Blogtable: D-Will And The Nets

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

If you’re Deron Williams, do you still believe in the rosy future the Nets have been pitching?

Steve Aschburner: If I’m Deron Williams, I believe in my ability to help a team realize the sort of future the Nets have been pitching. Which is to say, if Williams is the franchise-defining player he thinks he is, then it has to start with him. Don’t go shopping for the cushiest, pre-made situation. Don’t butt heads with the next coaching legend you’re lucky to work with. Be the biggest part of the solution. Plant the flag yourself. Enough already with front-running stars scoping out and jumping to easier circumstances when they ought to be digging down and creating the happy times right where they are.

Fran Blinebury: I didn’t believe in it when the Nets first traded for him.  I don’t think they have what it will take to get Dwight Howard in a trade when Otis Smith finally has to make his move close to the deadline.  And without Howard, there’s no bright future in Brooklyn.  Hello, Dallas.

Scott Howard-Cooper: If I’m Deron Williams, I never believed it in the first place. Based on what? The excitement of a new owner who shows a commitment to spending? That’s a nice starting point, but there were also some terrible decisions a couple summers ago. The Nets have a future. That’s it. Reaching rosy status will take another big acquisition, whether by trade or free agency, while also retaining Williams.

Shaun Powell: Until they prove otherwise, the Nets are cursed, much like the Clippers. That’s according to their history, admittedly, and doesn’t necessarily have much to do with the present administration. However, certan teams (and players for that matter) just can’t shake free from a stigma. To summarize: Deron Williams needs to keep a careful eye out as long as he’s wearing a Nets jersey. And find out what Dwight Howard’s plans are, too.

John Schuhmann: Yes. Nothing has really changed since the start of the season, when Williams expressed confidence in Billy King’s game plan, which is to go all-in on Dwight Howard by preserving assets and next year’s cap space. All indications are that Brooklyn is Howard’s preferred destination, and the Nets have both the assets (Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks, picks and expiring deals to exchange for Hedo Turkoglu) and the leverage (the ability to sign Howard in the summer) to get a deal done. The Lopez injury was a setback, it’s been a pretty ugly month and a half, and a Howard trade certainly isn’t guaranteed. But nothing has really altered King’s vision of opening the Barclays Center with Dwight and D-Will as Brooklyn Nets.

Sekou Smith: Who says he ever believed it? Williams was put in an impossible situation last season when the Jazz traded him to the Nets. Unlike many of his superstar peers, he didn’t make a decision to take his talents to Newark. That decision was made for him. Whether or not he’s buying into the Brooklyn future of the Nets remains to be seen. And just how rosy was that future supposed to be anyway?


  1. Meek says:

    Deron Williams should go to the lakers, and team up with the best player on the planet( Kobe)

  2. Neil says:

    I love how Laker fans say things like, “Why would Dwight want to go to Boston with these aging stars?” or “Why would he go to the Nets who have no one? He’s gonna come to Tha Lakerzz!!” Where in reality, that’s EXACTLY the situation he’ll be facing by going to the Lakers (aging Kobe, no one else on the team once they trade Gasol and Bynum for him). #lakerfanlogic

  3. GT says:

    If I was Dwight I would just play hardball and wait out the contract and refuse any possible sign and trade as at least that way he can sign as a free agent and with a roster of his choosing that resembles what the 2011-12 is over a depleted roster that was stripped to get him a la New York. style.
    I like the idea of Dwight as a Bulls player and I would imagine Chicago would look to offload Boozer with some where like the Hornets being the destination as they will need players and although not a leader Boozer is still a talented player you could build from. Deng surely has to stay in Chicago as like stated above by others I honestly think he is the second most important player on that team and he gets his not mainly from anything special but more the flow of the game and with numbers like these 21
    21 38.0 0.439 0.371 0.758 1.60 5.70 7.30 2.5 1.19 0.71 1.71 1.52 16.0

    Is way too important to lose. The other benefit of DH joining the bulls is it could allow them to use Noah as a PF which could work well as he provides good hustle and D to any of the PF’s who stretch the floor or can stretch the floor using their shooting like Love,Bosh ect.
    Even if the Bulls end up trading Noah,Boozer for a DH and Turk That could still leave a starting lineup of


