Arenas The Answer For Lakers?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Los Angeles Lakers’ search for a spark this season has led them to an interesting crossroads. Do they explore the depths of the trade market and risk giving up yet another valuable asset (remember the Lamar Odom deal) or do they take a chance on adding Gilbert Arenas to the mix in the hopes that he can rekindle some of his old magic in purple and gold?

They’ve already worked Arenas out, according to Dave McMenamin of The Lakers are clearly in need of something more than they have on the current roster to get them cranked up again. But Arenas?

He’s prepared himself for the possibility, according to the report:

Arenas, who turned 30 last month, looked “slimmed down” and “explosive,” according to a source with knowledge of the workout, but no signing is necessarily imminent as the guard flew back to his home in Orlando, Fla., from Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Arenas recently underwent a similar blood-spinning procedure on both of his knees and hips that Lakers guard Kobe Bryant visited Germany during the offseason to receive. Arenas was treated by Dr. Edward Capla in New York City. Capla used to work under Dr. Peter Wehling, who treated Bryant and New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. After Arenas reported the procedure made his left knee, which had undergone three operations since 2006, feel springy again, he recommended Capla to former teammate and New Jersey Nets guard DeShawn Stevenson, who also received the treatment.

Bryant told reporters in Philadelphia last week his knee feels “90 percent better, just to not say 100” after visiting Wehling. Bryant has been in contact with Arenas and is supportive of bringing the guard who owns the Staples Center visitor’s scoring record of 60 points in a single game to the Lakers, according to multiple sources.

The former three-time All-Star has averaged 21.2 points and 5.4 assists in his 10-year NBA career, but registered just 8.0 points on 34.4 percent shooting in 49 games with the Orlando Magic last season. Orlando waived Arenas via the NBA’s amnesty clause provision during the preseason, taking the $62 million owed to Arenas over the next three seasons off of its salary cap.

If Arenas were to sign with the Lakers, they could only offer him the veteran’s minimum, worth about $1.4 million.

With such a minimal financial investment the Lakers have to at least think long and hard about bringing Arenas aboard. He certainly couldn’t be any more of a distraction than what they’ve dealt with in the past.

Play GM for a minute and make a decision on what to do for the Lakers …


  1. abdul M says:

    WHATS UP WITH U MITCH???????ur paying luke walton so much so much so much more than he deserves. pls get rid of him. no idea why he’s still in the NBA. as for arenas…10000 times better than dfish and blake put together. and for only about 1 mil???that contract should have been signed by now….clowns.

  2. bebel says:

    D williams is the answer for the lakers.

  3. Jessica says:

    No, no, no, and no. I hope the Lakers stop getting washed up players and make a big trade for a legit PG already. Gasol or Bynum for D-Will or Rondo?

  4. HAMER says:

    arenas would be a good addition..he may come out in bench to score that’s one big reason why lakers are losing some games.. if he could score and kobe can get rest that would be awesome, and as for his defense we will see it on the court. arenas would be a good help for LA dont forget his been an allstar too not once but trice.. Building processes.. LA FOREVER

  5. 21121 says:

    AI is the answer to lakers,final piece to the puzzle.last season last championship!

  6. Choker says:

    1.4 m now thats a great start for Arenas and a new beginning….revive your career like what VC, Tmac and Mr.Redd are doing

  7. cheo says:

    man they need arenas hes the answer real talk they need to get rid of derick fisher he is a dinosaur so old he need to retie and move on go fishing or something they need a back court so bad but know one will adress that do to fisher lets face the facts hes to old and slow need to move on come on arenas!!!!

  8. ko0kiE says:

    I don’t want to hate on kobe, he’s a great player but he should probably take a leaf out of lebrons book.. take less 3 pointers and try to involve teammate even more..he has some great finishers around the rim with bynum and gasol and some good 3-point shooters (kapono,blake, murphy, goudelock) as well.. he gets double-teamed almost everytime.

