Joe Johnson Is A Man Of His Word

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Maybe next time you all will listen to Hawks captain and All-Star Joe Johnson.

The man said his team would still be elite after All-Star center Al Horford was lost for the season and in the weeks since he said that, that’s exactly what they have been. If nothing else, Johnson is a man of his word.

The Hawks are 9-2 in the 11 games since Horford went down, with Johnson and Josh Smith leading the way and a host of other players stepping up to help fill the void for the 16-6 Hawks.

We tried to warn the masses that this Hawks team was going to defy the critics who assumed that the loss of Horford would spell doom for their season. We wrote about it in this space right shortly after the news broke:

While most everyone assumes that the Hawks will struggle just to make the playoffs without their two-time All-Star center, I think the Hawks become an infinitely more dangerous team without him. Before you spit that coffee all over your computer screen, walk with me for a minute (and remember that this is the Hawks we’re talking about, a team that has found a way to become a postseason staple the past four years in spite of all of their draft gaffes, enigmatic play and general dysfunction).

From Johnson and Smith to Jeff Teague and Tracy McGrady, coach Larry Drew has found ways to pull all of the right things out of this Hawks team so far this season. They just passed their first rugged road test of the season with a 4-1 mark, losing only in San Antonio (where the birds fly south to get crushed on an annual basis).

Johnson and Smith should be on the Eastern Conference All-Star team this season. They’ve earned their way onto that reserves list. And should they continue to operate in that top four mix in the Eastern Conference, Drew’s name should come up in conversations about Coach of the Year and Teague should make the short list of candidates for the Most Improved Player in the league.

The Hawks as an elite team?

Joe Johnson said it first!


  1. atlanta native says:

    jeff teague has guarded some of the better point guards inthe league this year.The only reason we made it that far last year was because of jeff teague finnaly got playing time. We are playing with alot of confidence this year and thats the diffrence from years before. Wehave the athletes to compete with the heat and bulls. Joe and Josh should be an allstar this year

  2. Robbert says:

    I’ve been a Hawks fan my entire life. And I watch every game. This year I see a change. You know how they a good point guard can make a team go on a roll? Teague is doing it. Johnson is stepping up, Smith is stepping up. The bench has way more depth, instead of last year with only Crawford and Pachulia. I dont think they will win a championship, but IF they continue to play like they play right now I see them making a deep playoff run. You know we can beat those overrated Bulls. You know we can outplay those old Celtics. Pacers and 76ers can’t guard all our star players, espacially when Horford comes back. The only team in our way in the East is the Heat. But we proven we can beat them. This team got it in them, it is just a matter of getting it out. And yes sir Charles, even if you hate to watch the Hawks play. We still gonna win. And Sekou, keep posting these blogs, love them.

  3. Erik says:

    Haws has good players dont get me wrong but they wount be able to match up with the Bulls or the Heat

  4. Jtoverratted says:

    Jeff Teague is very overrated. He’s good, but Kirk Hinrich is more equipped to run the team at point. He’s more experienced, plays tough defense, and knows how to win. I think one of the main reasons the Hawks beat the Magic in last year playoffs was because of Hinirch’s defense on Jameer Nelson. The Hawks might of even edged it out on the Bulls if Hinrich didn’t get injured. I’m not even an Atlanta fan.Teague is a good point guard but I think the Hawks are much better if he comes off the bench behind Kirk.

  5. Hawks Fan Down Under says:

    Larry Drew coach of the year?! Never! Not while his rotations are so bad and the only reason Teague is emerging is because Hinrich got injured. Otherwise a genuine talent like Teague would still be riding the bench. Drew will not take the Hawks anywhere near a title. They have the players but unfortunately our coach cant read the game well enough and gets out coached most nights he comes up against the best coaches in the league.

    And Josh Smith aint no All Star. Maybe if he stopped jacking those dumb jump shots….but this comes back to the coach not benching him when he takes those shots.

  6. Trav says:

    The hawks should give up Horford along with Marvin Williams and whoever it takes (Except Smith Johnson and Teague) to get Dwight Howard! PLEASE!!! Whoever does the trading and stuff, Do whatever it TAKES to get HOWARD to ATLANTA! ^.^

  7. KaroLT says:

    joe deserves every penny of the 120 mil…. he always a team first guy always scores wen need be…. what an athlete… Him n Josh Smith to the allstar reserves for sure ….

  8. Harry says:

    Stop listening to ESPN and Zach Harper. The Hawks can be trusted. Sekou knows his roots.

  9. Ephraze says:

    PLEASE DON’T START THIS AGAIN, SEIKOU!!!!!!!!! Go to rehab while you have the chance, man. I don’t give a damn if the Hawks win EVERY game of their remaining schedule, YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN’T TRUST THE HAWKS!!!

    They can have the No.1 seed for the entire playoffs….DON’T TRUST THEM. I would jump on the Pacer or Clipper bandwagon before I even think about the Hawks making the playoffs, let alone winning a playoff series. They beat both my Bulls and the Heat, but both teams were out of sync those days. Put it this way… a one-game-take-all series, who do you take? Hawks, Clippers, or Pacers???? I’d take the Timberwolves over Hawks. Please Seikou, don’t give them Birds no juice. They will break your heart in the end. Remember that Joe Johnson is their go-to guy. Nuff said.

  10. LPeters says:

    Yeah, let’s see how deep this “elite” team goes in the playoffs. As deep as they’ve done the last four years?

  11. clos21 says:

    I get frustrated with some of the hawks plays but to be honest ever team have bone head plays. But I wish they continue to defy the Odds! becaue It a Dang shame to be in the city of TNT with the league 4th best record, four consective play-off apperances and not be on the station more than once a year is a down right disrespect….. !!!!

  12. SoullRenaissance says:

    Thanks Sekou for being the sole-generator of this “semi buzz” the Hawks have nationally. You will seem clairvoyant at season’s end if this keeps up. Now if they can only snag an ever-elusive quality BIGMAN…

  13. Atlanta Hawks Bandwagon says:

    Oh, NOW you’re jumping back on me again, Sekou, once the Hawks proved your wrong. I see how it is.

  14. ATL87 says:

    Love my Hawks. Would not be surprised if we only lose 8 more games all season. The team is definitely flying under the radar and I believe this team will make it to the ECF this year and will knock out Miami or Chicago this year (unless Chicago gets Dwight). Go Hawks!

  15. Human highlight fan says:

    Teague deserves MIP, the team is completely different with him at point

  16. hawks cant do dat in the playoffs,dey dont have enough depth to challenge the heat and bulls

  17. ko0kiE says:

    oh man I’ve been missing the real joe johnson… there he is again.. earn those 120 mio. bucks!

  18. Victor Manoel says:

    Go Hawks!!!

  19. prix says:

    I still wish for this Hawks team to fly…I won´t be surprise if they will crashed Boston, Sixers or even the stronger Bulls out for the playoffs… I saw something great will happen in Atlanta this year…