“Linsanity” … Five And Counting!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin wanted to disappear right now, hop on the next flight to anywhere and never be heard from again, his sports legacy would still cast a mammoth shadow.

Seriously, it can’t get much better than this.

Lin is off to the best scoring start (109 points) to a career of any player since the 1976 NBA/ABA merger, Allen Iverson has the old mark of 101.

He’s fueled five straight wins for the Knicks, the last four as a member of the starting lineup. He’s put together five straight performances that not only woke up a fan base, but five straight hair-raising showcases that rattled the basketball world to its foundation, if only because it proved that in this day and age of advanced statistics, where scouts have scorched the earth looking for the next big thing (we like to call it the “no star left behind” era), Lin has turned out to be a genuine find.

The fact that he was hours away from being released by the Knicks (seriously, the coaching staff actually discussed it, per a source) before fate intervened and pushed him into the starting lineup, makes the story more Hollywood than Broadway.

“This whole thing almost never happened,” the insider said via text late Saturday night. “He’s probably saved a few jobs and the Knicks’ season.”

How long this magic ride lasts is anyone’s guess.

Many presumed it would come crashing to an end Friday night with the Los Angeles Lakers in town and Kobe Bryant ready to stomp through the Lin parade. A career-high 38-points and seven assists later, it was clear that Lin is here to stay a little longer.

Saturday it continued. Even on a brutal shooting night (1-for-12 after halftime), he found a way to outshine Timberwolves rookie phenom Ricky Rubio, sinking the game-clinching free throw with 4.6 seconds left for a win in Minnesota.

Now I realize that the haters out there are waiting to pounce (already we’ve seen the complaints that Lin is something of a turnover machine, averaging 4.6 during this mercurial run) and is hardly the deep threat (he’s shooting a frigid .176 from beyond the 3-point line during this stretch) a team needs its point guard to be in today’s NBA.

The haters will have their day and they are welcome to it.

But if you can’t understand why Lin’s journey and current tear resonates with so many, you’re not paying attention. As my main man and former colleague Bryan Chu explains, his reach goes beyond just basketball:

Growing up as a Taiwanese-American baller, I had no one to look up to.  As a sports journalist for the past six years, I had no one from a similar background who could relate to what I was going through as I tried to find my career path, especially when it came to experiencing racism.

Jeremy was an outlet for my feelings. That’s why he and I clicked when we met as reporter and subject.

I first learned of Jeremy when I was at UCLA and he was tearing it up on the California high school courts. When I later found out he had gone to Harvard, my initial thought was, “Well, he gave up on sports, and he’s concentrating on academics like the rest of us Asians.”

But he was still playing ball when I first met him in 2008 while reporting for the San Francisco Chronicle. 

I was writing an article about the dearth of Asian-Americans in college and pro basketball. It started like this:

Jeremy Lin has seen it and heard it.

Too short. Too skinny. Picked last. Asian.

Those tags stick to Lin wherever he goes, even as the starting point guard for Harvard’s basketball team.

“It’s a sport for white and black people,” Lin said. “You don’t get respect for being an Asian American basketball player in the U.S.”

Despite his stature on the court at Harvard, Lin admitted it was “nerve-racking” playing against older, more experienced players in the San Francisco summer league. To them, Jeremy was a novelty. Maybe even a joke.

“We even have an Asian kid from Harvard,” a summer league rep told me in previewing the rosters.

As a fellow ABC (American-Born Chinese) with Taiwanese roots, Jeremy was very open to me about his story. After all, I could relate.

Jeremy told me of his ongoing battles with racism playing for Harvard in front of Ivy League crowds.

“I hear everything: ‘Go back to China. Orchestra is on the other side of campus. Open up your eyes,'” Lin said at the time.

I shared my battles with racism—the “ching-chong” and “the Chinaman” I heard as a journalist.

Mine, however, paled in comparison to Jeremy’s. I respected him for not lashing out. I respected him for not letting it faze him. Most of all, I respected him for pursuing his dreams. I felt if he could go through a barrage of verbal assaults with a ball in his hands, then I could handle a few instances with pen and notebook in hand.

Lin is serving as a cultural phenomenon while chasing his NBA hoop dream. That’s more pressure than the average player will ever have to deal with.

It’s another reason to root for him if you’re already in the Lin camp, it might be what sways you if you’re on the fence, and it’s perhaps a reason to reconsider if you’re on the other side!


  1. knickfan212 says:

    Lin should give Shumpert a couple of $$. If Shumpert hadn’t got hurt Lin would’ve been waived.
    Thanks Shump!

  2. Brett says:

    I can report from Sydney Australia that Linsanity is also here Down Under. Being a frustrated Baller of Asian Decent myself, to see this kid come through big is great to see. Much respect to J Lin for his hard work, the results are showing now. He is bringing together fans from all over, asian and otherwise! Im keen on catching a Knicks game when I visit soon, get me on of them Number 17 Jerseys!

