All He Does Is Lin! (Video)


Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin put together another jaw-dropping performance Friday night at Madison Square Garden, this time a 38-point, seven-assist masterpiece to help the Knicks defeat Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers for their fourth straight win.

If I hadn’t watched it myself, I’d never have believed he could keep his magical run going. But he had 18 points and five assists at halftime and just kept pouring it on after halftime.

In case you missed it, here’s another look:


  1. JJ says:

    jeremy’s great but the knicks’ success right now with him has a lot of ppl heaping criticism on amare and melo.. first of all, if anyone’s to be blamed for the knicks’ inability to score before lin emerged it’s melo, not amare.. melo’s the ball stopper and if his teammates don’t fit in with him he really hurts a team’s system.. amare will be great when he comes back if jeremy remains the starting pg.. if melo adjusts his game to fit the knicks’ run and gun style (ala his role with team USA in the olympics where the ball handlers were lebron and the point guards) the knicks will be a contender

  2. bo0diep0p says:

    Not all Filipinos are 5’5 in height man… I”m a pure Filipino and I’m 5’9… not too tall for NBA Standards but I guess you got my point. We have talented Filipino Players who my be small enough for the NBA but can surely be successful if given the chance. We have Legit 6’4-6’6 players who can take NBA by surprise. Try to watch our Local Basketball Pro League and you’d be surprise that not only Chinese people can play ball in Asia.

  3. wow says:

    @heatlatinofan you are an Ahole and F**King racist.
    let the asians have their joy and their moment. don’t hate.
    this is so F**ked up , a latino being a racist. i don’t know if i have to be mad cuz u are a D**k or laugh cuz u r a big joke

  4. Jack Leo says:

    Never watched any NBA games from start to end, but I did it for the Lakers vs. Knicks game yesterday even including commercials just to watch this fantastic kid play. How marvelous and awesome he is!

  5. kaje says:

    a new superstar is BORN!!!!

  6. kaje says:

    a new superstar is BORN!!!!!!

  7. Paul Reyes says:

    Now, the Knicks has someone to LIN on.. I am just excited to see him play with Amare..
    1..2.. punch.,.

  8. Go Mavs ^_^ says:

    Lins? nah lol Go Mavs ^_^

  9. rlynn says:

    Dont stop beLINving….

  10. Jason Li says:

    Now, we turn to be the fans of New York Knicks all because of Jeremy Lin.

  11. YMG411 says:

    calm down everybody!!! once carmelo and amare gets back in the line up, Lin will not be the go to guy anymore. he schooled Fisher and had 8/24 fg against the twolves… really?

  12. SYLVESTER says:

    they won again!

  13. MannyP says:

    Should have been titled “Divine Lintervention Linspires Madison Square GardLin”

  14. s says:


  15. Lin fan says:

    They signed him for the minimum this year, and the return on investment is off the charts! the question now is, will NY be able to afford Lin next year?

  16. baldogx says:

    im no knicks fan but its a good thing that he can fill in the shoes that was left by melo and amare.. another exciting reason to watch NYK just like rubio did in minnesota..

  17. Smartest says:

    To Lin Lover 17: He is doing some math! He’s calculating the opponents every move. Unlike Melo who is calculating his paycheck. OH!

  18. jeff philippines says:

    the asian pride…i love this guy plays basketball.. i watch his game since d-league. he become a great player someday…

    stay humble JEREMY LIN… go knicks.

  19. Smartest says:

    I myself am a Filipino-American and I don’t think height really matters if you are a great player. My little cousin can sneak past 6ish footers and still make a basket. I don’t understand why the NBA kind of discriminates against short people. If they’re good they are good! Its enough people. Its time someone show people that we Asians can play some serious b-ball!

  20. Another Statement that i would like to Place out there is don’t Sleep on any player that of asian decent, regaurd less off the height I played in Korea two years and They BALL OUT OVER THERE. Also I NO SOME Player that play in the phillipines and inform me that they cot some dude over there that better then some player in the states, so Lin ablitynto play has nothing to do with is he is american are of asian decent.

  21. The Bee's Knees says:

    I bet Golden State is hurting’ right now.

  22. Man This Kid Lin is doing his thing I can say that but I been watching a couple of things with his game that a lot of others has been missing, don’t get me wrong he is balling out which is cool but once team start watch scouting report on him and he starts to get pressed in the back court like he did the start of the 3rd quarter against the Lakers he get a little raddle and either tries to much or coughs up the rock which is when he had to seat for 5 minutes. Yes he is a better PG then Tony D. But I would like to see how he handle the game as a PG when teams start to prepare for him that all. I’m a Knick fan and I happy that this young man is getting his chance to BALL OUT but right now it is to early for star status to be put on his shoulders.. I like to see what happen when the stat and melo show shows up and how he can handle the floor as the PG . He is going to have to get both of these two invole, and i think that will be a harder task then anything else. It’s like when Rondo got tGarrent and Allen on boston and he had to make everyone happy. only time will tell how GOOD LIN WILL BE>>>>>>

  23. Filipino says:

    I HOPE someday there will be a FIlipino player in NBA … like Keiffer Ravena and Bobby Ray Parks Jr. Bobby 6’4 plays in SG or PG..

  24. Filipino says:

    I hope someday there will be a Filipino in NBA … Bobbty Ray Parks Jr. watch hi :))

  25. Boydee says:

    Trade Dwight Howard for Tyson Chandler & Amare Stoudemire and the knicks might be capable of winning a championship within a few years (2 years to gell the team and gain depth to the bench) Why would Dwight want to go to the nets? Not like the nets are a winning franchise?

  26. asking says:

    go jeremy lin!!!

  27. Chinese people should dedicate to create more robots and more technology better than elevate a player which game is plastic. LIN MEANS OUR TIMES : MEDIATIC AND EASY ACHIEVEMENTS. OH GOD WHAT A DISASTER!

  28. BGftw says:

    I wonder what will happen if Carmelo comes back lol

  29. Too bad the coach played Lin because he had no choice however, the positive is he got an opportunity! A diamond in the rough.

