Blogtable: Trade Deadline

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

A month to the trade deadline: Which team in the East most likely will make a big move? In the West?

Steve Aschburner: With so much expected action in outright signings – J.R. Smith, Gilbert Arenas, Kenyon Martin already – I’m thinking fewer trades this year at the deadline. But that window between All-Star Weekend and the deadline cries out for a Dwight Howard deal, so Orlando rates as my East pick. If the team acquiring him is out West – Golden State? L.A. Lakers? – then I’m covered for a West prediction too. Otherwise, it’s Phoenix being good guys and moving Steve Nash to a contender.

Fran Blinebury: Despite their bold talk, I still think Orlando will have to trade Dwight Howard and all of his inconsistencies and insecurities.  He seems to be burning his bridge one match at a time.  In the West, the Lakers have to do something, anything, if they hope to be playing the Clippers, not watching them, after the first round of the playoffs.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Still going with the Magic. They can’t want this game of chicken with Dwight Howard. Unless Howard specifically gives them reason for optimism about a new contract, as opposed to him toning down the rumbles about wanting to leave, Orlando has to make the big move. In the West, it’s the Lakers. A decent-size trade exception, needing an infusion, unable to be patient – that’s a team wanting to make a move.

Shaun Powell: Most of the contenders in the East will probably stand pat unless it means getting Dwight Howard, who’s obviously the poster boy for the trade deadline. Can’t see Miami, Chicago, Philly or Atlanta doing anything, and Boston is waiting until summer when those contracts expire. Pretty much the same story out West, with the Lakers looming large in the Dwight sweepstakes.

John Schuhmann: I’m still not 100 percent sure that Orlando trades Dwight Howard before the deadline, but if they do, I think the most likely scenario is that he ends up in New Jersey. Beyond the Magic and Nets, you’ve obviously got to keep an eye on Danny Ainge and Larry Bird. Bird has the cap space to acquire a player to turn his team into a real contender, and Ainge has that itchy trigger finger of his. In the West, I feel like Houston is candidate No. 1, especially with Kevin Martin averaging just eight points and 21 minutes in his last five games. Daryl Morey has been fishing for a star for a while now and got his Pau Gasol trade vetoed. The Rockets are a solid team, but solid doesn’t really get you anywhere in the Western Conference.

Sekou Smith: I think the better question is who needs to make the big move? Most likely to make a big move? In the East, Celtics’ boss Danny Ainge is one of the few executives willing to think outside the box. Sometimes it works (The Big 3), sometimes it misfires (Rajon Rondo trade chatter) and other times it backfires completely (Kendrick Perkins for Jeff Green). If the Magic decide to put us out of our Dwight Howard-rumor-mill-misery, just so it doesn’t interrupt “Linsanity” next month, we’d be eternally grateful. In the West, the Lakers have to realize that this team they are putting on the floor right now is solid but far from the championship-caliber bunch they’ve been used to in recent years. With a glaring hole at point guard and Kobe Bryant pining for another title opportunity, now is the time, Mitch Kupchack.


  1. Frankenberry says:

    Shut up Andrew Mcloon.

  2. jpg29 says:

    trade roy hibbert david west and tyler hansbrough for d.howard

  3. chris says:

    Who is talking about putting who out of their misery? If you think the people of Orlando are enjoying this, you would have all the sensitivity of a shark. What did Orlando fans do to deserve this? Sold out the building for years, built a half-billion arena (take note Seattle and Sacramento), have done our best to show Dwight all the love, and ownership spent a ton on salaries. But the media and some others surrounding the NBA always are so eager to talk about where guys are going to go when these guys get to be free agents and pushing them toward teams where they want to see them play. It’s hypocritical for the media to talk about being put out of their misery regarding this. You should have some sympathy for Orlando.

  4. David says:

    Dwight should try and become a free agent next season so he can have more flexibility. There is no way Orlando can or should get anything significant for dwight howard. GMs should understand that they are not bidding to the magics, they are bidding to Dwight. The bidding war should be to convince Dwight Howard that they have the best team for him to win now and in the future and sign and trade is just giving orlando some spare parts to balance salary. By the way, these “spare parts” do not include Dwayne Wade, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, Danny Granger (just some names I saw in earlier posts). If you call these players spare parts, I would love to see the rest of your team.

