D-Will Dials Down The Linsanity

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY BUREAU — About a week ago, ESPN.com put a poll up on its SportsNation site, asking readers to vote for the best point guard in the NBA.

The choices: Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose and … Jeremy Lin.

Somebody call Big Bird, because one of these things is not like the others.

Now, Lin has been a revelation for the New York Knicks over the last two and a half weeks … but putting him in a “best point guard” poll after a handful of games as a starter is just ludicrous, especially when you don’t include that guy wearing No. 8 across the river.

Yes, Deron Williams had last night’s game at Madison Square Garden circled on his calendar. Lin began his amazing run against Williams’ Nets just 16 days earlier and D-Will has been hearing and reading about Linsanity ever since. Hype like that will obviously get under the skin of a prideful All-Star.

Midway through the third quarter, as Williams was raining a career-high eight threes on the Knicks, I tweeted how his performance reminded me of Jason Kidd tearing up Stephon Marbury and the Knicks at the Garden in Kidd’s days with the Nets. With Kidd in uniform, New Jersey went 14-2 (including 2-0 in the playoffs) at MSG.

I wasn’t the only one who was thinking about Kidd last night, as Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! writes

Some Nets officials were reminded of a trip across the Hudson River seven years ago with Jason Kidd. Back then, Stephon Marbury had sniffed over suggestions that Kidd was a superior player, and Marbury declared himself the best point guard in the NBA on the eve of a Nets-Knicks game. “You couldn’t even talk to Jason that day,” one official said. “Seven hours before the game, and J-Kidd was in a full rage. You knew what was coming that night.”

Last night, the Knicks knew what was coming. Steve Popper of The Record has the postgame quotes

“It started on me,” Williams said. “We definitely had this one circled — the whole team did. I know I did. I had this on my mind. It started on me.

“I don’t watch SportsCenter, but I do see Twitter and every third tweet was about how Jeremy Lin destroys Deron Williams. I took offense to that. … I’m a competitor. So when somebody says they destroyed you, and you watch the tape and you don’t feel like you got destroyed, you circle those types of games.”

The Knicks saw it coming, too.

“No doubt,” Amar’e Stoudemire said.

“Of course,” Carmelo Anthony said. “We’re competitors. I know I would. I saw it in him at the captains’ meeting at halfcourt. You could just look at him and tell he was ready, ready for this game tonight.”

The Nets are 6 1/2 games behind the Knicks in the standings, but Williams made a statement about where he and Lin stand in the point guard hierarchy on Monday. And with Kris Humphries getting into it with Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler and the Knicks’ fans, it’s clear that the standings don’t matter much when these two teams get together.

Now, imagine Dwight Howard joining Williams with the Nets next month or in July. The intensity felt every time the Nets and Knicks get together at the Garden and at Barclays Center in Brooklyn just might exceed this month’s Linsanity.


  1. Saul says:

    Jeremy Lin is good nonetheless

  2. Saul says:

    As far as Dwills reaction goes, hes a competitor. Of course he was gonna respond to comments of “Lin tearing him up”

  3. NBAfan says:

    What does Linsanity mean nowadays? Does Linsanity means the entire Knicks season? Does it only stand for Jeremy Lin? What is it. I think haters like to switch between the two depending on the situation.

    Did D-Will dial down Linasnity? hmmm lemme see…

    people still love Lin…check
    Knicks beat the Hawks the game after and improve to 4-0 against clubs with winning records since Linsanity…check
    the Nets lost to Orlando the game after..check
    the Knicks are at 500…check
    the Nets are 15 games below 500..check

    What was the question again? Oh…did he dial down Linsanity? I think the clear answer is no regardless of which definition you use of Linsanity….

  4. Vil says:

    Lin is Turnover King and has no defense, he always almost goes to the right and i think he will be scouted soon enough and i think anyone who is given 40+min a game would have the confidence and will be capable of doing what he is doing right now.

  5. Cedric says:

    I Love what Lin has been doing for the Knicks… He Has talent!!! no doubt about that anymore… But don’t compare him to Paul, Rose, Westbrook, Deron, Parker, Nash etc… He is not in the same category… Yet… maybe one day… Since when does 10 Games make someone an elite anything…. (that’s like saying Ersan ilyasova is in the same category as Griffin, love, Aldridge etc because he had 2 good games. +20pts +20rbs n then +15pts n +15rebs…. lets be objective okay.)

    Everyone praising Lin and bashing Deron in the comments down here sound plain ridiculous to me…

  6. Dirk4three says:

    I’m a big D-Will fan, for me him and D-Rose are the best PG’s in the league right now but for some reason he was always underrated by the league, by the bloggers.

