Billups Officially Done This Season

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Los Angeles Clippers’ worst fears became a reality this evening when it was announced by the team that Chauncey Billups is done for the remainder of this season with a torn left Achilles suffered in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s win over the Orlando Magic.

An MRI on this afternoon in Cleveland, where the Clippers are as they wait for Wednesday night’s game against the Cavaliers, confirmed the severity of the injury.

Billups is set to return to Los Angeles Thursday for examination from the team’s medical staff, though a date for surgery has not yet been determined. A five-time All-Star, the Clippers claimed  Billups off waivers in December after the New York Knicks cut him to make room for the signing of Tyson Chandler.

Billups played a pivotal role for the Clippers this season, starting at shooting guard alongside Chris Paul, and averaging 14.9 points and 4.0 assists in 30.4 minutes per game. It’s a devastating blow for a Clippers team that leaned on Billups as much for his play as it did his leadership and championship experience.

“I feel sick for him,” Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro told’s Ramona Shelburne. “He’s such a pro. After the game last night it was bittersweet. Everyone was just quiet in the locker room, quiet on the plane. People know how much Chauncey means to us — his character, his leadership. Not only his ability to play at a high level, but his character and the intangibles he brings. That’s why we brought him here. I just feel sick for him.”

“It’s a tough one,” Del Negro said. “He was just getting everything figured out. He was playing great. He’d just hit three 3s in a row, then he turns the wrong way running back down the court.

“It’s tough, but we’re going to do whatever we can as a team an organization to move forward.”

if any team has the backcourt depth to weather the loss of a veteran star it’s the Clippers. Paul, Mo Williams, Randy Foye and Eric Bledsoe can all be used interchangeably in the playing rotation.

But losing Billups is about losing more than just minutes and a lethal scorer and efficient game manager. They’re losing one of the league’s most respected players, a guy that led the Detroit Pistons to a Larry O’Brien trophy, collecting The Finals MVP trophy along the way.

It remains to be seen just how they will make up for the loss of all the intangibles Billups brings to the party!



  1. ClipsFan says:

    I remember watching this happen, I was at the game. Wow, I really thought the Clippers would have had a more tell tale sign after they lost one of their star athletes. However, the Clippers were able to regroup a bit, and the addition of K-Mart was one of the best things that they did so far this season. I really hope they can pull it together and focus on the ingredients that win championships.

  2. ClipsFan says:

    The Clippers lost Billups which is unfortunate, but the team still has great potential this year. K-Mart has been bringing some of the other players up on defense which has made a significant change (even if some people don’t see it yet). Defense wins championships and if you take a look at the past 10 champions they were ALL in the top 10 and many in the top 5.

  3. ClipsFan says:

    The Clippers have proved that they can pull through unfortunate circumstances in a successful fashion. The chemistry of the Clippers has really shown bright in the past few games. The team has been coming together and balancing out all the variables well.

  4. jeremy lin says:

    go get linsanity, linderella, to linfinity and beyonnnnnd

  5. ghost says:

    Jimmy Alapag, 3 point shooter.

  6. BlackEcstasy says:

    Billups is definately a major loss for the Clips… a player with real coaching skills and basketball I.Q to that similar of J-kidd and Steve Nash. you can’t replace that so easily.. J.R Smith would be a nice adittion to this high flying Clipper team in case he grew up mentally and got more mature in China. If he ll be able to leave stupidity aside he would be a killer adittion to this team

  7. Max says:

    Who would’ve thought that when New York brought Melo, Amar’e and Tyson Chandler together, Jeremy Lin would be the final piece to the puzzle.

    The whole season has been a disappointment for the New York Knicks….

    To read more go to

  8. No Lockout says:

    Chauncey; what a huge loss!!! Don’t end your career like this! It is the greedy owners and lockout that are to blame. I’ve never seen so many serious injuries in such a short period of time. I’m glad we have the season but after this CBA expires I hope the players are ready to play hardball, miss a season or even start their own league. The current ownership is a joke and borderline criminal. I wish this would be the last major “lockout” injury but I’m sure it’s not. The sport is physically grueling and the players can’t recover before the next one!!!

  9. Alex says:

    The Clippers cruse is back with a vengeance! Did we really think that the old clippers would not show up in the end? This had to happen cause this is what always happens, so now Mo Williams will go on a cold streak, CP3 will have to do it all, and no one will help him. These are the clippers we all know and feel sad for, but as long as Donald Sterling owns the clips, this is there fiat forever.

  10. charles says:

    Billups was what made up for a relatively weak coach. Now that he’s gone, the clippers chances of being in the finals dropped significantly. He was that important where one can declare that the clippers are still a playoff team but not a championship caliber team. They have very little depth and Vinny doesnt know how to get much out of them either. So quality of the starters was what made them special (Jordan is always the weak link). Now, that quality level just went down significantly.

