Western Conference All-Star Reserves

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Finally, we get a chance to right a few wrongs and clean up some messes from the recent past.

The Western Conference starters have a decidedly Los Angeles flavor, with four of the five (Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Andrew Bynum) coming from Lakers and Clippers. But we’ve spread the love a little more here with the reserves. And the reward for playing All-Star basketball on a winning team is recognized properly here today:

*** The All-Star reserves will officially be announced Thursday night on TNT ***


LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland Trail Blazers23.1 points, 8.8 rebounds, 2.8 assists

This is a major make-up call from last season. That Aldridge has operated in MVP territory for the Trail Blazers this season makes it much easier to make this call. Without Brandon Roy around he’s assumed more than just the role of on-court anchor, he’s now become the face of the franchise as well. And he wears those tags well.

Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves25.0 points, 13.7 rebounds, 1.7 assists

Love is one of two exceptions to our long-standing HT rule that All-Star reserve bids go to players on winning teams unless someone is having a truly remarkable season. Love is putting up MVP-caliber numbers for a team that is slowly but surely clawing its way up the totem pole in the conference.


Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies14.8 points, 10.3 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 2.2 blocks

We knew there would be a Gasol on this team, it just wasn’t clear which Gasol it would be until a few weeks ago. While Pau is playing well, Marc is operating at another level without Zach Randolph around to share the load. Career numbers always help. But watch the Grizzlies for five minutes and Gasol’s impact on both ends of the floor is obvious.


Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder21.7 points, 5.7 assists, 4.7 rebounds, 2.0 steals

Folks can argue all they want about whether or not Westbrook is a “true” point guard or a shooting guard masquerading as a point guard. We know what he is, an absolute machine, and an All-Star with a chance of holding on to his spot on the team for the next decade or so. Even his critics can’t deny him that.

Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs18.1 points, 7.7 assists, 2.9 rebounds

While there are other worthy candidates (Ty Lawson, Kyle Lowry, Steve NashMonta Ellis, etc.), Parker deserves credit for being Spurs’ best and most consistent star this season. Without a healthy Manu Ginobili (broken hand) to lean on and with a diminished Tim Duncan doing his best to help out, Parker has been the difference maker.


Paul Millsap, Utah Jazz16.8 points, 9.5 rebounds, 1.9 assists

Millsap has gone about his work the same as he always does, without nary a mention and very little fanfare. Hopefully that all ends this week. The coaches voting on the reserves know exactly what he brings for the Jazz and should make sure to think of him when filling out their ballots. There is a place on an All-Star team for guys that do things the old-fashioned way.

Danilo Gallinari, Denver Nuggets17.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, 2.7 assists

A more appropriate gesture for the Nuggets would require us to list four players from their ensemble cast and give each one of them equal time during the All-Star Game. But the rules are the rules, and Gallo is the leader of the pack on one of the top two teams in the Western Conference. He belongs on this team.


  1. TAPATIO says:


  2. TAPATIO says:

    Yeah I would like to see ALDRIDGE & LOVE rather than dirk & pau!


    My picks for the NBA all-star reserves: East – Josh Smith, Paul Pierce, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson, Brandon Jennings, Andre Iguodala, Danny Granger… West – Kevin Love, Dirk Nowitzki, LaMarcus Aldridge, Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker, Danilo Gallinari, Kyle Lowry… Tough snubs/may also make it: East – Deron Williams, Kyrie Irving, Ryan Anderson and Roy Hibbert… West – Al Jefferson, Monta Ellis…

  4. Jake says:

    Monta Ellis deserves a reserve spot.

  5. Jay says:

    Monta should be in it just because of position wise he’s the only real sg of the bunch, I know they just say “guard” spots but its just stupid having 3 backup pg and 3 backup pf and no sg or sf in there.

  6. Dirko says:

    no Dirk on the All-Star team? Come on… Unbelievable! NBA can’t accept that the best player in the world is a German.

    • dude says:

      the all-star game is for players who excels in the 11-12 NBA season. apparently, he’s been banged up and is playing as a 2nd option player. Dirk deserves some love, but not for this all-star game. Aldridge, Love definitely deserves it over him.

