The Kevin Love Stomp (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — For all the praise heaped upon Timberewolves All-Star Kevin Love for his effort and game, we can’t imagine he’ll receive much love after what transpired during Saturday night’s win over the Rockets.

His stomp of Luis Scola (check the video above) is sure to draw the eye of the league’s Punishment Police. Now we understand things got heated during the game, but here at the hideout we don’t condone the literal stomping of an opponent outside of a cage match.

Everyone offered up their own explanation of what happened, as Kent Youngblood and Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune detail here:

Neither Wolves coach Rick Adelman nor Rockets coach Kevin McHale said they saw it. But it appeared Scola got a good feel for Love’s size-19 sneakers. “Yeah, whatever the brand is,” Scola said.

The big question afterward was: Was it intentional? And, will it be something NBA head of discipline Stu Jackson takes a look at?

“He was kind of right there,” Love said. “I have size-19 feet. He just happened to be there. I had nowhere to go. I kind of tripped up. I just had nowhere to step. It was a heat-of-the-moment type play. He was there and it happened to be his face.”

Love said he and Scola have a good relationship, and was sure Scola didn’t take it personally. “And obviously it was nothing personal against their team,” Love said. “… Nothing personal, just heat of the moment.”

Should Love be suspended? “I just don’t care about the play, the game is over,” said Scola, who added that he didn’t know if the step was intentional or not. “I was just really surprised. … I’m talking about the play. I think he wanted to foul me, and I don’t know why the ref didn’t call it.”

Love, who apologized to Scola after the game, not surprisingly said he didn’t think the play merited a further action. “It was one of those plays,” Love said. “You look at it, and you might think otherwise.”

Yes sir, you look at it and you absolutely might think otherwise. (We know Love is not a dirty player but the video can be interpreted in many different ways.)

What really matters, though, is what Jackson and the Punishment Police think …


  1. kowalczyk says:

    i dont think it was intentional, it was in transition so love has to run back to the offensive court, he even tried to stop his feet, as far as i can see..

  2. jhap says:

    absolutely not an intentional foul!!! it was clearly scola’s fault for tripping’s foot!

  3. yea, I said it says:

    Larry O’Connor
    February 6, 2012 at 12:50 am
    I could not tell what happened to cause Scola to fall because it was so fast. Even on slow motion it was too fast. I can clearly see that Love tried to step over Scola, but He reached up and caught Loves foot as he was trying to step over him and Love has no choice but to step on him. Watch it in slow Motion and then it is clear. I tried this with my son and the only other option would be to fall forward on your face.

    February 6, 2012 at 11:42 am
    You tried it with your son ?!


  4. KR says:

    fine for love is fitting. at the least it was careless, at the most it was intentional. i think it was an opportunistically careless, spur-of-the-moment intentional decision. but, the refs let it happen, there needs to be some accountability too. and wolves fans, drop the bias. some of the comments here are ridiculously one-eyed.

  5. scott says:

    Not sure how the penalty for this is a two game suspension. This just shows how Stern favors certain players. No matter how you look at the video Love intentionally out to stomp Scola. I am just lost for words how this doesn’t receive any attention. If it was Ron Artest that did the same I am sure this would have been different.

  6. Vinz says:

    2 game suspension. I think that’s not fair

  7. rlastimado says:

    From my opinion, basketball is really a physical play so we have to deal with it. With Love trying to go to their court in transition I believe he did not intentionally step on Scola who happens to be on the way obstructing his left leg and Scola hands seemed to be a hurdle which unfortunately made Love to have step on. It doesnt even look so forceful so enough of the “stomp” label, step should be appropriate.

    I remembered a game where Nowitzki put Rubio down but referees did not made any call or whatsoever against Nowitzki. So for me, this is just normal as long as both players believe it was nothing personal then let be it. Move on.


    It seems that a lot of you are not thinking of the given situation/time frame.
    Starting off, K-Love may have committed a foul my hitting Scola’s arm, but it’s obvious that Scola flopped badly there too. Afterwards, when Scola was on the ground, what would you do in that situation? K-Love was looking to get out in transition and make the best of the 4 on 5 advantage the Wolves had. Love most likely did notice Scola, but in no way did he intentionally step on him. Love was trying to step over and past Scola, but he ran into Scola’s hand which caused him to abruptly step down. For all you people that argue that Love could’ve stepped another way, yes that’s true. BUT think about the situation. The fastest way would’ve been to go forward over Scola, which is what Love did. Seriously, a lot of you act like he had hours to contemplate where to step. Love even apologized afterwards, albeit he maybe could’ve done so sooner in the possession afterwards.
    Overall, if Scola didn’t flop in the first place, this wouldn’t have even happened… >.> Props to both of them afterwards though for handling it in a good-mannered way. The NBA should not punish Love in any way since, first of all, Love and Scola sorted it out among themselves. Secondly, they have no concrete proof that Love did it intentionally. Lastly, the Wolves are in a tight spot themselves and removing Love a few games could hurt the team badly! :O
    And just so you all know, I’m neither a T-Wolves or a Rockets fan, totally unbiased view. These are by two cents on this situation and honestly, I feel like this has been blown way out of proportion… >.>

  9. SPARTAN says:

    Did you see that scola put his head intentionally under love’s foot???? hahahahaha love you are ridiculus man! And by the way you are not the best power forward! TIM AND DIRK ARE! you are just a kid comparison with them…

  10. RaymondG says:

    He trampled him like he was waiting outside of BestBuy for two before black Friday and they just opened the door! He definitely meant to step on him, but I don’t think he meant to step on his face. He should be fined and/or suspended.