    Go Linny!!

    Brett, Sydney Australia

  3. splittercode says:

    proud to be asian… we may be too short, too skinny, last picked, asian..
    but they forgot we asian have a big fighting heart.. thats what matter most..

    what is the tagalog for earthquake?

    answer—– LINdol..

    god bless..

    from philippines

  4. Gotti says:


  5. Gotti says:


  6. Gotti says:


  7. @heatlatinafan
    I guess you have get mi username just but a little big difference. Lin is overrated. And if you are a heat fan as you say you shouldn´t go for a knicks player at all. Please get into basketball court in Ny and the talk or get in a Miami beach court basket, Flamingo Park, and then …comment…you ain´t got nothing.
    Did you remeber Alonzo Mourning…nights of heats….baby.
    You can´t forget the battle against New York vs Miami Heat and Chicago vs Miami on 90´s…you sound really funny and dont now nuthing about it.

  8. I´m a little annoy about this new sensation player. You are forgetting 90´s and 00´s with no respect.
    The epic battles between Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson. The awesome games Kobe had along Shaq and Bryan Shaw. The epic Detroit Piston 2004. The joined team of Boston Celtics in 2008. You are forgetting Vince Carter. Grant Hill…”Jordan Rules”..HIV of Magic Johnsons, the death of Michael´s father….Dennis Rodman.
    Sam Casell….Stockton…Nash…I have nothing more to say. I think Lin´s fans are hanging on his current success to destroy all the past.
    It´s like to say : Ok from now on NBA has changed and the world too.
    And you want no mix politics with sports? please…if yourself have said and put over the table the issue. DON´T BE LIAR.
    Well I guess basketball will speak by itself in the future. Let´s see what happen from now on……
    A heatrealfan….Calle 8, Brickell, Downtown, Southwest, Nortwest, Coral Way , 27 avenue…North Miami Beach up….

    • heatlatinafan says:

      What the hell are you talking about?? You sound very funny and got no sense at all. Destroy all the past?? You are one lonely guy. This is a feel-good news to everyone around the world, and you are talking about Jeremy Lin stardom destroying the past? LOL Relax, it will never happen, the glorious past of the NBA will never be forgotten, Jeremy Lin is just playing great basketball in NY, having an interesting story behind his success… and soon will be a big part of NBA history. You are missing the point here. This has nothing to do with the past… We are living in the present, and Lin is doing a hell of a job to deserve the status he has achieved so far. Then one day, the past that you are referring to will include a man named Jeremy Lin, and he will be a part of the NBA forever. So deal with it beach bum! You are overreacting,,, Funny!

  9. Lloyd M Abrahams CPA says:

    Jeremy Lin is the resurrection of a new Bill Bradley. Perhaps Dolan should also check out Harvard’s basketball team next year for some more brillant players
    There are probably not many players in the NBA who have the intelligence of a Jeremy Linn, combined with his skill set and work ethic is an unbeatable combination. It will be interesting to see how Jeremy handles Carmelo and Stats when they …return. I think he will do his part – I hope they learn to play with him as all the other Knick players have. It his mental Team attitude that makes him the player he is
    I am 74 and and I think it is now possible that in my lifetime I will see another NBA World Champion Knick team since Willis, Bill Bradley, Walt Frazer, Dave Debusseure, and Phil Jackson -1970 Knicks. Now the Knicks and Dolan do not have to look for a real point guard other than a backup for Jeremy Linn so he can have a few minutes of rest in a game.
    MRCANDU10 (Cousin of Mr. Get It Done) – A J-Lin fan

  10. JMAgicFan says:

    Thank you for showing a bigger picture about the mountain Jeremy Lin has had to overcome. Jeremy Lin is an inspiring story that I hope does not fizzle. Our world has achieved so much unity in the way of the internet age – however, our prejudices have not caught up.

    I hope that the NBA announcers discuss Lin and the issues that surround a player of Chinese decent until our ears fall off – until their general fans get the point of the bigger story behind this rising star. The Knicks are not my favorite team – but their use of Jeremy Lin is applaudable. Who knows… the NBA may help the world onto more enlightened paths 🙂

  11. @damon3388
    The same should say about Robert Horry….he has 8 rings. Forget the statistics.

  12. damon3388 says:

    “Lin is off to the best scoring start (109 points) to a career of any player since the 1976 NBA/ABA merger, Allen Iverson has the old mark of 101.”

    Author obviously doesn’t realise that these starts aren’t Lin’s first taste of NBA court time…

    • STAN says:

      You obviously never understood the reference was to the fact that he was never a starter and never played more than a couple minutes at GSW. With EVERYONE throwing these stats around, maybe you should’ve thought about it first.

  13. Lambeer from Detroit Pistons 1990…and so on.

  14. That is not truth when you say white players haven´t had succses in Nba, check out this:
    Larry Bird
    Cris Mullin
    Jason Williams
    Jason Kid
    Manu Ginobilli
    Dirk Nowitki
    Geroge Mikan
    Jerry West
    Bob Cousy
    Yao Ming
    Detlef Schrempf
    Kevin Machale
    Pistol Pete Maravich
    and on and on….

