Blogtable: Trading Dwight?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Now, Magic GM Otis Smith absolutely HAS to trade Dwight Howard before March 15, doesn’t he?

Steve Aschburner: Yes, Smith has to trade Howard. And he has to trade him to Charlotte, Detroit or Washington, please, pretty please! Why the malice? Howard has brought it on himself in a variety of ways: Blaming teammates for their lack of commitment even as he angles to bail on the Magic himself. Mixing up his priorities so that off-court and lifestyle issues appear to rank higher for him than winning NBA championship. Squandering a legit chance to pursue that title this year by focusing so much on his future. Enough already. Howard eventually will get to a market that suits him, but it would be nice if Smith could banish him to some dreary outpost for the balance of a season that he, himself, has spoiled.

Fran Blinebury: Not if his goal is for his team to set all franchise scoring levels back to the pre-shot clock era, begin bottling Vintage Dwight Howard W(h)ine and create the most internal discord in the Magic Kingdom since the time Snow White short-sheeted the Seven Dwarfs.  The only challenge left is finding a trade sucker, er, partner that will play the role of the 2011 Knicks.

Scott Howard-Cooper: More like before Feb. 15. Or Jan. 15. Build a time machine, go back a couple weeks and find a deal before it became painfully obvious he needs to make one. I admire the determination to find a solution that includes a future with Dwight Howard rather than cashing out and starting over. But Smith gave it a good chance. This is not going to work out.

Shaun Powell: He doesn’t have to trade Dwight if all the proposals stink. And evidently they do, otherwise Dwight would be gone already. Forget all the junk about Dwight disrupting team chemistry and all that; it’s not like a championship team is threatening to unravel. At this point, Otis needs to be the calmest person in the organization, sit tight and wait for the right opportunity, whenever that happens.

John Schuhmann: Yes. Two of the teams on Dwight’s list, Dallas and New Jersey, will have the cap space to sign him outright in the summer, and players no longer have the incentive (extra year, bigger raises) to do a sign-and-trade deal. So there’s a real possibility Orlando would lose him for nothing should they keep him through the season. The Magic could certainly recover from this recent slide and re-establish themselves as the third-best team in the East. But they’re not getting past the Bulls or Heat, and the ability to dump Hedo Turkoglu‘s contract and pick up some rebuilding pieces is worth more than a trip to the conference semifinals.

Sekou Smith: There is no doubt about it. Otis Smith has no choice. So much damage has been done to the fabric of this relationship that a messy divorce is the only way this thing ends before March 15. The better question might be where does Otis Smith trade Dwight Howard before March 15? The Magic will never get anything close to Howard in return, but they have to find a deal that allows them to do exactly what the Denver Nuggets are doing without Carmelo Anthony these days.


  1. samyy says:

    before, it used to be a team trying hard to land at least one STAR in their roster, now everybody is looking to pair up STARS in their GALAXIES!!

  2. Matt says:

    The best deal out there for the Magic:

    Magic get: Lopez, Morrow, Humphries, Okur + 1 Maybe 2 1st Round Picks
    Nets get: Dwight Howard & Hedo Turkoglu

    Then Magic have pieces to trade in the future, and create a pretty good lineup. But the Nets will still only be a 3rd or 4th seed in the East with no cap space and lose to Bulls or Heat each year.

    Dwight doesn’t understand if you request a trade and it is to go to a bigger market and win a title. It must be to a team who only needs a few pieces, instead of a team who has to trade all of their pieces to get you. It will take the Nets a couple years to build a Non-Paper contender because they will only have a little cap space each year and no draft picks.

    Good luck Dwight. You stay in Orlando you won’t win a title. If you go to New Jersey you have even less of a chance because that is a team with great player. Not a great team.

  3. Marko says:

    Whatever team adds Dwight to its ranks will make a huge impact to the roster. I think that Sixers need to upgrade their team gradually, since they are pretty good now. Adding Dwight would mean losing a lot of players. For the same reason, i wouldn’t want to see him in Chicago (because Bulls would have to part ways with Deng, Boozer and/or Noah. But, by coming to NJ, he would be starting fresh in a team where he HAS a great PG, and that could draw other puzzle pieces. And NJ and its fans would not be in the same position as Bulls or Sixers would be..Their team is already bad, so i don’t think any Nets fans would mourn too much for the ones that go to Magic.

  4. meow jem says:

    yes, because he cannot reach his championship dream if he is the one only do for his team. Maybe he can trade to sixers to have a strong center and an incridible guard they can defeat miami and some teams in nba.

  5. D12 says:

    As an Orlando fan i clearly want him to stay. But there is no doubt that if he leaves it will be to New Jersey. Deron Williams is the best ‘single’ point guard available clearly unless chicago really break up there team but he is interested in NJ. Dirk will retire in 2 years so whats the point in going to Dallas now?? Sad to say but NJ is where he will wind up.

  6. hsa says:

    I would take howard anytime instead of wade and if i can get elis too off course thats great move, get best center i world and great allstar substituion on spot 2 who is also much younger then wade, no lose on transition game with elis and howard so big and so athletic.. but this deal would never happen anyway

  7. cloud strife says:

    is it to late for the lakers to get dwight howard?

  8. Dre says:

    This dude said Dwayne Wade is old? Are you serious bro…what is old to you?

  9. Yeimie says:

    Why they dont move howard to chicago it will be a great defence plus Rose and Howard combination it will be awesome

  10. Ricson says:

    Trade him to Boston Celtics

    Boston Trade: Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo and Chris Wilcox to Dwiight Howard of Orlando Magic
    I think its a Balance deal that both teams would benefit.

  11. Hou-Man says:

    I don’t see the Magic bolstering another Eastern Conference team by trading DH to them.

    Come on down to Houston big fella! No state income taxes! We can send 4 top-notch ’09 first rounders: Hasheem Thabeet, Johnny Flynn, Terrence Williams, and Jordan Hill to O-town! Want a first round pick to go with it? Done. Want 2? Done. Cash? Done. We’ll even throw in Samuel Dalembert for good measure. With a history of Moses Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Yao Ming, you’d fit right in!

  12. leo says:

    how bout..,dwight for kobe!,that will work!

  13. kaje says:

    Dwight will go for dallas to win a ring!!!

  14. NBA Rules says:

    Is anyone familiar with salary cap rules? I have a question.
    If a player like Dwight Howard becomes a free agent at the end of the season, a tax paying team can use the mid level exception or veteran minimun to sign him to a 1 year deal right. After next season, can that team give him a max 5 year deal because he would be resigning with his own team?

  15. Lakers Finest says:

    I want Dwight Howard on the Lakers.It makes sense for these reasons,he will provide help on defense and his rebounding is powerful and he is a dominant big man and he is Superman.

    The Lakers only chance of making this trade happen is if they trade,Luke Walton and Steve Blake and Matt Barnes and i really hate to trade Metta World Peace but whatever,to get Dwight Howard fine.The Lakers trade 4 players and draft picks for Dwight Howard and a second round pick.

    • Marko says:

      Who, in it’s right mind would take Walton, Blake, Barnes and M W Peace in exchange for Dwight?? Orlando will trade for a big man or two and + whatever.