  11. Cael W says:

    I feel that he would have been looking down at Scola had it been an intentional stomp. He was looking up the court and his foot just had nowhere else to go. He was right by apologizing to Scola and both seem to not have taken this personal.
    He will take the 2 game suspension happily because the NBA could blow this way out of proportion.

  12. lowbudgetballer says:

    LOL NBA is a joke. The stomp wasn’t intentional. But the step over Scola was. Like he said, it was a bang bang play. Did he have to step over Scola? No. But they were clearly going at it all game long and it was a physical battle and it seems to me Love tried to step over him as a sign of dominance or to say “yeah, that’s what you get for getting under my skin all game long”(the foul and no call, not the stomp) as he tried to step over him. Then he stepped on scola because scola had his arms up in the air for who knows why instead of allowing love to just step over him, then as love was coming back down with his other foot because he had to to prevent himself from tripping over scola scola then tried to protect himself with his arms. Scola made it look intentional when it really wasn’t. Was it the right thing for love to do? No not really but its understandable. Keep in mind that this happened right after love battled for a few rebounds and still scored despite getting fouled a few times and got no calls on the other end of the floor. But i guess it doesn’t matter because to the NBA, it looked “intentional”. Lets not forget to mention the NBA’s refs failed to make the foul call which resulted in this play. Love will be suspended two games without pay. I was expecting a hefty fine at the most because this is a first for love. But whatever. More playing time for someone else to prove they should be in the starting rotation. *cough* Derrick Williams…

  13. Hector says:

    It was obviuosly intentional, you can even see Love looking down to see where to put his foot, and the he stomped hard. When someone runs or walks, people don’t stomp like that, I am sorry, because I’m a fan of Love’s game, but that was a cheap cheap shot from a player of his caliber to be doing. I hope it dosen’t affect the way he’s viewd by the fans, but he could have really injured Luis by doing that.

  14. John says:

    He has been suspended for 2 games.

  15. MK says:

    Scola flopped and then rolled over Love and raised his arm up. He was obviously up to something as for Love i think he didnt excpect Scola that close to him and caught him off guard and didnt react to it properly

  16. unknown says:

    it was unintentional
    check 0:02
    Kevin Love trips his left feet on Luis Scolas right arm, while he was about to run, that causes his right feet to step on Luis Scola’s chest.

  17. Vinz says:

    Yeah! Kevin Love is not a “DIRTY PLAYER” but anybody can be a “DIRTY PLAYER” and this video shows that he’s one of them. I hope Luis Scola is fine. One more thing, I hope that the NBA will review this video carefully and I agree with Dwight that ref should be FIRED!

  18. brian says:

    This article is bad at first place. How can you title it “stomp” if the league hasn’t done investigation on this. It is obvious that Scola flopped badly (as always) and desperately use his hand to block Love from running back to other end. If you run forward and hit something, its physics that you feet will get back down lol

  19. michele88mvp says:

    if the REF did call the FAUL there wan’t been this video.

  20. Ben says:


    Here’s the deal. Folks talk about Kevin walking up to Scola, but it looks like the momentum of the foul carried him toward Scola. Note Kevin Love was taking little chop-chop steps trying to avoid stepping on Scola as he approaches. As Kevin is turning up court, Scola is rolling towards Kevin. If he was trying to get up, he would have rolled of away from Kevin onto his belly so he could use his arms and legs to stand up. Scola puts his hands up at Kevin’s legs which is offensive posture – not close to his body to protect himself which is defensive posture. So Kevin reacts in the moment. He needs to get clear, but he’s also been battling Scola all day and as he puts his foot down the only place he can, he gives it a little something extra and feels a little satisfaction. I’m not saying it’s right, but it was bang bang. Scola and Love are both nice guys who play tough. Scola plays games to try to draw fouls to help the Rockets win. Kevin plays physical to try to help the Wolves win. Anyway, Scola was up to something whether he rolled onto his back to sell the flop or whether it was to initiate contact with Kevin, and in a split second decision Kevin did something that looks really bad to careless observers, which is exactly the type of outcome Scola is trying to achieve with his flopping-style of gamesmanship.

