“Linsanity” … More Than Just a Moment?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This is rare air Knicks guard Jeremy Lin is breathing these days and we are all indeed witness to the phenomenon that has become the hottest sensation in the NBA, at least for the last three games.

The last player to record 20 or more points and eight or more assists in his first two NBA starts, LeBron James. Lin made it three straight 20-point games and established new career-highs in assists in each of those three starts last night in Washington D.C.

The last athlete to snatch the sports spotlight like this in his debut on the big stage, Tim Tebow? (It’s way before Lin’s or Tebow’s time, but you old heads might remember “Fernandomania” sweeping the sports world back in the early 1980s.)

“Linsanity” isn’t just an easy nickname, it’s an actual movement in New York that is gaining steam throughout the basketball universe. CNBC Sports Business reporter Darren Rovell reported this morning that “Lin’s highlights of his 1st breakout game (against the Nets) has had 1.27 million views on Sina’s NBA page.”

When Suns star and two-time MVP Steve Nash is Tweeting about you in the middle of the night —  “If you love sports you have to love what Jeremy Lin is doing. Getting an opportunity and exploding!!” you know you’re on to something.

“Linsanity” is obviously contagious. How else do you explain Tyson Chandler‘s 25 points and 11 rebounds in the Knicks’ 107-93 win over the Wizards last night? Chandler, a 10-year vet, was just two points shy of his career scoring high while feeding off of the energy of Lin’s 23 points and 10 assists.

The fact that Lin is doing all of this while Carmelo Anthony (injury) and Amar’e Stoudemire (family reasons) are not uniform only adds to the growing legend of the Harvard grad and former D-League performer with the buzz cut and flashy game. Three straight wins after the Knicks lost 11 of 13 certainly helps fuel the movement.

The sick highlights — “I didn’t know he could dunk,” Chandler said, “When he’s going in for the dunk I’m like ‘no Jeremy, just lay the ball up.’ And all of a sudden he dunks it and I was probably just as excited as the crowd was.” — are just gravy on the feel good sandwich  Knicks are chomping on right now.

Not everyone is feeling the good vibrations, though. Wizards coach Randy Wittman got word from an expert, his son Ryan played at Cornell and faced Lin in the Ivy League, was not impressed with the Wizards’ defensive effort.

“He told me that they did a much better job of guarding him than we did tonight,” Wittman said. “I already had that text message before the game was over. Makes Dad feel good.”

How long Lin’s New York Minute(s) lasts depends on if you truly believe in this movement.

His teammates are all in. Jared Jeffries told Newsday:

“The energy in this room, the camaraderie that we have right now, he’s kind of unified this team. He can take a lot of credit for that because his energy and how much he truly enjoys every moment he’s out there has unified and given our team a new energy.”

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni insists that what you’re seeing from Lin, is the genuine item.

“He has the ability and he has the talent to play like this every night,” coach D’Antoni told reporters. “I think it’s real.”

If so, we have to come up with something better than “Linsanity” for this thing. Occupy has already been used up on in New York City, so we need to go in another direction.

And that’s where you come in. We need your help. We’ve got plenty of room for your suggestions and we’ll let you know in advance that your contributions are greatly appreciated!


  1. StreetBallin says:


  2. k9xp says:

    based on the chemistry he bought to the team, how about…. “Luclear” or “Lydrogen bomb”
    who dropped 38 Lyndrogen bombs and defeated the Lakers……….

  3. Alison Wu says:

    not Chinese.
    Lin is amazing.
    All Taiwanese are proud of you!

  4. Siggi says:

    Love the way he plays basketball. Just get on the court, have fun and enjoys every moments he plays . That’s something I often miss in the game. I think he’s way better then Yao Ming because he has a very good ball handling and a intelligent play. Lin is just too cool. An asian Harvard student comes out of nowhere and plays basketball like some MVP. After a long journey and hard working he finally can live his dream. A hustler who never gives up and always believes in what he’s doing – a great example to all of us. Is he still a rookie? What about Rookie of the Year? Just keep it on and there’s no way you can fail, Lin!

  5. greymatter08 says:

    Call this the LIN Dynasty… I really hope this too good to be true story will last. Such a good guy, its easy to appreciate what he brings to the court. I can’t wait to see him on the court with both Amare and Carmelo, that would be fun. It would be just like Phoenix all over again for coach Mike, only this time it’s a Chinese not a Canadian leading the team.

  6. Bersem says:

    Just have a look at his stats while playing for the Warriors : he really deserve it ! And it’s really not easy to accomplish that in the Big Apple !
    I enjoyed looking at the Wolves for Ricky Rubio… now I love watching the Knicks just for Jeremy Lin !
    Keep playing like that guy : you really deserve your place !
    Greetings from Belgium 😉

  7. phamtastic says:

    Linspiration, Big Apple; Little China, Yellow Jacket, Manhattan Mandarin…

  8. John Lee says:

    Lin’s surprising performance so far is 80% by brain, 10% by determination and 10% by confidence.

  9. seb says:


  10. dyl lin says:

    jeremy lin just outplayed kobe bryant. bet he knows what lin is doing now. knicks finally have a point guard. now everyone needs to stop hating on melo. he is a pure scorer not a point guard and dantoni forced him to run the offense. now they can run the offense through lin instead of melo and melo can just be a scorer. they can all complement eachother and its not melos fault he was being asked to run the offense and be a scorer. everyone stop calling melo a selfish player and that the knicks should trade him

    • Knicks junkie says:

      I agree with what you said. I also believe Lin and Stoudemire would be a deadly combination on the pick-n-roll. And Baron Davis will add depth and experince to this excellent young group, that will be much needed in the playoffs where the Nicks are no doubt heading.

