JR Smith To The Knicks, Good Move?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — J.R. Smith‘s 2011-12 season began in China and will end wherever the New York Knicks’ season ends now that he’s agreed to join the traveling show that they have become the past two weeks with Jeremy Lin running the show.

Smith will be reunited with his former Denver Nuggets teammate Carmelo Anthony, who is expected back in the lineup before the end of the weekend.

Smith has agreed to terms with the Knicks, TNT’s David Aldridge confirmed it this morning, after having serious discussions with the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Knicks are on a roll right now, winners of seven straight, and yet there is all this worry about what Anthony’s return might do to their chemistry. I’m not worried about Anthony. But the addition Smith could be an intriguing one. He’s flourished off the bench before during his career and could provide the same sort of explosive ability for the Knicks. But if things don’t go as planned, Smith has been known to cause a headache or two with his play, where does this thing go?


  1. TIUcrazy says:

    i like the way nyk playing. i think they can be a contender. even without lin or smith. they can only cause turnover.

  2. Then? says:

    then they won the defending champion~ how about that?

  3. kirky says:

    JR will be a good add to this team. With Baron Davis coming, it will absolutely the next LOB city for sure and every single fan will get LINsane.

  4. McCOOLEET says:

    TOP 10 defensive team?….WTF by beating under .500 teams and 20 to 30 ranked in offense…haha…

  5. Kratos' Rage says:

    JR Smith is a good addition no doubt. He has a career ave of about 14 ppg and aside from his high-wire dunks, he developed to a deadly gunner from beyond and a very exciting player to watch. His only downside is he tends to out of control at times but other than that he’s a great catch by the knicks. He will also re-unite with MELO so that will be sweet


    – Jeremy lin P
    – JR Smith SG
    – Melo SF
    – Amare PF
    – Chandler C

  6. Jeff says:

    You guys gotta check out this high school players dunk where he shattered the backboard. The dude is a beast. http://www.americanlivewire.com/high-school-players-dunk-shatters-a-backboard/

  7. Olliee says:

    say that something tells me, coach know what he is doing.

  8. Olliee says:

    These decisions depend on individual preferences such as how much risk a person is prepared to take. According to theory application in sport. that bball players have different risktaking profiles and that these profiles set a specific starting preference for risky or less risky options that allow us to predict fairly accurately the decision time and chosen options of such players. Maybe he is good in that… let us wait ans see what happens. I MUST

  9. Hezmond says:

    I love this move by the Knicks on one condition; catch and shoot!!! That’s all JR needs to do and I believe he will do it. The Lakers and Clippers missed out big time on a big time scorer…

  10. bluline3 says:

    JR to knicks on a pure paper standpoint could work extremely well if he buys in and does something like what mo williams is doin in LA. But in that case the knicks will face problems in the playoffs due to lack of a defensive mindset. A mindset isn’t really necessary if u have a ton of pieces that work together and have been at it for awhile [like the Lakers of 08-10] or the current miami team. But without it teams tend to break [not run out of gas or out of offensive output] in the playoffs. I’d say best the knicks can do is what phoenix did by reaching the conference finals before losing to the lakers in 2010. They’ll hav ridiculous offensive chops to go with decent defensive chops but will eventually lose after being grinded out by either the heat or the bulls. If they can get to the conference finals that’s going to be the battle right there and i don’t think they hav what it takes to take out either of those stacked defensive teams. Get past them though and i could see this knicks squad as being able to take out any of the squads in the west.

  11. Raf says:

    Admit it: in the poll options, you mentioned Baron Davis in the “no” option so people would realise exactly why J.R. was a risk worth taking!

  12. Javier says:

    How can a guy who has proved to be instant offense off the bench be anything but a good addition?
    And the guy has size, 6’8″, people don’t realize that about JR Smith, the guy can shoot the lights out from 3 pt. range.
    The Knicks are now a dangerous team, no doubt.

  13. The Schmuck says:

    Melo + JR Smith + Amare Stoudemire + 1 basketball allowed on court at all times (league rule) = Uh Oh. There’s a reason Melo and JR only got out of the first round once during their time together in Denver. Here’s a full, interesting take on the situation: http://sportschmucks.com/the-hardwood-j-r-smith-wants-to-share-in-the-linsanity/ (Oh, and if you like looking at beautiful women, this site has those too)

  14. Taj says:

    @ 3:51 of this video what exactly does Antonio Davis say? Is that a cool new word I’m not aware of? Envouge.