    Ever since he came to the league everyone would talk bout CP3 and he would always leave in the shadow…
    Now that CP3 is history, D-Will has to leave under the shadow of…Jeremy Lin?????

    Just the comparison is a humiliation to such a great player and one of the best PG’s in the league…this Lin everyone talks about will soon or later end, he’s rolling on confidence cuz the media is putting him right up there on a throne but wait till the bad games come… when he starts loosing it, when his minutes start to evaporate…

    D-Will have always been one of the top PG’s in good and hard situations, he always played his best, not like CP3 who suddenly disappeared due to injury and neva came back again … D-Will was always there at the top!

  7. DWJr says:

    Man, let me tell you something, I am a huge D. Wil fan, but he did not tear or destory J. Lin, it was a good game, but most of DW’s points were on sombody other than Lin and if you look at there stats you might question who was the most productive player that night. DW’s numbers were 38pts, 4rebs, 6ast, 1stl, Lin’snumbers were 21pts, 7rebs, 9ast, 4stl, both had 3TO and 6PF. Dont get me wrong DWil and Lin are boh good players, but sometime you have to look at the over all picture, who benefits the team the most, the Nets only won by 8pts, but if the score was the other way around we would be talking about JLin going allstar again, the W is all that matters. But hey if you dont think its how productive the players are just wrap you head on this without JLin NYK were 8-15 with Lin they are now 16-17 and remember the Knicks were missing 2of the best players in the NBA for most of the JLins run, the NJN on the other hand are 10-24 and thats while missing one piece of the there team. So you be the judge.

    • JLin or Dwill? Let's see.... says:

      Exactly right. And, just to tell you, have you DWill supporters seen Jeremy at all behind the TV cameras? I don”t think so. It’s not his fault for all this Linsanity buzz and people overrating him. He’s a true great player, and next time when you Nets fans try to compare two people, don’t just compare their points and individual scores, but how they fit into the team in general. JLin’s even sharing the spotlight with his teammates and giving his undivided effort with making plays and helping the team. But when you look at DWill, it’s different. Do you see him sharing the ball as much as Lin? Not really. You see him taking shots and really being self-centered. I mean, I do respect him, he’s a good player, and in my perspective, a great shooter, but why should he get mad at JLin over Twitter? Lin’s been in the NBA for only a couple weeks, for God’s sake!!! I think DWill should get over it and focus on winning games and helping his team as much as he can, don’t you think?

  8. Marvin says:

    I’m here once again and I see you comments about Deron Williams and Lin. First of all Jeremy Lin is a great young player but he is too much overrated and over hyped. He just started to play for a week or a month maybe but that’s not how you measure a true great player. First of all I’m not a D-Will fan or Lin fan but if you’re going to watch D-Will’s play all over in his career, you will notice that he carries his whole team into the playoffs and he proves something by knocking down big opponents by only himself like what he did now to the knicks. The Knicks have all star players and have a good bench players but still now I’m wondering how did they lose to the Nets. Lin can only be called a true great player when he maintains that good game until he reached 4 to 6 years in the Nba.
    If Lin is in the nets right now, do you think he can carry his team in his own back? Lin is just lucky cause he have some superstar players in the team but he can’t do these things right now if he is the only superstar team right?
    D-Will is so much better cause he can beat the big teams in the Nba like Knicks by only himself. than Lin so there’s no question who is better.

  9. WilliamC says:

    I don’t deny D-Will is a great PG, one of the best in the league, sure 8 3-pointer is pretty impressive, but when is last time he made 8 threes? Never. So I wouldn’t call D-Will destroyed JLin whatsoever, any back-court player could get hot and make consecutive easy jump shots. Let’s wait and see next time when these two match up

  10. douglas says:

    Dwill was amazing in the game .. totally agree he is better then lin at the moment , every player has his night… its just dwill night… But i don’t think he thrash lin though… he almost had a triple doubleand had only 3 turnover compared to his usual 8 .. he even had 4 steals… i just don’t get people saying he was destroyed… in what way ws he destroyed…overall i tink lin is working on his turnover which is a good sign for NYK fans…. hands off to dwill for an amazing performance

  11. TRS-80 says:

    Knowing Lin he’s probably like, “Thanks for the lessons Deron I needed it”. He’s a good kid, NEVER talks smack, yet Deron got all upset because of twitter…Yeah if I got upset everytime someone said something bad about me on the interwebs I’d kill myself, Deron needs to grow up. Yeah Deron is so great that Nets are what #12 EC? Lin makes the team better, Deron makes himself look better…Its obvious Lin wasn’t preparing himself against Deron, he’s more interested in making plays for Amare/Melo/Chandler…Whereas Williams wanted payback, is the result really a surprise? Against an all star, really? I don’t get why people say Lin hogs the ball, do you guys even watch the games? Melo didn’t shoot much? He could have just as much as Lin if he didn’t have 6 TOs. Barkley’s right, once they gel they’ll take 5th place away from Atlanta/Indiana easily. I personally am looking forward to Thursday vs Heat, win or lose they’ll have a lot of take-aways into all star break, that’ll make them even stronger.