  11. May Lin Win says:

    Lin’tersting Lin’gendary Lin’ternet #Linning

  12. Nanger says:

    The should call him Jeremy The Javelin. Just cuz he will peirce through ur defense 🙂

  13. renren says:

    Lean on Lin !!!

  14. Ichiboi says:

    Keep it up Mr Lin! Good job!

  15. Bay Ball says:

    Jeremy is Kil-Lin them… 😀

  16. rd says:

    At 6’3″, No. 17 from Harvard, Jeremy Linnncredible!

  17. Mackid25 says:

    EMPEROR “SHAO LIN”…..its the year of the dragon……its his time….so doubters be shocked by what the dragon can do this year….

  18. skemmy wonder says:

    jeremy lincredibbbbbbbbbbbbbbble lin!

  19. cnnbull says:

    lindor For Lin
    White Chocolate for Williams

  20. juan says:

    LINFUN. It is fun to watch this kid and the team is enjoyning his time in the court.
    Good work !.

  21. John says:

    to those who want to argue about whether Jeremy is Taiwanese-American or Chinese-American, just know that it’s your fight and you’re basically politicizing him. He’s said it and his agent has said it, he wants to be known as Jeremy Lin, the basketball player with game, not Jeremy Lin, the Asian basketball player with game.

  22. johnwe says:

    I got a good one~
    “Grandmaster” Lin~ ^-^~

  23. KALOY says:

    ty-LIN-nol = is what every hurting NY knicks fans need right now. MELO + AMARE + CHANDLER = 11-15…common!
    LIN-mousine = official car of the NY knicks to the playoffs
    dazz-LIN = is what #17 has been for the past 3 games
    gaso-LIN = fuel for NY knicks depleted team
    strugg-LIN = is whats happening to NY knicks until # 17 started bal-LIN
    stea-LIN = is what #17 is doing to MELO’s spotlight
    smi-LIN = is whats going on with all NY knicks fans the past 3 games

  24. Thomas Shin says:

    “yellow Mamba” or Lin FtW

  25. ban says:

    asian lin sation? sounds like an illness and not a movement

  26. Bobby says:

    You can use a line (which i’m already using when talking about him). HE IS SERVING UP SOME “LINGUINI” SOUP! like that?

  27. unsane21 says:

    I see a steve nash in Jeremy, not the style, not the skill set. Jeremy I could say is a perfect extension of danTONI for this knicks team. They should run plays for him and feed the monsters in the knicks club and do what Mario chalmers has done to the Miami heat. Be the guy to depend on all times.

    I’m so happy that I get a chance to see a young player like him, under estimated and overlooked to become what he is right now and perform the way he this past 3 games.

    I hope amare and melo wouldn’t destroy this perfect synchronisation.. and just be a part of it.

  28. willy says:

    hahaha awesome post.

    i like these… Linja and adrenaLin

  29. TigerEROS in TO says:

    Taiwan is not a part of China.

    The Republic of China (aka Taiwan) evolved in 1911. With the Communist pushing the creators of China over to Taiwan, they established the Peoples’ Republic of China in 1949 and then re-named themselves as China.

    OK … whatever. The fact is: Jeremy is Taiwanese.

    It is very degrading to call a Taiwanese a Chinese because we are different.

    Jeremy is an American-born Taiwanese. I’m a Canadian-born Taiwanese.

    Those mainland china people, after losing Yao Ming to retirement, are trying to put Jeremy as a Chinese. I’m sorry … you got it all wrong …

    To heck with it … JEREMY … YOU DA MAN!!!

  30. arie says:

    I’m diggin’

    “The scholar!”

    School is in session.

    to quote ‘Bruno’ who commented before.

  31. Blackie Robinson says:


  32. fortmac says:

    call him Jeremy “LINKNICKS” Lin

  33. Ali says:


    Destination Lin-Point

  34. nba go says:

    maybe china ant taiwan arguing where he should be belong.. though the fact is clear that he’s an american… but still he’ll be getting all the supports from china and taiwan.. and also the whole asia.. imagine how big he’s network.. media will make use out of him … don’t be surprised if you heard next time “The Year of the Lin”

  35. oa says:

    I saw him play for Harvard during his college days, I knew he is good, but never get any opportunity. “Racism” maybe.

  36. Elvis Vietnam says:

    You all being Lin-diculous!

  37. alexis says:

    Black mamba = Kobe bryan
    Yellow mamba = Jeremy lin
    mini mamba = Andrew Goudelock
    Pink mamba = Rudy gay hahah!

  38. John Pittsfield says:

    Jeremy Lin-kin park???

  39. About Time says:

    We should have a LBA not NBA……Go Lin

  40. Steve says:

    I am not a Knicks fan but I would like to see Knicks becoming competitive.

  41. David says:

    LIN or Go Home.


    Fee-LIN Good! (that loving fee-LIN)

  42. killabee says:

    wit all the media attention hes getting i doubt he will be scoring 20 plus nemore cus teams will be guarding him more tightly. so acouple game dont mean much if momentum cant be sustained under pressure but if he still be putting up these kinda numbers n knicks keep winning then ill jump on the Lin bandwangon 2 lol

  43. Andrew says:

    LIN DING DING!!! Lights out!! you’ve been KO’ed (Knicked Out!!!)

