Why Won’t LeBron Dunk?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You want LeBron James in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest?

You are not alone.

The children want to see him there, too:


  1. dan gilbert says:

    Guys, can’t you understand that he’ll only join if the rules allow Dwayne Wade to take over in the final round?

  2. King-Size says:

    His ego is that high that he won’t even risk it 🙂

  3. King_Gee says:

    LBJ said previously that he wont compete in this (dunk contest), because hes not a fancy dunker! Simple as that

  4. blair56 says:

    Lebron doesn’t want to be in the Slam Dunk Contest because he is scared he will lose. He’s got a HUGE ego that constantly needs to be fed. He needs a television show just to say where he is going to sign. I don’t know what he’s so worried about. Half the time when the NBA has highlights of him on their top ten they’re absolute garbage and there are many, many more plays every week deserving of the top ten but you see him there week after week after week. If D-Wade and ‘Bron do one alley-oop, any alley-oop, you can guarantee it will be a “top” play.

  5. Oliver Clark says:

    Queen James, like most other superstars won’t dunk now a days because there’s always a possibility of injury. How much money would he make in the slam dunk compared to how much he could possibly lose? People wanna see Lebron run as fast as he can and try to dunk from the free throw line. One of the People that commented above me guaranteed Bron Bron could do at least 4 different dunks from the free throw line. I don’t think it’s about him being scared to lose it, haha anyone remeber last years finals?

  6. Don says:

    I don’t remember anyone from the dunk contest getting injured while competing in it. Also, power dunkers do very well in the dunk contest. Actually most dunkers who’ve won were power dunkers. There’s really no excuse other than “looking bad” if he doesn’t win, which just shows his merit as a non-competitor. I wanna see him in it. Everyone does. I probably won’t cos he’ll be too busy doing nothing, maybe hanging out with Floyd Mayweather tweeting about other dudes who are actually doing stuff.

  7. LEBRONS GOAL says:


  8. nick says:

    i just think lebron is more of an in game dunker, sure he could be creative too, but i think he’d like to enjoy watching younger guys compete in the audience. plus he has the all star game anyway. i think rose and westbrook should do it though

  9. fans says:

    LOL cammera man thought Finley was Darvin Ham

  10. Ao1 says:

    LeBron should not be in the #1 spot for the MVP race. He is playing along with 2 superstars (Dwade & Bosh). When him and DWade didn’t play the Heat still won because of Bosh. Many times they’ve won the games because of Bosh. At times they’ve won because of DWade and ofcorz James. I am a Laker fan but I think Durrant is more deserving than James.

    James by the way didn’t join in the Slam Dunk Contest before because of the fear of losing, period. Many people say that Kobe’s dunk was not that spectacular. Oh well, at least he has the guts to join and compete. Fearless… even won. Anyway, I think Vince Carter is the best slam jammer ever!

  11. bobson says:

    How the **** do you know if Lebron is not a creative dunker? Have you ever seen him in a NBA dunk contest??

    Lebron is a one-legged leaper like James White, Julius Erving….

    So here is 4 dunks i can guarantee you Lebron can do:

    1. Windmill from the FT line
    2. Alleyoop from the FT line
    3. Tomhawk form the FT line
    4. Maybe even between the legs from the FT line

    Lebron can easily take off from the FT line…….. so those dunks will be easy with the freedom of a dunk contest where there is no 5 defenders trying to stop you……….

    Look what he did INGAME:

  12. FILIPINO FAN says:

    haters gonna hate LBJ coz he will get his 3rd MVP this yr at age of 27????lol..poor haters..

    • Filipino non-fan says:

      Congratulations for having the most number of regular season MVPs without winning it all.

      Poor fans.

  13. Heatlatinofan says:

    LBJ try to be best ever in everything and yet he failed again and again
    and he won’t be best ever contest dunker even if he win , that will be another fail attempt as well
    Vince Carter is best contest dunker ever. period.

  14. Steve says:

    LBJ will never enter a dunk contest because no one can HELP him win it. God knows if he’s ever gonna win anything it’ll be on D Wade’s coat tail. Hell even LBJ knows this, why do you think he left his home state to go to Miami and play with Wade? When they let Wade dunk for him then you will see him in a Dunk contest!!

