Blogtable: Overlooked All-Stars

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

The All-Stars are coming. Who’s the most underrated, no chance at going to Orlando but should have a shot, player in the league today?

Steve Aschburner: Paul Millsap. Millsap has been Utah’s cornerstone, providing clutch scoring and stalwart defense in a series of highly efficient performances. His prowess in matchups with some of the rivals for a West All-Star spot – Kevin Love, Blake Griffin – could get lost in the crowded forward field. Love, Griffin, Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitzki will wind up with more votes and surely have higher profiles, and LaMarcus Aldridge has been an overdue All-Star for a couple of years. Millsap won’t see daylight through that group.

Fran Blinebury: At 37 years old in his 16th NBA season, Marcus Camby has never gotten the All-Star recognition he deserves because he simply doesn’t score enough points.  For all that LaMarcus Aldridge has done for the Trail Blazers this season, Camby is the old man at his back getting rebounds and blocking shots.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Monta Ellis. I wouldn’t call him underrated, but he has little chance as long as the Warriors keep stringing losses together and the West backcourt remains crowded.

Shaun Powell: Paul Millsap is thriving in Utah despite the logjam at his position on the Jazz and also around the league. The guy consistently gets close to a double-double nightly, is grabbing rebounds at a career-high rate, shoots a decent percentage from the floor and the line and Utah is doing well. Not bad for someone who’s somewhat undersized (6-foot-8), rarely dunks and therefore doesn’t get the Blake Griffin treatment on the highlight shows. You wouldn’t want to see him in an All-Star Game, but you’d want him on your team.

John Schuhmann: I don’t know if there’s anybody that deserves it, but has “no shot.” There will obviously be a very good Western Conference player or three that become victims to the numbers game. The most likely candidates there are James Harden, Kyle Lowry and Paul Millsap, who are all deserving. In the East, it’s possible that Andre Iguodala gets snubbed in favor of starter Carmelo Anthony and mainstays Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce at the forward position.

Sekou Smith: Monta Ellis has the strongest case year after year in a crowded guard race in the Western Conference, yet always finds himself watching All-Star Weekend from afar. The Warriors haven’t been good enough at the break in recent years to push him over the top in a field that this season includes the likes of Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook at the top. It’s a travesty that Ellis won’t be in Orlando and could possibly miss out playing in the All-Star Game during the prime of his career.


  1. Basketballplayer says:

    Hmm lets see, Danny Granger player of the game in almost all their games and if philli loses to the lakers on monday Pacers will be 3rd place, so i don’t see why everyone is hating on him and not just him but the pacers.

  2. who says:

    Luol Deng!!!! Although he did have a chance until he got injured, Deng is way too underrated. If Carmelo was still on the West, Deng probably could’ve beat out Peirce for the 3 spot on the starters, leaving LeBron at the 4. We voters can’t ignore Luol Deng anymore. He is all-star worthy. We must act now! Vote for Deng! Vote for Deng, he may be injured but he’ll probably be allright at all-star weekend. Luol Deng is WAY better than ANYONE on this list, no arguments.

  3. John says:

    Why isn’t Kevin Love an automatic starter, he’s averaging a double-double and the stats and contributions are Moses Malone level

  4. hadzbe says:

    Marcin Gortat
    Vince Carter

  5. Jameson says:

    What is with all the Paul Pierce hate?? This guy has been tearing it up without Rondo in the lineup, a dinged up Ray Allen, and virtually no post play. STUD.

  6. T-MAC1 says:


  7. Brody says:

    Those are some that comes to mind

  8. Markell says:

    I think that somebody from the Nuggets should get into the All-Star game. Ty Lawson and Danillo Galinari definitely deserve it because they have the 3rd best record in the conference without a single All-Star. They are getting overlooked.

    • Jameson says:

      then their coach should get voted in, you said yourself, they dont have an All Star on their team. This is an ALL STAR game. Not a Good job on the record game.

  9. EHarvey says:

    come on come on people everybody is talking about iggy andrea and those pacer people none of these players deserves to be all stars yea the pacers and sixers have winning recoreds but for how long? the sixer have havd the easiest schedule so far so they should win and the pacers will not win a playoff serious not even againt that struggling boston team as and back up center joakim noah has been deserving of it the last 2 years but hasnt quite been playing well all season but as of late has been turning it on and still has a couple of weeks left to prove himself he is on the team with the best record and loul deng should definetly be in there yea hes hurt but give him the nod and have somebody replace him my all star team would be

    D Rose
    D Wade
    C Anthony (because of fans)
    L James
    D Howard

    D Williams
    C Bosh
    L Deng
    J Noah
    J Johnson
    P Pierce
    J Smith

    C paul
    K Bryant
    K Durant
    B Griffin(because of fans)
    A Bynum

    R Westbrook
    K Love
    T paker(spurs are winning)
    L Aldridge
    M Gasol
    R Gay
    M Ellis

    These are the most derseving players iggy is playing good but not an all star caliber player and dallas should have somebody on there but dirk isnt worthy and there is no one else unless you would say marion dener is just playing good no stars back up in the east could be chandler but the knicks arent winning kyle lowry should be there but not over tony parker the pacers are wining but the have no star hibbert is having a good stretch of games grangers production over the years is completely down and paul george is still developing

  10. ChrisPH says:

    Luol Deng.

  11. Alex says:

    How about Ryan Anderson?! The main thing people said about him was that he was to soft and only sot 3s, he’s grabbing boards and is the 2nd best player on the magic, a team that without him and Howard are dead in the water.