  5. Pacerfan says:

    Indiana trade Granger, Amundson and Pendergraph for Howard move Hibbert out to forward and Paul George becomes the GO TO GUY still have West and Hansbourgh with Collison, Hill, and Jones along with Foster, Price and Stephenson. Make the call Larry!!!

  6. Thunder says:

    JR Smith should go to Okc

  7. KaroLT says:

    @ prix i agree with prix the top most comment 100 percent instead of howard leaving bring D WILL, the best move for me is Dwight Howard paring with JOSH SMITH n Joe “silent jesus” johnson its gonna be the best defensive team n joe hitting unbelieveble makes… what an amazing player Joe & JOSH…. DWIGHT go to ATLANTA n block the blood out of the ball 😀

  8. Zzoe says:

    Lots of teams will give up lots for Howard–it would benefit the Magic to trade him, and ya never know…their chemistry may improve. Sure wish my Blazers would do something to get help in the middle, but don’t want Howard’s attitude here. Anyone else that can do what Canby does for us now would be a big shot.

  9. lamel says:

    celtics sgould trade ray allen and kevin garnett and keyon dooling for tony allen rudy gay and oj mayo

  10. That Damn Good says:

    Oh fffs. Just trade Dwight ASAP so we can get back to playing ball & not worry about that whiney, selfish little bitch ruining that team anymore than he has.

  11. Majg16 says:

    Real talk, Nash for Chalmers and Miller. Pheonix gets a young PG who can hit the three, and miller who is a great rebounder and hustler, who can bury 3’s. Miami gets a future HOFamer who doesnt have to score now and cant easily get 10 dimes a game.

    Dwight needs to go otherwise Orlando will have issues next season. I however do not know where he will go. Melo should go as well because i can guarantee he will destroy the chemistry the knicks are building now i can see melo and fields for a high level SG that NY desperately needs. Clips should sign JR but he needs to get his attitude in check and needs to not jack up 30 shots as it will burn them. Lakers should shop around heavily and Boston needs to make changes. MIAMI HEAT, LA CLIPPERS BABY!!!

  12. denisas says:

    Lakers can offer Bynum+ same other role players for dwight.If orlando doesnt satisffied with this,interesting what they should get better than young starting all star west center…What can NYersey offer? that they are favourites to get dwight i dont understand

  13. pacers21 says:

    i think it makes the most sense for dwight to go to New Jersey. However, i don’t think he could stand losing for half a season like he would have to because at the moment, New Jersey don’t have the team to give howard a fair run. I would hope he realises this and also that if he goes in the free agency to the Nets, they have all sorts of options to add to what would be an amazing team

  14. AG says:

    DWIGHT TO L.A. + add a guard, and LA for the 3rd championship in 4 yrs !!!

  15. All I do is Lin says:

    February 15, 2012 at 6:49 pm
    Dare I say Dwight Howard for Dwayne Wade? I’m a Wade fan and theres no way they’d do it but it’d be interesting. The Heat can win without Wade. It will also allow Bosh more touches and responsibility, so why not upgrade at centre? Just a thought.


  16. DJ1234567890 says:

    nash to indiana for daren colison paul george george hill and tyler hansbrough
    d will to orlando for hedo ish deandre harper and orton

  17. DJ1234567890 says:

    carmelo anthony and tyson chandler should be traded to denver for nene afalo galinari andre and rudy and if he is there wilson chandler

  18. LakersFan says:

    My trade ideas
    Main trade

    LA Lakers: Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, Steve Blake Draft Picks
    Minnesota: Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio,
    Orlando : Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson, Ryan Anderson Draft Picks

    LA Lakers: Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu and Ricky Rubio (Balances Lakers)
    Minneota: Pau Gasol and Jameer Nelson, Ryan Anderson Draft Picks from LA and Orlando
    (Gives Minnesota Great Compensation)
    Orlando: Andrew Bynum, Kevin Love , Steve Blake

