New Beef … LeBron Vs Perkins?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You can go ahead and cross Kendrick Perkins off of the Christmas card list at the James residence.

The Oklahoma City Thunder big man, still smarting from being posterized by Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin last week, lobbed a few shots at Miami Heat star LeBron James, who like the rest of us, reacted immediately on Twitter after seeing the dunk (above).

Of all the reactions to the dunk, Perkins was apparently most bothered by the reaction of James. More from Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, who spoke with Perkins last night in Oakland:

Perkins respected Griffin for not making a spectacle of the dunk afterward or gloating about it. But he wasn’t too appreciative of LeBron James tweeting praise to Griffin.

Several NBA players commented about the dunk on Twitter and in media interviews, but the only one that bothered Perkins was James.

Shortly after the dunk, James tweeted, “Dunk of the Year! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!!! Wow! I guess I’m No. 2 now. Move over #6.” James was referring to his alley-oop dunk he threw down after jumping over Chicago Bulls guard John Lucas III a day earlier.

“You don’t see Kobe [Bryant] tweeting,” Perkins said. “You don’t see Michael Jordan tweeting. If you’re an elite player, plays like that don’t excite you. At the end of the day, the guys who are playing for the right reasons who are trying to win championships are not worrying about one play.

“They also are not tweeting about themselves talking about going down to No. 2. I just feel [James] is always looking for attention and he wants the world to like him.”

We understand that there is no love lost between James and Perkins, dating back to their days as rivals when they were both with other teams (James in Cleveland and Perkins in Boston).

But this has all sorts of interesting potential if the Thunder and Heat ever find their way to a matchup in the playoffs …


  1. YJ says:

    So players aren’t aloud to like certain plays anymore ? Will the stupidity never end

  2. St-Crack says:

    Lebron makes a fuss over dunks as though a dunk is worth 6 points or more.unfortunately a dunk is still 2 points.Lebron should think of getting rings instead of highlighting other peoples’ dunks.oh and by the way,Lebron should under no circumstance be compared with Kobe because when you watch kobes prime time,he hardly dunked straight!!!all he did was 360 dunks and more.Lebron jus dunks ordinary even when its a fastbreak and there is nobody blocking him.thats so lame

  3. kobebryant24forever says:

    though LJ is an self proclaimed MVP. he wont win any championships with that kind of attitude.
    in fact the only thing that could define their career is being a CHAMPION.
    on the record, PERKINS have one ring, and might have his next ring this year.
    if the THUNDER could go straight to the PLAYOFFS.

    PERKINS: 1
    JAMES: 0

    CHAMPIONS DON’T QUIT nor TWEET! deal with it! 🙂

  4. Timothy Pate says:

    Talk about trying to shift attention from being dunked on. I don’t like Lebron at all, but I believe he has the right to say what he wants….His comment wasn’t even that serious. I believe Perkins should play better defense instead of worrying about what Lebron ….or any other person has to say. I mean come on folks……Lebron, Kobe, Jordan….and most NBA players have been dunked on. Charge it to the game and keep it moving.

  5. Lebron?? As n The self proclaimed king?? or shall we say the media’s first impression as a king?? No i think he’s just a dirt in KB24’s nails.. If you are a good player you will not compare your dunks,dishes, lob’s,and all of the nice moves, if you are a good player, like Perk, you should have won a CHAMPIONSHIP RING already, and besides, Lebron stepped down as a Franchise player from the Cavs and the shame is he joined Wade’s Cavalry, shame on you, self proclaimed king that turn to be a knight under Wade’s Empire…..Hahaha,

  6. hitman says:

    sory guys but i think tweeter was not yet invented at jordan,bird,etc. era..hehehe and right now der too old to comment for that issue. lbj haters move on guys..find some other things that will make u happy.hehe

  7. hitman says:

    too much comment.. how about u ask lbj to a one on one game. lebron didnt care who u are. too much hate to other people can cause a brain damage.hehe go on with your life.

  8. LoL says:

    Perkins is just butt hurt, he’s just mad that he put in so much effort to get not as fat, and he’s still being made peoples b—-. He’s just taking it out on LeBron because he knows LeBron is the most publicly hated player, Perkins is the one wanting people to like him. Oh and LeBrons tweet was in reference to the dunk ladder, his dunk was #1 at the time, he was just recognizing that Blake had just made an amazing dunk and was saying that Blakes dunk deserved the #1 spot… Perkins should just crawl back into his hole and stay there.

  9. birdfan33 says:

    As the article points out – the greats like Larry Bird never tweeted back in the day when they were legends.

    Maybe the article failed to point out the stupidity of such a statement – it makes ‘great journalism’ to point out that people failed to use technology before it existed.

  10. Jotham says:

    Although Perkins is being a immature about the fact james was talking about him.. LEBRON JAMES HAS NO ROOM TO TALK because when he got dunked on by that kid he wanted the videos to get deleted. and on top of that at least perkins has a ring!

  11. justSAYING says:

    i don’t with you guys but i don’t see any reason for debate or overreaction for bron’s tweet praising griffin’s dunk over perkins.he’s just describing the scenario of the dunk. He can’t say that griffin dunked over someone else when he really dunked over perkins. and admitting that the dunk was better than his shows great humility,right?

    and for bird, jordan and magic. maybe if twitter already existed during their time, i think they would have done same thing. Showing appreciation on good plays by good players.:)

  12. alex says:

    Okay, Perk. You got what you want. You’re trending now. Haha

  13. cedric says:

    lebron vs perkins c’mon

    • cedric says:

      we all know perkins got 1, lebron 0, but lebron can carry a team…and we also know that…but knowing perkins and lebron, C’MON!

  14. Wenagain says:

    I didn’t have a problem with James’ tweet and I don’t dislike him either. Perkins needs to grow up. If James was being immature Perkins is making himself seem no better. “Teacher he hurt my feelings!”

  15. greg b says:

    HAHAHAHAHA KENDRICK! Im sorry but you need to stop crying. Remember when Dwade dunked on you last year? and they continued to do the cabbage patch? if not heres a link

  16. JPF18 says:

    On Blake’s performance in the dunk contest
    The NBA had pre-determined the outcome. His dunks were not the most spectacular at all. Also did not get too excited about the dunk over Perks. Some others impressed me more: when Blake is skyhigh above the rim and then slams it down.

  17. Gene says:

    Of all the comments, Perkins singled out Lebron’s tweet, why? Simple he knows their are legions of people with nothing else to do with their lives but zero in on the slightest reason to give themselves meaning by virtually attacking Lebron James

  18. celtic533 says:


  19. jp41 says:

    i’m with perkins. Lebron just needs attention.

  20. LamBo says:

    Look guys I am a HUGE fan of BG and the Clippers as well as LBJ and the Heat simply because they are great entertainment. K Perk is a GOON. Dude should be in the D league!! He hurts the Thunder, because he does not score and really cant compete above the rim!!! You got Dunked on Bro, yea it should have probably been called an offensive foul but it was’nt, dont try and throw the attention you are getting on someone else, especially someone like the KING!

    I have been watching LBJ since 03′ and followed him ever since. I hate it when people try and throw “rings” into the talent arguement.That’s ignorant, remember back when Kobe was drafted to the Charlotte Hornets? Do you think had he gone there instead of being traded to LA that he still would have the rings he has now? Hell no!! It is all about who the franchise puts around you. I am not down playing talent but in case of LeBron in Cleveland, one player cannot win a ring!

    KP has a ring because he happened to be in the right place at the right time during the Celtics prime as a team with this group and they will most likely not win another because of their age.

    I agree LBJ went overboard with his transition to the Heat and his talks of what they will do. It has only been ONE season so far people. And they went to the Finals last year! If you would have watched ESPN yesterday and NBA TV they clearly stated that LBJ is hands down the best player in the league(Larry Bird to be exact). It just took him 8 years to join a team that could win a championship! K Durant is primarily a scorer and thats it! Kobe primarily a scorer and thats it who takes a hundred shots a game.

    Dont downplay LBJ because you are a cleveland fan, or because he is better than your favorite player. He has his problems, just because he is on TV does not mean he is not human! And last time I checked it is a free country, you can tweet whatever you want. This is a GAME not a soap opera on TV!

  21. Carlos says:

    Lebron probably needs another star to help him win lol stop crying Lechoke!!

  22. DB says:

    I feel Lebron James comment was unnecessary. I think players do watch other teams and get excited when they see good plays, and that’s fine. They should. They can learn things from each other that way. But they shouldn’t make offensive comments, at least not publicly. If Lebron wanted to give Griffin his props, that’s fine too. But he didn’t have to add the extras. I understand where Perkins is coming from, but he shouldn’t take it too personally, because people are always going to say unnecessary things.

  23. 201PI says:

    listen if Lebron was just expressing his view on the dunk. Stop hating on the man, damn, dont yall get enough, he need to start barking back at most of his hating critics i bet then people will shut up, one of the most trash talking guys in nba history still talks trash and he aint win no chip (Charles Barkley) but nobody talked about him, cause he would have knocked a joker out, listen swallow the spalding on this one Perkins being as though u already tasted it and leave Lebron out of it.

  24. LOL says:

    You guys are all idiots. If perk would grow up and stop being so butthurt this wouldnt even exist. Bron gave a compliment to another player and you bash him. SHUTUP

  25. Antizzy says:

    Sportcenter had him at no.1 on top plays which is why he said he’s no 2 now. Funny that Perkins didn’t call out Dirk or Dwade or the host of other players that reacted on twitter. Also, I’m curious if he thinks Durant’s releasing a rap song is an attempt to get attention smh

  26. Tony Bone says:

    mane dude needs to lighten up everybody gets dunked on in the in the nba and why he only target lebron while everybody else was talking about him getting dunked on too.

  27. Jordan says:

    stop crying

  28. Joy says:

    Everyone is free to tweet whatever, but Kendrick talk about greatness, greatness is respect your opponents even in social medias, a fingerpoint, a defiant gaze is part of the game but when the game is over, all is over. Show off and still comenting his dunk is for kids but in a professional player is stupid and hateful. Its Lebron

  29. Teresa Taylor says:

    Kendrick lighten up dude it’s not that serious. First of all I don’t think it is the dunk of the year and so what if it was, it happened now move on. Second Lebron is entitled to his opinion and you shouldn’t care what he or anyone else says. Besides it won’t be the last dunk on Kendrick because he is soft anyway.

  30. llbeen says:

    LBJ needs to channel his frustration into his play and give cry babies like Perkins something to talk about. I’m tired of all the hate reflected at LBJ and he is right – keep talking and hating as he lives his opulent lifestyle as you dream of doing so. Get back to your nine to five and everyday lives as he counts his millions!!!!! LOL!!!

  31. kaponte15 says:

    “But this has all sorts of interesting potential if the Thunder and Heat ever find their way to a matchup in the playoffs ”

    Did you mean FInals???

  32. DONT READ says:

    the comments are actually for lebrons… the mere fact that we are leaving comments on this page says that we give a F%$@ because we want him to grow up and be what we expect him to be… which is great… no question that his talents are really beyond an average NBA player maybe jordaness like but he has to grow up and make decisions that are right and wont create any impact on others… so its really for LB’s benefit.

  33. Taz says:

    Bad bad Lebron, why u tweet ??? BAD BAD BAD LEBRON we ask u again why u tweet ??? BUT OMG WHY DO U TWEET?? damn morons over the internet.