    • Ben says:

      To clarify, I think Love should be disciplined whether it’s a SHORT suspension or a fine, because it was a stomp, not a step. But I don’t think it’s fair to judge his whole person on this incident. Scola clearly got inside Kevin’s head, and Kevin needs to be smarter than that, even with just a split second to decide. At the same time, Scola was up to something. I was watching the replay again with a friend. He was literally in position on his chest and was clear of other players so he could stand up, but inexplicably he does an awkward manuever to roll onto his back under Kevin’s legs. Obviously, Scola’s gamesmanship was at a much lesser level of offense compared to what Kevin did, but he was up to something.

  21. Scott says:

    It is in no way clear cut obvious that it was intentional or unintentional, therefore, there should be no suspension. The Twolves are on the edge of the no. 8 seed, and I think it would be bad for them to suspend the Twolves best player for a game or two by suspending him for a play that in no way can be proven as intentional.

  22. spliftout says:

    Love has reportedly received and offer sheet from the Detroit Lions to play DL… lol…

  23. Johndoesmith says:

    That was obviously intentional. A disgraceful play by a usually great and honest player. I hope he admits that, serves a suspension and then moves on. I love the T-wolves this season and K-love is the heart of that franchise, but he deserves to be punished for this.

  24. Martin says:

    I do think that it was a foul and also he stepped on scola´s chest, but the fault of all this comes from the ref, not calling the fouls before it gets heated

  25. Brandon T says:

    To make it looked like Love lost his balance, looked down and had very few choices of where to put his foot — if anything, it looked he diverted from face to chest and at the cost of his balance. But no one will ever REALLY know except Kevin Love.

  26. souly says:

    there was clear intention. if someone thinks other way, that’s pure lack of will to see the truth (to not use stronger word). in European football Love would be suspended for a month. Love’s stomp was dangerous rubbish that doesn’t belong to the sport…

  27. Dwight says:

    Oh and one more thing. There was a referee standing RIGHT in front of the foul, and stomp. That guy should be fired. If he saw nothing wrong with that, which he obviously didn’t, he should be fired. Or demoted to the D-League and only get paid like 12 bucks an hour. Lol.

  28. Dwight says:

    Looking at that play, you see Love knock Scola over, sees that he is on the ground, but continues to step in the direction of Scola on the ground and stomps his face. It looks VERY intentional. Even if it wasn’t, Love should be punished because he obviously saw Scola and decided not to be careful about his next “step”. It wasn’t like he was already moving and stepped on him, he was at a standstill and THEN when he decided to move, he planted his big foot on Scola’s face. I’m a huge Kevin love fan, and I am kinda disappointed to see him get that frustrated and go so low.

  29. Buckdawg says:

    For anyone saying it was intentional, you’re as bad as this article, which is calling it a stomp before it’s even declared one. It CLEARLY ISN’T. It’s a natural progressive step taken that happened to be on someone who had flopped to the floor. Sure, Scola flopped terribly and shouldn’t have even been down there, but Love was clearly running for the break, in a rush, and didn’t realize he was under his feet. I didn’t see the game, and I’m glad as I was one of the few here who can actually watch the “incident” (not that it even warrants such a term) with unbiased and unobjective eyes. Shame on you fans and even this article for trying to create some drama around something so minor. And if the NBA take ANY action against Love for this, then shame on them too.

  30. notsureifsrs says:

    It wasn’t even Scola’s face, it was his chest. Love didnt even look down when he did it, he was focused on the play. I think the league will see it the same. In fact, if there hadn’t been all the rough stuff earlier in the game, this probably wouldnt have got the publicity.

  31. #deinitelyastomp says:

    It was clearly an intentional stomp. Be a fan, but don’t pull the wool over your own eyes and start talking about instinct and other such nonsense. Love stomped on Scola deliberately, and should be sanctioned for it.

  32. CAJML says:

    Scola flopped… badly, so there should be a punishment for that. Second, where was Kevin Love supposed to step? And as you can see, he didn’t entirely pressure down his foot on Scola’s body, so yes, it’s unintentional.

  33. Patrick says:

    I agree with you Vince, Love had no choice, there is nothing intentional, nothing bad really.
    Before talking about them we should ask Scola and Love their feeling. May be they don’t care, don’t even remember.
    It’s clear Sekou is far too much excited by that, or may he is not, but he just wanted us to be excited. I totally understand..
    And people actually get excited for nothing..
    (Why there is not a word to say on K. Garnet, Perkins, playing so vicious sometimes).

  34. Mikey B says:

    I find it interesting, people saying Scola flopped, when it appears to me, that he was fouled heavily on a shot. A flop is usually when someone takes a front on bump, and “flops” backwards, This usually happens on a drive to the basket, and the defender trying to take a charge.

    Given the leagues history of punishing players, I think Love might have a case to answer to. It definately requires further investigation at the least. I like the more physical play, especially beetween big men. But there is physical, heat of the moment, and then there is just dirty play, AKA Kevin Garnett.

