Kobe: Trade Pau Or Leave Him Alone!


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Well, Kobe Bryant has apparently had enough.

He’s fed up with the Los Angeles Lakers’ front office and their handling of the trade rumors surrounding Pau Gasol, rumors that have been swirling since before Christmas.

With the Lakers suffering an ugly loss to the Phoenix Suns Sunday and Bryant’s mood darkening with every underwhelming performance by his team, he clearly cannot take it anymore. He lashed out at Lakers’ management and defended Gasol, who was almost traded in that three-team deal that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers that was later squashed by NBA Commissioner David Stern.

In a nutshell, Bryant wants the Lakers to either trade Gasol or leave him alone so he can play free of the foolishness. More from Mike Bresnahan of The Los Angeles Times:

“I wish management would come out and either trade him or not trade him,” Bryant said crisply after the Lakers’ 102-90 loss Sunday. “It’s just tough for a player to give his all when you don’t know if you’re going to be here tomorrow. I’d rather them not trade him at all, but if they’re going to do something, I wish they would just … do it.”

Bryant sympathized with Gasol, sprinkling in expletives while talking about the situation of the four-time All-Star.

“If they’re not going to do it, come out and say you’re not going to do it,” Bryant said. “This way, he can be comfortable and go out and can perform and play and he can invest all of himself into the game. You can’t have one of our pillars not knowing if he’s going to be here or not. Do something. One way or another, do something.”

With the March 15 trade deadline fast approaching and the Lakers in the middle of the playoff pack in the Western Conference, Bryant knows that the window of opportunity for these Lakers is narrowing.

Without a focused Gasol, the Lakers won’t be able to seriously challenge the Thunder, Spurs, Mavericks and Clippers for the top spot. Plus, he’s just sick and tired of watching Gasol wrestle with the daily drama of the rumor mill. More from Bresnahan:

Minnesota and Chicago are rumored to be interested in Gasol, who is much more likely to be traded by the Lakers than All-Star center Andrew Bynum or even Bryant, who has the NBA’s only no-trade clause.

Gasol has two more seasons on his contract after this for a total of $38.2 million. The trade deadline is March 15.

“He’s been the consummate professional,” Bryant said. “He’s going out and he’s trying to do what he can. But let’s be real. If you didn’t know you were going to be here tomorrow, if your head’s on the chopping block … it’s tough to put all of yourself into the game.”

Gasol doesn’t need anyone’s pity. And he’s actually playing reasonably well this season, given the circumstances, though clearly below his usual standards. But Bryant is right, the Lakers put him in a ridiculous predicament by trying to move him and then expecting him to just deal with it when things fell apart.

Lamar Odom wasn’t having it and made sure he was moved instead of having to play under the same sort of pressure. The Lakers are already dealing with a coaching and culture shift with the arrival of Mike Brown and the departure of Phil Jackson. Bryant knows they don’t need any added pressure.

But they’ll have to continue to deal with it until the front office either gets something done or the trade deadlines passes, whichever comes first!




  1. charles says:

    Without a legit point guard the lakers will get swept again. Pau is the only good bait they have and Bynam’s performance makes him more expendable than in the past. I smell a big trade.

  2. Patrickmarc says:

    Pau and Kobe are perfect together. Fisher and World peace should go, they look old. Odom plays like an old man too in Dallas. May be Since the four / zéro against Dallas where they have been traumatised. They should wake up one day. Kobe, Pau, Bynum and Blake are working hard,and we haven’t seen really the new players on the bench, able to make a great score too.

  3. LALALA says:

    why do people say andrew bynum is dominant? he’s a good player at best but no way a great one..he’ll never be great..he’s probably one knee injury away from retiring. He’s so slow and weak for his size..he should be dunking and dominating like shaq used to..he’s just long..his moves are slow and very predictable

  4. King James says:

    you know what is the real problem in the Lakers?… is not PG or Center or what so ever you want to say.. The real problem is their superstar Kobe Bryant why?.. he is too selfish.. he want to win all by himself. tell Kobe that Basketball is a team game not a one player game.. Gasol can play but Kobe always hog the ball that’s why Pau does not have an opportunity to show his real talent same with bynum.. This not a Lakers Team like before this Kobe Bryant team because he is too selfish.

  5. The facts says:

    David Stern doesn’t like the Lakers! That is a fact .
    Lakers had it all mapped out with the CP3 trade. They would get a great point guard (the position that is the weakest in their team), they would free A LOT (20 million $) of cap space so they could sign Dwight, and Stern just rejected it !
    1) Because nobody could beat the Lakers.2) The player that brings them most money ( LeBron James) has NO RINGS
    Don’t get me wrong, I think that Miami is a great team but they wouldn’t stand a chance against the Kobe-Paul-Dwight Lakers ! But I am really mad because David Stern said that New Orleans wouldn’t get good players if they trade with the Lakers !!!! WTF?! They HAD TO find a better reason . I mean really, New Orleans would get Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Lamar Odom(best 6-th player in the NBA) and two first round draft picks, how is that not better than getting Kaman, Gordon and Aminu ( I see how that Clippers worked out- they are one of the worst teams in the league) ???
    But Stern decided to drop the trade so LeBron could win a ring. The consequences are that Lamar got mad and went, Gasol doesn’t know what to do and Kobe getting angry.
    Thank you David !