    • winningiseverything says:

      it’s nice idea but there will nothing left in lakers bench if they did that. maybe trade one of their big(gasol or bynum) that will do then a couple of bench players. is that possible?

  16. LOL says:

    It just shows how much Lebron James is hated on. Dwight Howard aka “elbows” keeps talking trades and being completely UNPROFESSIONAL, throwing teammates under the bus and whatnot. But yet he gets basically NO hate whatsoever. All praise. Its all about, “oh where should Dwight go, let me see”. You know what Lebron James NEVER did ANY of that his last season in Cleveland. Kept declining to answer questions about it, just like Elbows can EASILY do also when asked in interviews. Instead he keeps talking the opportunity to throw teammates under the bus and say he wants traded.

    Well guess what, Howard is UNDER CONTRACT. A contract that he WILLFULLY signed so many years ago. Lebron was a FREE AGENT when he announced the decision. You can hate on that hour long special, and the celebration all you want. But the fact remains that Lebron did this WAY more professionally and gracefully than Howard is doing it, but NOT talking about it WHILE he is under contract, and yet Lebron is so hated.

    I just think its completely wrong, and shows how people really are. Again, Dwight is UNDER CONTRACT until the summer, Lebron was a FREE AGENT. Meaning he could sign ANYWHERE freely upon his choosing, for ANY reason whatsoever. I think the Magic should not trade Elbows until the DAY BEFORE his contract expires. Make him play this entire season with them out of spite. Would be hilarious.

  17. Marko says:

    One thing many of You seem to be overlooking while transferring D12 all over is the fact that most of the guys You mention are OLD. Sure, Kobe is still hell of a player, but, he too will fade out in the next 2 seasons. If future is what Dwight wants, he must go to a team with enough cap space to lure other players. If he goes to LAL he will have Kobe for 2 years and WHO? Bynam will be gone, Gasol as well. Metta W Peace? And Lakers desperately need a point guard..and a bench. Suns? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Nash’s game, but we all have to accept the fact that he too is getting old. Dallas? Someone mentioned starting five: Dirk, Lamar, Vince, Dwight and Kidd. Are you kidding me? Kidd’s productivity is diminishing every week, Vince nowadays shows us glimpses of his former self (due to age). I do believe that Dirk’s current form is exactly that – CURRENT, but yet again we encounter the same problem: AGE. Dirk will be 34 when next season kicks off. For example, when Kobe needed help after Shaq left, LAL brought in a 27 year old Pau Gasol. So, they were building the team around 31 year old SUPERSTAR, a young, but injury prone center and have just added a 27 year old somewhat proven F-C. You don’t build a team around a 34 (unless he is MJ and Kobe is not). So, if championships is what Dwight is after, he must look elsewhere. That doesn’t mean that LAL with him on board wouldn’t contend, but only next season maybe. He and Deron make a solid foundation, that can, with smart draft choices and a couple more signings grow into something strong. Just my opinion…and i am reiterating, the above mentioned players are not bad if you ask me, just old(er).

  18. yeah!!! lets Go C’s Get Dwight Howard!!!!!

  19. stevepaullewis says:

    lakers would be very very foolish to trade bynum and pau gasol to the magic for howard and turkoglu…it would most likely only be bynum and bitz and pieces, which will not be as good as chicagos offer if the bulls go after dwight…..without any bias chicago is the best place for dwight and the magic….chicago hav the depth and core and the young superstar in drose, who howard has a very good relationship with, and a very good coach…..magic would get a good deal, most likely noah, asik, boozer, brewer, first round picks and the charlotte pick for howard and the stupid contract of turkoglu…..
    howard would contend for championships for the next 5+ years in chicago and magic will be able to still compete with 2 of the best defensive centres in the league behind dwight howard….

    i honestly dnt see why laker fans want to get rid of bynum, whos taller and far more skilled, for howard? watching the lakers the only thing theyre missing right now is a top grade point guard, ie deron williams, and theyll be good enough to compete for a championship

  20. RnB says:


    C: Howard
    PF: Garnett
    SF: Pierce
    SG: Allen
    PG: Rondo

    it’s like a starting 5 of EAST in NBA ALLSTAR!

  21. RnB says:


  22. royi440 says:

    The Magic have to get rid of Dwight ASAP, because he wants to go… other than that he is not good enough to lead a team by himself. Although he’s often mentioned as one of the best C’s ever, he can’t create for himself and others like Shaque or Olajuwon. Therefore Otis needs to send him away, and the team receiving has to keep in mind that he needs another star or 2 with him, especially in our multi-star era.

  23. T.J. L, Go spurs says:

    “Some of you actualy make sense” typo

  24. Domenic Furfaro says:

    Heres a crazy idea, how about philly make a play for dwight. Throw in some picks, maybe Meeks, even flirt the idea of giving up Turner or Young or Holiday and build a team around the remaining players, Collins is a coach that could get the most out of Dwight and matching him with say Turner or holiday or even 2 of them to create a future Big 3…Just thought I’d offer that idea. Also lets face it it if you could con the magic to pick up Brand contract that could work for the sixes as well. Dwight gets a team on the rise with talent. The magic get some nice picks and maybe some nice players.

  25. Dennis says:

    Someone Please tell Pat Riley to trade Wade for Howard. You are talking possibly the best team in NBA History. Howard in the post.. Bosh Mid range…. Lebron all round… Why some GM don’t have common sense. This is not love and basketball- Let Wade go!!!!!!

  26. Papayin says:

    I think that they will settle their proplems and Superman will stay in Orlado. maybe the manger will go

  27. Boydee says:

    Dwight (orlando) trade for Stoudemire (knicks) & Chandler (knicks)

    Problem solved for both teams!

    • Boydee says:

      Dwight gets fame and maybe a championship – Knicks get defense and scoring

      Orlando gets to rebuild team and quality replacements for Dwight (may still be playoff contenders

  28. GAGA says:

    Dwight should be trade to Lakers …Bynum and Fisher of will be a great deal

    • rodric says:

      bosh + miller + anthony trade to dwight
      I like to watch miami Greatest Big 3, LBJ + Wade + Dwight.
      I love this.GBU

    • BBall is Awesome says:

      1. you’re not getting another deal like the melo-knick trade, except maybe Houston who is super desperate for a star and big man. I’m actually certain Houston would do it, but problem is Dwight wouldn’t resign, or at least hasn’t put Houston on his “list”

      2. If you can get an all star/b lister, a couple picks and get rid of turk in a trade you do it, problem is teams know magic are between a rock and hard place, they’ll wait around until the deal offered is worse and worse.

      3. IMO the best deal would be with NY for Amare and Chandler hypothetically if Amare knees were good, but we all know Amare’s knees are eroding fast.

      4. I actually think the lakers are better off sticking with the core 3 they have if they wanna win now, No one can tell me Dwight >>>>> Gasol + Bynum short term, I mean it’s simple math, and having multiple players with size has been their identity. Personally Id look at the bobcats and try to get DJ augustine cause they seem to be leaning towards handing the team over to kemba. Not sure of lakers money situation, but they might even be able to nab a good player coming back from china like k mart or wilson chandler.

    • clip58 says:

      Dwight, dont go to lakers, kobe won’t share the ball 2 u!…hahaha.. dwight should stay in Orlando, and orlando should trade jameer and get a better guard, steve nash or deron williams. Orlando should also trade JRich and get ray allen instead.