  4. Honset Opinion says:

    I Mean A Trade With The Nets Wouldnt Be Absolutely Terrible For The Orlando Magic If They Trade For Marshon Brooks Brook Lopez (Depending On How He Comes Back From The Injury) A First Round Draft Pick In A Bad Season And The Magic Are Set

    Orlando Magic Before Trade

    PG: Jameer Nelson
    SG: Jason Richardson
    SF: Hedo Turkoglu
    PF: Ryan Anderson
    C: Dwight Howard

    Magic After Trade

    PG: Jameer Nelson
    SG: Jason Richardson/Marshon Brooks
    SF: Marshon Brooks/Jason Richardson
    PF: Ryan Anderson
    C: Brook Lopez

    The Roster Isn’t Really Much Different And Marshon Brooks Is A Good Fit For The Roster Since They Have No 1 On 1 Playmakers. Throw In a Draft Pick And Their Set For The Future.

    To Be Honest Though The Loss Of Dwight Howard. A Future Hall Of Fame Center, Is Devastating For The Magic But They Cant At Least Get Something For Him Instead Of Losing Him For Nothing In The Summer.

    Add Anthony Morrow To The Trade If It Even Things Up Since His Shooting Would Be Welcomed Into Van Gundy’s System.

  5. The Second Coming says:

    I hate to say it but i feel Dwight may just end up in Chicago. His comments last week about Chicago were nothing more than floating the idea for Otis and Pax to sort something out. He knows the Bulls have the pieces that would get the deal done and would still leave the Bulls with a very dangerous team. My concern is i don’t want to lose Lou ‘the glue’ Deng, but we would have to trade him out to absorb Turkolou’s contract. They won’t want Booz so it seems like the only option.

    The Magic will want a combination of

    Luol Deng
    Joakim Noah
    Taj Gibson
    Omer Asik
    Jimmy Butler
    Charlotte’s first round pick & Chicago’s first round pick.

    I really don’t want to trade Deng and i hope management are smart enough to know how crucial he really is but if they do we will still have a starting lineup that consists of
    PG Rose, Lucas
    SG Hamilton, Brewer, Korver
    SF Turkolou ??????
    PF Boozer ???????
    C Howard ????????

    For all the 12 year old Lakers and Heat fans you have NO Chance of getting Dwight. Unless L.A offer both Gasol and Bynum and Heat fans you can forget about it.

    • Melshone Christmas says:

      no way not enough cap nor basketballs to share too many good guys. Who will they trade out? Boozer & who?

  6. Melshone Christmas says:

    It’s a start of running your very own team. Every true basketball player dreams of this ! That’s what happened in Kobe and Shaq. Too many leaders and not enough soldiers. He can build from the Nets , the GM’s just have to make the team more marketable for future growth. Is the NBA into making a winning team for one year then go down hill? Or are these teams trying to do as previous years like Lakers and Celtics ? Who automatically knew they were in the hunt again ? D-Will stick it out and bright things Will come. You’re a leader.

  7. clydemeps says:

    Why not?! If you add a real good power foward or Ceter (like D12 by example) Nets gone Fly up!

  8. kaje says:

    DDDDDDDDDD AAAAAAAAAA LLLLLLLLLL AAAAAAAAAA SSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. NYer says:

    Any chance of Dwight Howard getting traded to the Thunder?

  10. jan_279 says:

    Can you explain how the Lakers could get Howard?

