What Did John Wall Do To You?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It doesn’t matter if it’s choosing sides for kickball during recess or the NBA Draft, someone always feels slighted.

But the No. 1 pick of the 2010 Draft was done a grave disservice last night during the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge draft on NBA TV.  When John Wall has to watch 11 other players, rookies and sophomores, come off the draft board ahead of him … “Houston we have a problem!”

If anyone thinks there are 11 first-and second-year players in the NBA better than Wall, playing better than Wall or that would get picked before Wall in a pick-up game anywhere on the planet, they are crazy.

I understand that the Wizards have been a frustrating group this season and that Wall’s reputation has suffered because of it. But this notion that he’s anything other than one of the best young talents in the league is simply foolishness.

Wall’s reaction to the draft snub from both Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley, who ended up taking him, was classic. His response, via Twitter, “Motivation!!”

As my main man Michael Lee of The Washington Post pointed out to me last night and again today, Wall has been ballin’ as of late, doing it all in the shadow of Jeremy Lin‘s worldwide takeover of the game (and on The Post’s website, there’s a Lin feature above anything Wall or Wizards, which should tell you about the chip Wall will have on his shoulder by the time he arrives in Orlando next week):

Although his numbers are down this season, Wall still leads all second-year players in assists at 7.6 and ranks second only to the all-star Griffin in scoring average at 16.7 points (Yes, amidst the league-wide Linfatuation with the New York Knicks, Wall has actually produced better stats for the entire season).

Wall had a slow start to the season, but over his past 19 games, he is averaging 18.8 points, 8.0 assists and 5.3 rebounds. In his past six games, Wall is quietly averaging 21.8 points on 50.5 percent shooting and 9.8 assists

Wall has every reason to show out in the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge. And this draft snub is all the motivation he needs to get loose. And I’m saying this after publicly endorsing Team Shaq last night.


  1. Lin FTW says:

    I am wondering if Wall feels this way about an All-Star event…what was going thru the mind of J-Lin coming into the League under the radar, cut from teams, and finally getting his a once in a life time opportunity, and milkin’ it. Its not just Wall thats being overlooked through all this “Linsanity.” Lin FTW…bang!

  2. Andy says:

    Have you guys not seen the Lin VS Wall summer league game in 2010 and the NYK/Wizzard game? Yes Wall is more athletic, but in terms of pg skills i would not say Wall is any better than Lin, in terms of bringing out team mate potentials i think Lin and Rubio does a better job than Wall as well.

  3. jumpshot says:

    you guys are ignorant and idiots.. stop hating on Lin and actually watch him grow. He can and will own Wall in all aspect of the game. Wall is faster and more athletic but his IQ and knowledge of the game is no where NEAR Lin’s. You would rather pick a point guard who knows the game or one that wants to shine in it? Knicks 9-1 because of Lin and those are his first 10 games he really played in the NBA over 20 minutes. If you think he can’t play watch him in Harvard watch him in high school. He’s been playing the same all his life and he will continue to improve. Who else has scored so many points in there first few starts?? Has Wall?? Lin wins games, Wall wants to shine in games. Take the later over the first cause you guys are haters.

  4. loooolll says:

    damn, we cant judge how good is Jeremy Lin because he has had 1 and a half GREAT weeks in the NBA, John wall is a better player than Lin overall, and as of right now, Wall is better than Irving,

  5. D says:

    What about Gary Neal? The clutch game against the Clippers on Saturday is just one example.

  6. CWILL says:

    As a wizards season ticket holder i see most of the games or watch them on tv. This team is bad there are talented players but no shooters other than young. John wall doesnt have much to work with and even though he has played well Jeremy Lin has become tebow of the nba. People need to be patient Wall has scary upside much more atheletic than Lin and much faster, explosive. Wall jumpshot will develop over time and he will be much harder to guard. In three years Wall will be a much better player.

