Eastern Conference All-Star Reserves

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You didn’t really think we’d be able to wait until Thursday did you?

The ballots are due this afternoon for the coach’s selections for reserves for the Eastern and Western All-Star reserves. No one asked for our picks, but we’re providing them anyway.

Just in case some of the coaches need a helping hand in making their selections, we figured we’d get these out there this morning so they don’t have any excuses for botching these picks.

Our hard and fast rule of rewarding stellar seasons by players on the best teams (to this point in the season) had to be rearranged a bit this time around, blame it on the compressed schedule (everyone is blaming everything on it anyway). We stepped outside of our comfort zone a bit. And as important as it is for everyone that votes to get the starters right, it’s even more important that the coaches get the reserves absolutely right.

A little help for any of them feeling the pressure (and before you go crazy about it, we took a few liberties with the strict position designations to put our own stamp on this list):

*** The All-Star reserves will officially be announced Thursday night on TNT ***


Luol Deng, Chicago Bulls — 16.2 points, 7.6 rebounds, 2.4 assists

The way Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau leans on Deng makes it hard for us to ignore him when it comes time to handing out these bids. His value to this Bulls team goes beyond just the numbers. The fact that he’s suffered from the injury means little here. He earned his way here last season but was snubbed. Not this time around. Derrick Rose doesn’t do all the heavy lifting.

Josh Smith, Atlanta Hawks — 15.0 points, 9.0 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 2.1 blocks

Losing Al Horford for the season with a torn pectoral muscle forced Smith to readjust his game and take on some different responsibilities. Smith and Joe Johnson helped keep the Hawks among the East’s best in the aftermath of that news. Smith’s ability on both ends gives him an edge.


Chris Bosh, Miami Heat — 19.7 points, 7.7 rebounds, 2.2 assists

Third wheel? So what. Bosh has played great under the circumstances. When Dwyane Wade was out with an injury Bosh stepped his game up dramatically, same as LeBron James. Statistically, he’s not in the same league as the Chris Bosh we were used to seeing in Toronto. But who cares. He’s been a consistent force for the Heat all season.


Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers — 12.8 points, 6.8 rebounds, 5.2 assists

The most valuable performer in an ensemble cast that has morphed from a playoff hopeful to one of the best teams in the East in a matter of months deserves his spot in that locker room in Orlando. Iguodala’s versatility and ability to play at a high level on both ends of the floor separates him from the pack.

Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics — 18.6 points, 5.5 assists, 5.5 rebounds

The Celtics’ recent revival can be traced directly to the return and resurgence of Pierce, who even at this advanced stage of his career remains one of the most diabolical competitors in the game. He’s putting up the numbers you’d expect from him and the Celtics (winners of four straight) are rallying around their captain.


Roy Hibbert, Indiana Pacers — 13.7 points, 9.7 rebounds, 1.8 blocks

Hibbert could have made this team as the center and no one could have complained. Horford going down with that torn pectoral muscle helps his cause but so too does the Pacers party crashing of the top of the standings. Hibbert outplayed Western Conference starter Andrew Bynum in a win over the Lakers and has had some of best performances in big games.

Joe Johnson, Atlanta Hawks — 18.6 points, 4.0 rebounds, 3.6 assists

Johnson’s January surge and the Hawks’ record minus Horford helped him edge Deron Williams and Brandon Jennings for this final spot (Rajon Rondo was on pace early but missed a third of the Celtics’ games and Lou Williams coming off the bench in Philly is just a problem for us) for this final spot on the list.


  1. Naptownfan says:

    You’re insane Rogerio, Hibbert is way better than Varejao

  2. Avery says:

    where is ryan anderson im not even a magic fan and have noticed his phenomenal break out year. sekou mann being one of my favorite basketball blogs i cant believe u missed him look how much his rebounding and scoring have increased since last season he is definitely deserving

  3. Rogerio Egidio says:

    One change …..

