The NBA’s All-Time Super Commercials

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While most of the free world turns it attentions to football today we only have eyes for the NBA, so what if there are only two games scheduled today (The Hang Time Grizzlies face the Celtics at Noon ET on NBA TV and the Raptors and Heat tipoff at 1 p.m. ET).

We’ll take what we can get before everyone goes crazy for the Giants-Patriots rematch, and those commercials, in Super Bowl XLVI tonight.

Speaking of those commercials, we’ll be curious to see who brings it and who doesn’t when it’s all said and done. Whatever offerings the Super Bowl provides this year, we know they won’t crack HT’s All-Time list of the NBA’s Super commercials.

Five of our favorites (and there are so many great ones to choose from that it took us forever to whittle it down to these five):

— Michael Jordan and Mars Blackmon, Hang Time!

— Charles Barkley Is Not A Role Model!

— Penny Hardaway, Lil’ Penny (Chris Rock) and Tyra Banks!

— Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Bernard King, Mark Aguirre, Kevin McHale Weapon Cypher!

— Jordan and Bird — Nothin’ But Net!


  1. GnLA says:

    The “Hoop Squad” commercials were hilarious – especially the one about the ball-hog with a gang of bballs in the closet

  2. Gr@m$33 says:

    Got the same car in the Penny video, but Tyra was optional for me ! Loooool

    Gr@m$ from France love this game !

  3. Ha!!!! That penny commercial was timeless…definitely one of my favorite players in the 90’s!

  4. Rickiu says:

    No one can stop him before the injury. He `s the man!! !

  5. charles says:

    i just noticed something was not right on penny`S commercial.. right after he turns for a pivot and take a is seems headed for a double hand dunk or maybe to a lefty lay up and then cam turns to Tyra and the back to penny.. and then he switched to a tomahawk?? did someone else notice it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Jeremy the Wicked says:

    Where are the MJ Coke “That’s my Michael!” and GH Fila commercials???

  7. Enjoyed all of these.Enjoyed the Doritos’ 2 this year. The missing cat, and Granma and the baby.

  8. Rivers says:

    Good god Tyra Banks was looking hot.

  9. Eji Hasibuan says:

    barkleys role model is the best

  10. KUBSIOL says:

    Where is GRANT HILL and SPRITE ad? Also cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Rae Young says:

    Penny commercials were more entertaining, and different… And before all the injuries… Nobody could guard him at all

  12. vito says:

    penny’s is the man…bird, jordan and mchale commercials is good also..

  13. Daniel says:

    Barkley’s commercial was the best and if Penny did not get injured he would have won multiple MVPS

  14. KaroLT says:


  15. Putra says:

    Penny’s commercial always be the best : )

  16. Perry_o says:

    Penny’s commercial was dope!

  17. Orlando says:

    If I were a Houston Rockets players, and Kevin McHale get all serious with me, I`ll show him this commercial to show him how dumb he looked. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Miss Penny! good to see him on TV again recently.

  18. buzzkillington says:

    nothing can beat Bird and McHale rapping about their shoes.

  19. fuggingolliwog says:

    Lol, what about the Shaq Taco-Neck Syndrome commercial?!

  20. Sharquay says:

    Too true Chuck, too true.

  21. benoit benjamin says:

    These commercials bring back memories. I never seen the converse one, but it was great seeing those players together. I remember the MJ/Bird one really well from when I was kid. I miss lil’ penny.

  22. Joerg says:

    Great list. But some other cool commercials are missing. Like the Nike freestyle commercial for example…
    Coincidentally I made up a similar list some weeks ago at our Blog. Check it out here:
    The text is german. The pic at the top shows my two kids, 1 year old Katharina and almost 3 year old Paul.

  23. NBAFan says:

    LOL charles man you always sarcastic, MJ and Bird best video

  24. Ryan says:

    i’m actually old enough to remember the bird/jordan commercial clearly and it’s still as funny then as it is now.

  25. cris says:

    Man i loved Penny growing up.

  26. thePerkins says:

    Lol, MJ and Bird commercial is definitely awesome xD
    Converse Weapons’ one too, even if Larry Bird doesn’t look good at rapping as it does at basket xD

  27. joe says:

    i’m okay with larry being a lil old, fat, and hairy..but that thing mike’s wearing..
    lol joking: best commercial ever!

  28. ksobon says:

    that rapping converse commercial was dope! …..guess what weapons did for me?….i walked away with the MVP! Whoa!

  29. casper says:

    i love this game!

  30. g0dlyk says:

    jordan and bird’s commercial is the best ^^

  31. Gil says:

    I hadnยดt seen the one from Converse! Cool! They look so much younger… The one from Penny is nice…so bad he disappeared in the NBA…

  32. RUNMAD says:

    Aside from the Jordan/Bird and Penny one, those were some lame lame commercials. But that’s okay, because they’re our lame commercials, and we cherish them none the less.

  33. josue says:


    • MackDaddy says:

      What the? Where’s Grandmama’s Larry Johnson ads?!?!

      Best ever basketball ad series, end of story.

      • MackDaddy says:

        ….oh, and what about Shaq’s “Dont fake the funk on a nasty dunk” with all the great centers??

        Come on Sekou :).