Fresh Faces In Sprite Slam Dunk Field

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — All you are going to hear about in the days ahead are the players not in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest field during All-Star Saturday night.

There’s no Blake Griffin, the reigning champ. And as usual, no LeBron James, the player everyone wants to see in the contest (for the first time).

But instead of crying about what was, what could be or what should be, we’re rocking with the guys who will be in Orlando vying for the title as the NBA’s slam dunk champ.

Kudos to Chase Budinger of the Houston Rockets, Paul George of the Indiana Pacers, Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks (who will reportedly have some assistance from Jeremy Lin) and Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves for accepting the challenge.

We’re cool with having a fresh face win this contest for once, no offense to Nate Robinson or anything, but a little new blood on All-Star Saturday night is always a good thing.

A little sample from each of our contestants (that’s some of George’s handy work up top):




Oh, and if they want to add Utah’s Jeremy Evans late, there will be no complaints here!


  1. toinks says:

    derrick williams will win… he has a strong popularity… he’ll use rubio, for sure

  2. Kratos' Rage says:

    Nothing great about the slam dunk this year. So lame

  3. The Schmuck says:

    Derrick Williams – Winning this for sure.

  4. nbeatz says:

    Bring in some star power, Using propes are exiting. Stop the public from voting and give the judges back the riens to choose the winner with the help of the crowd in the arena.
    Bring back Black, add Westbrook, LBJ, Igudola, Keep George and get rid of the rest. By giving the judges the option to pick the winner the popularity portion of the “WINNERS” will be taken out of it because if LBJ was in this comp he would win even if he did’nt make a single dunk??? Thats because this has turned into a popularity comp.
    Bring some MORE Stars into 3 point shooters in to the compition, like a Steve Nash, Ray Allen, that would help the ratings with Kevin love and Joe Johnson as all stars already this would be amazing to watch.
    The rising stars comp needs nothing more, two hall of famers on the coaching staff and great young tallent. The “Draft” has made this comp even more fun to watch.
    The Skills comp better have Westbrook and Rose and who ever eles to bring fans to watch, if there is a superstar they can hope for then they will watch.
    The Horse comp has to have The previous winners with some of the best shooters in the game and keep the comp outside, that is something new that is appealing.
    Add some past SUPERSTARS to the Celebrity comp instead of some past “Ledgends” (Witch basically mean some past players) and the past will come floing back and make people watch that game again.
    For the Shooting Stars comp, keep the past stars of each team coming, bring back the reigning winners of the comp and add accuall stars to the comp. Derrik fisher is known but clearly NOT Kobe…..Right?????
    The Pre Game concert has been lacking the last 2 or 3 years, so could we NOT change that up a bit… I mean come on I could bareley here C-LO last year?????
    SOMETHING NEW. The leaque should add a “ALL SNUB” 5 on 5 game for 5min a quarter right before the accuall allstar game.

    • imbue2u says:

      You might want to learn how to spell before you try posting anything for the public to read again. I mean….come on.
      The only thing you said that i would halfway agree with is the lineup change for the dunk contest. however, if lebron was ever in a dunk contest there is no way the voting could be left up to the fans. there are way too many lebron fans that would vote for him without even watching one dunk. i think if you’re gonna have one superstar in the dunk contest you have to have nothing but stars. if lebron was in this year, you WOULD have to combat him with BG, Kevin Durant, D12, Rudy Gay, or Iggy. No way you can put one superstar against 3 relatively unknowns. especially with fans voting. when that happens you have outcomes like last years contest. JM wiped the floor with BG (i mean the guy didn’t actually clear that car, he jumped over the very front of the hood.) In a league where guys who have not played a game get voted in as all star starters (Yao Ming 2010-2011) we need to take the power out of the fans hands. We cannot be responsible for these decisions. So by setting a lineup for this years contest with unknown players you have set the playing field as even. thats a good thing. However it also turns off many of the casual fans who wanna tune in to see players they know entertain. All of this could be avoided if the vote was simply taken out of the fan’s hands. Lets bring back the panel of legendary dunkers and make the event a star studded contest. It is , after all, all star weekend.

  5. says:

    Man What is this nba just messed up the dunk off why not put true flyers
    like… uhm
    Demar Derozan
    James Harden
    Shannon Brown
    LeBron James
    Rudy Gay
    and Terrcio White

    Im really dissapointed in the NBA this year
    not even the all star game will be nice

  6. Groov says:

    They should use the guys from Team Flight Brothers to do the dunk contest. These guys are doing dunks that I’ve never seen before. When you have a chance check them out on youtube and you’ll see what I mean. I think these guys would show up the NBA players and make the stars come back out. I don’t care who is in it as long as it is entertaining.

  7. iknowdunk says:

    bring christian eyenga on the contest!!

  8. henrikz says:

    williams all the way…

  9. Edmond nkou says:

    Let Evans dunk

  10. tomcat says:

    It’s looking like it will be a very boring Slam Dunk contest this year. I guess none of the big names wanted to share their wares with us fans, makes me kind of happy that the players mostly lost out on the new agreement. You guys get paid to entertain us, so why don’t you?

