MVP Ladder: Crowded At The Top

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You are not alone LeBron James.

That’s just a friendly reminder for the Heat star, who sits atop the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder for the second straight week. James is still No. 1, but the gap between the man who likes to jump over people to dunk and the rest of the field is shrinking day by day.

It’s a great thing for the basketball-loving public, and those of us that appreciate races that are decided at the tape as opposed to the ones that are over shortly after the combatants come out of the starting blocks.

Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Love and Chris Paul all round out the top six this week and it’s anyone’s guess what the pecking order will look like a week from now.

Remember, this a fluid list and you have to earn your keep every week to stay in this race.


  1. TFA says:

    WHERES DWADE???? hes been playing amazing this last week, i cant believe you guys didnt atleast give him a shoutout

  2. Jay says:

    The mere fact that the author thinks Chris Bosh is a member of the Okalhoma City Thunder as said under next 5 makes me question a)how much he knows and b)why wasn’t ir proofread.

  3. Chrizz says:

    I kinda miss Steve Nash on the list. His numbers are ridiculous for a PG his age. He has some of the highest pct. on his shooting in the league, and I really think he, if anyone, carries his team. Not saying he should be one or two on the list just yet, but the way I see it, he certainly has a spot on the top 10 compared to Igoudala and Danilo.

  4. GP says:

    Rose or Kobe are most deserving of the MVP in my opinion. The MVP is for the most valuable player for the team they play on. It needs to be a player that is absolutely essential to their team being competitive/winning. So a winning team, that is winning because of 1 player. If Lebron were injured, I would say the Heat still have a chance to win a 7 game series with Wade and Bosh. If KD were out Westbrook has become a prolific scorer himself and Harden has been amazing off the bench. TWolves aren’t even a playoff team with Klove this year. But if Kobe or Rose sit, I don’t see Lakers or the Bulls winning a 7 game series. I would give my edge to Rose because the Bulls are more winning this year.

  5. gorg says:

    you have to admit kd should win the mvp this year and kd could beat lebron any day any time any place and hes just better

    • quithaten says:

      kd ant nuttin but a scorer he takes 30-35 shot attemps a game(sounds like sum1 in LA). Put him or any1 else for that matter on that cavs team that Lebron carried for years and they would of never even came out the first round if they could make it there.Lebrons basketball IQ is so much better then any1 else in this league.He is just all around so dynamic of a player that he can put up 30 8 8 every every every nite, without bein a ballhog and shooting everytime he has the ball.OKC are a deep team they would be playoff contender without kd

  6. LeChokeNverWinsFinals says:

    LeChoke MVP THIS YEAR? Naaa,KD is doing better work wit less team, LOVE is charging da whole team on his shoulder,Drose is doing da same as last year and KOBE is throwing da last breath before retiring. THEY really deserve a MVP more than LeChocke

  7. Joesh says:

    Apparently the ability to jump high is enough to make you #1 on this ladder. I dont have a problem with LeBron being #1, but seriously…the reason is because he can jump high?? Absolutely ridiculous. Sekou Smith and the rest of the NBA media is to blame for the lack of skill we have left in the NBA because they reward people for jumping high and being flashy (which is entertaining), but they dont comment on the footwork, enormous arsenal of moves, and mental toughness that players like Kobe and Dirk possess. Ridiculous. Hope everyone is appreciating those 2 guys now, they are the last of a dying breed.

  8. K says:


  9. gamezone101 says:

    you guys don’t talk and base star players with just only last games or couple of games..
    you guys talk and base a player for mvp with those all games they played

  10. Eric says:

    Are you serious? Danillo makes the list but the Celtics have been demolishing +.500 teams and paul pierce whos been averagine +20 ppg +6reb and +7ast gets nothing…..disappointing…….

  11. Choker says:

    where is wade?

