Shaq And Chuck Get Some Rest, We’ve Got The Rising Stars!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Who says you have to wait for TNT’s Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal?

Here at the hideout, we wait for no one to pick our teams, not even the big boys who will serve as general managers for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge during All-Star Weekend.

Chuck and Shaq don’t hit the TNT set until tonight, and they don’t pick the squads until next week, which gives us (Micah Hart of the All-Ball Blog is my partner in basketball-related crimes today) all the time we need to make our picks for the game that used to pit rookies and sophomores against one another.

We flipped a coin and will kick off the draft right now, using the same 18 players on the official list instead of the ones we think should be on the list — the write-in campaign for Jeremy Lin starts in a few minutes — as if there was any doubt on that No. 1 spot:

Sekou Smith: If you thought I’d pick anyone other than this guy with the No. 1 pick, you were dreaming.


Hang Time: Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers

Micah HartWell I might pick another guy first if this were a real game and not an exhibition but since we’re showing off , I’ll take …

All-Ball: John Wall, Washington Wizards

SS: If you’re going to show off, you should at least do it with the best. Say hello to my little friend …


Hang Time: Ricky Rubio, Minnesota Timberwolves

MHI considered that, but I want a guy who can drop 30 along with his 10 assists as well. Besides, I’ll have chemistry on my side with Wall and my next pick …

All-Ball: DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins

SS: Did you just call a grown man “Boogie?” Don’t ever do that again. I hope your guards are ready, because when they see Ricky and his running mate coming at them, it could get ugly. I’ll take …


HT: Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers

MHAlright, well you seem to be cornering the market on the guards, so I guess I’ll press the advantage in the frontcourt. Gimme the best big man to come out of Georgetown since Othella Harrington

All-Ball: Greg Monroe, Detroit Pistons

SS: I knew you wouldn’t be able to go more than five minutes without a shout-out to Murrah High (Jackson, Miss.), and for the record, Monroe’s ceiling is much higher than Othella’s was. That said, your bigs will struggle all night trying to keep up with my guys. I have a vision for this game and it includes lots of dunks and non-stop running …


Hang Time: Paul George, Indiana Pacers

MHIf I have a soft spot for Murrah, then I’m not surprised to see you rep your old stomping grounds in Indy. If you’re setting a fast pace, I guess I gotta keep up. Gimme

All-Ball: Kemba Walker, Charlotte Bobcats

SSThat hurts. You know Kemba is my guy. Wise pick, though. Because we plan on playing at warp speed. And you need wheels to do that. That’s why I have to make sure we stay true to the plan and take  …


Hang Time: Derrick Williams, Minnesota Timberwolves

MHOuch. I was hoping I might sneak him past you one more round, but you beat me to it. It’s fine though, because All-Star games are about gunning with no conscience, and if anyone on this roster screams gunner, it’s …

All-Ball: MarShon Brooks, New Jersey Nets

SS: I much prefer “shot proliferation specialist.” But call it whatever you want. As much as it pains me to admit that I was wrong about a player, it’s even more painful for me to actually select a Buckeye for my squad. But I need a utility man …


Hang Time: Evan Turner, Philadelphia 76ers

MH: Hey, it ain’t easy being green. My next guy is good enough for Pop, and anyone good enough for Pop is good enough for me!

All-Ball: Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs

SSYou mentioned chemistry earlier. Well, I want all of my guys to look around the locker room and see familiar faces, guys they know will handle business when it needs to be handled. Hook ’em …


Hang Time: Tristan Thompson, Cleveland Cavaliers

MHReally Sekou? Really? I like how you tried to spin that as a basketball pick, because I know for a fact your real reasoning went something like this: “Hey Micah, watch me steal your Longhorn.” I’d return the favor if Michigan ever produced another NBA player. I’m reeling a little, but I think my team needs a little perimeter game, so I’ll take  …

All-Ball: Gordon Hayward, Utah Jazz

SS: Haha. Sensitive aren’t we? And hatin’ on my Wolverines will get you absolutely nowhere. It’s downright ugly, Micah. Just plain ugly!  I do need a little beef up front on my team, someone who can shove Cousins and Monroe off the block, so I’ll go international one more time …


Hang Time: Tiago Splitter, San Antonio Spurs

MHYou can have him. As a rule, I only take Brazilian athletes with one name. Can I break the rules and get Jeremy Lin? No? Fine, give me his backcourt mate and sporting apparel salesman …