  15. Sekou Smith says:

    lebron doesn’t deserved to be in the Slam Dunk Contest.. my Bad

  16. Alvin Clark says:

    Im am being real, Lebron is a good in-game dunker, if he enters the dunk contest with guys like Blake Griffin, he wouldn’t survive! Im Just Sayin LeBron…

  17. lbj says:

    People should leave LBJ alone. He is making his money whether he to college or not. This is about sport and the talent. He dont care whether he has degree or not. Go and ask your professors how much they make in year and ask LBJ how much he make in game.

  18. ShakenBake says:

    if its me the dunk contest should be a playoff perfomance with 8 individuals performing
    dunkers should be
    1) Lebron James
    2) Derrick Williams
    3) Blake Griffin
    4) Russel Westbrook
    5) Derrick Rose
    6) Andre Iguadala
    7) Kobe Bryant (for entertainments sake ahaha but seriously he can still dunk with the best of em’)
    8) Vince Carter (same with Bryant)

  19. Hakeem says:

    Lebron only can lose. If he wins the Slam Dunk Contest everyone will say : “He isn´t the real winner.” ( like last year but last year dema clearly dunked better than griffin). If he loses everyone says : “He isn´t creative enough and he can´t compete with MJ and KB.”

  20. NBAFan says:

    Nobody that wants to see Iggy try to get it? Everyone knows Nate Robinson robbed him. I think a little revenge would be in place!

  21. Bullsfan79 says:

    Lebron told a big fib the year Dwight dunked on a twelve foot rim beginning the mysterious “decision” he stood and declared himself to the following years Dunk contest! It never happened! No championships for fakers!

  22. djchesco says:

    I’m not going to presume i know why Lebron is deciding not to join the dunk contest, but if I were him I’d say it’s because dunking is something that comes easy to him.
    He joined the skills competition the first year he was in the NBA because that was more of a challenge for him. When he was a Mcdonalds all star he won the dunk competition pretty handily

  23. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    @DC3 and WOUFEI
    i know 2 players who carry one star team to title
    1 – rick barry took Warriors to title
    2 – hakeem first title (he was the lone star in that team)

  24. waitasecond says:

    people keep bringing up injuries in the dunk contest but has anyone ever gotten hurt participating ? face it lebron isnt about the fans, he’s about himself. winning the dunk contest doesnt really do much for your career and it is for the fans enjoyment purely. lebron is soft as the snuggle bear

  25. MG says:

    Hmm, you guys are so caught up in LeBron, what about asking why doesn’t Dwayne Wade enter either ? or Melo? these guys are great players too, i understand LeBron would be extremely entertaining but personaly i would love to see him up against Wade.

  26. kobe bryant says:

    i wish i had four hands ……… so i could give him four thumbs down

  27. Boy Pickup says:

    LBJ has no creativity and no flair to win a dunk contest.

  28. Kobe Bryant says:

    We all know the best player of all time is Brian Scalabrine

  29. LMAO908 says:

    I RESPECT BASKETBALL A lot and bron bron is a good player but at times he fade away doing 4th quarters ppl. anyway i see d wade being the best player on miami bc without wade healthy miami will still come up short and my bulls will make it happen lol

  30. ace yu says:

    LJ23 is not that creative enough to win it!

  31. Denzo says:

    All Im going to say is Michael Jordan. heck even Kobe Bryant. Complete players, won it all, including the dunk comp. If it aint to good for Michael, Kobe and their 11 rings, X MVPs and records.. im sure LeBron should make a real “decision” and show us if he can win this thing. Dont worry, he doesnt have to shake anyones hand if he loses.

  32. Bizzy Bone says:

    Don’t do it Lebron, eventhough you would win. That kid was wearing a Bulls jacket and he’s from Portland, he is setting you up. Probably would try and grease the court so you can have an accident or something.

  33. F7XOO says:

    There really is no point for Lebron to enter the dunk contest now… and I’m saying this even if I am NOT a fan. The dunk contest is for up and coming stars as a way to get recognized.Both Kobe and MJ did it when they were in their first few years. What’s weird is why Lebron didn’t enter during his first 7 years. From what I see, I would have to agree with others in saying that he thought it carried risk. Lebron really isn’t a creative dunker. He’s a great player, yes, with high jump and lots of muscle but not a creative dunker. If you want to know what creative is, try watching Vince Carter dunks in the contest. He probably thought that in the chance that he lost, his “legacy” which he often talks about might be derailed at the start since both MJ and Kobe won it and he wanted (then) to be the next big superstar. In the end, he probably decided to play it safe and take the easier route… like what he did going to Miami.