  15. tony says:

    34 point per game
    2.5 steals per game
    4.2 turnover per game
    6 rebounds per game

    Zhejiang Golden Bulls Stats for JR Smith.

    Not too bad

  16. the finishline says:

    Good move all they have to do is move the ball the way a pro team is suppose to and they’ll be fine. Although it would have made more sense for Smith to sign with Chicago where scoring is needed. The Bulls play team defense so he wouldn’t have to be a one on one defensive stopper. The Clippers would have been a good choice also they play run and gun, but defensive minded also!

  17. Ray says:

    I NEVER thought fans could think, sound, act, and TALK so ignorant and stupid but clearly you guys proved me wrong, once again!

  18. J says:

    I think there is no downside to bringing J.R. Smith to this team, if the Knicks are smart about this that is. If they only sign him to a 1 year contract and he doesn’t work out you let him go or cut him as the season moves along. The best part about this is that they are taking a shooter off the market and I know 1 team that could use someone like him and that is the Bulls. So, I don’t see why this is a bad move.

  19. Earl says:

    JR has never been a ball-stopping one-on-one player in the NBA. He’s a catch-and-shoot player. Previous questions about his shoot selection have had more to do with his penchant to pull the trigger too early rather than work it for a better shot. His mentally is perfect for the speed ball aspect of D’Antoni’s offense. George Karl had more trouble motivating JR to be a team defensive player than getting him to share the ball. After his stint in China, JR will be so happy to be back in the NBA that he will be more than compliant. Especially since this is actually an audition for him for his next contract. He can be an unrestricted FA at the end of this season if he declines the second year option the Knicks gave him. I think JR will be great for the Knicks. Too bad it will all come at the expense of Billy Walker’s playing time.

  20. ATL Fan says:

    All JR does is take away opportunities from other players on the team. Bad move

  21. TP says:

    Yall missing one point. JR will come off the bench!!! Fields will start and Smith will be in perfect position coming off the bench and providing a spark for the 2nd unit. If they keep playing this type of defense they will contend for that Eastern crown. Cant wait for Melo to come back and prove yall idiots wrong. Melo is a baller. He knows how to play the game. He has NEVER had a PG tht can facilitate like J Lin. The knicks are a problem.

  22. Catco1 says:

    JR Smith is the missing piece to NBA Championship. We now can boast that the Knicks are covered in all five positions. During Amare and Melo’s time off, we ascertained that the Knicks can win with their bench players. It wasn’t until Lin earned the starting point guard position that we really knew how important it was to have a true PG. We cannot blame Carmelo, because we had no choice but to run the offense through him. He is a pure scorer and when it comes to crunch time, we have one of the best. With the pieces coming together, we now have a Championship caliber team. Furthermore, if Baron Davis comes back healthy, then we will be unstoppable.. If the Knicks stay healthy, then we will be parading downtown. LET”S GO KNICKS!!!

  23. porsche930 says:

    It’s all about money. It’s market-oriental. Yes, JR is well-known after playing a season in China’s CBA.
    Combine with Lin, you can’t imagin how the benifit runs.
    The top management does not care how high / far the team goes.

  24. DANITo says:

    we really need smith, we have all star pg, sf, pf, and center. we need a good sg . he will fit very good coming off the bench. thats what we missing

  25. EROCK says:

    I think this is a great move, Knicks fans please wake up an realize that the teams we’ve beat during this streak are all under 500, this knicks mgmt made this moved for the playoffs, there is no way we could go far with this team and if you all remember in the playoffs Landry Fields was no were to be found and we don’t want to go through that again, so with this move this gives us more shooters who can get the job done under pressure. I know that it’s a risky move messing with the chemistry of this team, but guys like Chandler, Amare Melo, Jefferies, will not let anyone come in a mess up what they have built up with the team. I think the knicks made it clear to JR Smith what his role would be an I don’t think he would have come here if he would not buy into the Knicks system. He played in China over there they don’t play around and they do play team ball so if he can adjust over there I know he will be fine with the knicks, so pleaes knicks fans give this guy a chance!