  12. CLi says:

    Does anyone know why Dwill was traded to NJ from Utah?

  13. CLi says:

    Dwill’s salary this year is around 1600? Lin’s is around 80? 1600/80=20! This means Dwill is 20X better than Lin?!

  14. dq22 says:

    I don’t blame D-Will for taking offense to some reporter sticking a microphone in his face asking him about Lin. This was D-Will time. Just because Lin is the golden goose for them, doesn’t mean he is the golden goose for other players. He was flying under the radar but everyone knows who he is now. Landry Fields had a great game and when the reporter interviewed him they asked him nothing about his game but kept asking him about Lin. These people are playing great ball too. Lin is hogging the ball just as bad as Carmelo and he is a point guard. No other player wants their interview to be about Lin. The media tried to say Lin destroy Kobe as well but that is not true. Lin didn’t guard Kobe and God help NY when they face the Lakers again. I will measure him by the elite guards, such as CP3, Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook or for that matter D-Will. Lin is being used as a cash cow right now, so they want to say that Lin destroyed Kobe and D-Will but he didn’t and he is not physical enough to do so. No one should dim their light so someone else’s can shine, so when they stick that micro in other player face talking about Lin they should tell them where to get off at. Basketball is their lively hood and they get paid off of their skills. The media has put a bulls eye right in the middle of Lins fore head. Standby…

  15. Albert says:

    Reminds who of Marbury and Kidd?? And who’s Marbury and who’s Kidd?

    In this story, I see D-Will acting more like Marbury with his ego, taking tweets from fans as if Lin tweeted himself. Lin didn’t play half as bad either with his well rounded performance.

  16. SickSwiff says:

    Carmelo Is the worst ALLSTAR I have ever see. Let me take that back! Melo is NO! allstar and is NO SUPERSTAR. A superstar knows how to play with others. Knicks will not go far with Melo on board. Line is a all around BETTER player then melo. Trade melo for some shooters and defenders and watch this knicks team shoot to the top. D-Will proved nothing! jut proved he was hot yesterday.

  17. YaelShiloh says:

    so much personality and individuality in NBA these days and this is why NBA was goin’ down until the great Jeremy Lin came and showed us that you can be a great player and a team player. If D-Wil can hype up his team and the whole city to win games, then he deserves the accolade same like J Lin is enjoying right now.

  18. eufeuhc says:

    hahaha, D-Will is full of himself. He let the fans mess with his head. To think he is a 6 yrs veteran in the league and he’s acting like this? Why didn’t u do this when u first played Lin? Lin did not care one bit.

  19. wtf says:

    com’on man…D will is better…if d will was in knicks…they would a be really dangerous team than LIN in that line up.

  20. Joe says:

    A quote from Mr. Goolsbee, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, was chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers from 2010 to 2011:

    “As a Chicago Bulls fan, I find the resurgent Knicks irritating. Still, I will root for more Linsanity because with every game watched in Asia, jersey sold in Europe or visit to an NBA game by a foreign tourist, this young man is doing more than just helping his team. He’s demonstrating a way for our economy to grow.”

    When can D-Will ever be close to this status? Not a billion year. That is the real POINT in this whole Linsanity for most people who are the reasons the NBA players got paid with loads of money.

    D-Will need to go back to his school to finish his degree first before he can compare himself to Lin.

    • tommy says:

      Wait what? D-Will needs to go back to school to finish his degree so he can compare himself to Lin? Kobe never went to college, does that mean Lin is a better player than he is? You’re an idiot. And what does it matter what “Mr. Goolsbe” says, what does he know about NBA basketball, completely irrelevant.

  21. chaz alveraz says:

    sum rubbish player like u dial down linsanity? get a grip on reality kid. zzzzzz yall dwill fans get ur facts straight before u support sum1 this bad LOOOOL

  22. DVELASCO says:


  23. jan_279 says:

    Yeah right, D-Will taught Lin a lesson after letting Lin come close to getting a triple-double! xD

  24. Im not even sure Lin is the best on Knicks! says:

    Lin is in a diverse rotation at PG. Bibby and Davis where really good in their Prime.

    D.will, CP3, Rhondo, Rose, Billups, Tony Parker, Steve Nash and Russell Weestbrook are the 7 best currently playing PG’s in the NBA. Lin has to be consistent for a season to be considered an elite point guard (same goes for Rubio, Irving and that guy in memphis)

  25. Not Lin's fault says:

    This was the only game Lin did not have more than 5 turnovers yet they lose. You know why? Cus Melo had 6 turnovers this game.