  6. RWS says:

    Agree that Lakers should aim for a PG position and a good pick would be Monta Ellis but I dont think that GSW would go for such trade… D-Will is a good option as well but Nets won’t go with such a trade as well… Lakers should get a young PG possibly from the draft picks maybe Kyrie Erving? ;D

  7. common sence says:

    How about this Brown for Byron Scott and Mitch Cupcheck for Jerry West.

  8. DJ Thomas says:

    Let Pau stay, don’t trade him. The only problem for the lakers is the PG spot, they should try to trade Steve Blake with another point guard that can do defense as well as setting the plays. Kobe Bryant+Pau Gasol+Andrew Bynum is enough for their formula for having their 16th championship. They should also add some young legs in their depth roster.

  9. ice_pogi says:

    No Way We’re keeping those 2 (Anthony, Haslem)……….. Anthony is a very diligent, Hard working Center…. At 6’9 He’s a quiet guy…. rebounds the ball, Block shots…. Last line of miami’s defense and doesn’t need any attention….. Even if you push him around he doesn’t complain…. Runs back on D….. His Actions speak louder than everyone’s word specially CENTERS of NBA…..ex…(Perkins)………. “I hate that guy smashing the ball on my face…. Blake agriff…uhm Giraff Grip Pain uhm Lebron!!! Yeah you lebron!!! LOL… We don’t need PAU we are happy now with JOEL Anthony and Haslem….

  10. Bryan@PHilippines says:

    this management are just so stupid….they keep trading players for a stupid reason, just keep everything the same and everything will be perfect. dont trade pau and bynum, lakers are doing great.. no needed to trade. sigh..

    Kobe team

  11. BALL-HOG-KING says:

    METTA WORLD PEACE … hhhmmmmmmmm …. I think the LAKERS mess started when he changed his name … and they became laughable.

    How about changing it to CRYSTAL METT ?? That might put them back to speed … he he …

  12. Kobe@Philippines says:

    Brown for Shaw.. That’s a great deal.. Then get Arenas.. That’s it.. Laker’s will be champion again..

  13. Puta pete says:

    Lakers would still be great if they didn’t trade odom!

  14. hughesy australia says:

    Lakers should trade metta world peace for no one, seems like a good deal that would benefit Lakers.

  15. martokb24 says:

    they have a talented PF on Pau…they have a dominant center on bynum..they have defensive minded SF like barnes and metta. and they have the best player in the league, well who else?! KB24!!!… then on PG position, well they need new point guard.

  16. BALL-HOG-KING says:

    OKAY … OKAY … Here’s the deal:

    How about sending KOBE to the NEW YORK KNICKS where he can SIT on the bench where JEREMY LIN used to be ??

    Damn I’m a genius !!!!!

  17. BALL-HOG-KING says:

    How about the LAKERS keep PAU GASOL and SEND KOBE to the Charlotte Bobcats ??!!!!!

    HA HA HA

  18. pontiff27 says:

    They need a better point guard. Hmm Deron Williams will do.

  19. simsan says:

    For gut that…how about Pau will goin Miami and Anthony, Haslem will sent to Lakers.

  20. mark@squall says:

    dont trade gasol.. gasol is one of the most powerful power forward or center.. THE LAKERS must have a DYNAMIC POINT GUARD..!!!!!! to make some TOUGH!

  21. eu says:

    lakers needs to trade everything but pau, if pau go to Chicago will be sure champions, lakers needs a player like calderon.

  22. Renato says:

    I think a player has to give his best no matter the circunstances.Gasol´s bad production comes from last season,so it isnt new,and that´s why they tried to move him in the chris paul trade.And trade rumours happen to a lot of players in the league,and some of the rumours are simply lies.it´s a common thing…

  23. zeke says:

    i think ricky rubio suited in lakers:D

  24. olibob03 says:

    what is wrong with you guys up in there in the office side. comon y’all… you’re can do better than what you doing now. the man is right if you want to trade him than just do it.. if not than comon out really let him and others who brings out those rumor, you not going to do it.

  25. Rorschach says:

    Kobe is not the only one with a no-trade clause, Dirk Nowitzki has one as well.

  26. Stan says:

    The Lakers should be winning more but Like last night in Phonix KOBE HAD 10 TURNOVERS. Kobe has double digit misses in every game and keeps taking bad shots that is why the lakers lose.

  27. Stan says:

    Mitch Kupchek will trade anyone that asks for a trade like he did with Shaq and Odom. The Magic are not going to trade Howard just because he asks for a trade… Laker fans and other team fans are all in fantasy land if they think they are getting Dwight Howard. The Lakers will never trade Bynum manybe not even for Howard. But they will trade Gasol for Howard. That is something the Laker owners want to see is Bynum and Howard on the same court on the same team. I don’t see why it could’nt work since Bynum can play at powerforward. It worked for the Knicks when they had Oakly and the big guy. Phonix had Shaq and Stat. Bynum and Howard would be an unstoppable force together. I really think the Lakers will keep Gasol who has allways been a great teammate and helped win 2 championships for the Lakers. But Laker ownership needs to communicate more to the players and give them some encouragement not let rumors fly without addressing them.

