And Onesanity

  • The basketball perspective? It’s a hot streak. A lot of guys have ridden the comet like this. Mostly All-Stars or even Hall of Famers, but we’re still talking seven games, five of which have been against opponents that today have losing records. This is not about basketball. Jeremy Lin has transcended sports.
  • It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Lin is humble and genuine and entered the league with the Warriors last season just wanting to be one of the guys, even if it was an unrealistric goal even then. He was a local product, an Asian-American in the Bay Area and the focus of such an immediate buzz, no matter how many wrongly try to portray February 2012 as some moment of discovery, that Golden State had to call a press conference to introduce an undrafted rookie who would need to improve just to crack the rotation. You don’t have to root for the Knicks to root for Lin.
  • Welcome to a world where a guy with a Harvard economics degree is considered an underdog.
  • Lin could retire tomorrow and have made more of a mark in a couple weeks — in New York, in NBA history — than most do in years. Talk about perspective.
  • How did the Lin-Tim Tebow analogy get started? That Lin was undrafted, cut twice and came from the end of the bench with his third team is a primary draw to the story. Part of his appeal is to Asian-Americans with a rare chance to root for a sports star of the same ethnic background. Tebow is white and was a college star of the highest order. Tebow isn’t even the best comparable among NFL quarterbacks. As Michael Lee of the Washington Post notes, Kurt Warner is a better match for rags-to-riches and strong faith.
  • OK, basketball perspective. Amar’e Stoudemire has come back, and Carmelo Anthony will come back soon, needing to fit in with Jeremy Lin. Stranger words have never been spoken. If Linmania slows, Stoudemire and Anthony will forever be held responsible, whether it’s their fault or not…. Lin needed three or four games to go from stuck to the bench, to an automatic, to getting a guaranteed multi-year deal in summer free agency…. It took four games for Lin to turn Most Improved Player into a runaway. He’s up 30 at the half.
  • No big surprise that Dirk Nowitzki was voted an All-Star reserve by Western Conference coaches at 17.6 points, 6.2 rebounds and 46.1 percent from the field. The Mavericks had to have a rep as the defending champions challenging for a top-three record in the West, and Nowitzki is universally respected. It’s the way of the world.
  • All that money for Rashard Lewis in 2007, and Ryan Anderson is a bigger hit as the Magic power forward with range to complement the interior play of Dwight Howard. Maybe not for much longer, but whether Howard stays or goes, it doesn’t change the fact that Anderson is easily the only keeper after arriving as an overlooked piece of the 2010 Orlando-New Jersey deal starring Vince Carter. Anderson is up to 16.6 points and 43.5 percent on 3s.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the next ex-Laker to get a statue outside Staples Center, during 2012-13 at the earliest. The list gets very short from there, with Elgin Baylor a possibility down the line and Kobe Bryant a strong bet after he retires. The statues have become a big deal in Los Angeles as the subject of debate and a status that surpasses merely getting a jersey retired. If the Lakers — or Clippers — ever open it outside the family, the next honoree as Los Angeles basketball legend would be an easy call: John Robert Wooden.
  • Now on to the European debt crisis. How hard can it be? He fixed the Knicks.


  1. prix says:

    He will surely win the MIP this year no doubt…just hope that Melo will participate and don´t mess the NY success they are having right now…could be a 15-13 for Lin this need to score more with Amare and Melo but control the game and dish more dimes and WIN more games…

  2. ko0kiE says:

    great points.. last sentence made me laugh 😉