  11. Javael Macgee must be there because he jump so high, long arms.

  12. kobe says:

    slam dunk contest is like the NFL pro bowl..WHO CARES

  13. Someguy says:


  14. pacers21 says:

    despite what you all seem to think. i actually love this line-up. these are all young keen guys who want to strut their stuff. All of them are seemingly forgotten in the athletic stakes. Williams is a beast, Schumpert was drafted as an athlete, budinger needs no introduction, and George is a 6-10 guard with hops like (insert name of person with huge hops). looking forward to the spotlight being on a few lesser lights who, in a few years, may be the superstars you all want to see

  15. Robert says:

    You gotta be kiddin me with that line-up…..
    C’mon, bring on 8 dunkers with 2 dunks each, best four move to second round with another 2 dunks for each…best 2 meet for the Grand Final!!! Only finalist by fans, before it’s up to the legends.
    What about Blake, DeAndre, Dwight (serious, it’s his home – at least for now), LeBron, Russell, JaVale, DeMar, Josh
    Always the highlight, 2012 probably a laugher…..that’s so sad!

  16. nowitzki rules says:

    or even better… mix 3 pros with some members of team flight brothers to really challenge the nba guys

  17. nowitzki rules says:

    i want a dunk contest with d-rose, lebron, blake and westbrook… the guys of this years contest may have some nice dunks in their repertoire, but i wanna see a contest, not a ” i dont care if i win or not i just make a few dunks”

  18. Premtim says:

    It’s great to see fresh faces..if this didn’t happen then probably Griffin would take the trophy home like last year (even tho he didn’t desrved it)…so this will keep me excited about who is going to do what…

  19. HeyHey says:

    lame lineup I fell asleep reading it and just woke up

  20. Itamar says:


  21. Jeff Stewart says:

    I think it’s time to get rid of the Dunk contest. At least for a year or two. It’s boring and hard to watch. Maybe showcase the 3-point contest. Add more shooters and look at adding another round like back in the early 90’s with Bird and Reggie. Maybe add a new challenge that will draw top players and more excitement like a 1 on 1 or 3 on 3 king of the court contest. Just a thought I’ll still watch the NBA Allstar’s regardless.

  22. Clayton Gray34 says:

    the reason why we are seeing new faces is beacuse they will have new creative things to do. if you bring in the same guy over and over again they are going to lose the style or creative finish, beacuse they did it the year before. so im glad for the new lineup, and i would like to see more dunk contests like this, not the contests with lebron or blake, beacuse they are boring beacuse they have to much popularity and are too well know.

  23. ko0kiE says:

    looking forward to it but the lineup is a little bit disappointing… westbrook, wall should be in it.. but I’m still wondering who picks the participants?

  24. Brydon says:

    Terrible choices! I’d rather just go on Youtube and search for dunk videos than watch this contest. The dunks would be better and it would be more entertaining.

  25. T-mo says:

    I will not be watching this year. This is by far my least favourite line-up since I started watching. I feel like the contestants were chosen because of the whole fan voting aspect. If Blake or LBJ are in it, there is no doubt who wins based on sheer popularity (therefore there would be little point for anyone showing up).

    This is silly as the dunk contest is no longer a contest of dunks, but of popularity. I guarantee this will turn off many fans.


    Gimme no props double D, Demar DeRozen, jungle jumps Jevale Magee, bad Blake (or superman according to Shaq), the King LBJ, The best look of Westbrook, Vinsanity, J Smoove, Jemario Moon, (I’ma hater cuz his superman dunk wasnkt a dunk, but…) D12.

    seriously.. someone with sick air..

  26. Manu says:

    I have no problem with the line-up – I always wanted to see Paul George in the dunk contest for example, and Budinger has a huge vertical leap. However, there’s a problem with the fan voting – I can tell you from now that Shumpert will win this because of Jeremy Lin’s popularity!

  27. John Bishop says:

    I know you made a point abut moaning but seriously this is a weak lineup. I don’t understand why the reining champion won’t participate and there are much better dunkers in the league than these people( Maybe not George). But I guess if others don’t want to participate there is nothing you can do….

  28. Majg16 says:

    WORST DUNK CONTEST EVER…..The dunk contest is the most revered spectacle of the night, its the reason people watch All-Star Saturday night. Its all about the star power and the creativity. These 4 guys can dunk no question but they do not have the charisma and power to pull off oohs and ahhhs from the crowd. We need excitement, but we wont get it this year. I guarantee this one will be going down in history as a very mediocre contest. Just for fun this would be my dream contest:

    6 contestants, 3 dunks each, top 3 move on, each get 2 dunks fans vote the winner, no ridiculous props.

    Blake Griffin
    Deandre Jordan
    Lebron James
    Demar Derozan
    Russell Westbrook
    Rudy Gay

  29. Da KiDD says:

    Man **** this line up!I want big names. F what everybody say about “Oh there’s too many props”…Whatever! In 2010 when Nate won his 3rd one, he went against Gerald Wallace, Rudy Gay and someone else, and I dont think any of them used props, and that was the most boring dunk contest I’ve ever seen. No wow factor. NBA was even considering of ending the contest, until Blake showed up last year. I want big nAmes damnit.

  30. Inso says:

    Horrible…what is this? Guaranteed boredom? Never going to drink Sprite again… what a joke, why dont just cancel that stupid thing if no star player is interested like in the old days?

  31. Eddy says:

    I hope Budinger wins the dunk contest… but after this decision one question comes to mind… why? I mean did Griffin refuse or McGee… i was hoping to see that match up again this year… i guess not. I don’t really like the idea of making one round and fans voting… i feel bad that the old Slam dunk contest theme was lost with dunking legends voting… because some fans allready know who they want to win before the contest starts. Anyways will be watching and hopefully there will be some nice dunks.

  32. BBallfan says:

    Go ahead and give the throphy to Budinger NOW!!!