Blogtable: Thoughts On Linsanity?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Jeremy Lin … what are you seeing? What do you like? Predict his future.

Steve Aschburner: His future? Jeremy Lin is going to unite with Tim Tebow to feed the hungry, heal the sick, solve the globe’s economic woes one jersey sale at a time and persuade Ahmadinejad to swap his nuclear program for one of those big foam No. 1 hands. Meanwhile, because the NBA is a copycat league, the gyms of the Ivy League soon will be crawling with scouts, eager to beat Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs to the four-year talent … Seriously? What I like best about Lin is that no one saw this coming. No one knows when it will end. Rival coaches and players will try to crush Lin and maybe someday soon they will. But, heh heh, maybe they won’t …

Fran Blinebury: A starter in the 2013 All-Star Game.  Hey, Lin would have started this year if he’d have been on the ballot and “Linsanity” had taken place maybe two weeks earlier while voting was still open.  That’s because all of those itchy-fingered, left-out Yao Ming voters in China would have flooded the online balloting.  I see a good story, a fun story, a kid who finally got his chance and is making the most of it.  But before we start clearing out space in the Hall of Fame, let’s wait to see what happens in a few more weeks and months when teams and scouting reports catch up.  He’s probably a better perimeter shooter (38.5 percent) than he showed at Golden State, though he doesn’t have 3-point range [Tuesday night notwithstanding].  I love the crossover moves and ability to get to the hoop and also his court vision and knowledge of how to play the game.  In the era of the point guard, he’s a keeper.

Scott Howard-Cooper: I am seeing the perfect convergence of a team desperate for a point guard at a time when Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire have been injured. All credit to Lin, a hard worker who was ready when the chance came. But this is about circumstances as much as the player. I predict a future with dollar signs. The player cut by two teams this season and unable to get off the bench for a third until recently just clinched a guaranteed contract as a restricted free agent in the summer, and not just for one season. And then there are the marketing opportunities.

Shaun Powell: He’s certainly not worth the massive hype (not after sixgames), and definitely not a D-leaguer or bench player. He’s a good player, and a potentially very good player, who slipped through the cracks. He’s the beneficiary of the perfect storm:  Harvard-educated, Asian-American heritage, underdog, humble guy with swag whose talent came together for a teetering team in the league’s biggest market. Also, this is happening after the Super Bowl and before March Madness, a window the NBA has monopolized. Lin, the Knicks and the league couldn’t have crafted it any better.

John Schuhmann: I see control and patience in running the pick-and-roll, which the Knicks were desperately missing. Most of all, I see an unbelievable amount of confidence from a guy who would be out of a job if Mike D’Antoni didn’t give him a shot against the worst defensive team of the last 20 years (that’s the Nets) 11 days ago. I love that he has no fear of failure or fear of getting sent to the floor by opposing big men, and that his confidence doesn’t lead to selfishness. Predicting his future is impossible, because there is no precedent for what he’s doing. Obviously, he’s going to come back to earth a bit, but I’ll guess that he’ll be the Knicks’ starting point guard for the next few years, especially because they have little financial flexibility going forward.

Sekou Smith: What I’m seeing is a guy who plays the game with a joy reserved for a select few, a player who has persevered in spite of all of the superficial obstacles that would sack the average man, a player so smart and so skilled that he’s been able to pick up Mike D’Antoni’s system in a matter of weeks and flourish as the Knicks’ floor leader. I like everything about Lin. He’s tough, smart, fearless (as that big shot to beat the Raptors Tuesday night showed) and completely comfortable in the spotlight that has engulfed him the past 11 days. I also like the fact that he doesn’t seem to be trying to play above and beyond his capabilities. It looks completely organic, what he’s done in this mercurial six-game stretch. As for his future, I’m not sure I want to look past the next game. I’d rather enjoy the moment, the way his teammates, coaches, Knicks fans — and sports fans in general — are these days.


  1. Average Guy says:

    Well, personally I don’t think Melo will screw things up. I think his ego is not that big to destroy something this good. I think Lin’s numbers will go down to 15-18 pts and 7-9 ast per game when Melo comes back cause he will be the primary option on the offense again. But I think Lin will still run their offense and I also think that Melo has already built a trust on him with that responsibility. They’ll just get deeper and a lot more stronger when Melo comes back 🙂

    Basically, Lin turned-around the franchise. All things are going uphill from here for the Knicks 🙂

    They will definitely give my Heat a tough time if ever they meet in the postseason.

  2. Edward Baker says:

    When we look past the hype we can see that Lin has accomplished something very remarkable. He got the Knicks playing basketball after a montlh and a half of doing the exact oppositve: a solipsistic dance. And initially he did it not while Stoudemire and Melo were not there but BECAUSE they were not there. Stoudemire will fit back in nicely, but Melo seems to me a dead loss. In any case, Lin has the Knicks moving, he has imparted a rhythm that gets all five guys involved. So, bottom line, he has proved what everybody should have known in the first place, that to win basketball games you´ve got to play basketball.