  30. June says:

    Nate Rob is a tad higher or shorter than Filipino players… Same goes with Spud Webb… Were they short of greatness? Nope…. So us Filipino’s at 5 foot ain’t short for it…

    Like how they say it in the NBA… “No man is short or tall when he needs to play his game…”

  31. Mosaic says:

    lin is good…. but still waiting to see if he’s good also against top teams….such as Drose(Bulls), Trio (Heat), Tony Parker (San Antonio), Magic and other team that i didn’t mention that has a strong D…

  32. Fabian says:

    Do you think Baron Davis will still automatically take his position?

  33. bigg pappa says:

    @Alexzo, u smoking some crack man. He is nowhere compared to D Rose and not similar in any fashion fool like you said quaote “Size, speed, style of play match-up is quite simillar.,, any takers.” Get off the rocks man. Bull’s already beat ’em. Dem Nicks might not even make the playoffs. Bulls and Heat will just dawg them.

  34. Andy Lin says:

    As a Taiwanese, I played basketball and baseball since I was a kid. That’s pretty popular and normal for everybody back then. Every child has swwt dream to play at the world wide stage and hope become famous. Today, JEREMY LIN has fully filled our childhood dreams. We are very proud of him! And how lucky I am– I have same last name with him. I think he is not only skillful ,hard working but also a player with strong determination. GO! GO! GO!! Jeremy~

    身為台灣人的 四 , 五年級都有同感. 我們年輕的時候是多麼地喜歡打棒球. 籃球. 小時候…總想有朝一日能代表國家揚名立萬! 現在很高興看到我們的同胞 – 可愛的 林書豪 幫我們實現了夢想. 心裡實在有無法形容的興奮與驕傲!! Jeremy~ 很欣慰跟你一樣: 我也姓 “林”, 希望你保持身體健康 努力不懈!! 加油~ 加油~~ 加油~~~~

  35. mcmillan says:

    as you did see these last 4 games the guys played hard on defense..give them credit.Jeremy Lin played phenomenal.He gave his team fresh energy and he brought the fighting heart from his’s just scary how he will fit in when Melo comes problem with Amare because he is MADE in HEAVEN for the pick on roll which is i THINK is also the best offensive attack of J-lin. J-lin needs guys who are solid offensive threats OFF THE DRIBBLE.

  36. James says:

    First off, Jeremy Lin is playing at a really high level right now. And honestly, when Melo and STAT come back, I can see Lin dishing the ball at the right time to Melo, and effectively run the pick & roll with STAT. You don’t have to give the ball to Anthony. If he complains he doesn’t get the ball enough, tough. If Anthony really wants the Knicks to win, he’ll attempt to change his game even the slightest bit just like Earl Monroe did.

  37. Keigo says:

    J-Lin is NOT Filipino!!!! HE IS TAIWANESE!!!!!! HUGE DIFFERENT!!! Also, 6’3″ for PG is not short at all!!!

  38. Aris says:

    Jeremy Lin is a sensation now. His games are really impressive which made him popular in sports news and became ‘Talk of the Town”. But, he needs to continue making his presence felt, at least, ’til the end of 2011-2012 season to make a mark in the NBA. 4 straight wins will only give him fame for a short period of time. But, if he will be able to bring his team even to the play-offs only, then an opportunity for him to have a great career in the NBA will now be very attainable.

  39. Joe says:

    We are proud of you, please continue to be good and happy.

  40. Dfabregas says:

    I swear, just like Kobe i didnt know who Jeremy Lin was until yesterday.
    I dodnt watch the Knicks games so much. But u think i will now.

    Hope he keeps the good stuff going.

  41. The man says:

    a lot of people talking about “american” … as far as I know America is a continent, not a country, what is Canada then, part of America ???

  42. knicks says:

    if melo can be that wing guy and hit the open jumpers this kid creates for him the team will be a success we all know how amare is gonna fit in melo is the real question mark.

  43. Craig says:

    I wish they’d call that spin move at 2:28 a travel, if you catch the ball as you start spinning you can’t then take another step with that pivot foot, that’s 3 steps. Ypu have to bounce the ball one more time if you want to do that move legally. I’ve seen a bunch of other players do it and it never gets called, probably because it looks sweet. Lebron did it and even that commentator/highlights guy said jokingly thats a travel but doesn’t matter. Please correct me if I have misinterpreted it wrongly.
    And 6’3 200lbs ain’t small for a PG, thats bigger than Westbrook, a fair few amount of teams are playing guys smaller than that at the 2 guard

  44. Asian Baller says:

    What is so disappointing about NBA scouts and coaches and that the majority of them overlooked this kid. They thought he was too soft. They didn’t give this kid a chance at all. Dallas overlooked him. Hack, even when Lin signed up with Golden State he still had to compete for court time with guys like Curry and Ellis. Just imagine how frustrating it must have been for Lin not to be given a chance to prove himeself. It is one thing when your coach sees you train at practice and totally another when you are in an actual game. It seems that when you give any player court time and allow that player show you what they can do, coaches get to confirm whether they are right or wrong. In fact it took as much as Lin having to move to a team that has not point guard that he finally get his opportunity to shine. Boy is Lin seizing this opporotunity as if it is his laat game. Well done Lin…. Keep going!!!! I have your back all the way…. regardless fo whether you play well or not!!

    • Boydee says:

      facts are when your just trying out or paying your best usually doesn’t always cut it, BUT if you have to step up and lead, you tap into a different energy, Reggie Miller calls it the “zone” the facts are that Lin is in a zone right now and thats whats bringing it out in him. No matter who you are and what you do in life, there will come a time when you gotta step up and lead, and you actually find another energy inside of you and be the greatness that you can be. Scottie Pippen is the greatest example!

  45. GardenFaithful says:

    As a Knicks fan, this is what we like to see. My dad was telling me that this is how it used to be back in the day. The knicks had likable players with high basketball IQ’s who could execute. Its great to see the Garden getting rowdy again, all while ‘melo sits and watches. My only concern is can he keep it going? In this shortened season, this games are really starting to count. But for now, he is saving the Knicks season, and keeping Mike “No D” Antoni’s job intact for now. #lLINcredible

  46. Aljen says:

    Melo + Stat FOR Dwight + Anderson ??? go NYK…

  47. yep says:

    J Lin was playing with a chip on his shoulders against the Lakers. First, Kobe said he didn’t know who he was. Second, J Lin himself said in an interview on a taiwan show that he wanted to play with the Lakers but they didnt want him.