  34. KD35 says:

    look guys stop the damn argument.
    LBJ likers you say that because you are fans of lbj and haters you say that because you hate him.
    but lets not comment anymore about them try being on perks state try playing role think your working hard and over some small downfalls you get critized.
    think what would you feel?

  35. Jochem says:

    Can all of you stop saying ‘Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, … didn’t tweet? Of course not you idiots, they didn’t have twitter of any of these social media. It’s just a tweet from a dude about an insane dunk, and that dude just happens to be Lebron James..

  36. LOLWHAT? says:

    Perk, you already have what he is pursuing of right now, that means, ignore him.

  37. thomas howard says:

    Lebron just needs to show up in the fourth quarter. If her had in the past he would have a ring. He might just be nothing more than a man/child. Lol.
    Doesn’t Perkins have a ring? Lol.

  38. marl clyde says:

    when was that tweet of LBJ? two days ago? why perkins brought up his sentiment only now? Perkins is looking for someone to blame for that poster. definitely not LBJ.. Go Bron! we are at your backs!

  39. MonMonMonMon says:

    Loved the dunk.
    Respect Perkins.

  40. marl clyde says:

    stop crying PERKINS! You are so EMO. don’t mind him your thing. WE LOVE YOU LBJ

  41. Pedro says:

    You’re right Perkins. we don’t see MJ on Twitter in the same way as we don’t see big centers being posterized like you were.
    These haters are so funny!

  42. GrowUpJames says:


    BLAKE GRIFFIN H:6-10, W:251

    LEBRON JAMES H:6-8, W:250
    JOHN LUCAS III H: 5-11 W:165

  43. Aussie says:

    and you know what atleast perks contested it, thats what good defenders do, lebron would of run for cover and not even tried! thats why perks has a championship ring (defense) and lebron doesnt!

  44. Aussie says:

    The point perks was obviously trying to make is that guys like kobe and mj didnt pay much attention to things such as one off amazing dunks, because those plays dont win you championships, and winning is all that the great players care about it. Mj wouldnt give a damn if you dunked it or had to 2 hand finger roll it in, as long as it meant winning. Thats the difference between the greats such as mj and kobe, and lebron doesnnt have that mentality, cause hes too busy going ooh ahh at some dude dunking a ball.

  45. Davi says:

    Everybody is talking about Lebron´s dunk over Perkins or over whoever else he may have dunked. A dunk over somebody demonstrates superiority, humiliation and dominance. We got that. But how about the courage, the resilience and the will to play the game after being posterized. No posterized player ever finished his career after being completely devastated( as Perkins was after the Griffin absurd monstruous atomic dunk )
    I think people should pay more respect to the honour of players who were dunked on and followed the game, played other games, madetheir duties and helped their teams to the best. They have their ego in place. And now they know they can´t compete with Griffin single-handed, Maybe if three guys gathered up to stop that uncontroled Hulk, ok…, but he was alone, he wasn´t jumping, and he was brave enough to try to do something. I am not a fan of Perkins, I think there are ter at list 20 big mans better than him, but I have to admire his will on trying to stop a play. Unforteunately, he became the highlihgt of the millenium. But HE TRIED. And not only talk nonsense through websites. Try to go out there and do the same, there will be laugh after laugh on you, for a year, perhaps…

  46. Nobody says:

    Hope another player posterizes Perkins, so he may have another reason to hate players tweeting…

  47. FckOffPerk says:

    at the end of the day..PERK just look like a wet chick waiting for big worms down the typhoon..he’s just so freaking insecure..

  48. Paul says:


  49. rab says:

    No matter what, just accept the fact that he is one of the greatest! Imagine the nba without LeBron now, it’s some kind of a not so exciting. Others hate LeBron because undoubtedly he is great here and abroad…

  50. Danilo B. says:

    LBJ SORE LOOOOSER!! … your team the HEAT will be cursed ! !

  51. Tommy says:

    I guess the Big baby nick name was attached to the wrong bigman in Boston.
    Perkins you got owned, get over it and the next time Griffin comes flying take a flagent foul on him, make him reconsider dunking over the top.
    Shut up and help Durant win a title and hush everyone up. And leave Lebron alone.

  52. thunder down under says:

    perks got a ring lebron chokes in championships nuff said

  53. Maro says:

    The problems is that you all are too excited about “beeing postereized”. If someoned dunked on Perkins it means that he is good defender who tried to block shoot. I remeber all the hype when some collegue or highshool player dunked on James in off season. James was just trying to block shoot but in basketball ofense usualy tops defense (players score 80-100 pts per game).

  54. Jordan says:

    Perkins is just buthurt that he’s gonna have to see himself get posterized in highligh films and videos till he’s old and grey…

  55. ohoh says:

    damn perkins sounds childish and petty.
    i love his game but he just lost a tonne of respect from me.
    come on man, have some pride and just accept that you got dunked on by griffin… it’s bound to happen to most post defenders.

  56. ahmad says:

    the reason perkins is hating on LBJ cause he is a superstar, n the other players who twitted on the dunk might not be

  57. Justin says:

    I think it’s okay for perkins to get mad, but i think perkins misinterpreted what lebron said. lebron is just being humble, i think. and lebron didnt say anything about perkin’s defense, or how bad defender he is. he just said griffin dunked on perkins HARD. come on perkins, everyone knows he dunked on you hard. but he is right about the risk of post defenders being dunked on. its normal for post defenders. but like i said, lebron just praised griffin’s dunk. but lebron on twitter and kobe and jordan not tweeting is just a plain stupid comparison, greatness is defined on the court not on twitter.

  58. Pregnant says:

    So this couple I know are expecting a baby boy soon and were thinking of a name, someone suggested the name “LeBron”, but I said no, it just doesn’t have a ring to it.

  59. ao1 says:

    LeBron’s dunk over Lucas wasn’t the best vs B. Griffin or Vince Carter over the 7foot guy without him bending. Lucas is 5’10-11 and despite of his height, even bent down while LeBron coming from behind. You see! Griffin slammed FACE to FACE over a bigger/stronger man. Vince Carter slammed, went over ‘7″0 guy during the Olympic game and he did it FACE to FACE! Como’n you guys!!! You all made a big deal of James dunk over and over. He has only 3 styles. Tomahawk Power Dunk and normally he does this when fastbreak, then you have Two Handed Jam, then you have the Allley-op. Nothing really specially…

  60. kura says:

    OMGOODNESS!! this has been blown way out of proportion!! It’s simple, lebron was trying to acknowledge a great play. we can all agree it was too, no reason why perkins should be upset!! his tweet wasn’t targeted towards him he was admiring blakes great dunk! end of story! dont make a big hooraah about it!

  61. ILLBJ says:

    I’m glad that this topic makes LeBron James name big in TAGS,even bigger than Kobe and everyone else 😀 Now he is the most popular player in NBA (MVP & MPP)

  62. james ramos says:

    Perkins you’re just mad coz you just got SERVE

  63. garwol says:

    Oh, come on, Perkins is a background actor in the Griffin show, I bet this is why he’s so angry. He will probably be furious if this dunk will be named “Perkins”. And he can’t hate Griffin openly. If LBJ wouldn’t mention him, there would be no problem.

  64. charsam says:

    he say only what he see.,,,,,,,,
    Becuz the dunk is so amazing…………………
    everybody like the dunk…………
    so stop complaining

  65. Perkins is mad, end of story.

  66. luis says:

    LaBron James is always looking after himsel that is why he left Cleveland for Miami cause he couldn’t do it by himself. He is always about him self, that is why he had to coment on his dunk when it was all about Blake Griffin that night. Real NBA stars like Magic, Bird, Jordan, and Kobe would not talk about them self when recognizing others.

  67. Aleksandar says:

    LBJ’s dunk was never # 1 nor will it ever be number one… the number one dunk of all time will be Vince Carters dunk… Lebron is an idiot and everyone hates him… like someone said great olayers like Kobe or Mj dont dp that, that why lebron doesnt have a ring and in my mind wont get one…. talk about wanting to be one of the best in the nba? way to show it buddy

  68. armin halvadzic says:

    Perkins you are the one who is worried about one play and yes you are marked for the rest of your life by that dunk !¨

  69. James says:

    Although this is hilarious already, can you imagine if Perkins found Justin Biebers tweet the most hurtful haha

  70. Joe says:

    For those who thinks perkin is better than LBJ cuz he has a ring… ask if OKC would trade Perkin plus their first born for LBJ or not…

  71. JGabriel says:

    Newsflash: Lebron blabbing about himself again.

    In other news: Water is wet.

  72. maybe an NBA player like them,,, says:

    This is so funny. He compared LBJ to MJ and KB, which means Perks thinks that LBJ is such a great one. Well, everybody is free to say what they need to say. If you think LBJ is sht then say it. But let LBJ say what he wants to say. It’s just Perks OBVIOUSLY dont like LeBron. And he hates Griffin for sure. Why? He won’t tell it but he was therefore humiliate and coul only find Lebron to out the blame on.

  73. Mr. Beatz says:

    Lebron tweeted because although he is a player he is STILL a huge fan of the game and was excited like everyone else. Perkins needs to just move on and stop acting like a little girl and pointing fingers. The whole world was tweeting about that dunk, not just Lebron. Most players get dunked on at some point anyway lol.

  74. william says:

    I Honestly dont like that comment by lebron james, now he thinks hes the big thing in the nba, i mean hes nice but nobody should be saying anything about that because atleast perkins Got A Ring before him.

  75. P.A-Z says:

    Why get mad? Everyone in the league gets mad when they get dunk on! Especially when you are considered a top player. Lebron didn’t do anything wrong in my opinion. And I, myself, don’t like Baby BronBron. Perkins just talks out to take the attention off the fact he got dunk on! C’mon it’s part of the game. This 2 have a history which is different. I don’t remember Wade complaining last season when Taj posterized him. Well he did a little but it was for the fact that he didn’t liked getting dunk on. And we also know LBJ will do anything to get attention. I just hope DRose and the new generation doesn’t end up like that.

  76. NBAfan says:

    If Lebron want’s to praise the dunk, he could have just ended at “dunk of the year”…but nah…he had to bring up his dunk himself…there’s no need for that really if all you want is to praise someone else…

    Is “the king” a bit full of himself even when he’s trying to be humble? Perhaps…
    Is “the king” that damn good? Hell yes…

    I’m an NBA fan…I needed Kobe when MJ left, the same why I will need Mr. James when Kobe leaves….so I really wish he’d just let his excellent play do all the tweeting….I mean talking.

  77. Yunes says:

    Perkins is just a ****!! that is pissed because he is gonna be part of the poster everyone is going to have in their living rooms in ten years.

  78. ko0kiE says:

    “you don’t see michael jordan tweeting” .. lol as if twitter was already around back in MJs days.. whine whine. You got posterized on national tv..haha

  79. bob says:

    perkins is such a baby

  80. bibs29 says:

    Yes, Perkins is mad because he got dunked on. Yes, I think Lebron is ridiculous to even insinuate that his was #1. That is just not professional. You can tell Lebron has a young state of mind not mature yet in his actions. I mean let Larry Birds words speak- ” If you want to win, play with Koby but if you want to have FUN play with Lebron.” That just lets you know that Lebron still has a lot of growing up to do but I think its with any player in their young prime years. They all mature later. Except for Shaq of course. Lol

  81. specialfriedrice says:

    lame story, twitter is for imature idiots, what was perkins expecting other players to post, like sympathy for him…gen Y….

  82. Barry Lird says:

    Lebron is and will always be a #2.