All-Ball: Landry Fields, New York Knicks

SSYou go ahead and take those Brazilian athletes with one name and I’ll handle all of the Brazilian supermodels with one name. In the meantime, I’ll finish up my roster with another underrated rookie …


Hang Time: Markieff Morris, Phoenix Suns

MHFair enough. You can have your supermodels, because now that I have three Kentucky Wildcats, I fully expect Ashley Judd to take a seat next to me on the bench to watch our team go to work …

All-Ball: Brandon Knight, Detroit Pistons

SSYou get Ashley Judd on your bench and I get Adriana (Lima). Haha. I’ll take it. Let’s play ball!


  1. Basketball fan says:

    c og’s= u need to study the game of basketball before u can say anything bad about a professional basketball star

  2. lenny says:

    WE WANT Jeremy Lin ! ALL I DO IS LIN LIN LIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dave Streets says:

    to not have jeremy lin and iman shumpert in this game is a TRAGEDY! the all-star weeend is for the fans and it is pretty obvious the fans want LINSANITY!

  4. C's OG says:

    For everyone who is saying ”Where is Jeremy Lin”?
    He wasn’t drafted so is not eligeble and also, to jeremy lin i dont like him, like maytweather said. its only beacasue he is asian, bare black and white people do what he do on a regular basis and they dont get big respect so take that. HA.
    NYK bench got a lucky break and what this kid had a few good starts, he hasn’t got experience and he doesnt put on a show, he only makes up for it in stats so he shoudnt b on this roster. And what is with the linsanitiy hype, he got a few good games for god sake, hes like every NBA player he has a good run for as long as he can make it strech then he’ll lose it and when baron davis comes back then he’ll b a nobody again.

    • lup says:

      I agree what you say
      i don’t think Lin is that good
      he just got lucky
      well, but I like him
      it that all star is about who do you want to see
      so put Lin in

  5. wil says:

    I think this Lin dude should be added.

  6. Drey says:


  7. Kio says:

    Blake Griffin shouldn’t play in here.. he’s starting in the all star game. Should put someone like jeremy lin, greivis vasquez, pekovic, k. thompson in there. i kno jeremy lin got only a few games under his belt bt the dude is puttin up numbers (aside from the turnovers) . still he led his team to 4 straight wins and most likely win win eastern conference player of the week. david stern show the man some love.

  8. Angel says:

    Why isnt Gary Neal playing in this game?

  9. Zach says:

    Where is Avery Bradley at? The best on ball defender in the NBA. shutting down point guards on winning teams.

  10. Changing the system says:

    I personally think that picking 1st is too big of an advantage.
    The one picking first will have a better team 90% of the time!
    Why don’t make something more fair and change the system, like instead of picking 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2…., but 1-2-2-1-1-2-2-1-1-2… That way the teams would be more or less equivalent. Just an idea…..

  11. willie says:


  12. Jpen says:

    Jeremy Lin would be in their if he had more quality games under his belt, only recently he started getting minutes it’s too early to tell guys.

  13. brady says:

    how come ht got all the first pics in the round

  14. D says:

    Jeremy Lin, Jeremy Lin. What is with the obsession with this guy? He’s only had a few good games in his career, due largely to the fact that half of the roster is on the injured list. I’d never even heard of him until last week.

    • RJ says:

      Lin just started getting minutes, so it is too little too late. So you’re right that he doesn’t belong on this list because of a few games, but it’s not because you’ve never heard of him. He was a beast in college in 2009 and 2010, but if you’re just a casual basketball fan, I guess you wouldnt see him coming until he played starters minutes in a game already.

  15. Daisny says:

    Where is Jeremy

  16. Dylan says:

    Andrew Goudelouck?!?!?! Where is he!!!

  17. die hard knicks fan says:

    how is iman shumpert not a in this game and he is on this site they have him as the fourth or fifth best rookie in the leauge right now

  18. Sam Robinson says:

    Jeremy lin For shore

  19. abc@home says:

    Blake Griffin should excuse this like Derrick Rose did. He’s already a super star, an All Stars starter now.

    • Rocket33 says:

      Agree with you totally. This is the for the young up and coming players, not those who are already all-stars. So I don’t think the change in format is about pairing Rubio with Griffin. Up until last year hadn’t the sophmores beaten the rookies nearly every year for as long as it’s been running? Is that the reason for the change?