    Starting Lineups

    LA Lakers: Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Troy Murphy, Ricky Rubio

    Minnesota: Pau Gasol, Ryan Anderson, Michael Beasley, Derick Favors, Jameer Nelson

    Orlando: Andrew Bynum, Kevin Love, Queentin Richardson, Jason Richardson, Von Wafer


    LA Lakers: Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, Steve Blake Draft Picks
    Minnesota: Michael Beasley and Ricky Rubio,
    Orlando : Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson, Draft Picks

    LA Lakers: Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkoglu and Ricky Rubio (Balances Lakers)
    Minneota: Pau Gasol and Jameer Nelson, Picks from LA and Orlando
    Orlando: Andrew Bynum, Michael Beasley , Steve Blake

    Starting Lineups

    LA Lakers: Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Troy Murphy, Ricky Rubio

    Minnesota: Pau Gasol, Kevin Love, Wesley Johnson, Derick Favors, Jameer Nelson

    Orlando: Andrew Bynum, Ryan Anderson, Micahel Beasley, Jason Richardson, Von Wafer

    Separate trade

    LA Lakers: Matt Barnes and Jason Kapono, Darius Morris

    Pheonix: Shannon Brown and Grant Hill


    Lakers: Shannon Brown and Grant Hill (To free up salary after he retires)

    Pheonix:Matt Barnes and Jason Kapono, Darius Morris

    Lakers other move Amnesty Luke Walton

  19. trade rumor says:

    dwight is goin to the nets. the end

  20. All I do is Lin says:

    Trade J-Lin while his stocks are high. As of now the knicks have four pgs!!!!
    Get dwight or Deron williams by trading two pgs.

  21. MC says:

    seriously all of these trades people are mentioning are just rediculous. perfectly decent teams simply destroy their title hopes because they are so focussed on getting players that wont make the team any BETTER. All it does is mess with chemistry, something that is an intricle part of a championship team! you only have to look as far as the kendrick perkins trade to find that out. And for people to even be mentioning players like wade and james in a trading block is absurd!! Also, trading guys like nicolas batuum and gerald wallace in exchange for melo is just plain stupidity, it just amazes me how after these silly trades everyone wonders why it didnt work and then blames it on poor shooting performances! the only trade that makes sense to me is if steve nash goes to the lakers or if dwight howard goes to the lakers. period. none of this new jersey nets BS that simply wont work in both the magics case or the nets case.

    • jer says:

      no one here is using sense in any of these trade mentions. all of you are just picking youre favourite teams and saying that dwight shold be traded there… i mean id like to see him in T.O. but theres no way in a 3rd world contry itd happen. realistically, miami isn’t trading lebron for dwight, thats the most comedy ive heard in ages. places he’d be traded to, if it even happens, would be teams like new jersey, LA lakers and i actually saw the hawks mentioned in here which would be pretty ideal considering it is his hometown and they have raw peices for a trade and still enough left over to be a contender. personally, i think there’s going to be some big moves this deadline. NOT because i want to see them happen but simply because they need to. too many teams aren’t playing to their potential and its obviosly because the offseason moves ruined chemistry. to be honest i can see amare or melo being traded, maybe not by the deadline but with lin in the mix now its just too mch offense. anyway im just ranting now, i really just wanted to comment on the silly trade talks here. gonna be interesting up until the deadline and my guesss is the upcoming offseason might havesome real big moves as a result of bad big moves the last few offseasons.

      peace & love

  22. 314huSTLa56 says:

    i hate NY fans i want Carmelo to ask for a trade Lin is gud but he is Damn sure no Carmelo he is NY most productive player when he was on the court hit many clutch shoots and now they want him gone cause Lin MIGHT be as good as they expect Melo please ask for a trade to the Bulls,Celtics or Nets

  23. DAN says:

    why does everyone hate on melo?? when he came to NY every1 was all hyped and happy. he makes a few mistakes and EVERYONE wants him gone… shows how much you love basketball. Melo is a great player top 10. reason knicks had such a bad start is bc he literly had to do everything.. run the point, score, get people involved.. i want to see any of you try and do what he had to do and still win basketball games..

