Reserves: Pau Out, Marc In

At least Pau has the rings. Two of them. And he’s been to the All-Star Game before. So there’s that.

But the coaches who vote on the reserves blew a chance to put two brothers in the same game, and on the same squad, when Marc Gasol got the nod and Pau didn’t. It wasn’t that Pau was overly deserving, although he’s having a decent year and pulling down 10 rebounds a night. But he was bypassed in favor of Dirk Nowtizki who, by his own admission a few days ago, wasn’t so sure he was All-Star quality this season.

And he isn’t. No disrespect to the NBA Finals MVP, but his scoring average (17.6) is the lowest since his second season and five full points off his career best. There’s even the notion that Paul Millsap would’ve been a better choice than Dirk.

Anyway, the coaches mainly got it right, although Josh Smith, who has been a big plus for the Hawks in the wake of Al Horford’s injury, will sit this game out. And Rajon Rondo was another who missed the cut, mainly because he’s missed games.

Does Monta Ellis have a case over Steve Nash or Tony Parker? Not really. The Warriors are one of the three worst teams in the West, and besides, Ellis’ scoring is down, his shooting percentage is down, and his 3-point percentage is really down, at 27 percent.

LaMarcus Aldridge wasn’t thrilled with missing the cut last season — he made a last-minute surge in January when Brandon Roy went down for the Blazers — but will be the lone Blazers rep in Orlando, his first All-Star Game.

Strictly from an entertaining standpoint, the game will desperately miss Rondo, Ricky Rubio, Brandon Jennings and Kyrie Irving. You may not think they were entirely deserving, but wouldn’t you want to see them in their element, in what amounts to an exhibition of skills without the defense?

For those players who missed the cut and feeling a bit snubbed, at least there’s hope. With injuries coming fast and frequent, this game might set an All-Star record for last-minute replacements

Not that we’re endorsing that or hoping it happens. We’re just sayin’.


  1. Ahmedjames says:

    Bynum’s in the ASG just because there are no quality centers in the western conf. and Rondo’s all star spot was robbed by D. Will……. RONDO > D. WILL

  2. Basku398 says:

    No Ray Allen, I don’t understand this ?!

  3. Indiana says:

    Paul George OMG MONSTER !!!! needs to lead the eastern conference all star

  4. desiballer3point says:

    Ray Allen????

  5. aleko says:

    i cannot beleive luol deng makes the cut ahead of josh smith. second year in a row smith has been overlooked, coaches must not like/rate him. dengs been half the time and even when he does play hes been solid but not all-star. and dont even get me started on dirk. based on this years form he shud not be there which he admitted himself and especially when players like milsap, pau gasol or even tim duncan are playing much better. the obvious choices were made but when it came down to the final few spots, the coaches really got it wrong

    • Sarkies says:

      First off, if you’re going to act like a Josh Smith fan, then know it has been three years now he has been over-looked. Second, Luol Deng deserves to go to the All-Star game. If you’re going to make a case as to who should be cut, then Paul Pierce should be the name you’re yelling. He hasn’t done anything all season so stop saying Deng is undeserving. He deserves it more than half the people going.

  6. the man says:

    deron williams is a great player but i thought that you have to be in a WINNING team to be in the all star game. put in rondo or another good pg

  7. willie says:

    biggest snubs… josh smith over deng or hibbert ; jennings over d-will ; monta ellis over parker

    • Sarkies says:

      Wrong!!! It’s Josh Smith over Paul Pierce, Joakim Noah over Roy Hibbert, Rajon Rondo over Deron Williams, Monta Ellis over Tony Parker, Ricky Rubio over Steve Nash, Rudy Gay over Dirk Nowitzki, and Ty Lawson over Russel Westbrook. This isn’t an all star game! It’s a popularity game!

  8. noway says:

    Andre Igoudala 4 Life !!!!

  9. Marco Polo says:

    Great All Star 2012 but:
    West: Monta Ellis must be All star instead Dirk Nowitzki
    East: Josh Smith OR Amaré Stoudmire must be All star instead Roy Hibbert

  10. luis says:

    roy hibbert doesn’t deserve it. danny granger or david west could have been a better pick to represent indiana. also amare stoudemire or chandler will be a better choice if the east is looking for a center position

    • pacers/heat/ says:

      what the hell? hibbert has played extremley well this year the man is the tallest player in the all-star game what have you been watching? stoudimire is not a center and chandler is one dimensional

  11. lucaslb says:

    How can coaches take 1 center 3 power forwards and 3 point guards to be reserves !?!?!? No SG’s and no SF’s !!!!!
    Should have been: parker, ty lawson, kevin martin, gallinari, aldridge, love and marc gasol to me.

