Blogtable: Dirtiest Player(s)

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Not that we’re bringing up Kevin Love here, but who’s the dirtiest (or, if you prefer, orneriest) player in the NBA these days?

Steve Aschburner: Normally I like to answer right up front and expound after, given these short-attention-span times. But … really? One graf to nominate and persuade on this loaded question? This could be a whole column. Or a series. Here’s the best I can do in the space allowed: The orneriest player in the NBA is Kevin Garnett, case closed. The dirtiest? I’ve seen Dwight Howard pull some stuff. Andrew Bynum earned a rep in his knockdowns of Beasley and Barea. But my choice is Metta World Peace/Ron Artest because of his general disregard for how brutishly he can play and how clumsy he sometimes is. He’ll use a questionable, bruising tactic and then look up like, “What?”

Fran Blinebury: Reggie Evans grabbed Chris Kaman by the junk.  End of discussion.

Scott Howard-Cooper: How very passive-aggressive of you to ask the question like that. I still see that Mahorn guy on TV. I’ll go with him. If he is ineligible because you insist on following the statute of limitations on the small technicality that the accused must still be playing, the pick is Reggie Evans. Let’s just say I don’t think too many of his peers would find that an outrageous choice.

Shaun Powell: Kevin Garnett came into the league as a young, eager, somewhat innocent and effervescent teenager — Da Kid, if you recall — and will leave as the Clint Eastwood character in Gran Torino. As if his body language and facial contortions don’t scream “Git off my court” enough, he too often throws a verbal punch below the belt (Charlie Villanueva, etc.). From a sneakier standpoint, I’ll nominate Kurt Thomas, who has perfected the art of the timely-placed elbow and shove. “Nothing I do is illegal,” he told me just a week ago.

John Schuhmann: Kevin Garnett is definitely the orneriest player in the league, and probably sets the most illegal screens of anybody. But the two guys who would lead my All Irritant Team are Reggie Evans and Metta World Peace. Evans is obviously known for the Chris Kaman incident, but he scratches, claws, pushes and pulls for every rebound. Meanwhile, MWP makes it his job every night to get into the shirt and under the skin of the opponent’s best perimeter player.

Sekou Smith: I do prefer a different word. And it is with great appreciation that I bypass the nomination process and crown Los Angeles Clippers forward Reggie Evans with the title he so rightly deserves as the nastiest (in a good way) player in the league. Evans has grabbed other people (Chris Kaman) in places that aren’t suitable for discussion in this or any other space. But anyone that lies and says they wouldn’t want him guarding their back on the low block should be subject to 15 minutes in a rebounding drill with Evans at practice. I honestly don’t mind the way Evans plays. It’s part of what has kept him in the league this long.


  1. Ryan says:

    The question was who is the dirtiest nba player not biggest flopper! If this is a flop debate then Ginobli is by far at the day… if someone touches him when he drives he flies in the air and acts if he got shot… not to mention he travels pretty much everytime he drive to the basket… last time i checked your only allowed 2 1/2 steps not 4

  2. Sarkies says:

    If we are talking about who looks the dirtiest, Joakim Noah for the win 😀

  3. ghost says:

    NATE ROBINSON for giving BIG BABY DAVIS a concussion! Donkey knocks Shrek out! Hahahaha

  4. Zac says:


  5. Netherlands says:

    What about Gary Payton?

  6. LOL says:

    Kobe and Wade? Dirty? these people must be celtics fan. you want dirty players then take Rondo, Pierce, and Garnett. how’s that for dirty, gohomeceltics. LOL @ rondo’s dirty play that backfired, leading to his injured elbow just LOL

  7. Mico Webb says:

    I Think it’s the Lakers led by Kobe. They made Yao retire. They injured Perkins yhats why they win back 2 back. Kobe even hits Hibbert thats why Hibbert is now wearing mask. Odom is also dirty when he is still a laker. Kobe is even faking injury. Kobe Fisher Bynum Artest are the dirtiest players and Lakers(era of gasol & kobe) is the dirtiest team of all time.

