Linsanity About Opportunity … Or Skill?

HOUSTON – It’s one thing for fans to get caught up in the fever or for the media to fan the flames.

But you know that “Linsanity” is for real when Jeremy Lin is getting noticed in the other locker rooms around the NBA and the buzz is filling the pre-game talk.

“I think everybody is keeping one eye on him,” the Thunder’s Kevin Durant said with a grin on Tuesday night. “I mean, I don’t know that guy from a can of paint, but I’m happy for him. I’m rooting for him.

“Guys this locker room are not fans in terms of being in awe of other guys. But we see the good plays. We respect the good players. We respect the good teams. You have to respect what the guy is doing.

“It’s a little different than it was for me, because I was the No. 2 pick and I was supposed to do that. For him, people didn’t think he’d even come close to that. So that’s the unique thing about it. I’m so happy for him that he’s out there proving people wrong. He’s gotten his chance and he’s taking full advantage of it.”

Lin was in the Rockets’ training camp and was cut to make room on the roster when the team signed Samuel Dalembert before the season opener.

“In the time that he was here I got to know him a little bit,” said Courtney Lee. “He’s a good dude. He always put God first and never had one negative thing come out of his mouth. When stuff like that happens it shows you that good things do happen for good people.

“Everybody on our team is amazed at what he’s doing. We check after every game. Like (Monday) night, we got on the bus and we were all mad because we lost (at Memphis). But then somebody said Jeremy hit a 3-pointer to win the game, scores 27 with 11 assists. Everybody was trying to look up the video. It’s unbelievable.

“It kind of does remind you of (Tim) Tebow with the Broncos. Tebow wasn’t playing, then he came in and was starting and the question was would he be able to lead this team. Then he got them to the playoffs. With Jeremy, no one knew who he was, then he got his opportunity and he’s making the most of it. I wish him nothing but the best going forward.”

Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks says he’s already tired of the opinion that Lin has simply made the most of his opportunity.

“People are saying it’s the system and it’s the opportunity,” Brooks said. “No. He’s a player. The system has nothing to do with that kid playing as well as he’s playing. Opportunity has nothing to do with it. You can give players opportunities every day of the week to play and they are not going to do as well as that guy.

“It’s never been done before. Words can’t describe it. I played at a very low level in this league. But what he’s doing, nobody would have ever guessed it. He’s doing it … and they’re winning, which is the No. 1 thing you’re playing the game for.

“The 3-point shot to win the game (at Toronto), that’s not the system. It’s squaring your man, telling him I don’t need a pick-and-roll, backing him up and shooting the 3 in his face. And making it. That doesn’t happen because of the system. That kid is good.”


  1. Tom says:

    You know he is not as exciting as you think. The guy was hired to be a backup PG and he is doing his job. NY hasn’t had much to cheer about lately and Jeremy Lin is the man of the hour, right now!

  2. Wendell says:

    It will be great to to when Lin comes up against a team like Dallas. The Zone defence that the mavs impose on you humbles even the might giant in Miami and OKC. NBA is nonger about individual performance it is al about team. That is why Dallas is such great threat yesterday, today and tomorrow. Go Mavs Go.

  3. Kenneth says:

    this would make an excellent “feel good movie”

  4. duro says:

    First of all, this black/white mandatory choice between occasion and skill is absurd. Both are necessary. I you have the occasion but you’re goofy, you won’t go anywhere; if you’re good but nobody lets you play… you won’t go anywhere either.
    I don’t agree with Brooks. I adore Lin and think his success is totally his but… saying that nothing is due to the right occasion and the right system is ignoring evidence.
    Knicks badly needed a PG and Lin was the only one left, just there on the bottom of the bench, and they HAD to use him. Why other teams who had it in roster did not recognize it? Why all NBA teams did not want him when NY offered him in past weeks? Why all colleges did not want him? Everybody is stupid but the Knicks’ owners (maybe the other way round…)?
    And then… D’Antoni’s system IS the best place to show Lin’s playing characteristics and to exalt them. As it was with Nash. As it was in Italy (where D’Antoni was successful, winning everything, both as a PG and as a coach).
    Why do you think Stoudemire did not constantly repeat the Suns days performances? ‘Cause there was not a Nash type to run D’Antoni’s play. I bet Stoudemire will get back to the good old days playing with Lin. At least until Melo gets back and ruins everything.

