Suspension Monday For Brown, Love

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Both Lakers coach Mike Brown and Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love will be doing the same thing we’re all doing tonight, and that’s watching the games.

Both were suspended, it was announced today by the league, for transgressions over the weekend.

Brown has been suspended for tonight’s game in Philadelphia and fined $25,000 for making contact with a game official and failure to leave the court in a timely manner following his ejection in the Lakers’ loss to the Jazz Saturday night in Utah.

Love received a two-game suspension, without pay, for driving his foot into the upper body and face of Rockets forward Luis Scola in the Timberwolves’ win Saturday night in Minneapolis.

Did the league’s Punishment Police get it right with the fines and suspensions?


  1. crazy_ghost says:

    that is intentional…
    if he don’t want to step on scola,he can…
    he can also run for there offense without doing that …

  2. willie says:

    intentional… love is lucky to get only 2 games out… he should’ve been out for 4

  3. Beckham says:

    NBA is just soft. I saw this in english football everyweek

  4. Ryan says:

    Well that action showing no LOVE at all!
    but I think ref. should be suspended also for a non-call foul!, For me Kevin fouled Scola!

  5. Chi-town says:

    man.. K-love is a dirty player just like KG..Dirty players always come out of Twolves.

  6. REALLY? says:

    2 Games for Love??? Are they watching the same video I am? Scola’s arms are up and may or may not have caught Love’s leg.. Love isn’t even looking at him when he puts his foot down, nor does he look down after the incident. He is clearly moving on towards the play. Accident All the Way! Both players even said so. Tell me this incident happens with LeBron, Wade or Kobe and they get 2 games??? I don’t think so. If it were those players Scola gets the suspension for intent to injure. NBA – Notoriosly Bad Administrating

  7. Zeffiro says:

    Wolves should get even without Love, punch Sac and play close with Memphis.

    But if they do indeed make it 2-0 without Love, this team will get on a serious ROLL. Expecting at least one big game from either Beasley/Webster or even A.Randolph if he plays enough. Don’t expect DWill to explode through though, he’ll be solid, nothing more. Also it’ll be interesting if Rubio tries to take it a bit more on himself.

  8. Ryan says:

    Full disclosure: Huge wolves fan. With that out of the way, I have two things. First, I wish they would show a better view of the whole thing. Second, I just wish the whole thing never happened. I’ll trust the leagues decision for a two game suspension, but I don’t think it was intentional and I definately don’t think it was a “stomp”

    • TreShiq says:

      An intentional step from a guy Kevin Love’s size with velocity and other physics terms all added up in there is a stomp..Snooki doing this would be a step…KLove doing it, is a stomp.

  9. david says:

    probably the most damaging evidence was after the game he ran over to rubio and did abody pump then looked at rockets bench and did the move with his hands crossed down to his crotch,like the wreslers do on wwe. also after the stomped love tried to drive lane and met that big bully lowerey and was fouled and then on he never made a post move,just shot from outside.

  10. javier says:

    unintentional!! are you serious? he left the leg behind, didn’t try to avoid the contact.
    Are you sure that the Scola nationality are not influencing in your opinion? What should happen if Scola have kick Love?

  11. Patrick says:

    Stupid decision, may be not the last !!!

  12. Aaron says:

    The NBA must not like the wolves getting back to 500. It just took us 5 years to get there!

  13. Brian Geraghty says:

    NBA really disgusting here treating this as an intentional incident when both players say it was not. leave it to the NBA to blow something like this! IDIOTS – but the league is very good at screwing small markets and their players.

  14. abchome says:

    Love might not stomp on Scola intentionally. But he clearly had no intention to avoid the stomping, which could be very dangerous and should be penalized.

  15. bobby says:

    his actions on the whole play looks like that high school bully thats on the net playing basketball. very dirty play from strip to stomp.

  16. bobby says:

    yeah right, he took a stutter step to do it. wouldnt have thought that of k love. very dirty play. i ve seen lots of plays where people hurt other people but that was just dirty and intentional.

  17. Steven says:

    The suspension on Love is ridiculous, that clearly wasn’t intentional. He had to put his foot somewhere or he was going to end up on the floor too.

  18. nomer says:

    2 games ??? for what??? crazzy decision man…but what to do? somebody must step up for the wolves

  19. Zeffiro says:

    PLUS, it’s not like Memphis has an awful lot of big bodies inside. Sure, Gasol is there, but they’re missing Zach and don’t forget about Arthur which maybe was as much big a blow as Randolph being out.

  20. yifan wang says:

    This is a blow to the wolves. They just got into 500 and now they will suffer two losses without love. Two game suspension is way too much..

  21. clutchfans says:

    yep this is what he should get, the outcome of the game got affected by that play, the rockets should of won the game, that play killed everyones confident and I think the league should do something else other than just suspend him, because what he said after the game was horrible, he did it on purpose and he said it was an accident, so he should be suspended from the allstar game because of that also.

    • Doug says:

      Are you suggesting that punishments be given based on how the players on the offended team mentally react? Because the punishment has to be for the crime (or lack thereof), not how people fell apart afterwards. Quite frankly, Scola should’ve stood up when Love stepped over him, tripping them both–so a little pride and self-respect.

      You want to talk about plays that affect stuff that people should be suspended for? Talk about when Amare broke Bogut’s arm. He didn’t get ANYTHING for that and it was a flagrant foul (not on the ball) that put someone’s life at risk.

  22. Pats12 says:

    No prior history of doing this.
    It looks unintentional even after replaying it over and over again.
    Context because running back to offense makes it even less intentional from a guy with zero priors.

    Dunno man, sounds like the NBA just wants to make an example out of Love.

    • motto says:

      I believe Love should be sent off during the match for this action (as Scola said), but not suspended for it.
      Maybe the NBA got some interest about Timberwolves doesn’t arrives to PlayOffs? Because NBA is the owner of the Wolves’ Draft first choice (New Orleans).
      Think about it when you watch the next Wolves’ match!

  23. ConfusedFan says:

    I’m still confused about why Kevin Love is getting suspended 2 games for that. I watched the video of it happening probably 20 times and still don’t get it. To even refer to what that video shows as a stomp is laughable. Scola flops and falls underneath of Love, and Love gets suspended for trying to run back up the court. I’ll probably never understand this one.

    • Doug says:

      I completely agree with you. If someone is lying on the grown and gets stepped on–that’s okay. Now if someone actually stomps (play Gears of War and attempt a “curb stomp”), that’s something different entirely. But this was Kevin Love balancing awkwardly one one foot over a guy on the ground then deciding he needed to get down the court and stepping where is foot already was.

      Of course Mike Brown deserved his suspension–even if he was correct about the call before that.

    • david says:

      what you didn’t see was was preceded this. scola blocked love’s shot twice then love scored and roared down the court. then hooked scola with right hand and twisted scole,then with his left hand raked scolas arms forcefully.

  24. Jeff says:

    Of course not. I the league suspends one player for that , why dont the look at other games, particularly where miami heat player play dirty , flop and otherwise influence the referees and suspend them as well. But of course not. Punish K.Love but let the LeChokers do their broadway stuff all the time.

  25. FF says:

    If you think of Bynum, only getting a 4 game suspension for hitting JJ Barea intentional… I think 2 games for Kevin Love are okay, but then Bynum should sit out 4 morge games!