose is out of the picture here. I say mvp should be either one of these 3 dwight, parker or dirk. Because there the only all star in their team, and they have a good record. Durant has westbrook,rose has deng, kobe has bynum and slight help of gasol who is struggling but still averaging doulbe2. Dirk has only supporting cast, if ur going to say terry then okc has 3 all stars with harden. parker leads the spurs with aging duncan and injured manu and dwight has inconsistent teammates. so, still arguing that lebron has 2 all star teammates? ahahhaha

    • manny says:

      in that case you better add barniani to the mix and while you are at it add any other team lone star

      • swcott says:

        Can’t be MVP if you have another all star quality player or more on the same team? Better phone MJ and Magic and Kobe and ask for their awards back i guess.

    • spen says:

      One Dirk is playing with a hall of fame point guard whose only job is to dish him the ball. Two Parker has another hall of fame forward/center in tim duncan who knows when to score and when not to his job is to defend the middle and rebound and he does not even have to do a lot of the rebounding anymore becasue of blair. You are right about Dewight though he has no one. Three this year all star team was a joke deng, hibbert, and pierce, igudalla (sp) had no place on this team but the MVP has to be Kobe if there is no Kobe the lakers would be the bobcats of the west. if lebron goes down wade steps up and vice versa and if they both go down they have another guy who can win by the name of Chris Bosh who has proven that he can do it without them. Rose hasnt had the same type of season as he did last year because of the injurys.

  161. Marco says:

    6th man: james Harden
    COY: Doug Collins
    MVP: Chris Paul

  162. Alex says:

    6th man: Mo Williams
    COY: Thibodeau
    MVP: LBJ

    As for the Popovich comment, they probably barely edited it 5 minutes after those comments came up.

  163. michael says:

    why is lebron mentioned in any MVP race? it doesn’t matter what numbers he puts up, the fact is he’s playing side by side with Wade and Bosh. that by itself takes him out of the equation. sorry bron bron, but you don’t deserve much of anything when you’re playing alongside two other all-star starters.

    • A-dog says:

      Because Wade has been in and out if the team all season with injuries. That pretty much takes Lebron back to leading a cavs type roster but with the help of Bosh.

    • Sameer says:

      Lame as hell! Kyrie Irving should win MVP. Thanks to your new rule

    • manny says:

      durante has as much help as durant with russel among the best guards, james harden best six man and a sergio ibaka an interior monster defender. Labron is being very efficient, second leading scorer in the leagues averaging less shots that durant and kobe. Labron is asked to play multiple position, its an amazing defender and he is scoring on the post which was the only thing that people criticised him for. i Actualy feel bad for labron because there is nothing else to add to his game but a championship ring that has nothing to do with the regular season, The guy is sharing, scoring, defending rebounding at the high level. Hate lebron but not his game

    • Carl says:

      I suppose you are correct, but as much as I hate him as a person, his efficiency game in and game out is unparalleled by most with the exception of maybe two others. I can tell you…I can’t stand him, but facts are facts. He can play ball, and he’s being quiet. I think this may be his year.

    • kenny says:

      You are an idiot!

  164. habeeb says:

    mvp will be between lebron and durant. but all day nba kia mvp is king lebron james.

  165. Kratos' rage says:

    6th man: James Harden

    COY: Greg Poppovich

    MVP: Kevin Durant

  166. carlos says:

    what is wrong with u is says spurs losers read carefully

  167. Chris Ramos says:

    Sekou Smith needs to check his work before he types, Greg Popovich is the head coach of the Spurs, not the suns….

  168. Chris Ramos says:

    Sekou smith needs to double check his work, Greg Popovich is the coach of the Spurs last time I checked, not the suns…

  169. Tim Duncan says:

    Sekou Smith, Greg Poppovich does not coach the Suns….he coaches the Spurs hahaha