  15. Philippe B says:

    It’s interesting to finally read about Jeremy Lin playing in the San Francisco Pro-Am Summer League. Being from Palo Alto, JLin played there every summer break during his Harvard college years. I saw quite a few of his games, and in fact he was so outstanding, even as a freshman, that my family had elected to go specifically to his team (South Bay) games. He may have been impressed to play against older and more experienced players, but I can testify that it did not show, as he always seem to be command of his team’s play. And he would always score 20 to 30 ppg. The crowds already loved him, not just as a local boy (plenty other players were locals), or because of his Asian/Harvard origin, but because his play was smart(er) and spectacular. The guy already played like an old school point guard (no irrelevant between the legs dribble!), constantly watched his teammates, and made things happen. And yes, he would score plenty penetrate phisically and dunk too. To this day I can’t believe that he went unnoticed at NBA draft time. I was relieved that the Warriors, probably with that SF summer league insight, brought him on their roster, but he had no real opportunity to shine with garbage time left over by the super talented Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry.
    Now he can show his talents in NY, the biggest stage in the NBA. But I swear that some pro scouts must have been pretty blind to a talent that was very obvious to all SF summer league lucky spectators three summers in a row.

    Philippe B.

    • drkim says:

      Lin was clearly overlooked by the scouts because he was Asian. Hopefully, the scouts will be more open to looking at all races of ballers, and not just those from big programs who look the part.

  16. Asian_baller says:

    JLIN is a true inspiration, You are the asian sports role model asian americans have so desperately needed. Break down those stereotypes and lies brother!

  17. preppy says:

    Lin is great no doubt but he will never be a derrick rose kobe bryant dwyane wade type of a player helle always be what you say is mediocre player lol keep it up lin

  18. shooz44 says:

    He’s fun to watch, but I don’t think he’ll be a Knick next year. They don’t have the money to offer him, and if he keeps playing at this level, he’ll garner a max contract from elsewhere, unless the Knicks make some moves to keep him.

  19. Dadali says:

    This is a good article. But I don’t like Lin’s success turn into too much racism stuff. All pioneers take a lot of pressure on their shoulders. I just want Lin to enjoy and succeed in his NBA career.

  20. KAM says:

    Jeremy Linsanity is LINSANE!!!! I only hope that when Melo comes back they can keep it up……Maybe the Knicks are better without Carmelo?? Look at all the Knicks role players stepping up, and Tyson Chandler is blooming!!

    Also I wanna see Lin in the Rising Stars Game All star weekend!

  21. clayton says:

    Lin the best !!!

  22. Iestin says:

    Stories like this are awesome and congrats to Lin for what he’s done so far. I heard the commentators talking about him before the game against the lakers and to be honest I didn’t know who he was and why they were talking about him. Watching him play was amazing though and I became a fan before the quarter ended. I just hope it continues and that Melo doesn’t come back and try to take over

  23. BAL-LIN MANIA says:

    ive seen Lin before he played with the knicks and I have a feeling that this kid is special..i hope he will play for Taiwan National Team so that we will have an opportunity to watch Lin plays in live..look forward of seeing him plays against the Philippine National Team.

  24. ASIAN-MAN_FTW says:

    Lin you go to Harvard?! Why you no doctor!?!?!?!

  25. jade says:

    lin must continue wat he’s doing,. oh wait everything story ha “but” or “what if” what if carmelo return could lin still continue wat he’s been doing, when melo return or possessions or most of all it will end up to melo’s hand, i think Lin should learn to be more point guard than “points guard”, Limit he’s turnovers, be a good perimeter shooter, and I think he could be as good as Nash,. Well if Amare will return that’s a possible big four, Lin,Melo,Amare,Chandler

  26. Alexzo says:

    Dear Sekou,

    I told u soo… It’s about BREAKING BARRIERS & OPENING DOORS… That’s “The Jeremy Lin show!”

  27. mrBIG says:

    Go J. LIN prove them wrong…..from Philippines

  28. simon says:

    I am a Lakers’ fan, but I was actually happy when I saw his 38 points game when beating the Lakers. LOL!

  29. JSM01 says:

    I love how Lin & the Knicks are doing right now, but as soon as Camrely Anthony is back in the starting lineup they will start loosing again! No D, no team play! Just looking to keep his ego up!

  30. profitgee says:

    What we are all witnessing is the basketball version of Rocky! you cant help but root for this kid I’m no Knick fan but the only way you don’t relate to or appreciate JLin’s journey and struggle is if you have never heard of the NBA or professional sports for that matter keep it up Jeremy and make sure to get a big cut out that movie deal!

  31. liMar says:


  32. LinJeremy123 says:

    GJ for the article about Jeremy Lin.