  9. wes says:


  10. kano nba says:

    every time a player is coming to his retirement time the people who call themselves a fan, start to talk trash about that player, and thats too bad, because after many seasons of greatest moments, now that player is nothing, for me they are not real fans, they are just fake fans, because they just want a superplayer who never can miss, is that fair, i don’t think so. i think that everything that can make a team wins is important, i’m not a fake fan, i’m not a push too much fan, i like to be a real fan, so i give thanks to all those player who gave everything for they team, without change from one team to another. players like larry bird, jordan, kobe and many others have my respect for what they did for their teams, fans, and for the basketball. please have some respect for them, because one day we all have to go for the same way where they are now, thank you, and this is not to make a war of this.

  11. ardit12345 says:

    What would it take for the lakers to sign Ramon Sessions ? I mean do they have to trade anyone for him … and what ?
    What could they possibly trade for Session? The 2 first round picks or someone else on the team ?


  12. Blake_Bryant says:


    Big men are there … Shooters are there …

    We just need playmakers to tone the BROWN Offense …

  13. nea_nelu says:

    they allready have another scorer on the team but Kobe will not give up the ball. Bynum has excelent offensive skills, better then Howard (still behind Howard overall) yet he doesn’t get touches. So no matter how many scorers u have on the team, the ball will still be Kobe’s to shoot. He went 9-23 and still get honors for the game winner althought if he could have given up 2 lousy shots for bynum or another teammate the game would close. Huge Kobe fan but just look at D-wade and LeBron’s shooting percentage. and they are both “with the ball” kind of players on the court on the same time. Kobe will not get another ring if he doesnt find a way to involve all his teammates.

  14. seaREYNaULOq says:

    lakers must get some teenagers not veterans they have many lakers game now is to slow

  15. kevin Michael Menkhorst says:

    Lakers aren’t in the position they wish to be, that’s true. But Lakers have things to look forward too as well, don’t forget the have two first round picks in this upcomming draft. Arenas would be a really good and strong addition. Your all wondering why… Mitch wouldn’t sign a player who isn’t in shape or ready to play for the Lakers. Another thing is that if Kobe notices that Arenas tries anything stupid I’m sure Gilbert won’t see the ball in his hands very often.

  16. Semi Kalosi says:

    I say go for it… Apart from money, what do they have to lose? I think Arenas will fit in quite nicely. He does however need to be reminded of his role if they decide to bring him in, and keep him grounded in regards to personal issues.

    He’s no All-Star, but should be able to produce at a medium to high level for a year or two, consistently, which is what the Lakers need at point-guard.

    They may still be short a piece or two away from winning it all this year, but in my opinion, Arenas is a good start.

  17. nheng says:

    Let’s give Gilbert a chance.anyway he can deliver points in any given situation and can be a reliable back up scorer to Kobe!!!!which Lakers is looking for…

  18. storm says:

    you know guys… i hate that comment about the lakers being a disgrace that was out of line… the lakers are suffering because of lack of talent in the point guard spot (no disrespect for fisher of course hes the best go to guy besides kobe in the clutch) and also too much focus on the small forward positions… if they got a deal for a center to put bynum or gasol rest for the final moments of the game… i think arenas will be great if he plays like in his hay days, hes still an allstar for me…

  19. Ken Williams says:

    If you can sign Arenas for a prorated veterans minimum, he couldn’t hurt the Lakers offensively. Plus the 3- headed guard tandem of Fish, Blake, and Arenas would give you fresh legs from the minutes split between them. If they don’t provide better defensive stances against point guard play, at least they provide a slew of fouls. Then they could use their trade exception on Wilson Chandler and/or J.R. Smith. This would solve the problem of the lack of scoring at the small forward position, as well as provide a capable backup for Kobe. They could send Ebanks and one of the other rookies to the D-league or IR. Keep MPW and Barnes for defensive depth in the playoffs because the SF position is crucial in this league.

  20. Renato says:

    I think they should go for it.Not because it would solve their problems,cause it probably wouldn´t.But after kicking the bucket and making those terrible trade moves,the Lakers need desperately something to boost their morale.Arenas could be a valid reinforcement to the bench.Just don´t expect him to play like five or six years ago.