    • dymatize says:

      no lakers dont need d-howard.. we need d-williams..

  29. Laker Fan says:

    as a laker fan I always dreamed of Howard coming to our team and before the season I was really excited because there was a good chance we’d get CP3 and D12 but now with a good chunk into the season I’m seeing Bynum step up and proving himself worth a lot he’s been a great rebounder defender and most importantly much better offensive player than howard, so maybe in a not so distant future he might be a better players especially once the Lakers inevitably bring in a good point guard

  30. Rockets_Champions says:

    Dwight Howard should land in Houston. Along with Deron Williams! GM Daryl Morey has got something up his sleeves.
    Make it happen Morey!

  31. gee says:

    A package that centers around Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson and Hedo Torkuglu for Tyson Chandler and Amare Stoudamire. The Amare-Carmelo tandem isnt getting good results because their style of play is too similar. For Orlando, This might be as good as it gets for them.

  32. nymph says:

    do to dallas dwight..and be sure of winning a championship! go D12!!!!

  33. The Bee's Knees says:

    Dwight Howard needs to go to the Los Angeles Lakers. Dwight Howard, Hedo Turkgolu for Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and future draft picks or cash. Dwight Howard said the Lakers is a team he’d like to go to. He doesn’t care about how much he gets paid.. All Dwight cares about is a Championship! And Los Angeles is one of the places he can do that. Plus, he wants to be a star! He wants more sponsors, to be in commercials, and star in huge movies. He can’t do that in Dallas, or New Jersey. Only in Los Angeles.

  34. Supahman says:

    D. Howard to DALLAS!

    Center: Dwight
    P.Forward: Dirk
    S.Forward: Lamar
    S.Guard: Vince
    P.Guard: J.Kidd

    what’s not to like?


    imagine that! Kyrie Irving & Dwight Howard = AMAZING!

  36. charles says:

    Steve is right… Players are payed to play their best. Howard should be professional enough to honor his contract and play 100% for the remainder of the season. If he can’t do that, Please trade him to Charlotte or the Cavs, for the Magic can have a god chance a the lottery pick and teach Howard a lesson he’ll never forget.

  37. Meero says:

    I think Chicago Bulls would not only offer the best package to Orlando but also have the attraction to sign him long term. Lakers? Kobe’s old. Golden State? Curry is injury prone and there really is no other key player if they’re giving up ellis/lee/wright. Dallas? Come on…they don’t have many pieces left as it is. Boston? I don’t think Dwight wants to go through a rebuilding stage. New Jersey? No bench what so ever.

    I think the Bulls should offer this:
    -1st Round Draft pick


    This way the Magic dump Turk’s ugly contract and have Boozer who still has trade value to obtain other pieces for their team.

    The Bulls would then have a starting line up consisting of:
    Dwight Howard
    Duhon, Turkgalu, Brewer, Butler, Scal, and the Bulls can sign Pryzbilla and Powe.

    The Bulls also have Nikola Mirotic coming from the Euro league and he’s been playing lights out over there. He’s
    being compared as a”Mini Dirk” and is one of few Euro players that can play defense. If Bulls can pull of this trade, they’ll been ready for the future and more.

  38. JDish says:

    YEeeup its time to trade Dwight Howard no matter what. This whole saga with Dwight is going too far, and if it goes even farther it´s just gonna get much uglier.

    Trade him and whats left of Hedo Turkeglu to the Dallas Mavericks. Its a very good option cause your sending D Howard to the western conference, the Magic just might be able to get some decent players in return, and you give Dallas immidiate presence and the hopes to defend their title.

  39. Tani says:

    trade D12 to a Western Conference Team..

  40. Adam says:

    heat are not giving away any of their 3 ( wade, lebro, bosh)

  41. Willie Hembree says:

    Melo for Dwight
    Douglas an Chandler for Deron Williams

  42. Willie Hembree says:

    I think the Magic should Trade Dwight for Melo

  43. jackie says:

    Dwight Howard should go to the lakers and, i think they can make it into the playoffs.

  44. jonski22 says:

    scenario 1: to the Clips, DeAndre Jordan, MoWilliams and Foye or Griffin, Mo and Foye for Howard, Turk and Nelson.
    scenario 2: to the Lakers: straight up deal: Bynum for Howard, Lakers can throw in Ebank and draft picks.
    scenario 3: to the Dallas: everybody expect Dirk and Kidd.
    scenario 4: to the Spurs: Splitter, Blair, Jefferson, Leonard, Green and Parker.

  45. Robert says:

    Dwight Howard for Amar’e Stoudemire. maybe?

  46. mb says:

    NASH and HOWARD should go to LAKERS for them to create a new KINGDOM of DYNASTY . . .

  47. joblagz says:

    dwight should stay in orlando forever.. magic have alot of money coming this off season so getting michael beasley or some scorer would be very good for orlando..

  48. christian says:

    The trade should be Dwight to the Knicks for Stoudemire or Chandler then Toney Douglas for Steve Nash or Deron williams..
    Dwight and Steve Nash or Deron Williams on the same team has always been something ive wanted to see! I actually thought knicks should trade Steve Nash or Deron Williams and send him to knicks.Glad someone else thinks Dwight and Steve Nash or Deron Williams should play together

    • sunsman says:

      Problem with that is stoudamire has about as an untradable contract as you could possible find – no insurance on around $80M or whatever is left on it since it was originally signed for just under $100M.

  49. Tyrone says:

    It would be awesome if Dwight could come to the bulls for C.J or Omer Asik.

  50. LAKERTILLiDIE says:


    • dymatize says:

      how about the Lakers making a deal with the Nets.. forget dwright howard.. they need D-williams… D-williams, Kobe, Barnes, McRoberts, Bynum..

  51. Bryan says:

    I would love for Dwight to come over here in New Jersey so he could make our team a little bit better. Who wouldn’t love playing with D-Will? D-Will and Dwight will make the Nets a better team and make it come up a level. I think the Nets should trade Brook to the Magics even if his out the Magics will have Brook next season. That’s what I think not whats going to happen like I said I HOPE.

    • chris says:

      Hmmmm,,,.I would love for Deron to come down here in Orlando so he could make our team a little bit better. Who wouldn’t love playing with Dwight? D-Will and Dwight will make the Magic a better team and make it come up a level. I think the Magic should trade anyone the Nets want except Dwight to the Nets. That will give them some guys to play next season with Brook.

  52. D shiz nit says:

    Dwight Howard needs to go play with MVP Derrick Rose to be able to get a championship ring. If he goes there Chicago is going to win the playoff. Dwade cant gaurd D. rose and bosh is not going to be able to gaurd Dwight. The Heat wont be able to double team D.rose like they did last year in the playoff while they know Dwight Howard is playing with Chicago on the court. I say Chicago should try the best to get Dwight Howard they have the money for it.

  53. NHENG says:


  54. Steve says:

    3 way trade
    Magic= K-Mart, Bynum
    Rockets= Gasol, Turk
    Lakers= Howard, Scola

  55. Kory says:

    Come on over to Chicago Dwight! :3

  56. Kobe@Mla_Phil says:

    Lakers doesn’t need a big man.. They need a good point guard to orchestrate their offense.. Two big man is already enough and besides, Bynum is getting better and better..