  28. lebronandwade says:

    pau gasol to the southbeach baby hahahahahahhahaahaha
    lebron: come on pau join us
    wade: yes my friend! lebron is right come on PAU lakers doesnt need you anymore! your talent is more capable playing with us

    pau gasol: YES You’re RIGHT! TO THE SOUTH BEACH BABY!

    big 4, bosh, lebron, wade, and gasol hahahahahaha

  29. Kobe@Philippines says:

    Sign Arenas and that’s it.. They badly need a point guard.. Those two big man is enough.. Then after signing Arenas, trade their coach..

  30. LA4Ever says:

    Find a point PG !!! , thats only LAKERS need leave PAU and BYNUM. I’ll tell you LAKERS will be CHAMPIONS again !!!

  31. iAmAndrewBynum says:

    i am andrew bynum from los angeles lakers. I no understand why am i still a lakers. I’m so slow and weak always travel underneath the basket cant finish like a man my size or any size would and i dont take game seriously…im just messing around and enjoying getting paid millions..i should’ve been traded long time ago but thanks to lakers for my new overpaid contract!!Yayyyyy

  32. ShakenBake says:

    Trade Pau and Bynum for Dwight Howard. Just like CP3 make D12 promise to give a 1 year extension to the lakers after this season. Or better yet trade pau for deron williams.

  33. Aleksandar says:

    It is also mentioned that minnesota are interested in trading for gasol? That would be a bad move, we already have kevin love at 4 and I don’t think Pau can play at center position. He’d be great offensively, but I don’t think he can protect the paint. Love and Pekovic are working well together and I don’t want to see David Khan ruin it with his delusional ideas, just let Adelman do his job, and make a team.

  34. GSWALLDAY says:

    how about this 3 way trade for the warriors, magics, and lakers

    Monta ellis
    Dwight Howard
    Andrew Bynum
    Hedo turkoglu
    Pau gasol
    1st round picks by golden state and Los angelas

  35. Bballer says:

    Problem is not with Gasol or Bynum. It’s Fish and Ron Ron.
    Lakers should have taken amnesty on Ron Ron when they had a chance.
    He’s not the same player anymore (not just in name!)
    Maybe with the money the Lakers could have had some decent re-inforcment.

    With Fisher being slow and Ron Ron clanging the ball other teams can double team Bryant and Gasol at the same time.
    Lakers will go nowhere with the current roster. It it will be worse if Gasol gets traded.

  36. Derek says:

    What ever, when player are making this kind of money they need to be professional. they should always be playing their best, given that they earn more for one game they most fan do in a year .

  37. ed says:

    pau isnt as good as he used to be if they get good players in return it might be worth it

  38. jay says:

    i think Kobe is right,,i love the lakers,and why trade Gasol? Try to sign Arenas,they nedd a PG..go go LAKERS….

  39. MissingShowtime says:

    The ONLY player I would reluctantly trade for Pau is Deron Williams, and that, after we trade Bynum for Howard! Otherwise, we should find a PG and finish the season and see what we can do in the summer. I somehow think, if we don’t trade for Howard now, he will end up in NJ with Williams and that will cost Lakers a few championship-free seasons!

  40. Jeff Jeff says:

    I would feel bad for Gasol if he wasn’t so rich and famous lol. Those two things aside I feel bad for him. He is the sole reason the Lakers won those two championships. If Pau wouldn’t have come along, Kobe probably would have demanded a trade due to lack of help and the Lakers franchise as you know it would be totally different. He saved the Lakers in my opinion. Keep him around not only for his dynamic style of play, but to honor him for what he has done to improve the Laker’s franchise.

  41. specialfriedrice says:

    LOL Lakers fans, u r dreaming D12 might want to leave the Magic but he wont sell out and come to LA, Kobe needs to stop shootong it so friggn much and use the 2 bigs they have, Lakers have the best front court in the game with Gasol and Bynum. U aint getting Howard dreamers…..

  42. sdrgsg says:

    and when lakers losse everybody is wondering why becouse they should win championship year by year… that would be fascinating …hehe

  43. Ronnys Gonzalez says:

    agreed wiith kobe let pau alone just try to deal barnetts,walton,blake or kapono for Jonny flin,ramon session,greivis vazquez,J.J Barea or sign Arenas is all the lakers need to make a go run

  44. sdrgsg says:

    when lakers loss media blame Pau… NEVER Kobe….. WHY? BECOUSE KOBE is a commercial guy for the NBA… HE HAD 10 turnovers against PHX and maybe 40% shoting….when Lin makes 9 turnover it’s a big deal but whit kobes nobody gifs a s hit

  45. thomas says:

    Gasol is to soft no heart no defensive aggressive tactic, thats why he is not an all star, he gives team confidence to drive to the hole.. thats why guards kill us, and Fisher being 100 years old and slow as ketsup

  46. DTrain22 says:

    One of the Laker’s bigs have to stay. I don’t care if it is Bynum or Gasol. I would prefer that Bynum stay if they are not looking for Dwight…(which no matter what will not be traded until after the All-Star break…I mean what team would trade their star before the All-Star game that they are hosting? Are they asking for drama???).