  21. lakerfan says:

    let me start by saying that kobe is the best player in the game the clutch shooter in the game but he cannot do it by himself , bynum and gasol need to step it up they sgould be racking up the offensive rebounds, yet they complain about not getting the ball. you want the ball go get it. the bench is pathetic and fisher is finished. i say go after arenas and jr RIGHT NOW, the clippers are grapping anything and everything so they can beef up their team. GO KOBE AND LAKERS

  22. Kobe@Philippines says:

    Nobody even realize that Lin is good because they’ve given him the screen and picks.. Without it, he can’t score that much.. I want arenas and if they can’t get him.. Deron would be the best..

  23. BG424 says:

    whether Arenas come to the lakers will not mean anything they need a starting point guard they can rely on that will take the pressure of kobe they also need depth in the back court Pou Gasol is not the same as he use to be so i dont know if the lakers want to trade him or have him come of the bench if they acquire Dwight Howard. still taking a chance on Arenas is not a bad idea

  24. KOBE/STEPHEN says:

    if STEPHEN CURRY is available.. he will be the best PG to fit to L.A…. But if L.a will add ARENAS.. he will give the lakers a boost.. Arenas can play SG/PG if Kobe is resting, Arenas can put up some points… but they are in need of a pure PG like Ramon Sessions… ARENAS and SESSIONS for LA will be a great deal…..i Love KOBE and next to him is Curry.. unfortunately he’s not available….

  25. LBJtheKinG6 says:


  26. kobebryant24forever says:

    for me. arenas could be a piece that the lakers would need. arenas is a much better point guard compared to blake. and if kobe is really talking to arenas. i’m sure kobe wants him in the team. remember. kobe wants players that he have clashed before, like world peace and barnes. kobe for sure, knows what he’s doing and im pretty sure he wants arenas in. we know arenas have been into abyss lately. but signing him and placing him in the PG position will be an upgrade for the lakers. (just not like the SUPERMAN upgrade though.)

    but still. i’m going to support the LAKERS. i know the lakers could champions once more. 🙂

    if not arenas. smith could be a better upgrade for the lakers. 🙂

  27. rhoderick says:

    I’ve been a lakers fan for more than two decades now.. From the very SHORT shorts…And it really frustrate me whenever the team lost their game.. much more today when they are no longer capable of posting winning streaks. They had been very inconsistent since last season.. Yeah it’s true, their roster lacks some pieces to complete the puzzle. Stop blaming one after the other. Bryant needs one or two partners in the court that plays consistent offense + defense on the other end.. You see, most of their loses this season are almost won ballgames.. They just collapse in the end… meaning they lost their focus and inconsistencies prevail… WHY? Maybe, maybe it is because of their new system with their new coach-MIKE BROWN… Fellow lakers fans… let’s all be patient and hope for the teams fast recovery as a CHAMPIONSHIP caliber team…

  28. BrunoRapido says:

    I think Arenas and Bryant together would be a good tandem — both are excellent scorers. But they need the right coach for them to gel together, and Brown is not that guy. LAL should replace their coach.

  29. Dutch Fan says:

    Already so many guards on the Lakers roster. Really talented scorers?…. unfortunatly not except off course for kobe. Goudelock could evolve into one but only time can tell he certainly stepped up during blake’s injury. Signing arenas could be a possibility. And Im thinking out of the box here but in certain stages of the game you could trow some firepower in:

    1: Arenas
    2: Goudelock/Blake
    3: Kobe (yes, kobe on SF thinking out of the box here)
    4: Pau/Barnes/Metta (depending on the situation)
    5: Bynum/Pau

    Trade should only be last resort, There is enough talent still on the roster signing other free agent could help. And to all the haters its a different roster, different trainer with no training camp in a heavy scheduled season. I still have faith and there not doing half bad this year. How many open shots just didnt go in for them, they got open by playing smart. Ok maybe no overwhelming season by the lakers this year, maybe next year. Lakers will always be Lakers… 16 championships arent earned with just dumb luck, those are made by good management and connection the right players with the right coaches…. I have spoken let the troling begin

  30. bryan2337 says:

    Bring Arenas off the bench. All we need is an extra 10 ppg off the bench. Most of the games the Lakers are losing are by less than 10pts.