  33. liMar says:


  34. foughtfair says:


  35. louie ribaya says:

    dear jeremy,

    five and counting…..i truly believe God is sending us a message through your fantastic exploits…..i’m pretty sure that message can only be beautiful, good and pure…..with God on your side……you’ll always stay a winner

  36. Jeremy Lin says:

    Waddup doe..

  37. Kane says:

    I think when Melo comes back he will adjust. He must! He has miss 5 games and the Knicks are 5-0. So if that doesn’t suggest to him and the coach that Air-Lin needs to run the offence, nothing will.

    No doubt that when Melo and Stat come back Lins PPG will drop. And so he should. But he still needs to score 10-15 PPG and have say 12-16 APG and play defence. That makes him a great point guard and makes Melo more of a weapon and Melo will get more open looks. The pieces are there and now they also have a solid bench which now looks 8 to 9 deep!

    I could see them finishing 6th in the east and getting past the 1st round then maybe getting to 6 games against the Heat or Bulls. But that is as far as they can get this year. Just not enough time to play together almost half way through the shorten season.

    But things are finally looking up!!

  38. Kane says:

    Air-Lin or His LINness

  39. tommie j says:

    ding dong, Kobe( who is it?) it’s Lin the guy who took you to school. people need to everyone serious.

  40. Dr.J says:

    We support you Jeremy Lin – from the Philippines

  41. mikel_artist says:

    it’s God’s Given talent…. .. just use it in anyways….

  42. WestMo says:

    SHAO-LIN is straight ballin!!!

  43. Glenn says:

    hey not only Europe Basketball , Asia will make a huge wave in the NBA thanks to Jeremy Lin…………

  44. Glenn says:

    Lin, a humble american-asian.. the asia and the pacific are very proud of yoU!!!

  45. Hasan says:

    Hello from Surabaya, Indonesia. Our local newspaper had a big article on JLin yesterday. Imagine that. I’m usually a Celtics fan but the Knicks are my team now. Great column Sekou. Go Lin go.

  46. Justin says:

    Great job Lin. Everyone can play basketball. No racism in basketball should ever happen.

  47. Cheesecake says:

    I don’t really care where the guy is from or what his race is. The fact that he was a third string PG a couple of weeks ago(even less) is enough for me to root for the guy. But let’s just be happy for the guy.

  48. kolokoy™ says:

    Pacific Typhoon is now in NBA not only in boxing. It is good for basketball and NBA, Asians have many fa base all over the world.

  49. bryan says:

    I feel highly unsettled that Jeremy Lin is not going to be in Rookie Challenge.

  50. Libran1981 says:

    Yes, I believe Jeremy Lin can play and Kudos to him for not giving up on his dream when he was undrafted, got cut by 2 NBA teams and possibly released by the Knicks. I still want to see him play a full season and or play all of the NBA teams though and see how he does well now he is in the spotlight and teams are quickly adjusting to his play especially top defensive teams like the Bulls, Heat and Celtics. I must admit, since “Linsanity” began I watched every game the knicks played when Lin started going off for 25 and 8 every game where I only watch knicks games when they’re playing the bulls or the lakers and see how they get beaten up by D-rose or Kobe. Right now In my opinion he got the knicks playing defense, something Mike D’antoni has not had when he was with the Suns. Now I can’t to see how he will fit Melo once he returns, I got no problem with Amare returning he will be a great fit with Lin. Let’s now see how Melo will fit with Lin because thinking about it makes my head go into a spin cycle.

  51. ryan vicuna pilipinas says:

    LIN your incridible ur asian country pruod of you:-)

  52. Hezbula says:

    Love the article Sekou. I’m definitely a fan of his story and his ability, but what amazes me more is the opportunistic yet humble approach for his game and those around. Definitely believe he can help the Knicks get into the playoffs and be a real threat.

  53. master says:

    Im sure the NBA management had already talk to players and referees to be easy on Lin the NBA must have a replacement for Yao Ming to carry the market in Asia. NBA is not doing good in business right now.

  54. DJ Premier In Deep Concentration says:

    Jeremy Lin gave me an Allen Iverson flashback the other day, when i saw him drive right, cross between the legs and spot up for the jumper from the top left corner it was almost EXACTLY identical to when Iverson burned Tyronne Lou 11years ago, I’m really rootin for this kid. I’m black but always love to see when a minority breaks down barriers, hopefully more asian-americans will be able to act like my man Jeremy and live their dreams, and not be phased by hate around them. Break it down, there was a time when black people were the minority so i’m real proud for my man Jin. Peace

  55. NBAfan says:

    He’s Asian-American! Wongderful…I mean wonderful! (I’m of Asian descent by the way and just taking a jab here so don’t go being offended now).

    But I like Lin because he and Melo and Amare changed the Knicks’ momentum…

    Lin played inspired ball…and Melo and Amare decided not to play at all…which led to a 5 game win streak!