    Out Roy Hibbert ….. in Andy “Cabeleira” Varejão

    This is perfect

  4. RMCO21 says:

    Deng is not deserving for an All Star! but Scalabrine should be on the spot of Deng!!
    Deng cannot make some fun!!! but Scalabrine can do a lot of bloopers!!The blooper Man!!
    Bosh?hmMmm….Baby Davis is 2nd of Brian S. he can put some blooper moves on the court! dunking and not reaching the rim!his the man!!!heheh…

  5. Gus says:

    What about Andy Varejao? He´s averages a double double and is the league´s leader in offensive rebounder… should have at least mentioned…

  6. gorg says:

    omg they dont have to play there true positions and they actually do play these positions Bosh is having a great season and he has lebron and wade on his team think about that and pierce shoudnt be in as much If LUOL DENG doesnt make it ill never like the NBA EVER Again Andre is having a great season leading the 76ers Joe Johnson is not and never should ve been an allstar no offence i like him but hes a good player not great like the rest

  7. Mr.Shourite says:

    When did Paul Pierce and Iggy become guards? Last I checked; they were both holding down the SF position. Bosh is not a Center either. Bosh is having a good year but he should be slotted as a forward because that’s what he plays for the most part. I know that the media types want to see the big names for the All-Star game, and for the most part so do fans. But there needs to be some sort of continuity when it comes to awarding players for their performance as in opposed to name recognition. You can argue that Amare is a perennial All-Star, but can you say that he is having a better year than his own teamate Chandler, or the Pistons’ Greg Monroe? Stop slotting players out of position just to get the sexy names, and award players based on the year that they’re having currently.

  8. Go Stones says:

    Greg Monroe gets no love as a backup center? I guess 17 and 10 isn’t good….I understand he plays on a bad team but those center’s listed aren’t playing better than Monroe. Bosh isn’t a center.

  9. Naptownfan says:

    Pacers need to be recognized, they were the only team in the league to have six all-star nominees. Hibbert for reserve center and if it wasn’t for The Beast D Howard, Hibbert would be starting center. I want to see Paul George in the slam dunk contest and rising stars and Granger in 3 point contest

  10. Badgers says:

    Josh Smith better not get snubbed again like he did last year, what does he have to do to get some recognition?

  11. vi says:

    Why not Bargnani? And KG is still an All-Star !

  12. Kevin says:

    Paul Pierce is an all-star. i would like to go see him

  13. Smartest says:

    No offense to the celtics and all there fans, but Ray Allen and Garnett aren’t exciting anymore. Plus whats up with there not bening a real backup point-guard. Deron Williams would be OK, but better yet Kyrie! Also, the league should start an all-star bench game with the best benchers. And the winning bench team would take on the winning all-star team! That would be a chance for players to really prove themselves.

  14. KaroLT says:

    Josh Smith & joe Johnson for the All-Star Game

  15. Jun Dell says:

    Lu Deng deserved to be an all star. HE is all around player and good defensive player.

  16. Scalarine…That’s all I have to say…

  17. Faris says:

    It seems like no one of any of the bloggers recognize Greg Monroe?!?!?!?! He is 11th in efficiency rating, 2nd in Total Offensive rebounds, and 8th in field goal percentage!!

    • Faris says:

      Plus 6th in the NBA in total rebounds!!!

      • Mr.Shourite says:


        Monroe is putting up numbers and is the 2nd best center in the Eastern conference right now! But unfortunately, the Pistons’ dreeadful record may negate his outstanding play when it comes to All-Star recognition..

      • Mr.Shourite says:

        Also…. Brandon Jennings, Luol Deng, Deron Williams, Ryan Anderson, and a few others may also be deserving of a roster spot. But there will always be snubs each year. I’m still pissed that Lamarcus Aldridge was left out last year!!!

  18. Chris says:

    Roy Hibbert????!!!!!?? oh come on! rather bargnani!

    • boy_pickup says:

      hibbert deserve to be an allstar he’s playing well and his team.Worse list ive ever seen. Were is Deron williams? he’s better than rondo!Johnson, bosh or Granger deserve for forward spot! Jennings , Iggy , Dwill for G. So many underrated players are deserve to an allstar. D.will Jennings Iggy Granger Hibbert Lou williams etc soooo underrated in this league.