  8. Travis says:

    I’m surprised that there is rarely any mention of Jason Terry. He definitely did unnecessary dirty moves in the past. plus a loud mouth trash talker.

  9. Basketball23 says:

    The dirtiest player ever is probably Bruce Bowen or Kobe, remember his elbowing streak?

  10. Pater says:

    Don’t argue people, the dirtiest player in this league is Kobe Bryant! Case closed.

  11. maam says:

    LAL is all-dirty. Bynum, Bryant, Barnes, Artest …. But I actually like Bynum, he’s tough center 😀

  12. Reggie Peter Vescey says:

    The top 20 dirtiest players ever in the NBA are in my opinion the following.
    1.Rick Mahorn
    2.Bill Laimbeer
    3.Dennis Rodman
    4.Charles Oakley
    5.Anthony Mason
    6.Kevin Garnett
    7.Charles Barkley
    8.Karl Malone
    9.Joe Dumars
    10.Dikembe Mutombo
    11.Ben Wallace
    12.Rasheed Wallace
    13.Greg Anthony
    14.Raja Bell
    15.Vernon Maxwell
    16.Reggie Evans
    17.John Starks
    18.Buck Williams
    19.Xavier McDaniel
    20.Kurt Thomas

  13. jason says:

    FLOPPING does not mean a player is dirty., FLOPPING is an act where players fake to get fouls or possesions. IT IS A SMART PLAY TO USE SOMETIMES.BEING DIRTY is the act of intentationally hurting someone or disregard others safety.

  14. regiie says:

    lebron is the dirtiest he has no ring so that meks him dirty too lol you dont have a ring lebron you are the worst player too

  15. yimanseisj says:

    you want a list of current players here it is:

    1. derek fisher- luis scola, and go back and watch the 2004 .4 second shot game winner and what he does to manu ginobili while tim duncan made his shot before he hits his game winner. and please don’t tell me he was boxing out.
    2. Kevin garnet. I still don’t understand why that guy wasn’t ejected for punching howard.
    3. kobe bryant, elbows to the face of ginobili, artest, and some other guys
    4. tyson chandler- the reason dallas has a championship and miami doesn’t. Pushes, shoves, elbows to the face. Not a defensive force, just plays dirty to get advantage.
    5. Jason terry- punches michael finley in the groin to get the ball.

  16. Kane says:

    Also Kobe is soft. Remember a few years ago he elbowed Ron Artest. Ron wanted to kill him. So soft Kobe said to Phil “I think he should be on my team next year please”.

    Kobe = Soft or better still, Kobe = Scared!!

  17. Kane says:

    Matt Barnes!!

  18. EJ says:

    COmeon people we all know its Rasheed wallace!

  19. SAM says:

    how is bruce bowen not in any of this?!?!

  20. CelticsBanner18-2012 says:

    Garnett might talk trash but he is undoubtedly one of the best power forwards to ever play in the NBA. There is no arguing on that…

  21. wow says:

    wow every single one of you didn’t mention this one dirty player. ANDREW BYNUM!
    remember dallas series?? and many others games b4 that series…..

  22. rockets3422 says:

    Not only is KG a dirty player but also not a good person. I went to a preseason game when he played for the Timberwolves. They were playing this game in Minot, ND and there was this kid who had a KG card and was seeking his autograph. KG took the card from the kid and threw it on the ground. WOW!!! Most of these players think they are above anyone and forget that they are normal people. Makes me want to say grow up but unfortunately most of them will not. They have been treated like GODs because they can throw a ball through a hoop. He has always played dirty (i.e. throwing unnecessary elbows) and he cries when someone does the same to him.