    Question is…who will the Knicks trade Lin to this coming off season? Golden State would have been a good fit but they already have 2 6’3 guys in front of him in the rotation….who needs the marketability of Jeremy Lin? Which city has a huge Asian community? Which team needs a decent point guard to play decent minutes?

  56. Edward Baker says:

    Too many turnovers, problems with threes. No denying it. But the Knicks have won five in a row because Jeremy Lin has them playing basketball. And it all happened not while Staudemire and Melo were out but because they were out. The critics must have an aversion to the “w” word; they would rather see Stoudemire and Melo lose than Lin win. But basketball is not a game for solipsists, and Melo is a major league solipsist. Only he exists, everything else is a projection of his miserable ego. So when the superstars return, as return they must, then the problems will start, because it´s hard for the point guard to distribute if he doesn´t have the ball.

    • drkim says:

      Given that Lin has shown the basketball world what he can do and what he is made of, I am not worried about his place with the Knicks or with the NBA. If Melo cannot play with Lin for reasons you mention, Knicks will most likely choose Melo since he is getting the big time money; however, there will be a lot of teams in NBA who will be anxious to take him in a heartbeat. Lin is here to stay and will continue to make a name for himself. God bless him!

  57. NOY says:

    coach d’antoni did a good job by giving his bench players more playing time … and HERE IS THE GOOD RESULT… how bout giving also more playing time for RENALDO BALKMAN and JEROME JORDAN….

  58. baowarrior says:

    LInsanity. I was rooting for him when he got into warriors. I was satisfied if he even put 1 or 2 baskets in a game. After the nets game i watched and followed his road to 5 wins. On that day Jeremy Played the Lakers we all had our doubts but he shocked the world. I disagree saying the pressure will distract him. Jeremy is a true hero and a true hero has the world behind him and that gives him strength. I also believe that there must be something happening up there for all this to happen. I am a christian like Jeremy and I see how he deals with his decisions off and on the court. All his doubts and worries, don’t matter as he turns to Christ Jesus. Reason he is so calm and in control on the court is because he has no confidence but Christ confidence. Thank you Jeremy.

  59. mark Anthony says:

    If he gets double digit, ppg, an average 4-5 APG, with a few steals- rebounds, he will remain as one of the elite point guards in the NBA. No need to be MVP or an all star, since he has already gained respect from his peers, fans and the rest of the NBA. Makes me proud to be asian.

  60. Kevin Yu says:

    Jeremy Lin came back to Taiwan last year to host one children basketball camp and interview with christian television channel.

  61. MJ says:

    After 5 games, at least we can conclude that this guy in nothing less then average PG in NBA. He fit to be starting PG for many teams in NBA.

  62. Kevin Yu says:

    Jeremy Lin came back to Taiwan last year to host one children basketball camp and interview with christian television channel.

  63. JLin17 says:

    The insert on Bryan Chu is very touching… I could relate too. Go Jeremy Lin!

  64. puyasbuto says:

    as an Asian this a good development to make the NBA appeal in asian market once again after yao ming retirement. good for nba business in asia. after all nba is all about making money..

  65. Rick says:

    Put Lin in ALL-STAR weekend!!!!

  66. listong says:

    tear coming out and wet my eyes when watching Jeremy Lin’s Game the all FIVE winning games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you

  67. HJ says:

    Lin is THE MISSING LINK that the Knicks missed. The LINK that NBA now has to the entire world.

  68. T. Su says:

    LINSANITY is not just a story or hot topic. LINSANITY is an attitude! This attitude not only brings international respect to Asian, it also brings Asians around the world together. Hear me out hear….not Taiwanese, not Chinese, not ABC……all the Asians.

  69. Emmanuel Stalling says:

    I am confused as to why people on NBA.com keep referring to him as a rookie like he didn’t play 29 games for the GSW last year. How does the “109 points to start a career” stat apply to a person who had already played games prior to his emergence? That said, Super Lintendo is a legend, and his coming out party is unlike anything I’ve witnessed.

  70. Newstarter says:

    Very inspiring article, thanks Sekou! go ! go ! go !

  71. Jayjoe14 says:

    He’s turnover prone because he has to have the ball all the time.

  72. s says:

    who cares about the turnovers he’s getting us W’s and thats important!

  73. Jiggs says:

    Without Melo in the line up Lin would flourish. The Knicks need a point guard who’ll evenly distribute the ball and score as well. He’s the kind of guy that the Knicks need. Melo could win games with his shooting but without involving the other players they won’t reach the post season. Lin could be that guy that would orchestrate play just like what Steve Nash did to Phoenix when D’Antoni was there. I saw a decline in Amare’s game without someone feeding him. They’ve got great talents. They just need a court general, General Lin.