  11. ClipsFan says:

    This is a very unfortunate event for the Clippers to experience at this moment. They have been playing great basketball, and even more importantly have been growing and developing as a team. However, this event will not mark the end of their season in any way. I think the Clippers will continue to show strength as a team and make the necessary choices in order to overcome this lose and continue playing the brand of basketball that has propelled them to be one of the best teams in the western conference. As an official sponsor of the Clippers 1-800LoanMart wishes Billups a healthy and speedy recovery!

  12. Victor Manoel says:

    Desejo a Chauncey Billups uma recuperação completa. Que ele possa jogar a próxima temporada com os Clippers novamente…

    I wish Chauncey Billups a fast and complete recovery. I hope he can play next season with the Clippers again…

  13. Franklin says:

    The clippers should really see who is out in the free agency, to see who could potentially fill in for Billiups, Sad loss but what if they could sign a vetern like Allen Iverson, who is looking for a place to fill in

  14. rachel says:

    I love chauncey, one of fav players from our detroit team. sorry to say but this i probably the end of his career.big loss but he will be in corporate office or coaching.

  15. Ben says:

    Get well soon Chauncey. You’re a great player and I too hope to see you in a Clippers uniform next season!

  16. BG32 says:

    Hey guys itz not all doom and gloom here.. I’m a big time Mavs fan, now with tuffjuice,blakeshow,CP3,and DJ, becomming a clipper fan also.. last year at about this time tuffjuice went down and it looked like the end for sure.. But they found a way and the clips will do the same…Karma, SCREW THE HEAT!!

  17. nmadel says:

    That’s really too bad. MO WILLIAMS TIME THO

  18. vincreations says:

    they cant make it without billups.. How sad 😦

  19. Mr.BigShot1 says:

    No!!! My favorite player in the whole world is out for the season I hope yu get better Chauncey!

  20. tob says:

    Tough one for both Billups and the Clippers, more so for Billups tho. The Clippers still have some backcourt depth and Billups is still going to be a presence on that team, just not on the court. He can still be a leader and a good example for the younger less experienced players. That’s a factor that shouldn’t be underestimated. Makes it easier for them to step up. However, I feel really bad for the guy not being able to play. The Clippers are slightly less exciting without him.

  21. Krycha says:

    Życzę zdrowia !

  22. me says:

    the clippers may not feel his loss during the season but come playoff… they my have paul but experience is a big plus in the playoff, and chauncey has lots of it.

  23. JT says:

    for all of you clippers bandwagons (im not a clippers fan but a die hard heat fan) mo williams is 6’1 he simply cannot defend the two he wasnt good at defending point guards and you guys expect him to start the game defending probably the most athletic player on the team with a height disadvantage of from 4-7 inches ?

    • rdeano7 says:

      I agree. i like mo as a player and i think the role of a scoring punch of the bench suites him well. but the idea of him being the starting sg would worry me if i was a clips fan. can you imagine him checking joe johnson and d wade and even more importantly, come playoff time checking kobe and harden. i like the idea of J R Smith. not sure what their cap situaton is ?, but if they could get that done would be a big help. if not then they have a lot of trade pieces. i know this is not realistic because hes injured and only just signed for the nets, but someone like deshawn stevenson would be perfect! elite defender and a good three ball shooter! good luck to the clips! coming form england we always love an underdog!

  24. buzzkillington says:

    I guess that’s it for the Clippers dream of competing for a title this season. The Clipper Rule is now postponed till next year.

  25. bryan says:

    Kunin nyo na si James Yap, mas magaling pa kay chauncey. From the Philippines! 🙂

    • a says:

      bro sorry but james yap won’t even average more than 2 ppg in the nba. nba rejects go to the pba or china and dominate. Nba is just another level

  26. aww says:

    Clippers is in trouble now. They can’t defend the sg position now. They should trade one of their pg for sg who can defend and shoot.

  27. Krish Sitlani says:

    This is a very sad news.. Anyway I think the perfect replacement for Billups is Allen Iverson.. He Can bring a different type of intensity in the game and I think he has grown from his for adversaries.. We’ll I’d love to see him on board though..

  28. richard says:

    he will retire…..

  29. noname says:

    JR smith with not be taken by the clippers now that Chauncy is gone….JR needs a familiar good role model in order to benefit any team.

  30. noname says:

    I respect all that you have done so far in the NBA Chauncy. I feel bad for you and the clippers needed you in order to win any important playoff series.

    This is a marathon season, the champion will be the toughest team mentally and physically……or….just a bunch of guys on Human Growth Hormone.

