Lin Show Back Off Broadway

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With all due respect to Jimmer-Mania and the legions of fans who were caught up in that storm this time a year ago, you haven’t seen hoops hysteria like you’re going to see tonight at Madison Square Garden when the Jeremy Lin Show comes back to town.

Jimmer Fredette, himself the epicenter of a basketball movement at BYU, is going to get a New York City-sized dose of “Linsanity” when the Knicks’ conquering hero returns to home soil to take on the Sacramento Kings.

With Lin’s face plastered all over the back page of the tabloids, on magazine covers and all over television screens around the globe, it would be easy for anyone to get swallowed up in the commotion. Most of us are neck-deep in it.

Then you hear Lin speak after sinking that game-winning 3-pointer in Toronto last night and you realize that he’s still floating on the air his play that has elevated the Knicks to these six straight wins.

Lin is winning over observers by the day — a historic six-game run complete with buzzer-beating game winners, scintillating individual performances and the resurrection of a team in disarray has a way of convincing folks. People who didn’t want to believe what they were seeing after the first couple of games are now coming around to the fact that Lin’s New York Minute is going to last a little longer than they might have expected.

Lin has a presence about him that even his predecessors cannot deny.

“You could argue this could be the biggest story of the NBA season,” NBA TV analyst Greg Anthony said during last night’s Heat-Pacers Fan Night broadcast. “I hear more about Jeremy Lin than anything else going on in the NBA. What’s been most impressive is that he never doubted himself. He’s always maintained a certain amount of confidence that he could do it when given the opportunity. It’s not about whether or not he leads them to a championship or is an All-Star, he’s proven he is an NBA player. He’s made the Knicks the talk of the town and not because they were 8 and 13 at one point.”

The “next Steve Nash” comparisons are premature, to say the least. But that doesn’t mean Nash isn’t as caught up in the wave of energy Lin has generated as anyone.

Nash tweeted his appreciation for the breakout star after Lin’s latest big night: “Its crazy! I’m watching Linsanity hoping every shot goes in. Hope I never grow up.”

You know Knicks fans and anyone that loves a good “Lin-derella” story feel the same way. The Knicks have a five-game home stand to try to make up even more ground in the Eastern Conference standings, starting with tonight’s tilt against the Kings. Now that Amar’e Stoudemire is back and already comfy playing alongside Lin, the only remaining hurdle is the return of Carmelo Anthony and how he blends in to the new-look Knicks lineup.

Don’t count us among those who are worried that Anthony and Lin won’t be able to thrive together. Anthony has played with a strong point guard before, he went to the Western Conference finals in Denver with Chauncey Billups running the show. Meshing those two and Stoudemire together is the responsibility of coach Mike D’Antoni and his staff, a group whose fortunes have also been bolstered by Lin’s rise. If you think they’re going to do anything to disturb this run, you’re crazy.

Basketball aside, Lin continues to leave an impression in his wake. He snatched a game away from the Raptors last night but inspired the sort of reactions that Bruce Arthur of the National Post makes clear here:

Stuff like this is why Jeremy Lin’s existence had become a forensic investigation. How a skinny kid with Taiwanese parents in Palo Alto, Calif., could not procure a college scholarship, got into Harvard, majored in economics and excelled on the court, but went undrafted after four years. How he spent a year on Golden State’s bench, how two NBA teams waived him, how he wound up as New York’s fifth point guard, how he was one Baron Davis injury setback from being set adrift again. How he was sleeping on his brother’s couch when the Knicks ran out of options, threw him out there like bait, and watched open-mouthed as he became a star.

“I would say it’s a miracle just because anytime something like this happens, a lot of stuff has to be put into place, and a lot of it is out of my control,” said Lin, 23, before the game. “If you look back at my story, it doesn’t matter where you look, but God’s fingerprints are all over the place, where there’s been a lot of things that had to happen that I just couldn’t control. And you could try to call it coincidence, but at the end of the day there’s 20, 30 things, when you combine them all, that had to happen at the right time for me to be here. So that’s why I call it a miracle.”

That’s life, of course, and it’s up to you how you explain it. But given Lin’s supernova explosion — he scored more points in his first four pro starts than any player since 1976, after a season and a half’s worth of garbage time — it’s all steeped in significance now.

“Just everything,” said D’Antoni, when asked to name the best part about Lin’s story.

