All-Star Starters Revealed Tonight

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The polls are closed and the voting is done for the 2012 All-Star Game.

The starters will be announced tonight live on TNT during a special one-hour pregame show at 7 p.m. ET, with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith, followed by the TNT doubleheader featuring the Bulls and Knicks (8 p.m. ET) and Nuggets-Clippers (10:30 p.m.). There will also be a special one-hour pregame show on TNT on Feb. 9 to announce the All-Star reserves.

But it’s a bittersweet time here at the hideout. We woke up this morning and realized that there was yet another casualty of the five-month lockout that abbreviated this season. There were none of the clever All-Star campaign ads (like the one above featuring Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love or the one below of Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay, both from last season) to entertain us this time around.

The mailbox and inbox here at the hideout are usually overflowing with campaign literature and trinkets touting one player or another, but this year there was nothing.

We’ll get over it, of course. The announcement of the starters tonight and the Eastern and Western Conference reserves next week will certainly help take the pain away.

We’ve already penciled in the starters, based on the second returns announced last week. So barring any surprises, the starters for both sides in Orlando should look like this:


Heat forward LeBron James

Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony

Magic Center Dwight Howard

Bulls guard Derrick Rose

Heat guard Dwyane Wade


Clippers forward Blake Griffin

Thunder forward Kevin Durant

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Clippers guard Chris Paul

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant


  1. The Truth About Basketball says:

    WHY IS CARMELO STARTING? I AM FROM NEW YORK AND I CAN ADMIT THAT HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO MAKE IT. Also, I think that Al Jefferson or Paul Milsap should be starters. Look at how the Jazz are doing. They have improved a ton from last year thanks to the improvement to Milsap and Al’s game. The way how to tell if a player is great or not is to replace that player with a decent player and see what happens. If you replace Al with Zaza Pachilio I see the Jazz losing more games than the Wizards but, if you were to replace Bynum with Zaza Pachilio, the Lakers would still be a good team and they would have close to the same amount of wins since Pau and Kobe would pick up the slack. Irreplaceable guys are the guys who should be in the All Star Game and Bynum is not irreplaceable and Al is so, Al should be starting over Bynum. (Here is some proof. When the Jazz played without Al against G-State they lost by 18 points but, they beat G-State earlier with Al and also, the Lakers played pretty well when Bynum was suspended for those first few games). If you can give me somebody more irreplaceable than Al who starts at center in the west, I will agree with your vote.

    (Thank you the Book Of Basketball by Bill Simons)

  2. michelle says:

    Why does everybody always pick Kobe… He is a piece of trash!!! who really cares if he scores 40 points a game.. Pick the people that deserve to go… Nash, Gortat, Hill, yes they r all Suns players but who cares…. They deserve to go. They do there best when they are playing, even though they’re not doing so good they deserve to go!!!!

  3. Anthony says:

    Love should be starting in place of bynum, he’s having a very solid season.

  4. D DIaz says:



  5. Angie says:

    I’m shocked at all the whining. I actually think this is one of the better years for fans getting it right.

  6. Ryan says:

    Bosh is probably the most deserving PF in the East but that would be lame.

  7. Don D says:

    Yeah I am all for Carmelo being there, although his team is struggling and he is not the best point guard, he can still take anyone in the league. The spot could have gone to Bosh though, tough call. The lineup is pretty good exept for Griffin, he’s so LA. How can Love not be there?

  8. SANDRO says:

    Tim Duncan and Kevin Love = PF spot (sf and pf players). Center spot = Bynum, Marc gasol or Nene. Simple. Bynum is the best center in the west, there’s no doubt. A center player is center cuz his defense is way better than a PF is.

  9. star says:

    MVP this year= Kevin Durant.

  10. bedo says:

    blake a starter? u kiddin me…he shouldnt be on the olympic team roster either..

  11. nba says:

    i want to see rondo be a starter man be is a beast

  12. navarro says:

    where is scalibrine?lol

  13. clark says:

    Your comments are hilarious, Seriously, think of Yao MIng in his rookie year. Why do you think he got voted as a starter in his rookie year? FAN VOTES. And Bynum deserves it as he is playing well in this season and I can”t name one PURE center in the West today who can play the same level as Bynum now.

  14. Malehiko1 says:

    Kevin Love should be a starter.. But Melo really doesn’t.. We must remember that he had a 1 point 0/7 night this year, and don’t say it’s because of the injury, because Kobe is injured too. Bosh should be there instead of Melo. It would be nice if Kyrie made it to reserves, but that’s not happening..

  15. Jakob says:

    Andrea Bargnani FTWWWWWW

  16. QWERTY says:

    last season.. Yao ming played just 2 or 3 games due to injuries.. but still he was voted to be the starter in the west,, this just tells us thet no matter how bad you play. or even DIDINT play at all, your fans will still vote for you.

  17. aflex says:

    where is Westbrook? chris is good, but not his year, been injured. Westbrook should be starting, i think.

  18. J says:

    Kinda felt like Kevin Love should of been on the list of starters.

  19. moneymaker says:

    Also if the east can start two SF’s, I can more than definitely think of 2 PF’s deserving to start more than Bynum.

  20. jtascensao says:

    I’d kick out Carmelo, playing Bosh as a starter and Iggy as a reserve; Griffin should sit for Love and although Bynum is the obvious choice I’d prefer to see Al Jefferson starting, the Jazz sure deserve some all-star praise.

  21. moneymaker says:

    Marc Gasol over Bynum

    Josh Smith, Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett in Carmelo Anthony’s starting spot. No way in hell that guy deserves to START, he can come on behind Lebron and still get his which i’m sure he’s concerned about.

  22. Franquis says:


  23. JP says:

    Kevin Love maybe…?

  24. NBA $UK$ says:

    Carmelo Should be in the All Star Game He Was Held Back By Injuries and who gives you the right to say he shouldnt when 4 million people went WILD when Blake Griffin Threw the ball in the Basket NO DUNK, NBA overrates stuff all the time cause they would do anything to get more viewers Over exaggerating Pieces of **** I DONT LIKE THE NBA But i like watching the Knicks

    • mel says:

      he deserve to be an all-star but not as a starter…. Bosh played better than him this season, and i think bosh is deserving to be a starter… look at the stats…

  25. Franquis says:

    i think that Nene is actually on of the powerfull centers , he’s strong, smart and know how to attack the basket!!!

    with sure he’ll be on the bench! the problem is that the other center andrew bynum is most popular.