    • rich says:

      doesn’t make a good argument. for every time he’s spend minutes on the floor scoring 10 points, someone could’ve been playing scoring 20.

  31. Kobe@Philippines says:

    That’s what i’m telling you.. They really need a point guard who is capable of shooting the ball @ 3.. That will open up the paint for gasol and bynum.. They really don’t need howard.. Go for it Lakers and let them see who Lakers really are..

  32. mohamed says:

    yes we need another playmaker bring him on

  33. ardit12345 says:

    Its so hard for the lakers if they sign hhim there will be low playing time for andrew goudelock because they wont bench derreck fisher ….

  34. Laker FAN! says:

    I understand why Lakers are going for Arenas! He could provide instant offense. Lakers have struggled to score more than 100 points in many games. Defensively they are much better than last year in my opinion. This season Lakers are 3-0 when they score more than 100 points! And Lakers are not losing much, if they could bring in Kapono for only 3 point shots then why not Arenas for offense and also to boost up bench scoring? In my opinion, it would be a good pick up for Lakers.

  35. Oula says:

    Sign Arenas for min 1.4 million. Say bye to Luke Walton and give the rookie Goudelock (I believe his name is) more playing time…. He can be another Gary Neal…….Gasol should back up his words from the post season and play hard. Sometimes I feel like Kobe is left playing all by himself. Go Lakers!!!!!

    • Rich says:

      Does anybody wonder why Luke Walton is still with the Lakers ? Other than because he has a dad named Bill, I can’t think of any other positive things why Lakers can’t get rid of him. Does Lakers owe him or his family something ? Is he doing any kind of favor to the Laker organization ? Can somebody help me out here ?

      Ok back to topic, I thought Arenas would be a great factor when he joined the Magic. I thought they just made a real championship roseter. But hell I was wrong ! So I won’t be overly excited if he joins the Lakers.. not until he shows anything to improve the team. Because as much as I hate Fischer, right now I would think Fischer would still do a better job than Arenas.

    • Jason says:

      Get rid of Luke Walton. You have the “get rid of” correct. But the name and postition is incorrect. Get rid of Fischer.

  36. Belizeboy says:

    That poll is really funny! I mean Laker fans are looking for answers wherever they can get them, but sorry to break the news to you that Arenas is not an answer he’s a cancer (and I don’t mean his sign). Anyhow with all the talks of Kobe for MVP they shouldn’t need MORE on that team. All-Star scorer + All Star Center and a former All Star Power forward should be mopping up the competiton right? Well not now that the league has finally gotten tougher. I’m beginning to think the Utah Jazz will upset someone in the playoffs. Hayward + Jefferson + Millsap = Stealth Big 3.

  37. Carl says:

    I feel like this conversation wouldn’t be had if there was actually a training camp for all teams this year…Thanks David.

  38. Kobe is having a great year but Fish and Blake can not help Lakers make a ring for a 6th champion. At 33 the Lakers should do all they can to give the Black Mamba a chance to be the GOAT.
    Kapono was a bust and the Lakers bench is one of the worst. Time for 24 to get a chance bring on Arenas or the answer there is no risk.

  39. 8 Cylinders ? says:

    1.4 M ???? Money has nothing to do with it.

    Forget the Lakers, Kobe himself would gladly give 5 Mil out of his own pocket for another ring.

    It is not that the Lakers don’t have enough cylinders on their engine, but that not all the cylinders are firing right now.
    We know the various reasons why it could be so (roster changes, new system etc.) AND IT COULD WELL BE BY DESIGN. There is really no need for the engine to be running at top RPM (the teams with the best regular season record do not always win the championship). IF they are using this time actually preparing for the playoffs, improving their skills, understanding combinations and working the sets, and playing just enough to hang around the mix, then they are fine.

    Even if they do need to add … they need to add an honest-to-God, hardworking, fresh set of legs at the point. Not another wasted human looking for a paycheck.

    If it is just a big name for a low price, they could get AI … for a bag of pop corns.

  40. NBAfan says:

    Arenas should stay at his home wasting all his money…

  41. alex says:

    Advise to Lakers…check out Arena and then look elsewhere for a point guard. Blake has to be replaced, but not with Arenas….a washed up head-case.