  44. jasper says:

    Oh by they way the nickname “Lindol” I gave him is a Filipino word that means “Earthquake”. 😉

  45. jasper says:

    I just want to say that the team will won the championship in the NBA is the team with unity. If the players will play as a team, no STAR ego, then they will have the ring. NBA has a pool of great international players and they are really good, and they are not playing one on one game, but as role players.

    Jeremy Lin is a good example of snubbed players in the NBA but he didn’t miss the opportunity when coach D’Antoni gave him a chance.

    Good luck Jeremy “Lindol” Lin on your career!

  46. Sam says:


  47. Eddie says:

    Leave it to the boneheads here to get everything wrong. Jeremy is NOT Chinese. He is NOT Chinese/Taiwanese. China and Taiwan are two completely DIFFERENT countries.

    Taiwan possesses its own land, has its own government, and has its own population. He is AMERICAN of TAIWANESE descent. It’s really not that hard to figure out the difference. How do you think we (Americans) would react if in some other part of the world they referred to us as Canadians/Americans, or just straight up Canadians?

    I hope nba.com has the professionalism to get this right, if they haven’t already.

    • Walter says:

      Oh, Peace on earth. Come on, no political issue here, do not arise any racial conflicts here, alright? We just want to enjoy a talented NBA player whose last name just happened to be a Chinese last name and whose ancestors came from China and he still has grandma and relatives in China as well as in Taiwan. Do not force t him to wear a color hat. I believe his heart is high and deep than those narrow hearted.

  48. Topy says:

    FTL – For the lin!

  49. Michael-Angelo says:

    I dont see how he won’t keep this up especially in mike’s system! he plays just like Nash ! as for the nick names SO many great ones! I hope he continues this amazing run that way most of these get used! and eventually we will find the perfect one to stick with 🙂 my fav that Ive seen so far is Adrena-Lin, because of what he gives the crowd and his team. My personal nickname for him Is “Lin Kang” hopefully just like Liu Kang was champion Lin can help the Knicks along with melo shump and the rest to a championship !

  50. Than says:

    Jeremy “Soy Sauce” Lin

  51. DARKR00 says:

    What OH YEAH! said Shao-Lin would be the best nickname ever 😉 and hope for the knicks sake they dont screw up, what this kid and others are trying to do.

  52. Jeff says:

    Linvasion, Linvincible, Lincredible, Lintensity!

    There are Linfinite possibilities for Jeremy Lin. If the Knicks keep Linning, it’ll be a Linjustice to deny him of his Lincoming ascent to stardom.

  53. TigerCat says:

    Let’s see what Lin himself said about his nationality:
    “It’s humbling, a privilege, and an honor,” Lin said in an interview with AOL Fanhouse’s Elie Seckbach. “I’m really proud of being Chinese. I’m really proud of my parents being from Taiwan. I just thank God for the opportunity.”

    So ethnically, he is Chinese; citizenship-wise, he is American; his parents were from Taiwan;some of his grandparents were from Taiwan, some were from Zhejiang; English is his first language and he speaks some mandarin. So what’s the confusion?

  54. Andre says:


  55. FREEMAN says:


  56. Luc says:

    He should be known as “couching tiger, hidden dragon” He still sleep on the couch and he was born on the year of the dragon 1988.

  57. iwillfilm says:


  58. iwillfilm says:

    Lintendo 64!

  59. 314huSTLa56 says:

    if the knicks trade carmelo the have zero chance at even making it out the east

    • Knicks junkie says:

      C’moon dude, do you realy believe that? Just check out how good they are without Melo and soon when Melo is back you will see the difference – the team stops to move, everybody just watch Melo playng one on one.

  60. Edward Baker says:

    Last year the narcissistic schmuck who owns the Knicks traded a basketball team for Carmelo Anthony. Now, finally, they have a point guard again, a guy who knows how to get into the paint and go to the hole or dish, who knows how to distribute, who has the ability to raise everybody´s game, who has given the Knicks movement and rhythm for the first time all season. And he didn´t do it WHILE Stoudemire and Anthony were out, he did it BECAUSE they were out. Not incidentally, he has also, for the time being, saved Mike D´Antoni´s job.
    Now–he has done this against two godawful teams, the Nets and the hapless hopeless Wizards, and a talented team, the Jazz, that can´t seem to win on the road. He will have to learn how to do it against much better teams, in the other guy´s gym, and with Stoudemire and Anthony on the floor, because much as I would love to see the Knicks move Anthony for a basketball player, it isn´t going to happen. I think Jeremy Lin is the real thing, but let´s be a little patient and let him get his sea legs under him.

  61. supperman46 says:

    jet lin (li)

  62. john says:

    How bout “In Like Lin”?

  63. jonsnow says:

    Lindin Calling

  64. Kwan says:

    Jeremy “The Wok” Lin.. cos he stir frying every1.. Credit to Keith Archie for this nick..

  65. Jeff says:

    Lin-sane in the Membrane

    All He Does is Lin

  66. Luc says:

    He should be known as “couching tiger, hidden dragon”

  67. vectorsigma says:

    This is just too much hype, they got lucky in utah and theyre expected to win against nj and was anyway

    but one good thing about this is that it got obvious that the knicks are better off without amare and carmelo.