  19. Mike P says:

    Andrea Bargnani needs to be mentioned .500 record when he is in the lineup, top 5 scorer in the league.

  20. kupinx says:

    we have already 3 forwards with Deng, Iggy and Pierce, i’ll take brandon jennings over josh smith, the bucks need representative as they are in the 8-spot right now, and joe johnson has been playing unbelievable since horford out. i would love to see deng this year, he is simply underrated!

  21. antoniskoul says:

    just look at the nets starting 5 through the last 10 games.
    Shelden Williams
    Shawne Williams
    Kris Humphries
    Kieth Bogans
    and Deron

    is there any worst supporting cast for deron? SERIOUSLY this is the worst lineup I have seen since Bobcats welcome season. Surprisingly though nets have not such an ugly record – like last year’s – at this point. Deron by himself has won 8 games for the nets (he might be 1st in TPG but is a team`s aspect that too). And you give the credit to Pierce who is in a team with talent and experience and btw struggles? (and he is not a guard too). I reming you that Deron who has shown he has potential to be a future HoF has only 2 all star appearances.. Seeing his career stat sheet is definitely unfair

  22. Jack Johnson says:

    Wish Bargnani could’ve played a few more games, then he would definitely be on this list. He’s been amazing in every game he’s played in this season.

  23. monchet says:

    D Williams should not be overlooked. His basketball IQ is very superior as well as his skills. He is still among the top 3 elite guards in the league next to CP3 and D Rose. Maybe he’s not explosive as the other guys but he’s style of play is so smooth (well polished moves) so graceful to watch. As for the case of Luol Deng, he very well deserve a spot and it’s long overdue. He’s overlooked because he is low profile unlike Lebron who wants to be in the limelight all the time. Luol’s versatility as a player and his work ethics should be given a lot of weight in the selection process.

  24. Gary says:

    Deng – deserves to be All Star reserve more than anybody else.
    Igoudala – definitely deserves & Philadelphia plays well.
    Hibbard – maybe not deserve but other East centers are not better & Indiana needs to be represented
    (Granger is better player but he is definitely not as good as many other forwards).
    J.Johnson – unless Igoudala could be considered as a guard, there are no guards ahead of him.
    D.Williams – he is 2nd best point guard in the East or Jennings since NJ is not playoff team.
    Wild Cards: Pierce, J.Smith or Bosh
    No Rondo, Garnett, Stoudemire please. Boston & NY (like all not top 4-5 teams) shouldn’t have more than one player selected and they personally don’t play so good to make an exception.

  25. Basketballplayer says:

    There is so much hate against danny Granger, he leads +/- for his team, was awarded pacers player of the game more than anyone else on the team, can score when they need him to and is the leading scorer, has solid all around stats especially for a guard, is very consistent, plays very good defense, scored 36 against wolves and won, scored 24 on orlando in jan and 22 on chicago both were wins, scored 24 on hawks in a win leading his team against those hard teams, the pacers are forth overall in the east, why exclude this guy from the allstar team?

  26. Tyson says:

    How is K.G not an All Star. What that guy is doing for the Celts is Amazing.
    In my opinion, the reserves should be
    Lou Williams, Joe Johnson
    P.Pierce, K.G Kevin Garnette, Andre Iguodala
    Chris Bosh, Roy Hibbert
    Wild Card;
    Lou Deng, Rajon Rondo

  27. Yan says:

    Anderson Varejão – 10.8 ppg / 11.9 rpg / 1.7 apg / 0.7 bpg / 1.6 spg . 1 st offense rebound per game
    And 20 points and 20 rebounds against Celtics .
    This player is All Star !!!

  28. ice_pogi says:

    Johnson should be on that list He’s a $124 million man… He suppose to be on that list…. At least on papers… LOL…. In reality….. I don’t really KNOW…. JOSH SMITH is way better and more deserving than Jo Johnson………..