  48. Seone(Trinidad) says:

    I am from Trinidad in the caribbean, and this guy is such an inspiration. Watching Him play brings tears to my eyes man. Hopefully we will allow some superstars to sleep on their brother’s couch, so they will work hard and play basketball, i am just waiting to see what Lin will so again…..

  49. Dcool6 says:

    forget bieber…lin all the way!!!

  50. Jessica says:

    Jeremy Lin did the Lakers a favor by proving that they NEED A TRADE ASAP. I say, trade for none other than Rajon Rondo…

    Lemmie know what you think

  51. Xmaster says:

    Lin is the real deal as long as they keep playing the same style (let the point guard run the show). While watching the Lakers game, what keep hitting my head was this dude is a Stockton and Nash type of point guard and Magic Johnson kinda confirmed that during halftime. The team gotta play with smarts and chemistry. Not sure if Melo style is compatible with Lin but Stat should be happy to have Lin as the point guard. It’ll be like Stat playing with Nash again.

    Lin didn’t get any minutes and probably didn’t impress his old team much (Warriors) because Golden State was pretty much the street ball team of the NBA. Basketball IQ wasn’t a priority.

  52. hereiswu says:

    Lin is ruining it for us Asians. We already have high expectations to deal with Academic wise. Now they are going to expect us to be able to ball like him. Harvard, and NBA? C’mon, couldn’t you let the rest of us asians slack off with just being straight A’s. Now we are expected to be atheletic too?

    Oh, and don’t get me started on the whole “vision” thing. We asians always knew we have better peripheral vision because of the shape of our eyes, but we used it as an excuse to not being able to drive. Now that excuse is out the window.

    Thanks Lin for ruining the only two areas we could be deficient in. Now everybody is going to expect us to be able to do everything. Just don’t let people see that we are born knowing Kung Fu. I can still lie about that.

    By the way, if you start dating Supermodels then make them ……happy….and ruin the last stereotype, I will really hate you. Remember the asian motto, “let them understimate you”. That way we always win. (Asian smilley face) |0)

  53. Cole easily will stop Lin when Miami Heat face New York Knicks. Add that Mike Miller, Battier, James Jones, Pittman, Harris.

  54. Truth says:

    Im not so worried about Amare coming back and ruining things as I am Melo. Amare played with a PG in Phoenix very similar to Jeremy Lin and worked wonders off the pick and roll. Defiantly not saying the JL is comparably to Steve Nash but we can all see flash’s of Nash in Lin. Lin is only going to help Amare’s game ten fold and expect to STAT start putting up 15 points a game maybe 20 on a really good night. Melo is up in the air. If he decides to defer to this Lin the Knick’s could go very far. Think of a 2005 Phoenix team with a dominate isolation player. If Melo decides he wants to hog the ball things might get bad or they simply might bench him. Any way I hope they can make something happen.

  55. Fan says:

    Trade melo and chandler for dwight

  56. God luck for Lin…earning million dollars, meeting cheerleaders, fame, glory, tv shows, commercial spots, …and…Where did he come from? good trade for chinese businessmen.

  57. Jacob Merriman says:

    i remember first seeing lin and i thought.. naah he will just be a bench warmer. Proved me damn wrong!

  58. NYKNICKERS says:

    I’m enjoying Lin not becuase of his racial background, not becuase of the amazing underdog story but becuase he is playing some of the best all round ball in the league right now. This guy could turn out to be something extremely special. Cherish and remember this moment guys…becuase it doesn’t come around everyday.

  59. Tohashi says:

    Ok, this is still a fluke- if the Knicks win a plalyoff game or make it to the playoffs because of LIn give me a call. Anybody under 6’5 in the NBA is a midget that includes Lin.

  60. KnickBALL says:

    D’antoni said it so well after the game…’It didn’t feel like he had 38, becuase it was 38 playing team basketball’. Thats what Lin does, plays team ball. Looking for the right shot for the team, not to get his numbers up but to get wins. Melo forces shots, Lin takes the right shot or dishes out for the right shot. When Stat comes back I think the team will continue to explode….however when Melo and his ball hungry, take too many shots ways come back, i’m not sure it’s going to be the same

  61. Go the the fast food: Hey please give sesam chicken with Lin Wings hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha LOL

  62. Gilbert says:

    Come on. This should be just about basketball. I am Chinese. I enjoyed it to see what’s happening now here. He is playing good games Knicks is winning and you know what, he looks like us!! Then you just want to argue he has nothing to do with Chinese at all so that some of us got upset? Then you happy?

    This is basketball the game we love here. Don’t bring in anything else and keep it simple please. Oh, grow up.

  63. beto says:

    What a perfomance , lets hope he can maintain that level ,
    Waiting to see Lin against a fresh top point guard

  64. net worth says:

    I really like that he plays with a controlled emotions. Doesnt get carried away with it. But it’ll be interesting how he plays with amare and melo when they get back.

  65. Chungchi Che says:

    Typhone Lin is devastating NBA !!!!

  66. TigerEROS in TO says:

    And in case you haven’t noticed … Taiwanese and Chinese are basically NOT THE SAME!!!! We have totally different values and mainlanders … well … they are different. Politically. Socially. And humanly different. Remember … facebook is BANNED in China (no freedom of speech or anything there … basically it’s like being in JAIL).

    Calling Taiwanese people Chinese is very degrading … Taiwanese are Taiwanese.

    And Jeremy is not a small asian player .. the kid is 6’3″ … 200lbs … and moves fast!


    • lup says:

      Please do not down grade chinese, taiwanese are under chinese
      china is a country, and taiwan is piece of land where all the dogs live
      chinese is human, and taiwanese are the chinese’ dog
      they do not even have the right to vote in UN

      • Chad says:

        Iup you’re a dog.

        First of all, I’m a Taiwanese from Australia with lot of friends from China.

