LeBron’s Coming Home (Video)?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — No, we’re not talking about that three-day stint LeBron James and his Miami Heat teammates have in Cleveland this week.

We’re talking about TNT’s Ernie Johnson and the NBA TV Fan Night crew of Greg Anthony and Chris Webber checking in with the Heat star about some fun the TNT crew has had at his expense regarding his hair-line and whether or not he’s going to come home to the crew.

If you haven’t seen this already, enjoy some interesting insights on that and more from James last night:


  1. stlheatmaniac says:

    Lebron has mentaly become a man this yr after all the pressure from last yr. he is doing everything it takes to win starting with improving his own game. its so crazy to kno that LJ is only 27 yrs old and he is looking pretty much unstoppable this season. this chip is his this season and with the help of J Lin hogging media attention the Heat can settle in and become better than ever without everyone down there throats. this the Heat yr. the dynasty starts this yr. LJ fan till im dust. Witness.

  2. ELE GR8 says:

    Lebron is cool on and off the court, humbly the best basketball player in the planet!!!! 2012 MVP

  3. CARLOS says:

    lebron 2012 NBA MVP “”

  4. rommel says:

    There’s no other way that LeBron shall prove something. His detractors were just denying the fact that he is really the best! He has the star appeal and charisma that are absent in some star players. LeBron, for me you are the best! Just keep up the good work. I know with your team now, you can make the stadiums rock! Let’s go Heat! Make a difference in the history of the NBA! Your NBA action speaks better than words.

  5. QueenJAMEsCHOKE says:

    lechoke james.. you’ll be part of Karl malone and reggie miller club..CHOKERS

  6. burnok says:

    is LBJ losing his hair? 1st he wore his headband way to high, then this towel look… what do you think guys?

    • jack says:

      i think he is loosing the hairline but he wont admit it until 5 years after shaving to bald..
      bad joke dont you think?

  7. it´s funny to see his in good mood to face a camera. I like the fact he is no in the spotlight like other old- times.
    The decision….good decision in my opinion because this life (in my opinion) doesn´t mean win all the time rather is to make your all effort, DO THE BEST WHAT YOU CAN DO to achieve accomplishments and successes.He has been attacked on many forms and in many situations as well but has continue doing the WHAT HE CAN DO and that for me make me feel for him a real heroe….fight “HEAR NO BELL” ROCKY BALBOA JAMES. Let´s go heat. INFERNO!!!!!!!!!never give up period.

  8. Belizeboy says:

    Man with millions of bucks you can get that fixed easy.

  9. jone says:

    this is funny, anyway lebron james all the way! go heat!

  10. prix says:

    It´s fun doing TNT stuff…I don´t know if Kobe or Timmy will be there after they will retire next year.. 6th ring for KObe is just an illusion anymore…

  11. JZA says:

    I saw it, but for some reason I didnt really click on what they were talking about till later.