  83. benny says:

    Posterized? More like youtubeized?

  84. Titus says:

    I don’t know why people act like Lebron’s dunk was all that special in the first place. I ever remember some moron comparing it to the Vince Carter dunk when he jumped over a 7-footer. But just in case no once has realized it yet, John Lucas III is 5’11”!! Less than 6 feet, almost a whole foot shorter than Lebron. AND he had his head tilted down when Lebron jumped over him. It looked like a cool dunk, but it really didn’t take that much effort on Lebron’s part.

  85. Oscar Flores says:

    Why is LeBron praising himself for jumping over a guy thats like 5’7?

    • ShakenBake says:

      seriously lucas is not 5’7 he is 6ft tall. and if u can jump over a 6ft or even a 5’7 guy u can talk sh* about someone. if now stfu 🙂

  86. Zip says:

    Yeah! You didn’t see Michael Jordan getting in his time machine to warp into the future when Twitter was invented so he could tweet about dunks he saw while he was playing. Take that LeBron, you idiot.

  87. ian says:

    it’s all two points yo, whether it is a jump shot or a dunk yo.

  88. rick says:

    I dunno. The fact the Perkins is even bothered by LeBron tweeting is pretty lame in and of itself. He just needs to stfu and play ball meaning rebound, block shots and stay the hell outta Durant and Westbrook’s way.

  89. SunsFan#1 says:

    Perkins little cry baby

  90. Realistic fan says:

    I agree with Perkins. He said he respected Blake for the dunk, so clearly he is not b@tching about the dunk (at least not publicly) He hates Lebron, so I see why he said that. What made Lebron’s dunk #1 in the first place. However, I also like how Lebron acknowledged the Griffin dunk. But while Perkins was clearly mad about the dunk, he made a valid point about Lebron wanting the spotlight (but then again, what famous player doesn’t do that). That’s why KD and Dirk are the best NBA players now (for personality). But Perkins does have the ring, enough said.

  91. evan says:

    Perkins, you loser! Lebron’s twitter message was not about you! it was about Griffin’s dunk! You are just angry and humiliated that you got posterized! And now you are bullying Lebron just to catch attention. (not a big Lebron fan). Grow up! NBA players can still be a fan of other players..

  92. David Stern says:

    two words… SORE LOSER!

  93. James wade says:

    you don’t have to react that way Kendrick. if it was against Dwight Howard, or anybody else, Le Bron would have also mentioned their names. but that dunk was executes against you so what’s the big deal about it??? Le Bron was even humble that his dunk against a Bull player pales in comparison against Blake’s.

  94. EL_Guapito says:

    If i was kendrick im goin to hang my jersey.

  95. EL_Guapito says:

    kendrick just wanna BJ LeBron.

  96. ShakenBake says:

    Hmmm all who is defending Perkins here maybe just really hate Lebron because he is great or Loves Perkins because they are homo about him hahaha!

  97. EL_Guapito says:

    stop crying kendrick . w8 lebron’s dunk for you

  98. Jesse says:

    I think that Kendrick Perkins was just jealous of LBJ. Lebron James is not looking for attention he was just impressed by Blake Griffin. Perkins is just being insecure because he doesn’t demonstrate the qualities which Lebron and Blake posses

  99. Will says:


  100. Chris says:

    Perkins should not be crying for getting dunked on

  101. Bernie says:

    Go Perk – You nailed Lebron when you mentioned that elite players are above twitter. To be Elite you have to rise above the rest, not just on court but off it too. Lebron is too into his own hype, he doesn’t have a ring (yet) so until he does he is just a very good NBA player – period! By the way, those burn marks that appear around his neck in every playoff series are metaphoric self inflicted choke marks, cause I don’t think he has the mental toughness to close it out like the best when it REALLY matters and he knows it. He could so do with someone like Perk on his team to put him in his place, keep him grounded so he understands the only games that really matter are games 4~7 of the NBA Finals.

  102. #6 says:

    LeBron didnt really say anything wrong for praising Blake but the fact that he refers to himself as #6 in third person just goes to show how much of a douche he is.

  103. theGAME says:

    To all of you making comments

    why don’t just all of you love and enjoy every spectacular plays in the NBA…

  104. fR3d says:

    Sour grapes. This is 2012. Players interact through social networks to express their feelings. That play was insane, Lebron loves basketball, he loved the play. Grow up Perks or better yet, don’t talk to the media.

  105. Michael says:

    I don’t think Perk is crying about being dunked on. When you’re a centre, it’s your job to rotate over and help on D. He was the third defender on that play. Centres get dunked on, it’s just a fact of life. Some of the best shotblockers of all time have have been posterized: MJ on Ewing, KJ on Hakeem, Vince on Alonzo, etc. For what it’s worth, I think Kendrick still defended Griffin pretty well in this instance and made him work for it. But Blake is an athletic specimen; he probably jumped 36+ inches straight up and was close enough to reach the basket. Ibaka was supposed to be on Griffin but he let him go after the screen, and that left Griffin wide open. But, LeBron didn’t need to labour the point that “blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!!! Wow!” It could have been anybody, so why call out Perkins?

  106. Diamon Black says:

    Man Simple and Plain Perkins is mad and looking for someone else to divert the attention from him…You Got Posterized Perk!!!…Stop getting dunked on and maybe you won’t have to worry about elite players and their comments#…Tea bagged on a poster lol…

  107. SorryPerk!! says:

    Wow Perkins! Stop activating your defense mechanism and rerouting your frustrations to your capabilities as a player :`( booohoo! Perk should have just tweeted.. “Hey LBJ now that you have the #2 dunk of the year, im gonna be getting the #1 POSTER of the year!!!” Sorry LBJ haters, much respect to people and their respect for others LOL

  108. Truth says:

    Awww 😦 lebron brokes perkins heart 😦

  109. Mabs says:

    To be honest Perkins has a point. None of the elite players said anything. Just James. Tony Allen, Brandon rush and player like that tweeted about it. But can we please get past how arrogant James is? He came into the league and tattoed ‘Chosen one’ on himself? And no one said anything then. The guy a disgrace in the fourth quater and don’t say he has done well this season cause you give the rock to Kobe or MJ in thei 8th season in the last min they are knocking it down not truning it away. Thats what seperates LBJ and Kobe and MJ. LBJ is stronger, faster and has a more complete skill set then either of them in their prime yet he still can’t win a ring? He still can’t get it down in the fourth? We shouldn’t be banging on how rubbish James is off the court just how rubbish he accepts to be on the court!

  110. J says:

    Perkins sounds really touched over this lol. LeBron can tweet. Everybody tweets. As far as LeBron being #2 he was referring to this very site’s DUNK LADDER. LeBron’s dunk over John Lucas III was ranked #1 at the time. SMH. You LeBron haters need to get a life and Perk needs man up. The whole basketball universe is laughing at you, not just LBJ. And now you just look even more pathetic.

    On the other hand, that dunk was a 2 out of 10. Barely touched the rim. Athletic play. Strong move. WEAK DUNK. Shaq used to tear down backboards. That’s power. That’s authority. Blake’s dunk was 50%luck. Yes, luck. It could have bounced out just as easily as it went down. Again, no authority. He had no control over that bucket.

  111. PerkyourselfPERKINS says:

    This is what Perkins wants, being talked about. He should be proud, it is his second debut. Last year was on Dwade. I predict its going to be on lebron next season.

  112. Rubio4MVP says:

    I think Lebron’s comment was okay. Griffin’s dunk was sick and all he did was acknowledge it. Its not like he used an offensive tone.

  113. Ed says:

    Petty, lol, I didn’t know Perkins was so sensitive. I thought he was Mr. Tough guy.

  114. Gaz says:

    Hmm if one shouldn’t get excited about a dunk, then why should another person get annoyed about a tweet? LOL what an irony some people make for themselves.

  115. Tom says:

    Haha shut up Perkins, ur boy Durant is the biggest Tweeter of all haha

  116. Sweeeet Mike says:

    I dunk on lebron all the time in 2k

  117. mary says:

    Sour grapes Perkins!

  118. Domitian says:


    Perk – 1
    LBJ – 0

  119. LORD P says:


  120. jbm says:

    How come anyone that says something about how they don’t like lebron all the lebron nut danglers have to come to the rescue and the best they can come up with is hater? Just because a person is not a fan of a player that is more worried about his brand and image than championships, or a guy that would rather ride the coat tail of two other superstars to a championship, does not make them haters.

  121. BigZo33 says:

    KP. get over it bro! FFS your such a cry baby

  122. Jay says:

    Perkins dunked on himself with that LBJ comment and opened the floodgates. Again. 50 years from now ESPN will still be showing this dunk… He might be having a psychological meltdown, who wouldn’t if they got dunked on like that…

  123. Dan Malkin says:

    Tell Grimmis from McDonalds (Perkins) to shut up. You got dunked on by Blake Griffin, so eat your humble pie and keep it moving. How can you congratulate Blake but get mad at Lebron. Why dont you smile for once instead of looking like your mad at the world. Your 6-11 and got dunked on by a guy 6-8 live with it. Every good shot blocker gets dunked on, but thats your job to protect the hole. Besides thats all Blake can do is dunk, he needs to learn how to shoot.

  124. Rushelle says:

    If there is one thing I agreed about Perkins is pertaining to LBJ talkin about himself being No.2 because of Griffin’s dunked! Like seriously? who does that? Yeah your great man but be H U M B L E. if you know what that means King James!

  125. Erik, says:

    MJ can’t tweet coz in his time there was no tweeter! LJ was just having fun appreciating BG dunk…. don’t be such a child Perkins admit it you got SLAMMED!

  126. Nba1989 says:

    Come on! the dunk is worth 2 points. what is the big deal. It’s not even a dunk. it was thrown in.
    Damn right it’s not easy! if the dunk is nr 1 then it MOST be a dunk! not thrown in!
    I still give BG credit for a amazing play. and KP played well for trying to protect to ring and not
    just let them score. I’m not saying lebron was wrong of tweeting but that doesn’t mean anything really.

  127. Dbo says:

    People seriously needa get off lebron about this, having all these stupid points for why he shouldn’t have said that when clearly you’re just hating on him…if lebron tweets about how good a dunk was (btw the dunk was amazing) then it shouldn’t even be a problem, this is lebron just trying to get stupid attention especially when he already gets alot of attention so why would he need more? blakes dunk was just that good and kendrick needs to stop crying about it before lebron goes to OKC and dunks on him, tweets about it, and make him a total laughing stock…whining is the reason why i hate kendrick in the first place, he needs to shut his mouth

  128. jd says:

    Not that impressed, when you actually dunk don’t you get rim? seen a lot better.

  129. I thought Big Baby was Glen Davis,,, says:

    I guess Boston had two big babies, another one was Kendrik Perkins. LeBron James is the best basketball player in the NBA now, he can Tweet whatever he wants.

  130. mo says:

    I can’t believe this is being taken seriously, so many people get jammed on viscously, and EVERYONE (including nba players) makes fun of them. I don’t see them crying and lashing out at anyone. What perkins said was to get the attention off himself and put it onto lebron, because people love hating on lebron. He turned what looked (to me at least) like praise of a young guy’s ability into something negative. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he would make a good politician.