  7. Jose says:

    Yeah monta Ellis scored 48 but who won the game….? Alright then

  8. edward says:

    Tony Parker should be a lock for the team…an old duncan, no ginobili and the spurs are still 2nd in the west. The only reason he doesnt put up video game type numbers is because he only plays 33 minutes a game. He gets it done in less minutes than westbrook or nash. Also Al Jefferson>Marc Gasol

  9. tyler alex says:

    i hope monta ellis gets in

  10. bballer says:

    tyreke should be on the list

  11. dacity23 says:


  12. chris says:

    Russell Westbrook 25 25 35.0 .459 .276 .810 1.40 3.40 4.80 5.9 2.00 .36 4.24 2.30 22.3

  13. chris says:

    Rubio is no where near to being the best guard in the west,you are insane. He is not on paul,westbrooks,levels.

  14. Artur (from Portugal) says:

    I think STEVE NASH should play, because he’s carrying the Suns into a decent season, and he is having allstar stats.
    He is the living example of longevity in the NBA and is excelent in out of the court behaviour.
    So I really think he diserves it.

  15. phamie says:

    It should be STEVE NASH. I think, he really deserved to be in ORLANDO for the ALL STARS. Look at his performance this season and we are talking about ALL STARS.

  16. JeremyCKR says:

    What a pity that Gallo was injured on the game vs Rockets.
    His chance of being selected in ASG was destroyed T^T

  17. TW says:

    Where’s Monta.
    I think he deserves for the spot.

  18. Ty says:

    WOAH!! Where is Rubio??? Best PG in the West and would bring a ton of hype to the game..

  19. paul says:

    Marc Gasol deserves it! And Gallinari is an All-Star like Steve Nash!

  20. vi says:

    Marc Gasol deserves it! And Gallinari is an All-Star like Steve Nash!

  21. LOL says:

    We need Scalabrine, Matt Bonner, Kwame Brown, Mark Madsen, Coby Carl, DJ Mbenga, Brian Cardinal, and Haseem Thabeet.

  22. DSadler says:

    Personally I’d like to see Deandre Jordan in the mix. He’s not playing at an All-Star level but he certainly has stepped up big time this year. Especially defensively. Plus, a Deandre vs Dwight alley-oop dunk-off would be sweet. Marc Gasol is a good player but I don’t think anyone watching is interested in seeing jump hooks in the lane all night.

  23. Frank says:

    Ricky Rubio is an All-Star !!

  24. G says:

    Chris Paul is the best “true” point guard in the league but when it comes to better players westbrook and rose are better lets be honest. love should of started because his stats are ridiculous better then griffin in almost every category especially the ones that really count. and both love and westbrook should have no problem making the all star team come on for those haters who didn’t consider westbrook i don’t think you know what an all star means…

  25. Chico says:

    I can’t believe Gallo got injured. He was probably going to get called because he is SF, and the players ahead of him on the poll were PF, and he was going well. So bad he was not lucky this year. But if he improves to the next season, he will have an all star spot compared to the one by Aldridge this year.

    I still wanting Rubio for this game, he does all star plays during the regular season, imagine what he would do on that game.

  26. Jose says:

    Westbrook is the best guard in the league just behind rose, quit hating. Westbrook should be starting the allstar game, haters.

  27. Brandon says:

    Where’s DMC in this conversation for the Center spot? DMC is just behind K. Love and D. Howard for Double-Doubles, putting up better numbers than both Gasol brothers, and Gortat, Admittedly, his FG% has room for improvement but the guy is a BEAST and only in his second year! He’s being snubbed due to the fact that he plays on a young, struggling team.

    • btone31 says:

      Agree. DeMarcus has been a beast since Westphal got fired. Too bad people want to picture him as a bad guy instead of watching him record double-doubles every night.

  28. Aechowa Sun says:

    I hope at least that a player of the Spurs would make it. Parker is a good point guard while Tim Duncan may not be in his prime but still deserves to be an all star because of what he contributes to the Spurs. Too bad Manu has a broken hand but he will be a good pick as well in the all star selection because of his brilliance in the game.

    Spurs forever!

  29. MIGUEL ÁNGEL says:

    Where are Pau and Rubio?! They would be incredible! We know very well and with the Spanish basketball team created a great game.