    The Lakers do not need Dwight…I don’t necessarily think that getting Dwight will really solve the Lakers’ problems anyway. Name a team that wouldn’t want Bynum if they could not get Dwight? You probably cant. Lakers’ have an All-Star Center. What they don’t have is consistent production from the SF and PG spot. Barnes is an injury starter if needed. Other than that he should be coming off the bench. World-Peace is definitely not the All-Defensive juggernaut that he was back in his Indiana days. He’s one of the least efficient players in the league. Fisher is gonna be there and be ready when the playoffs come around…he’s going to give you that big shot when you need it…but until then he needs someone to take the weight off of him and Blake is not the person to do that.

    I say package Gasol with Blake and Peace…ship them to the wolves looking to get Love & Barea, or Love & Beasley…and then maybe give the Hibachi another run at the NBA. I don’t see Lakers shopping Pau to the Wolves unless they were trying to get Love, so I would expect that, unless they are going for super crazy and trying to get Rubio with some other players…which wouldn’t be the best idea…but wouldn’t be bad either.

    If you’re looking at the Bulls. You could try and get Boozer for Pau…and maybe throw in those other players and that trade exception that the Lakers got from Odom for a combination of Korver, Brewer or Gibson…all of which would give the Lakers some much needed energy. No, Brewer can’t really shoot, but he’s a better defensive player and much more athletic than World Peace is at the three spot right now. Korver’s still 42% from 3 which we know the Lakers can’t hit right now.

    As for the whole Dwight thing. Orlando does not want to trade Dwight until after the ASB. Also, they will do all that they can to make sure that they can get enough back for Dwight and possibly demand that whatever team takes him also takes Turk’s big contract with them…Dwight the Lakers can pay for…Hedo…I don’t think so. So I’m guessing that there will have to be a 3rd team if the Lakers are really going that route. As long as the Lakers don’t trade both Bynum and Gasol for Howard.

  47. also if the lakers get D Howard Gasol would be like Batman and Spainish Robin a team that would be unstopable.

  48. Felipe says:

    Acho que não deveriam fazer isso com Gasol pois, ele é um dos pilares mais importante do Lakers. Concordo com Kobe, deveriam deixa-ló em paz para que ele possa dar o melhor de si. Força Gasol confiamos em você. Vamos lá Lakers!!!!!!!!!

  49. Pau Gasol most stay with the lakers he is one of the best tall guys that the lakers have. Bynum has two bad knees and he does not even try to get the rebounds and Gasol does but if Bynum leaves Gasol has better chances to get the boards and make more shots than trying to figure out what bynum is doing or wondering if he will get the rebound. So the only person who should be trade is Bynum and Luke Walton he does not even get play time.

  50. SMACK JOHNSON says:

    If anybody’s been paying attention, GILBERT ARENAS resurfaced from a media hiatus recently.
    Ironically, he mentioned he speaks DWIGHT HOWARD frequently and Gilbert said he didn’t want to say what they talked about, but STILL said what they talked about and mentioned Dwight said he(Howard) wanted to play with HIM (Arenas).
    Now, we all know Arenas had a workout with the Lakers recently. We’ve known all year that the Lakers were aiming to get Howard him in LA especially after David Stern declared a power shift in Staples Center. But, with the added piece of healthy/mentally stable Arenas, who would be a welcome upgrade to the ailing Lakers PG position, it would be smart to say that ALL ROADS POINT TO L.A.
    Be it GASOL, BYNUM, FISHER, or even THE BALL BOY… DWIGHT is either going to be traded to L.A. or stay in Orlando.There’s no inbetween. Straight shot or stay home.

    Think of this. The Lakers are also preparing to build for the POST-KOBE era NOW.
    Can the Lakers or anybody say with a straight face that Pau or Bynum would be the new faces of the franchise once Kobe retires?
    C’mon son.
    The LAKERS have ALWAYS had a superstar on their team. ALWAYS. And you can count on that organization to keep a bonafide star there past KOBE’S reign.
    The question is as it’s always been….are you going to do it NOW or LATER.
    So, I’m with KOBE,
    I wish you’d do something already, LAKER MANAGEMENT.

  51. Akshay says:

    Armin Halvadzic , if you want to replace Lamar odom , we should get Antawn Jamison

  52. common sence says:

    Trade for Booze another bad idea by srewup front office. Who is making these calls, fire that guy and stop sabotoging my Lakers.

    • jazZgirl says:

      I know. It seems that they are wanting to see the Lakers lose. The Lakers should work that much harder with what they have.

  53. eufeuhc says:

    Kobe should be traded for his big mouth. He’s not letting management do their jobs the same people who brought him helped the last decade to get him 5 rings. Their management is so good I guaranteed they can win another championship without Kobe. Who would trade for Bynum with health problems and Dwight Howard is worth Gasol and bynum together.

  54. Kevin says:

    All the Lakers need is a half decent pg. There is absolutely no reason why Gasol should be traded. He’s a vital player of the team. Even if the Lakers get someone like Ben Gordon or Ramon Sessions, they’re a lot better than Blake and Fisher. We need someone other than Bryant running the floor. He’s fit to be a SG and once the other team double teams him, he has a lot of turnovers. A PG is key not Dwight Howard or giving up Gasol.