  68. Anonymous says:

    it’s still the “ASIAN LINSATION” for me 🙂 this kid has a lot of heart, never surrenders despite of those turnovers, look at what he has done to the team, but the real tests are when NYK would face stronger teams that has better point guards like CHICAGO, BOSTON, CLIPS, ROCKS, DEN, PHX, OKC, alot more teams, and with the presence of players like d12, ibaka, or D.Jordan in the paint, let’s see what he can do, but i believe he can still score even with those opposing teams and players 🙂 GO ASIAN LINSATION!!!!!!!!

  69. Ken says:

    Steve Nash 2.0!

  70. Shane says:

    This period in history will be known as the “Lin Dynasty”..

  71. James says:

    Knicks and Lin will continue playing good until Carmelo Anthony back to court, then their games will change back from team playing to single playing.

  72. abc@home says:

    Lin Show-How

  73. bu says:

    Lin certainly is inspirational in really believing & making best use of his chances. It’s an example for all of us whether it’s in bball or life. Then whatever happens, no regrets!! I shared with you guys’ comments on a no of points so I won’t repeat.

    The other thing I don’t hv a clue is how “politics” & “top star interests” & “trust” & other things work behind the scenes before & after games. It clearly is not only whether Lin has the technical & physical capabilities but how he relates to the team & the management, vs the interests & priorities of others

    It’ll be interesting to see if Lin can keep up this adrenaline as the mental part of the game also important. I think if Mike doesn’t make it a point on team ball, defense first, self sacrifice for the better of the team, Lin & the Knicks will continue to struggle when Melo is back.

    Speaking of Melo, now that they hv their big 3 plus a few, if his mentality is a bit more like Paul Pierce in being still one of the key go to keys but as team player & really, play some defense, the Knicks will be good. Again, it’s about mind & self sacrifice rather than what stat line to achieve in his contract for whatever bonus.

    I don’t follow Mike enough to say if he’s a bad coach but looking at his system of offense over defense from his years in the NBA, it’s clearly not the best system. Just compare with the systems developed by Thibodeau, Jackson & you know there’re holes.

  74. Kavay says:


  75. Steve says:

    Asian Linsation

  76. noname says:

    why does he have to have a nickname? hes just Jeremy Lin….

    Hey Jeremy, Im happy your getting the playing time. Good work.

  77. Raichu says:

    Here comes the LINtelligentsia! Throwing his sharp angles and geometry in the NBA’s faces.

  78. Joaquin says:

    Yes! Adrena-Lin!

  79. LaMonster AllStar says:

    Howz ’bout… “ShowLin;” when he dunks, we can throw out there, “Jeremy w/ THE ShowLin Dunk (like Monk 😉 !”

  80. Miles says:

    If Lin was a raptor, he’d be an allstar by now.

  81. Sumukh says:


  82. Smoov da Husla says:

    NYK over the Lakers by 7. You heard it here first.

  83. Smoov da Husla says:

    Lin is what the KNICKS need with D’antoni as the coach. I like Lin’s swag, I hope Melo doesn’t slow the flow when he returns. As for Stat……the oick and roll is where he gets his bread and butter. As for a nickname for Lin…..How about Jeremy Lin. Keep it simple. Steve Nash in his prime was Steve Nash. Blake Griffin is Blake Griffin. Rondo is Rondo. Call the man by his name, respect his game, and try not to get burned by his flame.

  84. brandon says:

    If you watch him play its not the kind of thing that one-hit wonders do, he really has tremendous ability. excellent speed and handles, vision, ability to get to the rim and ability to make layups and floaters, and he’s a pretty good defender too. He doesn’t have much of a jump shot but neither does rondo and he’s an excellent point guard. i think he could develop into that sort of player a rondo/nash distributor if he gets a better jumpshot.

  85. Victor paul says:

    how about DazzLIN’

  86. Chris says:

    His nickname should be: YAOLIN – like those weird asian monks shaolins

  87. JEREMY LIN says:

    The Golden Child

  88. Reese says:

    Lindustrial Revolution

  89. That guy says:

    HOW ABOUT lin

  90. DBully,,, says:

    THE LIN MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!!!!

  91. Arnie says:

    I-V-ProLin (ibuprofen). So it’s been said, so it shall be.

  92. TelekinesiS says:

    The inspirations what J Lin given so far… impressive! Long NY Knick has been waiting…. an old Chinese commonly say “Be The Man!” i’d preffered how Peter Russel speak “Be Da Mang!!” So i thought of the great nick name for Lin and for Knick’s hope… LinDaMan! Lin Da Man! cos Lin is the man Knick need now! agreed knock fans?

  93. fan says:

    Just J-Lin. If he can play pick-n-roll with Stoudemire the way he did with Chandler last game, then the Knicks are back in the playoff picture. Baron Davis can only add depth when he is ready to play. It remains to be seen if Melo’s Iso’ style would harm the team style of play that NYK are trying to establish for the last coulple of games.

  94. tsering says:

    Absolutely not! An American is not Englishmen, an Kenyan is not Nigerian, a Taiwanese is not Chinese. But forget about all of that. He was born and raised in America so he is America. get used to it.

  95. Sheldon says:

    Lin-ternational Movement

  96. Austin says:

    Linspiration!! You gotta feel Linspired!