  23. shane says:

    also some of kobe’s things are very harsh look at his fights & stuff, but he does get hammered I will admit that and I AINT a kobe lover I do enjoy his game n if it was heat vs lakers final, go Lakers

  24. shane says:

    what about Amare Stoudamire? He aint a STAT eith er mind you, what about both times on Andrew Bogut, look the videos up honestly plus we FORGOT Mr Bruse Bowen from the spurs he was dangerous

  25. Beckham says:

    MJ is the dirtiest player in NBA history

  26. C says:

    Rondo has gotten into fights with Kirk. He punched Brad Miller’s mouth, broke his teeth, as Brad was going in for the winning layup that same series. He’s also gotten into it with Wade.
    And regarding all the comments about Kobe, I think to be a dirty player you have to hurt people when you are playing defense. Kobe is not a clean player by any means (elbows, shoving people off, occasional whining to refs), but he doesn’t get into fights, shoving matches, or plays dirty defense. He plays tough defense, and hard offense, but not dirty basketball.

  27. dmkb24 says:

    MWP is the dirtiest players in the nba no question.

  28. Bill Ragudo says:

    Dennis Rodman
    Charles Barkley
    Kevin Garnett
    Jermaine ONeal
    Raja Bell
    Gary Payton
    Vlade Divac

  29. bailleys88 says:

    Rondo? lol just lol. Okay the Heinrich incident, but Kirk initiated that and as a result got ejected from the game.

  30. Xavier says:

    lol Did you really say Rondo? Rondo’s usually the victim of a dirty play. Remember when Wade pulled him down and made him DISLOCATE HIS FREAKIN ELBOW!!

  31. celtic533 says:

    how is it rondo?

  32. Sebastian B. O. Buniontoe says:

    KG as “orneriest?”

    On the court is a thug. Sportswiters like to softy-soft he on court demeanor but he is a punk who pick on players smaller than him, especially rookies.

    Off the court he is a recluse living in a cocoon of sycophants.

    This is not a criticism of his considerable talent. But there have been many HoF caliber players who don’t make jerks of themselves.

  33. Matt says:

    I want to know how that was not a foul on Love!! That was terrible, from an officials point of view, the referee who missed that should be sacked!

  34. Ian says:

    You tube Kobe and elbow and tell me if Kobe isn’t dirty

  35. marco says:

    What about matt barnes

  36. skeeds says:

    We often think the big loud guys fouling people on the block are the dirtiest players. I strongly disagree. There are players who play hard, and contest hard, and foul hard. Shaq literally demolished guards when they started getting hot driving to the basket. All the pushing and shoving around the rim, that’s not the “dirty” stuff. That’s mild compared to what goes on away from the ball, around screens, on the weak side. That’s where dangerous stuff, like extending a leg to smash a guy’s knee, elbows and headbutts happen.

    Want dirt? Fisher is one of the best. Go back to the 2010 Finals. After a scorching start from Ray Allen in the first 2 matches (broke the Finals 3pt record), Fisher gave him a strong hit in the ribs, on his shooting side. Allen played with a bruised torso for the rest of the series, and had some serious trouble scoring. I wish I’d made that up. I didn’t.

    More dirt? Wade. Now, I have to say, Wade is one of my favorite players, a true fighter. Still, he does stuff like driving to the hoop with a raised knee, especially when the defense sets to get the charge. He smashes his shoulder in chests while trying to overtake his man, and swings his elbows a bit too accurately.

  37. danny says:

    the kid that said rondo is a dirty player, doesnt watch the nba, should say sorry to everyone for waisting 30 seconds of my life..

  38. Jason says:

    As a hockey and basketball fan, I don’t feel a lot of these instances are dirty. Except for grabbing someone’s junk. I get that ball is a different game, but its pretty soft. Everybody is a flopper if they can get away with it, and it’s a reflection on the game. It’s embarrasing because a little body contact is nothing to these giant men.

  39. squareimage says:

    Surprised they didn’t mention Bruce Bowen in any of it.

  40. number 40 says:

    Like i said before: Fisher.
    But if i takes one memorable foul to convince you all, this is probably the worst foul i have ever seen (looks more like a hockey body-check).

  41. Roy says:

    Rondo is not a dirty player, he’s one of the top defending point guards in the league, you gotta have a little grit to keep that title. And about the thing with him and wade. Wade clearly flopped no question. and his ignorance of being a star and expecting calls got rondo hurt.

