NBA Types Weren’t First To Miss On Lin

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Jeremy Lin‘s underdog story has been well documented recently, with the Knicks star rising from relative (or perhaps complete) obscurity to the first name on the minds of NBA fans everywhere in roughly one week of action.

But we’re here today to take the heat off of NBA scouts, coaches and executives who missed on Lin coming out of Harvard. All they did was continue a trend started by their college counterparts.

Mark Viera of The New York Times tells an intriguing tale of a player that has embodied the underdog role from the very start, and we’re talking about all the way back to his high school days:

The story of Lin’s college recruitment illustrates how talent evaluators overlooked his ability even when Lin was young. It is something that was repeated in the professional ranks as he moved from Golden State to Houston to New York, where he has infected Knicks fans with Linsanity, becoming a sensation over five transcendent games.

… All of that would have been hard for some college coaches to have predicted while watching film of Lin as a skinny, average-shooting guard at Palo Alto High School, even though he was a standout for the modest program, leading it to a 32-1 record and an upset of the powerhouse Mater Dei in the 2006 California Division II championship game.

“He was a good student, a good player and, yeah, it’s amazing what he was doing,” said Steve Donahue, now the coach at Boston College, said in a recent telephone interview. “But he didn’t look that athletic and he didn’t shoot it all that well. Even after his freshman year at Harvard, you didn’t give it a second thought that we made a mistake.”

Now we’re not suggesting that Lin’s surprising rise is cause for a complete restructuring of the scouting process. It’s going to take more than one stunner to do that.

But it should be a lesson to college recruiters and NBA scouts alike, to trust more than the measurables when evaluating talent. If nothing else, Lin will make them pause the next time they see a guy that doesn’t fit the mold.


  1. JP says:

    BIG FAT PAYCHECKS will not give out WINS
    NYK should develop LIN coz he’s turning the ball a lot of times.
    C: Tyson Chandler
    PF: Amare Stoudemire
    SF: Bill Walker
    SG: Landry Fields
    PG: Jeremy Lin

    6th: Iman Shumpert
    7th: Jared Jeffries
    8th: Steve Novak
    9th: Toney Douglas

    NYK should get Gallinari back and get RID of the 2 useless guys

  2. JP says:

    MAYWEATHER did not go to school — simple explanation on why he’s a stupe racist, while LIN went to HARVARD where the current President graduated.

  3. Choker says:

    LIn is great…. he needs to prove more

  4. Justin Lewis says:

    It’s simple, all scouts and coaches don’t think an Asian can be a good guard, it never happen before. Asian is less atheletic and not skillful!!!!!

  5. Sho says:

    Will Jeremy Lin be ELIGIBLE 4 the BBVA Rising Stars Draft……….. Tell SHAQ & CHUCK to pick the TIAWAN PYTHON n SHOCK the WORLD!!!

  6. To much offense against me. I dont hate anybody and I like too much Lin´s game and I wish him the best..he is playing phenomenal basketball in my opinion.
    I guess he plays “on the ball” rather off the ball. His points come from his moves with the ball in my opinion he doesn´t make too much harm playing off the ball like Ray Allen does . Just my opinion. Dont Hate me please!

  7. i am seven one says:

    ey heatlatinofan i am also a miami heat fan, but i agree with what others feel and say about lin..your right his not lebron or wade but he is better than kobe..he scored 38 against kobe that amazing considring that his a bench warmer for a long time and no one give him a shot but the of the good leader never fades thats why he played a heck of a game..go lin, show the haters your brand of basketball game..

    • Knickfan212 says:

      @i am seven one- Lin has been playing good and I don’t believe it’s a fluke. But, did you say he’s better than Kobe just because he scored 38?

  8. gabpareja says:

    Lakers receive: Dwight Howard, Tony Douglas and Elton Brand

    Knicks receive: Pau Gasol, Ryan Anderson and first-round pick from Orlando

    76ers receive: Amare Stoudemire, Justin Harper and first-round picks (From LA and 76ers)

    Orlando Receives: Andrew Bynum and Evan Turner


  9. JSM01 says:

    @ heatlatinofan: It´s a team sport. Lin doesn´t have to grab 10 boards a game, thats what he has Chandler for. It´s the same with his 3pt. shooting, he doens´t necessarily have to shoot well from there. (although it would even make him better!) but he has to find the open man out there when he´s penetrating and thats what he ´s doing (ask Steve Novak)

  10. June says:

    who cares what race he is all i care about is wins and if he can play and answer comes back yes he can play and yes to getting some much needed wins that the knicks needed

  11. Gadzmin says:

    Jeremy Lin is a story similar to but greater than that of Rondo’s. I recall Rondo’s 2010 playoff game when referring to Lin. Rondo was in every mouth of NBA fans for a moment but did not last very long. Anyway, let’s see if this Lin could manage to maintain his performance in the succeeding games but for now, let us give him due credit for his ascension in the five games of Lin-sanity.