  11. Lakers make this happen!! says:

    Lakers please get Steve Nash or Deron Williams and James Jones
    Get rid of Luke and we still have Odom’s trade money

  12. Nets fan says:

    I think D-Will should stay for at least 1 more year, and maybe demand a trade if it just flat out fails. I don’t think getting Dwight Howard is the best thing for the Nets, when they already have an excellent big man in Lopez. I will say this right now: D-Will + Howard does not equal a championship in the current climate, not without a really good SF to go along with it. Which is what the Nets really need, a good small forward. Add a LeBrom or Durant to the current deep and talented backbone, and you have a championship in the bag. Add a Danny Granger, or Danilo Galinari, or Luol Deng and you get a strong contender at least

  13. Ervinn says:

    The Lakers were about to pull a CP3+DH12+KB24 team up where everyone said it was impossible, until ofcourse the commissioner vetoed the trade. Now here we are with Dwight+Deron+Kobe on the Lakers and everyone says it’s impossible again… Not so sure it is anymore…

  14. BC18thCT says:

    Deron shuld stay with Nets, going from team to team might lead you to championships….. but look at SHAQ he is one of the bets in history, but has no team of his, he never was the one who will stay and work hard to get something…..same thing with Superman, he shuld stay ah home (Orlando) if he is great player ( NOT ) he would be able to build team around him

  15. ZAC says:

    I reckon Howard should go to the Spurs. Before you shoot me down hear me out!! TD will be finishing up his contract this season. If we can sign him to the vet min of mid level ex we then have his old close to max $$$ to sign a FA. It would be even better if we could offload RJ’s contract. Imagine Parker, Manu, TD and Howard as your starting 5. We would definately get a couple more rings for TD and the twin towers would be back in action. Howard would be the franchise player…..get coached by probably the best defensive coach, if not overall coach of all-time. I don’t see a downside for the big guy……BRING HOWARD TO THE SPURS!!!!!!

  16. Mo says:

    What if no GM/franchise decides to trade Dwight Howard? Why would you make the same mistake that New York did?
    Why to trade almost the whole starting roster and drafts to get a player, you can have for free in the summer?
    I mean they always talk about long term but make short term decisions.

    Ok Howard wants to be trade to a) get a max deal and b) get a ring c) i guess try something new some where.
    He is an awesome player no question about that. Many franchise would like to get him. And he will be trade.
    I think there will be no trade to ensure him to get a tilte i think. I mean the new franchise must convince him to sign a long term contract.
    Which franchise can you think of right now…i don’t know.
    I think they (GM’s) should not get in a deal with Otis Smith, the outcome a this year can’t be this good to sell starters and drafts.
    It’s the oppostit you would sell your future to get Howard right now.

    • NYer says:

      Don’t remind me of the Team swap for Melo.
      It hurt my feelings then and still does.
      Melo is an overpaid Antione Walker.

  17. nea_nelu says:

    Lakers only need a good man at the point to run Mike Brown’s offense. why do u think they traded Lamar Odom for nothing? Thet will get D-will on free agency and go for the championship. with a starting lineup of All-star pg, AllStar sg, one o the best defensive SF in the game, All-star PF and Second best center in the league and a good bench.

  18. Chris says:

    As nice as it is for Lakers’ fans to think and/or believe, Howard will NOT wind up in LA because of Shaq. It’s all well and good to go and play with Kobe and in front of Jack night in and night out but unless he winds up with four rings he will be compared to Shaq not only for the rest of his career but the rest of his life. “Yeah, right!” you say? Absolutely because even if Dwight wins two rings people will say “Shaq won three (in LA)”. If he miraculously gets his third he still gets the comparisons. Who out there REALLY believes the Lakers, despite whatever improvements they make and despite how long Kobe stays elite believes the Lakers will win the four titles required for Dwight to shake off the Shaq comparisons within the next 10-12 years?

    Bottom line, don’t get your hopes up at Staples.

  19. ldhl89 says:

    I think that Fran Blinebury:is the more inteligent person in this Hang time bloc

  20. Mr.bibat says:

    Im not a pacers fan but i think he will fit perfectly to the pacers. With D.west RHibbert in the post. and granger george in the perimeter. they can dominate the east.

  21. MavsFan says:

    For all of you guys saying “Dallas is one year away from being a sinking ship and losing up to 5 people to retirement.” PLEASE..elaborate, Dirk has a contract until 2015,JTerry has a contract until 2014,the only person that is going to retire next year will be Jason Kidd,and I completely agree with that Castro guy, D-Will + Dwight + New York’s Market & Fans= Instant contenders. I still think D-Will will come to Dallas.