One of the best parts is that it’s clearly not over yet.

“When you see what Lin has done — bringing new people to the game — I really love it because you are going to see others bring players to the game,” NBA TV and TNT analyst Chris Webber said during Fan Night. “He’s earned it. I like the fact that it happened. Are they going to win the Championship? Who knows? But right now he’s playing hard and you are seeing someone being rewarded for their work ethic.

“You love people that bring your interest up to a different level and he even said he likes the pressure at the end of games. He is very humble and he loves his teammates. What we have seen is toughness and he has earned this position.”


  1. Wordman says:

    Blogs will be blogs, and the sort of feeding frenzy that the Jeremy Lin story has kicked off is what makes them go. So be it.
    For my money, the endless comparison of Lin to my favorite player or your favorite franchise or this nationality or that stat is a waste of time, and it truly misses the point: NO ONE on anyones list has started off his career like this guy. Lin’s ability, performance and pure joy on the court are entirely self-referential.

    This story is so not about the hype and so completely about what we as players AND fans love about the game. And I am, for one, enjoying the ride.

  2. oldtimer says:

    when your child gets beat up…benched…loses faith…bring him to the game. tell him the story of lin.

  3. bROnx123 says:


    NBA wants to tackle Chinese market and you are absolutely right, Lin will be their ticket to Asia *again*.

    NYK has underperformed, lost, on numerous seaons after Patrick Ewing era. We are all dying to see a person regardless of race to pull up for us and step up the game. I have been attending NYK season after season and I can tell you that disappointment mounts.

    Who is the one that does that with grace and humbleness?

    Lin Jeremy PERIOD.

    He is definitely worth more than the credit you give him more.

    For your information: NBA franchise doesn’t have the ability to manipulate the media and get front pages on new papers – a story must be worth pursuing and interesting to general audiences or it is a BIG news. Whichever it belongs, please cheer up for Lin and I wish he can change NYK’s momentum and become a high-caliber player like Derrick Rose.


  4. Carlo says:

    Jeremy Lin has shown the world what PATIENCE and HARDWORK can do to one’s career.. Keep it up my Asian Brother.. More success to you.. BEST of Luck to NY KNICKS..

  5. Revil says:

    Patience is a virtue. Jeremy Lin has shown the world what patience and hardwork can do for one’s career.
    Keep it up my Asian Brother.. More succes to come.. Good luck to NY KNICKS…

  6. Lin is great says:


  7. essex minguez says:

    As the adage says, “Opportunity knocks once in your door.” But this time, it knocked twice in Lin’s door… I pity the teams who failed to grasp the opportunity of giving him the chance to play his game. Now, the knicks are being rewarded. This new kid in the block, possess the skills, aura and bravado of a team leader. He already resurrected the ebbing NY franchise, it’s coach as well as his teammates basketball careers. Keep up the good work!

  8. Danny says:

    anyone else having technical difficulties with the knicks game?

  9. alex says:

    Hey Floyd, Asians!

  10. MackDaddy says:

    Yao Ming part 2.

    Get a player with asian descent who’s even half good in the NBA, and all of a sudden you have a marketing sensation. The asian market is worth billions… and they’ve been busting for a new Yao to be their ‘face’ in the NBA. Forget about the fact that he’s USA product, “Lin” is as Chinese as “Larry” in USA- and that’s going to sell BIG TIME in Asia.

    Dont get me wrong, the boy’s got skill. He would have to, he’s playing calibre basketball in the NBA. But you gotta admit, there’s just a little too much hype going on over this kid. Take away his asian heritage, and the fact that NY has been struggling mightly this year (big hopes on big paycheques hasnt been paying out of late), and there is NO WAY you’d be getting this much media attention.

    A hypothetical “Larry” in Sacremento who’s as white as snow putting up the same numbers wouldnt get anywhere near as much media spotlight. Asian + Decent ball skills = Billions.

    Mark my words. This time next year Lin will be starting in Allstar weekend. Look at Yao…. got so many Allstar starts in front of Shaq, purely from the sheer number of votes originating from Asia.

    Haters can hate on my comments above, but facts are facts. He’s going to get a huge amount of love from the Asian market, because there’s no one else in the league to ‘represent’.