  35. TS says:

    Now on the reality end of things, crunching someone’s head like that while a player is down, can do just as much damage as a punch. We all know it was intentional. K-Love just had a bad moment. He forgot that kids look up to him. Horrible and dangerous example to send to the little ones that watch the NBA.

  36. TS says:

    That’s how we roll in L.O. baby. You squirm around on the court like a fish, and you’re bound to get stepped on buddy.

  37. LZ says:

    I think it was intentional. He knew where Scola landed after his foul (and it was a foul even if Scola flopped afterwards). So he could have avoided any contact if he wanted it.But instead he slowed down and trample over him with his head halfway down to see him. If it wasnt intentionally then hes just dumb in that situation. 1st his ‘normal’ foul and then his stampede. Personally im gonna give him a chance cuz his right foot did not touched ground when his left hit Scola’s face. Balance is an isue then because he couldnt adjust left leg movement anymore. Bottomline is that it was either intentionally or a very dumb move out of frustration. So yeah, suspend him for a couple of games and forget about it afterwards.

  38. T says:

    That sure as hell looked intentional. You don’t look at the guy and step on him right after.

  39. TJ says:

    I think stern should take five #1’s away from T-Wolves fans for this!

  40. KOBBER23 says:

    unlees somebody manipulated with the broadcast i saw with my own eyes what happened. Love chose to step (not stomp) on Scolas head. A lot of comments in here sounds like they´re written by dirty politicians, trying to cover up the thruth. Love could have easily turned at another angle, and gone around Scola, instead of stepping on his head. this was fully intentionel and everybody knows it. shame on you guys, who says otherwise. i hope the NBA suspends him to set an example, conveying that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. NO LOVE FOR LOVE ON THIS PLAY.

  41. GP says:

    It wasn’t intentional. He turned to step over scola and scola’s arms came up and blocked his shin. Love would have fallen forward (and probably kneed scola in face) if he hadn’t put his foot down on scola’s chest. It was scola’s fault anyway for flopping after the foul. As if love had hit him in the arm hard enough to drive him the ground.

  42. JFD says:

    I wasn’t in the game but I watched the game live on NBA TV…

    The game was heated up and i believe that the announcers have over reacted.

    I also heard the commentaries and yes.. it is biased because they are Houston commentators… that’s what they are paid to do… to comment… some commentators do their job by sticking on their side… their team…

    The fact that Love apologized to Scola and it was accepted… I believe the Punishement office should consider that… If Love didn’t apologize… that is another story…

    Scola even said… he wasn’t mad that Love stepped or what they say.. “stomped” on him… he was mad because no call was made… intentional or not… a call should have been made..

    I am not arguining which call was called or not… But certain calls are questionable especially the obvious ones that wasn’t called…

    I just hope a “just” punishment will be given if there is any… if there is no punishment.. it just proves that it was an accident…

  43. armin halvadzic says:

    This is nothing compared to what Batiste did to Union Olimpija’s Sasho Ozbolt in the Eurolegue. I was watching the game and seriously it was the most brutal thing I ever saw on the basketball court. He could of seriously injured him.Go watch it !

  44. Josch says:

    Are you Guys Blind? it was intentional, dont be stupid, its like what he did to granger.. love is a dirty player he should be suspended for 5 games.

  45. Vince says:

    Clearly unintentional. K-love has no choice but to step on Scola. If he didn’t step on Scola he would have fall to the floor and his Groin could have fall on Scola’s face. That would have been scary on National TV.

  46. dryes says:

    obviously not a stomp, just a deliberate step onto him to avoid falling and to stay in the game for the 5 on 4 fast break since Scola was down. i know a stomp when I see it because I used to practice martial arts and if thats a stomp then Love must be weaker than a child. wake up whiners

  47. EGIN says:

    That was totally unintentional. The NBA is going too far these days! The Days of Pistons vs. Pacers is over, let these guys play, he was not looking at him when he stepped, totally innocent.

  48. sony says:

    Are you guys serious? Love look down and step intentionally on scola’s chest. He throw him down hard before that. You must be blind to lie about.

  49. Ba says:

    Real Basketball players who actually have gotten playing time in a real game like a highschool game or an organized game cant see that was unintentional. Accidents like that happen all the time. Those guys are practicallly 7 feet tall. Im sure directly below them is hard to spot. So it looked intentional but he really was just trying to regain his balance and step right. Love was just trying to hustle back and take advantage on the other player being down to create a mismatch.

    And i dont think it was a foul. i think scola got surprised and tripped as the ball was getting slapped away. Naturally he tried to protect the ball and tried to “box out” kevin love. Its fair game when the ball is loose

  50. Troy Young says:

    Ok no…if you watched all the houston games you would know that they arent totally biased. They enjoy competition between the timberwolves and theyve always respected kevin love. But your blaming their commentating when its clearly on the officials. And stop acting like players dont flop!!! a lot of players flop all around the league. It was poor officiating on both ends. I dont see what the commentating has anything to do with the plays.