    That being said, it really is hard being creative this years. A lot of style dunks have been done so it’s more difficult bringing something new. There is a limit to what the human body can do. Unless they pull off an exorcist-like move, I doubt they can do something new.

  34. Botswana says:

    I’ve been saying this for decades, Lebron is not a creative Dunker, he has all the power in the world but thats all my friend. I’ll tell you though that provided Lebron enters any year he will definitely win bcuz of the huge bias he always receives. The truth is he could turn up an surprise us with some ‘sick’ dunks, just like Howard did when he enters,

  35. J-Kriz says:

    what is everybody’s problem with LeBron?!?.. I know the “The Decision” is a bad thing he did but but did you all know how many kids that “The Decision” by LeBron helped?!?.. did u all know that the money they earned from endorsement and all you haters that watch “The Decision” and all the earnings of that program had a big percentage that goes to charity to those children?!?.. i know it was a bad thing he did and the only people that have the rights to get mad at LeBron is clevelanders because it was very disrespectful on their part.. i think he should have first informed it to his team before leaving them.. but none of u haters have the right to get mad to the guy.. as for the slam dunk contest no doubt lebron can win this thing we all know how great of a dunker he is we all know he too can fly for some seconds and we know he can throw it down.. no doubt he can win i also want to see him join the dunk contest.. i admit im a big lebron fan since he was with the cavs i also didnt want to see him leave cleveland i want him to stay there and create his own legacy there but it’s his right to choose and he just chose a better team and a better position to win and i think thats not a bad decision at all.. the thing about him saying he cud be a cavs again is not bad either thats his feelings he just expresses what he feels and there is no doubt that cavs fans and management would want him back too.. but i think what really would impress all of us if lebron could join 3 point shootout and win lol… coz dunk contest is no question a contest he could win but him winning 3 point shootout would be more impressive.. HEAT all the way baby !!..

  36. Clive Walt says:

    In my opinion, Lebron doesn’t feel the need to participate in an All-Star dunk contest. He’s a power dunker…don’t know how creative he would be at it. The dunking contest has become a joke. Players who really do well don’t get the scores they deserve because it’s more a popularity contest these days. If the contestant is popular, they tend to get the better scores whether deserved or not. I’ve seen at least two past competitions that competitors got outright robbed.

    Most players, not all, participate to make a name for themselves and to become recognizable to the public for endorsement deals and whatever other perks that can be gained from competing. Making money is the name of the game. When Lebron came into the league, he was already making big money. Other than a competitive spirit, there really is no motivation for him to participate. Besides, who is going to get more attention or criticism win or lose?

    Lastly, he is encouraged to save himself for the bigger picture which is to win a championship. Don’t risk injury or wearing himself out and put his chances to win a championship at risk.

  37. JanFerrer says:

    No need to Join the Slam dunk to prove anything.you already proven a lot..you and D wade is the best player in the NBA today.some people are just teasing you to join so that if you fail(Lebron James).they have something to put you down…………………………………and that’s the bottom line……and to WIN the NBA championship for sure… HEAT must get a premier Center and that’s the end of it…………… ……

  38. juggernaut says:

    stop critisizing lbj..it’s his decision, if he will join the slam dunk contest then we will see, but if not then just respect his decision..

  39. Law064 says:

    Some are telling the truth about Lebron not being a creative dunker he’s a power dunker. But Dwight is a power dunker as well and he won. I think Lebron just is to arrogant to enter it and think he’s to good to compete in the Dunk contest. I don’t think he should enter now maybe like 5 years ago but now it’s so watered down it’s not worth it. For you idiots saying he don’t want to risk injury are morons. Who in NBA history was injured in a dunk contest. That’s like saying the 3 point contest has risk for injury LMAO

  40. LeBron James says:

    They don’t want me to join that effin contest. I would want to show ya all haters out there that I can win that competion with perfect 50

  41. Lichen says:

    I don’t understand why did they not choose LeBron and Blake Griffin for the Dunk Contest, both perform amazing dunks all season long, but instead we have Chase Budinger….WTF?