  11. Daryl says:

    freaking typo’s *hangs head in shame*

  12. Daryl says:

    Ever wonder if the Fan’s dont appreciate his HUMILITY after the Arrogance of the Lock-out. All these STARS wanting more $$ but so far most have barely delivered, Look at Carmelo, Garnett, the Bullsh** of Howard. Lin is a good player and It’s PURE BASKETBALL, Lin EMBODIES the View “:FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME” not “I PLAY BBALL to be on MTV-CRIBS”, I have played against Taiwanese/Chinese players growing up, They are how do youn say, Wirey…lol. Anyway, America is the country of pathetic Stereotypes, especially in sport. How many White Kids stopped trying to Dunk because of some Movie? Lin is the BEST thing for the NBA since JORDAN. The Asian Market CANNOT relate to someone 7’2 (Ming) but they CAN relate to someone 6’3. The Revenues if Managed well will rival Manchester United in Asia. All I can say is…mayne some Asian Boys can get some Action in the clubs from the Asian Girls instead of being over-looked. Bahaha

  13. julie p says:

    Been wathching the Knicks struggle for 10 years. Now they are doing well and I can’t watch because of the greedy MSG/Time Warner Dispute. Way to stick it to the fans, MSG.

  14. FRA says:

    Even Reggie williams came out of nowhere last year or maybe 2 years ago (D-League) with lots of 25 point games and nobody said anything about him..and I m sure there were other players,too that were unknown but had big impacts when they were given a chance…But definitely nobody lead his team to 5 straight wins,it was on teams that were already losing,and just KEPT losing. and that s what makes it so good.

  15. Sandra says:

    He should come back to the Western side..
    Back to California!! (Preferrably Clippers or Lakers) X)

  16. Guest_Lennox says:

    In Lins defense to get 35+ mins handling the ball pretty much every posession the turnovers are expected. I mean before the Linsanity in a season and half he hasnt handled the ball this much in just these 6 games. With the mentorship and direction Lin is gettin from veterans such as Mike Woodson, D’Antoni, Baron Davis, Mike Bibby, Carmelo and Amare, Lin will only get BETTER from here on out imo. Lin is in the same situation as Rondo was when the “Big three” was formed. Rondo came out of nowhere and showcased his talent, and with the mentorship around him he has budded into one of the best PG’s in the league. Mark my words, LIN will be in the top 5 pg’s in a couple of years (when Nash, and Billups retire of course lol).

  17. TroyEarth says:

    This is like the movie Blind Side all over again :-). Its so emotional when someone no one believes in, goes out there and proofs everyone wrong. Its in us all to excel in life, one way or another and Lin touches us sooo deeply, as he is a living example of this fact… Undoubtedly the stage he has proven him self is the most competitive imaginable and this probably makes his achievement more remarkable the end of the day…. Every morning I wake up here in Europe I hope to see another Lintastic performance overnight…Just keep those dreams a live …Linpossible in nothing ;-)…

  18. Daniel says:

    What’s really great about him is that he is a good role model. He excelled in academics, he is a faithful Christian, and he is a loving son to his parents. This wave will eventually die down, but let’s ride it at the moment!!

  19. R-boy says:

    I hope that J. Lin will just put his game on the court and not is head. Just do what he has to do, keep on improving be level headed…It’s great to see a new breed of star emerging infront of your eyes w/o crediting anyone…I think there a new new BIG 3 in big apple!

  20. CRITICICIST says:

    LOL what’s funny is that Baron Davis is out of a job now

    • Geno says:

      Nah. Too much court time will wear J.Lin down easily. Baron Davis would make a good “back-up” PG. Heh. If you have Baron Davis as a team’s back-up PG, how much more could the main PG possibly deliver?

  21. inatga lrae says:

    Lets all just wait for the next big thing that will happen to J-Lin’s career. He may not be as flashy as Kobe, or the greatness of MJ… But they all have one thing in common, they get the job done… It’s not about black or white, brown or asian… J-Lin’s saga is all about how he persevered despite how he was shoved aside several times. His story is somewhat similar to the NBA’s late Croatian great Drazan Petrovic (RIP).

    I concur that nobody cares about when will his star fades… The last six games they played was one of the most exciting winning streaks I’ve ever seen… Toronto fans even cheered for him when he made the game winning three, Raptors lost but the arena went berserk with “LINsanity”… Keep it up Jeremy!