        I am not saying we Taiwanese are better but I can tell you we are very different – value pereceiption, cultural, ideaology and way of thinking. When I chat to them, i find there is often more differences than that of between english speaking coutnries i.e australia, america, canada. China being a communist country in the last century is what caused this difference gap. Not commenting on whether a communist governemnt is bad or not for it’s people as obviously the country’s economy has been booming. But it’s people are very different.

        All the Chinese people I know are all into Taiwan pop music, Taiwan Tv, Taiwan movies, Taiwan talk shots/celebretibites. Why wouldn’t they just follow their own show biz sutff? Because unfortunately they ain’t got nothing themselves due to their’s governemnt’s control in this aspect.

        Again I’m not saying their governemtn’s is bad or whether Taiwan is better than China or not, I’m just stating for a fact that there is a very big difference between these two countries (area, entities or whatever you want to cal it.)

  67. linfan says:

    As Kobe says, no one knows about Lin yet which is part of the reason for his success. In sports, you always scout your opponents for their strengths and weaknesses. Once teams can view more films of Lin and see his tendencies and weaknesses, they can defend him better. He does have talent, but those fans who are trying to say his success is due to his high IQ are wrong. You need the physical talent.

    • Fromt says:

      As a fan of J Lin, I like this comment. The more challenges, the more inspiring stories.
      I also doubt it so far, but I hope J Lin could show to the world that he has both high IQ and physical talent in the near future.

  68. Mehtab says:

    This is what us asians can do, truly exceptional play by this guy, he could become an asian idol

  69. Tao says:

    Keeping going! You will be the best ever.

  70. JLin17 says:

    What makes Jeremy Lin so special: he is an american born chinese; from undrafted to starter; his personality, attitude; and the relationship between him and GOD~!

    • Fromt says:

      It’s not the reason to make J Lin so special. Just that he inspires Knicks, NY, Basketball fans, US, the worlds.
      Story 1: from bench, will he win?
      Story 2: 1st time as starter, will he win?
      Story 3: 2nd time as starter, will he continue to win?
      Story 4: Will he beat a team with superstar?
      Future story: will he beat a real team with top PG?

  71. lolo says:

    The Lakers should be embarrashed they let lin lin control them with all their bigs they should hang the season up if their going to be playing like that WoW really c’om Serious

    • SikWitIt says:

      Yeah that was pathetic. Bynum 1-8 and this guy is the new West All-Star center? Gasol was being guarded by who? It should have been a field day for the Lakers. Instead they looked like they were playing Dallas in the playoffs again. Is Chandler really that intimidating to them? lol.

  72. James Li says:

    There is no such a thing called Taiwanese. All Chinese.

  73. GP says:

    Lin might truly be the answer to the Knick’s guard woes. D’antoni must have a ton of Nash tapes he can show Lin to teach him how to run the offense – and Amare can thrive under that. Melo will have to learn to adjust to playing next to a good point guard again. If Melo wants a ring he’ll need to buy into the system and be more patient about when he gets off.

  74. Grif the ish says:

    Yo the Knicks fan made a good point bout the teams the Knicks been beating. Jazz, Wiz, Nets, and the Lakers with the weak PG position. All great wins for the Knicks, but Lin has yet to test this new surge of confidence against a team that plays some real team D. With that being said, this is just exciting, geeked about what Lin’s doin for the sport and for all the AZN ballers that wanna do their thing. Lord knows we got plenty in the bay. Keep it up kid, you know your city, plus a continent and then some got cha back.

    • Fromt says:

      This is the reason why it is so dramatic… We doubted it before every game and he won… next story is: will he beat top PG in the future?

  75. Paolo Martini says:

    Nice to see the Kn icks have finally found a point guard. Let’s hope Baron Davis takes his time coming back. Melo and Amar’e shouldn’t be a problem, they’re frontcourters who only benefit from Lin’s presence, like Chandler (his biggest fan at the moment, along with Fields). It’s Shumpert and Douglas who might eventually cause problems. Their style is the complete opposite of Lin’s: run and gun, take a million shots and rely on your physical skills. Pity about Shumpert: a littel more savvy and he could be great. Douglas reminds me of Jamaal Crawford (‘nuf said).

  76. kevin says:

    can jeremy lin get consideration for rising stars game?

  77. The best chinese food i ever ate was in Queens.: Chicken Seseam.

  78. badcompany says:

    The story of Lin is too good to even care about political perspectives, everyone is rooting for Lin.

  79. It’s happenning the same thing than last year. Everybody doing complot against the Heat.

  80. j lai says:

    he should be in all star rookie vs sophomore !!!!!!!!!!!!! without him ….no fun

  81. Look I don’t care if Lin is gay or not I saw a lot of chinese gays fellas kisisng themselves at night around 4 oclock in Union Square Park. Most part of gays in Manhattan are Asian and they liked kissing each other in Union Square hidden. It’s good for me , friends.

  82. Alvin says:

    I love the fact that he has no real physical advantages (speed, strength, height) he is just a deadly smart player with great fundamentals. As Charlie Sheen would say, LINNING!

  83. Erttou says:

    Jeremy Lin is happy, Knicks is happy, NBA is happy, espcially Sterns is happy! just when the NBA needs someone to fill the shoe of Yao for the Chinese market, Lin steps in!!!! Yi is not living up to his expectation, but Lin is living beyond his!! As a PG, his game is even more fun to watch than Yao’s. He will soon get his own shoe and everything! And the Knicks games will soon be watched by 80 million people!!! everybody should be excited!

  84. NYer says:

    This just In, Dolan will trade Lin, Shumpert, Fields & Douglas.
    All to get Dwight Howard and his pet poodle Roxy.
    Ticket prices are subject to go up again.

    All jokes aside. I really think Knicks should deal Melo.
    We need another defensive anchor.
    Chandler will have nothing in the tank come playoffs.
    STAT is a deep dude. Give him time especially after his loss.
    Keep ya head up STAT, like the body for the soul its just a rental.
    No one ever really dies.

  85. gaj says:

    common guys quit all this history lesson of where Jeremy LIN is from and enjoy what he has to offer to Knicks and NBA please!