  29. alvin says:

    amare is not on the list? i know why, because he is on the losing team right? in that case, kevin love in the west shouldn’t be an all-star also. He too is on a losing team. Just a thought^^

  30. boston cs says:

    where is KG, Ray Ray and Rajon?

  31. jan jason says:

    it should have been Amare not deng, Rondo not Pierce, and Hibbert not Bosh.

  32. Sekou you're an idiot says:

    Pierce and Iguodala aren’t guards. Bosh is not a center. Forwards: Bosh, Iguodala. Guards: Jennings, Johnson. Center: Hibbert Wild Cards: Deng, Pierce

  33. Read it says:

    OMG why is it that just because that lebron and wade are indoesnt MEAN THAT BOSH HAS TO GO IN TOO!!! think about this If bosh was NOT IN MIA. then he wouldnt even be mention at alll as much

    • Greg says:

      Do you not watch basketball? Chris Bosh is 8th place for scoring in the east and he has to share a ball with D-Wade and Lebron… Ofcourse he should be a all star he sould of been a starting all star.

  34. Read it says:

    i like how Loul Deng is considered an all star reserve b/c hes been playin like an allstar and his numbers Are WOW but “WOW’ not in a way that he just got good in 2 secs like WOW nba finally realized him. He should be going to the allstar game and if not then the people who pick the reserves must be just throwing the dice. but i dont like how bosh was putting at center. i mean cmon just because Lebron and wade are allstars, doesnt mean he has to. just b/c When players cant play theres always someone who stepups and thats what bosh did so its not really a surprise. I mean thats what going to happen Big 3 all alstars just beacuse their “famous”. Its like THATS THE WAY IT ALWAYS HAS TO BE . There are other better centers in the east such as hibbert and Noah. Its also werid how no one from boston was mention espacliy garnnet because Hes a good player.

  35. jack wolfe says:

    noah from the bulls no doubt and kyle irving

  36. RC says:

    RONDO…. RONDO…….

  37. Dave says:

    Ray Allen!?

  38. Omar says:

    You know who should be on this list Andrea Bargniani from toronto he’s doing a great job up until he got injured 2 weeks back

  39. Smartest says:

    First of all, I think Thibs made a good decision with putting Bosh at center. The dude is a great perimeter shooter and will probably better when closer to the basket. Plus he’ll creep out all the people that come into the East’s paint with his repulsive mouth-guard chewing. Deng totall should be an all star cause he is “ALL STAR”. PIERCE DOESN’T DESERVE TO BE THERE AFTER HAVING A SLOW START. I htink we should have picked the mighty Stoudmeire. He is great entertainment. Lastly, I think Joakim should have been a wild card instead of Hibbert. No offense to Hibbert but I think Noah has more of that star power.

  40. I want Danny Granger instead of Deng and Joakim Noah instead of Bosh.

  41. Marco Polo says:

    Roy Hibbert is not all star. better next time.
    Rajon Rondon is better than Paul Pierce

  42. buttcake avenue says:

    rondo all the way

  43. SPARTAN says:

    Varejao i will never forget what you did to nikos zisis at mundobasket 2006. So, i disagree with you guys and i dont want him in an all star game. Furthermore he is not that good player…

  44. Alessandro says:

    And Bargnani?ok is out for indefinitely with a strained left calf but is always 6 in scoring leader.point per game!!!
    I’m Italian but at least the honor of choice i would have to given him!!

  45. steven says:

    Rondo just has not played enough this year great player yes but this is 2012 not 2011 pierce is geting to old, deron williams should get a good hard look but he has not played at consistent pace all year to many turnovers from trying to carry the nets. And Varejao I would take him on my team over just about everyone in the east other than howard he is a unreal rebounding skill but they will over look him him due to the scoring centers out there but dont get me wrong i rather have him on my team snagging me 5 offensive rebounds a game lol that guy is just unreal .

  46. And Andy Varejao? He’s playing very well! You think he can be the first brazilian in the All-Star Game?

  47. Sarkies says:

    And also, who the hell is the back-up point guard for the east?!?!?! Paul Pierce? Where is Rondo’s name? Where is Deron Williams name? One of those two should be going. Pierce, Hibbert, and Andre out. Rondo, Noah, and Amare in!