  22. Allisa says:

    I’m tired of hearing when some haters say Lin is overrated. From my perspective, then days ago, he wasn’t even rated. SO how do you become overrated or overhyped. The fact of the matter is that he was probably underrated until this magical run. Makes no bones about it…. He may eventually regress to some sort of mean, but I think he’s proven that he is a legitimate NBA pro and it’s comical that much of the credit is because of a “system”…. WHile that may true, there were also four guards that preceded Lim in the “system” and didn’t do jack with it… so does that mean they should be out of the NBA? Let’s be real!!!

  23. Yao says:

    I just agree with some guys who really understand how hard Lin worked and the efforts that he paid for his job. Basketall, is not only a sport for a pro. player but is a the job as well. He just did what a good player need to do, so that he burst and become flazing once the opportunity is given by the world he has been stuggling to live. This is as the same as one great person acquired his or her success in other areas. And, I just think this is enough for the people to remember him even if he will get a single number in the future games. (Of course, we don’t hope that.) It is just like that, one day, when people talking about games after a good diner, they talking about a guy happens to become a good player of one team. They will say “you know John, there was a guy call J. Lin who had scored 24 or more points on averge within 6 games and just successfully made his teamates to smile and proud of him after the game. yeah, it was xx years ago i m not sure. that guy once sleeped on the bed of his teamate. that was really amazing….” Well, only one word. Have you ever seen a basketball player slept on a bed yesterday evening and the bed was talked by the people around the world the next evening. I didn’t.

  24. R-boy says:

    Jeremy Lin represents a larger reality that is believing the dream he work hard for. We hope now Amare is back and Melo is about to, they will support what Lin has done. Amare and Melo are legit stars and you can’t take that away from them but Lin gave them back the glory that the knickerbockers of MSG has.

  25. NowAFan says:

    My husband watches basketball, I don’t. He told me about this new sensation named Lin…yawn. Then I saw a game (the 4th win game) and saw how impressive he was…how he moved like no other (yeah, I’ve watched moments of games here and there) and now I have Lin-sanity! I don’t even live anywhere near NY, but cheering for them now. Will be watching more games from now on…sharing a new common interest with my husband. 🙂 Hey, the games are fun to watch afterall.

  26. rommel says:

    sorry guys but have you watched basketball in asia? asian centers are not just 6’3” they are over 6’9” some are 7 footers excuse me

  27. JvCanada says:

    In your face Mayweather! J. Lin FTW!!!

    • R-boy says:

      Mayweather is just all talk…He’s just jealous because some asian guy is creating so much noise in the world and not him…i bet he’s just so afraid of Manny Paquiao that he turn his attention to Lin to cover his face, cheap shot man! Anyway going back ti LIn, your the man now keep it coming lets rock n roll!!!

  28. Soohoo says:

    go asians!!

  29. PhxAZ says:

    God has 110% to do with all this! but Jeremy is the chosen shine!

  30. auguz says:

    he the “shao-LIN” of basketball…..

  31. john says:

    Jeremy Lin is great – but now I think he’s going to wear down at this pace. Traps and tight defence will cause more turn overs. I already forsee it. He is a good player – but not a true point guard. If this pace continues he will lead the league in turn overs. h he will adjust – but inorder for the knicks to keep winning – his point production must reduce and more scoring will be dished out to Chandler, Amare and eventually Carmello. God bless Jeremy Lin.

    • shhh says:

      you’re right players, coaches and teams will adjust… but remember, this Linsanity is more than just basketball and the efficiency to play the game… this is about an underdog story, a story where US is very fond of. the excitement the he brings is an x-factor. a lot of players in the nba are more efficient than Lin, but they don’t get in the news all the time.

      how long will it last? maybe another week, a month or this season… but do you think people really care? he’s bringing in new fans, revenues & a lot of things that only nba star players are capable of.

      NYK management is enjoying this, the $700K they paid is well worth it.

      so it’s not all about efficiency… it’s the excitement the he brings NOW is all that matters.

      • New York says:

        You have the right point.
        We do not have to withdraw our interest or love from him because
        he would get tougher deffense and score less. We are enjoying this
        present when he is playing.
        There are a lot of people who knows NBA is not a joke. Is he better
        than Carmelo, Wade, Nash, LeBron, and Kobe? No, not at all for now.
        Though, I am happier to see him play that to see LeBron’s monster like dunk.
        No offense to LeBron. He is a great player.

  32. Yeap says:

    Hes a stud.