  42. Son says:

    Kobe Bryant is not a flopper he complains a lot YES and gets superstar treatment but a flopper is not what he is. D-Wade is the better treated superstar (coming from a HEAT fan) Rondo has found himself in dirty plays and the time he got hurt was cuz he was pulling wade down to the floor and wade let himself fall as long as he was sure he has rondo to break his fall. i do understand you get frustrated when people is pulling and pushing you rondo started the play and he paid the consequences.

  43. Elliot says:

    Kevin Garnett is NOT a dirty player, sure he’s done some things which a few players have done in the past but he brings the physical toughness basketball of the 80’s to todays game and the only people crying about it are the newer players (Noah, Villa) No one batted an eye lid when Bird and Parish clock Lambier and or when Bird and Dr J went at it, Detroit were called The Bad Boys for a reason, Todays game is soft but KG brings the toughness back. He doesn’t care if you think what he’s doing is over the top or too intense so why should you?

  44. PC says:

    Kevin Love is not a dirty player. He just has no respect for guys on the floor and seem Luis Scola as a door mat. He was clearly looking down at Scola b4 stepping on him. I lost part of that respect for Love when he did that. He is a great scorer but really, must you step on a guy that fell to the floor?

  45. Andy says:

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned Bruce Bowen and Robert Horry.

  46. the truth says:

    Dwight Howard is the dirtiest player in the league today.

  47. never mind says:

    KG’s always been a punk.

    • CelticsBanner18-2012 says:

      So did you try finding out why KG punches Dwight Howard. Dwight was grabbing and holding him and that is illegal. By the way, since when did people as strong as Dwight Howard start getting injured by a soft punch on their arm? Use a little common sense please…

      • LIKing your idea says:

        quickly somebody post the video how wade pulled rondo down to injure him how he try to push allen away and how wade lock kobe wade even pulled ginobli down by pulling his head clearly if it comes to dirt i vote for wade if you say artest looks up like it was nothing wade just smile and laugh it off like it was nothing

  48. NO Floppers says:

    How can anyone not see that scola flopped?! It is his fault he was stepped on after putting his arms up to trip love instead of getting out of the way. Flopping should be a technical foul because it usually creates a dangerous situation. I hope he gets hurt next time he flops to teach him a lesson. The suspension is ridiculous and a media ploy for the league. Make a new rule and tell the refs to call flops!!!

  49. Craig says:

    All this and Bill didn’t get a mention, wow.

  50. Roberto says:

    Rondo is not a dirty player nor Kevin garnet, they are just very intense when it comes to playing basketball and that what you should expect out of a player. as well Paul Pierce is just as much of a flopper as every other big name in the nba like kobe and lebron, they do anything to get the call.

  51. Jay says:

    Danny Ainge he bit people and launched balls into peoples faces.

    • MM says:

      Ainge didn’t bite anyone, he was bitten by Tree Rollins and had to have stitches. It’s amazing how often people get that wrong.

  52. Terrell says:

    Here you go…. Kobe ELBOW Bryant

    KG is intense, but he’s never did any punk moves like this, he doesnt cry like kobe does, and hes not selfish like kobe is. kobe acts like the rich kid who’s has all his tittles handed to him his team being the “Inheritance”.


  53. Don says:

    KG, Dahntay Jones, Rondo, JR Smith, Jeff Foster

  54. eh?? says:

    to Reggie Evans….he is nuts…caught his hand in the cookie jar…hahaha

  55. winocarpenter says:

    BRUCE BOWEN. It’s not even close. How can you forget the time he literally drop-kicked Wally Szczerbiak in the face:

    Kevin Love didn’t stop Scola’s face. It was his chest. Bowen will show you how to stomp someone’s face proper-like.

  56. Androslav says:

    I actually like those dirty players. But not those that play dirty out of frustration, when they are loosing by 20. I like those tough players like Charles Oakley, Mourning, Garnett, Stockton…those players play that way to give their team a better chance to win, to give some confidence and pride to their teammates, to back them up and show that they are willing live and die with them. Personally I think that NBA has gone too far with suppressing physical play, cause they take emotion out of the game. Every once in a while I watch some old games from 80’s and 90’s and I enjoy that hard nosed basketball.