  55. paul says:

    Lakers need to try and get a point guard not another center that is why they have Bynum. If they couldn’t get Chris Paul they should go for Deron William, It’s obviouse he’s not staying in New Jersey. Whatever needs to be done needs to happen quick, This years Lakers team is in a crisis they need HELP

  56. common sence says:

    You dont mess with Bynum or Paul they are the fondation that you build on both or young and keep us relavent for this curent decade. With them we could still win two or three more championships and an upgrade to the starting point, and added depth to the bench preforbly at the four and five positions. Thats all folks, ” any real Laker fans out there that do not want to sabotage our team”.

  57. Sajan says:

    There is no need to trade either gasol or bynum. Lakers only need true PG who can run instead of walking, who can penetrate the paint. have fisher come of the bench and trade steve blake and world peace for a young PG and keep kobe gasol and bynum.

  58. C27 says:

    Pau and Bynum should stay especially bynum with 25 years … but Fisher with 37 years cany play PG .. morris isny bad that much but they will be good in playoff

  59. Jessica says:

    The way the Lakers have handled just about everything this season from the hiring of Mike Brown to the aftermath of the CP3-Trade-That-Wasn’t has been awful to watch. And I think Kobe could have quite possibly just made things even worse.
    & I totally agree with the person on here who said Bynum should be the one to go NOT Gasol.

  60. Mattic7 says:

    For the love of God!……Pau is the most skilled big man in the post, not to mention he was the ultimate key piece to the Lakers 2 championship runs. It should be a no brainer to keep the guy until the end of his contract (and despite the rumors he is still producing good numbers) . I mean I don’t think Pau is soft, he just plays with a different edge. The problem is his head seems to be somewhere else at the wrong times. Could be a sensitive guy. Just goes to show you from the hardwood to the office……The biz is the biz…….your never safe no matter what u did.

    Keep Him

  61. Black Mamba says:

    Gasol is not to be traded . He has to be a 5 Starter. Kobe is right and really clicks with Gasol . Go LAKERS

  62. Geeb says:

    I say blame Jim Buss (for the hire of Mike Brown) and David Stern (for interfering inbetween teams, he should ve given prior notice to the team that they were going to get involved) for all the momentum shifts to the Lakers this season. Poor Mitch Kupchak has been doing everything he can to appease Kobe and help the Lakers win win win.

  63. BC18thCT says:

    Lakers will do nothing this year…. IT’S TIME 4 THUNDER to hit the top of nba

  64. Virus says:

    Lakers need a PG…Why is it taking them so long to get a PG? I would love if Dwight comes to LA, but They dont need a Center…Bynum is a young great Center

  65. i have information guys that a trade is going to happen . we give bulls gasol and they give us boozer and cj watson. this scenario is possible to happen before the trade deadline.

    • Lakers4Life says:

      i wouldnt make that trade if the lakers were the worst in the league. booze hound and c.j who for gasol?? bulls please keep dreaming

  66. DJ3 says:

    I think if you crazy laker fans are right, and the lakers front office IS negotiating a deal for dwight, this is the best one without Gasol:

    Lakers Trade: Bynum, World Peace, Barnes, Otis Smith’ choice of Fisher or Blake
    Magic Trade Dwight, Turkoglu

    Otis gets 2 one-year contracts, 1 skilled big man with a two-year contract if they dont want to keep him, and Fisher might retire soon, but if he doesnt he only has a two-year contract. The magic can start rebuilding in the next one to two years, and the lakers get dwight, Win + Win = Great Trade.

  67. Chandler says:

    Pau is more talented than Bynum? Bynum is only 24 years old. Kid isn’t even in his prime yet. If he was on any other team, he’d be a 20-10 guy every night. But because he’s the third option on the Lakers, he’s only getting around 14-9. 24 years old, and already the 2nd best center in the league and an all-star. Yeah its his 7th season, but he’s got 8 more years to go at least he starts diminishing.

    • SR says:

      Andrew Bynum has been given ample time to develop his game and is even mentored by one of the best centers the game has ever seen in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, so its kind of obvious at this point that he isn’t going to give the Lakers the best chance to win a ring in the coming few years including this season. Even Magic Johnson himself shook his head and pretty much stated that they have almost no chance of winning a ring this season with the type of competition they have in the West alone with the current lineup. The reason why the Lakers are making a push for stars at this point is because they are chasing championships now when Kobe still has fuel in the engine. He only has about a quarter of a tank left and they want to give him his best chances of winning a one ore possibly two more before his run is over. This is the reason why management is thinking big trades as oppose to investing in younger players for the future of the franchise.

  68. derfkobe21 says:

    the problem for the lakers is,,the defense…yet plenty of laker players are in offense.
    don’t trade pau gasol,,just stay with the roster,,,ok the good thing is to sign GILBERT ARENAS,he is one of a kind point guard,,then improve the 3point shooting and especially the defence…master the pick n roll for defense…i think the big man should master the pick n roll defense.make quick on transition of pick n roll…

  69. Riangga Galih says:

    they should get another jeremy lin.. am i right? then trade bynum or pau for dwight

  70. Arun says:

    I am hating this Laker team and Laker management. Horrible management. I think they are getting worse with the ownership of Jim Buss. I think Jerry was awesome!

  71. sternwinds says:

    dont give a damn about kobe but the man speaks truth. its just not possible to give your all knowing that you might or might not get traded.