  5. duro says:

    I just remember when NY fans booed the choice of Gallinari… and then enjoyed his play. I just remember NY fans chanting “We want Melo” and to get him a mad ownership gave away half (or maybe 3/4) of the team… only to discover that now they had TWO stars filling exactly the same spot… and nobody else. I just remember NY fans booing and asking for D’Antoni’s removal, as if his was the fault of making do with an absurd roster built after the FANS’ desires. Now they’re crazy about Lin’s phenomenon. I hope it’ll go ahead because Lin deserves it but… I’m afraid of what could happen if Knicks just hit the wall in couple consecutive games (which is not totally unlikely as soon as “My-ball” Melo will get back on the court. If I was Knicks ownership I’ll hurry trading Melo (and Baron) for a couple good players. Hurry up before other teams realize that Melo is more than redundant: he’s harmful for a team’s gameplay (Nuggets already know this).

  6. D.Jones says:

    when God decides to bless some1 no matter how much people hate on dem no1 can take that away not evil satan with his entire troops.

    Keep on doing ur thing J.lin and stay blessed man

  7. linsanity fanatic says:

    Thank you Scott Brooks. i’m really tired of people trying to take something away from an amazing kid and and somes amazing performances. Coach Brooks is a stand-up guy and that’s a great example of how smart he is. Go Jeremy!

    • Nicholas says:

      I agree with Scott Brooks’ comment too.

      Now, to see if J-Lin can keep doing this for the rest of the season.

  8. R-boy says:

    Even if The LINSANITY fever fades or even J.lin’s hot streak come to an end or worst, he’s no longer that good like other players, it’s alright man……..he’s an HARVARD grad man so he still be famous and rich after this

  9. R-boy says:

    Well it’s all about knowing their role. Melo and Amare’s role is to lead the team no doubt about it. J.Lin is a revelation now and since he started for the knicks, he is sensational leading the team to a 6-game winning streak but i know he’s that intelligent to know know that he still on the back end Melo and Amare and he know his role so I think it will be more exciting if will those 3 guys play together, that will be a sight to see.

  10. colin says:

    I just discovered that Jeremy Lin’s story is not new. It has happened before. The guy’s name is Ronald “Flip” Murray. Expect the linsanity to mellow down in a month.

  11. LearnStraightFacts says:

    Players Can Always Adjust, Specially The Likes Of Melo And The Rest Of The Superstars In NBA.

  12. LearnStraightFacts says:

    Dude Melo Can Play With Anyone. Throughout His Career He Played With Some Great PG. Even With Iverson Who Hogs The Ball And Still Get His And Played Well. Soo Why Wonder About Him Cant Play With A PG Jeremy Lin Now??
    The Problem In New York Is The System. NY Has 2 Deadly Scorers And What They Have As A Coach Is A Offensive Coach.
    If They Get A Defensive Coach Like Larry Brown Or Something They Will Be Deadly.

  13. Papafano says:

    Just a few comments on the positive impact of Lins play on the players:
    Am I the only person to have noticed how hard the team is playing defence? Its like everyone of the knicks have been revitalized. Have you seen how hard they are running the fast breaks. Everybody understands that if their open, they will get a scoring opportunity. Other teams are having difficulty adjusting defensively, because they simply don´t know who will receive the ball. Jarred Jeffries/ Landry Fields are relevant again, because with Lin at the point its worth running the plays, because if their where their supposed to be they will get the ball with space to shoot, or go hard to the rim. As an aggresive PG who can use even the smallest weakness in the defence to go into the paint, it keeps the defence honest, which gives all the guys on the team that split second longer before the defence help can rotate.
    Patience and the IQ to adapt to the situation in front of him is impressive. In the Toronto game, the first 18 Minutes were the first time where things could have begun to unravel, but he made adjustments and we all know how that game ended..
    And when it comes to the team.. I have rarely seen a Knicks team that are so focussed and so together as the team I am seeing now. I am pretty sure that some of the more savvy defensive coordinaters are going to devise systems that will slow him down and as he is human, he will have bad games, but if the team believes and he believes, the rest of this season is going to be fun!