  24. dirk says:

    i think dwight will end up in dallas and 3d will happen next season go mavs

  25. woop says:

    magic can’t keep Dwight against his will and they ain’t got no one to trade to make howard happier and they can’t let him go as a free agent cause then they will receive nothing and lose all hopes for being a contender in the next decade.

  26. Rej says:

    Orlando won’t trade Dwight unless they do something drastic within these couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure the Lakers are putting their sights on Dwight signing as a free agent probably a reason why they are not making any waves yet. And dumping World Peace and Luke Walton during the summer plus the incentive they got from trading Odom would probably be enough to cover signing Dwight. They then can trade Gasol or Bynum for a good PG after.

  27. Will says:

    Im so hoping the Bulls go and grab Jr. Rose and Jr in the back court will kill the league real talk,,, I hope Jr want to win a ring and coming to the Chi he will get it… Line Up.. Rose, Jr, Deng, Boozer, Noah, Bench Rip, Korver, Brewer, Gibson, Asik, Watson, the Bulls will have the best starting line up and bench in the whole league.. Lets go Bulls!!

  28. Admiral Ackbar says:

    Atlanta should trade Horford and whatever else for Dwight Howard. This will bring Dwight back home, and Atlanta will win a championship. Perhaps Dwight would resign as well.

  29. aaronc says:

    heat should trade bosh for stoudemire

  30. Veyron says:

    trade Carmelo Anthony for Dwight Howard! a superstar for a superstar, Win-Win on both camp!

  31. jordan says:

    have any of yous thought bout dwight going to the suns for a combo with steve nash they would definitly be a contender out west.Also Carmelo should go to sacremento so they can get they scoring up

  32. gas32 says:

    I think that the LAKERS is the most realistic team if Dwight Howard really wants to play for a championship team

  33. Renato says:

    I believe the Lakers will make a move,probably for Dwight,but they shouldn´t give both Gasol and Bynum for Howard.
    And the Suns should move Nash,altough i dont know if they have the guts to do it.

  34. R-boy says:

    Tayshaun Prince should now move. He’s the olny player left from their last championship and it’s a entire different team since then. He’s a great defender and can score if he wants to.

  35. ryan says:

    jr smith should go to minnesota he fits on that team.

  36. Baller says:

    Dare I say Dwight Howard for Dwayne Wade? I’m a Wade fan and theres no way they’d do it but it’d be interesting. The Heat can win without Wade. It will also allow Bosh more touches and responsibility, so why not upgrade at centre? Just a thought.

    • David says:

      Forget it, I think it is either Miami is going after Dwight without mentioning any of the big three in trades or they are eyeing someone else. Keep Wade, he is not a bad player. If dwight howard manage to somehow become a free agent in the summer, miami will have a chance.

    • Renato says:

      I disagree entirely.Who would take the clutch shot in a hypotetic playoff game?Lebron has proven to be incosistent in that situation and Bosh simply isn´t good enough to do it.They´d give up their scoring edge over other top teams and talent on the court.

    • Celtic says:

      or give up lebron for howard. dwayne wade, bosh, and howard would be an incredible team. they wouldn’t need lebron james.

      • Jamesc1985 says:

        well you may as well argue why not bosh for howard? why would Miami give up either Lebron or Wade when Bosh is going to be a better trade than any where else in terms of incoming talent. Miami’s problem is cap space and Orlando want rid of Turkgolu. Miami arent going to give up 2 of the big 3 and Orlando would almost certainly prefer the chance to rebuild rather than swap one superstar for another… Miami trade is not going to (unless Magic lose their minds)

  37. Roy says:

    well whatever happens i know one thing is going to for sure. Dwight ain’t staying or Orlando hahahahahahaha

  38. Jaime says:

    New York should trade Melo for more defensively sound players to help covers Lin’s shortcomings in that area. Melo is an All-Star….Maybe a Superstar…..Trade Melo to Portland for Nicolas Batum and Gerald Wallace.

    Also trade Baron Davis. Maybe Miami will take him for Mike Miller.