  26. mellow says:


  27. Cflo says:

    My comment must have been so good they decided not to post it!

  28. b-rad says:

    Hopefully Smith has matured a bit from his days with denver. They do need some bench scoring because at times it seems points are hard to come by. Not to metion evertime you turn around melo is injured. Not a bad move getting Smith but we’ll have to see how this all works out. Geez we haven’t even seen melo play with Lin yet now Smith will have to find a way to fit in as well. As for the D- they have gotten better with the addition of Chandler and Shumpert not to mention jeffires has had more playing time as well. Hopefully the D will be contagious.

  29. ieyham says:

    he should go with the clippers. that team was in need of shooting guard.with billups out for the season, smith will be a great fit with this team.instead of paul, williams,butler in the backourt (too small) they can use paul , smith ,and butler at the same time. additional scorer for the clippers. they need a guy who can create shots. if the alley oops and pick and roll not working with them they can use smith to provide instant plays.knicks has too many guards bibby,davis,shumpert,douglas,fields,anthony,and the player of the month lin.

  30. Ben says:

    I don’t think Smith was a wise decision for the knicks, I think he will be a liability.

  31. Phil The Drill says:

    Well, I think he joined the Knicks because of endorsement – now he plays together with the new hero of Asia, them people will watch every Knicks game and vote the starting five into the AllStar game 2013 LMAO. No, I mean FOR REAL. That could be a reason.
    And I agree – Clippers would have been a better fit, no doubt.

  32. Mike says:

    Carmello for Kobe. J.R. slides into the S.F. Amare stays at P.F. Tyson stays at C. Lin P.G. Use the tough defensive young backup guards for depth. If this trade happens, the Heat won’t see a championship with their big three. They’ll have to come to New York to see the trophy.

  33. Al says:

    Smith will not see the rotation

  34. Rands says:

    Knicks should also trade Amar’e, Fields, etc. to Denver for Afflalo, Andersen, Harrington, Ty Lawson, Nene and change their name to Nuggets. LOL!

  35. ridethatdvicks says:

    they should only play jr when lin is on the bench. fields is a much better team player than jr

  36. HeatKingOfEast says:

    ahahahaha i wasn’t able to check all the comments before i commented. all comments on top are stupid, thats why i was forced to comment eventough i’m a heat fan. @josh i also think jr smith would be a good pick up for the knicks.

  37. HeatKingOfEast says:

    Its a good move. he will be a scorer of the bench. like jamal crawford, jason terry or mo williams. Do you guys think that coach mike would play 1Lin 2smith 3melo 4amare 5chandler? of course not. smith and douglas can be good bench backcourts. Lin and shumpert cant play 40+ minutes all the time, specially when they have a back to back to back game and 2-3 of this games are road. I think jr smith can catch up to the 6th man award. This is if he has still touch in the basketball, because from what I remember, after the lock out, smith wants to go back to nba imediately, and he was slacking off in practice and china and worse he skip practices. But let’s see if he still has his touches in the court. Just think of this, smith will come off the bench when either melo, lin, or amare is resting, at least 1 of them still at the court. and smith can become a scorer for the knicks of the bench. I think, nyk should immitate the rotation of miami heat’s 3 all stars, lin is already an all star right. when resting lin,melo and amare, 1 should remain on the court. i suggest lin and mare take seat around 3mins in the 1st qtr then melo stays then smith and novak for subs. Just think about it.

  38. jr says:

    guys, the knicks haven’t allowed 100 pts in 7 straight games because me and melo weren’t on the floor.

  39. Sam Robinson says:

    1 thing that all haters of melo and Smith failed to realise is this is Lins team and amare melo and jr will get easy shots from lin. Knicks will fiinsh at the top of the Eastern Conference and will challenge the likes of chicago and miami. Lin should be in the MVP talk as well he has lead a team without amare and melo and little else talent to six straight Kobe couldnt do that he would just blame others and put up 40 shots shooting 38%.

  40. stephen sellers says:

    if knicks don;t win a championship the coach should be fired

  41. SMT says:

    Knicks need an bench player that can score, and Smith fits that bill. Beside, Lin’s play is contagious and it’d be fun to watch Smith blends into the new Knicks offense.