  12. Kensith says:

    Monte Ellis is a true all star and warrior!!! Mr Dear NBA commissioner

  13. meme says:

    gasol?parker?nash?westbrook? these players shouldnt of made it….rudy gay,ellis or curry,crawford,rubio or pau should been there….for the east wat da hell is hibbert aguodala, pierce and johnson doin there…wheres josh smith he gets no love…fuk westbrook

  14. bsj968 says:

    Wow Dirk loses all respect because he played with a bad knee the entire season and his numbers are down?

  15. Law064 says:

    Monte Ellis Josh Smith and Rondo are all snubs if you ask me. If Dirk made it and missed games Rondo should’ve made it for sure. How did D.Will get in over Rondo or J Smooth? SMH 8-19 NJ give me a break. I think Marc has been playing better than Pau so that was ok but Rudy Gay out Dirk in? Dirk is great but this season he’s missed games just like Rondo and also D.Will. I don’t get the reserve selection Lamarcus was snubbed last season so glad he’s in this year.

  16. jase says:

    the hating on josh smith every all-star game just amazes me. the all star game is turning into a fluke.

  17. Ivan says:

    Here’s the 2nd Unit: 1-Gasol, 2-Love, 3-Aldridge, 4-Nowitzki, 5-Nash – Floor Captain obviously Nash. And that’s right, you read it right, Nowitzki at the 4 – that way the West can bring in two fresh guards on a sub: Parker, Westbrook – with maybe K.D, Bynum and Super-Blake to round out a third-rotation/3rd-Unit (Parker in charge (capt) of the 3rd rotation). So I see no problems with the West having a Team mix that can deal with anything the East will be sure to throw at them.

  18. jade_ryder says:

    hey!! Where’s Brandon Knight And Greg Monroe??? both of this guy is deserved to be an all-star…VERY DISAPPOINT….

  19. Nikleman says:

    For the west: Rugy Gay, Monta Elis over Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki
    For the east: Josh Smith, John Wall over Deron Williams and Paul Pierce

  20. Ivan says:

    Hands up all those folks that think Nash, Parker and Nowitzki can’t “bring it” when the pressure is really on in the clutch … No?? There’s a reason why those ‘elder statesmen’ got picked, anyone who can name 3 better heads – with the skills to match – under pressure, in the West (..h*ck, the whole NBA), then put up, else shut up.

    • Sarkies says:

      In the Whole NBA!!! Um… How about Derrick Rose!!! I’m pretty sure he is more clutch than all 3 of those names you mentioned. And dont say he isnt because he has led the bulls to major comebacks, game winners, and most wins. Oh yeah! And how about Kobe Bryant! Im pretty sure he is more clutch. And maybe that one guy named Kevin Durant! Seriously man. You need to watch more games.

  21. jed says:

    WESTBROOK AND DIRK IN? DAMN. NO GALO AND ELLIS? and blake a starter instead of aldridge/love??? WTH disappointed fan over here.

  22. A. says:

    Why are people fantasizing about Rubio. Yeah, he is a good player, but not All Star caliber yet. Too much hype!

  23. Argoscorp says:

    Ricky Rubio had more votes than Nash, Westbrook and Parker!!!! and he´s not there!!!!!!!


  24. Gotti says:

    Brandon Jennings IS Out And Rudy Gay What Is Going On Here

  25. Fefe says:

    For real, the left out are also Jazz players (Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap) and Nuggets players (Danilo Galinari or Ty Lawson).

    Hahaha the ppl here talking about KG: plz watch the NBA, so you would see that he doesn’t deserve a spot. Cry about Josh Smith, not KG…

  26. Fefe says:


    Many people here are lying to themselves, or are just not objective enough!!

    Parker deserves more than Ellis, even if yes Ellis deserves too.

    Josh Smith, how come he was not taken on the All-Star team? That’s a big snub, and we always talk about Josh Smith because he has been robbed the past 3 years. For me, the East squad should be “special” because you should have only one true guard (Joe Johnson) on the reserves team, and coaches should’ve picked Josh Smith over D-Will.

    And been 12 years that I’m a fan of New Jersey Nets, so I’m being true.