  72. German Wunderkind says:

    Lakers need a solution on SF ( probably Barnes )
    Lakers need new starting PG ( Felton? Sessions? Harris? D-Will ??? )
    Lakers must keep D-Fish ! He´s so clutch and most pofessional veteran + team chemistry, verbal leader (kobe´s pal)
    Lakers need a scorer from the bench ! arenas ???? high risk but may be cheap !
    Lakers must keep there frontcourt !
    what is with caracter ? he is a capable PF – involve him in rotation when healthy !
    metta world peace should stop shooting, only drive and post up + chippy defense !

    play like boston 2008-2010 with swagger and tough defense and lakers can win this year

  73. steve purvis says:

    I think its awesome that hes played as well as he has considering he could have been traded at any time so far this year

  74. dom42 says:

    Kobe is definately in my top 5 all time. But , seriously he cant win with out phil. Sorry guys. OKC vs Miami in finals

  75. Jose says:

    I am just happy to read the comments you have submitted so far. Happy to see that Pau is very much appreciated.
    I think that what Pau is happening now is the consequence of past season finals. Its result and its performance.
    Pau wasn’t at his best, neither the team overall. I thought at that time that Lakers managers would sooner or later take it out on someone, on some player. Pau has been the objective. Not only Pau but also Lamar and Brown.
    Maybe I am wrong and they just want a good guard. On this, I agree. But like many of you have said so far,
    isn’t Paul more of a guarantee than Bynum?I think he currently is!
    (sorry also about my English:)).

  76. Gerald23 says:

    Howard will surely give extra hype for the team to move towards the playoff, minus Gasol or Bynum, but if Lakers can save both players without sacrificing either one of them, its enough to build a formidable team. I don’t know about Com Stern last few year decision, how come he allowed Miami to acquired through trade Chris Bosh and Lebron James and now Com Stern putting Lakers at bay.

  77. Lakers4Life says:

    hopefully lakers managment stops messing around and keeps the team how it is, sign gilbert and lets ride this season out. lakers game right now reminds me of an incarnation of 1998-1999 san antonio spurs. we got the twin towers and ….KOBE. so if we get that down..then we’re good shape for the playoffs i believe at least.

  78. mj0824 says:

    We Need LIN-sanity!! to L.A a Pg
    if laker gonna trade has to trade Pau Gasol cuz he is the one that gonna make u a better election on other team if laker wanna take good stuff has to give good stuff
    i dont wanna any trade good but u can trade:

    Andrew Goudelock (Nice 3-pointer)
    Matt Barnes (the player who played on most team on NBA history :P)
    Luke Walton (I dont know why he still a Lakers I think that Bill Walton pays for let him play)
    Darius Morris and Blake (good point guard can be trade for a nicest point guard)
    Metta World Peace ( Lakers need one of the bad boys world Peace or Barnes cuz they defend but not both of them)

    • Belizeboy says:

      WOW seriously, Laker fans are already pulling for Lin? Man that’s just crazy because whenever they go on a winning streak the trade talks stop and they hit a loss and they start up agian.

  79. John Doe says:

    Forget Dwight Howard – he is not worth it. The Lakers have two very valid big men – they need to upgrade the point guard position and the bench. Put Luke Walton on the coaching staff, don’t cut young energetic players like Ebanks. If they trade Gasol for a point guard they are an average normal team – with Kobe working his butt off. And don’t cry about Lamar – he was very inconsistent all the time.

  80. foo says:

    Lakers are a fine team. Yeah they need a PG. get Areanes or see what the deal is with Felton in Portland. they may can pull a steal off with him using Artest and Walton …They really need to keep the core together …Kobe,Pau,Bynum can be very dominating big three they need someone to run the offense or they need to run more of the Triangle. I J S

  81. Roy says:

    trade Bynum and someone for Hedo and Howard. Problem solved for Orlando and the Lakers have the best center in the league and not an inconsistent immature Bynum.

  82. Jason says:

    Trade Gasol for Rondo. The Lakers need a PG!

  83. Nyepri says:

    Kobe is right. Trade him now or tell him at least if he’s gonna be traded or not before the deadline. So Pau will know what to do. I think every Laker fan(like me ^_^) can see in Gasol’s game that he is a little hesitant or disturbed. Maybe it’s because of the trade issue. Unlike what he used to be over the last two years that they’ve won 2 consecutive rings. He was like averaging 25+pts. and high% FG. I fell for Pau and Kobe, Kupchak and management dont trade the Best PauWER Forward in the world! 😀

  84. Maxi_Records says:

    trade baynum for dwight but leave gasol, he is more effective.

    • Basketball studies says:

      Orlando isnt going to make that trade…you have to give them way more then that. a trade for dwight is going to move a lot of players around.

  85. Matt says:

    The Lakers need to address their PG and bench issues. We all know that teams with quick PG are causing problems for the Lakers for the past years. Now even more with Fisher a year older. Also, their bench this year is the weakest I have seen in years. Lamar Odom was supposed to be the one to lead the bench this year but after he was traded, the Lakers never really signed anyone to replace his role. They really need to find someone before the trade deadline or they won’t get past the first round. That is if they make the playoffs.

