Kobe Is No. 5, Wants No. 6!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Leave it up to Kobe Bryant to brush off a huge milestone like passing Shaquille O’Neal for 5th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list with yet another salvo about a goal he has yet to attain.

After a loss in his hometown of Philadelphia Monday on the same night he dropped 28 points on the Sixers to pass O’Neal, Bryant’s reaction was the usual snarl after a loss. But he also made clear that the milestone that means most to him is championship No. 6.

ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Dave McMenamin delivered the money quote:

“I just want No. 6, man,” Bryant said, referring to his championship count, when asked where he wanted to finish on the all-time scoring list when he retires. “I’m not asking for too much, man. Just give me a sixth ring, damn it.”

Did you expect anything else from the man Shaq calls the “greatest Laker ever?”


  1. Skitter says:

    Kobe will be the greatest lakers ever, once he retire from the game.

  2. hahaha says:

    dont worry kobe hasnt a hope in hell of gettin no.6

    • CK says:

      Don’t count championship no.6, no.7, and possibly even no.8 out for Kobe just yet. A few more trades before the trade deadline can make it possible and have you eating your words.

  3. Starlin says:


  4. treveon says:

    look kobe is the best player ever..no question hes better than magic..also hes gonna be better than michael when he gets that six ring

    • You really believe that? says:

      So being the greatest player is just about wining titles? So if he get that sixth ring thats all he needs to be greater than MJ?
      MJ is by far the greatest of all time!!KB comes not even close!!Just compare their careers and their stats and get a lesson of how Championships are Won!!Number dont lie!!

  5. Sam says:

    I’m sorry… I can’t put a guy who has missed MOST of his shots in his career at that high on a Lakers list. KB’s FG% is pathetic. Shaq did it with nearly 60% FG for his career, not to mention Kobe had a 4 year head start. Let’s not forget what happened in 02-03 when KB started trying to take the show after Shaq’s 3 consecutive Finals MVP’s nor should I have to remind you what happened to the Lakers when Shaq left (and the Heat). It’s hard to compare Wilt, Magic, and Kareem. It was another time frame, but Shaq was boss. Kobe should have 2 titles. I really admire Shaq for his humility too.

    1. Shaq
    2. Magic
    3. Kareem
    4. Wilt
    5. Kobe
    6. West

  6. Jason Sparr says:

    All of you people out there that think it’s about rings, or stats, or MVPs really need to be quiet. (The media controls more than you think and Kobes “rape” case hurt his chances unfortunately) Also, There are many extraordinary ball players that have played over a decade in the NBA and have zero rings, Karl Malone for example was superb, no ring. Look at how Kobe plays the game, he can shoot form anywhere, has top notch agility and stamina, great knowledge of basketball and how to use the court, he also is a leader for his team and does very creative things with the basketball to score or make a play. All you need to look at for any basketball player to see how great one is would be their highlights. Watch Kobe mixtape after a Jordan Mixtape and you will find that they are very similar players. Sure, stats may say Jordan is better and stats may show large margins of Difference, however Kobe was also the only player who can go for 81 points in a game in this ERA of superstars. (ALSO go for 60+ a few more times that season) Wilt was an inch away from the hoop had 100 against a bunch of short white guys. Wow. Kobe is the evolution of basketball, just like in the future someone will be better then him, but for now he is the best.

  7. mevans says:

    Jerry West is the best Laker ever, hands down.
    Some of you must not be old enough to remember him playing.
    There is a reason that they call him Mr. Clutch. He holds the record for the highest points per game average in a playoff series with 46.3. He was hands down the greatest shooter the NBA has ever seen. If the 3 point line existed, West, concieveably could have averaged 60 points a game in that aforementioned series. He averaged 40.6 points a game for the whole NBA playoffs in 64-65.
    He averaged 27 points a game for his career. There is a reason why he is the NBA logo.

  8. Wait a minute.. says:

    Why are you guys comparing Kobe and MJ? this article is all about “The Greatest Lakers player ever”. MJ had not played in L.A in his entire career so why are you comparing MJ to Kobe?.. MJ is greater than kobe period..

  9. The Celtics Fan in the discusion says:

    Ok MJ is the best player to ever play the game but sadly id hate to say it to everyone but kobe isn’t on par with that. The NBA has never been a game of shooting guards. Ill say kobe is the second best at that position to play, but theres bests at every other position between him and MJ, Magic, Bird, Duncan, even Bill Russel (11 championships… yea….) are all between him and MJ. Best laker…. yea ill say hes close, not there just yet but close, and not close enough to MJ to justify that convorsation.

    • noname says:

      I really like your selection of players at those positions…..I think only Duncan is debateable at best…just because im not aware of how good PF’s were prior to the 80’s

      However, if I were to make a All Time fantasy team…..I would have to replace Jordan as my SG because, like Kobe he needs to have the ball all game while their are easier ways to win games.

      • SMH says:

        You didnt watch MJ in his prime, because you’re COMPLETELY exaggerating and saying he needs to have the ball all game. No that would be KB whos shooting percentage is nowhere near as good as MJ/s. Sorry bout it.

  10. Not Another Mistake says:

    Everybody is entitled to his own opinion. If shaq calls kobe the greatest laker ever. Leave it to him. It doesn’t make kobe less or more.