  22. Douggie says:

    Actually Dwight himself said if he goes to LA he won’t sign a long term extension with the Lakers, yall need to do some research. And dummies saying Phil Jackson is some genious who’s going to get D-Will also, where the heck do you get this BS from? Dwight to Brooklyn, end of story we all know it’s happening.

  23. Clint says:

    I think that if Howard is going to go anywhere in the East it will be the Nets, Celtics, Magic. If he goes to the Nets then the Magic will get Brooke Lopez plus some cash and trades, if he goes to the Celtics then they could manage a trade out of a few players like garnett, green (injured), and cash- not the best option, but will get them some key side line players. If he stays with the Magic, then it will be up to the Magic in the next two or three months to try and get Williams there. If he goes somewhere in the West it will be with Dallas, Lakers, or Jazz. If he went to Dallas the Magic might be able to get a couple players like odom and then cash, if he went to the Lakers they might get one of the big guys like bynum or gasol, and if he went to the jazz then they could get potential (out) players like Harris or Milsap.

    Basic point, if he goes anywhere in the East, the Magic will get nothing in return, aka the best chance is the Nets and that is if Brooke lopez comes back next season after injury and plays as good as he did. If he goes to the West, at least the Magic will get some decent players in return.

    I think that Williams should start shopping, he could go to a better team, rather than trying to build a team there, just look at the Knicks, I am a Knicks fan but they pushed so hard to get melo and amare and yet it was players like chandler and lin who have helped them win.

  24. BigZo33 says:

    D Will never wanted to be there in the first place. He is only there coz Utah could see he wasnt going to stick around. He is just like all the rest of these so called super stars of today. Given to much props without actually making there team better. A true star, fights to make his team better. Puts his team on his shoulders and fights. Like Kobe, D Rose and Michael Jordan!

  25. Danilo B. says:

    I Think Deron Williams is still with the nets … all they need is another all-star to their line up he wont go anywhere

  26. gh says:

    no way hes going to the lakers he himself said he wanted to you are just making things up

  27. Heat Fan says:

    The only good thing about L.A. is the CLIPPERS!

    • NYer says:

      Clippers are overrated.
      I highly doubt they turn it up a in the playoffs.
      Like a coupon, gotta cut it out with all this Clippers Hype.

  28. Toa Tia says:

    GO HEAT BRO, Yeah!

  29. boy_pickup says:

    Pacers, d.will! D.west D.will R.hibbert D.granger! will Dominate the east!

  30. JJC says:

    The Lakers do NOT need Dwight Howard. They have the 2nd best center in the league and the best all around player in Kobe Bryant. They don’t even need Deron Williams. They just need a significant upgrade from Derek Fisher. Someone who is athletic, young, and can find open guys. The only reason why the Lakers have a mediocre record right now is because they have had a total of 3 practices since the season began. THREE! The fact that they are over ,500 with new staff is astounding in itself. Gasol just needs to find the spark he had back in 09 and 10 otherwise he may be traded. Bynum is having a career year and Kobe is being………well Kobe. I predict people will be looking at the Lakers as contenders after the All-Star Break. But heck, what do I know.

    • JAG says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Lakers fans are so whiney. Get real, you have great players! You just need a better pg. Should have kept Odom for the 3 spot, that was rediculous. Better thought, I’d love to see Kobe jump ship and head for NJ.
      I far as Dwight going to NJ, not going to happen this year. In order for the Nets to get Dwight this ear they would need like a .450 record. Something for Dwight to work with to get to the playoffs otherwise he’s better staying put where he knows he can make playoffs. But the best move for Dwight is Chicago for Noah+Boozer. Trust me!

      • NYer says:

        I agree, Bulls need to Trade Noah+Boozer for Dwight Howard.
        Rose and Howard are already good friends.
        Rose is probably the best player in the NBA right now.
        If that doesn’t happen Bulls lose out.
        I could see D Williams going to Dallas also he is a Texan.

    • BigZo33 says:

      Give me a break, they have had the same prep as the rest of the NBA…..