  42. MK says:

    he cant cuz he is coward

  43. Lebron Raymone James says:

    To all my fans there.. Don’t worry i will going to join the slam dunk contest next year.. My 1st dunk will be 360 behind the legs dunk over the table.. 2nd dunk will be 720 over a car.. and the 3rd dunk will be 360 windmill behind the legs with back clip and elbow dunk over a truck.. and the last dunk will be reverse windmill over the dinosaur… That’s my dunk next year so watch out!!!

  44. McChicken says:

    Williams and George can dunk, those other two are embarrasing. I mean, come on! Buddinger…??!! pfff, i’m not watching, that’s for sure…

    ps. Ibaka got robbed

  45. nea_nelu says:

    I don’t like Lebron very much, but i rather see him on broadway then on that cheap show they call now Slam Dunk Contest. . The last pure slam-dunk champion was Jason Richardson and he didn’t had a cape, green suit or a KIA on the court. Lebron on the contest would be another Griffin fiasco (Derozan dunks were way nicer in my opinion..but still no KIA) and he knows it. that’s why he will not participate.

  46. Justin says:

    Maybe he just doesnt want to get involved in something that doesnt directly benifit the only thing the guy cares about right now. Gettin his ring. Hes got everything to lose and not much to win.

  47. Raph says:

    This kid probably had a few drinks before posting this video…

  48. WOUFEI says:

    DC3 i know one player who borught his team to the finals.. AI3.. THE ANSWER.. ALLEN IVERSON.. not so tall as LEBRON but he managed to go to the FINALS.. am i right?.

  49. wawa says:

    and what so ever you say i am still a fan of King James ^_^
    King James is King James. ^_^

  50. mark Anthony says:

    I think the dunk contest has become boring, and, although im a bron fan, he cant beat blake griffindor

  51. hater says:

    lebronze fans are so retarded

  52. lollololol says:

    they aint no comparing mj an bryant……bryant won 3 of his by shaq….mj is way better then bryant…..kobe is good dt get me wrong but no :p an lebron is lebron he gots his own story……stop hating him its the nba deal with it!!!

    • Denzo says:

      First, LeBron is in idiot. Straight up. Great athlete, but so self centred. As for Kobe bla bla bla.. I hate Kobe, but hes the best in the NBA right now no questions. Put Wade, Kobe, Bosh together and Ill show you another three peat. cuase you will have a real black mamba, and finisher, and 4th quarter getter on the team. And they would win with ease and play properly. Put LeBron on the Lakers, and what do you get…? Heaps of guys who couldnt play together.

      MJ is king, no one can touch him, but cmon man, MJ had Pippen and Grant (then Rodman). Pippen coud easily be considered the 2nd best player in the league at that time. what MJ could not do Pippen did and vice versa.

      Sorta like Shaq and Kobe. To say Kobe had Shaq and not acknowledge Pippen would be a crime.

  53. OSCAR says:

    The day the King will compete for a dunk contest it will be just like him “AMAZING” LOL, just seat and wait!!

  54. Sahil says:

    #real talk! 😀

  55. DC3 says:

    man…for all you LeBron haters out there you don’t know nothing. Comparing Michael to Kobe??? Kobe got nothing on Michael Jordan. Sure Kobe is a future hall of famer but so as LeBron. Lebron has broken more milestones that Kobe can ever do. Also it doesn’t got dam matter if LeBron don’t win/join slam dunk contest. He doesn’t need it. He is two time (maybe three cause of this year) NBA MVP whereas Kobe is only a one time NBA MVP. Sure Kobe has won 2 NBA Finals MVP but when did he get that? around his 30s? where LeBron is still young. He can win 10 championships if all we know.

    BTW you naive people out there who hate LeBron James. He moved to Miami for a good reason. Not cause he wants to win championships. It’s cause he has been playing his heart out but nobody in cleveland tried to help. Also NAME ME ONE NBA PLAYER WHO SINGLE HANDEDLY BROUGHT HIS TEAM TO THE FINALS AND WON IT? NAME ONE?