  26. boy_pickup says:

    Underrated Pointguard. He’s better than rondo. this man deserve to be called one of the best PG. bring him talent you’ll see. Hope D.will sign with the PACERS. 😀

  27. Knicks fans LOL says:

    All you ignorant knicks fans won’t shutup about lin. It’s obvious he has a long way to go before he’s on dwill’s level. D-will is a top 3 pg in the nba and merely proved it to everyone. Only 10 wins? DUH. The knicks have huge salaries and started as contenders. Nets are playing with the most injuries and with a team full of 1 year contract guys to use for Howard. Can some of you please use your brains before you type!? Wow.

    • The game says:

      You are the idiot one. Lin started this run without carmelo and with stoudamire out on family funeral… This kid came of the bench with no training camp and very little practice… Can you honestly say you seen this before in the NBA?

  28. Mike H says:

    Lol… I don’t understand what this whole thing concerning his pride is about anyways. Dwill doesn’t need to prove anything to a guy like Jeremy, as awesome and legit Lin is to be sure. Too bad one game like that for Dwill this season against one team won’t do anything to where he and the Nets sadly stand right now…:( I love Dwill, definitely needs a new supporting cast

  29. Big Bird says:

    Hey man why u bringing me into this?

  30. getoffmylawn says:

    Nash is still the best PG in the league… and he’s 38.

  31. PhxAZ says:

    Lin is a new guy on the block. lol give him a break! he is still learning people. there’s so much to this game if you are really study the game and understanding it at a higher level. great game all respect to D Will also.

  32. td says:

    D-Will has always been overrated. He is a good point guard, not a great one. Great point gurads make everyone around them better and they get rings. Case in Point-Tony Parker. Everyone considers him a shooting gurard but he has 3 rings and he makes everyone around him play better. D-Will will never win a ring, even if Howard shows up. He is too self centered and his decision making is suspect. It is too early to tell with Lin, but my guess is that he has a better chance of making it to the Hall of Fame than D-Will. He is much more intelligent and team oriented. Barring injuries, he will win a ring.

    • Bsimon says:

      No the Spurs system makes them good…everyone on thier team are role players who buy into the system…also greg popovich is a fantastic coach who knows how to get the best out of what he has.

  33. heatlatinofan says:

    ohh boo hoo cry me a river

    LIN play like kobe very competitive and gave his all
    D-Will play like Vince Carter

    Vince was physically better than Kobe with equal set of skills to kobe when he enter the league
    but he doesn’t have mental toughness like kobe. he didn’t gave his all every night

    for a night D-Will come out all furious and get a W because he is jealous, what’s next after that??
    Lin will gave his all every night, win or lose.

    if you ask me i will rather have Lin in Heat than D-Will
    oh by the way NJ Fans keep dreaming cuz DH12 is coming to miami
    and next year you won’t even have a team in NJ

  34. Ray Liufau says:

    When will people just let Lin play out his first season and stop over rating him!!! I love the story, I really do but just let the kid play out this season. Agree with that other guy that the media are stirring this up. Williams is 3rd best pg in the league in my book. He’s playing on the Nets, not with three future Hall of Famers (Cs), not with two All Stars (Knicks), not with a freak of nature (Clips) and not with a solid top 5 defensive team (Bulls). Not taking away from Rose or Paul, they freaks on their own but I reckon Deron is just behind those two. My opinion, don’t hate me for it. 🙂

  35. mark says:

    stat and melo should be ashame, u guys see it come and did nothing about it, how can u guys be competitors. thats not new york basketball

  36. Vinsanity says:

    Even with D-howard the nets will be garbage, All they’ll gain is another hotheaded big man that can’t shoot the perimeter.

  37. Vinsanity says:

    D-will is Still trash, he should change his position to SG because he hogs the dammn ball. He has no defense, no heart, gives up when the going gets tough and only gets hot because he got schooled by a 4th string point guard now leading the team. Grow up D-will because in a year I’m trying out for the D-league, making the nba and showing you who’s boss.

  38. Dwayne says:

    Let’s go Nets!

    Jersey strong. Brooklyn ready.

    Jeremy Lin is not even a top 10 PG right now much less a top 4! If the Knicks had a choice RIGHT NOW to keep Lin or replace him with Chris Paul, Rose, Rondo, D.Will, Tony Parker, Brandon Jennings, Rubio, John Wall, Steve Nash, Kyle Lowry, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, or Russell Westbrook Lin would be out of here in a heart beat. He’s good, but a lot of players would be doing what he’s doing put in the position he’s been put in by D’Antoni.