  31. Chris says:

    D-Will go back to the jazz, they have great players but strongly need a point guard like yourself. Harris sorry to say but hes garbage! horrible clutch player! D-Will you needa be a jazz man again!

  32. Lakers fans LOL says:

    I absolutely cannot wait until Kobe retires and all of you bandwagon lakers fans turn into clippers fans. Actually, i think every other nba fanbase can’t wait either. You guys post ridiculousness in every article. Dwight is clearly going to the nets and the lowly nets will be instant contenders.

  33. GT says:

    Surely after what happened to the Knicks more teams would use common sense over trading a big chunk of a team away be it players and/or picks. The Knicks could of literally traded Melo for Curry’s expiring contract had they waited and kept their players and in my opinion a far more important part of their teams structure.
    Surely the only way the Nets should get Howard is via free agency and at least keep Lopez as trade bait and try and pick up a better 2 or 3.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Nets make a play for someone like Eric Gordon or possibly Mayo or Ellis if they managed to get Howard as they could do with a good 3rd option in the same way the Bulls use Deng and surely a lot of teams would be interested into picking up Lopez as he is young and a rare semi legit big with potential.

  34. Prokorhov says:

    You will all be Nets fans in five weeks I promise.

  35. GT says:

    Dallas will be a sinking ship and the lakers will be exactly the same as it is just a waiting game of Kobe’s skills vs father time now. If I was Dwill or Dwight I would be trying to head to miami,clippers, bulls,thunder even at personal expense of signing a very low value 3 year contract just to get my bird rights and then maxing out after that for your payday after most likely winning rings.
    Miami trade talk of wade as part of any deal won’t happen as you can see him being a miami lifer although at some point he will have the steve nash effect of lost trade value through age which will happen to Kobe soon as well.
    I think the lakers should of looked at a bosh for gasol trade which will free up the middle for both bynam, kobe as bosh can easily play a stretch four and gasol would be a better and bigger fit to go with wade and james as even though he can space the floor is a far better low post fit.

  36. Roy says:

    Nobody wants to go to the Nets ahaha. I doubt they will be contending let alone a playoff team in the next 5 years. Even in the weak east. Dwight would be making a terrible choice going to play there. He would just be making a horrible team a bad one. There too far gone too make any significant improvements.

  37. zac says:

    because DW is free to sign with whoever he wants #duh

    • staronly says:

      Boston has rondo and 3 soon to be retire guys. Why would he go there?
      Dallas has also 2 soon to be retire soon to be ex all star. Why would he go there too?
      Nets has dwill and nothing around (if they trade lopez and brooks). But they have the location and the cash …
      Orlando would pay him more but has nobody to put around him too … for years now.
      Now, if he’s looking for a ring more than the lights, what about atlanta for williams+orford+hinrich vs turko or chicago for noah+deng+gibson vs turko …
      or even minnesota who has 2 future all stars

  38. Castro says:

    You guys are ABSOLUTELY CRAZY if you dont think the Nets have a bright future!! Everything looks grim right now, but WHEN they land Dwight Howard (Hopefully by free agency), We are talking about the Best Center and arguably one of the best Point guards teaming up in THE BIGGEST market (New York) in a BRAND new arena, with a BILLION-DOLLAR Owner, and stars Coming out EVERY NIGHT! Oh….and the Knicks play down the Street. Dallas has NOBODY, not even Dirk is much of a threat anymore. Lakers, a few years ago would have been a good fit, but right Now…Kobe is chasing number 6, and also his scoring Legacy! Which means he will NOT take a backseat to Dwight. Brooklyn is the BEST destination for him, especially because of what the Clippers are doing in L.A. Mark Cuban will still find a way to keep Dallas competitive, but Dwight in Dallas, is not the same as Derron and Dwight in Brooklyn. The nba needs this to happen. The ratings will be RECORD SETTING…and their will be a new rivalry…just like how there is in L.A

  39. mightymos says:

    for everyone saying the lakers are going to get this or that how is a team so far over the cap going to pull any of this off
    the nets outside of kobe wouldnt want a single player off the lakers roster so how the heck are they getting deron williams

  40. Nick says:

    For everyone who says “the Lakers need this and that”, they don’t. They are still a good team so why do they desperately need another superstar? Teams that need superstars are teams that haven’t won in a long time if you ask me.