    Nene decides a little bite more than this guy” kkkkk

  26. king thunDer says:

    as long as kevin love and ricky rubio are playing im happy
    on another note i think marc gasol is better then Bynum but we voted so thats what we get
    but since Bynum is already in i wish u the best luck break a leg out the Bynum 😉 hahahahaha

  27. Pablo says:

    the west have the worst centers this year

  28. dre says:

    Damn I voted for everyone here except Durant and Anthony. I voted for Bosh & Dirk

  29. Luca says:

    NENE need to be there, he’s the best center actually on the west!

  30. mel says:

    i dont think carmelo is deserving to be an all-star starter this season… i think Chrish Bosh is more deserving than him… look at the stats… not the popularity…

  31. Ryan says:

    i love watching Blake, he is really fun to watch and all. but come on, how can he be starting over Kevin Love? also Melo? there has got to be a better forward in the east than him. heck Bosh has been doing great and should honestly be starting over Melo in my opinion, plus he is a PF and the east doesnt need 2 SFs to start

  32. NbaBaller says:

    De Andre Jordan deserves to be the starter instead of Bynum

  33. D-ROSE says:

    Lets see:
    D-Rose > CP3
    Kobe > Wade (this year at least)
    Durant < Lebron James (unless you talk about free throws LOL)
    Griffin < Carmelo (yes Carmelo is having a bad year, but put chris paul in the Knicks and then tell me who is better)
    Bynum < Howard (no question)

    So far it seems that East might have an edge over the West. Personally I would have loved to have Kevin Love start rather than Griffin but in the end, it is not the gameplay that people look for, but rather the exciting moves, the dunks, the 1 on 1 crossovers. Looking at it that way, only celebrities will make it. Chris Bosh has been overshadowed by his other two teammates and hence he didn't get any votes. Love is playing in timberwolves, a team that people have only recently started watching the games for. Kobe is playing with a broken wrist and yet managing to outscore the league! Bynum is the only available true centre in the west (Nene and Gortat are close but Bynum has better rebounding abilities). Lebron James is playing extremely efficient although he needs to still develop his fourth quarter. There hasn't been a lot of wade to watch due to his persisting injuries! Durant is playing with a player (westbrooke) who would not accept that Durant is the Jordan of their team, and not the Pippen. Rose has proven that he has improved nearly every aspect of his game.

  34. all star game weak says:


  35. Steven J Lewis says:

    Love should be starting over Griffin. In fact, I’d take Dirk or Pau over Griffin. Kevin Love has the numbers to back up his being the starter. He is a double-double machine with achieving this in 20 of 22 games played.

  36. Sekushu says:

    No Kevin Love? That’s depressing. I understand how Blake Griffin got that high due to his plays recently but come’ on; Pau Gasol hasn’t been that great.

  37. Justin McManis says:

    Iguodala=biggest snub…lookout for my sixers this year baby, sneakin up on the league like ninjas!

  38. odee mar says:

    yeah! am glad that Andrew Bynum is the starting center for the West Allstar…He deserve it!!!

  39. Marius says:

    I think in the west we could started with a another power foward, in fact with 2 power forward’s, something like this: pg-paul, sg-kobe, sf-durant, pf-griffin and pf/c -kevin love(his stats are better that all center’s in the league)
    In the east that think was possible, because of the stats and game of the 2 SF superstar’s

  40. KYRIE IRVING says:

    Why not give a chance for kyrie irving ??He has already proved that he is the best rookie of this season

  41. meloman says:


  42. San says:

    Melo is one (or the most) overated player in nba, he only play for himself, he do nothing productive, he have alot of skills but can’t make his team win. Sense he went to New York, the team is worse, he left Denver, the team is way better… he dont deserve play an all star, is ridiculus that players like him that have no chance to win a championship have more all stars then players like Ginobili, Aldridge, Bozzer, Iguodala, etc. those players really make the difference in their teams.

  43. David Stern says:

    why does melo get to start?? brian scalabrine > melo. he better make reserves.

  44. Bill says:

    Gortat should be starting for the west

  45. Sapito says:

    I wonder if Bynum is better than Marc Gasol… on the other hand the other players are in my oppinion the best exception made by Anthony a really good player but worse in numbers than Kevin love, who is the leader in efficency

  46. SoToMuch says:

    No Duncan *Sadface* 😦

  47. Bill says:

    Carmelo should not be a starter. The Knicks are doing poorly.. Bosh, Deng, Iguadala, Granger or even Ryan Anderson deserve that spot after playing major roles in their teams success

  48. TMacAttack says:

    Carmelo Anthony??? Jeez the Knicks are awful (8-13) and look just as bad and disgruntled on the floor… he’s the biggest culprit of them having no offensive flow whatsoever, he’s averaging a modest (for his pay standards) 23.7ppg on a career low 40.4%FG and taking up 19.7 FGA/game (only behind Kobe, but at least Kobe is averaging 30ppg). By comparison LeBron attempts 19.4 FG/g and averages 29.7ppg on 55% shooting. Get a grip, Knicks fans… your star player is NOT playing like an all-star this season.

    People who should start at Forward over Anthony: Luol Deng, Chris Bosh, Danny Granger, Paul Pierce, even Josh Smith and Ryan Anderson (lol).

  49. Adrian says:

    and what about Polish Hammer? He’s on the bench?

  50. Ryan says:

    This is why fans should not be allowed to vote for for all-star games. Melo doesn’t deserve to be there. If all-star game starters are supposed to be the best player at each position in their respective conference then there is no reasonable argument for Griffin to be starting over Love.

  51. What? says:

    Kyle Lowry didn’t get in? How did Blake Griffin get more votes then Kevin Love, Love clearly is a better player, not a better athlete, but a better player.

  52. Mark says:

    I disagree with Anthony and Bynum picks.. I don’t think they are All Star material, at least this year

  53. Stefan says:

    I would choose Nene instead of Bynum, He’s got some cool moves… but he’s not a laker…

  54. gergumbo says:

    If they did this on Dirk Nowitzki’s playoffs last year……… would be an insult not to be a starter. But sadly they dont, and I cant say he is playing very well right now.