  56. LeBron's fav fan says:

    Why do people say lebron is not like kobe or mj? why dont people say why isnt mj like etc thats cuz he has a legacy hes finished. Lebron is still playin so shutup untill he retires then you can talk

  57. mj0824 says:

    because he can’t win ….he is not creative he is a power dunker not a real dunker as LArry Bird said
    “he play for fun not for be a champ”
    his worst nightmare is go to the dunk contest and loose with guys that anyone neva heard in the NBA

  58. JLin17 says:

    LeBron James is already the best basketball player in the NBA, so he doesn’t need to prove himself in the dunk contest. I mean, Blake Griffin did it and disappointed.

  59. bobmarley says:

    Maybe dunk over an elephant! Haha

  60. Very bold kid! I Like him ! LOL!

  61. Chance says:

    The dunk contest isn’t even all that any more. It’s not about dunks but props now. LeBron isn’t Mj or Kobe, He’s LeBron and that’s who he wants to be,

  62. joseph says:

    really? kid is like 10. obvious his parents put him up to this.,wow.

  63. Bob says:

    Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and Rudy Gay should dunk next year, I think that’d be one awesome dunk contest.

  64. Put Superstars says:

    I want there to be two dunk contest, one contest being for the big men and one contest being for the guards

    Wade vs Westbrook vs Rose vs Nate Robinson

    LeBron vs Griffen vs Rudy Gay vs Dwight

  65. Lebrons REAL friend says:

    Lebron is lebron, the highest of all mighty. This provides greatness to eveything that he stands for. Courage, pride, honesty, and integrity. No it wasnt a good decision to broadcast the decision, but at least he has the mentality to take it all the way. This is leadership. this . is . GREATNESS

  66. HonestGuy says:

    Thankfully, between all the comments from unreasonable people, I’ve read decent and logical comments from others. Who cares about the Slam Dunk contest? Nate Robinson won it 3 times, and he’s a bench player for the Golden State Warriors… As “TheKing6” mentions above me, “it’s for FUN”, so if James doesn’t feel like preparing (remember, these guys actually practice their dunks many times), especially in a shortened season where injuries are much more likely, why should he?

  67. GETFRESH says:

    Dude… Doubt creativity or being scared of losing have anything to do with it.
    You should all just stop hating on him, WHY does he have to compete in it to compare to Kobe or MJ??
    Doing something just because somebody else did it is pathetic, let him do his own thing. Up until now, he’s having the BEST season in NBA HISTORY and thats a fact, check the stat’s…

  68. Zee K says:

    Lebron jumped over that guy lucas something from chicago with 1 hand, seriously for you guys to say he’s not a contest dunker is ridiculous.

  69. Lebron James says:

    what do you want me to do,……. dunk over a giraffe!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Sean says:

    Nobody cares if Lebron wins a Slam Dunk contest. So there’s no point in doing it. People only care if he wins a ring at this point. Once he’s got a couple maybe it will be worth going to a dunk contest.

  71. TheKing6 says:

    Scared of losing? Are you people serious? Let me set this straight for you: The Dunk Contest is part of All-Star Weekend. What does that mean? It’s for FUN! It doesn’t give anyone anything except bragging rights. It’s just to have a good time and show the fans something exciting and cool. Just because he doesn’t enter doesn’t mean he’s afraid of losing a contest that’s for FUN. Perhaps he just wants to retain focus and the contest would be a little too much along with the All-Star game. The King will be tested most highly in June. That’s when you should care about what he does.

    • Kratos' Rage says:

      Yeah right whatever! He just can’t win it like winning a championship ring hahaha. The reason why he came to miami is bcoz he want to stole D-Wade’s stardom but he can’t. He choke in last years championship game and D-Wade was the man and where is he….choking hahahaha!

  72. saif says:


  73. Samuel says:

    you’re right man man !

  74. Blazed says:

    this kid is telling the truth and he’s hysterical

  75. Claw says:

    The reason he doesn’t do it is because the dunk contest is for the young bucks. they give each player who participates a 50,000 bonus. For the vets 50,000 is nice tip but for the struggling rookies that is quite a payday. It would be insulting to take that away from the other players. You have to give the more broke players an opportunity to get some money. Thats why you see mostly rookies and journeyman players in the contest nowadays.