  41. prix says:

    I think the Lakers badly needed D WIll right now than Howard does…Lakers could probably miss the playoff this year…Howard will be better joining the Celtics so they can come back to their Championship days…a bunch of role players are the one making the Celts alive…but we can see Irving and Rubio play better than D Will right now..

  42. Riverlobo says:

    NBA get ready….The Lakers will be cleaning house this year…no more Gasol…no more Bynum…goodbye Derek. I am still not sure how they won previously …Phil you are a genius

    The Lakers lineup next year will be

    Kobe Bryant, Deron Williams and Dwight Howard and as the Heat did in 2010-11 whoever else they can afford.

    Perhaps they keep McBob to play the 4 and Barnes at the 3

    So much for small markets…OKC its this year or bust…Dwill will control Westbrook and Howard will dominate Serge and Poster Boy (Perkins)

    • Peter says:

      LOL you have to love the imagination of Lakers fans.

      What exactly do you propose the Lakers do to get Howard and Deron Williams to add on top of all of their existing contracts?

      Howard only has two places he can go next summer for a serious change of a title and they are Boston and Dallas. Both teams have everything BUT a great centre, and for both teams a superstar Centre like Howard would instantly make them a top 3 team.

      • cant stop the STAT! says:

        Boston has everything but a great center? Boston is a year away from having nothing but Rajon Rondo and a good retirement for 3 great careers

      • Los says:

        wouldn’t necessarily agree with the comment below. Pierce has come back from his slow start and is playing some solid basketball along with garnett and allen. not to mention their bench isn’t too shaby either. Don’t think howard will go to boston but not because they’re done.

      • Saw Kapaw says:

        It’s definitely possible: If they trade Bynum and Gasol for Howrad plus with Odom’s salary, they’re saving about $ 40 millions.

        If I were Magic, instead of loosing Harward for nothing (like Cav), I would trade him to Lakers for the 2nd best center in NBA plus an All Start power forward before deadline. That’ll be the most likely senearo.

        There’r also a few guys like Barnes, World-pace, Mcbob , etc that their contracts are expiring after this year.

        They can also still use their A. Weaver for next year since they didn’t use it last summer.

        D. William will not be a Laker this year, but the Lakers will have plenty of Cap space to sign him next summer.

    • Lakers Fan says:

      You are soooo correct mate. I am thinking the same thing and that is what will happen. If the Heat will not win this year, next year is going to be the Lakers year. DWill, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant plus great reserves. And I stil don’t know how Phil Jakcosn worked with Pau and Andrew and Derek. They are just an avg. team tbh but Phil turned them into champs. No more Phil and they are a sub .500 team. They wil get a true center and a running young PG like Deron Williams.

      • Saw Kapaw says:

        It’s definitely possible: If they trade Bynum and Gasol for Howrad plus with Odom’s salary, they’re saving about $ 40 millions.

        There’r also a few guys like Barnes, World-pace, Mcbob , etc that their contracts are expiring after this year.

        They can also still use their A. Weaver for next year since they didn’t use it last summer.

        If I were Magic, instead of loosing Harward for nothing (like Cav), I would trade him to Lakers for the 2nd best center in NBA plus an All Start power forward before deadline. That’ll be the most likely senearo.

        D. William will not be a Laker this year, but the Lakers will have plenty of Cap space to sign him next summer.

      • Michel says:

        if u dont know how the lakers won with those guys, u obviously havent watched a damn laker game…. and you call yourself Lakers Fan…what a shame…get out of the bandwagen and learn how to appriciate the lakers, gasol bynum and especially D-fish…

    • Arthur McDunkington says:

      Hi haters!! Wave to the haters son.. “Hi haters!” Look here dudes and dudettes… the los angeles lakers WILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE!!! The nba is as good as dead if we are no longer competing. Sure a rebuilding phase is in our near future.. and all stars like dwight howard know this. The ONLY thing that will keep dwight from comin thru fo tha chips, if ya dig what im talkin about. champ chips. is not money, but simply the fact that he is following to close in the diesels foot prints. but hey, 6th… oh ya i went there…. 6th on the all time scoring list, 4 chips and all those mvps aint too bad a thing to follow. see you soon dwight heezy. your gonna love purple and gold and in return we will love you. oh and sorry bout 09 dude.. just buisness.