  39. Fefe says:




    D-WILL is BETTER THAN JEREMY LIN!!!! All of you base your judgment on 9 games!!! 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With Utah, D-WILL brought the team to the playoffs very often, with a team counting Boozer and Kirilenko and Okur, And it’s the WEST! KY has Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, Chandler!!! And D-Will’s Jazz had often Kirilenko & Okur injured.

    Jeremy Lin is no fluke, but I’m sure that himself knows that he needs to work even harder to progress. So you should say the TRUTH: Lin has talent and was the key for the 7 game winning streak, but he cannot be compared to D-Will, CP3, PARKER, WESTBROOK, NASH, KIDD OR OTHERS. If you like Jeremy Lin and really support him, you should tell the truth. That’s what real fans do.

  40. Roy says:

    Hahaha I love the fire D-Will brought to this game!!! This is what the NBA’s about for sure. Oh and to clear this up the Top 5 Points Guards in the NBA (in no order) are: Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Deron Williams, and Steve Nash. Just to make everyone a bit more clear on the top players for that position

  41. lol says:

    Deron Williams, get over yourself. Retaliating over one game isn’t enough to get you into the playoffs. Let’s be real here….

  42. Jumpshot = fail says:

    IM Laughing because no one ever said Lin was better then D-Will… like no one. People say Kobe beat Lebron, or other player beating other players. But anyone who says that is arrogant, cause basketball is a team game, YES you have scorers, but you also have play-makers, defenders, selfless guys who WIN the GAME.

    Also if D-Will is so great, there is no reason the Nets would be… so bad. Their team has some good talent, it has a lot of size, it has shooters. The team itself just fails to play together unless they have a “cause” which apparently is not winning.

    • jay says:

      first of all, the nets had their starting center (second best player) and starting small forward injured since the start, and now the back up center is injured too, now, their 2 guards just got back from injuries. if at least the center was center was back a couple of weeks ago, they would have a better record.

    • D-Will says:

      do u have any idea wat ur talking abt? the nets for the whole season lost their 2 starters, their main all star potential center, and a very good defender. every sf position they get, that player gets injured so u see stevenson playing tat position. we have no true center, no true sf. The nets do have good talent with morrow, d-will, brooks, brook, hump, but out of all tat talent, we have shelden william who is the only player tat has played every game. this injuries affect the team’s chemistry. with all the injuries, we had to go to the D-league to get fill in the spots. The knicks never had the same injuries as the nets, sure amare n melo got injured here n there but knicks still have depth in most positions..

    • tommy says:

      stop hating, D Will is one of the top 3 point guards… and no their team aint that good, who’s their second option? Brook Lopez, the guy who’s not even playing? You need more than size and shooters wtf… you need people who can create plays, and who can do that other than D will on their team. Lol, you’ll be one of those kids jumping on the nets bandwagon when dwight chooses to play there.

      IM laughing at your inability to recognize great players.

  43. Belizeboy says:

    Deron Williams is the only one looking over hyped to me. His team only has 10 wins and he’s supposed to be a superstar point. Lin racked up 7 wins with no Melo and Stat (for most of the time). He was lucky enough to hit 8 3’s last night and that really is what won the game for them. ANYHOW he will be irrelevant in two months and Lin will be in his first playoff game.

    • jay says:

      Did you even now that the nets had their second best player and starting center injured from the start, then their replacement center has also been injured, and their starting small forward also has been injured from the start , and add a couple of guards just coming injuries (out weeks too).

      • Belizeboy says:

        A great point guard should make his team better reguardless of injuries. That’s what I’ve been observing with Lin through 7 wins. Williams hasn’t done anything for NJ. Look at how much better Utah is playing without him. Sorry but he’s overhyped. Lin may not be better than him, but he sure is playing like it.

      • Ray Ray says:

        Great point guards make their teams better but it also revoles around the team as a whole. If the coaching system isn’t right or player just don’t mesh thing can get very bad. I give Jeremy Lin credit for making his team better, but overall Wiliams is the better Pg but the knocks record may say otherwise.

    • Saul says:

      Only to get destroyed by the Bulls or Heat haha

  44. kobe says:

    dwill in my opinion is playing better than any other PG in the league..just look at his team and u can argue that..see ya next year with the LAKERS…

    • Son says:

      Calling D-will the best PG in the league is just pure ignorant.

    • Nitti says:

      Yeah, he’s not the best PG in the league, but he is a solid one nonetheless. I personally don’t think that he will stay with the Nets this year and I think both he and Dwight are going to come and play for the Lakers

  45. Son says:

    Schoeman and D-Will are such MORONS. It’s OBVIOUS that the Lin and Knicks didn’t care about last night game and just wanted to use it as a practice for everyone playing together. How many shots did D-WIll take vs Lin? Just b/c he was lucky and made 8 3-pointers that doesn’t make him a Ray Allen/Regie Miller in 3-point range. Grow up!!! In term of salary, who’s a bigger hype? Did D-Will earn his pay? Whose team has a better record NOW? ‘nough said.