  12. jack says:

    jeremy lin he’s not the best,..not even the good one,..he’s just lucky,..that’s it.!!=->

    • Jus says:

      Yes, he lucked out scoring 38 against the lakers with 2 allstars. He totally has no skill…. wtf are you smoking. Give credit where its due, you dont see anyone thats not a superstar scoring 38 against the lakers.

  13. Trey says:

    The Tim teebo of the NBA anyone…..he just gotta do the Linbow

  14. fanatica says:

    It was reported currently that his Knicks Jersey cost $10 more than Lebron’s, a top seller and currently out of stock… Way to go Kid!

    The Amazing Spiderman screens here in Singapore soon, but NY needs more Lin-sanity than Spidey! Who is more heroic??

    To get such nicknames (“Lin-sanity” , “Yellow Mamba” ) over just a week is purely due to his hard work and team’s belief in him.

    I dont get it, Why is he sleeping on couches as an NBA player? however this might spur him to work harder, hold on to the couch, dude. Do you guys think he could be an all-star if the votes reopen just for another week? i bet so!!! =p

  15. Why people say Lechokes or Lebrick. Two and a half men? Last year everybody was against the heat. The heatles?

  16. Erunes says:

    Lin is going to be Legendary In NewYork!

  17. Philippine Crocodile says:

    Lin’s performance this past few games is phenomenal, but I think for some people out there especially Floyd Mayweather’s comment is I think more of a racial comments… Stop hating…We all know that Lin has more to prove, but hey, in his past few games his been so phenomenal not that he’s asian but because purely of his performance.. Give this guy a little props…

    • Knickfan212 says:

      I agree about Mayweather’ comment being more racially motivated. Just by him saying he’s only getting props because he’s asian. That sounds just as stupid as the rest of the things he says.

  18. kaje says:

    A NEW SUPERSTAR IS BORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Pfft says:

    I think I see where heatlatinofan is getting to, some people are just being too jumpy… You guys are just giving J-Lin more haters… Calling him MVP or better than D-Rose…. so instead of joining the J-lin fan club, you become annoyed of him because of these guys running their mouths… Remember when the star trio in Miami was made? Fans began calling out every other team which led to heat haters so…. see the pattern? J-Lin is actually good, and I want to see him become better, but you guys should know by now that running your mouths in chat rooms and tweets will only lead to people actually hating on a guys who hasn’t done anything but play good bball…

  20. L!N MVP says:


    • ron says:

      he is not better than rubio yet, but he will be better if he will continue to get his shots and minutes. but i like what he did in the last 2 weeks..eastern conference player of the week..hmmm very impressive

  21. Pfft says:

    mr heatlatinofan…… you call yourself a heat fan? you’re no better than the people hating on your miami heat…..hater…. let the boy be……sure Jeremy Lin only played for just 5 games and I think the people has been giving him too much attention lately…. maybe he cant do a crossover like d-rose, or kill it behind the arc like most point guards do… but he’s playing good bball and that’s that

  22. HJ` says:

    Jeremy Lin> He can play ball. He’s intelligent, has good skills and rose to the occasion. I am glad for him and happy for NYC. The team is fun to watch when he is playing. One person can make a difference.

  23. Mark C says:

    And you can’t speak or write English very well, apparently, heatlatinofan. You’re not really one to criticize anyone for anything. Smart is the new Rich. You sound poor.

  24. Tragedy says:

    HeatLatinoFan: Bro its sad that idiots like you even are allowed to watch the game of basketball. I’m from miami myself but give credit where credit is due. Take away the stars of the Heat and lets see Cole avg 25ppg for 5 games straight and win every game. There is more to basketball than dunks but you probibly wouldn’t know about that. Lin came from nothing and is doing his thing so more power to him, and his ability to turn a team around and still be humble. SMH

    • ron says:

      finally, a real nba fan…a real basketball fan…the beauty of basketball is not on the stars but on the team play..even if he wont sustain his fiery start how many players in the NBA that is still cold in the bench after so many years? Lets give him a break…overrated or not, he led knicks to 5 straight wins.