  11. differentGeneration says:

    Guys. Jordan was best to ever do it. Kobe is the next best. Hands down. But comparisons are so overrated. Who cares. Jordans “Greatest Shot” was over CRAIG EHLO!!!!! If a coach, today, put Craig Ehlo on a Kobe, LeBron, Durant…hell, even a Jason Richardson, Manu, or Caron Butler…their career would be in Jeopardy. Todays athletes are better because the previous generations paved the way. It will continue to happen. Derrick Rose, Durant, Nowitzki, these guys have skills that no one had even 12 years ago. Yes, I know Dirk was a 98’99 Rookie but he’s come into his own in the past 6 or so years.

  12. KEEP DREAMING says:

    -hey mr. funny guy, we dont need to play basketball in real life, we don’t need to play in the league, and mostly, we dont need to put our names in league’s history just to post our what-u-call trolling and hating comments… i dont know if u know the meaning of the word “BLOG”.. this is the word u just need to know.. and please, let alone others comments keep posting.. it’s individual’s opinions, and it’s real fun to share.. were alll haters here..
    nywayz, my opinion: i think the lakers today with kobe is done, kobe’s legacy i think is just intended with 5 rings .. i mean, their dominance in the past was over, and no matter whatever help they still wanted today, deron? dwight? whoever.. they still need a superstar type of player to get to the finals,. and who’s superstar player would like to play along with a SUPERSTAR player KOBE BRYANT? they would rather ask help for demselvs and stay on thier current team and get themselvs a title?? watya tink? than to give another title to lakers in d shadow of KB

    • BelizeBoy says:

      Good comment.

      Also yeah I think LA is done for a few years with getting titles. Even if Howard or Williams go to LA. Now If they both do then Bryant will probably get his sixth. But I doubt they will.

  13. MVP says:

    Kobe needs to win 5 more MVP to be considered as greatest Laker ever played.

    • he got robbed says:

      Technically he got robbed one by Dirk and TWICE by Steve Nash! Kobe should have easily gotten 4 MVP titles. He was the best at that moment, but i guess they gave it to the “best player on the best team”. And do not try to come back trying to say Nash or Dirk were better than KB because they clearly weren’t!

  14. kobe says:


  15. Pan says:

    funny thing is these comment haters are not in the League i dont know if they also play basketball in real life or not but they act like they know more than those persons who actually play in the league and put their names in league’s history. before trolling someone ppl should look at yourself

    anyway congrats for Kobe i agree with those improvement comments. they need a good Pg and some 3 point shooters

    i would say they need to get D will somehow.

  16. Agree. KB is good, but he’s not the 2nd greatest. I would say 2nd greatest shooting guard.

  17. yea, I said it says:

    Lakers need a pg not a center. Jordan couldn’t win a ring without Scottie Pippen!!
    If getting scoring title means getting a ring, kobe would avg 40 points per game!

  18. Tim says:

    People that reply on here always amaze me with how little you know about basketball to be commenting about it. Everyone talks about Kobe being so selfish Jordan is the greatest player ever and he jacked up more shots then anyone. Look at the stats Jordan played lets games and has Thousands more scored because he shot so much. Go read something then come back and make an informed comment.

  19. LOL says:

    He wants number 6. To 1 up Magic. Magic is the 2nd best player ever for multiple reasons. Simply the number of rings alone does not make you a better player than another. But that is the shortsightedness that most people have. Kobe also wants to tie MJ. Does he and his fans REALLY think that IF he gets number 6 before he retires that makes him MJ’s equal? Hardly. Thats funny.

    I mean MJ ONLY has 8 MORE scoring titles, 4 MORE MVP’s, 4 MORE FInals MVP’s, and a Defensive Player of the Year Award along with a steals title MORE than KB. Thats all LOL

    For the people that REALLY think that if KB gets 6 that makes him MJ’s equal, I guess that means that those awards and achievements I just mentioned mean absolutely NOTHING then right? Thats what those people are saying by that. Thats about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    But its ok, you KB fans can keep living in your fantasy land, meanwhile here in the real world MJ is STILL the GOAT no matter how many superstars KB can find to win him a ring over the last 3 seasons of his career. End of story.

  20. Kobe Hater says:

    He reached the 5th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list because he is the best “SELFISH” player ever. If he is going to change his playing style, he can get the sixth ring.

  21. prix says:

    Kareem is the greatest Laker player ever… not even Magic comes close…Wilt or Shaq…Kobe? 7th…

  22. GP says:

    At this stage in his career Kobe still has the window for #6, and possibly a #7. But he won’t get it by superstar power. More than ever he’ll need the young guys on his team to carry the load and let him rest. Kobe-ball isn’t going to beat OKC in a 7 game series, not anymore. If Pau could regain his swag, and Bynum could put up Dwightlike numbers, they have a shot. If they had a true point guard, they’d have a shot. But the Lakers who are playing right now might not even be the best team in the state anymore, let alone the West, they’ll make the playoffs for sure – but they’ll need some more juice to make it all the way.

  23. BelizeBoy says:

    Why is Shaq all over Kobe’s sack latley? Must be trying to get in good with the franchise to have his number retired.

    • noname says:

      Because Shaq is slave media puppet now. They blackmailed him after he retired and got him on TNT. Really Shaq? TNT!? You can do so much better than that. Lame. But anyway, now he says what they want him to say.

      Hey Shaq, go to Hajj. Wa Salaam

  24. Shaq is tripping says:

    Congrats to Kobe, but he is not the greatest Laker ever.