    • Salomon Danielov says:

      Listen man, Derron Williams has game, but doesn’t have the record that Lin has. What did Derron do in his first 7 games in the NBA V.S. what JLin did in his first 7. Enough said!
      P.S. Knicks didn’t care for this loss, took it like a joke/practice… Warm up for the big boys…Hawks and Heat coming up..!
      Knicks will be better untill Dwight howard Joins the Nets, and 2 years later with enough supporting cast, they might concern the Knicks..

      • Son says:

        Salamon, I add you to the list of stupidity as well. Lin’s real first 7 games started with the Knicks 2.5 weeks ago. Where have u been? Are you too slow to realize tht linsantity exist because Lin was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY under-rated??? So if you compare Lin’s real 7 games vs. D-Will, who has better record? Nough said.

      • Simon says:

        You two idiots are arguing the same pt… enough said.

      • John says:

        Yeah, it must be a chineese thing.

    • Son says:

      Simon, to say that we both argue the same pt…you must have failed English miserably in K-grade. Go and crack open some books instead of keep on doing cracks. Moron!

  46. James says:

    FIRST — it’s about JEREMY LIN and D-Will’s response to his phenomenal debut.
    THEN — it’s about how much D-Will reminds everyone of JASON KIDD.

    Meanwhile, those Spurs are up to their old tricks, quietly dominating the league. Seems to be the season where all the HYPE is front-and-center, while all the SUBSTANCE flies under the radar.

    What else is new? Stern has a quota to make, and his ratings are more important than NBA substance. Same as always.

  47. DUmb says:

    Ya’ll acting like it came from lin’s mouth saying that he destroyed williams. he never said a thing. it was the fans who said that. I mean i know williams is the much better player but its not right to compare lin to marbury. I aint that much of a Lin fan either i just like his humbleness and dedication to the team. I just think this kid doesnt deserve to be criticized like this when he didnt even asked for this linsanity or whatever. he just played the game well.

  48. Sean says:

    D-Will shown some teeth last night, he better.. cuz he got stomped the first time.. LOL

    Now for the comparison of D-Will to JKidd: It’s an insult to JKidd, Kidd lead an average team to 2 Finals Appearances. D-Will leading the team to the bottom of the pack, guess he like to rest when playoffs come.

  49. Lian says:

    Well, don’t understand why Deron’s mad. The 2 PGs aren’t even in the same level!
    Did he do anything to you? Come on, face it. Knicks are playing better because of Lin, but what about D-Will’s Nets?
    Also, the money that D-Will earn, why is he sooooo happy to beat a sophomore that just came up?
    Don’t make me disrepect u D-Will.

    • Tommy says:

      Nets, except Williams, is so far a DLeague team do not have players like Melo, Amare, Baron, Chandler and all the others, so do not compare the 2 teams because one had started to win the ring (Kinks) the other just to hold till the coming of Dwight Howard..

      • K says:

        Dude you do know the Nets won last night; right? They beat the Knicks in MSG with Melo, Amare, Chandler and Baron Davis on the floor. So for you to call them a Dleague team doesn’t make the Knicks look that good!

    • Hudgens says:

      Jeremy Lin may be very good, only time will tell, but Deron Williams is a legitimate All-Star and he has played great for years. You are totally right they arent on the same level: Lin has to play at the very least this good the remainder of the season to put him with the best point guards in the league like Westbrook, Rose, Paul, Deron Williams, and Nash.

  50. eddie says:

    Did anyone notice that even with Williams outburst…Lin still almost had a Triple Double? How Lin was not the one missing shots like Melo, and Stat and Novak? listen…Deron HAD to score to beat the knicks, if he didn’t take that many shots, The nets lose another. Lets read both Stats before we say who busted whos…butt.

    • Well... says:

      Great point man!

      • K says:

        Dude please, talent for talent Lin isn’t even in the same area code as DWill! What DWill did last night is what every good PG in the league is going to do to Jeremy Lin. DWIll played with Jeremy Lin last night and he still drop 38 on him. Also, the Nets won the game; if you didn’t know, in MSG with all their high price talent on the floor. So don’t try to down play what DWill did last night!

    • Albert says:

      LMAO, interesting reply by K , what people love about Lin is exactly how Lin played last night, and the opposite of how DWill played last night. The last thing NYK needs is another scroing orientely point guard. And speaking of W/L record, keep in mind that Lin lead the Knicks to a winning record without Stat/Melo in their lineup as well.

