MVP Ladder: “Linsane In The Membrane”

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’ve got the fever around here, too.

Jeremy Lin fever, that is.

We’re not immune. We’re not crazy either. Lin is for real, folks. Seven straight wins, each one with Lin playing the biggest role for his team, is real!

We’re fully aware that the movement has swelled to epic proportions in recent days and will continue to do so until someone finds a way to slow down the Knicks’ point guard dynamo.

That’s why he cracked the Top 10 of this week’s KIA Race to the MVP Ladder, at No. 10, joining another point guard in crashing the party. Spurs All-Star Tony Parker steps into the mix as well, one spot ahead of Lin, as his team rides a league-best nine-game win streak.

Another point guard, Chris Paul of the Clippers, is making the most serious move up the ranks, though. He’s led the one of the most dramatic turnarounds in the league this season by guiding that other team in Los Angeles to the upper echelon of the Western Conference standings. He moves into the Top 3, behind LeBron James and Kevin Durant and one spot ahead of Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Check out the list to see who sits where with All-Star Weekend just a week away.

And remember, this is a fluid list. You can play your way on or you can play your way off, but nothing is guaranteed.


  1. Bob says:

    LaBoob James getting the mvp it a joke

    This shows just how much the NBA IS A JOKE

  2. A.J. says:

    quite possibly the most overrated player in the league as of now, he’s good. i’ll admit that, but MVP, not even close.

  3. D says:

    Would you people please stop talking about that freakshow? He is an unbelievably overrated fluke.

  4. Patrickmarc says:

    Interesting, OKC without Durand, Dallas without Nowitski, Lakers without Kobe, and Miami without Lebron, Bulls without Rose, just to evaluate the all team, not only those great players.
    If Durand could play with Charlotte, Nowitski with New-orleans and Lebron back to cleveland, for three month only, it would may be instructive.

  5. Steamtoller says:

    LeBron haters, you can do just that, hate. LeBron is the most dominant player in NBA, and that should be the main criteria for MVP!

    • LOL says:

      The main category for MVP is being the most valuable player on the team.. not the most dominant.. What would okhahoma be without KD or what would the clippers be without CP3.. thats why they should be MVP.. Miami would still be a high ranked playoff team if Lebron wasnt on the team.. or even if wade wasnt on the team.. thats why he wont win

  6. Jimmy says:

    Love is so good that last night he comes up with 33 and 17 and does not even make secondary headlines.

  7. Jimmy says:

    How Kevin Love is not number 2 or 3 is beyond me. Of course, Lebron is 1, but Love does not get enough, well, love.

  8. Lebron 100% he plays in all places of the court (PG, SF, PF, C,). He deserves it besides he has continue playing excellent basketball despite all haters out there.

  9. Ao1 says:

    I think Durrant is more deserving than James. He’s only with one all-star with him versus James along Wade (superstar) and Bosh who is also considered a superstar. Come on NBA!!!!

  10. Ao1 says:

    Why is it LeBron is the # 1 when he has Wade & Bosh with him. There were games that Wade dominated than James did. He could sit, not play and the Heat would still win with just DWade and Bosh. I think Chris Paul is more deserving. Why? Because the Clippers have become better than last year’s. The Heat were still the same. So obviously, Paul’s presence helped them alot. They’ve beat the Heat, Lakers, Spurs, Thunder…. I think Durrant is more deversing than James. He’s only with one all-star with him versus James along Wade (superstar) and Bosh who is also considered a superstar. Come on NBA!!!!

  11. allaroundballer says:

    You bring millions of people fly with you

  12. This guy is for real (Lin) He isn´t affraid to stand up at any court. I´m so happy for him. Good kid.

  13. Very difficult issue. 10 players in the list are good.By ther way
    Happy birthday Michael Jordan! Same day that Knicks lost against Hornets.

  14. prix says:

    Lin is far from MVP but surely he will win the MIP.. Sekou is overrated..

  15. PM says:

    C´mon.. Lin in the MVP Ladder? he played 6 or 7 games and he is in the MVP Ladder? What about D Wade?
    I Love Lin, but this is too much..

  16. Lou says:

    Jeremy Lin is a true inspiration to all- inspite of so many hurdles, he has managed to emerge as a real star; Go Lin-Possible. two weeks ago he was just someone…n today he has shown all of us what can be done with determination. Just love Lin! Here is another article I found in the list for lin-spirational articles:
    Jeremy Lin: Against the Odds He Succeeds :

  17. r-boy says:

    Wow that’s too much buy hey, congratulations J.LIN !

  18. The truth says:

    I cant understand how Dwyane Wade is not top 10. I mean he had about 21 ppg in less then 28 minutes.
    He played tough, had more than .500 in FG his FT are about 855 in the last 6 games. Always pushed his team in to a bigger lead or in a lead at least. Probably the best stats per minute. Nice Defense
    Should be top 5 honestly

  19. Martin says:

    Great addition of Lin on the MVP ladder

    But did he had 9.8 rpg? I think they got mixed up with the apg

    “LAST WK: 23.8 ppg | 6.2 apg | 9.8 rpg”

    • ahahha says:

      They must have changed it because it now reads 6.2 rpg, 9.8 apg…the error I find more laughable is that supposedly Lin had an average of 6.2 rebounds last week. He hasn’t played a single game this season where he’s earned more than 6 rebounds, and he only collected 6 boards once. I love the underdog story of Linsanity as much as anyone but let’s at least get his stats right, Sekou.

      • Matser says:

        these blogs are not about the correctness of stats, it’s just gossip like weak tabloids to get more clicks on this website, business …

  20. allaroundballer says:

    Worth It