  57. HandHand says:

    Dwane Wade is one of the dirtiest players i’ve ever seen, and the worst of all he’s two-faced and disgusting

  58. Basketball studies says:

    since when does a flop make you a dirty player or the ref giving you calls bc ur a superstar. Thats not the players fault.

  59. poop says:

    I think Raja Bell should be on this list, maybe Jason Terry too.

  60. Alex says:

    KG plays dirty

  61. Sebastian says:

    Its funny because back in the 80’s and 90’s the list would have so many names on it. Keving GARNETT was the kidd now he is the old man determined to win. Playing rough keeps people from driving to the basket. I mean KG used to be the guy that was pushed around in the block and fouled. Now he is intimidating players on the defensive end with Perkins. People shouldbn’t complain about the players flopping the NBA has some dome rules which make players do dumb thing. Kobe is just like every other player in the NBA if the ref don’t see it is fair game. Plus he used to be on that laker team in the early 200’s if anyone remebered that could have gotten away with murder.

  62. NBAfan says:

    i think everyone is forgetting some1 who punches his own coach…..
    i vote latrell spreewell as the dirty player of the century hahah

  63. HOMIE4LIFE says:

    I think the dirtiest player is Kwame Brown. He’s still in the game and whichever team he goes, the team does worse that season. He’s dirty by ruining other people’s game.

    • Dirty Dirty says:

      How is Rondo a dirty player? Love did one bad thing and now he is on the dirty? You people are ridiculous

      • Peter says:

        I agree…I don’t think Love’s “step” looked intentional, and I don’t think he’s got any past historty of beign a dirty player. It’s just the latest ‘bandwagon’ thing going around along with Griffin’s overrated dunk on Perkins, and then overdone groupe love for the Heat and Bulls.

        I really love how people all say nobody in the East can beat Chicago and Miami in a 7 game series. I’ve yet to see either of those teams win a title in th epast three years…

  64. billups4ever says:

    comonn rasheed wallace for sure, kevin garnett, ron artest, no one has mentioned wallace im surprisedd

  65. LetsGoCELTICS says:

    the over rated Dwayne Wade..

  66. Patrick says:

    It’s not so easy to appreciate. Love is that kind of player you describe ? He plays hard like many, but there is a fault of course, but nothing dangerous for scola. It looks like an answer to something may be scoola did before, may be not, we haven’t seen all the part. What did they said?

  67. number 40 says:

    Laimbeer. ‘Nough said.

    • number 40 says:

      currently: Fisher

      • Thirteen Number says:

        Fisher: I agree with that. Watch that guy play a full game of basketball and then you realize how dirty he is. He forearms, he grabs, he claws, he trips, he complains constantly, he is the biggest flopper in the league (which is the most annoying current trend in the NBA).

  68. Dom V says:

    I’m surprised kobe wasnt mentioned on the dirty list, he admits himself if the ref aint calling it he’ll try it, Remember the head swings or elbow swings when posting up?

  69. Brandon says:

    You know, they keep saying that Love stepped on Scola’s face, but to mean it look more like the chest, as in, Love’s foot skidded off of Scola’s face and landed on his chest.

  70. Kenny says:

    Everyone is failing to note that this is the way great players are successful.. How does Kevin Garnett get into his opponents head and disrupt their game play? he talks and talks! So what? Hello hall of fame! This is the way the game is played and those that know how to get away with “dirty” plays are the ones who are going to be successful. I’m not condoning flops or elbows to the face, but bumps on screens, slight pushes under the basket… that’s all part of the game.

  71. KGFAN says:

    KG has a ring

  72. Chavett says:

    Most of the NBA players, have made a dirty play. If you are popular, you get away with it and people make excuses for you. For the players who are not kissing the reporters and fans butt, they catch the heat for their plays. All it takes is the NBA crew to get on air and start complaining about a particular player, and if the guy isn’t on your team, then its a horrible play. This article is proof of that. You put out some names and the puppets react to those names. If you ask NBA players have they ever felt like they were a victim of a dirty play, they would say yes. Was D. Wades play against Rondo, last season dirty? Depends on who you ask. Is K. Love a dirty player, now? Depends on who you ask.