  74. Anergizer says:

    I think when all the other get healthy, Lin will back to bench…but I think he will be a great 6th Man. Is hard for not letting the Starter back.. the got paid alot to play… but when they screw up the game, Lin can carry up the team. I am a Rocket Fans. Used to like knicks ….. when john starks was playing! Love Starks , he’s amazing player

    • Feng says:

      lol, as a Rockets fan, I hated john starks so much in one game where he had so many 3s…
      But we beat them …

  75. unsane21 says:

    NO RACISM included in this commnet.

    I’m not looking at Jeremy as an asian who has popped out of no where from asia and just sweeped the basketball nation by storm, but a player, thats right, A PLAYER!

    A player who believes in hard work and determination, A player who is humble and knows his roots, a player who has a personality that can be put to as smart, funny and energizing.

    He knows that the knicks was in a tough groove, He used that moment that very moment to step up and be noticed by the higher members of the knicks office. Oppurtunity like this makes a player like him bloom and shine.

    I think he might not be as good as Kobe or lebron, or even CP3 but he is very determine to help his team just like steve nash.

    Under Toni, he might as well become a steve nash and try give a Knicks a chance for the ONE PIECE which is the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP!

    *unlike steve, lin has a chance to play with 2, pure scorers, a defensive rebounder and a good bench.

  76. allaroundballer says:

    Melo da ballhogz will return, feels like the reason Lin’s number gonna drop. Allright, but what if they lost? NY play flows great without Melo. I think it’s Melo who should adjust, more like spot shooter and let Lin bring the ball most. That way Melo still score lot without ruin the game

  77. Jonathan says:

    I am a long time NY Knicks fan from the days they played the most beautiful form of basketball. I hope Lin gets better when Amare and Melo come back. I know Amare will be into it but Melo just loves the ball. I hope he doesn’t screw it up.

    Re. Amare, don’t expect too much. That was a big personal loss and it might take a lot of time to get over.

  78. Edward says:

    Knicks should throw him a better contract NOW! ASAP! I know Lin doesn’t really bother with contract at the moment, but less than 800k? Really? MSG should offer him a multi-million contract! Loves the spirit and the hype that he brought along to the team, fans and the world! Wishing he can be the catalyst to all the pieces of puzzle that Knicks have (including Melo, Amare and Davis when they back).

  79. ShakenBake says:

    hmmmmm what happens when Carmelo comes back? will he ride the Lin show for wins? or will he try to do it and win it again by himself which is where the knicks struggles? i doubt that Amare will hold back the knicks when he comes back coz they were winning it before Carmelo showed up with W.Chandler Galanari are with him.

  80. damien says:

    Whether Linsanity continues or not, it certainly brought me back my interest in NBA, no longer the usual players holding on to the spotlite!

  81. BallinAsian says:

    HI Knickfan212, Shumpert should buy Lin dinner. He is playing his best now that he is back to his natural position. Everyone is playing better. Look at Chandler’s numbers go up, look at Novak’s numbers go up. Now the only worry is what will happen when Carmelo the ball hog anthony comes back.

    • Joe Baller says:

      You have to understand, if Stat & Melo are properly added to the mix, Lin numbers will not go down. Take a look at the other players numbers. Yes, they all improved.The Kinicks overall scoring per game will go up. Everyone will benefit , if done properly.

      Melo – 28.5

      Stat – 27.9

      Lin – 20.0

      Smith – 19.5 ?

      Chandler – 17.5

      The Knicks will be the new SUNS – 110 to 120 points per game.


  82. Vincent says:

    Asians will always looked at as small, has no athleticism, in short they are not built for sports. But Lin shows us that you don’t need to be athletic to play basketball because at the end of the day it is all about fundamentals. He can limit his turn over through time and besides its just his sophomore year his still learning to play in the NBA,

  83. Linamania says:

    Great article Smith. Really touching. As a Jewish basketball player who played in a strictly Christian basketball league, I can really relate to this story, as it truly brings it truly brings a tear to my eye. Best of luck to you and Jeremy Lin.

  84. Ebz says:

    Great article. Lin has shown us the meaning of inspiration for Asian communities. but above all else, he has shown us the meaning of his dependency on God. He can be like this because God is with him. Keep being salt and light to the world Lin. God Bless you

  85. Lovin' it says:

    I love basketball it’s my favorite sport and one of the most international sports on PLANET EARTH, where kids from all over a welcome if they got game!!

    MLK had a dream, it was to see all people all children of different races walking together, holding hands and playing together. The only thing he forgot to mention was they’d be playing BASKETBALL.

    God bless the NBA god bless the JLin story, we’re all gods children we should all be treated equally.

  86. Dollar says:

    LIN, LIN, LIN…. im actually a Miami fan… but bec of ur greatness, carrying Melo and Amare’s team… im on a SPIKE LEE’S TEAM NOW. Gotta have that jersey! Just dont know where to get it… Ur a Phenom bro! Keep it up. Eat them all, one by one… U got Kobe… waiting for the Miami game………. More Power!!! LIN, LIN, LIN!!!!!