  31. LakerLyle says:

    Even with Billups healthy, they can’t beat the Lakers.

  32. sayang c billups ..pagkakataon na sana sa clipers para mag champion ngayon na season

  33. bo0diep0p says:

    I think the clippers don’t need to sign any replace for Billups. Mo can take Billups’ place anytime and they still have bledsoe. A very talented young kid who needs playing time to maximize his full potential. Cliips will be alright.

  34. Redmot Tumbaga says:

    Putang ina. Kunin nyo c Gary David para magchampion pa kayo.

  35. George says:

    so sad so sad mr. BIG SHOT 😦 I am his fan from 2003 and he never suffered such kind of heavy injury. he was in a terrific shape and played basketball on a champion level and with these core they were championship caliber team. god bless you chauncay I hope you will returne in may by palyoff.

  36. B.L. Frazer says:

    I would like to see JR Smith in a clippers uniform, but playing within the system and under control.

  37. dew says:

    with mo williams probably getting the starting role…the bench is looking pretty thin on the clips. hopefully chris paul can still lead his team to victories by playing smart basketball and going to their strengths. this just means griffin, mo williams, butler, and deandre jordan need to step up their games and maybe average 5 more points apiece per game. i think its really doable. shame to lose billups, but the clips still have plenty of capable star power to lock down other teams as long as they play defense.

  38. Scott says:

    This was meant to happen. The clippers will always be meant to lose and thats where they will always stay. If they do actually put together a good team, the basketball Gods will make sure they get injuries. Clippers are trash and always will be. Blake Griffin is the most overrated player in the NBA too.

    • jonathan says:

      sounds like someone’s player isn’t as good as Blake Griffin. He’s not overrated. HE is RAW TALENT.

  39. John Iglesias says:

    Let’s hope he helps out at the sidelines. He could help coaching them knowing he’s a great point guard with experience playing with the clips. :))

  40. Rich says:

    Huge loss. Billups was playing championship caliber basketball and this was probably his last shot at winning a title. Very sad day for the organization. I can safely say the “Clipper Curse” is real.

  41. bong says:

    sayang ka billups!

  42. clipper fan says:

    chauncey if your reading this get better

  43. Dzaster says:

    Billups has long been my favorite player. NY did him wrong and I was happy he landed in a good spot with CP3 and the Clips. I loved watching him carve up the Nuggets a few days ago. He been playing great. I’m sorry Big Shot.

    I hope the tear isn’t bad. Put that foot in a cast pronto and keep it immobile.

    Get well soon. //A

  44. shortman says:

    that’s a shame man.

  45. Sniper19 says:

    The best way to fill this roster spot is to land JR Smith or Aaron Brooks from China. Now JR Smith could have more minutes if he planned to go to the Clippers

    • NZBallfan says:

      Billups is a big loss, but think of the all the dunks you get with J.R. Clippers would be the best watch in the League. If they aren’t already.

  46. prix says:

    That´s Mo will just take over and shoot better, I hope..why not take Iverson anyway..CP3 is the one controlling the Clips right now and ITS SHOWTIME!!! just before OKC beat them in the west finals…

  47. John says:

    I feel sad for Billups and Clippers..

  48. James 313 says:

    I honestly think that this “shortened” season is the reason why players are getting hurt left and right. Just last night, CB, Melo, Gali, off the top of my head i can already remember those guys all getting hurt. Of course they have had regular seasons where they played back-to-back games, but some teams play 5 or so games in one week, and back-to-back-to-backs have to be having some kind of effect. Then again im not a super athlete or anything but i think it has some factor.

  49. baskethead23 says:

    God dammit. Get well Chauncey. I hope to see you in a Clips uniform again next season.

  50. ShakenBake says:

    Big Loss…… Sickening….. Hopefully Mr. Bigshot will recover quickly and play in the playoffs because i think this is his last chance at 35 years old.

    I also can see Gilbert Arenas playing in this team. Surely he can’t replace Billups for everything he does especially on the Leadership standpoint but he plays like Billups

    • izus says:

      Arenas is cancer this is why he has not been snatched up already.
      He is too lazy to play D.
      i feel bad for which ever team thinks they will change his bad attitude

    • skdoc1 says:

      No Arenas, never, no way, no how…. there is no room for him on the Clips (or anywhere else for that matter)

    • wesley says:

      I’m a crazy Clippers fan…I think Chauncey was the grandfather of this team. Without him so much experience is lost. Maybe his injury can set off a jolt in the level of play of the other clippers. Chauncey getting injured kills their spirits, but knowing the great leadership Chauncey shows he will encourage his teammates to play as if he was still there on the court every second of every quarter.