  57. UKLWI says:

    Hey Dwight you need a RING you need to go to LAKERS

  58. Trav says:

    Dwight to ATLANTA! ^.^ Isn’t he from Atlanta?? 🙂 so wouldn’t he enjoy playing for the Atlanta Hawks (My Favorite team!)? Howard for Horford, Williams, whoever!(just not Smith Johnson and Teague) 🙂

  59. Dan says:

    If the Bulls trade Boozer, Noah, and Brewer for Dwight…they will be unstoppable. They have the best bench in the NBA imo and with two all stars like Dwight and D Rose, you get the Big Man Little Man duo.

  60. Skullz says:

    Gasol & Bynum to Orlando for Howard would be a dream for us laker fans. Gasol & Bynum with out Kobe will be huge players on a team like Orlando. Then in the next few years when Cp3’s contract expires in Clipper land he will move across town to play with Howard. Cp3/Howard/Kobe that’s the dream.

  61. Cj says:

    Dwight should come to chicago. Of course i love noah but trading him would not be all that bad. He is from florida and people would like him the instant he came. Even though the bulls are best contender for championship, putting dwight into the picture guarantees a title. He’d be best in chicago.

  62. Semi KalOSI says:

    I’ve said it may times before and i’ll say it again… The only team that has the piece (or two) to acquire Howard and keep him around for the remainder of his career, is Chicago.

  63. D/T says:


  64. James says:

    I think Sekou Smith had a really good comment to the question. Dwight Howard is making it seem more like he’s in a soap opera then in the NBA. I think hes going to the Nets. The Knicks wouldnt give up Melo unless they’re idiots. To trade an outstanding offensive player for a good defensive player wouldnt match up well at all. Dwight Howard is way over rated, hes a fantastic defensive player, but he only looks like hes amazing because he doesnt have anyone to support him. (No Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson are not stars). He’s going to the Nets and they’re trading Derron Williams.

    • Semi Kalosi says:

      If he goes o the Nets, Williams won’t be going anywhere… The same story with the Knicks. If there is a trade it’ll be for Amar’e not Anthony.

  65. Joe says:

    Otis needs to find a trade to help howard, take howard off the table for trade, let him walk after his contract if thats whats going to happen. Orlando needs to find some talent that will improve their chances at a championship, not going to happen without Howard for some time to come. The magic are not out of contention yet, They are simply in a funk and can recover from it nicely. The playoffs are still an option and any one who has followed last year’s playoffs knows that the season really kicks off when the playoffs kick off. *Rememer Memphis over San Antonio?* Miami and Chicago are beatable teams.

  66. The Voice says:

    OK, why is everybody ( including the “hangtime” guys) talking about trading Dwight!?? What if Otis brings in some talent in Orlando instead of trading Howard just like the Heat made D Wade stay. I’m not sayng that Kobe or D Rose is coming over but what if the team gets rid of Hedo, J Will, Big Baby , Q rich, JJ etc ( of course not all of them)? I think Dwight might be willing to stay if some fresh blood is brought in by Otis.

    • Chico says:

      Cavs tried some of this with LeBron.
      See the results by yourself.

      • Superman says:

        @chico… what cavs brought for Lebron Williams?,Jamison?,Old Shaq?, Wallace?.. that’s it?… those guys can’t help king James having his 1st championship because Dan Gilbert can’t find a player that can fit to his team…Lebron is a all around player so he need a player that can play D and can score also.. Shaq can fit but he’s old enough to be a dominant like before.. in the case of Orlando if they can get Nash or Williams they will have chance that howard will stay in Orlando… Howard need a star point gurad that can distribute and score at same time..

  67. b-rad says:

    Bob Beer your scenario to the nets is interesting and one of the only viable possibilities at the moment. I’d love to see him go to Chicago, but they woyuld possibly have to give up too much to get him. The thing that amazes me is all the fuss over this guy to begin with. He has no post moves, cant make a foul shot to save his life and he’s most likely hit his peak. Ther’es been no improvement in his post moves or foul shots over the last few years. If he’s that serious about getting a ring dont you think he would have worked these issues out by now. His rebounding and defense are great but hes also proving to be PITA. Who needs the distractions on their team. Maybe if superman could lay off the super humor and focus on his game he’d be worth getting but frankly if I was an owner I wouldn’t give up too much or disturb the chemistry of a youg playoff team. It will be interesting come trade deadline time..

  68. Vidyut says:

    Get Nash to Magic .. and see MAgic turn into a championship team .. both Nash & howard are currently wasting their time with the teams they’re playing .. you put them together and .. recipe for success ..

  69. sentt says:

    the best trade orlando can make is dwight for gasol and bynum, but as a lakers fan i would not want that to happen because andrew bynum and pau gasol combined are better than dwight howard. the lakers would be losing more than gaining. the only thing the lakers need is a new point guard.

    • sunsman says:

      oh and a body transplant for Kobe…. why would Howard want to go to Lakers when Kobe is breaking down and the only other players (according to your trade proposal) that can consistantly help Howard were traded to get him – seems like it would be the same as in Orlando to me.

      LA will not trade Pau with Bynnum cause they would get very anemic on offense (more iso’s for Kobe anyone), and there is no need to have both Howard and Bynnum as neither currently has the ability to play high post well. If you could swing a three team deal and get a good point and Howard, then maybe, maybe trading Pau and Andrew would be worthwhile, but who has a spare good point at present?

      Of course from an Orlando point of view – Bynnum and Gasol for Dwight – big tick! Otis would even save his job.

  70. David says:

    TRADE dwight howrad now or the orlando magic would lose a perfect chnce to get somthing for Howard

    • chris says:

      No….you don’t trade him NOW. You trade him when you get the best deal you can before the deadline. The deals that are on the table now are likely to be on the table at the deadline.

  71. Joshua says:

    The trade should be Dwight to the Knicks for Stoudemire then Carmello for Deron Williams

    • sunsman says:

      whats the point of that trade?, you would have to move tyson chandler as well. Otherwise the Knick would have way too much cap space eaten up by 2 pivots that are only affective on offense within the restricted area.

  72. Austin says:

    They should forget about Howard. The only problem is that there are no teams that are willing to give up what the magic want. Dwight wants to be the best on a team when besides being able to dunk, he cant be a top scorer.

  73. ehrickitoys says:

    best trade for Howard and to the teams involve:

    1. Howard to wolves for Milicic, Ridnour, Beastly and 1st round draft pick. Ridnour is a decent bck up point, Milicic is showing development and Beastly can add athleticism and energy to the bench and the wolves is not a play-off contender yet so the 1st draft pick will be on top 14. To wolves, instant contender.
    if happen:
    Magic starting 5. C. Milicic PF. Davis SF. Hedo SG. Richardson PG. Nelson
    Wolves starting 5. C. Howard PF. Love SF tolliver/ williams SG Webster PG. Rubio

  74. Bob Beer says:

    The more things change (Clippers, Celtics, Bulls), the more they stay the same. (Nets, Dallas, Lakers)

    “Nothing has changed”

    All indications are that Dwight Howard’s 1st choice remains the New Jersey Nets, with the Dallas Mavericks as his 2nd choice. These are also the only 2 teams that Howard has said he would sign an extension with.

