East starters: No rest for the awesome

If ever there was an All-Star Weekend designed for first-timers, it is the one coming up at the end of this month in Orlando. The prospect of having four consecutive days off – or five or, for some teams, as many as six – ought to shimmer like a desert oasis and beckon to any NBA veteran or even a been-there-done-that youngster who has had a previous All-Star taste and now mostly needs a nap.

Savvy NBA fans – by that, of course, we mean you – understood this and voted for their rivals’ top guys to further grind them through a hectic weekend of exertions, obligations and distractions on the road. Alas, casual fans – they know who they are – went more traditional, clamoring for their favorite marquee guys already doing the heaviest lifting.

That’s why four of the five East starters from the 2011 game in L.A. are back. So, for that matter, is Carmelo Anthony, who started for the West last year.


Derrick Rose, Chicago – Rose (23.1 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 7.7 apg) has made it clear he dislikes All-Star games, where winning barely matters and he’s expected to play nice with teammates he’d rather trounce. Then again, the way the Bulls’ MVP self-motivates, he probably is still peeved that the West won last year and that, in a game in which his side got 57 field goals, Rose had just five assists in 30 minutes.

Dwyane Wade, Miami – Now 30, Wade keeps hearing talk about his impending decline. His body should have marker scars like old Boston goalie Gerry Cheevers’ mask. And Miami is 8-1 in games he has missed this season. But he remains dangerous at both ends, has averaged 22 points in his last four (20.3 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 5.5 apg for the season) and has perfected the transition game with James.


LeBron James, Miami – Already playing like an MVP favorite (29.7 ppg, 8.3 rpg, 7.0 apg), James can’t help himself from flirting with the Slam Dunk organizers (“I’ll be on the fence every year about it,” he said Wednesday). But what folks really want to see is James locking-and-loading on Blake Griffin – and vice versa – on Sunday as the other eight guys on the floor hang back. Who scales whom?

Carmelo Anthony, New York – Good thing for ‘Melo (23.7 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 4.4 apg) that fans aren’t as hung up as the coaches on All-Stars only coming from teams with records at or above .500. He’s alone among the 10 starters in not qualifying on that point and his scoring and shooting stats (40.4 percent) have drooped too. But he needs the ASG, if only as a stand-in for the playoffs’ second round, which Anthony has seen once.


Dwight Howard, Orlando – You have to wonder how many of Howard’s vote tally came from Orlando fans vs. fans hoping to curry favor for teams eager to acquire him. It’s been the unsubtle subplot of his season. Odds are he’ll still be the biggest and most important piece of the Magic’s puzzle come Feb. 26 – his numbers still crackle (20.1 ppg, 15.4 rpg, 2.1 apg) – but the response he gets from the crowd will be curious, given what his Hamlet act has done to the Magic’s ambitions.


  1. deeetroit says:

    we all know greg monroe deserves it over hibbert and others

  2. Jason says:

    Where is ray allen

  3. marvin says:

    if jeremy lin plays 2 months earliet that good i wash maybe a all alstar / Lin IN – carmelo – Out

  4. David says:

    I am looking forward to this all-star game after watching Jeremy Lin’s magic play in Madison Square Guard. Hopefully, he can play this game next year.

  5. Disapointed! says:

    Amare should be starting over Carmello! Amare at Pwr Forward, LBJ at small forward. Carmelo is garbage. He has Kobe Syndrome except Kobe actually makes a few…..period! Maybe Lin can bring him back IDK but I cant believe melo ran second in voting according to “a little shocked’s” numbers! Thats Ridiculous! Dude has not scored over ten for a while now and seems to get a new injury every week. Jeremy Lin should play over Melo on the All Star roster haha…..HE DESERVES IT!
    Also Steve Nash over Monte Ellis? No Josh Smith? Marc Gausol over Pau?? I think we all agree the selection was not based on this season’s performance of individual play at all. Rather popularity and last season’s team results.
    I think the DUNK contest is gonna be weak as well this year, I hope Im wrong. I know D Will can get up, but I would rather see BG and LBJ and Russell Westbrook etc. I wish they brought back guys like they used to…… Dominique, and MJ and those guys….the guys who dunk the best in the league, no matter if they did it before…