    • CHAP says:

      it LIN…dontb just JLIN..he only do his job as required by the knicks….JLIN is shared only the benefits not of his own self but in his team and teammates… he only do what the knicks what in the games……dont compare him to the other sguy in NBA..we knew that KOBE MJ Lebron DIRK and other all-star are really good..but JLIN ios a youngman..he just starting of his career in NBA..just watch the JLIN games..all we do is pray that he has in good health..

  3. mharon says:

    when i saw the video how lin shakes kobes hand..oh man kobe is still boastfull, jeremy is down to earth blessed jeremy and always have a good health……asians loves you.

  4. Andy says:

    Jeremy Lin in my eyes could be that missing piece new york needed to get to the next level. still early but if he can keep on distributing the ball well and lower his turnovers they can do some damage in the playoffs. He wouldnt even have to average in the 20’s in pts although it would be nice. Cant wait til Carmelo comes back

  5. NBAfan says:

    Lin is the ANTI-STAR in a league full of STARS who think they own the league..or maybe even the sport (ie public trade demands, parade for a championship they don’t have yet, a 1-hour special on your choice after becoming a free agent, etc)

    He’s the “average” baller (for the NBA at least), who has shown that if given the chance and the freedom to play their game, they can get results.

    Yes, the scouting reports will catch up. They’ll break his game down to a simple matter of percentages and angles. Yes, he is turnover prone. Yes, he can’t run and jump like Lebron James, nor does he have the technical skills of Kobe….

    ..he’s a Harvard guy, he’ll figure something out…

    I say just let him play his game. Accept the 5 or 8 turnovers…as long as your winning. He probably saved D’Antoni’s job, and the owner should only be too pleased with their turn-around and the marketing possibilities.

    I almost hate all this Linsanity, and Lincredible, and whatnot…it cheapens what he has done so far, and what I’m sure he’d like to continue doing in the future for several years.

    Lin…your everyone’s ANTI-star, and everyone is routing for you. Hope you get paid though this offseason, or even right now, but I am really hoping that you don’t get caught up in the hype…cause then you’ll just be another one of the hyped up stars in the league. We need more ANTI-stars like you.

  6. Phil says:

    Lin,Melo and Amare wont last beyond this season. If Lin keeps playing the way he does or anything close to it he will become 10 mil a year easily and the Knicks wont be able to keep him. So enjoy him playing for the Knicks as long as you can.

  7. alsomichael says:

    Lin is a good basketball player, heck, he’s a very good basketball player. We’re talking about him because of that first of all. His underdog story comes in a second, and his ethnicity third. For now we’re all enjoying him enjoying the basketball we love. If there’s another underdog who comes in and does well then so be it, our world would be a better place. Yup, there’s linsanity too here in Manila, hehehe

  8. rich says:

    It’s all about the moment right now, LIn is doing his job better than expected period!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wei says:

    I liked Lin a lot, because he showed the NBA that this is a team sport. A team don’t always need superstar to win the game. As long as you play hard together with the best you can and with decent players, the team can beat any team. He gave the credits to coach and teammates and earned the trust from them to play to win. He may not be a superstar, but he is a life example to show most people as long as you have faith, when opportunity comes you can be successful. Wish Lin the best luck in NBA

  10. rlynn says:

    Lin did more good to the NBA in one week than any of its megastars did in one year. He brought the fans (like myself) back, MSG stock is up, bars and stadiums are full when he plays. People are talking more about basketball, less about election, war, economy, and unemployment….he has brought the world together….he could retire now, his biggest job has already been done….

    • KG and BG alldayevry day says:

      blake griffin? hes did this too…. and ill take BG over lin all day..

      love lin tho. keep it up bro!

  11. Chris says:

    People are a bit confused. Jeremy Lin is not getting “hype,” he’s getting credit. Nobody talked about him–or even knew who he was–until he put on a clinic in his first real opportunity. “Hype” is what a 1st rounder, that everyone buzzes about before they actually enter the league, would receive. J Lin is the exact opposite. He merely gets credit for what he’s actually done; not for what they expect him to do. Nobody expected any of this Linsanity, but I hope it continues. He’s instantly become one of my favorite young players.

  12. killerbee says:

    Ben, yes you, you know what your the stupidest MORON hereabouts. Come to Mindanao and the Abu Sayyaf will remove your head because there’s no brains in it it’s useless.

  13. colin says:

    Jeremy Lin is better than Lebron James. Jeremy Lin will get a RING before Lebron.

  14. Jay says:

    The reason Jeremey Lin catches the attention of the whole world, is that people can see his joy while playing. People can simply feel his emotion. Its true, other player can do what he is doing right now, but something missing with them and that is they dont enjoy the game. 😀

  15. mrkC Sigue says:

    just like kenny said. give me 30 games!