  86. trigz1seven says:

    I would love for Pau to come to chicago any day, but i’d Rather see him stay in the lakers jersey because he deserves it. Paul was one of the reasons why they won 2 years in a row and he didnt even receive the credit he deserved. Now the lakers get swept and they give all the blame to pau so they just trade him, Let him stay!! trading him will only make things worst! I hate the lakers but respect pau

  87. Jones17 says:

    I really like Pau but with the lack of PG and SF play, he has to produce even more. Our weakness is certainly not his fault but there are things he needs to improve on for us to challenge with the current lineup. I’ve seen far too many missed layups, close jumpshots missed this season. Dunk the damn thing, you’re 7ft tall!!! I don’t care much for people who question Pau’s defence as he is an excellent 1 on 1 defender but it’s his lack of consistency with jump shot. He’s a better overall player than Kevin Love but we should have got Love when we had the chance as he is a much better fit with more shooting range.

    It would also help if Kobe laid off taking a stupid amount of 3’s this year…

  88. CNZ says:

    I’d trade him, never liked Gasol really. Throw in a pick (if they have any left) and Fisher or sombody and get a young PF and a young PG. Pau is still a capable player for other teams, but I just don’t see him in a Laker jersey anymore.

  89. Bob says:

    Lakers problem is on their new coach, Mike Brown, don’t ya see same squad, different coach, and this season result is so bad! And then i think lakers need new fresh PG, but don’t sell D-Fish (come on man give him a break, he’s a good player and he has a big contribution to Lakers, let him be one of Lakers hall of fame maybe?)

    • Basketball studies says:

      No this isnt the same squad from last year. The lakers bench was way deeper then last year and your vet players are a year older. You gave up the best 6th man in the game to dallas!!! I hate the lakers and I can see that a mile away that it aint the coach

  90. pablosaval says:

    It’s really a shame, how the lakers organization is handling this…Let’s be honest, where are they gonna find someone like Pau? I truly believe, leaving aside my love to Gasol as a player, they shouldn’t trade for him, Lakers need a PG more than any other team (Calderon, Jeff teague, Meeks, Darren Collison) and some bench player able to add some points ( as they had Odom and Brown) Unless they get Love, Rubio, Wesley Johnson and a pick from Minnesota (not very likely) i dont think they’ll get a good deal for Gasol.

  91. drew by says:

    I think GASOL & BYNUM should stay if the Lakers wanna win against GRIFFIN & JORDAN or IBAKA & PERKINS in the playoffs.


      L.A. needs a PG who can defend against penetration also set up better looks for the bigs and role players like ebanks and world peace.

  92. nc says:

    trade kobe hes just mess
    in lakers!

  93. DANITo says:

    they need a guy like linsinity to give them energy at the piont guard position. they need a piont g . kobe bynum and gasol are fine. they need a play maker beside kobe. like a good piont guard , he doesnt have to be a supper star

  94. RAUL says:


  95. anthony goro says:

    .the lakers don’t need to pressure and trade him and get a star they just need a deep bench and a true point guard.

  96. flush says:

    I agree 100% with Kobe If u are going to do it, do it. But I beleive Gasol should stay, trade Banyum, he is too slow, he is bigger but very slow. He doesn’t block, doesn’t defend doesn’t get rebounds. Trade him leave Gasol. Also trade Fisher and Meta Woldpeache, put some young leg that can score.

    • Jones17 says:

      Bynum doesn’t block or rebound you say? You are a f’kin moron. He’s in top 10 for both catagories. Not 1 single team will trade for Artest or Fisher so you can’t blame the front office for not moving them.

  97. La fan says:

    Yea i agree , pau is way more talented than bynum! when they got pau they made it to the finals .. s0 i say let pau stay and trade bynum or let them both stay… train them harder make the team work together and get to the finals again

  98. LaLakerFan says:

    Just like Kobe endorsement says, “Just Do It.” Heck, don’t go let people make rumors about it. If they want to trade him, just trade him for pete’s sake.. His bothered about the fact that his not sure about his future.

  99. prix says:

    Lakers are just too hard to swallow right now..SO BITTER…they play like full of sadness and hurt…so sorrowful and pain seeing them like this even I cheer for the dark old warriors like Nash and Hill..so disgraceful..Kobe so frustrating and Pau is so soft and artest is simply a trash…it hurts my eyes and I end up crying for them knowing that LAKERS ARE DEAD…WELCOME TO MIAMI…

  100. Mumson says:

    They are waiting for D. Howards decision in Orlando. If not now they will make some capspace for D12.

  101. Sir Lee says:

    I agree to my man Kobe. Leave Pau alone! Pau is a loyal guy, don’t make him irritable in the situation. Peace of mind is the key to Lakers success.

  102. Josh says:

    trade gasol for duncan!!