      Anyway, looking forward to All-Star Weekend. Not too offended by the team selections. My only suggestions are D-Will out, Brandon Jennings in and Dirk out, Rudy Gay in.

      Stay patient J-Smoove, Kyle Lowry and Monta Ellis… your time will come when these older guys retire.

  20. Dallin says:


  21. Rav says:

    Sekou, nobody calls Adriana Lima just “Adriana”. The only Brazilians with one name are the soccer players and Nene.

  22. SPARTAN says:

    jimmer fredette will be next year’s most improved player. don’t forget this…..

    • Jarit>T says:

      I’d have to go w Kemba or Rubio,would say Derrick W but w K-Love,B-easly AND Ricky on the squad he wont get too much room to grow!!,I dont think!

      • Alex says:

        Well Beasley is in his last year of contract and he doesnt even start for the team, the t-wolves are thinking of releasing him because they say he doesn’t fit with the offense very well.

  23. glock93308 says:

    Love is in his fourth year in the league. This in only first and second year players.

  24. buzzkillington says:

    The decision to turn the old-fashioned Rookies vs Sophomores battle into this mess was a very stupid decision. I guess somebody up there just couldn’t resist te temptation to place Blake and Ricky together on one team, if only for one game. Instant publicity!

    • Daniel says:

      I agree with you…its a mess….. but think that the reason is that this years top rookies are mainly point guards (Irving, Rubio, Walker, Knight, Schumpert, Fredette, Cole) the forwards and ceters haven’t shown anything yet are way behind these guys… it’s a pity though

  25. PeYa says:

    You can’t have a chemistry with John Wall in your team… No one can help you with that…

    • Brig says:

      realy, come on now you cant say that its john wall, look at what hes done at his 1 year at kentucky, and look at what he did in the rookie sophomore game last year, so dont hate on him because hes on a team that dosent want to win

  26. nexus 6 says:

    Why is Griffin a pic and Love isnt?

    • rl17 says:

      because love is in his 4th year while griffin is in his 2nd (sophomore)

    • Brad31 says:

      Cause its only from a pool of rookies and sophomores, which Love of course is neither

    • Lucille says:

      Because Blake Griffin is a sophomore and Love has been in the league for four years.

    • Tom says:

      Because Love isn’t a 1st or 2nd year player. This game takes the place of Rookies v Sophomores, but with a pool of players to pick from, not just 1st year vs 2nd year.

      Bit disappointed Pek isn’t in the pool to be honest.

    • Miguel says:

      griffin doesn`t play his first year, so it is his 2nd year of proffesional
      griffin no jugo su primer año, por lo que este sería su segundo año como profesional.

  27. BeeBee21 says:

    I don’t fully understand this rising stars is it like the rookie sophomore game? Is it taking the place of the rookie sophomore game?? *Scratches Head* Someone care to explain?

    • Mark says:

      The rising stars game is basically the rookie/sophomore game, except now it won’t be rookies VS. sophomores. The NBA still chooses the 9 rookies and 9 sophomores to play in the game, but now they’re letting Shaq and Charles Barkley act as GMs and pick the players available on their teams.

  28. AJL says:

    jeremy lin should be in this draft

  29. JL says:

    Shumpert SHOULD be included in that game!!!

  30. Florisz says:

    Where is Ed Davis?? I liked him in his rookie year.

  31. Carlos says:

    I Disagree with shaq and Chuck, not to choose Greivis Vazquez or Gary Neal, just only point guard in sophomore team (John Wall) and 3 shooting guard mean while the rookie team have 2 point guard (Ricky and irving) i’m sorry… i don’t like it

    • BigJPR says:

      Carlos, the game is not going to be rooks vs sophs anymore. From the list, Chuck and Shaq will draft players just like they did here, so in escense you will have rooks and sophs playing together for the two teams.

  32. Blah says:

    Would’ve been nicer if you had a side-by-side comparison of your teams afterwards but meh.

  33. michael says:

    It will nice to see in the same team Ricky of the year rubio, and blake griffin. woooowwww

  34. prix says:

    Wall..Irving..Rubio…but between this 3 gaurds.. Wall is still the best of them..just too unlucky Wizards is a curse team for kicking MJ before..Dwight won´t complain no more if Wall is his point guard…