  131. Booo says:

    Oh come on. Perkins ranting on James? Obviously that dunk messed up Perkins bad if he has nothing better to do than cry about other people professionalism. I mean, he was teammates with Pierce and KG. Two players who are immature and biggest trash talkers in the league, and he says James is not professional. KG throwing an elbow and walking away like nothing happened is childish and stooped. Hate that guy. Pierce likes to tweet and comment trash. So wtf, talking about not being professional. Kendrick, just be quiet, dunk hurt you bad mentally and you feel bad that people talk about that and make fun about it. If you don’t like Lebron comments, talk about your old teammates being stooped as well. Because you just being stooped, childish and unprofessional by only talking about lebron and one little comment that me made. That just shows you that you are a hatter. Sorry but that is true… If he is so sensible he should talk about other stars too.

  132. JohnNumber3 says:

    Why doesn’t he get mad at me ?

  133. Lol says:

    Kendrick is right, LeBron lacks professionalism, you don’t see Kobe tweeting, you don’t see Tim Duncan tweeting, you don’t see Kevin Garnett tweeting. They’re all focused on the game, and they’re first ballot hall of famers and champions. NBA stars nowadays just like the attention and media hype. Grow up, NBA = no boys allowed.

  134. chriscav says:

    Lebron definitley WATCHES alot of basketball, especially in the post-season.
    Last time I checked, still no rings.
    Perkins 1, LeBron 0.
    Do EVERYONE a favor and keep your mouoth closed until you win a championship, king james…

  135. Peter says:

    Perkins is right about LBJ , firstly win a championship then you can talk all you want.Have no respect for LBJ after leaving the Cavs and l hope they choke in the finals again.

  136. Danny says:

    Kendrick crying now wow…I’m sure millions of people tweeted…are you going to tell everyone to be mature lol..

    You got into BLAKE’S poster…thats all..would have been better if you didn’t try to block it.

  137. Andy says:

    I’ve been thinking this for the past few months. You don’t see Kobe wastin his time on Twitter. That in my opinion is what differentiates the two. While Lebron sits around trying to get everyone to like him (and hide his big ego at the same time), Kobe’s in the gym doing work.

  138. NbaFan23 says:

    There is nothing wrong about getting excited over a dunk. Perkins needs to just shut up and it will eventually go away.

  139. Cebu Photos says:

    Poor Perkins. He should have tweeted: At least I’m famous free poster 🙂 jk.
    LBJ is just using is freedom of speech.

  140. Streetsilence says:

    It’s funny when people say “I was excited about that dunk, but you didn’t see me tweeting about it”. You know why… because no one knows you. I’m sure plenty of people blew this up, and that’s one of the reasons why Kendrick Perkins had to delete his twitter account. LeBron was giving Blake praise and putting his dunk behind the one he did the previous night. Simple as that. Just ask yourself this, “Would KP be ripping Lebron if someone else was Blake’s poster child and LeBron sent out the same exact text”… obviously replacing KP with a different name. Do you think KP would speak out then? I really don’t think so. He wouldn’t think LeBron was looking for attention. Why would be be. KP is still a little but hurt that the only attention he’s got this year was dropping 37 pounds and getting dunked on by Blake. It’s funny cause I love the guy. I am a boston fan (mostly because of KG and Ray Allen). But that’s irrelevant at this point. Kendrick… people get dunked on. You never saw Alonzo Morning complaining about all the attention he was getting by being the league poster child for 10+ years. Move on, play basketball, and be the defensive presence you have been. If it happens again, say good dunk and move on.

  141. Roy says:

    hahahahaha perkins is just grumpy because he got owned. The dudes gotta lighten up a bit hes always got that look on his face like he wants to hurt someone

  142. HeatFTW! says:

    lol, Kendrick has NO reason to hate on LeBron! LeBron was simply saying what he thought about the dunk……and we wasn’t be stuck up about it. He said that he’s not Number 1 on the Dunk Ladder any more. haha. Perkins isn’t too smart here. PLUS: Many other big NBA stars tweeted about it and you couldn’t just leave them alone?….you had to pick on LBJ?

  143. PC says:

    No one’s dunk is sicker than Vince Carter Vinsanity’s dunk over a dude in the Olympics years ago. As good as a talented player as you are LBJ, you can only talk when you win a championship. Perkins has one under his belt. Right now, LBJ should stay quiet until he has one Ring. Champions should always hold their head high and be humble and give everyone their space and respect, not throwing salt on people’s wounds. No one bashed on James when he got blocked by Danilo Gallinari 2 weeks ago.

  144. dave says:

    How Lebron (or any other player) reacts to a single play from a game they’re not even playing in, has nothing to do with their ability to win championships. Perkin’s statement has about as much credibility as something like… “Kobe or MJ don’t like anchovies on their pizza but Lebron does, looks like Lebron doesn’t have what it takes to win championships”….that’s how ridiculous this is. You can’t fault a player for their taste in Entertainment.

  145. Egert says:

    At least LeBron watches other games in the league. He respects his opponents and makes good comments about them. Kendrick looks stupid with that comment.

  146. artem says:

    whoever doesn’t like Perk is a lame, and more a sore loser that doesn’t like hard nosed D. Perk is an all around player and his role on the Thunder is the anchor of that defense like he was the anchor of Boston’s defense that won a ‘ship. (and don’t even say KG was the anchor cause that’s BS, KG was the heart and the soul of the D but Perk made them what they were) anyway, Perk can talk back to whoever he wants to cause he can back it up and he’s not scared to hit someone. It’s hard to find someone like Perk cause he is a real piece to a championship team.

    All my sayin is Boston missed Perk and wished him the best of luck.

  147. paranoid parrot says:

    RINGS: Perkins=1 Lebron=0

    just thought i’d put that out there for no reason.

  148. GOPI says:

    Dear Perkins,

    The main point is not about LBJ tweeting it…You are just taking his comment to give some stupid excuses…The fact is you did not block Blake..You cant jump…Instead of crying ,better improve your skills more in the game..I don’t think you will comment on LBJ if he praises you on something publicly..Better learn from your mistakes and try to contribute the team

  149. Open your mind says:

    And another thing.. People only hate “The Decision” because he joined with Miami. They’re angry because he “Teamed Up” with Dwyane Wade and Bosh. But tell me who wasnt excited about tuning in to that show and watching LeBron make that choice. Tell me what basketball fan didnt watch it. It’s easy to say that something was a bad move after it has happened. Tell me what peron criticized the show before before it actually came on and make his decision. If he would’ve said Cleveland, or New York, Or Chicago no one would have been angry about the show…. I bet if he was to join Kobe in LA everyone would think that it is “cool”

  150. ILLBJ says:

    Kendrick never can be like MJ or Kobe and he mentioned them cuz he can’t see that LBJ is a superstar like MJ or Kobe & probably better than them

  151. SMACK JOHNSON says:

    I agree and disagree with Kendrick Perkins.

    #1) TWITTER wasn’t around when Michael Jordan was dunkin’ on fools. And despite what you THOUGHT, Michael Jordan LOVED dunkin’ on fools and gloated about it. Go watch some more highlights.

    #2) Blake doesn’t celebrate. But DEANDRE JORDAN SURE DID. Maybe you should be mad at DEANDRE because if he could tweet from the court, he would have.

    #3) LEBRON IS WHAT…26 YEARS OLD? What the hell do you expect him to do?? He’s a frickin’ KID still. A RICH KID.

    #4) KOBE doesn’t tweet. He’s said that publicly. But, that Has nothing to do with championships. You think Kobe is walking around his house 24-7, “man, F tweetin’… get that phone and computer out my face…I’m focused on these championships!”

    #5) FACE IT. YOU GOT DUNKED ON…HARD. And when THAT kind of dunk’re going to have to hear about it. SORRY.

    #6) Only thing i agree with is Lebron didn’t have to big himself up in his tweet saying he was number 1.

  152. Anton says:

    I have to say…Sekou is once again is making something out of absolutely nothing…that’s some truly biting journalism!

  153. Janice says:

    Lebron Dunk was better. I don’t see what everyone is excited about with Blake over Perkins. It wasn’t the first time Perkins got dunked on. Go Lebron. Perkins is still a cry baby. Grow Up.

  154. Wonderboy says:

    Guys, I’m not a LeBron fan but I think everyone is harsh on him. I think he made all these no1, no2 comments EXACTLY BECAUSE he takes the whole thing lightly and knows that, really, a poster dunk is nothing important…

  155. Open your mind says:

    Lebron doesn’t have to be anything that anybody else wants him to be. Great athletes like Ali, Mayweather, or Allen Iverson wasn’t afraid to be themselves. LeBron is an elite player and is tweeting about exciting plays and it doesnt matter if he is the first to do it. Everybody just wants to take shots at LeBron. Im sure he’s not the only player that tweeted about it. Perkins should project that anger elsewhere

  156. Jordan says:

    I wouldn’t want a Christmas card from Lebron anyway

  157. BigBabyPerk says:

    No wonder boston traded perks away.. It was hard enough having big baby davis at the time, little own having perks being a dramatic cry baby just because he got the S**t dunked owt of him!.. Nice Griffs! This is why I own your jersey!

  158. BoyUnse says:

    FYI: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan doesn’t use Twitter. So STOP Crying!!!
    nuff said

  159. Nyer says:

    These players getting scared to defend now.
    Make an effort and defend the basket.
    Thats what you get paid for.
    Its was funny watchin Nuggets players move out the way for Griffin.
    Shaq, Malone, Barkley would never cop out.
    Too many nice guys in the NBA. Knicks team is full of them.

  160. damon says:

    man….who is lebron james???
    it was just a dunk…and a dunk “in-ya-face-style”
    but common…this happen’s everytime…
    let us remember the dunks rondo did on chris bosh or dwight howard

  161. beaumont boy says:

    haters on perkins lol he has a state championship ring on yeah an he has whats that an nba championship ring on more than lebron

  162. danny says:

    perkins is a human, when someone talks about you have natural reaction by replying to it. and ya it was a good dunk by griffin keep it to yourself, we all know lebron is good and has fans, and when he makes a tweet like that its going to get attention, but to bad it got perkins attention. talk about gettin dunked by blake, and being on lebrons tweet. insult over injury

  163. god says:

    LeBron talks a lot, talks about championships, talks to refs every play, talks about games he isn’t in. Fake azz hoes talk. Show him whats up if he drives at you Perkins.

  164. Kobe says:

    i agree with kp 100%

  165. jasonC says:

    Obviously Perk’s ego is bruised from the dunk. Obviously Lebron is on a huge-positive PR campaign to not be “the bad guy” anymore. Both players annoyed me here, personally. Perkin’s just looked for the lightening rod, that some people would support him in, to take attention away from getting absolutely posterized. Lebron is way to legacy-driven, it seems. You’re one of, if not, the best players in the world right now. I’d like to see him just shut-up already and become a perma-scowling-rip-your-arm-off-dunk-player, while never gloating or talking about it. Oh, and can we stop calling them dunks now when they throw them in. How about the dunk-shot?

    I hope D-rose starts off a wave of HUMBLE young players, good enough to destroy any player( even talk trash and be nasty) ON THE COURT. You don’t have to say anything off the court, there’s already way too may writers and hype-machines to make you look god-like.

  166. Dumza says:

    Yeah LBJ always looking for attention, I agree with Perk. Very immature from LBJ, nothing new there. I think he should just notch down on the attention part, too much spotlight.

