Clippers’ Billups Done For Season?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Los Angeles Clippers got the big road win Monday night in overtime over the Orlando Magic, but might have suffered a far more devastating loss when veteran point guard Chauncey Billups went down in the fourth quarter with what appeared to be a torn left Achilles’ tendon.

Billups was in the midst of a wicked stretch, he scored 11 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter and knocked down three 3-pointers in the fourth when he went down without being touched with 5:48 to play in regulation.

“I’m sick about it, sick for us but mostly for him and how much he means to us,” Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro told reporters after the game. “He was in some pain, and whenever that happens when no one’s around, all the possibilities are out there.”

Billups had to be helped off of the court. He is scheduled to have an MRI when the Clippers make it to Cleveland, where the Clippers will have a day off before facing the Cavaliers Wednesday night.

The Clippers started this season with four point guards on the roster after acquiring Chris Paul in a trade and picking Billups up after he was waived by the Knicks. They joined returnees Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe. They also have Randy Foye as an option.

Even with quality depth at the position, losing a seasoned leader like Billups is a crushing blow for a Clippers team that has surged to the top rung of the Western Conference standings in the past week. If Billups is indeed lost for the season, as was immediately feared, Del Negro will have to do some shuffling with his rotation. Williams has been playing off the bench this season, and thriving in that role, but could now be forced back into the starting lineup with Paul.

Either way, what could be a season-ending and potentially career-ending injury for Billups, 35, changes things dramatically for the Clippers right now.


  1. BigBearB-Ball says:

    My best friend blew out his Achilles tendon the same way and almost identical spot on the floor a few years ago, but he was about 10+ years older than Chauncey is at the time, so I hope Mr. Big Shot can recover and come back strong next year. We love what you bring to the Clipper’s Chauncey, so get well soon and keep sharing your wisdom with the rest of those young Clipper’s players. Hoping the best for you, we don’t want your career (a great career) to end this way, so get well, get strong and we will see you next season in a Clipper’s uniform for a run at a championship ring.

  2. clipper fan says:

    i love clippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. clipper fan says:

    lets go chauncey get up clipper nation rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. clipper fan says:

    we need you chauncey if your reading this go and try to get your leg better you cant be out for the rest of the season and wen you come back ill be at that home game just come on get better chris paul is great but the team needs you you can do it this is where amazing things happen

  5. allaroundballer says:


  6. Rondalgo says:

    You people underestimate the value of Mo Williams.

  7. magicman says:

    Def a huge loss, billups’ savy, toughness, court awarness and execution cannot be replaced by mo will. There is a reason mo will played well as a 6th man, its because he is a score first player who had green light in that role. I tore my AT last year and its def carreer threatening depending on severity. Loss of mobility is pretty sure thing. Wish u the best chauncey and hope its just some strain…

  8. ism says:

    Pistons ’04 were huge. I hope Chauncey gets well soon, but I also think that the Clippers are on the right way to become a very interesting and dangerous franchise and so I hope they can stand up to the expectations with or without Chauncey.

  9. Stevan says:

    Take Iverson!!!! I bet that he will do whatever the coach and the organisation wants him to do! NBA should be ashamed for letting him end a career like that! This guy was one of those guys who made NBA popular all over the world for 13, 14 years… and i think they own him atl east a chance! He isn’t perfect, but by now he realised some things, and i’m sure he is willing to do whatever! Please people, let him end a career in NBA, where he belongs!

  10. jose30 says:

    brad: as per comparison you are making between Billups and CP3: Cp3 is the best pg in the league or maybe the second, but he has never ever won a title nor an MVP but Billups has done both and billups has carried his team to the finals more than once. Also billups is 35 CPT is 26 if they were both 26 believe me not even a competition. mr big shot is as hard as a stone. cp3 is my favorite player in the entire league but i respect the bigs ones like Chancey Billups. plus these to players feel have the same love and respect for each other.

  11. Steve says:

    The fear was if anyone other than a point guard took a fall from the starting line up, this team may struggle. They can bandaid solution this with Foye or Williams (depending on if they want defence or offense), but they really need to sign a slightly above average SG asap.

    I would not panic though as this was always going to be an experimental season for the Clips. And being a short season they should wait it out and hope Billups can get better if not by the playoffs then by next season. only aquiring a new SG if that means they dont lose any of there other pieces from the starting line up or bench.