  42. ace says:

    there is simply no offensive TEAM effort in LA game this year
    its only on KOBE;s shoulders and even he is overplaying (PUSHING) more and more and thats why lakers are boring as a TEAM and far from exciting !

    they don’t have a solution at times and seem like they are paralyzed at moments in offense = stucked
    even when they make bigger advantage they aren’t capable to maintain it through the end of the game due to their very inconsistent offense and in the end they will lose the game !!!!!

    3of their starting players simply cant score Artest + Fischer + BYnum/paul (at times) = not even 20 points at all

    they play without the BENCH………there is no such a thing as “Lakers BENCH”

    they lost few games even with inhumane performance of KOBE of 40 points and more and wont surprise me in future regular season if they lose games even with better performance of even 50 or 60 points by KOBE and more important they also won few (TIGHT in the last secons) with 40 points effort from KOBE = the conclusion is KOBE is not a factor whether he scores 40 or 60
    its the involvment of the OTHERS

    kobe 40 + bynum/gasol 25 not enough against effortlessly made 100 points from powerhouses like Dallas etc

    in playoff series of 7 games you cant rest on one player no matter how good or spectacular he is !!!!!!!!

    Arenas is good as Part of the solution but not the final solution !!!!!!!

  43. mr.ed says:

    at this point in the season, it’s obvious that unless something is done by the lakers, we won’t make it very far in the playoffs.

    i’d be fine with arenas.

  44. Mattic7 says:

    For sure Gilbert would do more good then bad. Let’s not forget in spite having a bum left knee (which seems better by word of mouth and…..just look what it did for Kobe) it could have been the system he was trying to adapt to in Orlando. Stan Van did mention he felt kinda bad because he didn’t really use Gilbert more then he could have due to being devoted to other players who were part of the core on that team. Blake can’t shoot and looks like confuse country line stepper on defense and Fisher can’t defend a parked car. He can hit a big shot here and there, but not consistent. Nor can he create off the dribble anymore……he’s just old now. For the money and to make up for giving Odom for NOTHING……..Sign the man.

  45. charles says:

    Arenas could get away with acting arrogant with Washington Wizards. But with the lakers, i think they got plenty of veterans that will keep him in line and in check. If he’s not in it for the championship, he’ll be called. It is clear the lakers keep gettign burned by quick scoring point guards. Fisher got played and toyed with against Lin. Time to make an adjustment or prepare to be swept again. Arena’s can drop the three and attack the rim, which will open things up for the interior force of the lakers to truly shine. It will also make people pay for doubling on Bryant or Bynam. Arena’s has no credibility and frankly is unlikely to get it even if he plays well. People just don’t like or trust him – unless he plays with a team and sacrifices to win. Everyone likes that. They both have something to gain.

  46. MAXAMILLA says:

    Im a little unsure where he would fit in the rotation. If he’s playing PG does he come off the bench and Blake becomes 3rd option? If its 2Guard does Goudelock start to sit? Would be a shame to sit that dude after the (albeit small) things hes been doing? I dont think they are gonna move Fish outa the starting Point unless its for an elite PG…can you imagine the disrespect bringing in an ailing Arenas in to his starting role? I know its a cheap option and he WOULD no doubt help the scoring woes (even if its only 4-10points a game with a dime or two) but its a little harder to judge the potential damage of adding another unreliable into the rotation (see MWP) and effectively create another equation for the coaching staff to deal with. Im 50/50

  47. Edjumacator says:

    Just make sure Gilbert keeps his pistol locked up in his trunk when he’s at Staples and it’s all good.

    • kenneth says:

      I take it you have not been outside the Staple Center After dark on non game/event nights you need a gun to fit in lmao Agent O? What agent does not carry a weapon!

    • G-ZUS947 says:

      LOL.. this is LA baby.. You need that gun here. He will fit right in..
      Oh and that Prix guy really lives up to his name.

  48. nea_nelu says:

    They could use another shooter. Everybody talks about kobe’s winner but he went 9 of 23. Just 11 of 23 and the wining shot would have been uselles. Having another treath with mid and 3 point range on the team would be nice. Metta is not shooting the ball, he is on the starting 5 just because the others are way more bad then he is. Arenas would be a good addition.