  73. Kawu says:

    Heh, looking at the Reggie Evans/Kaman thing and seeing the Nuggets logo… if you take away the “egg” from the Nuggets, you get… the point. 🙂

  74. 6nba5 says:

    why do u people get aggressive and energized with dirty playing, u show me one clip of garnett pulling somebody shorts down ( artest) or stepping on somebody face ( love) grabbing anybody body parts y’all writers had to been the geeks on the side line watching the game until night fall hoping somebody would pick y’all, or a bunch of soft a$$ players waiting for refs to make the call, look at jokeim noah always cryin when he play the celtics, but i can bet my bottom dollar they would trade his soft tissue wet brown paper bag a$$ for garnett, metal toughness, leadership and all around great player

    • Didnt work says:

      Your right, he just pulls jerseys off, punches people in the face, spits in peoples faces and grabs every part of anyones body. (That area included too “fan”) Nice post Celtic pride

      • skrutz says:

        Good to be proud of a guy who plays like a major @ss hole, for sure. Aggressiveness is great, as well as attitude and energy, but the stuff he does isn’t that of a good role model. Entertaining, though.

    • Peter says:

      KG isn’t paid to be a role model – he’s payed to play basketball, outplay his opponets and win ball games. He does what he has to within reasonable limits to achieve that – at least he doesn’t play physical to the point where he injures other players, like Wade and Dwight Howard often do.

      I bet all of you who complain about KG probably idolise MJ, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant. If so you are all hypocrites, because KG doesn’t do anything on the court that those guys didnt (and that inludes win games).

    • ginobi says:

      he did hit duncan in the back of the head

  75. Daslickflip says:

    lolz how can everybody forget about Mr. BRUCE BOWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Didnt work says:

      My vote…. What he did to the Suns a few years is unforgettable. Above average player from time to time but also plays like a prison yard sometimes.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        AGREED! The suns were mugged by the spurs. especially what they did to nash. I want bowen on my team so he doesnt brutalize my players like he does everyone elses.

    • GOSPURSGO says:

      Dirty? No Best defender to ever play? Yes

  76. IS THIS NBA OR NCAA? says:


    • skrutz says:


      • Peter says:

        There is a difference between physical/intimidating and just plain dirty

        KG does little things to frustrate opponents, get in their heads and put them off their game. He’s smart enough and experienced enough by now to know eactly what he can get away with within the rules of the game, and he uses that knowledge for a competitive advatnage – kudos to him. That said, lomng as I’ve been watching NBA games I can’t remember ever seeing KG injure another player with a ‘dirty’ play.

        Wade and Howard on the other hand surely rank in the top 5 in the NBA in ‘fouls leading to opposing player injuries’, and that’s not cool.

  77. Jayo says:

    Evans grabbing his junk from behind is just WRONG I would have put one on his chin

    • MackDaddy says:

      Speaking of chins…. I’m surprised Dwight Howard didnt get more nominations. When those elbows of his start swinging, chins are going flying.

      I’m surprised he doesnt have licences for those lethal weapons.

  78. esr says:

    Kevin Love should have been suspended a lot longer than 2 games for that one on Scola, and I’m a Kenin Love fan.

  79. Scott says:

    It was nice seeing Ben Wallace put Ron Artest in his place, back in ’04.

  80. Hi says:

    I think Kevin Love should get suspended and Kevin Garnet is a VERY rough player

  81. prix says:

    The dirties player goes to…Joe Dumars…Rodman…Artest…Garnett…Evans…Rondo…Perkins..and the most player doing dirty plays goes to…Kobe for making a lot of flops and superstar treatment of the refs same with Gasol and Dirk…

    • Pete says:

      if it comes to flopping and superstar treatment you just can’t avoid the name of D-Wade

    • LakerFan says:

      Clearly not a Laker fan and you clearly have not seen enough Laker games. Kobe is not a flopper and does not even belong in the same conversation as Garnett or Reggie Evans. He gets manhandled every night by opposing defenses, and yes he complains to the refs a lot which is probably why he doesn’t get the calls he should, but I have never seen a superstar get less calls than Kobe.