  51. Jim says:

    Yeah That wasn’t really a strip.. More like slapping Scola’s arm and then the ball flies out. Not intentional? He watches where he steps then steps forward…

  52. Truth says:

    Watch the clip slowly and repeatedly and two things are very clear: Scola flops and then tries to trip Love. He was on the ground too long and on purpose; reaches out towards Love w/arms instead of getting up, away, and out from under the basket. Restore the game!!! Flopping should be a technical foul w/free throw. Objective NBA fan.

  53. duh says:

    kevin love and metta world peace should play together!

  54. Mando says:

    Man, ok , Scola may of flopped but after watching that several times,you can clearly see that was intentional! K-Love KNEW he was on the floor, he could of easily avoided him. that was very unprofessional and unsportsmanlike. i have to say i kinda lost some respect for Kevin Love after this one. i would of liked him to have done that to umm lets say Ben Wallace, i wonder what would of happened……..

  55. Jon in Iowa says:

    Love saw Scola fall and deliberately turned his hips to position his foot over Scola, when he could have easily taken a sidestep and then turned. Hell, even if he hadn’t positioned himself that way, if the choice were really between stepping on a guy or falling down himself, the sporting, safe choice would have been to fall down. Either way, Love deliberately stepped on Scola; the only difference is the degree of premeditation.

  56. me says:

    i like the way both love and scola handled the situation, no cry babies here. but i think love would be fined.

  57. Donald says:

    The has to come down with some sort of punishment for this action. Whether it is a fine, a suspension, or both, it is imperative that the NBA sends a message to it’s players that this behavior is unacceptable and will have consequences. Had Lebron, Kobe, or D Wade been in Scola’s place, there would have been a league wide controversy that we would not hear the end of until the NBA punished Love. It really shows what a professional Luis Scola is by not reacting wildly to the stomp.

  58. Matt says:

    I believe the stomp was unintentional, but I also believe that some form of punishment should be given to Love even though it was unintentional.

  59. joblagz says:

    unintentional.. happened to me before, i stepped on a guys arm unintentionally while he was down.. i lost my balance and if i didnt step on his arms i would fall down.. no hard feelings afterwards.. just part of the game..

  60. marthin says:

    Love’s feet was blocked by Scola’s arms and he has to step on something or else he will fall too….try to look at it again, his feet was stopped by Luis’ arm..not intentional.

  61. naztiboi says:

    C’mon you guys have to look at it over n over again….
    it was SCOLA’S FAULT. he hold the left foot of KEVIN.. so KEvin accidentally stomp on SCOLA’s face or something.
    try to see the video of HEAT and Knicks game, were DWAYNE WADE got the ball into LARRY FIELDS face and DUNK it to the RIM. sould Dwyane wade be PUNISHED?
    AND it is the NBA dude..

    • NuWolvesPhan says:

      How about every time Kobe throws his elbow each time he gets beat to defend a shot? Ask Hibbert (whose nose was broken by Kobe) and Rubio (who Kobe threw his elbow at in the game in MN) and no call for Kobe? If Love is suspended or fined, it will be a shame. This man has too much to lose to be as foolish as to let his temper get away from him. Sorry Seku, you are wrong about Kevin Love..

  62. Galaragabigcat says:

    This was definately on purpose and should be punished. Love was looking to get even since he was hit in the groin by Scola Monday night. Love was very angry by that, but Scola was being aggressive just like Love plays, and trying to save the ball from going out of bounds, and happened to hit Love in the groin. Love found his opportunity when Scola flopped, yes he did flop a bit, but Love had no right to stomp on his face and chest. You can tell it was intentional because Love hesitates, looks down to see where Scola is and then steps on him and then runs up the court. Good old fashioned aggressiveness is fine, battling for a rebound, but to stomp on a guy when he is down goes a little too far. Love would not like it if Scola did that to him!!! Love is too good of a player to have to stoop to that level of dirtiness. He will now lose the respect of many of the players around him, what a shame!

  63. mrodriguez says:

    I’ve seen the video over and over and I just can’t agree with bloggers who say Scola flopped. The video shows an obvious “throw down” of Scola and then in his hurry to get back to the other end, he stepped on Scola. It seems like the step was on his chest with his sizee 19 shoe grazing Schola’s face.. Love deserved a foul for his actions and maybe something more for his flagrant face lift.

    I’m not a fan of either team so my take is an objective one.

  64. mrodriguez says:

    Mauricio, you are absolutely right! Those commentators from Houston are really unprofessional. They seldom like plays that go against them. Everything called that’s not in their favor is a “bad” call. In fact, the way they go about it, incites the fan or the listener. I can’t stand them, especially the middle aged one. I understand supporting your team, but they way they do the play by play is really obnoxious.

    By the way, I live in Houston but am a die hard Spurs fan. So, I have to listen to these guys’ rants all the time.