  27. Pitehr says:

    Bargnani……i think next year will be

  28. Arian says:

    Oh my god Get over youselves, Dirk is like, Kobe, even if he had an off start. you can’t seriously question him being an all-star i don’t get this discussion. so yeah express how unfair it is, but whats the point?
    he went bananas as usual the last three games, and he will for the rest of the season, and then this discussion will be forgotten

  29. Badgers says:

    No idea how Josh Smith has been ignored again, in a game like this how would you not want one of the most athletic explosive forwards in it?

  30. vill says:

    The All-star voting is all about popularity, not about who is deserving performance-wise. As an evidence, do you remember when Yao Ming, a couple of years ago still got the highest number of votes inspite of not even playing during the season(due to an injury)..well, he had 20 million votes from China alone. And next year, watch out- Jeremy Lin ‘s votes will outnumber everybody regardless whether he plays great or not:) . Furthermore, teams who get nationally televised most of the time (e.g. Miami, Lakers, Bulls, Celtics) will have the players with most votes(disadvantage to teams like Warriors and Monta Ellis),.Then as for the reserves, the coaches either choose their favorites or those who will compliment the first-five.

  31. Ryan says:

    MONTA ELLIS how could you not call him?! why do you hate him so much despite he’s one of the greatest talents in the league? i have no words..

  32. andie says:

    I understand why Rondo didn’t make the cut, but I’m surprised why Dirk is selected. If Dirk is selected, then they should have considered Duncan and KG as well. Deron Williams over Brandon Jennings. wow! No Tony Parker or Monta Ellis.

  33. iski kay says:

    Charles Barkley was right, “fans don’t know what the hell they’re doing!”

  34. Rafael says:

    I really think Bargnani should of made it. I mean hes more athletic then all the east centers with a great jumpshot I’m tired of seeing people being voted for doing a couple of good dunks look at Andreas 23 ppg 7rpg and 3apg …. really sad to see people dont apreciate what players can do and what they bring to our league

  35. Anonymous says:

    Roy Hibbert over Tyson Chandler… or even Varejao… Wow. Tyson Chandler will be beasting for the rest of the season. The only reason Amar’e Stoudemire wasn’t selected was because he had no point guard to play with… I think the west will be short handed at the 2 spot… but you know what, WHO REALLY CARES?! it’s an exhibition game.

  36. Agent 24 says:

    I have 3 words for this…

  37. bucks says:

    brandon jennings 😦

  38. mr.216 says:

    kyle lowry and luis scola should of made the cut bottom line

  39. Lakers R Us says:

    I don’t care what any of you say, Bynum deserves the all star nod! Look at his numbers! Love him or hate him; he deserves it this year! Period!

  40. rafael floripa says:


  41. tomcat says:

    And if the voting was for each of the five positions, instead of for three, some of the guys you all are saying should have made it would have. Why does the East have 2 small forwards starting and no power forward? The voting system is screwed up.

  42. jay says:

    NO LIN?! NO WAY! #linsanity

  43. ram26 says:

    dirk really deserve 2 be an all star…i dont think this season he’s no. will down…he still ridirkul……….

  44. tony says:

    josh smith or Jeff teague

  45. c_lane says:

    andre iguodala?? loul deng??? im pretty sure ryan anderson has been a better play than both of them this year shooting lights out and doing great with 2nd chance points.

    • aleko says:

      you cant honestly think ryan anderson deserves to be an all-star?? hes havin a great year by his standards but not all-star calibur

  46. Come on, RUBIOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Why the hell no journalist talks about him???
    This is not a lifetime award! OK, last years Finals MVP can be honoured if hes healthy. But its entertainment. Show. Respect the voters! Runners up in votin should be highly considered!!

    RONDO over Williams

    AMARE wouldnt harm too…

  47. Pokie says:

    What are Steve Nash and Deron Williams doing on these lists? For years we’ve seen deserving players left off both squads because the teams they played on were not in the top eight in their respective conferences. The Suns have three teams between them and the eighth seed. New Jersey is New Jersey. I don’t care how many jerseys they sell. It’s not right. And it’s disrespectful to the honest efforts of players like Kyle Lowry, Ty Lawson, Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday, and Rajon Rondo.

    • Gui says:

      C’mon…Steve Nash is one of the most exciting players to watch and is having a pretty good season. Not to mention what he did his entire career, tough it has nothing to do with the all star game.

  48. caseyhukill says:

    kyrie irving is an 18 yr old all star. lebron is a memory.thank you kyrie for 3 yrs of service… cleveland will miss you as well when your contract is done, because we all know that kyrie will be taking his talents elsewhere beacuse the city of cleveland sux!