  86. badcompany says:

    Terrific show, everyone is rooting for Lin whether you are Chinese/Taiwanese/American…the first player in NBA history to carry a team while being the last man on the bench, and barely made it into the NBA.

    Lin wrote the underdog story, we all wish you the best. Keep it up kid!! Hit the playoff and really shake up the NBA!!

  87. Knicks!!! says:

    It’s time for the knicks to make moves, before the trade deadline hits. We need to admit that Melo will never work in this system, never. Its no use continuing to kid ourselves Melo is lazy and can never lift a team up. The Knicks have a chance to put a team together that can use this momentum. Make an offer to the Magic for Howard for the rest of the season, give them Melo and Chandler and in doing that clear up cap space for next season. Build a team around Amare, if Lin continues to produce great if not at least the knicks have a chance of building a team rather then paying out the nose for one of the worst super stars out there.

  88. jedq123 says:

    Taiwanese is a mixed race (majority is) just like French or Brazilian ppl. Can’t say brazilian is purely Portuguese, African, Italian or French is purely Germanic, Latin ,Celtic.Taiwanese is not purely japanese ,Chinese or Austronesian as well . For those Chinese ppl try to confuse others (by using him as propaganda) or anyone who misunderstands here is the answer. otherwise Vietnam , Taiwan, Korea, Mongol , or even Japan are all regarded as Chinese since they all look pretty similar. Shouldn’t say they are all Chinese even they are using or previous used the same characters (30% of Japanese characters are Han which are Chinese characters as well),share similar cultures or speaking similar Mandarins. If someone says MJ is Russian or British i will correct them too and I don’t think American ppl will be happy for that. It’s not the matter of being political , care or not care ,it’s the matter of telling the truth. He is a rising Asian basketball star and a Taiwanese American.

  89. james says:

    The ultimate test is Miami, Lebrons gonna guard him

  90. boston4life says:

    its just insane someone who has been sidelined all his bbal life plays that good, i still feel Amare/ Mello is just showcase nothing to put on the table. then the mix with chandler those guys dont add up its like oil and water
    this may be mean but i’d rather not see Mello and Amare on the floor for the rest of the season. its clear the Knicks dont need them after all. NY need to give the right value for the contract they gave Lin…. i dont care much about NY but i saw this boy play i had to google him to get 411 on him. if he looked different he would be at the level of John Wall (just saying) still waiting a 38 point game for Wall, he is considered elite….. Lin is a story of pure determination coz things were on his way to where he is. he got what it takes to start on any team… i know he will shine brighter than he has already.

  91. t0nY says:

    I am from Taiwan but who cares where he is from, he genuinely loves basketball and the world loves him!! Let’s just enjoy the Lin Show! Rubio and the Wolves up next!!

  92. LinLover17 says:

    HIDDEN TIGER, CROUCHING POINT GUARD!! Whats wrong with this 23-year old kid from Harvard? Shouldn’t he be doing some math?! o_O

  93. shelley says:

    You just see the love of the game the way this kid plays – and all the other players seem to catch it from him. These could be exciting times for the NY Knicks.

  94. Jonathan says:

    Simply wow I like the guy he is an inspiration and make me feel good Good work by Lin

  95. nmadel says:

    Impressive. Lets see if he keeps it up.

  96. mr.keeper says:

    There’s talk on the street,it sounds so familiar
    Great expectations,everybody’s watching you
    People you meet,they all seem to know you
    Even your old friends treat you like you’re something new
    JLin come lately, the new kid in town
    Everybody loves you,so don’t let them down

  97. ismah al-aziz says:

    lin is pure basketball, he is the cure for the big contracts egos and for the pitiful locke out. lin makes me smile laugh enjoy and the game again. make this kid an all star and i hope he keeps playing like this for a long time. hes not just saving the knicks he is saving the league…………..

  98. Zach says:

    Jeremy Lin is not small he is 6’3.

  99. Windrunner Alleria says:

    See 1st I just wanna say great play by Lin and the Kinkcs. Secondly, although he scored 38, we still saw many flaws that Lin had made during the game (too many mistakes) but for a young player like him against a seasoned team like the LAL I have to give Lin lots of credits for what he has accomplished so far. But Lin is more than just an NBA player. Days before he was still staying with his brother Josh and wasn’t sure if he was able to stay in the league and waiting anxiously on his couch (the place where he also spent many nights on). As the first Asian American player, first Harvard Graduate in nearly 60 years to play in the league, Lin sanity is ON and I certainly it lasts. GO Boy!

  100. pholix says:

    the truth is jeremy is not black that’s wh he’s not getting the nod from the expert..but they are wrong he’s for real an A+….wish you the best J-Lin….

  101. Coy says:

    Lin is a beast I cant wait for him to play my team Chicago and see how good this cat really is against the best, Team Bulls.

  102. MarkJason says:

    They worried about Kobe Bryant going off in MSG…
    Jeremy Lin gives the Knicks confidence and they play like a team.
    Hopefully Amare and Melo dont ruin it.

  103. buzzkillington says:

    Good advice to the Knicks: trade away Carmelo and Amare as soon as possible, before they return to the cours and destroy that beautiful chemistry this team now created with Lin and Chandler leading the way. You don’t need overrated has-been fake all-stars when you got a talented kid playing his heart out.

    • NYer says:

      I can see Stat co-existing with Lin.
      Not too sure about Melo.
      I don’t buy any of the “team talk” Melo spits.

  104. Chungchi Che says:

    Typhon Lin is devastating NBA !!!!!

  105. RONALD says:

    this guy is a revelation…

  106. TONyT says:

    1st time I see him play. Not bad at all!
    Coach, let him loose even with the starters back. Lin will help u win.

  107. MC says:

    I’ve heard commentators say it’s the “story of the decade” for the league, but I think it’s the best thing to have happened in the NBA ever.

  108. Alex says:

    I’m smelling MVP? amare who?

  109. This is a true Cinderella story of a young man who persevered through many difficulties to become the starting PG for the NY Knicks. I am excited to see what else he has in store for the viewers.