  12. You can´t stop Lebron.Lebron MVP.

  13. One comment for all Bulls fans:

    Drose doesn´t exist. You would compare him with Iverson…Please pick up your suitcases and take a trip to go fishing on May. You want to compare him with A Iverson? Please be serious Bulls fans and realize that Jordan-Pippen era will never come back hahahahahahahaha. D rose = Allen Iverson hahahahahahaha.
    Iverson faced Kobe in Finals, etc.
    Bulls fans please take your jersey off and show yor real color…you are Lakers fans from the bottom of your hearts. hahahahah

  14. People have changed the course of this subjet. I mean, man Dallas have Vince Carter one of the best players ever on Foward position. It´s kind obvious that he will not get MVP and Im happy for that cuz he belongs to Dallas. Anyway Dallas won´t reach WestFinals cuz their owner(Cuban) is an a……Plus Lakers let Odom go andOkc is playing good basketball. Add that Minesota have good players as same as all West teams. You are lose Dallas. You have Carter but you have stepped on your own tail. LOL. THINGS HAVE CHANGED NOW! HELLO! PLEASE LET´S GO HOOOOOME!LOL.

  15. Chico says:

    I really liked this week statistics. I agree with all the players that are on the top 10 and the reasons they are there. Durant is called the best scorer in the league because of his scoring titles. I liked to see Gay, Gallo and Iguodala there, they deserve those spots. I think that the Celtics must show some more victories to have a player like Pierce, that is playing well, but his team is having a mediocre season(even more comparing to the last one). The Wolves are doing something close to .500, but by diferent reasons. They are moving up from last year, so Love deserves some recognition.
    No matter who wins this season MVP, is unquestionable that Lebron is the best player from the league. Even when Rose won(and he deserved), Lebron still being the best player.
    Maybe there should be an MVT(most valuable team award), that awards the team(not exactly with the best records) that did the best collective game. Nuggets and Sixers would be fighting for it.

  16. Bob says:

    I think that the MVP is meant for a humbled player who does not have a huge ego. I think that it is important that we show our children that you are awarded for great skill and the ability to be humble like last years MVP ( D. Rose) who sets an amazing example to the children. I am a west coast fan of the Portland Trailblazers and unfortunately we have plenty of Hard Working players who are humble and great TEAM players, which is hard to find in the league these days. The Blazers do not offer a Consistently shooting high percentage. I think the race for MVP would be much more difficult to decide if you factor in the most important elements: skill, sportsmanship, confident but not egotistical. these kinds of things that people idolize are the things that make a Valuable Player.

    • Bahey Eldin says:

      It’s called MVP not MHP, and it’s not meant to set an example to children, it’s for the Most Valuable Player, humble or not.
      If being humble was included, most players wouldn’t have even gone anywhere near this thing, including: LeBron, Kobe, and even MJ himself.

    • BelizeBoy says:

      This isn’t a Boy Scout award Bob.

    • Ray says:

      Then MJ would never by MVP…:)

  17. New Zealand Basketball says:

    I can’t understand all the love for Durant “he is the best scorer in the league” when LeBron has scored more and more efficiently than Durant. Sure KD is a great player but he is overhyped and anyone that thinks he is near LeBron’s level is both a Heat hater and an OKC bandwagoner. To have KD at number one on the ladder in the first edition of this article was ludicrous.

  18. Aleksandar Mishkov says:

    No love for Paul Pierce? He is playing like a monster the last couple of games, Celtics demolished Orlando 2 times, won against Indiana, and still nothing? They are not getting love even in the power rankings. So much hate for the green

  19. Ahmad says:

    The NBA has some amazing players in D. Rose & Durantula… But, what I find so amazing, is that when LeBron James bares down and goes all out… There is simply no one close to him in the game today & probably from years past. He’s averaging nearly 30 a night & scoring isn’t what he does best… It’s scary how good he is. Add to the fact that he plays with 2 other top 25-30 players in the game today with D. Wade & Bosh and he still stands out as “The Guy”… You can love him or hate him… But you cant question his talent…

  20. Alex says:

    In clutch time vs bulls lebron missed 2 shots and 2 free trows in the last minute of the game . So how can he be No. 1 ?!?!?!?!

    • esteban dido says:

      you forgot derrick rose miss 2 freethrow too. and those are way more important than lebron’s because it could have been the gamewiner freethrows

      • King James says:

        not only free throws also the game tie shot by rose he miss also. Rose is the new choker in the east.. haha