      GO LIN

  25. Pokie says:

    We all need to take a pause for the cause here. Jeremy Lin has to have the freshest legs in the league right now. Everyone else is all beat up. Remember, Boston lost to Toronto the night the Knicks beat the Lakers. In fact, that Boston vs. LA game kinda looked like two old men fighting over a parking space. Wins against the Nets, Wizards, and T-Wolves should not convince anyone of anything. Players with the right skill sets put up big numbers in that system. If Jeremy can battle thru the rest of the regular season, get the Knicks into the grabbing, holding, knock-you-down ( not to mention walk it up) playoffs, and they make some noise… then I’ll buy his jersey and wear it around Brooklyn. Go hard young man. Oh, and NBA. com: Nash didn’t swipe Monta’s spot on the All-Star Team. He swiped Kyle Lowry’s.

  26. Howard Johnson says:

    Basketball is a team sports. However, when the draft coming, scouters and coaches are examining personal records. They failed to review each individual’s impact in a team work. That’s why there are many black hole type of players in NBA. Stereotype is another reason. For the past 50 years, only 1 Harvard was selected into NBA. Coaches tossed Harvard resume into waste became routine work. How many Asians? No surprising that Jeremy was denied by so many teams. Consider Jeremy was a lucky one. He kept his readiness even he was backup of backup. When superstars were not available, coach had no choice but put him into the court few days before his unguranteed contract expired. Or, his name will never be discussed in here. If Kurt Warner was not ready when Trent Green was injured. Kurt may still be in super store or AFL. We are happy for Jeremy from a coal to a diamond.

  27. Kenny says:

    Let’s Go Jeremy Win

  28. sunken_garden says:

    Lin may not sustain the same consistency night after night, but who cares? We’ll root for him anyway…

    • ron says:

      well said, you can have off stars experience that too…they say its too early, 5 games? well, nash started his nba journey in the suns bench too, nobody knew after a decade of playing he will win back to back MVP’s…dont be judgemental

  29. GHOST says:

    Really there’s alot of HATERS out DERE!!!!!!!!!! YES Lin is the real deal just go back and look @ his college day’s
    BET that if he was let me see Christian Lattener “WHITE” or a Harold Miner “BLACK” he would of gotten drafted over an OVER rated player like JOHN WALL.

  30. GHOST says:

    Really there’s a lot of HATERS out DERE!!!!!!!!!! YES Lin is the real deal just go back and look @ his college day’s
    BET that if he was let me see Christian Lattener “WHITE” or a Harold Miner “BLACK” he would of gotten drafted over an OVER rated player like JOHN WALL.

  31. ronald g says:

    Lin being a small Asian race basketball player making it at the top of major league basketball should be a wake up call much less a realization among fans and NBA personalities alike that Asian talent can pit its wares against the perennial more athletic black talented players in America. Basketball is not just about athleticism and strength, it is also about intelligence and heart on the court. There are still good players outside Europe, South and North America. Asia particularly in Korea, Japan, the Philippines, the gulf countries and of course China/Taiwan should ample talent enough to compete in the NBA. NBA teams, Do not just look for big men outside America, small players would prove your money’s worth.

  32. pj philippines says:

    soon to become manny pacquiao of basketball

  33. pj philippines says:

    LIN of superstars. david of asia

  34. jday says:

    @heatlatinofan- your pretty stupid for saying that lin can’t jump, when he just dunk during the wizards game and he can’t shoot 3’s when he’s been making 3’s in almost every game he played… you need to get your stats right coz it’s obvious that your just straight hating!!!

  35. deepsea says:

    Yeah, Lin can’t do this and that. The only thing he can do is win. That’s too bad.

  36. AJ says:

    HeatLatinoFan: Its okay there’s no hispanic guard for you to look up to.. Dont Hate the man.. He’s doing his thing and we will eventually see what happens.. Looks pretty good to me so far… 4-0 leading a team without his two stars… You compare him with these other players but he aint a one on one player nor the best player on the Knicks. hes a team player.. getting wins… hes a leader.. I would never hate on Rubio.. and he is actually pretty good as well.. lin better though.. cuz of defense and ability to attack the basket.. b4 you start critizing try and play the game.. you will learn the game a bit more than sitting and watching NBA games sippin on beers..

  37. you cant do fantasy cuz Williams have it in tennis on and off the court basketball…you can´ can´t…..this is the real sport….you can´t Lin…OVERRATED.

    • NYalllday says:

      heatlatinofan!! u sound like an idiot,,,, let the kid be! he is as good as any point guard in the NBA even better he has arecord in 4 games! the difference between those other guards is that he was dish by many team cus he didnt fit as a though guy! welll wrong….dont hate my brother! i bet that if he was black u wouldn’t say that!!!! u HATER…….

      • ron says:

        he is an idiot, just remind him that his 3stars team was drumbed by a single star team last season finals…how sweet it is.