  55. sam says:

    how bout andre igadawa of 7sixers instead of anthony

  56. D Ball says:

    Ok either you ppl are die heart fans for your team or you dont watch bball. Bynum is clearly the best center in the West, he continues to average 17 and 12 even with Kobe taking 25 shots a game. D. Jordan doesn’t even avg double digit points or rebounds, Gortat avg 15 and 10 on a team 5 games under 500, the back up center should and will be Marc Gasol. For all the people complaining Melo starting its simple, dont vote for him he wont make it. and Granger and AI aren’t even more deserving than Lu Deng let alone melo, and if you think Deng doesn’t deserve to go then look at the bulls with him (15-3) and w/o him (3-3) plus his #’s are better. Kevin Love will be in the All Star game has the best number than anyone playing but his team continues to lose games so no MVP talk please. Joel Anthony Avg 4 and 4, he shouldn’t even be mentioned as an all star, with AL hurt you either go with Noah or Monroe as back ups, Greg has better numbers but his team is 4-20.

  57. Luis Miguel says:

    Quite unfair that Bynum is going to be starter and Gasol has never been. Pau has been an important player for years, two rings included, whereas Bynum has just played some good games, but has never been a determinant player for any long period of time.

  58. Q says:

    What about Russell Westbrook over Chris Paul? I thought he would have been a better PG.

  59. East forever! says:

    How is that possible to choose a second Small Forward (Carmelo Anthony) as the East starting player? You guys do not realise that as the opponents in the West will play two Power Forwards – Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin? I mean – LeBron James (6.8) can play against Kevin Durant (6.9). But who’s going to play against Blake Griffin (6.10)? Carmelo Anthony (6.8)? To create such senseless starters you got to be at least crazy! Why has not anybody chosen Chris Bosh (6.11)? I hope that maybe David Stern will do something about that.

  60. kobe bryant is better than michael jordan says:

    This west lineup should have happened last year when it was in LA. When i voted I got them all correct except for paul and griffin. I had duncan and westbrook kobe for MVP!

  61. kenny says:

    Carmelo should not be an all star this season!

  62. Joel says:

    How does Blake Griffin get voted ahead of Kevin Love? I understand Griffin is very dynamic and fun to watch. But the numbers don’t add up. Other than the team record which Griffin has a fairly significant advantage (Clips are better than the T-Wolves)

    Points Love 25.3 vs Griffin 21.6
    Rebounds: Love 13.6 vs Griffin 11.2
    FG %: Love .452 vs Griffin .526
    3P FG %: Love .390 vs Griffin n/a (he’s only attempted 2)
    FT: Love 7.2made/9.00attempted vs Griffin 3.7 made/7.3 attempted

    Someone please explain this to me!

  63. sirc says:

    Josh Smith should start forward for the east …

  64. Driiifter says:

    i would take Deandre Jordan over Gortat. lets be honest, who wants to see Gortat in an all-star game? lol

  65. Jwill says:

    West Reserve:
    Westbrook Dirk Nene(or Gallinari)
    T.Parker LA K.Love and M.Gasol

    East Reserve:
    Iggy J.Johnson C.Bosh, Granger,
    Dwill and Hibbert

    Anyone agree???

  66. bballfan1122 says:

    I agree with the west selections except for blake griffin, I get that he’s a flashy player and fans want to see him but kevin love purely based on stats deserves it more, he’s averaging 4 more points and 3 more rebounds per game, that says a lot for a 4 spot.

    As for you andrew bynum haters, are you out of your minds? who is a better center in the west? he’s averaging 17 and 13. how is that not all star caliber?

    Carmelo shouldn’t even be an all-star, period.

  67. the big T says:

    tyson isnt astarter r u serios ???

  68. prochianzora says:

    are you kiddin me? where is Dirk ??? at least he was last year’s finals MVP. He (as I remember) never started in the all star game and that was his chance to be in the starting lineup why the hell dirk is always a reserve?

  69. The voice in the distance says:

    The same problem as any public voting – it’s always a popularity contest. Also the casual fans voting for the high profile players regardless of how good or bad a season they’re having. Most of the players are worthy starters the only ones to dispute would be Blake Griffin and more so Carmelo Anthony. Hopefully the coaches will make good choices for the reserves.

  70. C's OG says:

    Hold on. Carmelo’s scored 1 point in his a game a few days ago, granted he’s got the scorer’s mentality but their’s more deserving people then him surely and i agree being a C’s fan. Were gettin old but when we oull out the big ticket, aint nobdy stopping KG.
    EAST > WEST.

  71. devinmarion says:

    east-ryan anderson, chris bosh, danny granger, josh smith, andre iguodala, joe johnson, brandon jennings
    west-marc gasol, kevin love, lamarcus aldridge, dirk nowitzki, kevin martin, russell westbrook, tony parker
    say im wrong

  72. heat242 says:

    don’t mind seeing kevin love as a starter.

  73. JTN says:

    Why isnt Love starting? He’s having a phenomenal season!

  74. Jesuslovesyou says:

    For me that’s the team :
    Eastern Conference :
    PG Rajon Rondo
    SG Dwyane Wade
    SF LeBron James
    PF Kevin Garnett
    C Dwight Howard

    Western Conference :
    PG Chris Paul
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Kevin Durant
    PF Blake Griffin
    C Nene

  75. hsasah says:

    stupid comments, nice starters. good allstar this year

  76. t0okie says:

    Where is Kevin Love?

  77. I says:

    Iguodala or Deng should get the foward position over Melo, they’re much more deserving in my opinion….

  78. Devon says:

    WTF Kevin Love not a starter?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?/

  79. jigiuf says:

    Btw if a player like david lee or varejao played for the likes of the knicks or the heat for example they would make it no question

  80. Joe says:

    OK so i totally agree with one thing said…2 small forwards in the East…Doesn’t quite make the match ups defensively. Why not Chris Bosh who has been playing out of his damn mind along with D Will. who has been carrying the Nets through all kinds of stupid injuries. That’s my only beef with the East, the west is almost perfect congrats to the voters. I would have to give the spot to K Love over Blake simply because he has been playing without Beasly, improved his 3 point shot, greatly improved his cardio…and has not lost anything on the boards. Lob city is cool when you have CP3 tossing you the ball but a FOB Point Guard and the lack of one of your better talents certainly credits a statement, “Where’s Love’s Love?”