  97. Pepp says:

    I didnt bother wasting time to watch knicks play since Mike D held the team. Whole team collapsed with his coaching. Now Lin is in, da big apple is worth to watch now

  98. Kevin says:

    Linfluenza – We all have the sickness! Get this man into the BBVA RIsing Stars game!

  99. tsering says:

    Jeremy “dragon” Lin

  100. Lucas Esandi says:

    Spike Lee is going bananas calling Lin every possible way a fan from NY might do these days!
    The NBA motto currently could be: “Where Lin happens”.
    I just can’t believe how he came out of nowhere to play like that from the very beginning.
    I’m from Argentina and I honestly didn’t know this dude.
    Let’s take LeBron, for ex., he came to this league already as a star and started to make the same stats (almost) as Lin is doing these games right away. The difference is that Lin was not known all around the globe and wasn’t a star. He claimed that stardom -so to say- as a thunder and now everybody is talking about him everywhere.

    Saludos desde Argentina!

  101. Armin Halvadzic says:

    It is what it is. He had 3 wonderfull games,playing like a top-notch point guard. And all of those three games were W for the Knicks and that ain’t a regularity this season. I don’t think he can continue to play this way but he surely can help them on that position. Chandler scored those points mostly because of Lin drawing intention to him so Tyson is open and then Lin just gives to ball to him and you have a easy layup or a dunk. Solid player…don’t aspect to much from him. Let him develope slowly. He earned allot of time with these 3 games and that’s awesome news to him. I think he can go and get himself a place now. And the fact he’s bean on Harvard can’t hurt eather. Smart man.

  102. @qomplexofficial says:

    “T’ai Chi”

  103. nykspree8 says:

    I never liked the Carmelo trade, Knicks lost WAY too much…they should trade Melo’ back to Denver for Chandler (when he comes back from China) and Gallo lol. Until Melo learns how to move the ball this team is going to struggle.

  104. the real king james says:

    LIN on me???

  105. Bryant says:

    to future LINVINCIBLE~~

  106. Bryant says:


  107. Mikey B says:

    Lin-sterine, because he will wash around in everyone’s mouths for a while, (Blogs, sports discussions etc.) and eventually be spat out when he under performs.

  108. Jonathan says:

    Jeremy Lin is the Manny Paquaio of Basketball right now!!!
    We;asian people is here for you!!
    We believe!We Dream!We will pray for!
    Were just behind you!
    Take the world by Storm!Prove them that doubters are wrong!!!!!!

  109. JW says:

    Jeremy “Shao” Lin!!!

  110. ron says:

    LINSANITY!!! who needs melo?

    difference between melo and lin

    melo is an individual player…scores 30pts a game because he rarely see’s his team mates…

    LIN….a team player….23 and 10…wow…

    great job MDA!!!

    LIN deserves a 1st five treatment

  111. kobe says:

    let the kid have his 15 min of fame

  112. James B. says:

    Statue of LIN – berty, Genghis – LIN, TAI – CHI (Taiwanese and Chinese), The Cobra, Jet Lin, LIN TOWN, Who’s CALL – LIN?. Goodluck to the new york knicks hope they’ll keep playing like this like a team and best of luck to Jeremy Lin.

  113. Wade says:

    what happens when his loan expires and returns to golden state…… NY will be a mess again….

  114. cnnbull says:

    Knight Lin

  115. David says:

    Lin Licious — oh wait, that’s gay! lol

  116. @TN says:

    mamba is not a good one. he’s asian, more over Taiwanese decent. so Dragon is more suitable. i really hope he is golden dragon for NYK (not like Mulan’s dragon lolz)

  117. Eloy says:

    I think is about time that coach mike D’antoni started trusting his bench like all the big name coaches such as Phil jackson in the past, Greg P in San Antonio, Doc Rivers in Boston, need I go on. Maybe he’ll finally decide to use a real big body now to backup Chandler. Maybe jerome Jordan. Jared Jeffries is playing ok now but he’s better for backing up Amare at least until harrelson comes back from injury. Once coach mike learns how to use his bench, sky’s the limit for the Knicks, we don’t need more big name players. We are set once Davis comes back from injury. I’m not mad if he starts at point or backs up Lin either decision is a good one. Please please please coach use your bench.

  118. kingjames23 says:

    #LINNING all dayyyyyyyyy

  119. Knicks Fan says:

    i don’t know how long he can keep this up, i hope this become his regular stats and he become starting PG with good minutes. if he is for real we should trade Melo for some defensive minded star and role players. say like Josh Smith…and another role player for Melo. ( Like i said last year i didn’t like melo trade and still doesn’t like it). if Lin is for real ( i am hoping he is) he can’t play with melo. melo is not a team player and he gonna mess up good things happening in NY.
    plus i really wanna see Jeff Van Gundy or Jerry sloan as knicks’ coach.

    as for Lin’s name
    i will call “General Lin” (cuz he’s the floor general) + general tso chicken was born in SF bay area (not china) and General Lin was born in SF bay area also 😀

  120. Rammy says:

    the crazy thing about this is we havnt seen the full machine @ work yet, when Amare comes back woooooo he’s gonna feast people he has a point gaurd……………… Ppl say WAS didnt play D but if u look @ it even the dunk if the WAS defence callapsed on him he would of found open shooters and WAS didnt want knicks to start rippin open 3s or have the knicks getting lay up/ dunks off slash plays and tyson rolling down the lane…….smh ppl still doubting Lin he has things no coach can teach court vision and most important HEART! go knicks

  121. Mejji says:

    He’s a Lin-spiration.