    • Peter says:

      Rondo or D Williams needs to be on the team in place of either Deng or Iguodala. Amare should not be on the team because he’s had nowhere near as good a season as he did last year and the Knicks are losing every game they play.

      Deng and Noah are both barely borderline all-stars. You can justify one of them making the team, but definately not both. Out of the two I think Deng deserves it the most.

      • Sarkies says:

        Deng is having a much better year than Pierce. I don’t want to hear that Deng has been out with injury because Pierce started the season that way. And Amare is a much better choice than Hibbert. And Noah is to. They don’t pick by the amount of who is on the each team. They pick for the most deserving, unless its a popularity contest, but Noah deserves to go much more than Hibbert as well. I want D-Will or Rondo in because there is no other point guard other than Rose. I say take out Iggy for that reason. He is amazing but doesn’t deserve it more than Deng so he needs to be moved out of the Guard spot as well as Pierce.

  48. steven says:

    Kyrie Irving for sure is having an all star year and that scary since he is a rookie

  49. Sarkies says:

    And why is Roy Hibbert going in as a center? Bosh should go but as a forward. Where is Joakim Noah for the center position? He got the second most votes and that is strictly because people think he deserves to go. Hibbert is a forward. Not a center. And Deng is an all star. He should have went last year as well. Why should Paul Pierce be an all star and Deng not? I love Derrick Rose but the Bulls went 5-2 without Deng and 4-1 without Rose. I think Deng is almost as valuable to the Bulls as Rose is.

    • Clayton Gray34 says:

      ummm… get your facts right, hibbert is a center

    • Peter says:

      Roy Hibbert is a Forward and not a Centre…are you smoking crack? He’s 7’2″ !!! Noah isn’t in at Centre because Chandler, Monroe, and Hibbert are all having better seasons.

      Why should Pierce be there? He’s got the highest efficiency rating in the NBA behind Lebron James @ SF, he’s led Boston to a 8-1 record over their last 9 games, and he just won the player of the week award. You clearly haven’t won any Celtics games lately if you can’t recognise what he’s done lately.

      • Sarkies says:

        So how are they having better seasons? Are they winning as much? Didn’t think so! So explain to me why they should be more happy than Noah given that he has helped lead his team to the most wins.

  50. rafael says:

    man, if luol deng does not make the all-star reserves this year, the NBA and its fans are making a huge mistake

  51. Bp11 says:

    In my opinion, Deng is what makes the Bulls a great team instead of a good team. That’s why he truly deserves to play the all-star game

  52. Josh says:

    What about Rondo at the point, i mean he was injured for a while and still has better numbers than most players that weren’t injured

    • Basketballplayer says:

      Danny Granger is not a foward he’s a guard and very clutch as he has shown in many games against some of the leagues top teams pulling out wins, how many others can say that? Not to mention Hibbert has mad some mistakes in close games that resulted in a couple of losses for Indiana and almost caused them to lose this game against Utah. The Pacers panicked and once again Danngy Granger was clutch and caused a tight defense at the end of that game to losen up.Its not always about stats its about who does what to help the team win and also who is clutch.

  53. dirk.93 says:

    GUARDS: jennings iguodala FORWARDS: deng smith CENTER: bosh WILD CARDS: hibbert rondo/irving

  54. SimplyMe says:

    Where is Kevin Garnett on this list? He has been doing his thing this season, especially when some games he has had to play at the 5 spot. Pierce had to get his butt in shape.

    I’m surprised to see Derron Williams not on this list. Also Bosh is not a center. He is a Power Forward.

  55. MBballer says:

    JOE JOHNSON deserves to be in the all-star game!!!!!!!

  56. Michael Tran says:

    I would’ve liked to see at least one more pointguard on the eastern squad. I would like either rondo (who has played well when healthy) and of course the occasional overlooked deron Williams. Nonetheless a pretty good list, other than Luol Deng which I feel only makes the reserve with the advantage of being on a good team, just my opinion.