  167. KG4EVER says:

    i am not LBJ fan but im not a hater either. i agree with him going to miami but not the way he did it. the only to correct this is for perkins to posterize lebron as well so he can experience what it feels like to be posterized at then perk should tweet about it to rub it in! THE POINT HERE is that its not morally or i should say its immoral to rub it in in someone’s face, if u get dunked on like say blake did to perk u knw a lot of people will talk about it, then someone in ur face tell u about it as well now how does dat feels? would u call it professional? every fan here justifyng lebron’s action have never dealt an experience like dat…to inadvertly humiliate someone intentional or not is still not good

  168. Greg says:

    Kendrick’s job is to play tuff defense. If a player goes to the rim- or even near it he is supposed to challenge them, right?

    If you challenge everything that gets near your rim- some of them will end up as successful dunks! Some will be Posters! Get over it!!! You can’t win them all! But because you tried- you will win some of them! If you don’t try how many will you win- none- right!

    I see so many players who just get outta da way! There not doing their job. Kendrick was definitly doing his job, and I hope that he keep’s doin it- and scowling (like he’s constipated- I thought that comment was funny!).

    If it’s all about you looking good, instead of you doin your job- then you’re not a team player. Get over your Egos and PLAY BALL. Every team needs that guy who challenges every shot he can get close to. That’s the teams that are going to win a championship!

    Not those with “I’ll get outta da way so I’m not posterized” whimps!!!

    I’m not worried about what Lebron say’s. He’s fun to watch a lot of times- makes some great plays, but I’ve not ever heard him say anything that I thought was really worth listening to.

    “The Decision” is just Lebron’s very worst example of public relations. Incredibly stupid. There’s been plenty more just mildly dumb things come outta his mouth! I don’t think that this tweet that Kendrick took offense to was even worth commenting on.

  169. Fire says:

    For everyone that agrees that Lebron is at fault for anything concerning his tweet really need to check yourselves! Sorry Lebron you can’t be an individual. You can’t have your own mind you have to be like MJ and Kobe or you won’t be accepted. Obviously, Lebron has never cared what any naysayers have to say because he continues to be Lebron. Lebron tweets about almost every sport on this planet because he is a sports junky. Anything he sees that he likes he tweets about it and I doubt that he will stop!

  170. BelizeBoy says:

    If Perkins wasn’t the one to get dunked on he would be saying the same thing as everyone else.

  171. Truth says:

    Perkins has a point on Lebron perhaps not having the same focus as Kobe does, but he got his point out in a horrible way.

    Is he not aware that Twitter wasn’t around in the 1990s? Or that his teammate Kevin Durant tweets?

    There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of the game. Are elite players not allowed to enjoy plays? Because Lebron probably saw this on sportscentre, does that mean he’s not focused?

    Ridiculous. And to combat his point on how Kobe wouldn’t react to a play like that:

    • But no one ever sees this, huh. Elite players don’t get excited for plays like this?? Well, Kobe, the elite of elites, shouted out for his savior when he saw that dunk, if that isn’t showing excitement, then idk what is. Perk isn’t mad at LeBron, he’s more mad at himself for not being able to stop the dunk & Blake for having no remorse lmao

  172. Miami says:

    Nothing James said was against Perkins. No reason to create an issue out of nothing. Btw there was no Twitter while Jordan was playing 🙂 When it come to respect I remember the day Jordan refused to shake Zo’s hand as a captain of Bulls and just turned his back…

  173. Moody says:

    In my opinion the dunk on Mozgov was much better than that on Perkins.
    Mozgov had his hands up and with that wingspan, Blake still managed to get up above him.
    Nevertheless the dunk on Perkins wasn’t to bad either. But i have to agree with Perkins on this. One play isn’t really a big deal. Players have a duty to try for the block and if he gets dunked on he’s compensated for that, in the form of a salary, ha ha ha.
    I have to say Perkins has come back strong from that injury he had in Boston and at this stage although i’m a very strong LAL fan i have to say they look stronger then any team in the NBA, to win the playoffs.

  174. Blazed says:

    Uhhh, Kendrick is just starting unneeded drama, and bringing more drama to OKC. LeBron did nothing but showed flattery. He WATCHES ESPN, NBA TV, and so on. So of course he’ll acknowledge that he was #1. IMO he still is. But he watched the game, he wasn’t playing in it. At home or wherever he was, he watched and tweeted like a spectator. KP is being a baby. Stupid Feed.

  175. Perkins u got dunked on end of story. although u dont see that happening to dwight

  176. LBJ4LIFE says:

    Who cares if PERKS got a ring. Everyone who knows bout basketball should know that he was carried by the big 4. He’s just like adam morrison from the lakers. No matter what perks say or do. noone will remember him in 10 years but lebron will always be mentioned as one of the greatest to play the game. so stop crying already perks and go get dunked on somemore. Keep hating on Lebron because i’d be jealous too if i were you.

    • beaumont boy says:

      damn u gpt lbj all in your name like he paying you lol lbj is prolly the best player in the league but at the end of the day he has the same amount of rings as me lol

  177. annonymous guyy says:

    Kendrick perkins always over reacts smh. COMEDOWN PERKINS EVERYONE WAZ MAKING FUN OV YOU ANYWAYS

  178. heatfan says:

    Wow sekoofu or whatver your name is,..sometime i question the intelligence of the media because of your couldnt think of anything else to write about? This is tmz sekou its basketball. write about legit stuff please..your a piece of work man…

  179. Viper says:

    I get his point but so what? LeBron wasn’t the only player tweeting about that Griffin Dunk, why LeBron? just because he’s currently hated by most NBA fans? nice Perkins for getting attention from fans.. from all the comment I read I see haters of LeBron being fake or unprofessional just because Kobe and MJ doesn’t tweet… but its ok, its very normal to hate these days… Look Perks, accept it you got Dunk by Griffin alot of fans and NBA PLAYERS tweeted about it.. thats part of being in the NBA being talked about..

  180. D4sharpshooter says:

    Lebron is not the one that is constantly comparing himself to Kobe & MJ….everyone is always bringing that up..why? OBVIOUSLY there is a reason.

  181. Kaybee says:

    I find it Ironic that whenever LeBron James says anything, everyone is quick to take a jab at him and most of all his inablitity to win a championship. Never sleep on greatness, and with a statement like perkins uttered, I quote ” You don’t see Kobe [Bryant] tweeting,” Perkins said. “You don’t see Michael Jordan tweeting. If you’re an elite player, plays like that don’t excite you. At the end of the day, the guys who are playing for the right reasons who are trying to win championships are not worrying about one play” Indirectly, Perkins uis claiming LeBron is not playing basketball for the right reasons and the reason for which he is playing is not for the right reason(not to win a championship” Of all the greats that commented on the dunk, he spotted only LeBron to pick on because he’s one of the public’s most hated and the reason he gave will sit well with other LeBon skeptics and haters. Good job Perkins for being a whimp that can’t shut up after being on Blake’s poster. Good job and get over it !!

  182. LBJFAN says:

    Kendrick Perkins is just upset he got posterized. What’s wrong with LeBron being a fan of the game? Isn’t that what we want players of the NBA to do? Get excited and show emotion for the game? Makes no sense bashing on a guy for getting excited because he enjoys the game we all enjoy as well.

  183. Danny says:

    u ppl act like lebron is the only one who tweeted about the dunk. several NBA players tweeted about it including russel westbrook. get ur facts straight.

  184. Darryl says:

    And to add this to people that say LBJ hasn’t won anything then Robert Horry is the best player in the NBA this generation and the past decades. He does have 7 rings more than anyone other than the Celtics from back in the day when ball was just starting. Does that count, I dont think so because no one in their right mind would say that Robert Horry is better than 80 percent of the league. So lets get off this LBJ hasn’t won anything yet. For all the MJ fans myself included he didn’t in till he was 28 and he kept winning so know what. Personally LBJ broke more records than anyone in the league currently so how come he hasn’t won anything. Most of the people on here are bandwagon fans…

  185. Andrea says:

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but doesn’t Durant- Perkins’ teammate- tweets his brain out every single day of the week? Why doesn’t Perkins say that if he doesn’t like players who tweet?

    Besides, this whole thing is so ridiculous…Perk is acting as if LeBron was the only player tweeting. Just shut up and leave LeBron alone.

  186. Banks says:

    To be fair, Lebron said MOVE DOWN number 6, because the Dunk chart came out and Lebron was number 1 on that chart…..dats why he talked about his own dunk, and was saying Griffin better get the top spot. Perkins just made everybody super aware that he got dunked on by Blake the Great. lmfao…..

  187. Erick says:

    Still… got more rings than Lebron

  188. Momo says:

    Looking back to all the great championship teams like the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Spurs, Rockets and even The Heat before LBJ arrived there you would not see any of the premature celebrations or the jumping with joy over a dunk (still counts for only 2 points I think). They played like conducting a business and celebrated when celebration was due… Don’t have to be 30 years old to be mature, don’t get rings for dunks although I admit they are exciting but if the other team goes and scores a 3 pointer at my end after I dunk while I am celebrating I think they would win the game. Sure LBJ is free to express his opinion but so is Perkins.

  189. michal says:

    Again, Perkins is a Fool. I hope he reads this. When Jordan was playing….there was no Twitter. Get over it and move on. DUNK ON SOMEONE OR MAKE A HUGE BLOCK TO GET YOUR CREDABILITY BACK. You propbably won’t dunk on someone because you don’t know how to score. (no offense). Because of this make a huge block and stop crying over it!!!

  190. Rake says:

    Blake is known for his monster dunks, he’s big , strong and he can jump out of the gym. Blake had a running start and Perkins was stationary so all things being equal (which there not) , I wouldn’t have expected any different results no matter who was defending and that includes all NBAers past or present. There are those who delight in imagining someone else being humiliated, it boosts their ego in putting down someone else. My guess is that if all of Perkins critics were in his shoes at that one defining moment we would be visiting them in the hospital right now. No matter how you look at it, it is still just two points, although admittedly an exciting two points.

  191. Wyatt says:

    Wow he needs to stop complaining he got banged on and An Elite Player should be excited that a young player Did something amazing!! I mean Players gave Lebron praise when he destroyed damon jones and he shows the same love back! *erkins needs to stop being a baby

  192. Stef says:

    If you don’t get excited by plays like the absolute demolishment of KP’s pride – Then you can just stop watching, playing and apparently ‘tweeting’ about basketball. Perkins got CANED stop trying to divert attention to someone people always talk about! Like he was the only player to comment? Hahaha – I honestly feel bad for the guy . . .

  193. Tom says:

    I’ve seen the replays. What was the big deal? Perkins had him stopped and he threw the ball at the rim. His hand wasn’t even on the ball. How is this the best dunk of the year? Is every shot Blake takes a slam dunk now. I’m amazed how much attention this guy is getting with his limited skill set that’s always geared to the camera. At least Chris Paul is there to finish the game.

  194. disaster says:

    first lbj can tweet what ever he want 2nd if somebody make a great no a moster dunk why i can not talk about it and he right that dunk was better then his so what i think ur naive american people have nothing better to do then look what people say how manny time i say something and do different or think next day what i did yesterday and now u super smart basketball stars i wanna know is here anybody perfect ???? man grow up with no dad make nba so what u want from him teammates bang his mum!!!wow nice friends lol who will stay there and everybody can play where ever he want !!! south beach o cavs lol

  195. steve says:

    perk got it right lebron is all about himself im from akron he sold us all out akron , cleveland all of ohio when he left to be wades . robin . in southbeach bron bron went from hero to zero never be loved like he was

    • K says:

      Steve for real????? We’re telling Perkins to get over getting posterized and then you get on here and bring up this cramp about LBJ selling out all of Ohio; dude please!!!! You really need to move on!!!

