NBA Still Rising In China

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The global game it is.

Anyone needing proof that the NBA is indeed still a big thing in China, even without Yao Ming in uniform, needs only take a peek at the TV ratings.

The TV numbers have increased 39 percent over last season, according to a report from Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick that was confirmed by the league. Merchandise revenue in China has also quadrupled over the past three seasons, per the report, though no specific numbers were released.

The ever-popular Yao retired in July, a victim of repeated injuries. But the NBA still has a presence in China with former Nuggets Wilson Chandler and J.R. Smith working in the Chinese Basketball Association this season.


  1. asdas says:

    This is why the NBA should consider Vancouver for another NBA franchise. There is a huge Chinese population and a large number of Chinese visitors every year. Plus we want our team back!!!!

  2. Tammy green says:

    this is amazing – thanks for it

  3. John says:

    somewhat amusing title considering the article in the New York Times today about the NBA in China

  4. bulls says:

    how can he win a championship in orlando when D12 is about to leave

  5. charles says:

    Hopefully JR Smith will come back and wear a timberwolf Uniform or if he wants to go for a championship, go for Orlando.

  6. Heisenberg says:

    Dont forget Kanyon Martin

  7. DANITo says:

    i wish they still playing with denver , denver would be the best team