    • AJ says:

      Please dont mention Cole.. he decent but aint doing nothin big.. he got some swag but wrap that up..

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha Glad your’e a Heat fan but honestly, I don’t know what you’re saying Jeremy Lin is muy bien

    • brobro says:

      typical fan boy

    • Dr.Bob says:

      …… mr heatlatinfan…. please use proper grammar. it was so hard to read ur post… what did actually say?? please repeat.

      • Fractured Life says:

        Even though heatlatinofan is trolling, this is by far the funniest post on this page. I love posters who call out others for their grammar and/or spelling, then post something at about the same level.

        Lin is a great story. I dislike New York but fair play to them for trusting in him. If he can cut down on his turnovers and STAT and MELO can learn to play off him, this team could improve. Otherwise, MELO and CHANDLER for Dwight.

    • heatlatinofan says:

      Me can’t speak english! I’m so jealous of Lin I start trolling all over the blog… Damn sekou block me please! Before I hurt myself… Pendejo….

  38. Lin: You can´t jump, you can´t make a cross over, Cole will be in your ear all the time while you play. You don´t make % 3 point shooter, you can´t grab rebound..Lebron will block you all the time…You don´t know nothing about hip rap hop…learn to fly or be better than Stokcton..I dont think so…You can´t shot like I Thomas…you can do fantasy as Jason Williams or Rubio does. You can´t be invisible as Magic used to…

    • Dave Anderson says:

      He kicked Kobie butt Friday, didn’t he, or did we watch two different games?

      • ron says:

        haters only look for the others mistakes…but honestly….i like dallas kicking heats but last season…i hope heat will not win a ring in james era…

    • rl17 says:

      go look on youtube if you didn’t see his leaps, cross overs, 3 pt shots, and rebounds.

    • KR says:

      you guys are gullible. heatlatinofan is obviously a troll.

    • flabryth says:

      have you watched any of the games, he’s better than anything the heat has at point. the question is how long he can keep this up; if he can he will be a considered a top ten point guard by the playoffs. But there are just to many questions

  39. Ritch says:

    Great talent and skillset…he should be in charge of the Knicks…Amare and Carmelo should give way and directives from him!!!

  40. Im more concern about W Houston disease than Lin. Lin overrated a big Fake. so hard.

  41. Barcelona says:

    Ricky Rookie of the year!

  42. RUBIO says:


  43. Prayag gurung says:

    The guy is good.

    Simple Basketball and that’s what will make him one of the best guard in the league.

    Ny’s gt yr back !!

  44. Jason Lin says:

    wow…even 2 times super bowl champ, Giant’s Defensive Captain, Justin Tuck is impressed with Lin… 7:26 Tuck showing how impressed he is…

  45. JSY says:

    Let’s Go Jeremy Lin林書豪!

  46. charles says:

    I don’t know. There seems to be more at play. I think he didn’t fit the stereotypical player. There have been plenty of players who have carved out a niche for themselves even though they were not the best shooters but because they knew how to play team ball and showed flashes of leadership skills. When you add his intelligence with his skillset, they should have known he could be a special player. So it is surprising that he didn’t called on.

  47. It's Amazing says:

    I watched Lin on NBATV when he played during the Summer Pro League two years ago and he ate up John Wall in that game. I was shocked that no team had the courage to draft him?! I know that Dallas looked at him but was picked up by Golden State. It’s a shame that because a player doesn’t fit the so-called mold of an NBA player, he doesn’t get a shot. Lin’s story is amazing, but as a fan of the NBA, I’m not surprised at all at what he’s doing. He had the talent, it’s just teams never gave him a shot. NBA teams Fail!

    • hsrthjerjhrhsr says:

      luck also comes to play here for Lin, my friend. in Golden State, they already have Ellis & Curry not just primary offense options but also team captains. upon mixing up with the Knicks’ rotation a few weeks ago, he fitted like a missing puzzle piece to D’Antoni’s system.

      at least this should inspire young players, especially those in the D-League 🙂 am really sick of some “diva” superstars and their primadonna, money-faced attitude.

  48. he’s linning here and linning there…he’s bi-linning…


    rick anderson

  49. Chungchi Che says:

    Jeremy Lin is now the Bruce Lee of NBA !!!
    Lin Typhoon will sweep the whole world.


    • KDEISEL says:

      cant tell if troll or just muy muy estupido.

      • lin says:

        to all boxing fans world wide, do not buy tickets or pay per view from now on for Mayweather and let’s see how this niga gay wedar will kneel and beg for fame and money….. you can still watch though from downloading the fight after on torrent. bottom line is do not spend your money to support mayweather or should i say gay wedar