  65. Vencedor says:


  66. bailleys88 says:

    As a non supporter of both teams, it looks like Love was in the wrong with the “stomp” he could of easily have chosen to have gone around Scola, but he decided to go over him which leads to believe that is was intentional. Very shocked about it, but atleast he admitted to it afterwards and apologised

  67. Pete says:

    I’m a Warriors fan. David Lee is my favourite player. I also have a huge amount of respect for both Love and Scola. Being independent, and having seen the replay from a couple of angles, it looks bad, but I don’t think it was intentional if you mean “with intention to hurt”. Love’s left leg gets tangled in Scola’s arms as he tries to plant it forward. Additionally, there is lack of full leg extension or weight transferance. Having said this, he probably could have done more to try and avoid Scola by jumping sideways given that he knew Luis was there beneath him. But in the heat of battle, I wouldn’t expect an inch to be given by either of these warriors. Kevin apologised after the game. Luis took it like a man and moved on.

  68. brian says:

    As a dallas fan I have to say Scola flopped for no reason and that caused the incident. If you watch the game highlight scola was flopping everywhere and he was lucky not to get stepped by others including his teammates. Love got caught when he is running back the other end. NOT INTENTIONAL.

  69. Jorge says:

    That looks intentional to me. He saw him on the floor before he started running. Cmon, it’s obvious!

  70. Saturn152 says:

    He was just caught up in moment. He probably regrets not stopping immediately to help him up. He should have done this. But that’s competition. Scola is a true gentleman.

  71. bruce says:

    Totally intentional, my guess is that you guys who say it isn’t are fans of Love and are being totally lopsided. Scola flopped, big deal…. we shouldn’t encourage violent actions just because…. he should be suspended a game imo

  72. Gusto says:

    You have got to be kidding me if you think Love should be suspended for that accidental situation. He lifted his leg to get over Scola as he propelled forward and Scola had his arms up to protect himself and he caught Love’s leg and Love’s foot ended up in Scola chest (not face) very briefly as it had nowhere else to go. It’s not like he stomped or even stepped on him with any real weight. It was brief and accidental. Period.

    Let’s not sissify the league anymore than the powers that be already have ok.

  73. zennn says:

    more of a follow-through for me.. you cant blame him for stepping down because its inevitable in my opinion

  74. ginobi says:

    as a spurs fan, i don’t care about both teams. that was intentional.

  75. Pats12 says:

    If you look at it, it doesn’t seem intentional.

    Scola flopped.
    Love was trying to move his foot OVER Scola’s head, like ALL other NBA players do.
    Scola raised his arms UPWARD instead of shielding his face, blocking Love’s foot from going forward.

    Just think about it. Love was going to trip had he not tried to get his footing intact. Unfortunately, Scola’s chest was the only place his foot could go. It’s the same way Scola threw the ball towards Love’s groin the week before. They just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong times.

    Love doesn’t even have any priors and hates poor sportsmanship. Remember, this is the same guy who gets hit in the groin and doesn’t fight back.

  76. sam says:

    i didnt read more BS then above, it was intentional, thats more then clear….to all the hardcore fans hope it happenend again and it will be loves face, maybe then your IQ is back. unbelievable

  77. Paulsifer says:

    Love’s leg barely brushes on Scola’s arm… If Scola had grabbed Love, I could understand his foot coming down on his face. Love could have easily avoided that knowing that Scola was flat on the floor next to him… He looked like he was in complete control when his foot came down. Stop defending him because he is an all-star.

  78. Matt says:

    Whether it was intentional or not, we will never know- only Kevin Love will know. The thing is why didn’t he stop running down the court. A sportsman and just a good person in general would have acted differently. Scola is one of the nicest and most humble guys you could ever meet; luckily, I have even had the priviledge of meeting him face to face. If it was Scola who was the one to stomp on Love’s face, there is no question that Scola would’ve acted differently. No disrespect to Kevin Love, he’s a great up and coming player who made a pretty nasty mistake.

  79. geoffreyt says:

    It’s a game of emotions both teams let it get the best of them. When players that i was going against flopped continuously it made me mad and if they were going to flop then i was going to foul them hard. If you make it look like someone threw you to the ground and you do it long enough to one guy they will eventually lose control and intentionally foul. I say 1 game suspension and some more training for officials to not let the game get out of hand.

  80. Jordan says:

    If you think that was hard then search in youtube “Mike Batiste kicks Sasha Ozbolt”

  81. lowbudgetballer says:

    Wow what sore losers. The people coming to Love’s defense are timberwolves fans but the ones rooting for him to get suspended are obviously rocket fans. To be honest, Love did foul scola when he tried to strip the ball. He swiped pretty hard too. Is it Love’s fault that the ref’s didnt call the foul? Then Scola flopped and fell to the ground pretty hard. As big as he is, i doubt someone of his size would fall that hard from getting swiped at. Then as love was trying to run down the court and as he was trying to step over scola, scola put his arms up as if he was trying to either trip or prevent love from immediately running down court. And someone’s natural reaction would be to step down like love did with his other foot to prevent himself from falling over. And the biased comments made by the rockets commentators definitely made it seem as if it was intentional. And I agree with Mauricio. The commentators for the rockets are very disrespectful and biased. Last game, they were putting down the state of MN saying that there’s nothing there and that no one would want to live there or play ball for that city and laughing about it as their rockets were getting spanked… And of course they complained everytime the rockets didn’t get a call or if the rockets were whistled for a foul.