  14. Papafano says:

    As a longtime Knicks fan I am loving everything around Jeremy Lins story. In a season that has been overshadowed by the
    lockout that left a bad taste in every basketball fans mouth, I for one had a cynical state of mind at the start of the season. After the shock of what the Knicks had to give up to receive `Melo in NY and the tepid impact he seemed to be having, just following the games, as a fan, you had a sense of trepidation everytime you looked up the results of last nights games.
    Now everytime I think of the knicks I find myself smiling, eagerly looking up the results, checking the videos seeing what
    JL and the knicks have been up to.. It feels like back in the day when following Ewing, Jackson, Starks, Mason and Oakley when that team did what they did. So Jeremy Lin,the Knicks organisation(for the hype), Mike D´Antoni(for his job) should be thanking you daily.. As a fan of the Knicks and NY thank you for rekindling our love affair with one of the best teams, but also one of the most frustrating teams in the NBA. AND thank you for putting a smile on every basketball fans face around the world.
    Stefano, Melle, Germany

  15. specialfriedrice says:

    trade Melo and base NYK around Lin and Amare ! end of story, all melo has done since he came to NY is bring em down, team was better b4 melo trade then after and this season speaks for itself.

  16. McBobb says:

    if you saw the kings game, every time he goes down the floor you know something great will happen.

  17. QuestionMark says:

    All due respect to Melo, if Melo can’t play with this kid, best thing to do would be to trade Melo for defensive players and a proper bench, Lin proved he can play with Stoudemire, and even if it was one game, he proved he can be clutch as well.

  18. Senna ZtritBzkt says:

    He is a real team player! He is gonna get higher and higher. I just hope the NY Knicks coaching and directive staff to give him the playing time he deserves and treat him with the justice that every situation of his game asks for – according to what he shows, produces for the team to get better on and off the court. Let’s make the NBA and basketball itself greater by giving to the young talents the most of the support they need to express the gifts they’ve got and the results of all the hard work they go through! It’s been a long, hard and shaking way for J. Lin but it’s time to shine. Lin for the win! Let’s go!

  19. Senna XtritBzkt says:

    Oh, God! I’m amazed. Every one of his plays I see makes me shiver. I see the world behind him! The world is backing you up, Lin! Go on, man! Keep it up! Stay true, stay straight! Lots of love, yo!

  20. BRICE says:


  21. Jintan says:

    I think at the end he will still be really good, since he has a smart head over his shoulders. He’ll be a thread to every team when he learns to not turnover that much. I already got the “linsanity” virus though.

  22. Chuck says:

    Why Beijing…? Culturally, there is no connection between Jeremy and China.

    • Jay says:

      His grandmother on the mother side is from mainland. And Taiwan is a province of China. What connection do you want?

      • Martin says:

        And my grandmother on my mom’s side lived in France and painted terrible pictures of the Seine river. What does that have to do with me?

        I grew up with many Taiwanese-Americans in Seattle, WA. Most of them would disagree with the idea that Taiwan is a Chinese province.

        Jeremy grew up in Palo Alto, CA, it doesn’t get less mainland China than that! He’s not Chinese Jay, he’s American!

      • mr. ignorant says:

        taiwan’s not a chinese province, idiot. it’s its own country.

  23. They seem very pacific but this video shows the contrary. They are very aggressive people, they save their any moment they can explode.

  24. Tor16 says:

    What ever happened to Vinsanity? Vinsanity who??? Who cares. Its now Linsanity!!!

  25. J says:

    not very tall? the dude is 6’3″…. that’s pretty damn big for a PG buddy.

  26. Gabe says:

    Tebow won two college champions and was a first round draft pick so it’s a little different

  27. zeeemteam says:

    the NBA may include him into the rising stars game. But as a Knick fan if he plays good if he doesn’t good too because i want him to get his rest. I saw something in him in the game against boston. He got his chance a few days later against the Nets and I was giddy I knew we found the PG we needed.