  122. danny says:

    lol the nets, wizards and jazz JUST GOT LINNED!@#@#@

  123. ignorance is not bliss says:

    How about… he’s not CHINESE, he’s TAIWANESE. We don’t call every player from Africa an Ethiopian…

  124. Allan says:

    A great TAIWANESES player, Jeremy Lin is.

    I wish my Lakers had signed him…. we could have used a young explosive grounded PG

  125. Ty says:

    Since College he has had time to develop his game for the Pros, so saying that Cornell guarded him up well isnt saying much. Also college runs a more intense Defense than the Pros.

  126. Watson says:


  127. BJM says:

    How about ‘Cinderlin’ from Cinderella lin

  128. Krang says:

    You guys are putting too much pressure on this kid. Just lim enjoy his game.

  129. Brandon Ha says:

    “Lin it to Win it!”

  130. Erik says:

    The Jeremy “The Asian Persuasion” Lin

  131. Zaj says:

    Jeremy ‘Shao’ Lin
    Energy Boost -> Jenergy
    Lin rock the Rim
    Awesome J Lin

  132. Boy says:

    This man proving all the stereotypes wrong! Who says Asians can’t drive?!

  133. wolves says:

    Havard graduate? lincorperated
    Basketball player? Ballin
    Asian decent? Shaolin
    Winning games? Killin
    Pointguard? Controllin

  134. C L says:

    Next game he will face L.A , they beat UTAH which is a good team , NJ have good point guy , even J Wall score 29 but still losing

    I want to see who will guiding Lin in LA game , KB ? Fisher ? World Peace -.- (Ron .A)

    if Melo back , Amera is back , how will NY get along . Because so far Lin is performing well (except 8 turnovers while still winning -,-)

  135. tristan says:

    Lin could do the same thing in the NBA, like Pol Pot did in Cambodia in the 1970’s

  136. kiwisepp says:

    Link, considering the role he play in Knicks,

  137. Jacky Li says:

    Jeremy Lin the Si-Lin Killer yeaaaaa

  138. Bruno says:

    “The scholar!”

    School is in session.

    Much respect from a fellow point guard, Jeremy. You take over that team!

  139. Kao says:


    but imo, the best one is LINCITY :3

  140. Thomas says:

    Lol @ the end of the interview.


  141. Greg says:

    For the LIN


  142. Tom says:



  143. amn says:

    all the hype about this guy shows how desperate the nba really is for some excitement (or maybe desperate for some hope for NYC, biggest bust of a team this year). the guy played 3 games. 2 of them were against the NETS and the WIZARDS! come on. now you fools are already thinking of nicknames??? yeah he did a good job, i give him a ‘good job’ that’s about it for now. michael jordan was right about modern day nba and giving praise to people who haven’t earned a damn thing yet. let me see him take the knicks to the playoffs.

    • Thats more for Carmelo and Amar’e to do than J.Lin pal, theyre the ones getting paid about 30x his salary… (theyre on max deals, Lin is at the sophomore minimum of around $500-600k)

  144. Khai Taliaferro says:


  145. jemineye71 says:


  146. DD says:

    Shao – LIN

  147. jemineye71 says:


  148. housi says:

    what about “merLIN the magician”?

  149. AC says:

    New York Linnerbockers
    The first time he has gotten considerable minutes, and in 3 games so far, has proven that he is able to not just play, but run the New York Lin’s offense based on D’Antoni’s style. Less turnovers from Lin and he will become a super efficient 1 guard.
    By the way, how come no one wants to acknowledge that he is American first? I am American, parents are from Taiwan and I speak Mandarin only. I cannot really call myself Taiwanese as I don’t know a single word of the Taiwanese dialect. Point being, Jeremy Lin is American, and basketball is an American sport that I feel is dominated by Americans. Let’s keep it that way!

  150. TN says:

    I’ve read the nicknames above, and my two favorite ones are YELLOW MAMBA and mini-Yao 🙂

  151. chico jones says:

    I don’t like that people are using names recycled from other players or names that play on stereotypes. I’d rather have a nickname that truly reflects Lin’s play and impact. So I’m promoting THE CATALYST. Because Jeremy Lin has completely changed the chemistry of the Knicks.

  152. KALOY says:

    asian phenom : LIN-BRON 🙂

  153. Kbreeze says:

    last three games i’ve been on that LIN AND TONIC tip!!

  154. Ryan says:

    Hope he doesn’t hit the wall though. I consider this his rookie season since its when hes actually getting real playing time. Now that hes been hot for 3 games, coaches will be more aware of what he can do and guard him accordingly. I was a brandon jennings fan and after his 55 point game, he kinda slumped. Hope lin can hop over that wall because its nice to see history being made through lin.

  155. Bryan says:

    Even Charlie Sheen can see the Knicks are ‘Linning’!

  156. zeeemteam says:

    The Golden Dragon!!! Or Lin-Tastic!!! Also Linning and Grinning I thought was cool.

  157. Oxenbridge says:

    – New-York is All-LIN
    – Lincity
    – LinLin in America
    – Linasty
    – LIN back, I got this.
    – Merrylin
    – Lin or lose

  158. Boogie says:

    Not a name for him, but for his effective and pretty pick and roll with Chandler… the KNICK-LIN-DIME! (nickle and dime)

    Xie Xie J-Lin!