    Dwight to Lakers….Dwight has let his managment know he would sign an extension with the Nets and Dallas, not the Lakers. This has to all but kill this potential deal. Reguardless, the Lakers’ troubles would remain the same if they pulled off a Bynum/Gasol for Howard deal. They would still require desperate help at the 1/2 spot.

    Dwight to Mavs…really hard to see anyway Dallas can offer a valuable trade package. It seems the best Dallas can hope for is that Dwight doesn’t land in New Jersey before the trade deadline.

    Dwight to NETS….this move makes the most sense for all parties involved. Dwight can team up with D-Will for years to come in a brand new arena with the richest owner in any sport. They will have maybe the 2 best players at their position in the 2 most important positions in basketball. Throw solid, fairly cheap role players around that, and you have a contender. The Magic obviously should pay attention to the Nuggets and what that organization has turned the Melo drama into. The Magic should go young, and go deep. New Jersey can offer help more so than the Lakers, or Mavericks here.

    Nets get Howard, Turkoglu, Duhon
    Magic get Lopez, Humphries, Brooks, Farmar, Okur, 2-3 first round picks

    This lets the Magic be competitve the rest of the season and gives them a hugh amount of flexibility moving foward. Lopez (20.4 pts per game last season) is only in his 4th season and will be a top 5 center in this league. Brooks is only behind Kyrie Irving in rookie scoring, while Humpries helps the rebounding blow that leaves with Howard. This move would also give Orando a ton of cap space moving into next season.

    • chris says:

      And the Nets PR staff checks in. It’s not the same situation as with Denver-Knicks. The Knicks had valuable draft picks to give up in that deal — and they had Gallinari, a very reliable scorer. If the Magic trade Howard to New Jersey to play with Williams, draft picks from New Jersey will be worthless. And cap space will be worthless. Williams and Howard are the only guys a lot of teams will be chasing in free agency next year. What good will cap space next year do them?

      • Bob Beer says:

        The Nets draft picks are actually better. Brook Lopez is far more valuable than Gallinari, not to mention Brooks and last year’s 5th leading rebounder, Humpries. And half the league will be free agents next summer.

      • chris says:

        Hmmmm. But if half the league’s players are going to be free agents next year, how many of them are talented players? Why isn’t anyone talking about anyone besides Dwight Howard and Deron Williams? I mean no disrespect to Brook Lopez, but he is a risk for the Magic. They’ve already had a guy with a broken foot. They paid him $93 million for 7 seasons, and he didn’t play 2-1/2 seasons worth of games. (No disrespect to Grant Hill, but that killed the Magic, and I don’t know if they are willing to risk that again.) Big men with foot problems are always a concern. Doesn’t Brooks have a broken toe, too? And how are the draft picks themselves going to be better? If Howard and Williams play together, they are going to be a playoff team every year. They could even make the playoffs this year if they can keep their head above water until they get Howard. You obviously just want New Jersey to get Howard because the logic is skewed.

  75. That Damn Good says:

    Send him to Charlotte, he wants to act like a bitch so let him go somewhere worse than Orlando & see how he likes it. Magic won’t look too bad then, will they, Dwight? Freakin tool….

  76. Heres A Good Trade…Chicago. Dwight should be traded to the bulls for boozer, butler and a 1st round draft pick. he will be on a team with one of the best point guard(Rose), a very energetic center (Noah) and a good bench. Dwight can play the 4 and WILL dominate. Big 3 in Boston, Big 3 in Miami so why not Big 3 In chicago?

  77. The Decision Part 2 says:

    Dwight, if Otis doenst trade you, go to espn this summer and start airing the Decision part 2. “I’m leaving the tropics for the barren snow. I’m gonna join K.Love and we will dominate the back court.”

  78. Nos says:

    Bynum and Ron, 1 first rd 2 second rd for Dwight and Hedo

    Blake and Ebanks plus 1 first rounder for Nash

  79. kiwisepp says:

    DH is lack of skill to score 3 feet away from basket. On the other hand, it is unstoppable around the basket. He needs someone like Nash to feed him. Net may be a fit.

  80. jmals says:

    The Anthony trade and the DWill trade has proved one thing: Don’t dump your roster for one really good player. Howard isn’t Shaq and never will be. Shaq had way more post moves. Nets don’t have the players to trade for Howard (sorry Brook ain’t that great) and the Lakers shouldn’t give Gasol and Bynum, and the Bulls would be stupid to break the chemistry for Howard. Maybe if Magic would take boozer and and Noah….but they shouldn’t give up Deng too.

  81. Randall says:

    I think he will end Up in L.A. with that man Kobe aka (Black mamba) I mean think about it people for real the Cris Paul trade was veto for a reason because they knew Dwight Howard would have been next in line. Thats why other owners complained and David Stern made history. So at the end of the day Dwight better hope he ends up there because that will be his best bet to get a ring with to me who still is the best player in the league in Kobe and one of the smartest players in the league. Shaq and Kobe part 2? O ya D will could follow after too?

  82. jacob calloway says:

    yo kids listen up magic arent gonna get bs-ed there gonna wait for a deal like blake griffin or they are gonna say screw u all and are gonna try and re-sign dwight

    • That Damn Good says:

      You seriously think we have ANY chance whatsoever of re-signing him? & why the hell would they wanna with the BS he’s pulled the last few weeks. Whiney bitch needs to go

  83. CC says:

    I want to see Howard either on the Bulls, the Nets, or the Knicks. With the Bulls, he will be unstoppable. Their trips to the line would probably double. And some of that defensive pressure on Rose will be diminished. Plus they would be dominate the Heat. On the Nets, he would have a great partnership with Williams. Plus the Nets have alot of cap space and draft picks so building a contender wont be far fetched. And on the Knicks, that would just be fun basketball with a ton of national tv games and plus its New York. Greatest city on earth!

    • chris says:

      It Howard goes to the Nets, they won’t end up with a lot of cap space and draft picks. They will have to give up the draft picks as part of the trade, and if he and D Will are on the roster, that’s About $38 million right there. If he joins that team and there is no other player on the roster, that leaves them $20 million for all the other players on the roster.

    • Chico says:

      The Knicks are ruined in my opinion. They traded so many good players for Anthony(overrated for me, but still all star), and spent so much money on Stoudemire, that nobody would like to play there. They doesn’t have players to help them, and relies on rookies. Dwight is probably avoiding New York.

  84. Joshua says:

    Just fire Otis Smith, he’s the one ruining Dwight Howard’s relationship with management, I’d fire Otis and do anything to keep Dwight !! Trading him to the Lakers I would if Andrew and Pau are invovled and to the Clippers If i get Blake Griffin, if not nothing else, they must get a trade like the CHris Paul or Carmelo Anthony

  85. charles says:

    Either they find a trade that legitimately makes them better or they trade dwight. There is no middle ground.

    • sunsman says:

      exactly, however, problem is that Orlando hasn’t got much to trade for better talent…. you could package Hedo’s contract with the firebrand that Ryan Anderson has become and maybe get a good piece and cap flexibility to go after D-Will and resign dwight in the next off season, but that is a long shot. And you would be banking on getting D-Will inked before Dwight bails out.