    I’m sure everyone on here is aware, but tonight’s game starts at 8pm ET

  110. Jibraeel says:

    they need to make a movie out of this Jeremy Lin. That is dedication at it’s finest. Must have been the night of his life. Derek Fisher could not keep up at all. BIG THINGS POPPIN!

  111. knicks fan says:

    for last night , everytging seem right. it’s the year of dragon and the dragon killed the snake last night

  112. james says:

    Trade melo or around Lin.

  113. Jay says:

    I bet anything in a week the league will be on to his tendencies and he will be shut down… Who wants to bet?

  114. Alison Wu says:

    Jeremy Lin is amazing OMG !
    Don’t stop your magical trip!
    You are the best!
    All Taiwanese are proud of you^^
    Yao Ming is Chinese,
    but Jeremy Lin is a TAIWANESE!

    • LOL says:

      You are such a joke in American’s eyes! JL is American! Get your fact straight!

    • twogallon says:

      He was borned in the US, u idiot.

    • Cobra says:

      First off, what’s the difference -_- we’re all of chinese descent.

      Second: quote Jeremy Lin “It’s humbling, a privilege, and a honor. I’m really proud of being Chinese, I’m really proud of my parents being from Taiwan. I just thank God for the opportunity.”

      Leave politics out of sports, thanks.

    • lup says:

      yet, yet, yet, i think your grand, grand father explode from a piece of rock or come out from no where
      oh, please, they are from china
      all the people live in taiwan are from china

      • Kevin says:

        Americans came from England r they English hell no….politics aside good luck to Lin in today’s game, hope fatigue doesnt get to him

    • Johnny says:

      First of all, there is the
      Taiwanese Aboriginals and Taiwanese Nationality.
      Jeremy Lin is born in America and is an American by nationality. He is also of Chinese ethnicity. He is not Taiwanese in any sense of the word. His only connection to “Taiwan” is that his parents are both Taiwanese nationals of Chinese descent.

  115. knicks fan says:

    for last night, the dragon kill the snake

  116. Davison says:

    The scary part is that he is actually getting better as each game progresses, it’s almost like watching a virus evolving itself at an exponential rate His impact is definitely seen in NYK team. The only thing is would his body be able to keep up with all the extra minutes and strains? That is a really valid concern for someone who almost never plays to someone who is on the court for near whole duration of the game.

  117. Rafael says:

    I hope the return of Melo and amare will not change the flow. Melo hogging the ball is what has kept the knicks down, and i know he is a great player, but knicks with jeremy are a team,whereas the knicks with melo are just melo. I hope Mike’antoni tells melo to let Lin control and feed the rest of the team.

  118. Michael says:

    O my… Sensational piece to the Knicks…I truly hope that Melo doesn’t destroy this when he comes back to the line-up… Kobe I hope you know who Lin is now!

  119. Dom V says:

    now melo will return and kill their chances of winning hahaha

  120. Badr says:

    I think it’s a state of mind. I don’t deny the skills. But plenty of NBA players are skilled, but none of them got the same confidence. It’s all in the brain. Lin got no hesitation, no fear. He just plays ball the same way he always played. In other words, the NBA don’t impress him. Just a game. He plays the game.

  121. Jacky says:

    Lin is from Taiwan, not China!!

  122. chinese guy says:

    hes chinese 😀 <———- thts why i like him

  123. Thinktoomuch says:

    You think too much brother. He was born and raised in the USA. He has never played a single pro basketball game in Taiwan or China. Indeed the chinese media love Jeremy, but they’re not the only one who benefits from this “Linsanity.” Also, I think Lin considers himself Asian-American because he does not want the Chinese or Taiwanese media labeling him as Chinese or Taiwanese only.

  124. Reese says:

    The Lindustrial Revolution continues.

    • turk says:

      lol only good one so far

    • SikWitIt says:

      haha, nice!

    • k9xp says:

      beaytifully done! good for LIN good for the knicks. I hope all the hype doesn’t get to Lin, and spoils a great story. I am a little concern of he rises this fast. and I don’t see how any undrafted players in the league can keep up with this type of numbers on the court. otherwise, he would be Kobe or LeBrown be taken in the 1st round, and then how was he missed out not only by the golden states and the rockets but also by all other NBA teams?

  125. Kevin says:

    The highlight is how well he is working with chandler. when amare and melo comes back, they’re going to be a force

  126. Michael H says:

    well said.

  127. denzsandz says:

    No need for MELO-drama anytime soon…..

  128. EC says:

    What a great and amazing game Lin played. But please, DO NOT GET IT WRONG! Lin is NOT a Chinese. He’s an American (Taiwanese born in America). Both his parents are Taiwaneses from Taiwan. Nothing to do with Chinese and China!!!

    • Baksp21 says:

      So what? Is it your business?

      • MagicLin says:

        Lin is Chinese even though his parents were from Taiwan.
        By the way, Lin and Yao are very good friends and they talk to each other after every Lin’s game.

    • Baksp21 says:

      Taiwaneses’ region is China, Lin’s region is China.

    • dcguy says:

      Jeremy says “I’m really proud of being Chinese, I’m really proud of my parents being from Taiwan.” Check out the link below.

      In a video interview conducted by Elie Seckbach, he asked Jeremy how it felt to be representing so many people. Jeremy responded by stating, “It’s humbling, a privilege, and a honor. I’m really proud of being Chinese, I’m really proud of my parents being from Taiwan. I just thank God for the opportunity.”

    • SikWitIt says:

      Does this even matter? He’s Asian, making a great name for himself and inspiring ALL kids from USA to China.

    • USmainesun says:

      shut up. you need to learn and to be honest.

    • zldream says:

      his parents’ parents from mainland of china,the formal name of taiwan is republic of,he is a chinese-american from taiwan.
      WTF, is not politics,go away.

    • LOL says:

      LOL…really? He has nothing to do with Chinese? You are such a joke! Go wikipedia him. His maternal grandma is from China well but If you don’t understand what “maternal” means lol…And these are the words coming out of his own mouth: It’s humbling, a privilege, and a honor. I’m really proud of being Chinese, I’m really proud of my parents being from Taiwan. I just thank God for the opportunity.” (Quoted from Wikipedia). So go DO the research before making any pathetic comments.