  16. MackDaddy says:

    ummm…. SIX GAMES. That’s it.

    Overhyped much?

    Here we go again…. Yao Ming’s millions of Allstar votes coming from Asia and knocking Shaq out of starting Allstar weekend is going to happen all over again. Lin (who seems like a decent bloke with decent ball skills), IS NOT an Allstar.

    But he will be voted in anyway in 2013. Just watch.

    Everyone says it’s got nothing to do with race, but that’s exactly what’s going to give him HUGE marketing appeal in Asia.
    Billions in untapped revenue just begging to be spent on Lin jerseys.

  17. I WONDER says:

    send him to washington and see how good he is.. as a nugget fan i like lin but comapring him to players like kobe and lebron is a joke. seriously kobe wins u championships lin aint that caliber type player and lebron is an athletic speciman.. cant see him taking the knicks to a ring personally but would be great to see… the kid can still ball and he is looking good besides his turnover rate.. and to all these people saying u would draft lin over lebron i think ur most likely of asian decent or a knicks fan.. the one thing that will be interesting is if lin can play with amare n mello or will his game be affected, and will he be happy playing 3rd choice option. because lin has been putting up close to 20 shots a game.. cant see them all taking 20+ shots per game. thats just my opinion, not a hater in any terms im just a fan of basketball..

  18. Celticsrck says:

    if D-Will isnt “elite” i dont know what he is

  19. jimmy Lee says:

    hi, i am asian.,also from Taiwan originally. i used to prove how good i was on court when i played basketball with black and white guys. after 1 or 2 games, then i started to get some respect. i used to be teased similar to Jeremy Lin’s expereince as well when i played with blacks or white guys. I am early 40’s now. when i was in early 20, i was only about 5ft10. throughout my basketball time. i was such a good point guard that my record was 16 shots of 3 point and did not miss one. i played basketball aganst asian people my whole life and never injured once. Then when i started to play with balcks and whites. i often got elbow on me or body push. sometimes i am scared to be badly injuried. But i was too speedy and my vision on court was like Jeremy. quick and precise.
    give asians chance. phyiscally mayebe they are not the biggest by race. but gee….. they are quick and agile.
    any comments???

  20. Gman says:

    how many nba players can carry a nba team to a 6 straight wins? how many players can score 130+ pt for the first 6 starts? how many player can outscored kobe in a game? if you can”t do all these please give J Lin the credit he deserved!!

  21. Ben (not the other one) says:

    First off, I’m not the Ben who was posting at the beginning of the article lol. Secondly, I’m a huge fan of Lin. He’s like Derrick Rose, he’s fearless but not selfish, and humble to boot (not saying they are the same type of player, because I know there would be some hate replies if I didn’t clarify). Lin has been nothing but great during his stint and hopefully it continues when Melo is back (which I think it will). I don’t think of him as an Asian American bball player, I see him as a good kid who is reaping the benefits of hard work. And while I think that it’s too early to talk about long term success, what he’s managed to do so far has been great! Kudos Lin!

  22. LOLdogs says:

    As for my opinion, i do not really care what happens to Lin in the future. Why? because im currently enjoying what this man did in the league. Sure 5 of the 6 teams they won on were against not-so good teams, but what he is doing is fixing what was lost during the lockout. This man is surely making the game look good, and (honestly) i do hope Lin continues his and the Knicks’ success throughout the season

    by the way, this is comming from a pacer fan, who has been a fan of the pacers since i was a kid in the mid-late 80’s and 90’s.

  23. Amy says:

    Lin will be a notable point guard in NBA from this point onward, Keep working hard on the floor and fitness and keep enjoying ! Lin, you are a great addition to the NBA !!

  24. Jeremy Lin is cut from the same cloth as Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant, stars who have added to their shine with the way they carry themselves off the court and staying humble. As long as Lin remains humble, hungry and stays true to what put him in the spotlight, he will do just fine.

  25. ism says:

    I’ll go with Fran Blinebury’s last three sentences and – more empatic – Sekou Smith’s words. Thanks for your wisdom(s). It is obvious that this is above all a hype that is bound to end some day, but it’s just as obvious that we are seeing some serious talent on display. Overall, a great thing for NBA Basketball.

  26. A random guy says:

    sure jeremy lin is doing great at the moment. but the problem is that its way too over hyped. sooner or later, the 2 billion people in china and around that area are gonna be voting him in the all star game next year etc.

  27. renren says:

    Lin will teach melo to play as a team.