  49. SMACK JOHNSON says:

    OH GOD.
    my bad…Arenas still gets 60 million from the Magic regardless. lol.

  50. Boka says:

    The biggest problem is coaching staff,Lakers lost to many games 3-5 points only because Mike Brown can not control team.
    It was when was coaching Clevlend team..I think Arena will very helpful to Lakers

  51. Ben says:

    Arenas has not played well in the last season or so, but the lakers have to think long and hard about whether he can add to the offense. However, if theres one thing that the Lakers need right now, its some explosiveness and some gutty plays coming from someone other than mr mamba! Even if he starts on the bench, his fire might liven up a pretty much nonexistant bench. The only issue is, will Glibert be happy enough with 1.4mil, a likely seat on the bench, and, more importantly, a place back in the best league in the world!

  52. i have information that various are interested in him . clippers , knicks , pacers , majic and …………………… the LAKERS !!!!!!

  53. ml96 says:

    I dont know why people tag Arenas as completely washed up. Before he was traded to the Magic he was putting together a decent start to the season with the Wizards (18-6-4). If the Lakers sign him he would provide a good scoring boost on a horrible bench at either the 1 or 2 guard. He would instantly become the best PG on the roster. Dont count him out yet.

  54. 808 says:

    I can see why the Lakers are trying to get Gilbert Arenas, but if they get him, would they be able to at least have a shot for Deron Williams next season? Or even Dwight Howard? Why don’t they try to pick someone up less risky such as J.R. Smith when he comes back? He’s an amazing all around scorer, and he can defend pretty well. If not, why not try to trade for Ramon Sessions? I would rather have the Lakers take someone less risky, but then again it’s only 1.4 mil contract for Arenas, which isn’t really that costly for the Lakers

    • kenneth says:

      Why not walk down the hill and get them both? HMMMM sound like it could be what Mitch is doing IMO. Agent O, J.R Smith, The Mamba, Pau and BIG DREW! What a starting five that would be but wait there is more, How about Aaron Brooks, JR, Mamba, Pau and BIG DREW with Agent O comming off the bench to relieve all three KOBE, J.R. and Aaron, and have Barnes in his normal roll as bench player RELEASE LUKE and WORLD PEACE.

  55. jessmer says:

    lakers cant pull off a trade for sessions,flynn.calderon and other pg in the NBA.and rumors saya that they even wanna go big for small (gasol for rondo),what terreble idea if so,if you can get howard for right price why not?sign agent 0 for god sake!!!

  56. Jeansy23 says:

    What about J.R. Smith? Do you know if the Lakers are interested in him?

  57. BeliSRB says:

    @ prix YOU ARE COMPLETE IDIOT!!! Typical miami fan..LA and Boston combine 33 title and you dissing them like that??? pour jealous kid.

  58. CMRobinson71 says:

    I agree with the second comment. The Lakers are certainly NOT a disgrace considering the short season and the League’s involvement in the Chris Paul trade (now THAT was a disgrace), that lost us Lamar Odom (cause and effect) with nothing in return. Gilbert Arenas can still ball, and unlike Tracey McGrady or Vince Carter, he still looks hungry. AND, wouldn’t it be karma for him to go to the team that initially had Javaris Crittenton on thier roster, and succeed?

  59. Pan says:

    everyone in here knows that they need to ignore prix’s post he’s been trolling for years in this board

  60. ardit12345 says:

    the thing i’m concerned is about wether he can play good defense or not ?
    Sekou can you tell me something about that …. can Gilbert Arenas (at this time) guard fast point guards better than the 2 pg of LA
    And another question – Is he crative ,can he make plays for Kobe ,Pau or Drew
    If he can play solid defense why not sign him …. better than to trade Pau for a point guard
    Then in summer they can go for some great player

    • Sekou Smith says:

      No team is pursuing Gilbert for his defense. It’s his offensive firepower that will make him a factor for whatever team he lands with.