  6. Kevin Lawson says:

    “…All-Stars only coming from teams with records at or above .500. [Carmelo is] alone among the 10 starters in not qualifying on that point” Ok, wrong and somebody needs to think about why this is wrong. Hint, the number 17 is involved. Once you figure that out, then it is time to tell Derrick Rose why he isn’t starting (Hint, the number 17 is involved.) Sure, Mr. Stern, you don’t want to be the one to call Derrick and explain, but since I am the one stepping up to say that Linsanity defines “star,” as in “All-Star,” I’ll make the call. (Rose doesn’t know where I live and I have caller ID blocking, so I don’t think he can hunt me down.)

  7. Mohamad Dakroury says:

    Too bad the linsanity started a bit late this season, or else it wouldve been nice to see jeremy lin play among all those stars.

  8. Arin says:

    Yall sound stupid hating on melo lik dis. Melo been goin to work, he way better den Bosh and iggy. And Last i checked the heat or Lebrons team has not beat melos team while melo is playing (look it up) so bosh better den who?? And the Knicks winning hella games now so all that talk about allstars coming from teams with losing records is dead!

  9. JJ says:

    Come on no rondo?? he has two tripple doubles this season and he is not an allstar!!!

  10. allan says:

    my dude j-smoove should be in there, a reserve this year, but starter for the rest of his career

  11. Face says:

    Chris Bosh is more deserving to be in the starting lineup than Melo. Yes, Melo has a better stat in ppg. than Bosh but what about the fg%? Let’s look at this way, there are 3 guys in Heat that will always score all day in every part of the court while in Knicks he’s the guy that gets the ball all the time.No wonder he gets a lot of ppg. But hey when Wade was out of the court he freaking stepped up and his ppg. went up.
    I got another simple example: a guy ate 1 whole pizza and got 1900 calories while 3 guys ate 1 whole pizza and got 633 calories each.
    You’re Welcome! (Kobe’s Voice)

  12. fakerhater says:

    What happened to Ray Allen. He is lighting it up with the 3’s and when Pierce was out of the lineup and rusty when he returned Ray kept them in and the games they won or loss he was fire.

  13. AVINCE says:

    ,.,c’mon..anthony shouldnt be on the starter,.chris bosh is more deserving on that,. and iggy should be on the reserves.. wooh,., i cant wait for the allstar weekend..

  14. Ian says:

    Go EAST Starters!!!

  15. adizero says:

    west still prevails. nothings personal its just reality.

  16. NK says:

    Let’s have a look on Lu!!!!!! Mr ALL AROUND is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Never said above LBJ cause is a show-party, but in the game

  17. Lakers R Us says:

    The West is gonna beat the East folks! Sorry! Blake Griffin and CP3 are unstoppable1 Along with Kobe and Durant! this is a no brainer! Cmon!!!!! Do the math! lol!

  18. LBJ FOR ALL-STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. b-rabbit says:

    Rubio for reserve pleaaaaaaaase . rubio is incredible!!!

  20. charles says:

    Joe Johnson, Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith, Danny Granger all potential for reserves…

  21. charles says:

    The only question is Carmello. I mean Rose, Wade, Lebron and Howard are exceptional choices. I think no one can argue that they belong here. Granger’s team is doing better and he’s doing just as well. But my favorite here would have been Josh Smith who is performing admirably for a team that is actually winning. Carmello is an all star, but he is not a starter this year.

  22. Atomsk says:

    No surprises here.

  23. KADOU says:

    come on guys, don’t complain about your star not starting,people voted for this.
    if you wanted your star to play,you should have voted.