  87. bbamp says:

    I hope you all understand that Jeremy Lin is an American. He may look Asian and he may have been raised by Asian parents, but he was born and raised in the good ol’ USA. To call him anything else would be to discredit every “non-white” American that helped make this country what it is. And frankly, aside from the political BS, America really is a great country.

  88. JD Frey says:

    i am a clippers fan , but have always been a knick fan..GO JEREMY
    your awesome..

  89. robbay2 says:

    good pioneer for the asian american community.

  90. Keigo says:

    Prove to every one who had criticize you and all the other Asian American wrong in every profession. We all share the same religion and god had created human equal. I’m extremely touched by Jeremy’s performance especially after watched a TV interview of Jeremy and his mom. Continue the strong play and keep your head up!!! J-Lin 7!!

  91. Pacquio Fan says:

    RESPECT!! That’s what Jeremy Lin is showing the World, Asian Players can play Basketball,

    all it needs is for basketball scouts to look more carefully, we can Play!!

    Go Jeremy Lin!!, WE TOTALLY SUPPORT YOU!!

    – Filipino Basketball Player

  92. Lin may be the Susan Boyle of basketball. Inspiring story, yes, but moreover another key event towards overcoming the closet racial and ethnic divides in the U.S.A.

  93. Carlo says:

    FINALLY a player thats playing for the love of the game and not the bling, bling that we see so many current players are playing for right now!!… its been too long

  94. Exciting to have a Harvard Alum make it to the top level of Pro Sports, kind of like the QB that made it to the Buffalo Bills. Keep going, Jeremy!

  95. Happy says:

    This is a very uplifting story. I hope Lin keeps it up. Who knows, maybe he will be the next Steve Nash. I hope he is. I’m really rooting for him from my heart. He has the skills and the basketball IQ to continue succeeding. I hope coach D’Antoni keeps him in the starting lineup even as Carmelo and Stoudamire heal from injury and come back. Go Lin go!!!

  96. BroncoLee says:

    Great Article! I am an Asian from Taiwan and basketball has always been my favorite sport. Lin has long way to go before he becomes a legend (that is, if he make it). However, he has shown the world something no one has done it before, that is already an achievement. I hope he will continue his journey and keep his composure. Try to improve your games by improving your weakness, becuase the the other teams will find them very quickly. You have to be ahead of them and I am sure you are smart enough to know that. Three Cheers for Lin and those who accept him as a basketball player, not an Asian from Harvard.

  97. LINSANITY must continue yes. As a french-born chinese i also experienced racism during my childhood. We chinese people can do something else than computer, restaurant or kung-fu. I am a photographer and i’m respected for doing that. And Jeremy is a fantastic basketball player who has proved that better than me. Go on Linsanity 🙂

  98. Doh says:

    Lin is doing it proving them wrong keep doing it i been watching you since Harvard and i knew the potential then. People don’t realize that he has more tricks in the bag that people have not even seen yet.Now that he has a place to call home you gonna see for the rest of the year of what Lin is all about because as of right now Knicks will be in the playoffs and they will be a force to reckoned with thanks to Lin

  99. Hayes says:

    Has anyone thought of this…? -“The Lingitimate Threat”-

    Go jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks! Thank you for making basketball exciting in New York again.

  100. Gusto DaGreat says:

    The Knicks are finally ‘Lin-ning’ and it all because of Jeremy’s Love for the Game! His attitude has rubbed off on the other Knicks and he has said all the right things to inspire the entire Knick Team! Big-Up Jeremy Lin, your a New Yorker Now and that is our attitude, LIN LIN LIN NO MATTER WHAT! I’ve seen all these comments but NO one has said this:
    THE NY KNICKS ARE GOING TO THE FINALS! YEAH, I said it……..(He’s that Good) Go Knicks

  101. LIN-CREDIBLE says:

    He’s the SHOW-LIN Master !!!

  102. george says:

    articles like this are one of the reasons that the Linsanity will soon end, mabe sooner than we think, putting such pressure on this kid is road to distruction. He’s already shown that he is all heart when playing basketball and this type of basketball caracter cant respond to pressure positivly specially with so little experience.

    Let the kid play the game and stop twisting his head with these articles and superstar stuff of which he is still so far away from achieving.

    Jeremy, if you’re reading this my friend, jut keep plaing for the love of playing and dont let all the surrounding dstract you please.

  103. Sam Robinson says:

    Smartest player and best teamate and most humble player in the NBA let the Linsanity continue.

  104. JP says:

    Im a celtics fan so its hard for me 2 watch the knicks win, but i just like jeremy lin so much i want the knicks to win

    but jeremy lin has a youtube channel called TheJLin7, here are 4 of his videos from 1st to last,
    1) Youtubing With KevJumba
    2) Basketball NEVER Stops
    3) The Daily life of Jeremy Lin: Day 1
    4) How to get into Harvard (Feat. Ryan Higa)

    this is not mine i just really want people to watch jeremy lin off the court– but he hasnt post a video in a while cause… u know he’s kinda playing in the nba now …. so ya

  105. Shawn Tay says:

    Asians can ball too!!!

