No “Structural Damage” For Rose

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Bulls fans can go ahead and exhale now.

Derrick Rose has no structural damage to his back, per a report from A Monday morning MRI on his back showed no major issues and Bulls general manager Gar Forman said Rose’s back issues will continue to be treated on a daily basis as the reigning league MVP battles yet another injury this season.

Rose has missed five games this season with a turf toe issues and two others because of his back. The Bulls have maintained their position atop the Eastern Conference standings this season even without their best player in the lineup.

That said, in the day and weeks ahead, they’ll have to keep a close eye on Rose’s back to keep his current problems from lingering. Forman told Nick Friedell of that Rose will get around the clock attention:

“The course of action we’ve been taking we’ll continue with, and that is the constant therapy, the massage, and working with our medical staff,” Forman said. “You don’t know when it’s muscular like this. It could respond overnight, it could be a couple days, you just don’t know. But the positive is that the MRI was negative and structurally there’s nothing wrong.”

If there is a positive sign for Bulls fans, it’s that the MRI results didn’t show anything serious. But Rose’s fearless style of play will have Bulls fans holding their breath every time he makes a move.

In a compressed season where injuries to significant players have become a huge factor, the Bulls’ have already played seven games without All-Star forward Luol Deng, a lingering issue in Chicago looms larger than anything.


  1. bullsfan12345654321 says:

    we definitely need rose back 4 another Bulls-Heat ECF but this time bulls coming out on top!! Then Bulls-OKC and Bulls taking it all this year

  2. 23>24 says:

    @ Renato = Of course, because Rose is the offense of Bulls.

  3. Renato says:

    The Bulls are a poor team offensively without Rose.Depending on how many games he misses,it will be impossible for the bulls to hold that top seed.

  4. Kobe@Philippines says:

    I hope that Rose wouldn’t have a major injury that will make him sidelined for a long time.. He is a very good player and he is one of my idol.. I watch him play here and he is such a good player and a humble one..

  5. prix says:

    Good news for D-Rose.. for I can see Bulls-Miami again this East finals.. surely it would be an epic this time.. if both teams have complete rooster, whoever wins deserve to be the champion this year..OKC will be alone waiting on the other side unless Billups would return to the Clippers and that´s another story…