    Looking at how attractive this team would be to play for alot of players as of recent, they should be able to aquire a good SG with out losing any other players due to the long term prospects for that player if they perform well.

  12. jxjxhhcxcxjcxhx says:

    Get Well Soon

  13. Guillermo Solorio says:

    Hope you get better Mr. Big Shot! My prayers go out to you, get well soon!

  14. Bibi says:

    Torn Achilles’ tendon? Oh man get better soon ❤

  15. Hadrian says:

    Hope you get better Chauncey, you inspire me with your savvy and hard work its always a pleasure to see you on the court.

  16. John b says:

    time to pick up jr smith

  17. Brad says:

    Prix i hope your from a different country or something because what you said makes no sense. Billups was a big lose no doubt, but cp3 is the best point guard in league having billups at the 2 spot was a great coaching move by Del Negro actually with Billups out we get more versatile on offense because of Mo Williams ability to take his defender off the bounce and finish as well as stop on a dime and make the open jump shot. it really hurts on defense though we lose his toughness and leadership. But saying you would rather have him running a team than cp3 is just pure stupidity one of the best to ever play the game at his position bar none. Look how he takes games over at the end we haven’t seen that in a point guard since magic (No Comparison). So whatever your smoking you need to get off of it Clippers will be just fine they will be in the playoffs as 3 or 4 seed

  18. Kobefan4life says:

    Do you all not realize the power of Karma… The Clippers will forever be a cursed team and David Stern’s block on Chris Paul to the Lakers which sent him to the Clippers jinxed them for life….

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Well if the Clippers are jinxed, then what is up with the Lakers lately? The real jinx seems to be on them this season.

  19. Doucheku says:

    I hope God can magically fix his foot through my prayer.

  20. Victor Manoel says:

    I feel turrible about this, Chauncey is a great player and leader, and his experience will be missed, no doubt about it. I STRONGLY wish him to recover in time for the playoffs 😦

  21. DReamboy says:

    LoL! you think your clips will go to 2nd round? with either mavs or san antonio? you are dreaming my friend.. theyre a good team but lack of experience.. in playoffs experience is a must, Even Lakers can beat them in a 7 games series. wanna bet? if that is Lakers will go anywhere the way they play.. so long guys! by the way I’m a Miami Heat fan 🙂 Stop Hatin and Dreaming..

    • CAKid says:

      The Clipp’s current roster absolutely will go farther the Mav’s or Spurs. BTW – how did things work out for the Spurs and all that veteran experience last year? The Mav’s are going through the motion this year. It’s free agency of bust baby! This is a blow to LA but your a fool to count CP3 out!

  22. Postt says:

    Im not a clippers fan but Chauncey is one of my favourite players hes such a role model for everyone to follow, really wishin him well and a fast recovery

  23. Get well soon Mr big shot.

  24. Johnnie says:

    Wow, I was the same age when I blew out my AT, and in similar fashion, just pushing off to go for a board. I feel bad for CB, Dang.

  25. nick says:

    remember when chauncey was drafted by the celtics and everyone hated him?

  26. ClipperFanSince92 says:

    Get well and heal quickly, Mr. Big Shot. You’re a leader and your team (and fans) need you. We all wish you well and wish you a speedy recovery with whatever the outcome is. And to Mo….Clipper Nation believes in you – just do your thing and play your game. Bingo!

  27. BG32 says:

    Good lucj Mr BIG Shot!, ok Bledsoe ” Tightened ur seat belts” and lets go Clip’s…..YIKS!

  28. Danny Green says:

    Wow! What a shame. They say this could be a career-ending injury, but let’s hope not. Chauncey has always been one of my favorites since I’m a huge Pistons fan. Get well soon.

  29. kalash says:

    hey chauncey! I know your the reason why lac have a nice ballgame this season thats why its a big loss that youve injured. I hope I can see you play in the finals Mr. Leader.. get well soon.

  30. Oden says:

    Too bad. The Clippers will be missing one solid piece. Get well soon Mr. Big Shot!!

  31. ghost says:

    with chauncey out, clippers won’t make it past playoffs 1st round. get well soon mr big shot. i wanna see the west finals between OKC & LAC

    • CAKid says:

      Buy your tickets now for the Western Conf Final – OKC & LAC. The Clippers are not dead and certainly more than a first round team. Mr. Big will still be with this team on or off the court. The Clippers finally have some brain power at the helm and I have a feeling Mr JR Smith cell phone got a call last night. If not other GM phones I have a feeling will be ringing today. I doubt CP3 and Blake are going to just lay down. If anything I think all this type of talk is going to put a chip on their shoulder.