    • Baller says:

      Hoping that Lin will continue to start even when Baron Davis is healthy. Meaning it should be Lin’s job to lose instead of just handing the job to a former all-star for previous accolades and on the down turn of his career. Also hoping he will end up being as good as Chris Paul or if not just in between Tony Parker and CP3.

      • bill texas says:

        no question about that tony park is a real good pg and i like him & the spurs from deep of my heart, but i can’t see that he carries his team to win 5 consective games with both tim and ginobli were not on the court.

  106. Chungchi Che says:

    Asian Typhoon is here!
    Lin Typhoon is devastating NBA!

  107. Albert Yoshikawa says:

    Witnessing Lin’s phenomenon is just like fulfilling my own dream, the only difference is mine would ever come truth… Once I was a semi-pro bowler for many years, had four perfect games and an average of 218 per game. From time to time, I participated in several local and national tournaments, kept many trophies as the decorations for my living room. People always cheered for my performance in most of these events even I noticed in my heart that they were faking their cheers and compliments only because I still look “foreigner” to them disregarding my personalities and skills of bowling. Just like many of my teammates told me-“No offense, but you will never get shiny as much as the most American bowlers because you would be just like another foreign competitor to them, and the whole industry is not ready to accept any successful bowler with your background. “Go back to Japan, then you might have a better chance to make it as a pro bowler, but definitely not here” Since then my dream has been smashed down to hell, I quit bowling and have my talents buried deep down in my memory.

  108. RONALD says:

    basketball is not america’s favorite game, it’s asian most loved game….

  109. normstah says:

    I’m gonna get behind Lin and every other dude that continues to strive to have his day in the NBA. He may be of Asian heritage, but it’s about someone chasing that dream. And having someone to breakthrough. Love this story!

  110. Jon says:

    Very inspiring article…get emotional reading it as a filipino living already here in U.S. thanks Sekou!

  111. XRock says:

    Great article. About time someone said “Too short. Too skinny. Picked last.”

    Being Asian, this happens all the time. Always the last one picked but surprises others during the game. Didn’t matter which area of town or court I played on, for some reason, Asians are always the outcast, even though many of us speak better English and act more like an citizen than those on the courts.

    If Lin was to play just half as good as he been playing, he’ll be an average PG off the bench with good minutes, but no team picked him because he is Asian. I’m not saying people are racist. I’m just saying there is a stereotype and front office and players are not use to connecting Asian and basketball together.

  112. chuchovsky says:

    the way the knicks are performing since he’s the starting pg, how about this new nick name: “Jeremy Win”… just saying 😀

  113. bruce_asian says:

    Jeremy Lin! your the man……. Keep it up and someday you will be highly regarded as one of the best players in NBA history!

  114. Belizeboy says:

    Great article Sekou! I really wish the world wasn’t so ignorant, but thankfully Lin kept his composure through it all.

  115. knickfan212 says:

    Lin should treat Shumpert to dinner. If not for Shumpert getting injured Lin might be in another field of occupation.

  116. Vincent Lui says:

    Thanks for your report, Sekou.

    This is another example of how being one’s best can open opportunities to break down barriers. Thank you, Jeremy Lin, for your perseverance through racism and faith in God. Change must first come from within, even as Martin Luther King, Jr. said.

    As an ABC myself, I hope that as fan fervently join in “Lin-sanity,” that we develop greater inter-cultural understanding and sensitivity. Those Lin masks are reminiscent of the racist era of “Yellow Face” in movies, and some of the fan-made signs also border on being racist. I hope we can all be supportive without abusing cultural differences.

    Now, also speaking as an ABC, I do find it amusing that Lin happens to play at MSG. But Lin’s got game, and his game has the flavor of authenticity.

    • Nunchucks says:

      I’m all for people being NOT being racist, but I’m sorry, the “Yellow Mamba” signs were hilarious and the Lin masks were worn by other Asians. They might not have been Chinese, but at least they weren’t being worn by someone white (or black, for that matter). We already live in a society where we can, harmlessly, make such jokes. Let’s be racially sensitive but let’s also not be racially OVERsensitive.

    • J says:

      How is yellow mamba racist? If anything that’s a compliment cause it’s saying you play like kobe who’s a great baller… That’s like saying Black mamba is racist… the damn snake is black so it’s called a black mamba… asians have a yellow tint to their skin.. it’s not racist it’s just a fact.

  117. Bryant says:

    This is a story that reaches out to me seeing as how I’m an Asian American born citizen myself. I’ve experienced the same racial slurs and nonsense from people, although I’m Vietnamese. So I wish Jeremy and every other Asian NBA players out there the best.

  118. michael ling says:

    great job writing and telling the story. thank you, Smith

  119. MathSimon says:

    Linsanity must continue. Don’t let it end Lin!

    Prove them wrong and prove us right!