  7. AlonZO says:

    There is NO QUESTION that JOHN WALL can PLAY. The QUESTION is can HE LEAD and MAKE HIS TEAM WIN? I still haven’t seen the LEADER in HIM. (An example of great leadership was when Baron Davis led the Golden State Warriors to a Playoff upset over Dirk and the Mavericks a few years back.)

  8. Law says:

    Is there a quota issued by the league for the number of times lin’s name has to be mentioned ny played the first game of a triple header today and Mullins can’t call the okc-den game without the Lin plugs – ok we get it he can play….. Enough already

  9. deesexy says:

    John Wall is a great players, but there are so many just like him out there. f you put them on bad teams they will look like a superstar but the fact is, he is just another point guard. He is by no means an All Star Player like Ross, CP3, Nash, etc. In fact he should feel luck he made that list of talented players.

    • Yo says:

      deesexy are you serious. Do you watch the NBA at all, it was a joke that he was drafted as low as he was but to say he was “lucky” to have made a list with such talented people on it may possibly be the dumbest thing I have ever read lls.

    • Jake says:

      WHO the hell is ROSS? learn how to spell right before you even share your thoughts..

      and John wall is not a great PLAYERS, he is a great player.

  10. gonastynats says:

    Reblogged this on Musings of a (D.C.) Sports Nut and commented:
    I don’t know if I can agree John Wall should feel insulted…but I guess I see where we COULD feel that way.
    Anyway, read along with this…

  11. Alec says:

    Taking Lin over Wall sounds so wrong. Wall does turn the ball over a lot, but just look at Lin – a turnover waiting to happen, night in and out. I really don’t feel that all this “Linsanity” is justified by any performance. Just a guy taking way too many shots, sometimes missing quite a lot of them and of course, turning the ball over a lot. That is not what someone should look for in a point guard. John Wall is stronger, better on D and overall a better offensive player.

  12. Stacey says:

    Their loss. Wall is an excellent floor general…when he has players…AND he scores to boot.

  13. Jaffro says:

    THere picking to win. not just the best players. why you think chuck pick demarcus cousins second. Cause he needs a center and big man to win the game. They can’t just pick all the good players . Need a strategy.

  14. prix says:

    Wall should be the second in the pick behind Blake followed by Rubio and Lin,Irving etc.. it only tells us that Chuck and Shaq have a Lin syndrome right now and forget about him til few picks…Wall will prove them wrong this All Star..He prove to us already with one season like Blake but not with some rookies who played great but not yet better than Wall..

  15. Matt says:

    What are you talking about? He is way better than both Irving and Lin. He’s a good point guard with great vision, and he actually has a jump shot, sure, he can’t shoot the 3pt – that – good, but his explosiveness and speed make up to it. You got your facts mixed, man.

    • Julius says:

      Individual stats can be misleading. My point is that my view, and equally Chuck and Shaq’s, is that Wall is not the best PG to run your offense. You may feel differently, but I agree with them.

    • ShakenBake says:

      why does cleveland have lots of wins over washington? if u compare the talent. washington has better talent with mcgee, young crawford etc. but on cleveland? i just think they have irving. which irving distributes the ball better and shows much better leadership than wall. if u want to play streetball. go and pick wall, but if u want to play NBA basketball pick somone else. i think u man are the one that is confused

  16. Julius says:

    Has this article been posted just to pander to John Wall’s ego?
    Charles Barkley picked Irving to be his No1 pick. Shaq chose Linsanity as his 1st back-court pick and then both of them chose compatible and complementary teams from there. No disservice to Wall, but where he was chosen makes absolute sense.

    This is not a game of one on one! In a game of one on one, you’d pick Allen Iverson over Steve Nash. On a talented roster that needs a true PG you’d pick Nash because he’d facilitate for everyone else. Likewise similar choices were made by Shaq and Chuck.

  17. sahil chawla says:

    i agree i had predicted john wall 2 go next 2 Blake griffin wall is better dan Russell westbrook cuz he is true pg just below d rose in d ranking of course cp3 n dwill nash r up d ranks wall n mcgee hve bright future irrespective of d current record