  81. ron says:

    i think the rookie from the rockies ricky rubio should be there!

  82. omg says:

    carmelo anthony REALLY

  83. WOW! says:

    First of all, this is a fan vote….the best coach will chose who needs to be in the reserves’ list for the all-star game. Now i guarantee he will not pick Gortat nor D. Jordan because they simply cannot create their own shots… Marc Gasol and Andrew Bynum are the only Centers who can back up a player ( like a true Center in the west) to create a shot! Next Carmelo Anthony was voted by the fans just like Tracy McGrady was in the top 6 on the All-star ballot when he was injured for the whole first half of the season when he played for the rockets 4 or 5 years ago. Its just people voting for who they think should be there. If Andrew Bynum had not been chosen as a starter, im positive he would have been a reserve. Finally, coaches will make sure to bring the best players of the league to the all-star game, So if your player is not there…guess what? its because he is not as good as you think. And guess what? that coach who decided not to bring him knows A LOT MORE THAN YOU!! Thank You for reading!!

  84. khell says:

    DeAndre Jordan?? Ok.. he can start in the All-Star Game if.. he can shoot his FREE-THROW.

    Hell of a JOKE. He doesn’t belong in this conversation. nuff said.

  85. B-Ball Fan says:

    I think everyone’s right about Melo, he really doesnt deserve to be in this years starters, but I think alot of voters are paying more attention to scoring than they are other aspects of the game, such as defense which is rarely played in the All-Star games. If they were going by defense I think Iggy might have had a chance (Given his defensive prowess over the years) unfortunately not though. There’s still Luol and Granger and others but not alot of other ‘All-Star’ level scorers at the position. Also, I’m just as shocked that Bosh didnt make it to the starting line-up and starting a small Forward over him, shocking.

    • kenny says:

      Carmelo may be scoring points but at an awful rate he needs 30 shots to score 30 points. Not very all star-ish

  86. Bynum? Griffin? says:

    where the hell is love, duncan and dirk? griffin and bynum are on the list only because they are young and in LA!

    • CP3_MrBigShot_BG32 says:

      You comment like you didn’t watch any games this season…Duncan? Dirk? Please man, they are older than their coaches, and are having their worst season, individually…Dirk’s been great last season, but this season he’s a disaster, can’t buy a bucker for real… and Timmy is a legend but not an all-star this year, respectively…he lost that feeling 2 years ago…Kevin Love is an interesting player, he should be an all-star, but not a starter, because Minnesota is 11th seed in the West and most likely are not gonna make it for the playoffs…obviously the reason why Blake is a starter is that there is no better PF that has better record with his team this year, than Blake, and also you gotta see it from individual standpoint…he’s averaging 21.5 ppg and 11.5 rpg, with 3 apg and over 50% field goal shooting…no Love is 25ppg and 13rpg but his team is way worse than Blake’s…

  87. Alan says:

    I’m a Boston fan, and even I’d like to see Chris Bosh (or someone else) over Carmelo here. Melo hogs more than Kobe and plays less defense. Ridiculous.

  88. bULLSrULE25 says:

    Or K-Love

  89. bULLSrULE25 says:

    LoL for the West 4 players from L.A and 1 from OKC. For Bynum’s spot it should be Duncan.

    • CP3_MrBigShot_BG32 says:

      No way Timmy should make it this year. He didn’t deserved it last year, and his coach, Gregg Popovich voted for him to be a starter as a center, because Yao has been injured the whole season…I do not agree with Bynum’s selection as a starter, maybe a reserve but Gortat is really playing hard this season, high percentage shooter, doing what he’s supposed to do in a farely bad team this year…Also Big Al is definitely deserving a starter spot this year…He’s been tremendous with his layups and post plays this season so far, and he’s also picking up enough rebounds to get that starter spot for the West, but anyway, we are just arguing here and we can’t change anything what has already been done… IMO, only West center starter spot should be replaced by Gortat or Jefferson, everything else will work fine 🙂

  90. akamartino says:

    Marcin Gortat!!!! Check the stats!!! That’s true – i write from Poland, but still – his name doesn’t show in any of these comments. Right now he’s third (or maybe even second) best center in the west. I mean – come on!! he may not be that spectacular as Love or Dwight, he may not schoot the buzzer beaters, but as I said – check the stats – then you’ll know – he is important part of the team.

    • akamartino says:

      My apologies – his name is considered in this discusion (I acted too emocional) – Go Marcin!!!!!!!
      P.S. sorry for my “not perfect” English

  91. Racan says:

    Where is Luol Deng? He deserves it!!!!!

  92. Macp86 says:

    For those of you who dislike Bynum, I wish we could argue this point face to face. See many of you just don’t like him because he doesn’t have the sex appeal of Dwight Howard. Howard is better because of his athleticism but I don’t see a Kareem or Olijawon comparison. I think he’s an over-sized D. Wade without the jumper. Bynum is a true Center. He plays like one and is a member of a dying breed of Centers. He’s a true 7footer and not Howard. In fact he’s much taller than Howard. Anyway, what other center is there in the West that is putting up numbers like Bynum? Marc Gasol is playing better, but his stats don’t match Bynum’s. Bynum is averaging double-doubles every game. Many of you are judging him of his past and not of the productivity he’s displaying now. Is there room for improvment? Sure. But if this were an 82 game season he would be playing better (more time to work on his game). 16.5 ppg and 13 rbs a game. Those are not All-Star numbers?!! Please respond.

  93. NBA says:

    EAST IS GONNA WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. haasman00 says:

    here is one great all star video from raptors center andrea bargnani

  95. Riyan says:

    No Kevin Love? Come on! He was amazing and did a lot more than did griffin on the court. He really should of been a starter this year and Bosh over Carmelo. Bosh is really killin it this year while melo recently has been doin BAD.

  96. Brody says:

    Why Blake? LaMarcus Aldridge or Kevin should be starting rather than uber overrated Blake G, who cant even make a jump shot. (and yes, I know he can dunk). Gortat and Bynum are both playing good bball lately but give a shout out to Al Jefferson:-). And last, they should take Melo out and either put Iggy, Granger or Pierce. As for Kobe, well I don’t want to be shot in the head if I even remotely say a negative comment about him. 🙂

  97. William says:

    I know his numbers aren’t what it used to and should be but shouldn’t amar’e be mentioned at least once???