  159. Ba says:

    BTW Lin is from California of taiwanese decent

  160. CLOS says:


  161. Ba says:

    The Lin St. Journal, The Big App-Lin, Jeremy “hand” Lin????

  162. Jack Mehoff says:

    Yi JianLIN

  163. CLOS says:


  164. mark says:

    Air China
    The Dragon, unleash the Dragon!

  165. Nidley says:

    Its the system, thats the thing people seem to forget Lin fits in perfectly

  166. Ba says:

    Jeremy Lin-Credible

  167. Gerry says:

    LINsanity sounds great.

    His fans can be called aLINation.

    Good luck Jeremy!

  168. Rich says:

    I was wrong with Rubio, thought he would be eposed after a few games. Turned out I was very wrong. Now Jeremy Lin I believe can be even more special than Rubio. I always thought the Knicks lineup wold contend for the East Championship. With Lin’s addition and if everybody’s healthy in the playoffs them this Knicks team would be in the Eastern Finals for sure !

  169. David says:

    Not a knicks fan but am rooting for Lin to suceed. I wish we had Lin for our point guard. Now trade us Jonny Flinn if you guys are the ones who own his rights.

  170. Luigi says:

    The Missing Lin!!

  171. Dat Nguyen says:

    Jeremy “BRUCE” Lin

  172. Tyler says:

    Some ignorant commenters on here. Lin is a good player but do you really think with Melo and Amare two ball stoppers are going to play well with him? Melo gets the ball on the wing and he holds it’s. Besides Lin has been ripping up 3 of the worst defenses in the league! If he rips up my Lakers on Friday then I will impressed.

  173. Fidel says:


  174. Jose Musa says:

    Yao Lin



  175. nba go says:

    how about Chun Lin? … or Rajon Rondo.. oh wait that’s one taken… by the way where’s ricky rubio? they forgot about him.

  176. Tuanngo says:

    Um Lin is from Taiwan. So all the Chinese Fan that are trying to put him under their flag as one of their own…Go get a reality check.

    • joe says:

      actually hes born and raised in america.

    • David says:

      same difference, a taiwanese is a chinaman.

    • Luke says:

      Not I care where Lin is from but the last time I check he was born and raised in the USA. Technically wouldn’t that make him an American of Taiwanese/Chinese descent. You don’t hear Americans of European descent referring back their European countries as theirs so why should be any different in Lins case.

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Who cares? He’s representing for Asians everywhere; doesn’t matter what country he’s from.

  177. Sean says:

    To be honest I don’t want to judge Jeremy Lin, or try and act like I know where he will be down the line… The important thing to do here, is enjoy the moment. Watching highlights from college Lin has skills, he came to the NBA from HARVARD, so he’s obviously got a good head on his shoulders too… hopefully this conLINues….lol

  178. Grant says:

    its been speculated that he was not heavily recruited out of high school and not pursued by NBA teams out of college because he is asian-american, and i wouldn’t doubt it. kid has been on a tear the last few games, lets hope he keeps it up!!

  179. Kyle says:

    THE YELLOW MAMBA!! so glad that an asian person is finally somewhat a star in the NBA, I’ve been waiting for this since Yao Ming retired. I think this type of play will continue to be consistent as long as he gets enough playing time, and he’s seriously deserved it.

  180. Johan says:

    “The Next Big Lin”

  181. alantran says:

    put this guy in the rookie sophomore challenge

  182. Santo Randazzo says:

    The Knicks have been hardly more than a compilation of stars struggling to play with the unity necessary to win basketball games. Jeremy Lin seems to have brought that unity, and I as a Knicks fan am really excited to see it. So I propose we call him “The Lin-chpin,” being as he is holding the team together.

  183. Blah says:

    The Lin Dynasty!

  184. Elnino says:

    Chinese? Taiwanese

  185. CT14 says:

    His true test comes against teams with great defensive point guards and great team defenses. If he puts up 20 and 6 versus the Celtics, Mavs, Bulls, Grizzlies, Rockets and Blazers, maybe we’re onto something. Still, a great three-game span so far. Let’s see what happens next.

  186. El Drake Shell says:

    Looking good out there. Lin-stant Offense!
    Still young, got some time to grow some hair on his Linny Lin Lin

  187. Richard from Scotland says:

    To say because New York are a better team than Orlando or Boston right now is crazy. Lin has had three great games in a row against some average defensive teams. Would be good to see him up against some real D and keep playing well but this will need to be proved. The Knicks are still not a great team, Chandler hasn’t solved all of their defence problems like they thought he would. Good luck to Lin though, it’s great to watch!

  188. Jaymz says:

    When I see Jeremy Lin play, I think of Tom Brady. Both are are great players and all they need are chances to prove themselves~

  189. KC says:

    When the stakes are high in New York, you have to go “All-Lin”

  190. mharon says:

    time to shine asians! wohoooo! jetlinsanity;)

  191. Kyle says:

    trade melo and get a star that wants to play basketball not one on one and this team could win a championship. Lin is an awesome story but just more proof that until melo changes his game he holds other teammates back…Did Jordan make people none factors? nope everyone on his team was a weapon at anytime so that made jordan even harder to guard.

  192. SaugaCityBundy says:

    That dude can ball call him IVERCHIN LOL HE GOES HARD !!!!!!!!!!