  196. House_Note says:

    Perkins…I’m a fan of defense bro and therefore a fan of skills. From the heart bro….you just tried shifted the attention (momentarily) from you to LBJ. And about Michael and Kobe, leave them out the conversation as you don’t hear the great defense players like Rodman or Howard complain when they get dunked on. Advice: …….and let it go bro.

  197. Fudl says:

    Griffins dunk was an offense foul guys! He pulled perkins hands down do avoida a block thats not allowed…

  198. Al says:

    Perkins you are not the judge of anyone! Lebron or anybody else can enjoy a dunk and tweet about it and still be a pro if they want to. The sad part is it’s so obvious that you are just sour because you got posterized! You would have been a good sport if you had just remained quiet but now your a cry baby.

  199. Baller#3 says:

    Kendrick stop acting like a b**** so what if LBJ tweeted you got dunked on, you did just get over it and play basketball. you are just blowing this hole thing out of proportion

  200. LeChoke says:

    LeChoke should concentrate on making free throws when it counts….

  201. Blakk says:

    Perkins is acting like a B#$%^. Man up and get over it YOU GOT DUNKED ON. anybody who has been playing basketball at an early age has been dunked at least once maybe not as bad but still. He keep running his mouth im sure king james will dunk on him too.

  202. Zoom says:

    Perkins is just hating. There is nothing wrong with what Lebron tweeted. Perkins should just go and sit down somewhere. Sore Loser!!!

  203. bobson says:

    Perkins is right? Lebron needs to conduct himself??? What the hell?? What did he do wrong? He was just humble and modest about the dunk Griiffin just did, its not like Lebron insulted Perkins or something……. he just thought it was an amazing dunk….

    What world do we live in when somebody can get criticized for liking a dunk……………………… amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. NBAknowitall says:

    Why post this drama queen article? media is a joke, always trying to stir up beef/drama. spend more time reporting on stuff actually worth reading

  205. Splintz says:

    I’m not even really a Lebron fan, but really Perkins? Look your probably saying that just cause KD didn’t want to acknowledge the dunk, But taking a shot about Lebron for that is just stupid. Maybe MJ and Kobe didn’t tweet about that stuff, but Honestly that’s an older generation. Stuff like Twitter and Facebook is common with this generation. On top of that I think for an elite player to recognize another play from a different player is a huge plus. All these superstars have all this Pride, its ok to be human.

  206. Ruben says:

    i don’t like Perkins at all, but he has a point, James was unproffesional, he needs to FOCUS more on the game and winning a ring instead of tweeting about other player’s dunk and looking who’s #1 and #2. He won’t ever get a ring with that immature mindset.

    Like somebody else said, join the Harlem Globetrotters if you wanna talk about dunks!

    • Al says:

      Booo. So you won’t win if you enjoy and get excited about the game…Booo.

      • Ruben says:

        James only wants attention.. do you see all his manners when he makes a dunk? screaming, moving his hands and feet, taunting the other team’s players.. he tries to do the same other great players did (like Shaq for example), but the facts are that no one likes James because he’s not humble at all, he doesn’t has a natural charisma..

      • Edgar says:

        Perkins dont get mad dude Dunk! them Back so they could shut up! and LBJ you didnt win 3 rings you are no Champion like Perkins.

  207. Thundered Up Okie Dude says:

    Perk and Okc crew are gonna own in playoffs. Beast mode X3! better bring a better beard than that lebron…

  208. ImAlwaysRight says:

    Atleast Perkins has a ring and Lebron doesn’t

  209. Q says:

    Perkins is right. Lebron needs to be a leader and conduct himself in a different way. Lebron probably will only win one ring, if that. He always try to push himself higher than everyone else but when it comes to playoffs, you can’t find him. A superstar is not even supposed to be worried about someone elses dunk. They need to focus on what they have going on.

  210. Kendrick says:

    Why did Sekou go and post this on NBA.Com. All i’m saying is LeBron should be more professional about it, nothing else. But yeah, I did get dunked on so what, most bigs that play inside will. Watch out LeBron when we play you guys next!!

  211. richjdawson says:

    I don’t blame Perkins for responding to Lebron. I blame Griffin for slammin in your face and totally ripping your heart out of your chest and wearing it like a badge of honor. Instead of running your mouth Perk go become a respectable big man. Hopefully Lebron smashes one in your face too and tweets about that too.

  212. JustOMatic! says:

    I have to give dap to Peter, big-ups to him, he said most of what I wanted to, the only thing is…. When Mj was doing it there was no twittter and things like that. Kobe is so full of himself, its just now sinking in that that ride is over for him.( I’ve been waiting.) The only thing KP needs to get over is that he got dunked on, it happens to the best of em! The only thing he has over James is he lucked up and was on the Big 3’s team when they won a ring! They coulda got Stromile Swift to play that same spot and woulda still got a ring!( Oliver Miller too!) Other than that he’s just a regular player on another team with 2 dudes that get the job done. Had respect for him in that aspect but, now he looking crazy. Just play ball, when “you” lead a team to the playoffs then talk.

  213. Jow says:

    omg and I thought NBA players wouldnt be such drama queens. Perkins is just butt hurt

  214. Emankeys says:

    Stfu Kendrick Perkins and practice on getting better defensively. Maybe you can be like Alonzo Mourning and block player’s dunk instead of whining when you get dunk on. A good defender doen’t cry about getting dunk on. All Lebron did was just praised Blake’s Griffen’s dunk. I bet you that Miami’s big three can dunk on you all night long.

  215. LeBron James says:

    Im gonna wear those Poster Boy t shirts whgen we are goin to play against Thunders…

  216. Jimbo99 says:

    wahh wahh get little Perkins some milk!

  217. nmadel says:

    Kendrick is a douche, but he does have a point. Lebron goes out of his way to get people to like him now because he is the most hated athlete in the world

    • K says:

      And still one of the highest paid……. So who cares; because he’s laughing all the way to the bank!!!!

  218. unnamed says:

    perk doesnt know how to handle the emotional thing so he releases it to lebron, but one thing i do know perk does have that lebron will doesnt have in his entire basketball career… is that what you call a ring?

  219. dido nc says:

    at the end of the day, Perks has a ring on his finger to show for. players will always dunk on others. no team hires you to dunk rather they hire you to bring the franchise a championship.
    keep playing for the right reasons perk. that is why OKC is best at the momment

    • Emii says:

      You gotta be kindding man… Perk is nobody in this league he was lucky to got a ring cause he was part of a big team with THREE SUPERSTARS. he’s just a rollplayer

  220. Derick-MIA says:

    lol, Perkins is a fool, I guess he got his feelings hurt or should I say DUNKED ON hahaa…. EVERYBODY, I mean EVRYBODY gets exited for plays like that, even his teammates (but they do it quietly lol) the only person that does not get excited is the one that got dunked on.
    Me myself, I’d leave the game if someone dunk on me like that lol

  221. Ronald Reagan says:

    Kendrick Perkins isn’t really a likable character in my book but he does have a point. First off, it shouldn’t bother Perkins what Lebron thinks, who cares. Secondly, Michael and Kobe didn’t tweet, you know why cause they are Champions. That tweet by Lebron came off to me as a little childish, and immature. How bout you win a ring first before you proclaim you’re going to win 6 or 7, or tweet about nonsense. I mean that’s disrespectful to Michael who actually won 6. Lebrons the same coward who wouldn’t even come out in Cleveland for the player introductions so we all know he’s not exactly a man, and this is coming from a Dallas fan.

    • Peter says:

      Not to mention refusing to congratulate / shake hands with Orlando after the game when they beat them fair and square in the conference finals a few years back. No teams hate each other more then Boston and LA, yet even those teams paid each other respect when they beat each other in subsequent finals appearances a few years back.

      Also as another person said – whether or not Perk is a superstar is irrelevant. Like him or not he is a great competitor with a ‘win or nothing’ attitude – he was a key component in Bostons 2008 title and he has a ring to show for it. Lebron has no ring.

    • Kevin L says:

      Are you stupid or what? LBJ went to player introduction, got booed like no one was before and then he torched the Cavs. Are you trying to prove something with ‘MJ AND KOBE DIDNT TWEET’? Really?

      Kobe doesnt have twitter, and neither did MJ in his prime, so what are u trying to say? That LBJ is a loser just because he tweets? Really?

      And by the way Peter, everyone thinks Dirk is a nice and humble guy, but nobody remembers he crashing the sh!# up after the 06 Finals loss. He didnt congratulate with anyone, and trashed about a dozen barrels of Gatorade. And dude, following your line of logic, Perkins is better than LBJ just because he has 1 ring. This is plain stupid, rings dont measure individual greatness

  222. czardas says:

    Not worth listening to this guy Perkins. Ur the one who wants attention. LBJ did the right thing to b humble and appreciate Griffin’s dunk. LBJ is always smiling, look at you, you seem to hate the world not just LBJ. Be like KD, grow up.

    • Peter says:

      Did you just use “humble” and “LBJ” in the same sentence? Are you kidding me? You cannot give the ‘humble’ label to a person who claims he’s going to win 7 championships, holds a championship parade with his teammates before he’s even played a game with them, and refuses to shake hands with a team who just beat him fair and square.

      Humble does not mean you smile all the time – that would be ‘cheerful’, or perhaps ‘friendly’. To be humble is to be accept your weaknesses and admit to it when you are beaten or when you know another is better then you at something.

      He may not be friendly, but Perkins is FAR more humble then LBJ will probably ever be. He will always admit to his weaknesses, and will always give credit to other teams/players if they outplay him.

  223. callanan says:

    Big dollar babies

  224. John T. says:

    Now, i’m gonna try my best to be neutral here. I’m a LeBron fan since the Cleveland days, but I admit I hated some of the antics he has pulled. Perkins has a point about LeBron’s tweet. LeBron needs to focus more on winning than tweeting. You don’t see MJ & Kobe tweeting — Damn right. On the other hand, Perkins did wrong as well. I felt he was a little too upset about Blake posterizing him, so he had to let it out somehow — on LeBron.

    Also to the people who thought that the shot wasn’t a dunk just because he didn’t touch the ring. Try leaping 38 inches from the ground and hitting a very strong and athletic big man from the NBA and make the shot. I DARE YOU. You don’t call that shot “normal” or “easy”.

    Criticize, but don’t be stupid. That’s all I gotta say.

    • Basketball studies says:

      still not a dunk but a great play…..does kobe or MJ even have tweeter? By the way how old are kobe and MJ? different time all together you can’t compare apples to oranges but I bet both of them had a reaction when they seen the play. I wish ppl stop telling ppl how they need to react to different things or who they need to act like

  225. Victor Manoel says:

    Shut up, little Perk.

  226. Slater says:

    Yo Perkins you need to relax big homie.. Real ballers like great plays.. so James jus liked the dunk … u sounding like u hurt …lol

  227. D. Kelley says:

    Perkins stop whinning & hating on LaBron, BLAKE dunk on YOU or threw the ball in over YOU & that’s who you should direct your comments too NOT LaBron. Oh Yeah, when LaBron DUNK ON YOU when th HEAT & OKC meet this year then you can speak but until then, STOP CRYING!!!. And, ALL the greats talk about dunks and people being dunk on just go check out youtube, your boy Kobe & Jordan do as well. Perkins focus on doing your job and quit worrying about what LaBron (out of ALL the people that commented) say’s on HIS tweeter page, he still has a right to express HIMSELF on HIS page!!!