  24. BelizeBoy says:

    Crazy people commenting on here. Deng and Iggy should be starters? LMAO

  25. the real king james says:

    east reserves for me would be:



  26. NK says:

    Deng is injured and Wade is fit?Com’on guys! DENG IS THE MVP OF THE BEST TEAM TILL NOW………….TILL HE WAS PLAYING………Iggy who ? you mean the bad Deng’s replica

  27. felix says:

    LU IS AN ALL STAR BY FAR, NAME HIM AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Law064 says:

    Yeah Melo starting GTFOH but it’s all about fan votes so Melo even though has been struggling he still has fan votes. Remember 2010 or 2009 when T mac and Vince Carter were voted as starters but were injured all year smh. BG over K Love was kinda crazy but it is all about fan votes

  29. lord p says:

    everybody choose the best players outhere to make the allstar..not to win a tittle but to put on a show…that’s a fan basketball weekend…don’t blame folks for choosing Melo!!

  30. Romar says:

    http://4scored.blogspot.com/<– see more ocmments here. Carmelo on the starting lineup???

  31. monkey says:

    why carmelo and not iguodala?? cmon man… I hope he gives iggy the playing time he deserves.

  32. prix says:

    I´m pretty sure the East will trash the West this time…Rose will just schooled kobe and make him realize it´s fatherhood…Dwight will crashed the boards and prove everybody He wanted a ring…Melo will banged them all night…Wade slashed there insanity and Lebron will be the MVP…

  33. Homer Page says:

    Shaq said Bosh only looks good cause he hides behind the Big 2……umm, didnt Shaq see the triple OT win when Bron AND Wade were out injured…..Bosh plays even better when they aren’t around…..Shaq just jealous cause Bosh is gonna go down in history as the best big man the Heat ever had

  34. Homer Page says:

    Melo starting over Bosh??? This is a mockery to the game. Bosh is having a FAR better season in 2012 than Melo, and Bosh is a PF….why do we need Melo starting when we already have the best SF in the game, LeBron James

    • Veterans says:

      I totaly agree with u man. He should be starting like he did in 06-07 and 07-08. He is averaging 24ppg 10rpg and a way better field goal pcg.

  35. A little shocked says:

    Aside from the valid argument of whether or not Melo is deserving of a start in this year’s All-Star Game, the thing that upsets me in the East forwards is the lack of Iggy (and I’m not talking about being a starter).

    The top 10 votes in the East go like this: LeBron James (Mia) 1,360,680; Carmelo Anthony (NYK) 1,041,290; Amar’e Stoudemire (NYK) 383,734; Kevin Garnett (Bos) 367,914; Chris Bosh (Mia) 324,605; Luol Deng (Chi) 276,205; Paul Pierce (Bos) 215,020; Carlos Boozer (Chi) 175,828; Andrea Bargnani (Tor) 152,362; Josh Smith (Atl) 119,638.

    No mention of Andre Iguodala in there at all? We’re talking the best player in the second best team in the East. Sure, his stats haven’t been that exciting, but his play has been. I don’t mind that he’s not a starter but I believe he’s worthy of an All-Star spot or, at least, a place in the top 10 forwards!

  36. East 4 the Win says:

    Anthony doesn’t deserve to be an All Star this season he is on a team with a losing record and he is mostly to blame with his poor offence which has been riddled with too many field goal attempts and he is simply not converting

  37. Aussie Hawk says:

    What about Josh Smith? seriously guys this guy has been playing some mad hoops… who is voting… I just don’t get it obviously

  38. Celtic says:

    and what happens if dwight is traded to the west before all star weekend…

  39. john lawson says:

    YES all i care about is d.rose. Will be a good lineup for both sides. East wins 150-149 west. I honestly thought love would’ve made it!!!!

  40. Tim says:

    Iggy be starting over Melo this year, Sixers have been better. Hopefully he makes reserves