    He was (arguably) the best power forward in the game last year…

  98. AHardt says:

    For me, West centers go Bynum, M. Gasol, then Gortat. Bynum gets the starting nod because he’s able to outplay almost any other center in the league, it’s as simple as that. I do hope Gortat gets his AllStar selection in the next few years though, very deserving.

  99. Oyster says:

    The knicks aren’t even a .500 team, why Melo????

  100. hicksy_4 says:

    why not keep it 7 games and the allstars compete for the opportunity of hosting the last 2 games of the finals regardless of record. so if the west wins then the west representative in the finals gets the last 2 games or vise-versa.

  101. Nabisko says:

    I don’t know why you guys hate on bynum. He’s one of the best centers not saying he’s the best but he’s one of the best. Even shaq said that. He has good post up moves, he’s a good offensive player and rebounder. He averages more points than all the other centers, including duncan etc. More rebounds, better percentage etc. If you were to actualy watch him play and not just be a one sided team person, and actualy watch other players instead only the team you go for you’d see how talented he is. Nene isnt that great anymore, neither is duncan. Learn about basketball, watch other teams play or players. Then you’ll see why not only and others say even the pros say he’s an amazing center. Learn the facts, look at the stats. Look at the other center stats, watch him play then you’ll understand.

  102. Oyster says:

    Really Blake Griffin??? Not Kevin Love or Lamarcus Aldridge.

  103. Selman says:

    I hope Ricky Rubio is in the squad.

  104. mark says:

    So many melo haters out there. Knicks really do have problems but don’t count out melo in the allstar. I mean who’s the second or 3rd best small forward u have, #1 is lebron #2 or #3 melo or KD. so STFU u haters. basketball is about team so don’t blame 1 player. Orlando is on a slump but why aren’t u blaming dwight?

  105. LakersFan says:

    Blake is great, but honestly Kevin Love is playing way better than him. Blake probably has more talent and may end up becoming a better player but as of right now Kevin Love is way ahead of him.
    I am a Lakers fan and I have to say that it pains me that Bynum will be the starting center for the west. I think I agree that he is the best center in the west. But that is only because good centers are becoming extinct. He chokes up whenever he plays Dwight. I mean big time. Back in the 2009 finals he was getting like 2 rebounds a game playing 30+ minutes against Dwight. D Fish was getting more rebounds than him.

  106. Rocky says:


  107. LAFan64 says:

    Blake Griffin? Dont get me wrong the man can dunk but an all star starter he is not. Dirk and Love are more deserving….especially Love. The man is a double double machine

    • Riki says:

      Based on statistic LOVE over GRIFFIN over DIRK. Dirk is not playing well today. I bet Terry plays better than dirk this quarter season. But you also have to consider the impact that blake bring to the clippers, Blake can spread the floor by gaining the double teams while Love is undersize player which is not double team

    • CP3_MrBigShot_BG32 says:

      Dirk is garbage this year, and obviously, everybody loves BG more than Kevin Love, so let it go. ITS GONNA BE BLAKE’S SHOW!

    • mike says:

      why not GALLINARI? better than griffin

  108. Lamar says:

    This is why fans should not be able to vote or at least the starters, dont know what the hell yall talkn about half the time…this not your fav player its the players playing the best THIS YEAR..feel sorry for nba players because theres a good percentage of players getting robbed every year because ppl like garnett, duncan make it because of their name. Look great players but lets reward ppl that deserve it for THIS YEAR

  109. Cameron says:

    Lol D.Jordan is better than Bynum………………..HELL NO!. D.Jordan has not offense at all, he is over-rated garbage.

  110. Ilmars says:

    I really would like to see Andre Igoudala in All Star game, he deserve’s to be there!

  111. Miami776655 says:

    If anything monte ellis deserves a shot in the all star game.

  112. benny says:

    deandre jordan is the most overhyped center in the league. all he can do is just dunk, same with griffin. neither of them can hit consisten jump shots. bynum is averaging good numbers but so is al jefferson from utah who is also a good center that does more for his TEAM. people need to stop jumping on the clippers bandwagon just because they can throw alley oops but cant run a decent offense.

  113. Nelson says:

    Are u kidding me?? Bynum??? he’s not an ALL STAR…I’d much rather see Nene, Marc Gasol or Gortat starting over him. Also, Melo is an All Star kind of player but he is not performing like one, Josh Smith and Bosh over him would be nice too!

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      I am a Laker fan but I think you’re onto something Marc Gasol would have also made a great choice for the All-Star Starters probably one of the only other centers they could consider. DeAndre is a great shot blocker, a ball of energy, andh e can geto ut and run but like I said before, alot of these starting line-ups are picked based on who fans would mostlikly want to see, they’re not usually picked on great defensive players. Otherwise we’d see Luol Deng or Iggy or other great defensive palyers that usually arent picked to start the All-Stars, not saying that these All-Stars aren’t good defensively.

  114. bigfatG says:

    2 starters from LA ? Really ?
    Bynum has no right to be there due to his previous performance (even DeAndre’s better), guys like Nene deserve it way more.
    And at the 2 guard, Kobe over Monta ? Jeeeezzz if only they were neutral …

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      Listen, hate on Bynum’s lifestyle all you want, really, I don’t like the way he acts all the time either but his game really is proven, he’s a great Center and he’s constantly being compared to Dwight (The best Center inthe league “supposedly”) Nene just isnt that good, I’d say MArc Gasol comes close but Nene, and Deandre just don’t quite cut it. As for Kobe at the 2-Guard, he’s always been better than Ellis, Ellis is a great jump shooter and has soem acrobatics in the air and on the break but he just isn’t as much of a competitor as Kobe is from offense to defense to breaking down defenders. Kobe will always be an obvious choice not taking anything away from Monta because he’s still a great player.

    • Riki says:

      If Yao is still active, i bet there will be no argument all Chinese will vote him

    • kenny says:

      I really don’t like kobe bryant but he is having a very good season so far and deserves to be in the all star starters

  115. Nomer says:

    My vote was wasted on carmelo…

  116. Lars Wintraecken says:

    When you want a fun game this year, and that’s what the allstar game has to be, you have to put in people like DeAndre Jordan, not people like Love and Aldridge. They are playing great basketball, I know, but you have to make this an allstar game with a lot of great dunks. The All Star Game need DeAndre Jordan!!!