      • Byrd Lee says:

        Lakers are good on the defensive stand point with Ron Artest…er Metta World Peace, Bynum and Gasol out there. We’re in need of another scorer to back Kobe. No one has been able to consistently put points up this season beside Kobe. Hell, $1.4m for a talent like Arenas, I say give it a shot.

      • Belizeboy says:

        Byrd no one on that team gets to shoot as much as Kobe so thus no one can put up numbers on a consistant basis. Gasol or Bynum could average big numbers but they don’t take 28 or more shots a game. Yes Bryant is their number one scorer but he really needs to get his team involved if he wants to get number 6.

    • Daniel Harahap says:

      Sekou, you stated that teams pursue Arenas for his offensive ability, not his defensive ability. I think what lakers really need is a player who can guard enemy’s PG. if Arenas cant defend, then what good can come out this? because bringing him is equally the same as having D-Fish well except maybe Arenas can score maybe 8 more points than D-Fish. and D-Fish usually scores 1, 2 or 3 buckets most. can you comment on that?

      • kenneth says:

        G.A (if signed) will no doubt help the Lake show. If signed he will be a motivated basketball player that may only be required to play half a season with the second best center arguably the best power forward and the best closer in the game. and he will be required to handle the rock with a squad like that in an effort to restart his career? Let me pose this question to you, lets have anyone reading this put on G.A’s shoes would you do what you know needs to be donegiven a similar situation? before you answer i believe he has already been paid by Orlando to boot. Ok now I’ll ask again with the potential for a multi million dollar multi year deal on the table and the potential toplay with the best Laker EVER how would you perform? Would you do what was asked of you? I’ll wait lol no question you would and if you would not maybe you should make an appointment with Meta’s shrink! IJS

  61. mr.chops09 says:

    Really? Who has a better record? LAL or NYK?

  62. Belizeboy says:

    Arenas, the cancer for the Lakers.

  63. What is there to lose says:

    Give it a shot, although it may make the break in period of browns system stretch a little it could fill a hole in the back court.
    And to the other comment if a new coach, new system, no training camp Laker team with their record is a disgrace, you should lower your expectations.

  64. prix says:

    1.4 M is not a bad offer for Arenas talent.. Lakers is really a disgrace to NBA right now…maybe with Gilbert they could win some games and make it to the playoffs or even have an early exit in the 1st round by OKC or another sweep by Dallas.. Laker fans end up cheering for Jeremy Lin of NY because they know there team is a junk ready to dispose…

    • Ruben says:

      lol, what a hater!

      actually the Lakers have won “some games” this season that have them on the playoff’s mix. Stop hating

      • David Buck says:

        Exactly… Moron. The Lakers are in 5th right now and will be top 4 at the least when the playoffs start…

    • WOW says:

      The Lakers are a disgrace? Really? People like you really frustrate me. How are they a disgrace, they lost key players, they have a completely new system and you think they will be in fighting shape after no training camp? If I remember correctly it took the Heat forever to find their groove last year AND they had a whole undisturbed training camp. Like Dude they won the finals 2 straight, last year they fell apart OH WELL this is a rebuilding process. Its the LA Lakers, people want to play for them, that’s why they have more than their fair share of championships.

      • Oh Cmon! says:

        They decided to go for Paul in exchange for Odom and Gasol, no one forced them to do that. It may not be their fault that it didn’t push through, but still they have to live with this decision.

        Honestly the disgrace here is their lack of respect to players (aside from Kobe). If they have somewhat talked to Odom respectfully before they decided to let him go for Paul, Odom may never have left when the deal blew off.

    • Carl says:

      Shut the hell up. Just shut up. Freaking hater.

    • grunt912 says:

      dude your such a loser….The Lakers are still one of the best teams in the NBA.. Kobe is still the best player untill Prince James wins a ring…If Gasol would stop playing so soft and Bynum be consistent…The Lakers have enough talent already for a Title run….Having Areanas would just make them a favorite

      • lord p says:

        lol..Lakers fans still think they can be contender this year…that’s funny!!they’re playing horrible basketball for their standard…you better open your eyes look at what’s on..they’re never gonna win a playoff serie vs teams like Thunder,Blazers….and more!!to Play with mike brown sistem they need more defensive presence from their big men..go and get Dwight!!!