  28. acepidey says:

    God bless you more jeremy

  29. Good example of the hype gone out of control. I mean even in a interview with LeBron they brought him up!! I can just see it. Say OKC wins the finals. In the interview with Durant the moderator will ask…”so what do you think of the season that Linsanity had this Ok, I am just being funny….but really LeBron was probably thinking just wait until we play against him…

  30. For the record, I AM NOT HATING!!!

    Shhh and shut up

    I am not hating. All I am saying (and others) is that, that’s all you hear about all the time. When he has only had 1 week of good games. I mean if he continues (which for the Knicks future I hope so) than yes he is a really good player. But the NBA sports people have already crowned him the next greatest thing…. with just a few good performances (if he didn’t hit that game winning shot it would have been a bad game with all those turnovers). All I am saying it’s just a little toooooo early. Like I said if he was for a smaller franchise you wouldn’t even hardly hear about it. But maybe that’s why he is getting all the hype is because of where he is. Like I said I think it was just after two games he was already being called “Linsanity.” I mean that’s a little stupid. I am not hating on him. I mean he is a humble guy, good player it seems but all this hype is just a little much.
    All it’s going to do is fuel D-Rose, C-Paul, D-Williams, etc…. to come out with a chip on their shoulder when they play the Knicks. And I don’t think I would want to be Lin against anyone of those Pg’s.

  31. All I do is Lin says:

    February 15, 2012 at 11:42 am
    Lin is no good people are giving him way to much credit.He has been doing good for 2 weeks it wont last long

    February 15, 2012 at 3:07 pm
    then who we should be giving the credit to?

    marvin williams, kwame brown or better yet nikoloz tskitishvili because all of them are top 5 NBA drafts and they did better than Jeremy Lin in their first 5 nba starts?

    February 15, 2012 at 11:44 am
    Theres only one person in the nba that is truely good and thats kobe bryant.Only one person can compare to kobe and thats Michael Jordan.Nobody will ever be as good as kobe.


    I hope lin does well but elite pg will chew him up for dinner sadly.

  32. kb24fan says:

    love the story…….love the player!… still sticking with the yellow mamba for the nickname though!

  33. K says:

    hey the heat just sweeped a 3 games in 3 nights on the road in double digits each game against atlanta, milwaukee, and the pacers.

    • The Aggressive Napkin says:

      want a cookie? as a serious championship contender that’s what they were suppose to do.

  34. GMockey says:

    So many comments with random hate or random hype.

    J Lin has played very well for 6 games and is a wonderful basketball story and court personality. He deserves all the credit for his good play, and yes of course we all realize it’s only 6 games. Of course if he plays badly for the next 3 weeks he will stop being a starter.

    But there’s no reason it’s not still fun and enjoyable to have hope in a young kid who shows promise. Those stories in major sports are always the best … we don’t see them every day and we still don’t know what we’re going to see here, but it’s awesome to see it happen anyway. Why so much hate? Sit back and enjoy the show.

    And message to any haters:

    It’s not about Kobe, or Jordan, or Lebron, or anyone else. IT’S ABOUT BASKETBALL. Lin has had 6 good days and nobody is comparing him to any proven great. Just enjoy it and let’s see where it goes.

  35. Raf says:

    Oh, come on guys, pls stop saying all this about Lin, just enjoy. I started watching nba again ‘cose of him after MJ left nba. It’s realy nice watching this man, it’s increadable story and we all should be happy for him.
    Rgrds from Poland

  36. Jarrett says:

    I’m ready to watch the kings wipe the floor with him tonight.

    • Shaolin Master says:

      It only took him 3 quarters to blow the Kings out of MSG. Bet you really enjoyed watching that!

  37. Spurs4Life says:

    I for one think Lin is a good player but i agree this is too much hype for this guy i mean the knicks havent beaten a solid good team in their win streak besides the “lack”ers who are playing sloppy this year so i wont even count them, hes a good player but come on Tony Parker has putting almost identical stats in their 8 game win streak comepared to the knicks 6 game winstreak but i guess its the same old spurs are “boring” because they play solid team basketball and we live in San Antonio nothing that speacial, well screw that because the Spurs are a real contender in the west this year as the knicks if they make it to the playoffs wont get past round two if they get that far.

    • JQing5 says:

      Well Tony Parker is an all-star and a world champ, so it’s expected from him. No one saw this coming from J Lin that’s why he’s garnishing all the attention.

      What J Lin is doing right now is pretty much what D Rose did last year multiple by 100. No one expected D Rose to win the MVP and did what he did but he did and it was great. It was good for him and basketball overall.

      Will J Lin lead the Knicks to a championship? I highly doubt it. Will J Lin win the MVP? doubtful. One thing he has brought is EXCITEMENT!

    • The Aggressive Napkin says:

      tony parker has been in the league for how long? and has how many games under his belt? MICHAEL JORDAN hasn’t even put up the number jeremy lin has in his first 6 games as a starter, let alone tony parker. i’m not saying he is as good as michael jordan or will be as good as michael jordan but he came on to a struggling team that had high expectations was the 15th man was just thrown into a game because of injuries and in a jaw dropping fashion is putting up all star almost super star numbers.