    • B-Ball Fan says:

      We have a Dunk Contest in the All-Star Break for a reason, don’t miss it. If anything I’d like to see a more serious All-Star Game, then maybe we could have some Deng, soem Iggy, or even soem DeAndre. Until we get a more serious All-Star game we’ll always have an all out scoring roster, featuring the same star-studded players we always see featured on highlights.

  117. Lars Wintraecken says:

    Why the hell should Anthony play this year in the all star game indeed? I know it’s a game decided by voters, but this isn’t fair.. Put Iguadola in it or a guy like Paul George. He can get exciting in games like this, Anthony doesn’t deserve this spot!
    LBJ for president!!!

  118. PWNBA says:

    Paul Pierce & Rajon Rondo
    The rest doesn’t matter

  119. Michael says:

    OMG Where is Marcin Gorthat?

  120. RBP says:

    How does Andrew Bynum get the all star start? Was Deandre Jordan traded to a team from the east last night? Andrew Bynum does not even belong at the all star game. What about Marc Gasol; he wins game for his team everynight. Andrew Bynum is going to keep Kobe company.

    • Clone says:

      It’s about “global” fans who dont realy have a true knowledge in basketball voting for the few stars they know (and the most covered one’s…).
      If those starters was elected by NBA players, it would have been different.. and not only for Bynum’s case. I agree that a guy like Marc Gasol diserve more this slot.. but dude have spend more time talking about Bynum being the closest guy to D12 and influenced a lot of ppl all around the world on this thinkin.
      But we can also argue about Griffin who is just a dunker (not a good defender for a guy who play the 4, and poor jump-shooter) and is a lot less valuable then Dirk or Pau or Love or Millsap,etc.. and about Carmelo who is killing the Knicks with is selfishness and lack of movement, poor shooting, etc.. and CP3 who isnt as good as his teamate Billups, or even Rubio, Westbrook, Lowry.. and Wade who barely played 2weeks..

  121. jc says:

    wheres Kevin Love????????????????

  122. Pookie says:

    where’s Luke Walton at?

  123. @IlBomma says:

    Melo?Really?Are you kidding me?Naaaaaaaaaaaa…….in that position better Andrè Iguodala…

  124. Dougie says:

    Bosh, Nash, and Gortat better be in the reserves!!! Gortat is having an awesome year.

  125. Dom V says:

    “!! i m not italian but why not bargnani or gallinari?”

    Gallinari yes he has out played melo but hes in the west, so hes not taking durants spot…

    Barg is in the east and isnt better than howard soo

    And for all the people saying pau deserves it more than bynum, have you watched any lakers basketball this year? pau has been terrible… where as bynum has been a complete monster in the centre postion in some games out playing kobe too.

    Bynum is the most deserving centre in the west

  126. I-KAY says:

    guys this is a fun voting, you cant change it, so next year vote your favs

    • still kobe says:

      it will allways be a sympathie voting over a perfomance voting and thats what makes this weekend senseless. still gonna watch it. its fun but would definetly change lineups if i could…

  127. Robert says:

    Melo definitly sholudn’t be there. I’d go for Iggy for his latest performances or Bosh or Granger

  128. BILL says:


  129. ALS says:

    Bynum? I’d like to see Gortat instead. Not Nene or Duncan (has the best years behind him…). Gortat against Howard, that’s real clash of the titans. Unfortunately, Gortat doesn’t play for LA team, that’s why he wasn’t selected.

    • AJ says:

      What a joke Mr. ALS. You kidding me. Gortat is scoring because Nash feeds him. Gortat is no way a competetion to Bynum. I would think Nene is little close to Bynum when it comes to talent. Bynum can defend Dwight. Heavy vs Heavy . Now that is a competetion.

  130. RUBIO says:


  131. WOW says:

    Where is Kevin Love? wow…shame…

  132. Big Al says:

    What about Al Jefferson? I believe he is the best center in the west with his post moves and has been helping Utah stay above .500.

  133. george says:


  134. michael says:

    Carmelo anthony?!?!?!?!?! please…!!! i m not italian but why not bargnani or gallinari? they are laeders in their teams and nuggets plays very very very good this year…

  135. hulunbei says:

    wade doesn’t play that much, yet got a starter spot; OTOH, dirk played (terribly though), didn’t make it.

    • still kobe says:

      its a fan vote. a it will never make any sense. its a sympathie vote not a perfomence vote…

  136. kyle says:

    carmelo anthony is one of the best small forwards and there isnt any small forward that deserves to go over him except lebron james point blink period.

    • mrduke says:

      Mello is the most over rated player in the league. Look at denvers record now that he is gone and look at the nicks record now that he is in new york. this speaks volumes to were mellos game is.

      • still kobe says:

        melo is maybe one of the best offensive players in the league and thats why hes an all-star this year and the years before. but still this year chris bosh would make more sense as PF starter and lebron as SF

    • Riki says:

      best? how about Iggy, Ryan Anderson, Josh Smith, Luol Deng, Granger?

  137. Ben says:

    I have to agree with the consensus on Carmelo. He has sick game, but without a true PG he is suffering and hasn’t played nearly as well as past seasons. The Knicks don’t have a good record and there are other forwards that are more deserving this season. Not knocking Melo, just don’t think he should be the starter THIS All Star year.

  138. johnny says:

    nice picks for both teams but i really think carmelo deserves the spot more than bosh , i understand the heat are playing great but he’ll adjust at the rest of the season and in the playoffs if they make it there , as for joel and udonis comeon they dnt deserve to be all stars we should look at iguodalla , david west and luol . (laker fan for life go lakers , go for howard for all do respect to bynum but i think that howard could rise the lakers up to shampionship standards this year and beat the heat wich i dnt like at all

    • Just saying says:

      first its championship (:
      second : am a laker fan as you claim too, but i don’t want howard to come to the lakers, give bynum a chance to prove that he is that big guy who can help the LA lakers ..
      and get real mare, Miami is playin so good, wade n Bron are just wonderful, i don;t know how would it be later on, i mean at the playoffs!
      and bynum deserves that spot, hes good, real good!
      when you talk about basketball use reason and commonsense man, check the numbers, and oh yeah, watch more NBA (:
      its my opinion tho, but the difference between mine and yours, is ” REASON “

  139. LetsBeRealCuties says:

    Bynum doesn’t deserve to be on this list?!?! ARe you high, he is the SECOND best center currently in the league. Please watch some basketball before you speak

    • RBP says:

      You are high if you think Bynum belongs any where near Orlando in front of D. Jordan, M. Gasol, or even Gortat.