    • Aidan says:

      What advantage of being on a good team, he is the glue to making it a good team, he is a lockdown defender, does all the stuff that doesn’t show up in the stats and can still put up good numbers. Watch Bulls vs. Celtics coming up Pierce vs Deng and we will see who deserves the spot.

    • Sarkies says:

      So you think that Deng doesn’t deserve to go even though he is throwing up the best stats in the East for small forwards behind Lebron? He surely deserves to go more than Pierce and Andre. And Hibbert shouldn’t even be mentioned as an all star. You’re opinion is he doesn’t deserve to go. The fact is he does deserve to go. And what did you think makes a team great? Their name? No. It’s the players like Deng that makes a team great!

      • Peter says:

        He’s not – look up the efficiency rating and you’ll see that Pierce (19.25) is putting up the best SF stats behind Lebron, followed by Carmello (19.1) then Iguodala (17.96) and THEN Deng (17.32). You might want to actually look at the stats before making these types of claims, because Pierce’s stats right now are superior to Deng’s despite the fact that he had a slow start to the season (due to injury).

      • Sarkies says:

        So efficiency is all what it’s about? What about the Deng averages right above 2 rebounds more than Pierce? Isn’t that what a forwards main priority is to do? Rebound? Forwards and Centers score when given the chance. They need to grab rebounds every shot though. So Pierce averages 2 more points than Deng. One basket really. So he deserves to go right? Stop looking up efficiency and start looking at the team who is winning more because of their players with the best stats. Deng is 1 baskket away per game from having the same amount of points and that is with his messed up wrist. DENG > pierce 😀

  57. Law064 says:

    Deng should be an all-star he is the most consistant Bull other than the MVP. I hear Sekou’s point. Bosh is not a center but in the all-star game where we have Lebron at power forward starting why couldn’t Bosh be a center as a reserve. I want to see Roy Hibbert , he has been playing well.

  58. DeAaron says:

    luol deng deserves it cause he is a allstar without deng we are nothing lets go bulls

  59. JAMES says:

    I think Lou Williams coming off the bench should be the reason he deserves an ALL STAR look he putting up numbers with less minutes is awesome to me

  60. Knicks Fan says:

    how’s deng not an all star? his team is #1 in east and it got a lot to do with him. ( i know they got DR1 but deng is having a great season)
    Deng is more valuable to bulls than Anthony is to knicks (it’s hurt to say as a knicks fan)
    Deng is definitely all-star and he deserve it.

  61. shabreezy says:

    In my opinion reserves should be:

    Guards: D.Williams, J.Johnson
    Forwards: P.Pierce, A.Iguodala, C.Bosh
    Centers: Stoudemire, Hibbert

  62. tupark82 says:

    hard to argue any of the picks. nicely done! click my name to see wat i wrote about jeremy lin if u have the chance

  63. mjkh84 says:

    Bosh is not a center, Pierce and Iggy are not guards. Deng is not an all star.

    • Aidan says:

      Yes Deng is an, all-star people who say otherwise don’t watch the games or are just plain stupid, he is the glue for the bulls teams and does everything that doesnt show up in stats while still at the same time putting up good stats.

    • Daniel says:

      Seriously have you even watched a Bulls game he’s second only to Rose on that team and one of the best defenders in the league get a clue.

  64. hanif says:

    Do my eyes deceive me? someone has actually recognized Luol Deng! It’s taken long enough.. i didn’t know Iggy and Pierce count as guards though :s none the less this is a great list

    • Corbin says:

      sekou man, you chose two forwards in the guard spots.

      • Sekou Smith says:

        I put Bosh in as a center. I clearly ignored some of the strict position designations to make my ballot reflect my own thoughts. I demand that sort of freedom! Ha.

  65. hanif says:

    Do my eyes deceive me? someone has actually recognized Luol Deng! It’s taken long enough.. i didn’t know Iggy and Pierce count as gaurds though :s none the less this is a great list