      • Shaolin Master says:

        Well said, but man, you are aggressive. Are you a trial lawyer? I could always use a good one.

  38. jonaz says:


  39. Richard says:

    As a life-long Knick fan and basketball overall I can say with my 40+ years of playing, coaching, officiating and watching I think I know the real deal when I see it. And Lin is the real deal. He might have single handedly save D’Antoni’s job. The Knicks over the years have hung their hats on the defensive end of the floor. That is what won us championships and got us to championship series. Why would you all of a sudden switch your identity to an offensive minded team? I am sure they know the old saying. Offense puts butts in the seats but defense wins championships. So that would lead me to understand that this organization isn’t about winning championships it’s all about butts in the seats. Why go away from what has won championships in the past? That would be like the football Chargers all of a sudden becoming a smash mouth running team. It just isn’t going to happen, like a zebra changing his stripes…are there anymore cliche’s I can use? Now the key to more success this year will be evident when Carmelo, who up to now has dominated the ball and made the offense stagnant is willing to let the offense go through Lin. That is the million dollar question.

    • JQing5 says:

      I’m just amazed how J Lin has elevated Chandler’s game. I see Chandler being very active on the board his field goal percentage is sky high. He needs to work on those free throws but Chandler is like a different person out there with J Lin running the point. Even Shumpert looks like he’s playing more within himself. Fields is starting to look like his sensational rookie season. The level of play with J Lin running the point is so much better. Yes, he does tend to turn the ball over a little too much but no one is perfect.

    • PCK says:

      I wouldn’t call New York a completely offensive minded team. As far as defensive rating they are above Miami and last I checked Miami almost won a championship last year.

      They are about middle of the pack. A decently quick offense with average defense. However, I’ve noticed recently that when it counts they are able to lock down on D, especially in the 4th quarters of games. Chandler has added a great defensive presence as well as Shumpert.

  40. mharon says:

    yes asian are humble…

  41. SuperJun says:

    hey mayweather, how many of you athletes graduated from harvard???

  42. Travis says:

    KOBE is a R-A-P-I-S-T!!!!

  43. maleman says:

    Nobody saw it coming. He deserves all the accolades. Now the problem is, would the knocks would try to lure to knicks chris paul after this season?

  44. Players are delusional says:

    Steve Aschburner made me laugh out loud! Shaun Powell, on the other hand, should find another job himself. Why not just enjoy the moment like Sekou says.. why be such a jerk, Shaun?

  45. Tj says:

    What I really like with this kid is he is really HUMBLE!

  46. rsamudio622 says:

    Jeremy Lin is a good player, no doubt about that, but the hype is just that hype. Let’s see if he is still doing what he’s doing a month from now.

  47. mharon says:

    just asking sir/maam, why is it that almost american is racist to the asian? this is very sad story than jeremy lin story…..i hope this could be end..go go jeremy..we love you! I LOVE THIS GAME! thanks also to the staff..i wish i can watch nba in live game before we go back to our country phil.:(

  48. charles says:

    I’ve seen some people compare Lin’s accomplishments to Lebron. I just want to oint out that Lebron was doing what he was doing fresh from High School – at 18 years of age. Lin is doing it at 23 plus one year of NBA experience already under his belt. Lebron was a true rookie. I appreciate the excitement Lin has caused and it is amazing that a talent like him was not noticed earlier. At the same time, I don’t think there is one GM who would replace Lin for Lebron and I’m all for the excitement there is difference between excitement and hype.

  49. Occ916 says:

    Can’t wait for the matchup against Tyreke Evans. Both have the same weakness turnover and shooting.

  50. Ric Silvestre says:

    Call It LINsanity or happy VaLINtine day…one thing for sure he inject life and grace to the big city of NYK and the NBA in particular.. JL and to mention (Ricky Rubio) add spices to the league globally….plus proud to be that unnderated Asian people play the big man game with a bang…Just sit back, relax and enjoy what is happening now as he is making the best for his team, Just wish him the best and may he last long…if not try to thank him for the show he injected to the league…mabuhay ka Jeremy Lin…Thanks for the smile you gave to us…

  51. Go Lin Go says:

    Go LIN Go!

  52. ShakenBake says:

    To all those haters. it doesnt matter if Lin turns the ball over many times as long as they are winning. and y compare Lin over Kobe or Lebron?? They dont even play the same position. Can you compare shaq over jordan? or stockton over olajuwon?? y not compare Lin to other pg in the league? if im gonna compare Lin to CP3, D-Rose, Westbrook or Rondo ofcourse those other PG would better Lin because they have done it for awhile now. Why not Compare Wall to Lin. I would take Lin over Wall because Lin play with his heart and Smarts while Wall just plays with his athleticism. and if u guys will argue over that statement, athleticism declines but Court Intelligence and Smarts doesnt.