  86. Jamel says:

    Dwight Howard will go to LA for PAu Gasol and Andrew Bynum well atleast thats the only deal that makes since. Then in the offseason deron williams and kris humphries who not to mention is an excellent rebounders and solid scorer and is also playing great basketball at the power forward position will sign with the lakers and the 2012-2013 season starting lineup for the lakers is gonna be DWIGHT HOWARD, KRIS HUMPHRIES, METTA WORLD PEACE, KOBE BRYANT, DERON WILLIAMS.

    • jmals says:

      Lakers will not have the cap space to sign DWill in the off season, highest payroll in the league. Nice thought though…but Howard would want Gasol on the Lakers if he goes there.

    • shhh says:

      why are people trying to hijack a magic article into a clippers’ article?

  87. dontrip says:

    dwight u want rings go to CHICAGO!!!!

  88. Draper 4645 says:

    Better keep Dwight for the season. There are no good pieces around with other teams that can match his value to Magic. For me the best solution is get a point guard who can be trusted at the point and slide Nelson to No2 position some times to use his slashing power. Period. Magic in the finals.

    • shhh says:

      if they keep dwight this season then they will not have the chance to get rid of hedoculous’ contract.

  89. i think that thae lakers should trade bynum for howard and also gasol for d-williams . and dont say this cant happen because bynum if healthy is the second best player in the nba . as for williams his contract expires in the summer , so better give him than lose him . it sup to him . and for the gap in the frontline you can get kenyon martin . we already talk with him .

  90. GianGroy says:

    Trade him to Pau Gasol…. And he will get a RING.

  91. FreshPaul22 says:

    Otis Smith don’t let Dwight go onto other team..this would be the 2nd time that Magic will lose the most dominant CENTER just like SHAQ..if they traded him the Magic will crashed down..and they would never get another POWERFUL CENTER like HOWARD AGAIN…

    • shhh says:

      what do you want him to do? just let him walk away next year?

    • Chico says:

      “never get another POWERFUL CENTER like HOWARD AGAIN”
      Maybe they felt the same way when Shaq left.
      There is always another talent, they have to move on with another core before Howard leaves, because that will destroy any chances of a run.

  92. House_Note says:

    Steve As… For the most part your comments and articles are decent. However, this time you made yourself look like a pure jerk. Why would you want to banish and punish Howard for the decisions he’s made as a professional? Bluntly, the NBA has used NBA players like pieces in a chess game when it comes to trades. A team never ask a player “do you mind if we trade you?. It is business. Instead of looking to banish someone he happy for him. He is one of the few in the world that are fortunate to have the ability to make the decision to use basketball to get where he wants to be.

    You get paid to write your opinion. Everyone has them like teeth; some rot. Use yours in a positive way.

  93. Chico says:

    Trading Dwight is the best option. He is not playing there because he wants, but because the contract makes this an obligation. The Magic aren’t going to be a contender this year, even if their record improves. He will feel much better playing elsewhere, but the team must trade him the same way Denver did with Carmelo Anthony, when they got Gallinari. The Magic must find a team that is capable of trading their future and uncertain talents for Howard, and with some picks included.
    Franchise players are proving to be annoying to the team. They try to handle the games alone, always have salaries that give problems to add role players, and start crisis when they see that no championship are near them with that team. The superfriends mania is terrible, i prefer to watch the boys from Denver and Minnesota than these so called superstars playing together.

    • chris says:

      It will be interesting over the long term to see what happens with all these SuperFriend situations. LeBron, Bosh, CP3, DWill, Melo….they all say they wanted new teams to win titles. It seems unlikely that they all are going to win NBA championships. So, some of them likely are going to be very disappointed and are going to have upset a bunch of people for no good reason at all. Maybe even none of them win if the Thunder take over.

    • shhh says:

      given what the current outcome of the melo drama last year, it’s unlikely that a team will gut their roster for howard.

  94. sagar Patel says:

    I dont get why they dont just trade him to the Lakers? Thats the best they can hope for. Bynum and maybe even gasol. they can get a third team involved as well. I think they shouls get dewight and wait till till free agency to aquire a point guard like williams from the nets, or even ask for nelson when trading for dewight.

    • Peter says:

      Why would Orlando give up Nelson AND Howard for Bynum and ANYONE else on LA? It would leave them with no PG…plus Lakers won’t likely have the cap space to sign anyone outside of the vet minimum in free agency.

    • shhh says:

      you do understand that when people talk about trading howard… that most likely means taking hedo’s contract and if they’re lucky include Q-Rich’s as well.

  95. Nick says:

    If I were the owner of the Magic the first person I would have canned a long time ago would be Otis! He has put the team in the situation they find themselves with one bone-headed trade after another. If it wasn’t for receiving Ryan Anderson ( too soon to tell with Von Wafer and Big Baby) he’d be batting 1000 in the nonsense league. So Dwight, after seven years of watching the circus has a valid case. The problem is how he has approached the situation. A leader leads by example (are YOU really championship material when you can’t make a FT?). A leader praises publicly, and calls people out privately. Yes, Dwight has driven the car into the ditch, but maybe things would have been different if Oris hadn’t turned the vehicle into a rent-a-wreck.

  96. Ben says:

    Yes he should be traded, even for just one good role player or a couple of first rounders. They need to get something for him, and frankly anything would be better than having him stay. But, if I was any other franchise I wouldn’t take Dwight if you paid me.

  97. Kyle says:

    I would say the Bulls should trade for Howard but were the best team in the nba and trading for Howard would seriously ruin our chemistry and would mean we would have to deal Joakim Noah and Luol Deng in a package deal. I say Bulls should get involved in a 3 way deal and get rid of Carlos Boozer.

  98. Daniel says:

    I think they should trade him after the all star game……. in my opinion they should trade him to golden state for david lee, monta ellis and some picks. that would help both teams because golden state needs a defensiv big in their lineup and curry together with ellis doesn`t work because ist makes their backcourt too small. and orlando gets an exciting player in monta ellis thats can atract some fans and david lee is a solid big man that can give you a double double every night

  99. Ingman says:

    Trade with Lakers, take Bynum and build a franchise. Bynum will get better(hes only 25) and hes probably 2nd best big man out there right now + hes healthier than ever.

    • DH says:

      Why does no one understand this point? Yes, the magic should trade Dwight but they are also looking for a team tat is willing to take Hedo too and his contract and there is no way the magic would do a a bynum for howard trade, cuz we all saw how howard can destroy bynum when they played each other. The magic wants to get a trade similar to the one with Utah or Denver, which is to get a good, or top 5 center and a bunch of young players to rebuild and the only team tat can offer that to them is the Nets!

    • jmals says:

      Lakers would have to give more than Bynum. No way you trade Bynum and Gasol for Howard and Turk!! Is Howard worth giving up chemistry and a lot of talent? Bynum can make free throws and is a better offensively skilled player. Dwight is way more dominant on the boards, but stats are misleading. DH is the main focal point of the magic, Bynum is the 2nd or 3rd option so of course lower points, plus who else on the Magic is rebounding? Anderson is out at the 3 point line, so of course DH gets them all (he is a rebounding beast don’t get me wrong) so I don’t think the Lakers should trade. Lakers need a point gaurd not a slightly better center.