      Go Clipps!

  32. Chris Harford says:

    Enter J.R. Smith? Anyone? I know hes not the most in control player ever… but playing with a guy like Chris Paul who controls the ball, i think he would fit nicely. Imagine a starting line up of Chris Paul, J.R. Smith, Caron Butler, Blake Griffin, and Deandre Jordan. Scary, when you also put into perspective the pick up of Martin.

    • CAKid says:

      Regardless of Billups status, adding JR Smith makes total sense. I know he is kind of crazy and wild but that would fit with this team. Its a very calm team. A player pumping up the Clipper Nation would be just fine. Not the JR is anything like Rodman but I would envision CP3 keeping him focused the way Jordan did with Rodman.

      Get well Mr. Big Shot. Plenty of big shots to take in May & June.

  33. prix says:

    If Billups is out… the Clips are out of the playoffs also…i rather choose him to run the offense than CP3 right now… just wish him well before playoffs and can´t wait for them to beat the Mavs or probably OKC… Lakers won´t make it to the playoffs…

    • CAKid says:

      Clearly you haven’t watched any Clipper games. CP3 is the best point guard on the Clippers and absolutely one of the top 3 in the NBA. Billups has hardly run the offense and has absolutely prospered as the 2 guard. Billups is our CO-LEADER and we wish him well and a quick return but we are the best team in our division and the best team at Staples with our without him. Go ahead and count the Clippers out. Our team feads off of it! Go ahead on put chip on our shoulder – you will be sorry. Go Clipps!

      • Stan man says:

        Billups is the real leader my friend, even CP3 recognizes him as his “Big Brother”… Without Mr. Big Shot arsenal of poise, experience and killer instinct (even though he’s in his mid 30’s), Clips is on the same level as the LA Fakers, with Billups they are better, which will be proven if he’s indeed out for the season (I Hope Not).

  34. Terrence says:

    get well soon chauncey!!

  35. Ilya says:

    C’mon, Mr. Big Shot! Get healthy in a short period of time. Your Clippers team is really great this season and they need your experience and steel nerves. You make this game better and I hope to see you on the court soon.

  36. Razbet says:

    Mr. Big shot might be gone, but with the way Mo W. plays …. he’s not a “major” loss to the Clips.

    • Schemer21 says:

      Yeah but the name’Mr. Big Shot’ didn’t just come from nowhere. He’s a proven leader, with an extremely high basketball IQ, makes all the players around him better, and when he’s needed he steps up and makes the Big Shot. In my opinion he’s the most under-rated player of his whole generation.
      Mo Williams on the other hand is a great player with a lot of potential, but how many times did he and Lebron lead the Cavs to the best record in the league only to both come up short at crunch time in the playoffs?
      Chauncey will defo be missed a lot, as much from his ability to bring Williams and Bledsoe along and make them better, smarted players as his ability on the court.
      Get well soon man.

  37. Pavie Pops says:

    We’re praying for you all the way ‘down under’, i.e. Melbourne, Aus. You’ve been my boy since the pistons! It can’t end like this. No way…see you soon!!!

  38. Danilo says:

    When you return from injury go to a team that has potential …. GO TO NEW JERSEY insted

    • CAKid says:

      If he goes to New Jersey next year it will be Billups and 11 other nobody’s. Your point guard is going south and the Superman will be joining in over in Texas somewhere. Billups would sign with the Wolves before he would go to NEW JERSEY. Look up the meaning of potential – it doesnt mean Lottery! Enjoy your new arena!

    • Matser says:


  39. BelizeBoy says:

    This is gonna be a big loss if he’s out for the season, but I’m optimistic that Martins addition on the defensive end will help balance out what we lose from Billups.

  40. Jughead says:

    Get well soon Mr.Big Shot… the Lob City needs you! You have to step up Eric Bledsoe

  41. OC CLIPPER FAN says:

    Chauncy your on my prayer list for a full recovery brother. God Bless

  42. mona says:

    Get well soon Billups!!!! The Clippers need u more than ever.

  43. chosen one says:

    Damn, I hope he gets well soon

  44. Frank Salonia says:

    I hope you get better real soon. The Clippers need you. Good luck.

  45. steve says:

    We need chaucncey

  46. Pater says:

    Get well Mr. Big Shot!