    To Ben
    is your lakers winning lately? how is the best player in the game doing now?? i bet your team (lakers) wont even get to the western conference finals.

    To Paul
    Lin wont be given an opportunity if he is on the other team because as far as i know the Knicks needed a PG the most. i cant think of any team the needed a PG in utmost importance. and dont hate. it just shows your insecurities

  53. louie ribaya says:

    one word to describe people who still can’t appreciate what Lin has shown so far……nuts

  54. says:

    As a Chinese I’m very happy to see Lin’s amazing success and wish him continues to do well. However I start to get a little tired of all this Linsanity. I want to see more media attention to be given to many under-rated great players in other teams. Plus, all this hype may not good for Lin himself either.

    • uoykcuf says:

      Did you even see him play? This kid never shooked by your so called hype. Whether it’s on court or on paper, whether it’s those “MVP” chant or “Go back to China” stuff.

    • Shut up says:


      Well said……

      you media people are putting a lot of pressure on this kid with all this hype…..

  55. mr. says:

    lin never asked for any attention or hype so people should stop getting frustrated over all the news, hes a humble guy who even said he wished his teammates got mroe recognition.. hes just working hard and recognition is naturally following.

  56. mr. says:

    lin never asked for anything attention or hype so stop getting all frustrated at him for this.. hes a humble guy who even said he wished his teammates got more recognition. hes working hard and the recognition is following naturally.

  57. mharon says:

    Jeremy Lin is only human..with a supernatural ability. be blessed jermy..

  58. Gustavo (Lakers FAN) says:

    The comments i’ve seen here are just absurd. Why in every discussion about a player Jordan or Kobe have to appear suddenly in the conversation, we are talking about Jeremy LIN here , not about any other player. Stupid comparisons (and that comes from a Kobe Bryant Fan)

    That being said, i think it is a really nice story of a hard working guy ( i just don’t know how much hard work has he put in, but i’m buying this until i’m told otherwise), i wish him the best, even being a lakers fan, i just wished he nailed those 38 points against any other team.. but what the heck, nothing’s perfect.

  59. chris says:

    From what I’ve seen Lin is a pretty good player but I think he needs to protect the ball more as he turns the ball over a lot and his vision of the court could be improved on, I noticed him not seeing plenty of open men in these past few games.

  60. smooth says:

    people need to stop hating on lin nd kobe wasnt nothing before shaq got there remember that stop hating on that man

    • uoykcuf says:

      hmm, shaq got to LA when kobe was drafted by hornets(trade to LA) so shaq was there from the start. Now, your point is?

  61. TozTomas says:

    I think Lin with Melo, Amare and Tyson can be a great team with big future. I hope chemistry between this stars will be great. LETS GO KNICKS.

  62. Christian says:


    • sbfern says:

      Look! im not hating at all and i dont want to hate because its great to see a normal/regular person succeed like this! But you do have to admit that it is only six games so far and sure he played well against the opponents, but this is a very long season and you have to see how the stamina holds up… (PERSONALLY I HOPE IT CONTINUES) but we just have to wait and see. As of now, you cannot compare Lin to other proven Guards because its not time yet… if this remains in the next month, then all the people ” not giving credit” will soon have to. Point im making is good job Lin, but there is much more to do….

    • tke29 says:

      Take it easy. No one is refusing to give him credit I think he has great talent and is in a great system but we are saying to take it easy and not get ahead of ourselves. Lin has yet to face a top-10 defensive team in the league. When have Deron-Williams ever been a great defender and John Wall, John Lucas III went 28-8-8 vs. John Wall and he’s still a 3rd stringer. Additionally Lin is averaging 5.5 turnovers in his starts and twice had 8 turnovers once again he hasn’t played any top-10 defenses he has ball control issues. I am very interested in what will happen when Amare and Melo are back clogging up the paint. Lin has shot only 16% from deep and with the bigs in the paint he will need to develop a better jump shot. I think he will be a decent point guard in this league but I’ve seen players start hot and fizzle. I want to see him play some tough defenses, I wish him the best though he’s a lot more humble than his fans.

  63. Joe says:

    You “experts” will never give your all wise opinion on issues. This is the third article on this website asking if jeremy lin is for real and most of you wont even make a pick. What do they even pay you for?

  64. Amitpal says:

    I am happy for Lin and how his hard work has paid off but come one guys. I hear people say that they rather have Lin over Rubio or Kyrie and that he’s one of the best points guard. Really? He’s playing in a system which is designed for point guards. Look at the talent around him. They spread out the court and play pick and roll, it’s not to hard. Yes u still have to make the shot and which he’s done well, right now lin is way over rated. And next u hear people say he’s an all star and he’s going to start over Derrick Rose next year. Please he’s not that good, he’s not a all star and will never be good enough to be one. If he ever makes an all star team it’s cause he’s popular and not because he deserves to be one.