  30. jonski22 says:

    who thinks that LaMarcus Aldridge and Tim Duncan are the kinda same..both great players, but not that athletic and boring…
    Pau/Dirk/Timmy/KG….should be on the aging All-Star List…
    Kobe should be in All-Star for 5minutes..and rest the whole day..

  31. David says:

    This list is garbage without Monte Ellis. He has been snubbed 2 years in a row already. Enough is enough.

  32. Pater says:

    Where’s DJ? I understand that he does not have the same average as Gasol does but it is an all star game, it for entertainment, it is for fun, it is for enjoyment. Yeah, Gasol is really going up in the air to catch the oops and throw them down!!!

  33. Lord Hitch says:

    Gallo will be in the team. He’s the only SF left; Aldridge, Love and Millsap are PF, so the Western team needs a KD’s reserve. IMHO

  34. theflowson says:

    If anybody PG besides Parker is picked over him I would be extremely surprised. Lol @ these haters wanting to pick Steve Nash or Rubio over him, are you serious?

    San Antonio is 16-9, 3rd place in the West, on a 4 in a row winning streak, have been absolutely unstoppable at home, all this without Duncan playing much minutes and Ginobili sidelined. Parker is absolutely carrying this team! Look no further then the OKC game where he absolutely torched Russell Westbrook, and you mean to tell me you would pick Nash and Rubio over him? Please Nash plays on losing teams, and Rubio plays for a sub 500 team, over the last few years Parker has always been the underrated point guard, I say give him his chance to shine. He is absolutely without a question the MVP of his team and SA wouldn’t not nearly be where they are at right now without him. If he isn’t in the All-Star game it would be a travesty.

    Rudy Gay and Danilo would be my choice as wild cards. Dirk and Millsap wouldn’t be that bad of a choice either, but only as a wild card.

  35. Josh says:

    Love this list. I have a terrible feeling that they’re going to get in wrong though. I see Dirk and Duncan making appearances which aren’t deserved but more of a pity vote or based on the body of work which is not what an all-star game should be about. Just because a guy was great does not mean he is playing like an all-star anymore. Hope the reserves are handled well this year.

    • bsj968 says:

      Sorry, but if you are going to have Kobe and Dwayne Wade as starters you need to give last years MVP and Athlete of the frickin’ world in as a reserve. Dirk’s been hurt for the entire season and still average close to 19 pts.

  36. celticsfan says:

    I really hope millsap makes it

  37. Soheil says:

    No love for Monta Ellis…commmmmme onnnn what a man gotta do he is top 10 in the scoring list.

  38. Ryan says:

    where is MONTA ELLIS? are we crazy? westbrook has half of his iq, Tony Parker has played well ONE game in all the season. Monta has deserved the ASG in the last three years but someone important clearly doesn’t like him

    • OKCKD35 says:

      are you really saying monta is better than westbrook? get real. yeah he can ball hog it and score, russell brings so much more with his defense and athletisicm than Monta could ever bring, not to mention he is directing the best team in the NBA right now, where are the warriors? oh yea about 8 hours away from their 3rd loss to OKC this year lol

      • what says:

        he’s not saying monta is better than westbrook, bro. it’s just how monta is able to pull off an incredible year with HALF THE IQ of westbrook. and let’s be real, westbrook’s IQ is pretty low coming from last year’s playoff run. but i do believe that monta should deserve SOME RECOGNITION into this all star game. besides, who cares about defense in an all-star game haha. get real.

  39. RUBIO says:

    Where is RICKY RUBIO??? He should make it, he is the most spectacular PG in the league.

  40. tmac says:

    LOve, gallinari desrve the reserve spot..

  41. Dom V says:

    why are u guys talking about defense? its an all star game its meant to be exciting and all offense which is why it was like 140-148 or something stupid…

    Blake is exciting which is why he made it, no hes not the best PF in the league but he is the most exciting player.

    Melo however i have NOOOO IDEAAA how he made it…

  42. kupinx says:

    if all-star is a reward for players on winning teams, then there should be a repesentative of the mavs (dirk maybe???), i love marc gasol’s game, but the griz together with t-wolves are 1,5 games behind 8-spot, and i do think 2 exceptions for the rule “best player from the best team” are a little bit too much, i’ll take k-love over marc. as for steve nash, there is no doubt, that he’s one of the best point guard the game has ever produce, even in his late 30s, but the suns this year are simply too bad to have a repersentative in this allstar game, the western-standing this year shows that kyle lowry deserves more allstar node than him.