      BTW don’t get me wrong, I don’t think DWill is a scoring oriented point guard, but many folks here simply judged he and Lin’s performance based on points alone.

    • al says:

      Lin shot 7 for 18, ( 39 %), while Amare shot 7 for 17. So what are you talking about Eddie? Why dont you read the stats like you recommend Eddie? Typical Jeremy Lin fan.

  51. Kratos' Rage says:

    Deron just took him to school and teach Lin that he has to work hard to be the best he can be

  52. Huge Fan says:

    That’s right D-Will ! Linough is Linough ! 🙂

  53. Poeme Manigat says:

    D-Will has mad game, there is no doubt and everyone knew that he was coming to teach Lin a lesson. Lin is a young talented point guard in a perfect system, but putting him in the spotlight will only make his life more difficult. Every night, some of the best point guards in the league will keep coming at him to prove something, he better be ready.

    • K says:

      Great comment!!!! What DWill did last night was just a taste of what Jeremy Lin is going to have to deal with each time he steps on the court with a PG the caliber of DWill. DWill did right to take it personal going up against Jeremy Lin the second time around. I hope the media and the fare weathered fans, following this Linsanity hype makes the same mistake each time the Knicks go up against a DRose; CP3; DWill; Tony Parker; Russell Westbrook or any PG of that caliber. The next days headlines will read Linsainty gives up 40!

      • tonislug says:

        Truest statement I have heard. Now here this you Lin Lovers! The first time DWill and Lin played DWill didn’t give two thoughts to Lin. Now that the media and you closet racist are pumping him up(I really feel bad for him) every good guard in the league is going to try to KILL HIM! And if you havent paid attention, In all of those bogus wins he hasn’t had to guard anyone. Good luck Lin, lol!!!!

  54. V says:

    D-Will still one of the best PG’s out there. Im pretty sick of this Lin Sanity Hype too. Makes me wanna side with Mayweather……..

    • Sick says:

      Mayweather is insecure to asians and afraid to PACMAN… lol

    • FU says:

      u can side whoever you want, but who give a damn about u!

    • NBAfan says:

      Lin was never hyped in the past. Is he being hyped now? Perhaps, because I don’t think he should be in the best PG discussions..yet, maybe even ever.

      D-Will has always been one of the best PGs in the league, but he may be a bit of a forgotten star with the NETS. I respect that he came out the way he did, so I think the real story here is D-Will, not J-Lin.

      Has Mr. Schuhmann now written two camouflaged articles in a row that put Jeremy Lin in a negative light? Yes.

      Stop beating around the bush Mr. Writer…just say it, “EXPO EXPO…Lin is not that good!” The funny thing is…I agree with you on that point. However, I strongly disagree with you on one key thing….WHO CARES??? The kid is doing well for himself, for the Knicks, and for the league…and even giving you writers something to write about…WHY RAIN ON EVERYONE’S PARADE?

  55. Tommy says:

    D-Will is for sure the best Point Guard in the league, only CP3 is at his level, the others (Westbrook, Rose, Parker, etc) are just Shooting guard recycled as PG. Great night for Williams, he showed to Lin that he has to go a long way before becoming a stars in NBA.

    • Kalia says:

      you serious about D-Will best point guard..??? Rose the reigning MVP whilst playing the point… D-Will MVP trophies… your an idiot

      • david says:

        Rose is not a true PG he’s like a young but much stronger A.I

      • Joe says:

        I think both D-Rose and D-Will are not really pure PG, CP and Lin have more PG skills than the previous twos. CP, Lin, Magic, Nash can look dominant without putting up too many numbers.

  56. NJ worst state in America says:

    So D-Will worries about what people say on twitter? Worry about wining !5 games first !

  57. Tj says:

    well if you can motivate and push yourself through the limit to make good numbers up on the board and beat the knicks why not do it every game if you want your team to succeed? before yall say that oh that is to hard or something, well if you want to be the best you got to push yourself and work hard!

    • sunsman says:

      thought I’d bring up…. if you are getting paid millions, it shouldn’t matter if it is hard – you should be doing your best for your club, your team mates, and for the fans that provide the revenue to get you your “well earned” millions.

  58. MSG says:

    He is good NBA player. However, can he keep playing such level that to help his team winning more games like Lin did?

    • Adem says:

      Wow What ?
      You are talking like Lin is around for years in Nba and a guy named Deron Williams just showed up and played a decent game against Lin and we have to see how he`ll do for the rest of the season to rate him ?
      Just LOL !
      Deron Williams is an allstar. And like it or not, he is the BEST SECOND PG of the NBA. People always forget things like

      * 2 years ago how he single handedly without Boozer, Okur and Kirilenko destroyed the Nuggets 4-1 in playoffs, played an amazing basketball that year and everybody was talking about he was the best pg in the nba because paul was in injuted and not around for a while.

