Shumpert’s (Not So) Secret Weapon!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Knicks rookie guard Iman Shumpert was revealed as one of four contestants for the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest earlier today, joining Rockets swingman Chase Budinger, Pacers swingman Paul George and Timberwolves forward Derrick Williams.

But Shumpert will show up to Orlando with a (not so) secret weapon (Jeremy Lin) none of his dunk rivals can match. Our main man Jonah Ballow of went 1-on-1 with Shumpert and snagged the inside story from the man with overflowing amount of the “Shump Swag”:


  1. deez says:

    Anyone know what kinda of shades he’s wearing?

  2. Elusive1 says:

    I can go a good 3 years without seeing a dunk contest. It has been lack luster as of late. When it takes 8 tries to actually make the dunk, I can care less if it goes in or not. And PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE ban the dunk from the foul line. It’s been done to death. Unless you somehow throw a 360 or between the legs into it just leave it alone and let it rest in peace.

  3. henrikz says:

    now if JLin got high leaping ability…i think he can win this one via fan vote..ahahaha

  4. tomcat says:

    It’s looking like it will be a very boring Slam Dunk contest this year. I guess none of the big names wanted to share their wares with us fans, makes me kind of happy that the players mostly lost out on the new agreement. You guys get paid to entertain us, so why don’t you?

    • Adaham says:

      Most of what the big names gave us the last years was funny stuff with props, but no revulotionary dunks. Since Vince Carter was hanging from the ring by his elbow there has been little truly shocking. While they are obviously still great athletic achievments, neither the Superman nor the KIA-jump were really groundbreaking. While it’s hard to come up with great new stuff that isn’t relying on props, maybe it’s still worth giving those new guys a chance. Maybe one of them dares to think out of the box.

      • chris says:

        are you joking? javale had 2 hoop dunks.. had 3 ball dunks.. superman had a 12 foot ring.. this is for entertainment purposes and there is so many ways u can throw a ball in a hoop in the last 20 years im pretty sure ppl have thouht of all those ways.. if shumpert pulls out a double under the legs dunk though that will b the greatest dunk in a comp to this date..

  5. ko0kiE says:

    imo he may be a bit too self-confident at times.. but I like him as a player.. probably the only guy besides chandler who can actually defend on that knicks team.

  6. R-boy says:

    J. Lin made him look good