  43. Omar says:

    Where’s Rudy Gay deserves it way more than Gallo. He Has better numbers and in a team without one of their stars.Other than that im good.

  44. Carlton says:

    ricky rubio anyone?

  45. shane says:

    Kevin Love should be starting over Griffin too by far!

    • btone31 says:

      Agree. However, the difference is Blake is a highlight freak, with all those dunks (or sometimes throw-ins that ESPN calls those dunks). But, Kevin Love is way better than Blake and it showed when those two battled in L.A. a few weeks ago when Minnesota won.

  46. samalboy says:

    SHOULD BE: Nash, Kevin Love, Westbrook, Aldridge, Gallinari, Ellis, Parker, Pau. Why PAU? You right, Marc’s performance this start of the season is amazing! But when this season ends, i would give it to Pau.

  47. German Kurt Alemann says:

    Are you kidding me?? What about Ricky Rubio?? If Minnesota is .500 is not only thanks to Love, but is in first place thanks to the Spaniard Rookie! I’m a Spurs fan, but seriously, he not deserve that spot more than Rubio.

  48. WHITE MAMBA FTW! says:

    where’s Scalabrine??

  49. Sillmarillion says:

    How come you don’t even mention Marcin Gortat?? And what is this trashtalk about him not rebounding good enough? I mean, it’s just him having the longest double-digit rebound streak in the whole league! And even when Nash was not playing he made his numbers. He is Mr. Double-Double and without him the Suns would be 1-22.

  50. Edmond says:

    I definitley think Kyle Lowry should be in the all-star game almost averaging close to a triple double and because of him the Rockets went on a 8 game winning streak!!! Houston still winning being consistant every year!!!!!! and have you seen Mike Conley play been consistent for the past 3 years hed be very valuable of the all-star bench

  51. Xavi says:


  52. Pectolite says:

    I cannot figure out why no one is talking about Al Jefferson. If you blindly look at his stat line next to Bynam’s, he would have a case as a starter, never the less a reserve. The Jazz will surprise everybody this year. Including me.

  53. Celtic says:

    k-love=starter. griffin is good, but not better than kevin love. can griffin hit 3’s like love? does he rebound like love? does he impact his team as much as love does? no…griffin is starting because of his ability to dunk the ball like a super human. sure he has other qualities that make him all star worthy (for the west i would definitely have brought him on, although i think milsap is more deserving because of his defensive prowess, which is above griffin’s). kevin love just deserved to start more than he does. griffin is the perfect example of how “flashy” play gains the respect of the world. his dunks are his throne, not his all-around play. sorry blake, im your fan, but you’re not as good as milsap or love–or zach randolph, or Dirk, or Lamar Odom, etc.
    i also don’t understand why al jefferson isn’t more of a contender for the center position. i think mark is definitely deserving though, and bynum is unquestionably the best center in the west, so that was obvious.

  54. gurpegi says:

    Gasol? Phi, Marcin Gortat is better!

  55. Marco Polo says:

    Marc Gasol is better than Pau this season
    Tony Parker is better that Steve Nash but Steve should be wild card

  56. Rubio is the next steve Nash says:

    Ricky Rubio is the next sSeve Nash

  57. CASH says:

    Did anyone watch the OKC vs SA game? Parker answered all your questions and made Westbrook look like a high school jv player. Open your eyes people!!!

    • OKCKD35 says:

      yeah tony killed OKC that game, noone mentions though that is was relative to the transition defense, what really killed us was the 3 point shot, that if russell does not rotate parker scores, if he does rotate out they swing it for the 3 pointer. i guarantee that if Thabo was on the court (our best perimter defender) then Westbrook could have played parker more straight up and eliminate the cuts to the basket. Granted parker was playing out of his mind that game, but the real deal was 70% from the 3 point arc

  58. The Gac says:

    Man i can’t believe K-love didn’t make the starting team i mean he’s only averaging 25.0 points, 13.7 rebounds i mean thats better then Dwight Howard and Blake and Dirk don’t have those numbers do they?