  82. Andy says:

    As people have already mentioned, Scola put his arms up for some reason and Love’s foot got tangled up. Naturally, he stepped down to prevent himself from losing his balance.

  83. Jayjoe14 says:

    Got tripped up.

  84. antipopsuperstar says:

    Looks absolutely intentional. No surprise that the people coming to Love’s defenses are T’wolves fans who are excited that a franchise mired in mediocrity finally is playing average basketball.

    Love should be suspended. And when the Rockets meet the Wolves in 2 weeks, I wouldn’t doubt someone like Jeff Adrien being given extended minutes to enforce some justice on the pathetic move by Kevin Love and the following rationalization. Not only is he a bitch enough to pull a bitch move, he’s not even man enough to admit he was wrong.

  85. Mauricio says:

    What I want to comment is yes, maybe was intentioned or not, but the play before that one, Kevin Love got Hammered! really hard.
    I wanted to comment for the first time only because I do want to point out that the Commentators in the game, from Houston, are really unprofessional. It is unbelievable that the NBA TV does not do something about it.
    -90% of the calls where questioned by this people, and of course in favor to Houston
    -In Spain, they dance Flamenco, not Tango. Thats from Argentina.
    -Ricky gets pushed in the back, they commented that he flopped.
    -All Houston fouls, where not fouls.
    -All Minnesotas no calls, where fouls.
    -JJ Barea got a Contract of 19 millions, for 4 years. NOT A contract of 3 years for 12 millions.
    -Derrick Williams was 2nd Pick of the last Draft, after Duke’s Irving. Not 1st like this ignorants said.

    Hopefully the NBA take notice these commentators that they really don’t know what they are saying.
    It really affects the quality of the NBA product.

    • wow dud says:

      yeah dude, i agree definately. The game was only broadcasted from the houston side, and it was a joke. They sounded like angry fans ranting the whole game. If I were a Houston fan, not sure I could put up with them every night..

    • GHiA says:

      100% agree with this. Rockets announcers are so bias. Ruining a good, physical game. Rewatched this game without sounds and it was really good basketball.

    • David says:

      Yeah, so to you it is ok to foul someone, if the foul was not called on the other end. Its thugs who give baasketball a bad name. I think he apologized because he knew he was gonna get in trouble. you KNOW when you step on something like a human.

  86. adam says:

    Im sorry, but he semi-looked down, saw scola, and then stomped. he showed no regard to it happening and if you step on someone, you know it. that was intentional.

  87. al says:

    it was intentional he looked down at his face before he stepped on it but who cares games over.

  88. Derek says:

    It did not look intentional at all. Talk about the worlds biggest flop by Scola, a little tap on the forearm and all 245 pounds of Scola come flipping and crashing down like the WWE? If anything, Scola put himself in the position for that accident to happen. The NBA should not reward floppers which have completely ruined the integrity of the game in the past decade.

  89. Bob says:

    Love is channeling his inner Suh

  90. Robert says:

    Kevin Suh

  91. HonestGuy says:

    And btw, if you step on someone’s chest, you could at least apologize immediately and not “after the game”.

  92. HonestGuy says:

    While I watched the video without any previous bias towards Kevin Love, it does actually seem to me like an intentional stomp. It’s not like Love was running full speed and then tripped, he was just standing there, Scola flopped and then Love (when he could’ve ran away from Scola and towards the other half) just pretends to trip and steps on Scola. Still, sometimes games get heated and I don’t think less of Love as a player, but he should be suspended imo.

  93. Jesse says:

    Ahhh that cute, Chase Budinger can have a get stomped on friend on the Rockets now, since he got his all stomped on in a college game. That stomp was way more brutal and with out a doubt intentional.

  94. .... says:

    It doesn’t look intentional to me. You could see that Kevin was trying to put his feet over Scola but he had his hands up and hits his hands and so it landed on his face.

  95. Dave says:

    I think they both played hard last night, and this is smthing Love must regret. Players fight at the court but every action must be follow by the punishment police. They will have the last word on that issiu coz this actions can’t fall apart.

  96. Patrick says:

    Scola is a good actor, his flop is not so good, he is a bit late.
    Nothing bad in this action.

  97. Mirza says:

    Not intentional. Love wanted to step over him with the left foot, but Scolas hands held his leg, so he let the foot on Scola not to loose balance.