  39. Jerome Lopez says:

    Why not trade Melo for Howard straight trade ? or maybe a Melo/Chandler for Howard/Turkoglu so that Orlando won’t be empty at the center slot .. Looks like a fair trade .. Howard will be happy to have a Jeremy Lin as PG and Amare to help him inside. Melo can bring his game to Orlando (which sorely lack a last minute go-to-guy).

  40. R-boy says:

    Agent Zero should be in a team where he can bring back is magic. Though he experience setbacks like injuries and personal reasons, he still young and can take over the game. Lakers can be one destination or San Antonio

  41. Nash Fan says:

    Jeremy Lin is a Nash-type player, looking forward to se him with Amare doing pick and roll

  42. Nash Fan says:

    Come on L.A. get Steve Nash……………..If you want a chance to win another ring…..Nash is a perfect fit for you…..

  43. Chico says:

    Sorry, but even if I like Kobe’s game, he is not the best player of the game with Jordan. You guys say that because you probably doesn’t know Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and some other guys than were way better than Kobe ever was.
    And it’s an absurd to talk about Kobe in a topic about Lin, Bryant wasn’t even mentioned. Grow up boys.
    I wonder if some of this guys have even read the topic, because they just talk about things that are not related…

  44. isaiah says:

    carmelo should go to Lakers with bryant and gasol……

  45. charles says:

    The teams looking to trade are the ones close to playoff looking to strengthen themselves or the weak teams looking to relieve financial stress and rebuild. In the East, Toronto, New Jersey, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Washington, Charlotte and Detroit should consider all options because they are likely to miss the playoffs. In the West, Sacramento, Phoenix, Golden state, Houston, Minnesota, Utah and Portland are likely trade candidates because they are in the cusp of playoffs or unlikely to make it. When your team is failing, every effort should be made to change it. I can understand Cleveland staying pat because they are in rebuilding phase and need to let the current roster gel. But Washington should seriously consider any trade – Blatche, Young and Lewis should be in the trading block. Perhaps Clippers might find a place for them.

  46. lord p says:

    which team would be a better fit for a monster scorer like J,R Smith???

  47. Mohammed eteriki says:

    if you think a little pit about the Lakers
    they can have arenas for about 1.4m
    but if they release world peace they can have about 7m
    so Jr smith can easily fit in
    but it seems to me that the Lakers will not go for him
    they will hold until summer then the contract of meta world peace
    and Luke Walton will expire then they can go for bigger fish

  48. john says:

    They will trade something significant if he agrees to sign a deal….

  49. Jrararrrrr says:

    why is the first reaction from knicks fans trade melo. J Lin had a great week, Melo has had a great 8 years. Knicks fans wear their emotion on their sleeves, quick to react and quick to forget. Makes no sense, I am beginning to understand why kobe, lebron etc decided not to go to the knicks.

    • KC says:

      You know, trade talk is not about lifetime achievement, right? It’s about putting together the right pieces to be a contender. The problem is, Melo stops the ball. He has made a career out of scoring a lot of points but everyone knows that winning is about defense and team ball. There’s no use comparing Melo and Lin, if only for the reasons you said. We’re not comparing them. Trading Melo is less about Lin and more about whether or not we’ll ever see any consistency out of him–we already know he’s hardly a force defensively.

      • BoyfromOz says:

        Except when Melo tries on defense, played pretty well against Kobe in the finals once.

      • D says:

        All I have to say is that nobody on the Knicks is hardly a force defensively, but since has Mike D’Antoni ever been known for his defensive prowess. Let’s face it D’Antoni’s not a defensive minded coach, and his players won’t excel in that area, nor will the Knicks get players that do since that’s not their coach’s philosophy. If Knick fans want the Knicks to play better defense then they need to get a different coach otherwise its not going to happen.

      • pacers21 says:

        people have to stop thinking about melo as a superstar. just more of a guy who can score with the best of them. yes, his defense is questionable, but it is still better than many starting small forwards. Look what the bulls did with thibodeau. Turned themselves into an incredible team-oriented defensive unit. And they did that with Carlos Boozer on their team, a notoriously bad defender. The change needs to come from the coaches to stop thinking about it as Melo and Amare, but rather TEAM NEW YORK.