  59. Fozy says:

    Cmon…. Dirk? what has he done this season except make a cpl shots here lately. Yeah He had an awesome year last year, which is why he was on the All-Star Team last year, and finals MVP. But this is not last year, if you are going to award a guy for what he did last year then hell put Tim Duncan on there again too for lifetime achievment award. That is just stupid, The people listed here are having good years THIS year, Most of these are pretty much safe to say will get in besides maybe the wild cards, Marc, and Maybe Tony because there are good arguements for other people in those same positions, like Nash, Gortat, and others. But for what he has done this year, no way should Dirk be in there, its just silly to think he should be in there just because the Mavs are the defending champions, they sure haven’t played like it so far.

    • clippers fan since the start says:


    • AAG_SR says:

      He is still averaging over 17 pts n 6 rebs and shooting 90% from the field ON A WINNING TEAM because he requires attention from the defense something that gortat knows nothing about. how can pheonix has two all stars and are not even playing .500 basketball????

  60. SPARTAN says:

    I agree with sekou about tony parker. I think that monta ellis deserves to be in the team too(probably instead of gallinari)

  61. Alessandro says:

    Go Gallo!!!Italy is with you!!!

  62. Luis says:

    Marc Gasol should be with the starters!!!. He is the second best center of the league behind D. Howard!.

    Ricky Rubio had better be also. He is The Show.

  63. andres says:

    pau is better than marc but marc is harder, so i’d like to see both in the all star game. gallinari in the all star?? camon

  64. hadzbe says:

    Marcin GORTAT… NBA are U blind?

    Dirk Nowitzki.

  65. JoeS says:

    Absolutely agree FDM. In addition Rubio likes so much this kind of exhibition games… we would see true SHOW.

    • mike1 says:

      I totally agree with you. This is the perfect match for Rubio. Something different and at the same time amazing

  66. Pan says:

    if you guys read carefully

    he said he rewards WINNING TEAM

  67. Roy says:

    West Reserves: LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Monta Ellis, Kyle Lowry, Steve Nash, Danillo Galanari, Marc Gasol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. M.B. says:

    I definetly agree with Gortat – he has improved on both ends of the floor, is extremely effective and has great impact on his team. I love Marc but in my opinion you guys are over estimating him a bit… What I mean is that both him and Gortat are playing the best seasons of their lives (so far this season).

  69. FDM says:

    this hole thing about the silent treatment when referring ricky rubio and the ASG is beyond comprehension …
    the only thing i’ve heard so far is Kevin Smith saying “that’s why you shouldn’t let fans vote” when the news that he is third on votes just after kobe and paul came up … reaaaaally don’t get this new “policy”

    HE IS AN ABSOLUTE LEGIT PLAYER FOR THE ASG and undoubtely more exciting to wacht than any of the above.
    i don’t care what kind of politics are involve; is what the people want to see+i’m sure that the other all stars will prefer to have him
    distributing the ball than wacht westbrook take shoots ….

  70. Arian says:

    This is incredible.
    not rewarding Dirk for that year he had. that would be so unbelievably unfair…
    I would even consider J. Terry.. but whatever, i hope what you’re predicting won’t be right, or else there will be a lot of people mad..
    the rest is fine

  71. SteveM says:

    Paul Millsap over Pau Gasol is just silly!

    • StephenP says:

      really…compare their shooting percentages…

      • StephenP says:

        Paul Milsap is shooting an amazing 52.6% with an average of 16.8 points and 9.5 rebounds.
        Pau Gasol is shooting at 50.9% with 16.5 points and 10 rebounds.

        Now tell me Pau Gasol is more deserving…please

  72. ja says:

    Marc buena suerte aqui desde Memphis somos una familia que te apoya y te seguimos desde siempre.

    Saludos y ojala algun dia podamos conocerte en Memphis ya que vivimos alli pero no hemos tenido la oportunidad de ir a una actividad donde te podamos conocer.

