Rubio: The Art Of The Alley-Oop

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s not often that we advocate for the youth to lead the way.

But there’s are those times when it makes perfect sense to at least consider the proposition. When it comes to the art of throwing an alley-oop , veteran practitioners like Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Chris Paul come to mind.

If we were going to throw a youngster in the mix, though, Timberwolves rookie Ricky Rubio would be that youngster:


  1. Jesus says:

    My all-time favorite point guard is John Stockton…among other great ones. I’m starting to like him a lot without comparing him to anyone, but for sure he is quite a good skill-maker and ball-handling player.

  2. tommy says:

    I forsee great things for Minnesota, they might make the playoffs this year, not sure. I think they got a good shot, they have a great coach in adelman, and if you remember the old sac kings with bibby christie turkoglu webber and divac, they were fast running and stylish PG-PF play, id say rubio will be one of the best pg’s in this league very soon… love is already imo the best PF in the league they will be contenders in 1 or 2 years… they also have beasely who i think will find a better role in pure scoring and such. main thing is, have a defensive mentality and they could be good now.

  3. Dave says:

    go ricky go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ric Silvestre says:

    fun to watch RR every games..Before i am just watching MT coz of KLOVE…now the beauty and grace of basketball coz of RR..He will be a BIG name in the name of Basketball particular NBA

  5. Sam says:

    There were no videos of him the last two years cuz he didn’t exactly play very well for Barcelona. But this year… WOW! Helloooo, NBA

    • abenba says:

      barcelona dint play him that much cuz they know he was leaving, it will have messed the team’s chemistry and play had rubio played regular minutes then leave the next year.

    • Faustonauta says:

      Last year was his worst (in terms of pure sport I mean), as Joventut of Badalona fan I saw him play with Rudy Fernandez (both played for the same team) the years before and mates, you don’t know what you missed. FIBA is not NBA, is tougher, maybe is not as spectacular, faster and beautiful as NBA, but is a tougher interpretation of the same game. In that picture, Ricky was a key player for his team, team that played European leagues (and mind that you have to gain that right, is not like NBA in which you always play Regular Season no matter the result of your team the previous year, in Europe, if you fail in your local league you don’t earn the right to participate in European ones). Ricky has the talent, the skills and most important, TIME to learn (he’s a kid). Fortunate you, Ricky rocks and now I’ll have to wake up late at night to see how he’ll be doing instead of seeing him play each Sunday afternoon.

  6. Patrick says:

    Last year we could only hear his name, peolpe talked about Rubio but no videos about him.
    I am glad to see him at last, So spectacular !

  7. Mike says:

    Rubio will become very big soon. Very soon. Its almost time that he become a star point guard.

  8. Atraccion says:

    He will be the best PG ever.. he is only 21.. thats the key. Let him improve the jump shot, then wait..

  9. prix says:

    great skills but talent is limited…put the team in playoffs and maybe i´m a believer…

  10. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    TAYLOR is completely right. Andre Miller can throw an alley-oop 🙂

  11. Tammy green says:

    Great news

  12. Taylor says:

    Don’t sleep on Andre Miller. When he has finishers around him, he is deadly with a lob.

  13. ShakenBake says:

    Ricky Rubio is an old school point guard with the likes of stockton, steve nash, jason kidd and gary payton.

  14. grantstern says:

    Glad to see Minny becoming respectable up north again!