  76. ur mom 69 says:

    mof jones

  77. Christian says:

    All of you who say he is not creative sound ignorant. Lebron isn’t even my favorite player but even i know he won’t join the slam dunk contest because it would be too easy for him. The last five dunk contest have been horrible and not creative at all. Even if he were to join the dunk contest this year who would be his competition … Shumpert? Budinger? … the dunk contest has been corny ever since Jason Richardson won , its like winning a high school basketball game now a days.

  78. Emmitt says:

    LeBron as gifted and as talented as he is I think he does not have the confidence to be a great player. Thinking that he can beat anybnody doing anything related to basketball. JORDAN three point contestant remember that.

  79. DRE HEAT says:


  80. World Peace Beta says:

    The Dunk Contest ain’t what it used to be. Four competitors? That’s weak.. This year’s is going to be the worst one since Bob Sura competed in it. Lebron doesn’t want to be mixed in with these sub-par ballplayers. Plus if he were in it, all the hype would overshadow the actual dunks, and no dunk would live up to the hype.

  81. truth says:

    maybe lebron doesn’t want to be like kobe and mj, maybe lebron wants to be lebron, he is good enough

  82. Kratos' Rage says:

    He just want another media frenzy for him…another ” the decision” in the making….calling the media guys, lebron needs some attention HAHAHAHA so funny… D-wade still the main man in MIAMI no doubt

  83. desertfox says:

    Why do people leave such asinine comments on this page? has anyone considered that Lebron will be 28 this year? Why would he risk getting injured in the dunk contest. Entering the dunk contest at 25 is considered ‘old’. the dunk contest mainly consists of individuals who are either rookies or in their 2nd or 3rd yr in the league. lebron’s time for this has gone. he won’t enter because there is too much at stake if he gets injured. i doubt him losing has anything to do with it. SMH!!

    • sheng says:

      Exactly. People are such haters. PERIOD!!!!

    • Brad T says:

      LOL injured?! When was the last time anyone got injured in the dunk contest?!

      • LBJ6 says:

        Come on Brad T…you this was a stupid comment. I think that desertfox ist talking about the possibilty of gettin’ injured in the contest.
        start thinking then writing 😉

      • Rocket33 says:

        He’s more likely to get injured playing in the All-Star Game than he would in the Dunk Contest. Unless he was trying to jump over a Hummer or something. But I agree with everyone who said he should have entered in his first few years in the league. To me that contest is more for younger players to get a chance to get some attention. Nobody wants to see Kobe, Vince and J-Rich in the dunk contest now. We wanted that “who is the best dunker” showdown 10 years ago.

  84. AAG_SR says:

    I Honestly think he is scared of the possibility of loosing. Kobe and Jordon have both the slam dunk contest if he wanted to be compared to those two he should enter the contest infact he should have done it a long time ago like blake and dwight did even kobe did it when he was young. On the other hand its true what the poster said above, if he goes in the dunk contest and doesnt win the championship, his dedication to winning the championship will be questioned. Which I believe is really stupid because thats the whole point of “the decision” to go to a team with a better chance of winning the championship! with that said ………..GO MAVS! lol had to big up my team

    • JohnNumber3 says:

      He was in the Contest before but not sure if he won.

    • sheng says:

      First of all, why would anyone want to be compared to another player… Why not be the best and let others be compared to you. If I was a great athlete, I would rather be myself and let others be prepared to me. Just saying.

  85. Dennis says:

    hahahahahahahahahah “except Ohio” :DDDDD.

    This kids amazing, gotta subscribe :DDD

  86. Kratos' Rage says:

    He’s just teasing the fans. i bet he can’t go because he’s afraid……that’s it he’s afraid because he knows he can’t win….anwy he’s a far shy of what michael jordan and kobe bryant had done, both slam dunk champs and he can’t be like them…full of @#$%

    • Sameer says:

      Even you know this was a lame comment.

    • Sameer says:

      At this point where he is being criticed like crazy, it just wouldn’t make sense. Also James trying to be the best ever is not helping as his fear of failing is more than his will to win.

    • Haydz says:

      When did Kobe win a dunk contest? Or even enter one?

      For the record, I reckon LeBron IS creative enough to win a dunk contest and I think he would destroy this years crop – Chase Budinger? Seriously? Who comes up with this stuff? The All-Star Weekend has become a joke!