  28. R-boy says:

    Linsanity About Opportunity … Or Skill? It’s BOTH! He was given the OPPORTUNITY in the absence of the key players and he made the most out of it. With that, his SKILLS was unleashed and made a major impact to their run. With his emergence, he made his team look good and his teammates stepped up like STEVE NOVAK, JARRED JEFFRIES, BILL WALKER and rookie IMAN SHUMPERTmade major contibutions. LInsanity also made an impact to the Knick fans and they love what they’re seeing right and one great thing about what’s happening now is….they are winning games! You can say whatever you want about the guy and the virus of LINSANITY he’s spreading, he’s an inspiration and admit it or not, he’s good man and damn he can really play ball

  29. ghost says:

    let us all hope that Carmelo CAN PLAY WITH him.

  30. R-boy says:

    He should be included in the all star reserve…or if not, any all star weekend event! What do you think?

    • RangryRanga says:

      No way should he be an allstar reserve. The teams have already been picked anyway, but he has only done it for 6 games. He hasnt evn played over 3/4 of the season. Theres no way he can be an all-star.

      He could be included in the rising stars game, but that would be unfair for someone to miss out after already been chosen. And once again he has only played 6 games

      • R-boy says:

        Well that’s a long shot. If he continue his great play this season and re-sign for next season or so, he can be a steal for an all star spot

    • KR says:

      no. plain and simple. kyle lowry has done more all season, but he’s hardly getting the respect he deserves. lin’s story is great, but he’s done it against weak oppositon (excluding the lakers). don’t buy into the hype too much, he’d have to be close to averaging what he’s done lately to be a future all-star. but a movie script is no doubt in the works.

  31. AlonZO says:

    The story of Jeremy Lin INDEED shows that DREAMS do come TRUE. This are what we see in movies but this is for REAL. The guy can play and what impress me most is his ATTITUDE. He is very humble and has shown that you CAN be a GOOD (good is an an understatement because he is the hottest player in the NBA right now not just on the court but off the court) player in the NBA but at the same time act like just any ordinary guy. He is an INSPIRATION and personifies the saying “JUST BELIEVE”.

  32. Dave says:

    I’m willing to bet, between the friendships he’s developed here, the D’Antoni system, and the fact that this happened in NY when other teams were cutting him, he’ll be highly inclined to sign in NY even if other teams offer him more money than NY is able to. He just seems like that kind of guy.

  33. gil pili says:


  34. gil pili says:

    He just show his God givent talent to every player he met.More power to you LISANITY

  35. I gues Lin-sanity is legit. he’s a good player. hopefully the knicks will make it to the playoffs this season. he wont be an all star, but he’ll be a very effective player.

  36. prix says:

    Not just an opportunity..not just the skill…you won´t end up in the NBA if you don´t have both…LIN is simply destined to be in the right place and the right time… and just make use of his God given talent…maybe next time he would score less or they will lose or Melo end up destroying the chemistry but one thing for sure, people won´t forget the time that Jeremy make a great impact to the game of basketball and make a difference…and NBA will never be the same again…

    • robbay2 says:

      God didn’t give him his talent.

      God gave him the tools to make his talent. Jeremy is so determined and took the opportunity when he saw it. He made the best of it.

      You aren’t born with a basketball or football in your hands. Jeremy Lin is a prime example of determination. Never forget it.

  37. RUNMAD says:

    I can’t stand the Knicks as an organization (die hard Bulls fan here), but I gotta respect Lin. If he can consistently avg 10 and 10, the Knicks will be a force to be reckoned with come play off time.

  38. Nik says:

    I hope the we can keep him in NY for the long term. This is the beginning of something special. Cant wait for knicks to play DAL and MIA.. thats when we see the first real test and how he does against the best in the league.

    • 123germany says:

      oh no nik , believe me you dont wanna see this as a knicks fan 😀
      lebron or the matrix on lin…. thats no fun at all

      but there is another REAL problem for lin & the knicks, as soon as carmelo comes back …. 😀