      • luis says:

        sorry. that’s totally biased. kobe cries a lot, as any other star, and gets as many whistles (in favor) as any other star. a bit more than most, because he is, is fact, one of the biggest stars – present and ever.

      • skrutz says:

        Ditto with Luis. Kobe flops, like most any other players. Whines and cries, and he gets his whistles too. Bosh and wade are pretty good floppers. I like the slo-mo’s of Bosh just falling over from zero contact, looks so goofy.

      • michael says:

        Thank You. People think you’re being biased, but you obviously watch the games and see what I see. Other people are biased because of their dislike of Kobe. I’ve watched games with people who dislike Kobe, and i’ve seen obvious fouls and they swear they didn’t see it.

    • Colin says:

      ok i understand everyone on that list except rajon rondo?? the kid is half the size of most people on the court and he doesn’t flop because he has a terrible foul shot. In what way is he dirty? D-Wade is dirty: (playoffs last year game 3 dislocating rondo’s elbow) but i don’t think i’ve ever seen rondo made a dirty play in his career. Your list is also missing dwight howard.

      • Collin says:

        Colin, I remember Rondo trying to throw down with kirk when playing the bulls in playoffs a few years back, he is DEF one of the dirtier players in the leauge. He THREW kirk over the announcer table and acted like he wasent supposed to get called. LOL good try tho.

      • Basketball studies says:

        how was rondo getting hurt a dirty play…it was 2 guys playing ball and rondo got hurt in the process.

      • Taz says:

        Hey hey wait 1 sec…. how did Wade did that to Rondo ? oh Rondo had a hand over Wade’s shoulder and the other on his shirt, pulling him over his back. That punk tried to go the “celtics” way with Wade and got his hand injured.GOOD JOB.

        And here u go if u need to remind some of it

      • Peter says:

        Wade lost his footing and when he realised he was falling, decided to grab Rondo and pull him down with him. In the process he fell on Rondo body which in turn fell on Rondo arm and dislocated his elbow.

        I’m certain that Wade had no intention of hurting Rondo, but it’s clear that he intentionally grabbed him ont he way down to either:
        1. Help break his own fall or
        2. Pull him down so that Boston didn’t have a 5-on4 advantage

        That’s dirty in anyone’s language.

      • Peter says:

        Then there was the other Boston-Miami game where Ilgauskas set a hard illegal screen on Rondo, knocking him to the floor. Very next posession KG set a hard illegal screen on Mike Miller, knocking him to the floor. No foul was called on either play so they were even. but Wade decided to take it to the next level by running straight at KG and shoulder barging him.

        I was a big Wade fan long before the ‘superteam’ affair, but there is no denying he is dirty player. Not as bad as Dwight Howard though – he makes plays that he knows have the potential to injure another player, yet does it anyway. Not only does how frequenctly throw elbows to peoples heads, but when guys go up for shots he frequently grabs them by the jersey and throws them violently to the floor.

      • Colin says:

        @Collin you mentioned one instance that happened three years ago in an extremely hard physical playoff series. Even if that play were dirty does one instance make you one the dirtiest players in the league? It sounds like you’re bitter about how the series went. The playoffs are chippy players get physical, that play wasn’t even close to the dirtiest play i’ve ever seen before. Please explain to me how that makes him the dirtiest player in the league.

      • c's fan says:

        rondo seriously how is he and perk dirty players

    • AAG_SR says:

      HOW CAN YOU LEAVE OUT DWADE wit flops and superstar treatment

    • kobe says:

      there u r prix..been waiting for another dumb comment by u..kobe a dirty player..u know nothing about sports ..all superstar players will get the caLLS..always have and always will..that doesnt make them dirty players..going thru life stupid is no way to live..hahahaha

    • Elliot says:

      Rondo? you’ve proved that you watch no basketball what so ever. fail.

    • Basketballplayer says:

      wow what a hater, what does rondo do? lmao if anything hes always a victim