    • Shut up says:


      you haters are always hate….

      it’s s#ck to be your parents.

      stop the hate and enjoy the game……

    • Nate says:

      If the system he’s playing in is so easy then how come none of the other guards on the Knicks aren’t able to do what he’s been doing for the last 6 games? Come on now people, give this kid a lot of credit for his bball play. True he’s not an allstar yet, but if he keeps this up til the end of the year and improves his jump shot and less turnovers then he definitely should be consider next year. He’s already set an NBA record for most points scored for a first time starter in his first 4 games, if you think that’s easy then why haven’t it been done before? Reading comments like this and the one Mayweather made just makes me wanna laugh…. Is Linsanity over hyped right now, yes it is… but that’s the media, but don’t undermine what Lin has done for this game and his team with his play and his story. Give credit where credit is due.

    • Heat says:

      If he starts averaging 20plus ppg 8plus apg he will be an Allstar (period)

      • tke29 says:

        AllStar? He would have to get more votes then Derrick Rose or be put in by coaches over Rondo and D-Williams. He has a lot of talent but don’t forget, in these games he is averaging 20 and 8 he is also averaging 5.5 turnovers (twice he had 8 turnovers in a game). I’m interested in seeing what will happen with Lin when both Amare and Melo are in the paint (Lin is shooting 16% from downtown) he will have to develop a better jump shot and to say the Knicks should get rid of Melo is getting WAY ahead of everything with Lin yet to face a top-10 defense in his big games (Melo’s contract makes this next to impossible anyways). I like him and this is the perfect system for him but let’s take it easy not jinx the kid by putting the cart before the horse. He’s still got a lot to prove but as a Bulls fan I miss the rivalry and would love to see it again. (I still would take D. Rose over Lin anyday but hey maybe thats just me)

    • shhh says:

      Amitpal says:
      “next u hear people say he’s an all star and he’s going to start over Derrick Rose next year.”

      If Lin gets a decent finish this year, there is high probability that he can start over Rose in all star next year… i’m sure you’re aware of the population of china, taiwan and all other neighboring asian countries they have that has caught up with Linsanity?

      How long did it take for nba stars to be globally famous? Anybody did it in a week?

    • PCK says:

      Have you seen Rubio lately? He’s hit a wall hard, and he’s shooting 37%.

      Look at the talent around him? He’s done all this without Melo or Stat, with a bunch of bench players like Jared Jeffries and Billy Walker for god sake. Rubio has K-Love to dish to and years more experience playing at a pro level.

    • shut it says:

      never good enough to be an all star? have u seen him play?!

    • fan says:

      if he keep scoring 20+ every night, he is not overated…

  65. Dom V says:

    At ben what have you been smoking? i think we would all want some of that…. You think kobe is the GOAT and only jordan is close? have you only watched basketball for maybe 4-5 years? Jordan in my eyes is the best followed by magic bird russell the dream wilt kobe is in the conversation but you cannot judge a career until that career is over…

    Just like many people write off lebron already people wrote off jordan at that age too… ( who didnt win a ring until he was 28) lebron is now 27… You wonder why jordan said ” it is my failure that gave my strength” because he had alot of set backs early on in his career too. All those people wrote him off told him he was over rated and now those same people worship the ground he walks on….

    • sbfern says:

      Shut up man!! on your second paragraph!!! MJ went to College and won an NCAA!! he started the NBA 3 years after lebron did. Lebron has played more years in the NBA already than what MJ did when he first won his championship!! So if you state a fact….make sure you write the WHOLE FACT!! Lebron is an Amazing Player, but he has no heart and does not have that will like Jordan nor Kobe have.

      As for GOAT…im a Lakers fan and yeah….Kobe is not the Greastest. For me its Jordan and Russell ( dude dominated everything) followed by many second way ties because of position diferrences between ( Kobe, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Bird, and Malone) and yes you can already put Kobe in the conversation because of if he quits now, he will still make that list and keeping him active will just add more numbers to his legacy.

      • shut it says:

        why the freak does it matter how long they’ve been in the nba. jordan went college and had the chance to develope his skills. lebron went straight to the nba and didnt have the time in college to develop his skills as much. thats his mistake but hes still 27 and jordan was 28. and lebron won a high school national championship with a team made up of random boys off the street. mj is still better than lebron but u cant argue that he doesnt have a ring. hes still got plenty of years left in him.

  66. Dimce says:

    Go Jeremy Lin, love from Macedonia

  67. luka croatia says: many times in season one player takes drug test??my opinion is that Lin next test is going to be positive..if not than congratulations to Lin and keep it coming..enjoy..

    • Just a fan of NBA says:

      Ha Ha! I think J Lin took the drugs from God, who wanted him to be almighty. That way, we all would learn the power of God from Linsanity…..( folks, don’t take this too seriously!)