    • lup says:

      Well, his grand father and grand monther were from china, and they move to taiwan duing civil war in china
      taiwan is part of china, so he is chinese

  129. New York says:

    I really hope he keeps playing on the court until the end of this year.
    I really want to see him play with Carmelo and Amare.
    I saw Carmelo and Amare could get Knick to the top of the conference
    but I WANT to believe they can do it with Lin.

  130. Asuncheng says:

    Lin’s American born TAIWANESE. Besides… if you can, name any Chinese player who the you so-called “Chinese Investers” can find to put in NBA and play like Lin does.. oh.. please..

    • louis says:

      I’m sick of these kind of comments, could you keep your political view to yourself? Especially here in the basketball blog!!!
      And in case you haven’t thought deep into it, Taiwanese and Chinese are basically the SAME!!! besides their political parties being different. It’s just like American and Canadian, or North Korea and South Korea…..

      • rlynn says:

        All Taiwaneses are chinese but not all chineses are taiwanese…just like all puerto ricans are american but not all americans are puerto rican. Now, how can a guy like Kwame Brown be drafted #1 and a guy like Lin, who already scored more points than kwame did in his career, not be drafted…wtf….

      • j lai says:

        you got the point man! just enjoy what lin does for knicks !!
        even i m taiwanese, i dont care if J lin is or not, just luv the person not the nationality….

        Lets go!!!! j lin

      • The same you should say about Ginobilli or Scola. Why not? Because Chine is a rich country. I dont like Lin at all. Plus his game is mediatic.

      • Smartest says:

        stop being a HATER.

      • Boydee says:

        your a well traveled person. Only someone who has been to the countries and lived for sometime and gotten to actually know the locals would actually know. Respect to your worldly travels

    • Marshall says:


      Do you know what the meaning of ROC is? Did you read the constitution of ROC before? There is no a country in the world called Taiwan. Please go back to your high school to learn some history..

    • Johnny says:

      again, he is not a ethnic taiwanese aboriginal.

  131. #1KnicksFan says:

    Simply Amazing! It was great to be a ❤ Knicks ❤ fan last night during Lin-sanity!!! Keep up the good work team!! Melo we miss you!

  132. Tez Boogie says:

    While he has played 4 good games I wouldnt crown the Knicks favorites to win it all. I see them making the playoffs and only making it past the first round if they play Indy, Philly, or Atlanta..

    • wycliffe says:

      again you underestimating!

      • Nobody says:

        I don’t think anyone would expect Lin will lead to team to win it all. Jordan and Kobe couldn’t do it, and I don’t believe Lin can do what they couldn’t do. Chicago or Miami will beat this team for sure. But I hope Lin will one day become a superstar PG.

  133. Al says:

    Jeremy is telented, He just did not have enough opportunity before this week.

  134. Deniss says:

    Yoy know what’s amazing – that Knicks sign Lin for nothing and he gets the crowd to stand almost all game, but they give everything for Stat and Carmelo who can’t work it out in NY… Just saying!

  135. BT says:

    who can stop J.L – Melo and Stat when they came back they start play selfish

  136. Tuanngo says:

    This guy was the 15th spot on the bench? Lmao…this is something truly amazing. Everyone had to Google who he was even his own coach said he dint know who he was. The Msg Security thought he was some random Asian trainer guy. LOLLL

  137. RandomBBFan says:

    Man, Lin is not small.. He is a 6 3 PG and he weighs 200 pounds…
    Chris paul is small but he is not asian.. What does being asian have to do with anything? Yao Ming is asian 😛

  138. pacman says:

    Carmelo Anthony+Amare studimare+Tyson chandler=JEREMY LIN

  139. Tuanngo says:

    This guy was the 15th spot on the bench? Lmao …this is truly something amazing

  140. Ace says:


  141. JanFerrer says:

    Knicks are playing better without their stars…………they are doing the right plays at the right time………………..

    • SikWitIt says:

      As was/is the case with Denver after Melo left. The guy is a cancer to his team. Just wants to be in the limelight and doesn’t really care about anything else. I really hope NY trades him somehow and gets some solid role players. Maybe they can get Chandler back from China and J.R. Smith as well.

  142. who cares says:

    conspirecy?????????? guy planted by knicks??????? you dont find this, it just happens. amazing!!!!!!!!! what a linderrella story. yes this is where amazing happens…. america…… heat fan but my vote for fan night changes to knicks. ccant wait till sat night…. was a whole lot of did you#$#$$@#$%$%#%$# see that#%$#$%$#%#$$# omg linnnnnnnnnnnnn, there he goes again yelling and screaming at the top of our lungs. omg……. i wish him many more. he is for all that might be, could be, be ready……….nba just went to new heights, next step because if he can do it i can……..

  143. Mario V says:

    Pure simple Old school basketball, nice going back on time, good for him and Basketball.

    • KC says:

      I was wondering if someone else was going to mention this. When I watch Lin I see him playing college ball again. He’s unselfish as a player (despite scoring 38–that’s just what the defense gave him) who can read defenses and make the right decision. Isn’t that what you want from your PG? In this league, you have so many 2 guards running around “in the body of a 1 guard” as this site cals it. And they’re right. To have a guy like Lin deliver the ball to where it needs to go makes the whole team better. I love that Lin’s success is not just that he’s scoring–he’s making his team better and that’s what great players do. And to be honest, he’s not doing anything innovative or anything that needs a Harvard degree to figure out–he’s all about fundamental play and you can see it in his attitude towards the game and towards his teammates. I hope his team is still behind him if he has a few games because they could go far with this kid.

      • SikWitIt says:

        One thing you said in here I really agree with and that is he is making the team better. Something Carmelo doesn’t and probably won’t when he returns. I really didn’t think much of NY winning against WAS, and NJ but holding down the Lakers (even if they are not the same champs) the whole game with no offensive weapons besides Lin. That was just amazing. He brought the whole team into it and everyone was involved somehow. With Melo on the floor they just stand there waiting for him to shoot. Wise up NY owner and get ride of Melo however you can.

  144. stat & melo please don’t ruin the lin-show ! let Linsanity take over sa big 3 in the apple !