      • You Will Trade Carmelo Anthony For Mike Miller And James Jones To The New York Knicks You Asking For More Money Our Less Money For Mike Miller And James Jones

    • JQing5 says:

      Melo is probably the only valuable piece the Knicks have to trade, besides J Lin which I highly doubt the Knicks will be trading at this junction. No one in their right mind would want Amare and his contract. I highly doubt the Knicks would trade Melo but that’s the only piece they can move and Chandler but I see more value in Chandler than Melo.

    • Danner says:

      They want melo out because he is an overated one dimensional player and ALL of the advanced statistics support it. Its not a coincidence the nuggets have been successful post melo and the knicks have suffered. Look past the the scoring ability, there are more aspects to the game

  50. David says:

    No GM will give-up anything significant for Dwight Howard, just their least valuable pieces to eaqual salary. Dwight walks for free this summer, so what ever the magics get back, as long as its more than what Toronto and Clevland got back in the summer of 2010, is a bonus, so they should not expect too much.

    Again, GMs will make a big fool out of themselves if they give-up anything significant for a free agent in the making. And if by a remote chance that happens, I will be laughing at that GM.

    • JQing5 says:

      I guess you must have forgotten about the Melo trade. Anything is possible in this league as long as the commissioner doesn’t block it.

      • David says:

        I wrote this post based on my hindsight of the Melodrama. If New York just waited and signed him in the summer (or winter rather for this season), they would be alot better off.

      • Renato says:

        That´s true.Lakers were screwed by Stern.I hope nothing like that happens again now…

      • David says:

        It’s impossible for the comissioner to block this one because he doesn’t own the Magics.

    • chris says:

      Lakers want to shake things up? Do they want Howard to sign with New Jersey? Nets want D-Will to stay? Then they need Howard. If the Magic trade him to the Lakers, the Nets don’t get him, and they won’t keep D-Will. If the Magic only are going to get insignificant pieces back, then there is no reason for Orlando to make a trade. If they aren’t getting anything back, they can let him walk and not get anything if he chooses to leave, and every team that wants him is running the risk that they don’t get him. If he doesn’t get traded to the Lakers or the Nets and he leaves Orlando, there is always the chance that both Howard and D-Will sign as free agents in Dallas.

      • You Will Trade Terel Harris And Shane Battier For Kobe Bryant To Be On The Miami Heat Team You Asking For A Hugh Price Taking A Risk For A One Great Basket Ball Player in The League

    • You Will Trade Dwight Howard For Shane Battier And Udonis Haslem For Great Valuable Piece in Miami Flrodia On The Miami Heat Team Please i’m Dwight Howard Favrite Fan On The Orlando Magics Team Please Trade Dwight Howard To The Miami Heat Team

  51. dewayne says:

    we have to trade dwight anyways.. why not trade for another star.. rajon rondo n allen.. or dwight for melo.. or hell the timberwolves.. beasley, rubio, randolph, millic for dwight and turkolo

    • Trade Dwyane Wade And Chris Bosh ON The Boston Celtics Team Trade Ray Allen And Kevin Garnett Off The Boston Celtics Team To Go Forward With The Miami Heat There Be A Hugh Success in Miami Florida On The Miami Heat Team

    • Tade Kobe Bryant And Carmelo Anthony On The Miami Heat Team You Can Trade Mike Miller And Shane Battier On The LA Lakers Team Way Kobe Bryant And Carmelo Anthony Can Be The Best Team On The Miami Heat Team Ever Played On in Your Life

    • You Will Trade Dwight Howard to Be On The Miami Heat Team He Will Be Better And Better He Will Be The Best Thing To Be The Best Of The Best Sir With Honor

  52. prix says:

    I hope to see D-will in Orlando to bring back there pride.. NY could develop chemistry but if not, just trade Melo with a good defensive shooting guard..Boston should not rely in the small 3, it´s time for them to be role players and give the young and hungry talent a chance..Lakers could just sign Arenas and have an early vacation…Spurs should get up and makes some exciting plays so that fans will not be bored..hope Clips will battle OKC for the west and Bulls-Miami in the east…