  49. hans says:

    the all star reserves were so disappointing. there are some players who more deserving to be an all star. like Josh Smith, Pau Gasol, Rudy Gay, Danny Granger etc. Dammmm….. Why my idol Kevin Garnett didn’t make it to the all star team..haha

  50. hONG kONG gUY says:

    NO KG!!!!WHY???

  51. Rise says:

    hey – Don’t forget Varejao! Everybody has/is learning how to take a charge – and they learned it from Andy! And who’s the leading rebounder in the East? Give Cleveland a little respect! Kyrie and Tristan got the nod on the Rising Star game, but Andy has been there and has kept going through it all! And SOOOO glad Z is back in the Cavs’ fold! Cleveland has earned everybody’s respect! Reminds me of the “first Jamacian Bobsled team”! They’ve done everything you’ve asked, with everyone laghing in their face. Cleveland Cavaliers have earned the right!

  52. Neil Ryan says:

    JOSH SMITH!!!! why the …. hes not playing in all star? what the???

  53. Julian says:

    Steve Nash and Tony Parker over Monta Ellis and Ricky Rubio? Wow this sux

  54. Lin-sanity says:

    Jeremy Lin should replace melo.. hahaha

  55. Anthony says:


  56. Kobe fan says:

    hmm i disagree about Dirk . . . he deserves is it ! one of the best PF in nba , u cant just say he played bad for 10 – 15 games , it doesnt change the fact that he is a legend. And please dont say rubio should be an all star . . . :S he is much overrated . . .he is ok , but he is not an all star, no way. I also think that rondo should have been chosen insted of d-will , he is so incosistent . i am very glad for la marcus , and kevin love , but i think rudy deserves also to be an all star, and pau def not ! so great nash is all star he is great, but i still miss amare and josh smith in east .
    and one big respect for KG!!!! 😛

  57. Kenneth says:

    Deron Willams does not deserve it.

  58. JD says:

    Why did Dirk make the cut? He’s not even playin’ at an All star level…Rudy Gay should’ve made reserve

  59. Ba says:

    Hey If Jeremy Lin continues his tear he definately should be the next injury placement on the East after J-Smooth

  60. Ba says:

    Monta definately has potential to be one. Just all he does is score which hes one of the best at. But i dont like giving guys on loosing teams All-star bids. Especially considering so many other players score out their mind and do other things and win. GS has never had a winning season since they swept the Mavs

  61. prix says:

    This makes L.A fans the saddest people in the world…too bad Pau plays better than Bynum and Kobe

  62. JFD says:

    All i can say is that East lacks size again… total of 3 bonafide big men? compared to 6 big men for the west…

    West may lack on the shooting guard.. but we know that rebounding can give them more second chance points…

    All the east can really do is use the running game… if it didn’t work… they would surely lose this year…

    and remember… Kobe is playing for the west… they have the ultimate closer in the game is the game is on the line…

  63. LArry says:

    tsk no KG,! im not watching this years ALL STAR!

  64. Senyor says:

    Rubio should be there!!!!

  65. Matt says:

    Selection of the All-Star reserve has got to be a tough job for the coaches. There are a lot of players who are playing exceptionally well this season, but unfortunately there are only so few spots open. Dirk should not have been an All-Star, after missing a handful of games. And the coaches got it right with not selecting Pau Gasol, who isn’t having a good season by his standards.

  66. Polak says:

    No Marcin Gortat? I am disappointed

  67. NBAfan says:

    Now the 2012 compete Allstar rosters are out ! Congrats to all player and love to have Steve Nash and Tony Parker in this game ! They all earn their name to be an AllStar, the only player who I think is not worth being in this 2012 AllStar game …… Carmelo Anthony !!!

  68. Ben says:

    I had a pretty big expectation that we would see Dirk named, despite many experts not naming him to their teams, so I’m not at all surprised. But with my picks I was trying to predict what the coaches would do, not what they should do. For similar reasons, I didn’t think we would see Hibbert despite him being named by many commenters, so that was a surprise.

    I’m not too disappointed to see Pau miss out. It is a neat opportunity in one way – on the other hand, I don’t think Pau really earned his spot ahead of other West forwards such as Millsap.

    Maybe next year the West will have earned a Gasol/Gasol/Rubio combo. Throw in Dirk, Parker & Manu, and you just about may as well have team USA vs team world.