  42. kobe says:

    like this move by KNICKS..adding some nice pieces to the puzzle..Jr can shoot and put him on one side of the floor with Melo on the other and they can be scary..Lin has good court vision ..

  43. Josh says:

    To address the people calling out the knicks defense here are some starts that might surprise you for the 2011-2012 season PTS/G: 95.5 (13th of 30) ▪ Opp PTS/G: 94.1 (13th of 30)
    SRS: -0.85 (20th of 30) ▪ Pace: 93.9 (3rd of 30)
    Off Rtg: 101.0 (24th of 30) ▪ Def Rtg: 99.5 (6th of 30)
    The two starts that should stand out to you are ▪ Def Rtg: 99.5 (6th of 30) and ▪ Opp PTS/G: 94.1 (13th of 30). The knicks defense is much improved and although as you said deron most of their games have not been played against elite teams these are still good solid numbers and a drastic improvement from previous season, a step in the right direction.

    • deron says:

      But Josh, that’s the thing; the Knicks’ D has improved but not by as much you would hope. Those numbers are almost meaningless when half of the teams they played were at the bottom of the league, they weren’t middle of the road teams, but the absolute bottom. My only point is that we really don’t know how good the defense is at this point.

  44. Josh says:

    First things first. I am a die hard Knicks Fan have been since the 90’s , so i will try to formulate a argument for smith that’s as unbiased as possible. I think J.R smith is a phenomenal pick up for any team looking to add off the bench scoring depth, that being said he does have a reputation for being volatile and headstrong. However i believe that in the Knicks situation he can and will buy into the “team concept” more or less and become a key contributor for mike D’antoni’s second unit. As long as Jeremy Lin can say no to melo and j.r and allocate touches as he and the coach see fit. I see this being a huge move that may very well propel the knicks to serious contention in the eastern conference, but that’s preemptive to say the least. Bottom line if the knicks want to win games buy into D’antoni’s system and see if you can build on the chemistry with the new addition to the new york knicks.

  45. Kye says:

    we can only see what happens with JR, not predict! Sekou, i am completey dissapointed with you in the Race for MVP, Kobe’s name is up there why, because he’s Kobe? the team isnt doing MVP caliber ballplay, as for Dwight Howard! How in the hell is Lebron #1 with D-Wade & Bosh on his team. You cant give a guy MVP along with two superstars on his team, plus that’s Wade’s team! If anyone other than Durant, Rose, Paul, or Love wins, its a joke! Most likely Love will drop out of da equation!

  46. Mark says:

    The knicks have a 15 and 15 record right now and still more than likely will be an 8 or 7th seed in the playoffs or not make the playoffs at all. given that fact, regardless they will not win a championship no matter who they add to their team or how well there defense is. i know they played the lakers last week and the knicks were the last game of there 6 games on the ROAD. that goes with the other teams the knicks have won against in the past week.

  47. Aviv says:

    jr smith is a good move for any team

  48. jasa says:

    daantony system, just outscore oponents. Any defense in that team. I think this is a bad move for bouth sides.

    • kobe says:

      Jasa b4 u speak u should actually watch and follow games..Knicks top 10 in defense this year and havent allowed a team to score 100 in 7 games..

  49. asdf says:

    they dont need smith, another volume shooter

    • KADOU says:

      Guys, i think you’re overeating here, we need to wait and see how he’ll fit in before rushing to judgement
      and if anything,he adds depth to the bench, he’s a very good player .

  50. nbasmartguy says:

    he is put the in the beaket that what ny need with the secson team

  51. deron says:

    @Bill and Justin: For the Knicks, that number does not mean much until the end of the season when their schedule evens out. Have you seen their schedule?

    15 of their 30 games, HALF!, have been played against the bottom ten offenses this year. 9 of their 30 games have been played against the bottom 5 offenses. They played the Bobcats 3 times (giving up 118 points in one of those games) and the Wizards, Raptors, Kings, and Pistons twice each. You have to admit that their defensive numbers are seriously skewed. If they’re ranked in the top ten after they have played better offenses and when the season is over, I will concede that they have great a defense.

  52. JW1218 says:

    Smith + Vovak. Knicks will get 7-8 3 prts per game.