  73. dirk.93 says:

    GALLO DESERVES!!!but lowry is my man for the french

  74. Joel Lewis says:

    I think we are all forgetting that Steve Nash is almost 38 years old, averaging 15 and 10, all while shooting 54% from the field and 41% downtown. Therefore I disagree that Tony Parker should get the vote. The Suns without Nash would make them the Bobcats of the west, so I feel that his presence is what keeps the Suns from being the laughing stock of the league. Tony Parker undoubtedly is picking up the slack from no Ginobili and an aging Duncan, but the Spurs have an advantage with Popovich on the sidelines. Overall thats the only disagreement I have, everything else looks about right. (Especially the choice of Marc at C, because I’m a Grizz fan)

  75. Daniel says:

    My favorite part is when people continue to act like the Mavs never won the title and refuse to give them any respect. I understand Dirk is not playing at an MVP level right now, but I also know that if Kobe came out having an off year he’d still get voted in as a starter. Reports might as well have been something like “Oh check it out, the Heat lost the Finals, that’s too bad. Anyway, onto next season.”

    • bitter says:

      Agreed. Dirk should have a rightful spot in the all-star team.

    • DallasLatinaMFFL says:

      With you 100% on that!

    • Celtic says:

      100% truth. funny how miami is “the best” in the league according to EVERYONE, but less than a year ago they were decimated by the dallas mavericks–which was shocking to all the bandwagoners and glamour chasers (Yeah NBA journalists, you’re all bandwagoners and glamour chasers). Dallas blew the heat out of the water last year. And like you said Daniel, they get 0 credit for it. rather than pronouncing that Dallas won, everyone yells “The Heat Lost”. Whatever. I hope when Dwight Howard gets traded he stays in the East and plays with a team that dominates the Heat during the Lebron-Wade-Bosh era and takes those “six rings” that they thought they were going to get.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        And OKC has a better record than the heat! Not to mention we dominated them last time we played them, sick of all the talk being bulls and heat, bulls and heat, can we get the small market team WITH THE BEST RECORD some love?

    • AAG_SR says:

      I fully agree with you! Show the CHAMPIONS SOME LOVE MIEN! MY MAVS!

  76. tupark82 says:

    once again, tough to argue. i would point out that monta ellis is not even worth considering though, and that’s comin from a warriors fan. the warriors have been terribly inconsistent and he’s a big part of it

  77. Shane Christensen says:

    Marcin Gortat is averaging a double-double and no one’s mentioning him?? His numbers are comparable to both Bynum and M. Gasol. Gortat should be there in place of Gallinari.

    • Marek says:

      I am Polish as Gortat and I love him and admire him for what he is achiving but I don’t think that it is all down to numbers. He plays in a weak team and he is still dependable greatly on a genius of Steve Nash. When I watch his behaviour in the paint I think that there is still plenty of room for more aggresive defence, boxing out and getting to the rebound and trying to run to find your place at the offensive end.
      If you look at Gortat’s games against good centres in the league then you’ll see that although he gets his numbers which are not mega-impressive his opponents are often crushing him on both ends of the floor. Usually the better, in my opinion, big men are gathering more rebounds, points and blocks. I can’t see too often Gortat going one of one with big Andrew Bynum, Dwight Howard, brothers Gasol and many other big guys.
      No disrespect for Gortat but I still see a lot to improve. I like him, watch him and vote for All-Star Game but I know he is not ready yet.
      As for Steve Nash – he deserves it wihout a doubt! In my opinion he is one of the greatest and most intelligent playmakers in the history of the game.
      I love this game!

      • Mmm says:

        >his opponents are often crushing him on both ends of the floor
        Absolutely not true. I hope you can provide some stats to back up your opinion.

        By the way, Nash effect is also exaggerated in my opinion. Gortat played without him and he had 20 points, 10 rebounds game on 10/14 shooting.

  78. Victor Manoel says:

    Come on, Sekou! Where’s Nash??? The Nuggets are playing really well, but Gallinari isn’t playing better than Nash… Steve’s not on a playoff team, but his stats are worth to make the All-Star bench. I strongly hope he will make the team!

  79. RM says:

    I like Parker, but i think Nash should have that spot.

  80. Bruno Antonellini says:

    This is a sign that the NBA is changing dramatically.

    Great work with the blog Sekou!

  81. Knicks Fan says:

    really wish good luck for Gallo. we loved him. NY office should have waited to sign anothny in offseason. they screwed up the roster with trade. anyway good luck gallo.

  82. Great list. Really hope Marc makes the roster.