  228. Ian says:

    Poor kendrick.. Now hating lebron.. Why dont you hate Blake? He’s the reason why you will always be remembered.. “THE GUY BLAKE GRIFFIN DUNKED SO HARD”.. It’s obvious that KP is hurt.. and having some defense mechanism.. or should I say displacement?..

  229. Yeap says:

    Stupidest comments ever by Perk. Kobe and Jordan talk all the time about who is the best player in the world cause their asked about it. Lebron has been asked about this dunk tons of times and is simply acknowledging another player. Perkins is just mad and needs to let off steam. Making a big deal of a small tweet saying nice dunk. Stupid Perk he thinks he so tough.

  230. 6nba5 says:

    1st off when did throwing the ball into the rim become a dunk, 2x he has done it 2nd time grazed the rim with his nails, it was about as bad as d12 trying 2 dunk from the free throw and threw it in, I’m not taking anything away from blake, but lebron needs to worry about showing up in games when it counts and not other stars. or worry about trying to stop that hair line from dunking on his neck, get a ring and then talk your talk like a king can

    • Basketball studies says:

      but in ive action it looks like a nasty dunk on 1st sight of it. now I agree the one last year wasnt even close to a dunk, you know the media they get a player and make him the best there ever was no matter what he does, if your known to be a dunker and u almost dunk its exciting to them…..either way perkins needs to shut up and play

  231. xavi87 says:

    no matter what ill still be proud of the heat if we make it to the finals and come short the next couple years; happens to so many greats ; needs to appreciate the audacity these guys have to link up and try to make it happen…. so many have failed that do deserve… so many have achieved this goal who dont

  232. DWade says:

    So what if Lebron liked the dunk! You can’t be excited for some nice dunks and plays because you play in the nba?? Perkins is just hating on Lebron! I’m not a Lebron fan or something and I don’t have anything against Perkins but come on… What does it matter what other people tweet? There are probably thousands of people that made a comment like that about the dunk, but that’s not bad, but Lebron’s comment is bad then? Why???

  233. João Paulo says:

    Man, it’s always sad to see a big man crying.
    Lebron James reacted just as any basketball fan would have.
    Perkins need to stop crying and next time just stay out of the way

  234. mark says:

    kendrick is a crybaby. accept the fact that you just get posterized by BG. dont make any excuses, and dont ever blame LBJ about it coz its true.

  235. corey says:

    he’s just mad cause he got DUNKED ON!! stop crying!!

  236. James says:

    Hey perkins… U MAD?

  237. Peter says:

    Perkins is not a bad player, but he is just a role player, unfortunately for him he doesnt have the skills LBJ or Blake have. He just hates being posterized, but why is he just simply gettin on Lebron?? MJ doesnt play anymore so hes not gonna get excited about these things. Kobe probably was sleeping when the game happened, so why are you hating on a comment? a simple praise to a sick dunk (and if u think it was bad than clearly ur just a hater). Idk, it is what it is. Wether LBJ wins a ring or not, he will still be remembered as the guy that won two MVPs in the row, and played a hell of a basketball throught the years. By saying all this about LBJ…do u mean that Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone or John Stockton are terrible cuz they didnt win a ring??? KP u got lucky to be on a team that CARRIED you to a win…again a ROLE PLAYER. oh well. i still love the dunk, and even though im a LBJ fan, i might buy the poster of Blakes dunk when it comes out and pop it on the wall just for hahas 🙂

    • Peter says:

      Stupid comment. Barkley, Ewing. Malone and Stockton never left their franchises at the age of 25 to make a superteam with two other superstars. In fact other then Malone-Stockton (who were unlucky to be in the same era as Jordan’s Bulls) none of those guys even played with one other superstar during the peak of their career.

      Lebron joined forces with two other superstars and stil didn’t win a ring. Can you even imagine how many rings Ewing could have potentially won if joined Stockton and Malone in Utah while all three of those guys were in their prime?

      • Peter says:

        Fact is that Lebron is a spoiled brat. He’s a super-talented athlete who has unfortunately lived his entire life in the spotlight, and he just loves being fussed over and basking in all of that media sunshine.

        It’s not the fact that he praised the dunk, it’s that he raved on about it like Griffin just overtook Kareem as the NBA’s all time leading scorer. See, that would be a once in a historic achievement and something worthy of awe…but this dunk was only a single play and no one will remember it in a years time. Plus, in the 2000 Olympics Vince Carter jumped OVER a 7-2 guy and actually dunked the ball – this dunk was nothing by comparison.

      • Emii says:

        you’re just another HATER, there was a differente time back there if you had put Ewing, Malone and Stockton in the same team that would have been a big mess… and that is where you can see LeBron’s greatness, he have two more superstars in his team and still have MVP NUMERS …

      • K says:

        Still zero; because MJ would have sent them all home at the same time!

      • davo09 says:

        haters gon hate!

      • Dbo says:

        You guys have the dumbest points i have ever heard…fact is those people were great players and don’t have rings so not having a ring isn’t a legit thing to hold against lebron, also he hasnt even been in miami for 2 years yet and he went to the finals in his first year there…what’re you gonna say when lebron gets a ring this year…nothing like you should be saying in the first place, just hating for the dumbest reasons

    • OKCKD35 says:


  238. kendrick who????? says:

    What a cry baby? There was nothing unprofessional about what LeBron did. It was just a good dunk. I can see if Kobe did have a twitter page but he don’t I’m not sure of MJ. All LeBron was doing was praising another great dunker. And who ever think LeBron should retire is totally out you’re mind. This guy is a great player and will get a ring. It takes time and when he do win his first ring this year. Please don’t bandwagon him. By the way im a Dwayne Wade fan..

  239. G says:

    Can Perkins dunk?
    Can Perkins even jump?
    I guess he did not loose that much of a weight…
    Rather than pushing this on to LBJ and taking a cheap shot of saying that eveyone hates Lebron, he should worry about being in a position of not being dunked on. Simple as that.
    Also, all stars did brag about dunks like this. They just did not have twitter and all other internet goodies. Comparing LBJ to Michael and others is a very cheap shot again just to come back at LBJ. Perkinis should know better that players say and do not very nice things to each other – this happened in the past, is happening now and will happen in the future. So, again, what Perkins said does not make any sense.

    Go cry somwhere else, Kendrik, accept the dunk like a man and admit that the world has a right to laugh at you.

  240. TheFoot says:

    I have to agree with everyone here!!! BooHoo Perkins!!! Why is everybody always picking on me? YOU ARE A PRO ( or a least i thought you were) get over it. Things like this are always said during the season….EVERY SEASON…..and there is nothing wrong with LJ’s tweet. Well i guess you should get mad at the TNT staff as well (Inside the NBA) guess they also made comments about that dunk. O yeah it was an awesome dunk….you will be a poster from here on out! i dub you “Poster Boy”!!!!

  241. vivek says:

    Blake’s dunk was very average. I dont know why everyone is gloating. and NBA tv promotes dunk and not skilfull playmaking, because they have to attract crowds. Demar derozan and javale mcgee were better in last years dunk contest but blake made the finals. Blake is just a show piece.

    • chris says:

      ok one.. blake is absolutely a better dunker then javale.. on every dunk mcgee took what 5-10 attempts? great dunker aye.. 2 il agree that demar got ripped and actually should have madethe finals. .but not over blake.. and theres a thing call ed the top plays ladder which is about skill and playmaking and dunks and defense.. so look around the site before posting next time.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Serge Ibaka was the best dunker in last years competition and didnt make it out of the first round, if he can jump from behindthe free throw line i am sure h can dunk over (the fron of the hood not even the high part) of a KIA. If Perkins didnt initiate the contact on that dunk it would have been an offensive foul. As you can see he is using Perkins as leverage to stay in the air (see left arm on Perkins pushing off) due to the fact that perkins fouled him first it was a legit play. It was an amaziing play by griffin but i think its even more overhyped than the KIA spokesperson in the KIa all star game.

  242. G says:

    If Blake dunked on someone else, Perkins would not have said a word. You can tell he’s upset about getting dunked on so disgustingly

  243. Jayo says:


  244. JZA says:

    Interesting… it seems Perkins is now looking more for that attention. Nobody can get as dramatically posterized like Kendric was… oh wait. Dwayne Wade posterized him last season.

    and LeBron infamous “no regards for human life” dunk over Garnett a few years ago:

    I dont see anything wrong with stars getting excited about the game. If MJ or Kobe doesn’t tweet about is maybe because they are not that into twitter. Dont ya think? IMHO I think LeBron tweet was taken out of context. Probably was part of an offline exchange at the moment. I bet people around him were making a big deal out of his dunk after the game when they saw the Griffin dunk.

    • Dbo says:

      omg yess, good points…maybe perkins is tired of getting dunked on so much, it has to get to him sometimes…

  245. Joker says:

    kendrick gonna Crush james when they face off watch when he gonna be on Hulk Mode

    • Dbo says:

      lmaoooo good one, you’re seriously underestimating lebron which i didn’t think was possible…lebron is gonna dunk in perkins face harder than blake did and teach perkins to stop talking and whining so much, thats exactly why i hate the guy

  246. Heat32 says:

    Get a life perkins, you are the worst player in NBA history. Your just saying that cause nobody likes you punk.

  247. napster says:

    what is wrong with LBJ’s tweet? that is what you call humility, praising blake’s dunk instead of his dunk and that is the character that great players should posses, praising other player’s ability instead of himself. whats wrong with you kendrick, face the reality that there are player’s like blake & LBJ who can explode to the basket like that.

    • SO TRUE! says:

      yeah keep praising others…. that will definitely give him all those rings he wants!! Its all psychological and he is putting himself inferior to those other elite players when he has the capability of being the best!! I can guarantee you if Lebron really wanted, he could top that dunk TODAY! but no, he is too busy being humble. And this is another reason why he will never be a great!!

      • tre' says:

        so let me get this straight, you criticize lebron for being an arrogant prick, yet he’s now not allowed to be humble?

        i swear, the amount of hate this guy receives has to rival Chamberlain.

      • lbj hater says:

        This guy right above me is a so true LBJ hater. Or maybe he is perkins. cant you respect other’s opinion?

      • Emii says:

        Dude when you have 29ppg 7rpg and 7apg you already are a GREAT.. you’re just another LeBron’s HATER

      • robbay2 says:

        So he cant be humble or prideful…


      • Poukissa says:

        You must be the dumbest all of the Lebron haters, you are making a fool of yourself, If you go on like that, the next stop will be an asylum for you.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        the hate lebron gets is self imposed, if you call yourself king james and act out like he did when announcing going to Miami you are going to be hated. He is far from humble. Even declaring himself the previous # 1. who decided that? Its funny that noone remembers what Perkins said after the game. He doesnt care that he got dunked on, all shot blockers/defense enforcers get dunked on, its part of the game, but perk got something that Lebron don’t. A ring!

      • Simple Guy says:

        There is such a thing as mock humility. Trying to give the appearance of being humble when in fact your actions show arrogance. One could argue that LeBron is saying in essence, “Look at me! I’m giving praise to another player, not to myself! My dunk was good too, but his was better! See, I’m not such a bad guy, look at me praise someone else!” In sort of an underhanded way, he draws attention to himself and his dunk.

    • djoy says:

      this is not humlility, u r wrong man, it is called fake humility, cant u see lebrick is tryin to act like he can distribute good or bad points to any players in the league, but who cares, this guy hasnt won anythin so ….