  53. david says:

    hey this pick up is also good for my NBA2K12 Knicks 😀 lol

  54. Rob says:

    Wow, should have went to Lob City

    • dyrese says:

      dont ahte yall not that good anyway blake griffin is the man an cp3 is good but hes overrated

      • RJ says:

        CP3 ain’t overrated. He plays every part of the game hard. He’s a team player. He’s skilled and he’s strong. You just hated on both JR Smith and CP3 anyway…

      • Jaffro says:

        Chris Paul is overated. so selfish demanding a trade. can’t Lin on his own.

  55. The Schmuck says:

    JR Smith anonther ball stopping offensive player, just like his boy Melo. There’s a reason they only got out of the first round once during their time together in Denver. While the guy has skills that would destroy nearly anyone in a one-on-one game, he’s not a team player. Here’s a full, interesting take on the situation: http://sportschmucks.com/the-hardwood-j-r-smith-wants-to-share-in-the-linsanity/ (Oh, and if you like looking at beautiful women, this site has those too)

    • WadeLALakers says:

      Thats exactly correct, ball stopping non team player, dont get me wrong I am a little upset lakers did not get him, but what a piece he would have been for the lakers. He could have been easily averaging 24 ppg with the lakers offense.

  56. pudge says:

    yea i dont see this as a great move for the knicks or JR. will probably make some nice highlight plays though haha

  57. TheNBAGuy says:

    The Clippers should of signed him not the Knicks! First of all he would be a perfect match for the clippers and he can fit right into lob city. Second of all clippers really need someone (better then Randy Foye) to replace Chauncey Billups. And Third, LIN-SANITY! J.R. Smith just doesn’t fit with the Knicks!

  58. Alex says:

    Bad move, Smith. Good luck getting the ball. The Knicks is that team that will never get over the hump. Had a better shot of getting to the Finalls with the Clippers.

  59. david says:

    happy with the pick up more points for my team the knicks i really wanna know who did the knicks cut to make room for him??????

  60. DJ says:


  61. Josh says:

    Smith is a beast… has ability to score 10-20 points a quarter

  62. deron says:

    The Knicks just added another one-dimensional player, they’ll score 110 ppg but they’ll give up 111. They thought that they could get far with two All-Stars, but both Amare and Carmelo are overrated one-dimensional players. These types of players do no lead a team to a championship – unless the coach instills a defensive mentality.

    • Bill says:

      “The Knicks just added another one-dimensional player, they’ll score 110 ppg but they’ll give up 111”

      Knicks are in the top 10 in defensive efficiency this season and haven’t allowed over 100 points in 7 games. If anything this is a boost to an offense that needs it

      • Neitel says:

        That’s right! and about the coach….even though he was the mastermind behind PHX gun and run a la do nelson, coack mike preaches defense!!! remember defense wins games, and eventually…..championships. ask the heat.

    • Bill says:

      I think you need to stop posting that same paragraph in every article about Smith. I’m yet to see anyone who agrees.

      • robbay2 says:

        He chucks bad shots and is a defensive liability. He will take good shots away from Lin and Chandler and replace them with stupid threes that have no chance. I would be surprised and proud if he will actually get over 40% on FGp and 35% on 3P-FGp

    • justin says:

      UM…… thats why they are top 10 in defense rite now? haha u haters are crazy watch a damn game instead of hear what others say

    • Kdubb says:

      THANK YOU!!. i been saying thatt boutt them two for the longestt..

    • Dave says:

      I agree completely deron. I enjoy watching the Knicks when it’s Lin, Fields, Jefferies, Iman, Tyson, Walker. Those guys are basketball players, NOT guys that excell at 21. Smith is another, all about me type of player. Amare is a middle of the road team player, and once he comes to grips that his explosive athletic ability of his youth is gone, and if he learns to concentrate more on rebounding and defense and continues to work on his outside shot, then things will be fine with him. Anthony is totally self-serving. I don’t see why general managers don’t see this. I guess fan pressure is too great. Sad.

    • Jacky says:

      We will see when he (Carmelo) come back for couple games, then the coach does his adjustment on score110 ppg / give up 111 ppg.

    • Jacky says:

      2-We will see when he (Carmelo) come back for couple games, then the coach does his adjustment on score110 ppg / give up 111 ppg.