      • pan says:

        lol kobe did win dunk comtest one time some where around 98 – 99 i cant remember exactly

        stop posting noob comment it’s shame for yourself

      • szaface says:

        kobe won the dunk contest with a sick dunk. off the bounce between the legs, your on nba.com..its inthe archives..muppet. know your damn history

      • Ambition says:

        96-97 i think kobe won and im not even a kobe fan and i know that soundin like a real CURLING fan not knowin that he even participated LOL

      • Johnny Brasco says:

        Kobe won it in 1997 in Cleavland against some guys like Michael Finley, Darvin Ham, Bob Sura and Ray Allen.

        The AS weekend has been getting worse and worse every year and the dunk contest has just been a clown show recent years. Lebron would Kill this years contenders but its sad that these are the guys who are going.

        The last “insainly hyped” Dunk Champ who did it with his ability I would say was Vince Carter (No Props needed)
        D12 brought in the fun props and stuff but it just got rediculous after that.

        1997 Dunk Contest

  87. Sharquay says:

    Because he can´t contest dunk to a high standard. Yes he is a great dunker but he´s not a contest dunker

  88. elias avar says:

    hi my name is elias avar i am 14 years old, i am 6.6fij tol my dream is 2 play 4 the nba

  89. aaron says:

    well i think he’s a power dunker, not really a creative dunker….but its probably because he doesnt want to get injured

    • andymcgee123 says:

      is ‘injured’ foreign for ‘lose’ ?

      he isn’t creative…at all. he doesn’t want to lose.

    • K says:

      Aaron you hit the nail on the head with the first part of your comment. LeBron is not a creative dunker and he knows that; that’s why he has never participated in the slam dunk contest. Blake Griffin in my opinion falls in that same caterogy. He (Griffin) is probably one of the best in game dunkers in the game today; however, when it comes to being a creative dunker for a contest, he falls behind a lot of players in the league. Vince Carter was the best creative dunker to ever participate in the dunk contest……… In front of my man MJ; Dominque; DHoward; the great Dr. J and any other names you may want to throw in there. For all of you who were never able to witness Vince Carter destroying all comers in the slam dunk contest; go back and look at some footage!

  90. Sameer says:

    He should get the championship this year. Get the dunk contest next year! I know if he wins the Dunk contest this year, he will certainly get heat for it if he loses the finals. Thats just how public and media critic Lebron!
    That being said, this year should be a cakewalk for him to win 😉

    • sbfern805 says:

      Cakewalk….LOL. Wade is crucial for this so called “cakewalk” Wade needs to be healthy and hope a good team doesnt get Dwight to make them that much better!! Lebron needs to put tape on his mouth and never EVER talk cuz he put himself in that position. From ” the decision” to “not one,not two, not three…” to the most recent one “yeah i see myself a cav player again” like saying he plans to leave his new MIami team… WTF!! no wonder he didnt go to college…IQ needs to improve for this guy.

  91. James says:


    • Brad T says:

      WTF, that’s MAYBE an excuse now, but what about the first 7 years?

    • ProfX says:

      Nope. this is not the reason. Thanks for trying though. He wasn’t “too pro” to make a spectacle of his decision and dump his former team (and home state) on live television, now was he? Also, would that make Julius Erving, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Nate Robinson, and Dwight Howard any less professional for having participated in the Slam Dunk Contest? Your theory ‘hardly has toes to stand on, much less legs.

      Also, the proper way to say and/or write your comment is “He will not dunk because he is too pro”. “He too pro” is both poor speech and writing. Try to work on that, buddy.

      • asdf says:

        who are you go back to studying you nerd

      • oncestud says:

        huh! and who r u? only agree with u if u r einstein..will u please review relativity dude, maybe u r sleeping when you’re teacher discussed ’bout it…lol

      • U R DUMB says:

        I’d Rather be a nerd than a complete idiot or even average. Sounds like some people in this conversation aren’t on the same level of intelligence. Insult someone for being more clever than you?- Only shows how limited and feeble your brain has become. Ignorance should be eradicated because it causes all problems. Sorry about your luck. Better get your mind right before 2012!!!!!!

  92. tupark82 says:

    lol nice. lil man keepin it real