  100. Furkan says:

    Yes, he should be traded, and he should be traded to the Chicago Bulls. Why the Bulls? Think about it, him and Derrick Rose can be an amazing duo, D Rose needs someone, like Kobe and Pau, Lebron and Wade, CP3 and Blake; D Rose and D Howard, the Double D, now that’s something the Bulls need and plus, Dwight is one of the best BIG MAN, having that at the Bulls, I’m positively sure they will be winning championships after championships.

    • DeBrosh says:

      i thought he has Boozer!

      • CoachAiree says:

        meh, they’d trade Boozer and replace him with Taj Gibson who is their power forward for the future

    • kenny says:

      Bulls would be a very nice choice imo, Its very competitive so i dont know if they will win championship after championship, but they will definitely contend for many years

      • Wes says:

        If that happen, the bulls will beat the heat in 7 games. Right now, they can’t beat the heat in 7 games. Boozer is a major dissapointment. Trade both boozer and joakin and a 2nd round draft pick for Dwight.

  101. KJ#7 says:

    I like that Comment Ryan! I wonder why the Suns ain’t try to ink a deal with him. At least take a chance on him since he’s still young and not an OLDER SHAQ that slowed us down. Can you imagine a team with DWIGHT, SHANNON, GRANT, NASH, FRYE? Yikes with the POLISH HAMMER coming off the Bench, and MARKEIF and DUDLEY playing good ball. I see some expendables on this team we can send over there! Why not try to get Turk or J Rich back in this deal as well? that way Orlando will have young talent and cap space. I GUESS!

    • jmals says:

      Wow, that would be a great line-up for PHO, but do you live in reality? Who are they trading for Howard? ya gotta give to get last I checked, plus Howie would probably not sign extension. Nash is amazing but age is knocking on his dooor.

    • CoachAiree says:

      Gortat wouldn’t be happy with that, it’s Orlando last year all over again; it’d be Dwight and Gortat in the starting 5 if it went down

  102. Magic_Fan4_Life says:

    Otis needs to get this dude out of town and he needs to get it done NOW. At the beginning of the season the trade talk didn’t seem to distract the team, but as the trade deadline gets closer it starts to sink in that that Dwight will leave the team come summer. As a result, the whole team starts to play mediocre basketball. For him to get on TV and called his teammates out like he did recently was the exact kind of thing that will always put the team in the situation they ‘re in right now. I agree with Steve. Trade that bastard to a sorry team and make him miss the playoffs this season. Otis Smith needs to sit down and explore every possible options. It is evident that they won’t get an equal value for him, but if they can do like the Nuggets had done with Melo that would be good enough.


    • chris says:

      It takes 2 teams to make a deal. It’s not smart to trade him now unless they get the deal they want. You can’t compound the problem by making bad trades. The Magic are going to struggle this season regardless. Even once a deal gets done, it’s going to be difficult in the middle of this season to be able to work in any new players.

  103. Ryan says:

    Rondo ur freakin crazy crazy Howard is gonna be a hall a famer and he will get atleast two rings unlike vince whom i think is workin “magic” lol in dallas and Kemp was all show and flash plus alot of off the court issues but fa sure howard will not get those rings with orlando!

  104. DWIGHT'S FUTURE says:

    Howard will land in L.A.
    You are invited to the top NBA franchise, it’s your option…You will have a bright future there…
    Don’t do Chris Paul’s mistake…go for the long term contract.
    Join the Mamba Team and you shall win!
    All the leaves are brown…California Dreamin’

    • Chaos says:

      Are you an idiot? He wants to go to the Nets. He never mentioned wanting to go to the Lakers at all. He would never go to them.

      • Sbfern805 says:

        @chaos…Are YOU the idiot? he did say a team he WOULD sign an extension with would be the Lakers… Who wouldnt want to go to LA? thats the best place to live in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! CALI love baby!!! But then again, the Nets might be the better candidate, unless the Lakers dish out both Bynum and Gasol which means Lakers would still need a key 3rd player in the team…

    • Jay Smooth says:


    • Peter says:

      I don’t get the purpose of this trade. LA would need to give up Byum (plus probably another couple of guys) to get Dwight – when Bynum is healthy, he’s as productive for LA as Howard would but with arguably a more versatile skill set.

    • BB FAN says:

      Isn’t the Celtics the top NBA Franchise in history? Don’t blame CP3 for what happen. The trade was vetod. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be slamming CP3. He may win games in la but no rings. Your mamba has a good front court and still were swept last year. Who really cares where he goes

    • Clip says:

      He might as well join the Clippers then cause they seem to have the brighter future than the Lakers.

  105. Ryan says:

    I agree with Sekou. Smith would be a fool to not trade him before the deadline because this relationship is not salvageable. I can’t think of one move the Magic could make to keep Dwight in town. As far as where he goes…I would like to see him in Houston. Houston a strong tradition of big men and all they lack is a star to push them over the edge. Not to mention they are one of the few teams who have the necessary peices.

  106. rondo says:

    I am sick of Dwight (Superman)Howard I will be glad when he goes away! Howard does not know where he wants to go. The Fans have overrated this dude and I predict he will end up like Vince Carter a very athletic guy with no skills. What happens when his Athletic leaves him? He will be another Shawn Kemp or Vince Carter.

    • DeBrosh says:

      tha’s not a fair comparison! Dwight is not VC, he will be the best center in the leage for the next 6 years. no doubt!

      • Peter says:

        I get the concept – Dwight is really only as dominatn as he is because of his size and athleticism. He’s really not that talented…if he had big baby’s body he’d be lucky to play 10 minutes a game.

  107. Bhemis says:

    Everyone just needs to leave Dwight alone… it’s amazing how Tebo gets so much love and praise but Dwight gets thrown under the bus… maybe it has to do with the fact that he’s a successful black man that white people can’t control!!!

    • Nick says:

      Gimme a break, dude. Maybe it’s because Dwight is throwing his team-mates under the bus every chance he gets!

  108. xavi87 says:

    Magic need to get some pieces and do a package deal to a scrub team like denver did with melo; dwight dont deserve goin to a title bound team this year and I would rather get a bunch of pieces that people think wont work but will… ala the nuggets.

    Also the heat will never trade their big 3; when you have 3 guys avg. 20+ pts you have to tweak your offense and approach of the game not trade pieces away; dont hate bc we are keeping our big three for the next 5 years still

  109. Ryan says:

    O yes Otis waited to long already send em to the SUNS help Nash, and Grant get there ring 🙂 the polish hammer and howard weren’t to bad together b4 plus with all the young talent suns have i feel they have alot to offer as well but nothing against nelson but nash I think will find howard for a dunk or lay ups alot more than nelson or j.j ever would….