  33. esponja says:

    I wish portland Would get someone like Him 😦

  34. unsane21 says:

    When they said that its over rated when steve nash and lin is somewhat alike… I think they are in a sense of BASKETBALL IQ and keeping dribble ON.

    Its important for dantoni to have a guy like Lin to understand his plays and be like a Nash that DanToni has been looking for. Remember When dadtoni became a premier coach, he was coaching a phoenix suns that was star studded and his plays revolves around the Point guard Feeding a C/PF which is Amare.

    The only difference is that they Have a Melo that can top any scorer in the league…


    YTF man


  35. john says:

    Thanks to Jeremy..I do believe.

  36. Dr. J says:

    We support a hero coming from Asia… Thanks for being a role model…

  37. JerryBoo says:

    To me, this is not just a basketball story, its a story about always working hard so you can succeed agaisnt all odds. I’m so proud of him. if only others could use his story to impact their lives. Well done Jeremy, well done

  38. Belizeboy says:

    The media is driving me crazy with the race and size thing. Lin is not a small guy, he’s ten pounds heavier than Rose and same height. Also it’s not like there are thousands of 6-3 Asian point guards in the US. I know for a fact that most Asian guys over 6′ usually get played as a center (growing up) so when they get to college there’s no use for them as a center, unless they are 6-9 or above but we all know there aren’t tall Asian guys like that playing ball in the US. As for the shorter ones, umm yeah you’re going to get told too short too small, just like the millions of other people that size. It’s not about race; there are lots of guys getting overlooked for the NBA. Lin just happens to be the FIRST 6’3″ Asian point guard with that level of skill and determination. There’s no racial conspiracy preventing Asians from the NBA, If that was the case Yao would have never gotten a chance even with his height, and what about the other guy who used to play (I forget his name)?

    Anyhow Lin is a great success story of how a undrafted player can still be successful, but it has nothing to do with his race because if it did he wouldn’t have gotten ANY chances.

    • MALA says:

      true that

    • ektor says:

      I think the other guy is called Yi

    • BBall Aficionado says:

      Have you ever thought that if Lin was black, then he might have been drafted at the start? He obviously had the talent from the beginning but because he was asian looking, he got overlooked. Just saying race cannot be totally discounted. Stereotypes are, unfortunately, a fact of life.

      • unsane21 says:

        I remembered an article from Yahoo saying that mayweather points out that Lin is Over rated.


        Remember this saying we have in the philippines…

        No matter how tall, big, fast, black, white or Whatever… as long as you can pick up the ball, as long as you can shoot and as long as you love and respect the game and people around it, then you can say YOU ARE A PLAYER.

      • BBall Aficionado says:

        unsane21, we’re talking about NBA basketball here, NOT pick-up basketball.

    • shhh says:

      you’re right except that this does not apply to Lin, “I know for a fact that most Asian guys over 6′ usually get played as a center (growing up) “.

      he was born and raised here in CA and at his height he never played center for his school.

  39. MALA says:

    All good things come to those who wait……it seems.
    Even though he is playing amazing right now, there will be games when he will score single digits.
    I wonder how the world will react then……

    • karen says:

      when that time comes,hopefully they are still winning…
      basketball is a team game,you can’t blame only one person…
      lin is just instrumental to the knicks run,but he steal the game with those he called “miracle” game that he had!!!
      lin is humble,,,he will learn a lot from this stage of his carrer…

    • Shaolin Master says:

      Give him some love, regardless. Obama just did.

    • Knickfan212 says:

      If he does score single digits so what, He doesn’t have to score. His job is the point,try to control the pace and make it easier for the TEAM to score. Everyone has bad games. The hype is that he came from nowhere and was cut by a couple of teams that must not have saw the talent or needed another piece.
      I believe Lin really doesn’t want all this attention, he just wants to play.

  40. Gman says:

    Where is K Perkins now? all these people tweeting about a dagger. Act proffesional, and dont tweet!!!

  41. prix says:

    The world is round…same with the NBA basketball..sometimes you´re on top and sometimes down…most of the time Jeremy is in the down part and still have a lot of patience and perseverance to wait for his time to come…he don´t lose hope but he battles it hard for his dreams.. when the right time comes, all the things in stored just open and blew us away…sometimes we are destined to be great by our hard work and skills..talent and heart just like his greatness MJ..but sometimes we are destined to be great just simply a gift from GOD..that´s Jeremy Lin