  145. stat & melo please don’t ruin the lin-show !

  146. Belizeboy says:

    Lin is an awesome player, but I hope his game doesn’t killed by Carmelo ball-hogging when he comes back.

  147. tupark82 says:

    check out what i wrote about lin’s game just before last night’s game by clicking my name

  148. German Kurt Alemann says:

    ahahahahah. c’mon. you gotta be kidding me! this kid studied hard at harvard, didn’t get drafted, play awsome in the summer league (having a good one on one battle agains john wall) and erned his nba contract with golden state by himself, had a couple of good games showing what he was capable of in GSW (if my memorie is good he dropped 17 in one game), was cutted by the Rockets (and by the way i saw him play in the preseason game vs san antonio (where i just confirmed my thoughts about the potenialitiy of this kid) and now that he is showing the world about what he can do you come here with the theory of the chinese complot?? ahahahahah. no man, this kid is for real, he got talent, and not since now but since harvard, he is a true player (did a triple double in the NBA D League this year before joining the knicks) that is showing his skills now that he got the chance. There is no chinese investor or stuff like you say. You don’t have to buy any cinderella story, it is what it is, a true talented american guy playing basketball. The fact that he is son of tawainese-chinese is just a coincidence. it’s not about the way he look, it’s about the kid doing it amazing!

  149. lord p says:

    Incredible but LIN..ENERGY amaze everybody once again..keeping alive the Knicks..Melo and Amare…???

  150. Patrickmarc says:

    L’inimaginable… As fast as Tony P. may be, and able to do everything as a chief.
    Very interesting for New-york. They can see a light around Lin, they have the feeling the team is still alive..

  151. iceblink says:

    Dirty defense by Fisher all night long. There should be and 1s right there. It doesn’t even matter to Lin. He still makes his shots. lol

  152. Hezbula says:

    I’m a Mavs fan but a feel good underdog story like this is one to be cherished. Loving Linsanity at the moment and I don’t want it to die down at all!!! What a blessing he is and his humility is infectious as well…

  153. mpk1988 says:

    KObe.. Kobe.. Kobe.. You definitely know who Lin is now.. 🙂

  154. Shaolin Master says:

    This Shao-LIN Warrior is more fun to watch than Yao. Golden State and Houston must be kicking themselves now, for letting him getting away!

  155. newyorksteelo says:

    Simply awesome. The Knicks are back and surely a contender with this kid. Go Knicks!!!!!

    • Alexzo says:

      Jeremy Lin is more than Basketball… He is BREAKING BARRIERS. He is a glimmer of hope… Opening doors for us asians that inspite of being small, we have a fighting chance to play in the big league someday. There are thousands of excellent ballers in the Phillippines who never get the chance to make it in the NBA because they’re “TOO SMALL!”
      Well, not anymore i guess….

      • Alexzo says:

        “The Shao-LIN kid” tamed the Black Mamba!

      • Alexzo says:

        JEREMY’s SPOKEN! – Eddie Vedder on the rise of Jeremy Lin…

      • Alexzo says:

        Any1 know when the Knicks will play the Bulls? …that oughta be the real test for the Shao-LIN kid against DRose… Size, speed, style of play match-up is quite simillar.,, any takers?

      • Alexzo says:

        Both STAT-less & MELO-drama are rollin’ over their graves… I wonder what their egos are sayin’ right now? Jeremy Lin’s owning the knicks now!

      • The Aggressive Napkin says:

        I just want to say as a knicks fan, I am very very happy for Jeremy Lin, I’m excited to watch the knicks now. and i hope he’s the real deal.

        but i’m tired of people trashing carmelo. i mean maybe i missed something he said but i see no ego. everything i’ve herd from him was him trying to figure how to fit in. melo to me just seemed like he wanted the team to win and just didn’t know how to do it. It’s really all D’antoni, when he has a good point guard he’s a good coach, has anyone else noticed that? he’s not actually a very good coach. and he runs a COMPLETELY different game than what carmelo plays. people say carmelo needs to change. no, he doesn’t, the ENTIRE reason he was traded to the knicks was to be the 1v1 scorer that made him a superstar in the first place. i think he’s great come playoff time the Knicks will NEED him. he gives the knicks that half court offense that they’re going to NEED in the playoffs.

        And like I said, I’m a knicks fan BUT WHO HAVE THE KNICKS REALLY BEAT!? com’on; the nets, the jazz, the wizards, and a struggling lakers team that cannot guard quick point guards *gasp* their major weakness seems to be the knicks biggest strength at the moment.

        and then people are saying to trade carmelo? you dudes are crazy, if anything strade stoudemire. you’re paying somebody 20 mil a season, who isn’t even a superstar. who has never made it over the hump of a really good allstar, who has never even averaged 20 and 10 a game for a season. i know carmelo doesn’t play defense, but stoudemire with his physical size and strength and his athletic ability should be a defensive monster and beast on the boards. com’on 20 and 8 is a 20 mil a season superstar now?

        I’d see if the wolves would take Stoudemire and Douglas for Love. If not i’d just stick with this team and see where the pieces fall this off season.

      • Vinny432 says:

        Lin is 6’3… most of the Filipino’s i’ve seen are in the 5 foot range. That is too small in the nba..

      • J says:

        Sorry but your premise is flawed.. jeremy lin is 6’3, the dude is big. Philipines are typically 5’5ish… while height isn’t everything it definitely helps in the nba.

      • David says:

        I dont consider 6’3″ short, even for NBA standards

      • Emmanuel says:

        he’s 6’3 thats not very samll at all.

      • MICHAEL says:

        Well Lin is 6’3″ so he would not fall under small, hes bigger than Derrick Rose. If you’re small I think you should be more inspired by muggsy bogues, earl boykins, and or spud webb, not Jeremy Lin lol Although he is representing and inspiring the whole asian/american community, he’s blessed with his height and size and most of all his perserverance! Linsanity!

      • Rick Allen says:

        Jeremy Lin is 6 ft 5 inches tall.

      • Boydee says:

        if your under 6’6 in nba, your small…

      • Al says:

        and with that said he will now be the leading vote getter for every all star game until 2025. Thanks china.