  69. WOW says:

    no josh smith… im not even watching the allstar game this year thats just silly hes robbed for the 3rd year in a row

  70. tomcat says:

    I think all of those players are worthy of being in the All Star game, but I really wish players would be selected by all five positions not three. Look at the guards and forwards for the west, where is the second Scoring Guard and Small Forward? Its a five position game, not three and the voting should be that way. JMHO.

  71. Tmac34 says:

    Let’s not be hatin’. I think coaches are right on with their selection. Good to see BOTH Parker and Nash.. they are really deserving this season. However, Josh Smith might be more deserving than his teammate Joe Johnson, and Rondo missed too many games to be worthy of an all star.

  72. boos lei says:

    go dirk. you deserve to be on all star.

  73. Robert says:

    Lakers don’t deserve three players in the all star team, let alone two starters.

    • Chris says:

      That’s true. The only reason Bynum is an All-Star this year is because Yao Ming retired and Tyson Chandler was traded to the Knicks. If Yao didn’t retire and Chandler was still in Dallas, Bynum wouldn’t have been an All-Star at all and Pau Gasol would have had a better shot of being a reserve.

  74. Quincy says:

    Wow very interesting…

  75. Alex says:

    How can you say Ellis doesn’t have a case over Parker when just the other week you wrote an article debating whether Kyle Lowry had one? In case you haven’t noticed, Ellis >>> Lowry. And don’t throw in the record argument, an All Star award is an INDIVIDUAL award, has nothing to do with the team’s record. His scoring is down? Yeah, but its still at 22, which isn’t low by NBA standards. You mention your weak arguments on why Ellis supposedly doesn’t have a case over Parker, yet you fail to mention why Parker deserves one in the first place! I have no problem with Nash or Westbrook, they both deserve a spot. And Dirk should be replaced by Marcin Gortat, who is averaging 15 and 10 a game. He’s a true big man who has the stats to back it up, especially over Nowitzki. And I think Danilo Gallinari, who has been playing very well all around this year should’ve got some mention, especially since there were no Small Forwards picked at all.

    • Patrick says:

      uhhh…dirk is a power forward and gortat is a center so don’t compare the two. and drk still averages more points than him anyways and this is the lowest PPG he has had since ’05 so good one

    • Anonymous says:

      All-Star selection is about “best players from the best teams” that’s why a player such as Andre Igoudala, who’s numbers are good but not great, is an All-Star. As far as Ellis goes, yea he should’ve made atleast one all-star game in his career but not this year. I can’t take him over CP3,Westbrook, Parker or Kyle Lowry(15 ppg 8ast 6reb) and Ty Lawson too. GoldenState has some talent but still cant contend for the playoffs and sorry, Ellis has to take some blame. He should’ve been All-Star in his previous years though.

  76. Arian says:

    Did you see Dirks last 3 games? yeah yeah he didn’t deserve it my a**, you’ll see how good he’ll play the rest of the season.

    this blogpost gave me a very weird feeling, first saying the Finals MVP and only player from the defending champs doesn’t deserve his spot, and then saying players should wish for injuries of others ? ^^

  77. Chris says:

    I really wished Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, and Ricky Rubio got picked as reserves. It would have been awesome to have the Spanish National Team on the floor together at the same time in the NBA. If not all three, the Gasol Brothers alone would have been awesome.

  78. ogemdi says:

    i still think Monta Ellis should be an all star! He always puts the Warriors on their back, he is a good scorer.
    U guys should consider that next year…

  79. TeamScalabrine says:

    Monta Ellis is so under rated

  80. Mitch says:

    It’s really time to change the voting. Everyone talks about how wrong the fans’ choices are every year, but the coaches ALWAYS put in players who deserve it much less. How can you seriously vote for Dirk Nowitzki this year? Yes, he’s been great in the Playoffs. But that was LAST year and he got a ring and the Finals MVP Trophy for that. So why put him in the ASG that’s supposed to honor the players in 2012(!!!)?

    Let the fans vote for the starters and some journalists pick the reserves, just as in the voting for MVP etc.

    • Mavsfan says:

      byte me Mitch, sure you are a fan of the Miami “Cold”

    • Patrick says:

      Even if the fans voted Dirk would still be voted an all star.

    • dirk45 says:

      Dirk was number 4 among the fans on guard position. And if you take a look at the last three games you really cannot call him totally misplaced there. This season is simply missing two months so the coaches took last season into account – not that they didn’t do it before.
      Plus there might be lots of fans who might have another favorite, but I guess that lots of fans (if they don’t go for Miami) are happy to see the one who denied LeBron his ring.

  81. Pres says:


  82. onak says:

    rudy gay is out? im disappointed!