      * Then last year CP3 was back, he played good basketball, amazing basketball against the LAL in the playoffs so everybody was like , yeah CP3 is the best PG.

      People always change their minds, they have seen how Rondo destroyed James` Cavs in 2010 then everybody forgot CP3 and D-Will so he was the best for everybody.

      If you are the best, you are the best, Period.

      Playing in a real bad team does not mean that you became a bad player.

      Lin is the surprise package of the season, maybe of the decade but not someone who would out duel CP3, D-Will, Rose or Rondo on consistent basis – maybe one night , listen Brandon Jennings might destroy Kobe one night, but does that mean he is better ? Come on ! – and he should not be judged on that.
      He is not one of the best PGs in the nba, not yet. Kyrie Irving is even a better PG than him, yet. Maybe he`ll prove me wrong, but right now, don`t exaggerate the facts everybody !

      • Joe says:

        D-Will is a better player than Lin (as he has also been long enough in NBA and played consistently) but his play-making skills (that what Point Guard really means) is not as good as Lin’s or CP’s in this matter. Lin can be effective without scoring too many but I don’t think D-Will can do that. Also, many people seem to mix up the story about linsanity, it is not about how Lin compares to the other “top” players in NBA but how a player this “good” can almost not make it in NBA. It’s too early to put Lin in the elite players.

  59. scottsquez says:

    D-Will… get over yourself bud. Notice that not one of those tweets about Jeremy Lin tearing you up was from Jeremy Lin. It was from everyone who watched the game.That’s how it’s not at all like the Marbury v. Kidd deal. He DID tear you up, just like you tore him up last night. Chill out and let the guy have his due. It’s a great story and that doesn’t diminish that you’re a great player, but step back from yourself for just a sec. Act like you’ve been there before.

    • Aldstar says:

      Be Real. He did not tear D-Will up. Not at all. He outplayed him, true, but tearing up, or destroying, is somehting, very, very different. Last night, D-Will TORE Lin up. You figure out the differences between the two meetings and outplaying/destroying. Tho judging from your comment, you can’t.

      • Spunk says:

        Woahhh, slow down, as far as I’m concerned the person that was paid no attention at the end of the bench is the one that is the better player. First off, the guy is only in his 2nd year with NBA and he already has proven enough from the previous games especially the first game that he played against the Nets. I’m pretty sure he has the capability is tearing up D-Will if he wanted to, but instead he communicates with the team and is “consistent.” Deron is not consistent so unless he can manage to accumulate win streaks, he will not be as good as Lin.

      • TWizz says:

        Knicks haven’t really played anyone “tough”. A struggling Lakers team and a struggling Mavs team. Other than that, all -.500 teams. When the Knicks play a Bulls, Heat, Thunder, etc and win, then we should start saying they could do something. As I’ve said a million times on these blogs, KNICKS PLAY IN THE EAST LOL! There is like no competition there. Only competition is Heat, Bulls, and MAYBE 76ers, Magic, and Hawks. Other than that, it’s all easy games, especially with this shortened season and teams playing about 80% of their games against conference teams. Just compare the standings between the East and West LOL. Chicken Noodle Soup anyone?

    • KC says:

      I’ve always been a big fan of Deron, bugt I can’t help but think he’s got just a little streak of selfishness in him combined with the wrong kind of individual pride. His skills clearly place him in the point guard elite, but what about the consistency? Why didn’t he play this hard the first time his team encountered the Knicks? Why does New Jersey have such an awful record? Shouldn’t DWill be making the players around him better if he’s such a great player? Because that’s what truly great players do.

      Yes, there’s no question DWill is a better individual basktball player. Now, who would you rather have on your team?

      • NetsFan4Life says:

        the nets have had some serious injury problems. d-will can only do so much every night

      • Anderson says:

        I would definitely rather have Deron on my team. If your talking about consistency then look at his career? Averaging 18ppg and 9apg; that isn’t consistent? As to why the Nets have such a horrible record losing their starting Center for 32 games, losing the only other lethal scorer they have in Marshon Brooks, as well as role players like Stevenson and James will really make it difficult to win. And he definitely makes players around him better if you don’t believe that then I have nothing further to talk about, because you obviously haven’t watched the man play.

      • Ray Ray says:

        Some player just don’t fit in certain systems. Look back at his days in Utah, a modle of consistancy with a great coach and a great system, NJ is just not the same, but eith better players around him hopefully he can return to that stature.

  60. fr3d says:

    Huge D-Will fan, and it didn’t start yesterday night. Hopefully he gets a strong supporting cast soon enough in Brooklyn.