    • kenny says:

      Dwight and Nash on the same team has always been something ive wanted to see! I actually thought phoenix should trade nash and send him to orlando. Glad someone else thinks Dwight and Nash should play together

      • CoachAiree says:

        Oddly enough, he’d be on the same team as Marcian Gortat, so the smart thing to do would be make Howard the center and Gortat the power forward(if that happens)

  110. Victor Manoel says:

    It’s impossible for the Magic find a trade like that one last year involving Carmelo Anthony, because no team but the Knicks would be dumb enough to crahs their roster completely in order to get a player who can join them as a free agent…

    I’m curious to see where Dwight will land. I’d like to see him with the Hawks, as they need a true center to reach the Finals in the Esatern Conference 🙂

  111. go to dallas dwight,ders enough money 4 u der and a lot of veterans to help you out,and ur also playing alongside another superstar in dirk nowitzki

    • AB says:

      money is no problem for him, he wants win championships..i love to see him playing in dallas along side of dirk. its long shot for the mavs to get him. the best chance is if he become FA in the summer. in a trade scenario dallas has to give up 4 or 5 players like odom, haywood, and few more plus cash plus few draft picks. i still would take him..

    • No Trading Cluase For Dallas Mavs And Boston Celtics To Offer No Deal For Dwight Howard Trading is Close For Dwight Howard is Offering Miami Heat Offering Dwight Howard For Dwyane Wade And Chris Bosh And Norris Cole For Trading Cluase For Dwight Howard

  112. twolf says:

    Dont trade him otis. Let him walk so that the twoles can pick him up next season. Or do you want beasley, dirko, wes, and future picks?

    • Peter says:

      Reality check : Dwight won’t even think about going to the Twolves next year. Dallas and Boston have cap space next year to easilly sign Dwight outright, and both are guaranteed playoff teams and (with the addition of Dwight) immediately title contenders. Why would he go to the Wolves?

  113. mike says:

    that would never happen, those teams would have to give up their entire roster to even attempt to get Howard and its not like the Magic have been bottom feeders the past 5 years

  114. kenny says:

    trade to the heat for bosh man

    • Peter says:

      Yeah right..Bosh is a girl scout…he might break a nail if he doesn’t have a tough centre to bang for him.

    • David says:

      You know, I am beginning to think that trading Wade for Howard might not be such a bad idea. Wade will be 35 when his contract expire and will be the oldest of the big three and has a history if injury. He is injury prone and is kind of plays similar to lebron james. Wade is better than Dwight howard right now, and will be by far the best player Orlando can ever get. So orlando will have to get another team involved and give miami more and just howard in return for wade, joel anthony, and another bench. The only downside is that wade will not be able to win another championship any time soon. But he will have to understand that it is a decision to make the Heat better and a decision that if wade was the team’s GM, will make. Anyways, wade already has a ring, so I guess championships can mean just a little less to him then LBJ and Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard.

      I don’t care how orlando can do it, but it has to think of a deal that will bring Miami Howard and either kevin martin or monta ellis. This is an extremely fair trade, wade + anthony + haslem + chalmers + may Miller for Howard and a solid shooting guard or an exception that can be used later.

      • Realistic says:

        Dude you must be crazy to ever think that MIAMI will give up Wade for Dwight Howard. Wade is a Lifer in a MIIAMI.

      • JT says:

        No way in the world will Miami trade Wade (a franchise player and proven leader who has shown his commitment to staying with the team) to an in-state division rival. Especially when they’d have to sacrifice chemistry to do so. U have to remember that Lebron came to Miami because he wanted to play with Wade. So why send your Lebron magnet to a division rival?

      • Papayin says:

        Why should Miami destroy friendship with Howard trade. They have the best team with good chemistry and you peolple are talking of bringing a Stobborn captain to wreck a nice ship. Pat Riley is not stupid to bring in a problem child to a team that is settling down to win 3championships in 12, 13 and 14. People here talk like they are from New York and Houston and always trade to lose

      • not likely says:

        probably not. wade might be old but he is the face of miami heat basketball. with miami’s big 3 doing great right now, I don’t see any reason to break them up. yes, you will get the best big man in the league in howard but if there is no wade, who will take the shot during crunch time (LEBRON???), In addition to losing wade, you could also destroy team chemistry.
        So.. i don’t agree. Dwight should be traded… but to miami? not likely

  115. ko0kiE says:

    lol they will never get a carmelo-deal.. especially now when everybody found out that knicks were better off without carmelo..but if this bad streak goes on I can’t see Howard re-signing in Orlando so they have to try to get at least SOMETHING back.. even if it’s just brook lopez. lol

  116. prix says:

    come ón! Dwight should be traded…the team gone from bad to worst…I prefer him in Washington or Charlotte so they can win some games and compete…and rebuild next season put some solid players and be a playoff team…

    • Carlos says:

      You do realize that to mention those two teams ( Bobcats & Wizards ) was probably sarcasm. I mean they don’t have anything to offer in a trade, nor would they be able to talk Dwight into signing an extension.

    • David says:

      Does this deal makes sense, sorry for the Duplicate entry.

      Give: Wade (15.5mil), Joel Anthony (3.6mil), Mike Miller (5.4mil)
      Total: 24.5mil
      Max contract taken in: 30.6mil
      Get: Dwight Howard (17.9mil) Monta Ellis (11mil)
      Total: 28.9mil

      Give: Dwight Howard (17.9mil), Hedo (10.6mil)
      Total: 28.5mil
      Max contract taken in: 35.6mil
      Get: David Lee (11.6mil), Joel Anthony (3.6mil), Chris Kaman (14mil, expires after this season)
      Total: 29.2mil

      Golden State:
      Give: Monta Ellis (11mil), David Lee (11.6mil),
      Total: 22.6mil
      Max contract taken in: 28.25mil
      Get: Dwayne Wade (15.5mil), Hedo (10.6mil)
      Total: 26.1mil

      New Orleans:
      Give: Chris Kaman (14mil)
      Total: 5.4mil
      Max contract taken in: 17.5mil
      Get: Mike Miller (5.4mil)
      Total: 5.4mil

      • QuestionMark says:

        I highly doubt Pat Riley would give up Wade, who helped them to their first title in history, if anything I would give up Lebron, Wade is the heart and soul of the Heat’s team, Pat Riley worked hard to get Lebron and Bosh, all 3 have formed great chemistry that may be enough to win this year, he won’t break that up.

      • David says:

        But wade is old, and the heat proved succesful when wade was out. At the same time, Ellis is younger and not too much worse than wade, and dwight will provide that low post defender needed. Anyways, if one of the big three gets traded, wade will be first to go. The Heat might not make this kind of move this year especially in a shortened season, but if by any chance Dwight was not traded or is rented, I see miami as a major player in the sweepstake.

      • Neitel says:

        Wade is going no where, so you can stop imagining.

      • LOL says:


        Dude do you really know what your talking about? The answer is a resounding NO. Um Wade is NOT old. He JUST turned 30, but his LEGS in NBA years are certainly NOT 30 though. He is still in his prime, and easily has a few seasons left there at it. So you can keep “wishing” he the years away like he’s older but he’s not.

        Secondly, the Heat would NEVER trade any of the Big 3 for Howard. So you can stop dreaming. 3rd, Howard doesn’t even LIKE the Heat and the feelings mutual. They dont want to TEAM up, they want to DESTROY each other in competition. End of story.

      • Trade Dwyane Wade And Chris Bosh And Norris Cole For Dwight Howard To Be On The Miami Heat Team

    • i Perfer Dwight Howard Gets A Trade With The Miami Heat To Be On The Team