  68. Frisco says:

    All the hype? You have to understand this guy came from no where! He was living on his brothers couch when he played against the Nets and started this craziness. He had been cut from two teams just this season,two teams!!!! He was kind of a hail mary option for D’ Antoni, just a roster filler till he got his chance,THAT is why he has so much hype, and he is doing it with historic games. Even if he was in the smallest market team, he would still have all this hype, its because of what he is doing and leading a team that didn’t really have a direction with its two superstars. Just sit back and enjoy the show he is putting on for now, I wish him the best in his career and hopefully he can continue with his elite play,

  69. I like Jeremy Lin a lot. I think he has good potential but COME ON all this HYPE!!??? I think I will have some “insanity” of my own! Maybe its because he is in New York. I doubt if he was for Memphis, Raptors, or some other smaller franchise would he be getting this type of hype?? I mean what was it like two days (don’t get me wrong they were really good games) and he already had a nickname!? I mean come on. I am not trying to put him or his game down they are both really good. But all the hype, I am just sick of hearing about it 24/7.

    • Shut up says:

      @Paul (Go L.A)

      Stop the hate……

      This same go for Kobe when he first join the Lakers, Kobe this and Kobe that for almost three…… and till today, still kobe this kobe that….

      were you sick of that too? learn to enjoy the game….kid

    • sunsman says:

      Agree…. other day on you had 3 features of JLin and 3 of LBJ…. come on there are 450 players and 30 teams. It isn’t just about 2 guys, no matter how skilled.

  70. Asian Thru and Thru says:

    What a great guy with Amazing skill. I wish him nothing but success, a long and healthy career, and especially a very lucrative contract. He’s made the NBA proud and has been defined by the way he plays and acts on the court. Not off of it like some other NBA players. I love how he never gives up and is fearless to whomever stands before him. He has helped the Knicks win by getting the team involved and playing very smart basketball. I would draft him over Lebron. 🙂

  71. Dr. J says:

    JLin: From Zero to hero…

  72. Ben says:

    Theres only one person in the nba that is truely good and thats kobe bryant.Only one person can compare to kobe and thats Michael Jordan.Nobody will ever be as good as kobe.

    • Shut up says:


      Hey kid, go back to your cave…….

      FYI…. you kobe and the lakers just got their @ss kicked by the Knicks few days ago, where were you?????

    • leo says:

      yo ben, nobody is comparing your kobe to jlin. dont hate, people are just apreciating how he achieve his dream.
      your kobe and mour jordan are still the best the league has ever seen, Lin is just a good player with a nice story
      right now.

    • Sick says:

      your kobe might get an early exit this year…lol

    • B-man says:

      kobe’s dominant, but not much of a team player, esp. this season. JLin’s ability to rally his team, to win and shock the world, that’s much more exciting.

  73. Ben says:

    Lin is no good people are giving him way to much credit.He has been doing good for 2 weeks it wont last long

    • shhh says:

      then who we should be giving the credit to?

      marvin williams, kwame brown or better yet nikoloz tskitishvili because all of them are top 5 NBA drafts and they did better than Jeremy Lin in their first 5 nba starts?

  74. prix says:

    A humble guy with a big heart and that´s Jeremy Lin..I will see the NBA will no longer see Asian basketball player the same way again..after Yao Ming now it´s Lin..I see NBA scouts in Asian countries and will give them opportunity to live there dream in NBA. no racism in terms of color and nationality but all will be judge with skills, talent and heart…

    • The Aggressive Napkin says:

      I am really really really against racism but this will not get rid of it in the NBA as far as being biased towards an unknown or draft-able player. It definitely helped though.

    • Arthur says:

      It’s not about Asian although it makes it more entertaining. Lin is just good end of story. Yao was just good. Yi has not lived up to his potential. There were atleast a few more asian players who didn’t work out. High prospect the lakers took a few years ago and where is he now? That 7’3 dude on the heat like 5-7 years ago and some other 7 footer on the blazer like 5 years back. We don’t hear about those guys because they weren’t putting up numbers thats it. Nothing to do with race saying asians arent taken to the nba because they are asian

    • Nada says:

      Being Asian had nothing to do with Lins’ case. The guy borned and grew up here. He wasn’t trained by the Chinese. There are many other players misssing their chances. He’s just happen to be one of them. I’m glad he got his chance but there are still many others that don’t.

    • B-man says:

      great for the NBA having international presence, becoming a global game; and no doubt that Jeremy Lin has proved that Asians can be athletic, and opening the doors for others to follow suit. but Jeremy Lin is Asian American and he’s played in the American system since his youth, and he doesn’t have to adapt as much as international players into the system. and let’s not forget, he’s still a bit undersized physically, it’s just that he’s an incredible player. the NBA is a system, there are a lot of talent ouside of the league in America that aren’t a good fit; re: Asian and Asian American players, Yao and JLin are both very unique cases.

  75. ko0kiE says:

    I’m looking forward to todays matchup with Tyreke Evans..