      • still kobe says:

        bynum does deserve it. gasol? r u serious? since zach randolph’s out his numbers have gone down except of rebounding. and you cant say just because of rebounds he deserves an all-star spot. d. jordan cant score at all and gortat just doesnt make any noise in the league. its about show.

      • Bynum? says:

        Jordan? Come on… Bynum is dominant. He deserves to be in Orlando hands down. Gortat? Really? Make a realistic argument here big guy.

  140. NBAfan2006-present says:

    The starting line-ups for both teama make sense, and I’m more interested in seeing who will be on the allstar reserves list I predicted the East reserves will be Chris Bosh, Josh Smith, Danny Granger, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce and I don’t know who the 2nd wildcard pick would be (maybe Amare if he plays better more consistently) The West reserves I predicted are Westbrook, K. Love, Alrididge, Ellis, Nowitzki, Kevin Martin, and Tony Parker

  141. michael says:

    carmelo anthony?!?!?!?!?!… PLEASE… i m not italian but why not bargnani or gallinari they are leaders in their teams and nuggets are very very very good this year… another name is ty lawson!! but melo this year is ridicoulus

    • joker says:

      yes i think danilo gallinari is an all star… but i don t know if he is better than griffin or durant(maybe griffin)….. but for me bargnani plays better than melo this yr

    • still kobe says:

      gallinari wont be an all-star. hes good and hes a big help for denver so far but this is still a fan vote and obviously only the one-man-shows go to orlando this year (or any all-star weekend) because fans are stil the ones who decide. and what they want is a big show on AND off the court. not the way they help their team. all they want to see is entertainment. and this is what all-star weekend is all about. became sensless to me long time ago…

  142. BeK21 says:

    brandon jennings should be there too!!! why is melo in the starters?? there are plenty of better players this year : igoudala granger j.smith pierce….

  143. Marcos Paulo says:

    pq pagam tanto pau pra esse Griffin? Que é um jogador q so sabe enterrar, nao tem tecnica, americano so gosta de enterradas, ridiculo isso, Love é muito mais habilidoso, tecnico, pega mais rebotes, chuta de fora do garrafão, jogador completo

  144. kobe24 says:

    andrew bynum is the best center in the west, wtf ya’ll smoking? u see his points previous games.

    • LALCHAMPS says:

      Welll actually i do but apparently ur the one that needs to see his points in his previous games. They look something like this, 20,21,15 which are reall good numbers.

    • mrduke says:

      Ya, but he is still foul prone, and lazy and it shows

  145. Roy says:

    Bynum does not deserve to start. It should either be Tim Duncan or Nene

    • LALCHAMPS says:

      Ducnan or nene over bynum? are you serious? do u even know what ur talking about? in case u dont know bynum is a better scorrer, rebounder, and shots better, he averages a double double whle duncan or nene dont. Bynum–> ppg 16.5
      RPG 12.1 fg% 55, duncan –> ppg 13.4 rpg 7.5 fg% 47, nene —> ppg 14.2 rpg 8.6 fg% 53. Just some stats so u can learn what your talking about before u do.

      • LAC2012 says:

        If the Lakers are so good with Kobe, Pau and Bynum (best centre in the west), what are behind the Clippers in the WEST?

      • wtf says:

        hell no bynum dont desrve to start only reason his points and rebounds are that high are off of kobes misses lol

      • Riki says:

        you also need to consider games played and minutes per game lol. If duncan is playing 40minutes per game i bet he will get 20-10 average.

      • GW says:

        As much as I don’t like him, I can’t argue with the Bynum selection. There are just not many good centers in the league. If I had to pick someone else it would be Marc Gasol of Memphis. The rule is that another center must be named as one of the seven reserves, so guys like Gasol, Jordan, Nene, Gortat still have a chance.
        By the way, Tim Duncan is not listed as a center. He has been listed as a PF his entire career.

      • AJ says:

        LAL CHAMPS – You are right. Bynum is the 2nd best center in NBA currently. Is Bynum can be a 16- 12 guy in LA, he could have been a 25-15 guy in denver. No doubt. SO Bynum definetely deserves a starting spot in WEST.

    • mrduke says:

      while timmy is a great guy he is spent. a Reserve at best.

    • AJ says:

      Kiddine me??? Bynum is the 2nd best Center after Dwight in NBA.. Nene is close enough.

  146. Dillon says:

    I knew it would happen, but it irks me to see Carmelo on this list…clearly his position there is based purely on previous star studded years and not this season because he is playing terrible. Would love to see more deserving forwards (of which there are plenty in the East — Luol Deng, David West and Iggy to name a few) take Melo’s spot in the starting lineup.

  147. Rafael says:

    Carmelo Anthony should NOT BE SELECTED. Taking away somedody else’s spot.

  148. Bynum? says:

    Andrew Bynum? are you kidding me? he hasn’t been that good this year, and it is clearly the third force for the Lakers behind Kobe and Pau.

    • still kobe says:

      so who should start as center in ur opinion?? there arent that many options left because bynum is second or third best center in the league. he not that good but thats a fact…

      • maybe.... says:

        in my opinion M. Gasol deserves to be the starter he is playin great ball right now. He might not be the zach randolf memphis needs right now but he sure as hell is putting up numbers plenty centers in the nba dream of.

    • AJ says:

      WOW!!! have you been watching basket ball??? I kind of doubt. Bynum not doing good ths year??? Well please go look at the stat. Also, Bynum demands double team in the post.

      However, you are right he is the 3rd option in LAL but still scores 16pts with 12 rebounds

      He is definetely NBA 2nd best center

  149. pab says:

    Chris bosh deserves carmelos spot

  150. Sillmarillion says:

    Well, I agree, I would like Gortat to see starting as well, cause imo he is just the better than Bynum – and for sure he is the nicer guy. I hope the coaches recognize this and put him at least as a reserve on the West. Together with Nash they could show some fancy plays!