  103. armin halvadzic says:

    I still think Lakers can go all the way with the team they have.All they need to do is get some fire from the bench and upgrade their point guard position. I don’t see a reason why would Lakers trade Pau for another player. The trade would make some sence only if they traded him for 2 or even 3 young players,otherwise I don’t see how can they give Pau and get someone who’s gonna help them win this and the next season. Maybe if they somehow mix Dwight Howard,he can be that guy but getting him probably means goodbye Bynum,goodbye Pau. Lakers are fine,they still have Kobe and they still have Pau and Bynum. Now the only peace missing is Lamar Odom. The verestile 6th man who can do almost everything on the court. So if they figure out how to replace that whole,their record is gonna be much better and their post season would last much longer. ( if you spot any mistakes,don’t hold it against me since english is not my first leanguge )

    • sejo says:

      your english is fine.. I think:) and the comment is great. I like the part where u said that lakers could only benefit from gasol trade if they get 2-3 good young players, maybe 2 and some draft picks? they need it, kobe is still good but what about next season, or the one it..he’s getting old

      • Charlie says:

        I know this might sound too simple, and I know I’m not the first one to come up with this idea. My not just sign Gilbert Arenas. We still have a little time to see what he can do before the trade deadline. He might not be the player he used to be, but perhaps he can be?!?

        After all, opponents will have to guard Arenas due to his reputation alone. This means there is one less player on Kobe, one less double team on Pau, and one less double team on Bynum. Imagine if Gilbert can get us just 10-15 points per game!! That alone is providing more than what we are currently getting. All he has to do is make a couple of shots, and that will change the dynamics of how the other team defend the Lakers.

        And what if it doesn’t work out? Again…his reputation alone will make him tradable. As long as he doesn’t do anything stupid (or illegal) AND this time he doesn’t have an outrageous contract to detract from him.

        Arenas can either be a solution or he can be a means to a solution. Either way…the reality is that the current bunch of supporting players cannot play consistently enought to make other teams worry.

  104. languager says:

    i agree with kobe. i don’t like how the front office is dealing with their situation especially that concerning pau. it seems unfair for pau who has done great for the organization. where’s justice or simply sense of gratitude? it’s business? i don’t believe it. mitch, jim, com’ on, do something humane.

  105. i truly believe what KOBE says! for crying out loud deal with it like a pro LAKERS MGT!!!shame on you guys!!

    • c0achdesigns says:

      i agree with kobe too. But Kupchack has his point made also. On Kupchack’s statement, I think he’s still open to trading Pau or Andrew or any other guy. Whatever they are planning, hope it will a plus at the end of the day

  106. Xyd says:

    There are plenty of players who could be traded on the Lakers! KOBE, PAU & BYNUM have to stay! World peace, walton, fisher could go…. Could’nt get paul, ok, move on, forget about Dwight already and move on!!! GET A PG!!!!! At least try arenas for christ sake!

    • Rafael Enrique Merino says:

      Xyd can you tell me which NBA team is going to accept a trade with Derek Fisher, a player who is near to leave the professional basket, or a trade with Walton or Metta World Peace?

      • c0achdesigns says:

        They could be traded, not direct trade though. They could be add-ons for a trade, 3 – 1 trade + draft picks + cash. We don’t know how it goes. But they can still be traded. It’s not all talent that these guys have. Their basketball IQ still makes them relevant to the game.

  107. LORD P says:

    The Guy to trade isn’t Gasol but Bynum..Pau is far more talented and skilled than Andrew and he is able play multiple position like no other big man in the league!!!trade Bynum and try to get Dwight…

    • The Aggressive Napkin says:

      that’s exactly whats taking them so long, Dwight Howard. just because it isn’t in the news anymore doesn’t mean the lakers are not negotiating. if you look at their roster the only two people that anybody will trade for is Gasol or Bynum (and kobe obviously, but the lakers aren’t going to trade him). nobody will trade for artest or fisher or anybody else. so you sign arenas for your hole in the PG spot and you see if you can somehow trade bynum for howard. i would only offer bynum and some draft picks not gasol. gasol is too dynamic to trade and what are you gonna have bynum AND howard? that lineup makes no sense, two true centers on the floor at the same time? you only offer the magic Bynum…the magic are going to take it, they won’t get a better player than bynum for dwight. i wouldn’t be surprised if after next weekend you see dwight in a lakers uniform. i don’t know though that’s all just my opinion.

      maybe talk about matt barnes and ryan anderson also in that trade.

      • Kratos' Rage says:

        That will be the greatest sin the lakers will do if they trade Pau. You have a blue chip player in Pau you can’t see a big man can play like that nowadays ( except for duncan hehehe). You should trade Bynum instead, he’s injury prone. Trade bynum, M.W.P, Walton, for Howard

    • Basketball studies says:

      The problem is you dont know if you can get howard so you dont go give up your center who is only 24 years old for a hope at howard, that would be crazy. bynum stays put no questions asked.

    • NBA says:

      You think Howard would go there? LOL

    • jimmy.B says:

      the only way to get dwight they will need to trade pau and bynum. dwight is worth too much

    • c0achdesigns says:

      Dwight is a liability. I wouldn’t trade Pau or Andrew. The only thing the Lakers lack is a PG. steve blake is getting back his game slowly but surely. Barnes is making good minutes, knowing metta is at his slump right now. I’d not be surprise if metta wouldn’t be wearing purple and gold at the end of the season.
      I’d think Lakers, will make good use of the 8.9M trade exception, they’ll get a good player, eventually trade him for a better.
      By the time the trade deadline is over, Lakers will be lurking around 2 or 3 spot in the playoffs.

      Bet on that!
      I’d always thought, the trade exception will be of good use one day, knowing LO is the ultimate sacrifice for it. The drama continues.