    I really hate seeing such situations being so overblown…

  98. Chicky says:

    Intentionally!? I don’t think so. Maybe Love doesn’t feel very sorry about because Scola is a very tough player who can also push and hustle. But I believe him – also after watching the replay – it was just a heat-of-the-moment and pitch.

    But the comment “Love stepped on Scola’s face” is truly wrong – he stepped on his chest!

  99. Joe says:

    Schola’s fault for flopping.

  100. Victoria Longmire says:

    If you were watching the game and the play back you could see it was intentional. He even looked backed and smiled.

  101. BelizeBoy says:

    Looked like it was intentional to me.

  102. Nick says:

    A few nights earlier Love cloths-lined Danny Granger after a rebound and it was very intentional!

  103. Theo says:

    I can’t tell about the ‘stomp’ but is nobody else seeing that ridiculous flop by Scola? I hate this in the NBA, play it like men, this isn’t soccer, if there’s not foul don’t try and make one. The integrity of our sport has been seriously diminished with the over-refereeing.

  104. Josh says:

    It just doesn’t look intentional. He also seemed to be letting up as he was stepping down. Anyway, this is much ado about nothing. Sorry Sekou.

  105. Andy says:

    Aside from the stomp, this was a great game. Scola and Love were going at it the entire time. The refs prob let it get a little out of hand, resulting in the stomp among other wouldbe altercations. It’s nice to see the league getting physical again, What with teams like the Pacers, Grizzlies, and the Wolves.

  106. Andy says:

    Kevin Love is my favorite player, but I think he needs to be suspended one game. He apologized to Scola for the stomp, and Scola seems ok with it, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. When Marcus Vick did the same thing for Virginia Tech way back when, it killed his football career. Love’s a great guy who leaves it all out on the court. He just made a stupid decision and should be disciplined accordingly.

  107. Adam says:

    It looked intentional but I don’t think it was. Looked like Love threw dude down though. Doesn’t seem like Kevin would do such a thing but he’s a physical player, how else would you average as many boards as him. I’m sure the league will do something about it. Just because league officials are getting soft. It should go back to the Bulls, Knicks and Pistons days back then they wouldn’t of replayed this video even if someone did see it. lol

  108. chris says:

    Scola flopped so hard there what a panty

  109. neil says:

    Are you guys kidding me? They were going at it the whole game and it’s obvious it was intentional! He saw that Scola fell, turned towards him, and then stepped on him. I still think Kevin Love is a great guy but that was on purpose. You can’t judge an athlete for what he does during an intense game. Him and Scola were battling out there. Now, the elbows Kobe used to throw is another story- that said something about the guy and I’m glad he doesn’t do it anymore.

  110. andy says:

    I use to really like Kevin Love. But after what he did to Luis Scola last night, I totally lost all the respect I had for him. After the game, Luis was being a professional and saying that he doesn’t really care about it, but Love shouldn’t say that it was an accident after the game, because he was looking right at scola when he did that and he needs to step up and take the punishment he is going to get for doing that. I understand that it can get physical on the court sometimes, but that’s not the right way to end on what happened. Kevin Love needs to step up and apologize to the media on what he did to Luis Scola and stop trying to get away from what ACTUALLY happened.

    • rl17 says:

      “Love, who apologized to Scola after the game, not surprisingly said he didn’t think the play merited a further action. “It was one of those plays,” Love said. “You look at it, and you might think otherwise.””

      Love did apologize to Scola. Why does he need to tell the media?

    • NuWolvesPhan says:

      I too was at the game. Kevin Love didn’t intentionally step on Scola, to say the game was was heated is an understatement, two intense players. He is not a dirty player, the league shouldn’t fine or suspend anyone but the refs, they were the ones who allowed the emotion to get so high. Video REALLY made it look bad, Lets move on and past this and celebrate the Wolves at .500 !

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      I could not tell what happened to cause Scola to fall because it was so fast. Even on slow motion it was too fast. I can clearly see that Love tried to step over Scola, but He reached up and caught Loves foot as he was trying to step over him and Love has no choice but to step on him. Watch it in slow Motion and then it is clear. I tried this with my son and the only other option would be to fall forward on your face.

  111. John Martens says:

    I was at that game, directly above the supposed foul. It was a Scola flop and an unintentional step on his arm/body/chest area. A stomp? Please.

  112. Chuck says:

    It sounds like you think it’s intentional. Having tripped on many a wire in my school days, natural reaction is to step downwards so you don’t continue going forwards and fall over. It looks like he hit Scola’s arms while trying to step over him, and instinct told him to step down. Not the nicest gesture, sure, but it looks unintentional.

  113. Neo says:

    I was at that game. I saw it. I also saw the video. Im glad scola wasn’t seriously hurt but this was hardly a flagrant foul. As for the punishment police if they want to discipline love for that they should discipline scola for the “unintentional” groin push last week on love and the groin/abs head butt he did to Rubio in the 4th quarter. But that is only if you want be fair.