  151. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Barkley will be mad Love is not starting 🙂

    • Malehiko1 says:

      I think he should start, Griffin is starting just because he is flashy, and too many kids vote.. Oh, and I think Bosh deserves a starting spot more than Melo, at least he’s a PF 😀

  152. In another subjet Did you see Lebron dancing on Chris Bosh party at That was funny to see my superheroe in other area of his life, everything he does in his life is perfect; Dancing, Playing Basketball, Doing Commercial Spots and so on. Wade was dancing like a professional, very cool to see friends supporting others excellent friends like Chris Bosh is indeed. So far, Crish Bosh should be starter on All-Star Game OVER.-:)-.

    • still kobe says:

      in your opinion every heat player should be a starter -.- ok it just means your a fan but it also means you dont know anything about the game. haslem starting!? joel anthony starting!? chris bosh should start as powerforward and lebron as small. thats it!

      how old are you bratt!? superhero!?!? are you kidding me!? get serious or just dont post any more comments…

    • zm says:

      u are an idiot

    • LA4EVA says:

      “everything LeBron does in his life is perfect”??? How many years has he been in the league and how many rings does he have? He is a phenomenal athlete and a dominant basketball player, but he fades in the big moments.

  153. Joel Anthony deserves to be starter on the East. Udonis Haslem too.

  154. ss3walkman says:

    It’s a fan’s vote but I would have like to see Marcin Gortat start over Bynum. Better scorer and shot blocker. Shoots a higher percentage and rebounds just as good.

    I’m looking forward to the reserves. Though it’s probably not, it could very well be Ray Allen’s last year and I hope to see him make the All Star team one last time.

  155. prix says:

    no Boston starter this year…seems like the small 3 are fading…I wonder why Anthony makes it, there are more deserving forwards than him and Bynum is not the best center in the West…Kobe hangs on…the name makes it but the performance don´t…

    • All Star Fan says:

      Ony more NEW MIAMI Fan starts hating everyboty else… why not but Joel Anthony on Superman’s spot … you sound so ridiculus!

      • David says:

        Why does east start 2 small forwards? I mean this this an exhibition game, but at least make it make sense.
        By the way I think we should up the stakes for all star games. Why not make the finals a 9 game series and which ever conference wins the all star game get game one for that conference’s finalist? This way we can see superstars actually compete and play hard and treat the all star game like the finals.

      • David says:

        By the way, I have a question not so related to this topic but here it is:

        If a player like Dwight Howard becomes a free agent at the end of the season, a tax paying team can use the mid level exception or veteran minimun to sign him to a 1 year deal right. After next season, can that team give him a max 5 year deal because he would be resigning with his own team?

      • Sagar Patel says:

        All star fan ur so right, this guys sounds ridiculous. If Bynum isn’t the best center in the west then who is? plus kobe gets in for the name? r u kidding me he’s the leading scorer in the league. And Carmelo is still a top player even though his teams not all that.

      • Sagar Patel says:

        They wouldn’t do that because they don’t want players to go all out during the all-star game because they can get injured and would be a problem.

      • Elliot says:

        If you have to vote for players in regard to their position then why is Melo starting at Power Forward…… this has to be a joke right?

      • Brett says:

        @David – No because they would need to have him for 3 years to claim Bird rights and be able to go over the cap to resign him. They can however trade for him now, meaning his bird rights from Orlando go with him, then resign him to a max deal and be over the cap.

    • CT says:

      Kobes performance how silly does that sound when he is leading the league in scoring at age 33 had 4 straight 40 point games. You maybe a hater but seriously you sound ridiculous.

      • Prix is a moron says:

        Leave him man clearly he is high right now…. haters gonna hate, and Kobe will keep scoring 40, also there is no better Center in the WEST than Andrew Bynum so this man is clearly an idiot

      • Babylon says:

        imo kobe is still unstoppable at age 33, because lakers is basically carried by kobe’s offense. however, bynum doesnt deserve a spot in all star starter, considering there are way more centers who are better than him from west conference. like marc gasol, kevin love, and david lee.

      • Sagar Patel says:

        yea hes crazy!

    • kobe says:

      Prix stick to nascar..Kobe’s performance doesnt make it..r u kidding me..hes playing at a high level ..only reason why Lakers are where they r…currently 3-4th in the MVP RACE..bYNUM NUMBERS 18 POINTS A GAME 11 REBOUNDS ..ENOUGH SAID…

    • C'mon says:

      boston never did start we come off the bench cause our age but we make our presents known wen we get on the floor doe.

    • Darrell says:

      Kobe’s not doing to bad, Im not a fan but isnt he leading the league in scoring? If not he is close. Bynum is not the best center in the west. Thats for sure. Anthony is not deserving. He cant play defence and he cant make othe players better.

    • Carl says:

      TIME-OUT. Andrew Bynum not the best center in the West? Then who the hell is?

    • devinmarion says:

      you’re correct on one out of three items. melo doesn’t deserve it this year. Kobe is still a stud and andrew bynum is the best 5 in the west (except for maybe marc gasol). watch a lakers game. geez

    • Suge says:

      what a hater

    • Notell says:

      Prix, Get a life

    • Ty says:

      you sounds absolutly ridiculous

    • GW says:

      Whether I like him or not, Kobe deserves to starts. He is playing better than any other guard in the west and is arguably the best player in the entire world, so I think a start in a all star game is a given.
      I would put Bosh instead of Melo. He is having a good year on a top team. It is a lot harder to put up numbers on a good when you are the third option (and a down the list third option), compared to being on a bad team where you can still get 20 shots a game.

    • Rabbs says:

      Hey Prix I agree w your east comments, but WTF are you smoking w your west comments? Who is more deserving in the west at their positions than Kobe & Bynum?? The only other center in the west is Marc Gasol, and Kobe is the leading scorer in the leaugue. This is the all-STAR game remember that part?

    • RK says:

      Kobe’s performance don’t make it? Are you crazy? 30 points per game at 46% from the field isn’t All-Star worthy? Wow, dude.

    • Z.T. says:

      I get it now, It’s all that one insane guy who posts everywhere under different accounts, if you see someone saying “LeBron is better than Kobe because…” on YouTube, it’s him, if you see someone liking a Bieber (not sure if I wrote it correctly) video – it’s him, If someone scratched your car and as you might have guessed he scratched out something like “Kobetard” or “Hail King James” it’s probably him again, he leaves his flat from time to time… You gotta’ eat something to survive, you know…