      • LOL@^^^^ says:

        lol ummm where were the lakers for in the mid 90’s? oh thats right the jazz were stomping them, spurs were killing them and i dont even need to bring in the bulls! im saying the nba did just fine in those years if not the best. d will cant stand the lakers! he will be going to the mavs. even if those two went to the lakers they know kobe is on his way down. they dont want that!

      • LOL says:

        Lol who has been the king of the 2000’s ? lakers, and on the 90’s there was jordan, he was the nba.

    • MackDaddy says:

      I’ve said it before I’ll say it again…. Howard isnt going to play under anyone else’s shadow or control. He wants to be king of the franchise… without question. And that aint happening in LA. Kobe’s team first and foremost. Then he only has to look up to the banners and see all the comparisons that will be made. Shaq for one of them.

      Howard in Brooklyn is a lock. No pressure, no history, huge market, owner with deep pockets… Brooklyn will become the team to watch in Gotham… Knicks are already in trouble with poor chemistry. Howard will become the Nets ‘savior’… making them a powerhouse that other big names will want to come and play with.

      Howard to Dallas is rediculous. What, so he can be there for rebuilding? No way.

      • Kevin says:

        How do you explain Howard saying that he´d love to play with Kobe, then? BTW, it doesn´t matter if the Lakers have nothing to trade for Deron, he´s a free agent by the end of this year. At that point, all they´ll need is cap space, which they´ve got since they gave up Odem for nothing.

    • imad akel says:

      so many things wrong in what you said, i dont know where to start…

      Let me start by saying that it is impossibru for the lakers to get Dwight and Deron Williams.

      They will have to lose sooo many players. It won’t be worth it. They will be like the Knicks, not like the Heat or the Celtics.

      And also, “how did they win in the past?”

      Son, I’m not a lakers fan but i have to tell you the past 3-4 years the Lakers have been stacked, only difference now is all the players got this much older.

      Gasol I really feel sorry for…Lakers fan have put the blame on him time after time, when really he is one of the best PFs in the league, and is the biggest reason (aside from Kobe) that the Lakers won 2 championships without Shaq.

      And Ron Artest was a great defender who came up big for the Lakers up until last year.

      You had a great team, and now it’s an older team, much like the Celtics. Under the new CBA, don’t think it’s gonna be that easy to just clean up an old championship team and get a new championship team just like that.

    • Pascal says:

      OH Maaaaaan! Do you have any idea how cap space and finances work? There is no room for max contracts with dwill and howard with kobes’ existing contract! Even Dallas has a problem to give both of them them max contracts, and nowitzki gave up a lot of money on his previoos deal!

    • David says:

      Hope to god you are right!

    • Saw Kapaw says:

      It’s definitely possible: If they trade Bynum and Gasol for Howrad plus with Odom’s salary, they’re saving about $ 40 millions.

      There’r also a few guys like Barnes, World-pace, Mcbob , etc that their contracts are expiring after this year.

      They can also still use their A. Weaver for next year since they didn’t use it last summer.

      If I were Magic, instead of loosing Harward for nothing (like Cav), I would trade him to Lakers for the 2nd best center in NBA plus an All Start power forward before deadline. That’ll be the most likely senearo.

      D. William will not be a Laker this year, but the Lakers will have plenty of Cap space to sign him next summer.

      • David says:

        Why not keep bynum and get rid of Gasol for deron williams? Then the lakers will have enough salary for another potential all star player at around 15mil. It never makes sense to trade a second best center for the best, plus Bynum is better than howard at offense in almost every category.