      • wadefan says:

        actually he has won a lot.. his last two seasons in cleveland he won more games than anybody else.. last year they were what 2nd or 3rd in the league.. he’s gone to the finals twice.. once basically by himself.. he has two mvp trophys..

        thing is.. im not a huge lbj fan at all.. but you cant simply take away all his accomplishments because he doesnt have a ring.. iverson never got a ring.. barkley never got a ring.. stockton.. malone.. the list goes on and on for all the greats that dont have rings..

        but lets say he hasnt won anything.. lets say he hasnt been one of the best players in the league for the past couple of years.. why cant he tweet a dunk.. and why does it matter than he called his dunk the previous number 1.. he jumped over another player IN A GAME.. not in a dunk contest.. but in a game.. thats a big deal.. it went straight to the top of the dunk ladder here on so obviously a lot of people thought it was the dunk of the year up to that point.. some argue it still is.. perkins is just whining

      • hunter says:

        yeah lbj jumped over someone,but HELLO!that someone is just 5’11 dudue!.5’11….nate jumped over dwight…vinsanity over a center thats almost 7′..lbj is a losser,cant win a championship..haha

  248. Philippines says:

    Im not a Lebron Fan, Look Kendrick you also make yourself excuse on Blake posterizing you? nah you make yourself Statue over the Liberty… Kendrick HUFFY! so what if lebron include you in his tweet, be thankful Kendrick! look at your face NIGA!

  249. zatch says:

    Not a fan of Perk at all. He does make a great point about LBJ’s professionalism. He definitely lacks what proven winners like Kobe, MJ, and even Dirk or Timmy D have. Maybe LeBron should just retire and sit on Shaq’s lap every Thursday so they can dance a jig every time somebody makes an athletic play. That or join the Harlem Globetrotters.

  250. gmoney says:

    Kendrick is rite Lebron get a ring u dnt see the greats all worked up on dis dunk it was a good dunk but we see no names players dunk on people its not dat serious Blake need to start grabbing the rim before we call it a dunk lebron get like Kobe are Jordan and quit stinkin up the finals

    • madeulook says:

      Shaq is one of the best centers the league has ever seen, without a doubt he is one of the greats. and i say that to say, even he was clowning on perkins for getting dunked on so wtf are you talking about!!!!!!!!!! get your facts straight before making an azz of yourself with the stupid comments

    • Dbo says:

      you’re probably a lebron hater that gets on him about every single thing he does so your comment doesn’t matter, and just because kobe and jordan didn’t tweet about it doesn’t mean that lebron shouldn’t tweet about it…so you’re reasoning is just stupid, i hope lebron dunks on perkins worse than blake did.

      • Fireball says:

        Cut this this thing off.. wtf perk so just dunk on blake hard and dunk on LBJ harder.. just do it and no more trash talking..

  251. prix says:

    Kendrick just been hurt too much…he needs an outlet and he saw Lebron which the world hates and put his hate to him to…Why not put his hate to Blake and posterize him next time or to himself, just took some Vodka and drink to die…

    • SO TRUE! says:

      Didnt you read the Blog Prix… you always make stupid comments! IT said… ” Perkins respected Griffin for not making a spectacle of the dunk afterward or gloating about it. But he wasn’t too appreciative of LeBron James tweeting praise to Griffin.” This is the reason why he is not angry at Griffin. Second i am a BBALL fan and i went Bananas after seeing this dunk/throw ( still amazing either way) but i didnt go on twitter and mentioned this dunk! really? does Lebron need that much attention? and it proves once again that Lebron is not the MVP…he is “#2″ and yeah ” # 6…move out of the way” hahahaha!Its funny cause he posted that comment himself. But i guess its ok being number two for a normal player ( too bad i always thought he had much more in him to be the best ever… and i say this as a Lakers fan, but like i said before… he has no heart or he might not care!) Anyhow If i had Lebrons ability, i would take that dunk personal and show Griffin who really is better and not praise him as much!! have some dignity man!!

      • MUBWAR says:

        u r pathetic dude.

      • TheKing6 says:

        Hey, are you dumb? Look, LBJ tweeted like MANY OTHER PLAYERS. Who does Perk get mad at? LeBron. Why? Cause he can. Cause LeBron also had a big dunk that week and because he used to play on the Cavs who matched up with the Celtics a lot. Perk has hated The King for a while now and is just now taking a shot cause he has an opportunity. LBJ didn’t do anything wrong, he just did what lots of others did too. He doesn’t deserve negative attention for LIKING a High Griffinition dunk. Don’t we all?????

      • Dbo says:

        so you’re making a point that since you didn’t post about it lebron shouldn’t have…news flash, no one cares if you posted or not get over yourself…perkins is just mad that he got dunked on and for some odd reason he decides to talk about lebron who is probably now gonna dunk on him…perkins needs to keep his mouth closed

      • c0achdesigns says:


        Either way, it’s a comment that hurt another player. It’s not a lot of others that made Perk look so low. This is why the best players are separated from the greats.
        Still an unacceptable comment. LBJ is a superstar and doesn’t need attention but here he is, wanting the world to like him, but that’s not the case before and it never will.

      • rny says:

        perkins is hurt because one man dunk over his face jajaja…

      • ed says:

        What about LeChoke James, Didn’t he try and have NIke take away a home video of him getting dunked on by a college kid. OH but now he talks about how another person got dunked on. Like another person here said how can you be #1 when you are not even #1 on your team.

  252. Riverlobo says:

    Boohoo…Kendrick Perkins role player, looks always constipated

    Use your energy elsewhere…you are a hired goon keep up the good work…so be it if you get dunked on all the time and end up in posters…try a different manuever in avoiding the Flagrant foul call, watch Bruce Lee movies maybe that will help

    10 years from now…Kendrick Perkins remeber him…who…oh yeah the man on the Blake Griffin poster

    • Denzo says:

      I dont agree. 10 years from now we will remember Perkins as an NBA champion, and the reason the didnt win back to back (injured in GM 6 missed gm 7).

      10 years from now, we’ll be saying how LeBron couldnt win a 3 peat with all that talent on the roster.. umm. D WADE!! , and always he failed in the 4th quarter depsite being a self proclaimed superstar.

      • cj says:

        Lebrong going to get 3 rings if u dont think so then ur just dumb. lebron is the best in the league hands down and his dunk was sick

      • pople says:

        lebron the best player in the league ha what a joke, when he is not even the best player on his own team

      • Sick says:

        @pople so who’s the best player right now?? your Kobe…lol
        in your dreams stupid

    • St John says:

      @Sick how many rings does lebron has again???

      • mif991 says:

        To self-gloss like Lebron (“I guess I am #2) is what rubs people the wrong way. I do think Lebron will get his ring(s), but because Wade will obtain it for him (provided that he doesn’t get hurt)…and this tweeting business is a non-story.

      • Sick says:

        St John D’baptist Lebron has one wedding ring but Kobe’s 5 ain’t enough…bwahahaha

  253. Steve says:

    I have to say that recently, dunk is th top topics that people discussed about. When LJ published that comments we were still discussing about his dunk, and he had alreay got the ‘attention’ and the ‘like’. So my understanding here is he was trying to praise another players dunk instead of talk bad things on Perkins. For me this is totally a opposite reaction to what Marc J. Spears was talking about up there. You have to discuss things under given circumstances.

    • Razalian says:

      Lebron is talking about himself, despite “praising” over someone else’s dunk. Which is why, Perk still dislikes the guy. Even then, Lebron’s dunk shouldn’t be saying he was number 1, then 2.

      • Razalian says:

        Lebron shouldn’t be saying his dunk was*

      • The Agressive Napkin says:

        honestly i don’t like lebron that much and will sometimes jump on the haterade bandwago. but only when it’s soemthing to hate about, this is silly. if this was reverse and blake tweeted lebron nobody would have said anything. lebron’s allowed to take a few minutes off every once in a while and be a fan too. i think everyone is making a big deal about it. perk reacted how anybody would react. and if perks a the player we all think he is, he’ll challenge blake again and again and again like he said he would. this is being blown way out of proportion. and lebron can say his dunk WAS number one HE JUMPED OVER SOMEBODY!

      • Poukissa says:

        Are you hearing yourself? You sound as silly as Perkins. Everybody was talking about the dunk, why did he single out Lebron? In my opinion he is just looking for a diversion so people can forget that he got posterized. As far as looking for attention, Perkins must be in his first year in the league, all of those players he cited are attention hogs.

      • dre says:

        Razalian, you dont get it. EVERYONE was talking about how amazing his dunk was. Griffin was just a day later. To ignore that context is to be a hater.

      • kiefynugs says:

        Lebron’s dunk was better. K perk’s always gonna be butthurt its his way. He’s got a chip on his shoulder.

    • CoachD says:

      OMG, I hate LBJ for no reason but this made furious even more.

      I love the last sentence quoted by Kendrick, “I feel [james] is looking for attention and he wants the world to like him”.
      This is accurately said, in our language “natumbok mo, tsong!” (it’s like saying, “right on the money!”)..

      Love is earned through hardwork on and off the court. But this off-the-court tweeting stuff just crossed the line. This is where the best players are separated from the greats.

      And oh btw, heat v. thunder on the playoffs? C’mon steve, Don’t you think it’s too early to tell this? Or you based this out of james dunking on a 5-ft guy?

      • kiefynugs says:

        haha so get this guys. The good players are separated from the great players by their twitter posting abilities.

      • St John says:

        YES… its about the tweet. Its about what you do outside the court as well. LB is like the old Kobe Byrant during the shaq days… but look at KB now…

      • St John says:

        LB is like a selfish KID… whats to take glory and attention… MJ, Bird, Magic, KB etc wanted attention dont get me wrong, but they wanted a different kind of attention. they wanted to WIN. that small stuffs like tweeting about a dunk didnt cross their minds. they will rather make them selves better or make their teammates better…

      • G3 says:

        LeBron had the NBA attention on his highschool days, and the world on his rookie season and the fans all over the world love him even he take his talent to south beach. And a player dunking(alley-oop) over somebody (even its 5FT) on a given game, (not on a dunk contest) that.. is.. pretty amazing.

    • imad akel says:

      Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are some of the biggest show offs in basketball history.

      Lebron’s comment, even if it had mention of his previous dunk in it, is still a humble one in comparison to some things.

      KG used to always comment and react in a big way to his own dunks and also to vince carter’s dunks in the all-star game.

      Michael Jordan and shawn kemp would point fingers on the person they dunked on right after, adding insult to injury.

      Don’t watch many kobe highlights, but im sure he’s done that once or twice too.

      It’s entertainment.

      But media these days, whenever a player has beef they can exploit it and make a player look like a “bad personality”. This is as opposed to the innocent personality all players were in the past, right?

      Please…K. Perkins, keep your beef and your shame and your injured pride hidden in a box somewhere deep in your closet, where the media can’t find it.

      • MR. JUAN_YOUR WARLOCK says:

        Here you daug… Highlight from back in the day, thru today… never a tweet, nor twat

    • sam says:

      Lebron is the # 1 player in plannet, he was trying to praise mr.Griffin what he done for the game of basketball, I don’t think is anything wrong with that
      He did not offend mr perkins……advise for mr perkins, please improve your game and show them what you can do on the court, not off the court……..Hope you will do that in the coming days

      • OKCKD35 says:

        What has Blake Griffin done for the game other than sell out to KIA and completly ruin the KIA sponsored slam dunk contest? The guy has a great game but flops entirely too much and gets much more credit than his numbers back up. I would much rather have Aldridge on my team than griffin.