  193. newyorksteelo says:

    I am getting ready to order my Jeremy Lin Jersey lol. The Knicks are exiting to watch again thanks to this new Asian sensation =)

  194. Devin says:

    New York City is now LINCITY

  195. JimS says:

    Lin has tenacity and is tenacious in his desire to win.: lenacity or linacious may be a fit discription of his play and personality

  196. Ira says:

    Ah the Asian Linvasion continues! To Linfinity and beyond!

  197. BelizeBoy says:

    This guy is fun to watch, and look at how much better NY looks as a team when he plays. I also love seeing more diversity in the league. Hope it inspires young kids of all races.

  198. erwin estimo says:

    The announcer would go like this: from harvard, 6 feet and 3 inches, jeremy lincredibbbbbbbbbbbbble lin!

  199. marshall says:

    Call him “JayLin Rose” as in Jay Lin rose from the depths of SF bay and and into the spotlight centre court at MSG!

  200. Suzer says:

    Jeremy LINJA!

  201. Ryo says:

    welcome to the “Harvard Lin School”
    among the alumni: D-Will, Harris, Wall
    future grad: Fish…tbc

  202. james says:

    Knicks doesnt need Melo..

  203. Reza Taheri says:




  204. joe says:

    i think its too early to judge his performances. its only been 3 games. at least 10 games in we will be able to see his whole repertoire. i am a jeremy lin fan, and its an absolute joy to be watching the knicks now.

  205. ozzie23 says:

    kid is good but he thinks that god helped them to win against Washington, since when god favors knicks ???

  206. Brian says:


  207. Liam P. De Valency says:

    i dont understand why they are still questioning his skills.. i remember watching him in the rookie summer league and he was already ballin. and now he’s just proving even more why nba teams should consider him..

  208. erwin estimo says:

    how about jeremy LINCREDIBLE!

  209. Joseph JK says:

    or mini Yao?

  210. Joseph JK says:

    How about the Great Wall of Lin?

  211. LinLin says:

    This is such a inspiring story. My best wishes to Lin and hope he will keep this up and let the miracle continue!
    NBA, where Linsanity happens!

  212. steve says:

    two thinks you notice in this guy:
    and grounded

  213. Daniel Obed says:

    I call him Adrena-Lin

  214. Thonas From Missouri says:

    We are forgetting an important factor and that is the coach, did not, or could not, recognize when he has a good player. As a Knick fan I have been calling for the coach to play, Novak, Jorden and Lin while the Knicks were playing terribly. If Lin had played in Boston the Knicks would have won the game. How do one account for the play where the coach brought in Novak to shoot a 3 pointer with about 11 seconds left.
    This coach only plays guys who have established themselves. He is supercillious towards young players and this would be his down fall. When Melo or Stat are going horribly he must use his bench. Then we alll would have known that Lin is a player.
    A good coach must, must, know the attributes and talent of his players. To blame a lack of practice time is weak.

    • J says:

      …. lol what coach isn’t “supercilious” to young unproven players? You’re trying to make an anecdotal arguement that Mike isn’t a good coach because he doesn’t play unproven players, you want to know who else rarely played unproven players? Phil jackson, now you go ahead and try and make the arguement that he was a bad coach because of it.

      • CJ says:

        i think Mike IS a bad coach…BUT…not because of that reason. He cares nothin about defense and only wnats to out run and out shoot every team…which will win you some games but NEVER a championship. to have a team shoot 34 threes in THE FIRST HALF and be ok with it is just blasphemy. Mike is a bad coach but not because he wouldnt play Lin….every coach does what Mike and Phil did with unproven players.

  215. Jason Grigsby says:

    Wow. There is absolutely no excuse for the pathetic defense the Wizards played on that play. No one took a charge or fouled him? He started from the three point line. Horrible.

  216. Nick says:

    In Lin We Win

  217. NyKBallFan86 says:


    For the “Lin”

  218. OH YEAH! says:

    Afterall Lin is a Chinese.. we should grant him a nick that traces his Roots .. Shao”LIN”

  219. joker says:

    The Yellow Mamba

  220. rich says:

    All I do is LIN LIN LIN no matter what!!!!!!!!!

    Lin has definantly looked good these past three games and I hope for the Knicks sake, when Melo gets back, that we can keep this ball movement, unselfish, team ball that is going on right now. Remember they have only played one good team in the last three games so people: IF HE HAS A BAD GAME DONT KILL HIM; he is young and will have some from time to time.

  221. Don Taylor says:

    “The Asian Lin-sation”

  222. John says:

    such a shame the Rookie-Sophomore roster at All Star Weekend have been picked already. If Jeremy had a few more weeks to impress, he definitely would have made that roster.

  223. allaroundballer says:

    I’m Asian and I was disappointed when Yao Ming retired early. And now Lin will get an NBA career for sure.
    After this any opponent will guard him tight, that’s when you split good and great.

    Anyway I watch Rubio highlight almost all his game this season, now I got more. They’re inspiring !

  224. ShakenBake says:

    Jeremy “Ball” Lin!!

  225. tupark82 says:

    Jeremy “For the Win” Lin

  226. prix says:

    Jeremy got a lot of patience and perseverance..when the time is right and you build your trust in him, look at what he did..a treasure been open…put some minutes and he will put more numbers…now NY is alive and kickin… I just hope Melo won´t mess this up.. NY is a better team than Boston and Orlando right now..