  12. Heat32 says:

    Steve Nash definatley deserves to be an all star. Whoever says no is an idiot.

  13. ALGIE says:

    Any love for Brandon Jennings. Talk about the only player on a team. Keep Brandon, and Reload.

  14. Dieter says:

    For a change I would like to see a good all-star game where players are playing “great” basketball”, playoff-style.
    Why the hell do some people wanna see, someone yell “get out of the way, Lebron or Dwight is going for something special” -> Defence stops, and you’ll see a dunk. Some years it’s just one of the worst games in the season.

    Just don’t include players like James, Wade, Howard, Melo, … those players ruin the game doin’ their tricks. That’s why i’d rather see Garnett, Nowitzki, Duncan, Kidd, Nash, Rose, Ibaka, Varejao, Bargnani,… play. I want to see great basketball at the all-star game, not a stupid show.

    And why the hell do people vote for Melo anyway??? I’d rather see any other player in the league play his first all-star game, than a player that’s clearly not good enough this season, I’d rather see an overweighted and old retired Shawn Kemp, Magic Johnson or why not Reggie Miller play.

  15. I-KAY says:


  16. meloman says:

    cmon guys! RYAN ANDERSON! look at the difference of his numbers in wins and losses. he’s very very very underrated. and u mention granger? hibbert? j.johnson? cmon. he’s played much better this season compared to them.

  17. meloman says:

    first of all u should know that yao ming is always picked as a starter. and that is BY THE FANS. the Voters. cmon. u should know almost half of the world are chinese. If u were to know, last year Yi Jin Lian almost made it as a starter. nothing against chinese. but they are a bunch of voters. so injured or not, u know theyl vote for the best chinese basketball player ever.

  18. Blah says:

    Greg Monroe shouldn’t be snubbed just because his team is doing awfully. He’s a Top 5 Center in the East, maybe even in the league to some people. He should totally get the nod to play.

  19. ITCHY SCRATCHY says:

    Gortat and Nash.

    Both have amazing stats despite their teams horrible “role” players.

    Brandon Jennings.

    Give Greg Monroe some credit where it’s due, it’s about time.

    Poor Bogut. I’m cry for you.

  20. All Star says:

    Pau should definitely make it as a reserve. I can’t stand Bynum, what has he done this year? Also, I think that Bargnani and Ricky Rubio are being overlooked and should make it, particularly Rubio, in my opinion one of the most exciting platers in the NBA right now. I watch most Timberwolves games just because of him. Also, Deng and Calderon are having great seasons.

  21. Sillmarillion says:

    Marcin Gortat totally has to be on this list, as for me, in this moment he is the best center in the West, who is not spoon-fed by Nash, as he put great numbers on even when Steve was nat playing. Gortat is an All-Star!

  22. 17,6 says:

    loul deng, monta ellis, lamarcus aldridge, rudy gay, josh smith, paul millsap r all overdue…i would also argue that scola and al jefferson also deserve some comsideration…not as much as those other guys but they r still pretty damn good players

  23. Shane Engelking says:

    Brandon Jennings deserves to be an all-star this season.

  24. Josh says:

    No way in hell that Kevin Garnett deserves to make the all-star team, and neither does Paul Pierce, AT ALL

  25. Goliat Teban says:

    Mostly overlooked players are:

    David West
    Chauncey Billups

  26. shabreezy says:

    Starters: Rose,Wade,James,Anthony,Howard
    Reserves: Jennings, Williams, Johnson, Iguodala, Pierce, Bosh, Amare

    Starters: Paul, Bryant, Durant, Griffin, Bynum
    Reserves: Westbrook, Ellis, Gallinari, Gay, Aldridge, Love, M.Gasol

    Pierce definitely deserves a spot in the East, and this is coming from somebody who strongly dislikes the Celtics. He has single handedly made them better. I’d include Rondo instead of Williams but he is injured. Im all FOR leaving OUT guys like Garnett, Allen, Duncan, Dirk…. yawn….

    • Mantas says:

      I agree, no Dirk, KG, Duncan… This is not a life time achievment…. But i like Ray more than Pierce 🙂

  27. carlos says:

    i think that kevin love deserves it more than blake griffin, love is an all around great player whereas griffin is better known mainly for his dunks, but griffin is in a team that wins unlike love, i don’t agree with the logic that an all star should only be a player on a team that wins, i think a winning record should be indicative of a team as a whole not just one good player, i think love, bargnani, galinari and camby should make the all star roster, unfortunately it has become a matter of popularity not so much quality

  28. willie says:

    my votes (c,f,f,g,g)
    east : howard, lebron, melo, wade, rose…… reserves: amare (c) , bosh, pierce,josh smith, iggy, deron, jennings,
    west: bynum, durant, dirk, kobe, paul …. reserves: marc gasol, blake, love, lamarcus aldridge, westbrook, ellis, gallinari

  29. winningiseverything says:

    send iggy to orlando. he did just take his whole new talent into the next level and the way he led 76’ers he deserves more than that. IGGYYYYY

  30. Fact says:

    West Starters
    Kobe Bryant (LAL)
    Chris Paul (LAC)
    Blake Griffin (LAC)
    Kevin Durant (OKC)
    Andrew Bynum (LAL)

    – Its the first time that four players playing for the same area but in different teams selected as starters.

    West Reserves (performance consistency per day or the rookie’s Griffin rights)
    Jason Terry (DAL)
    Russell Westbrook (OKC)
    Paul Millsap (UTA)
    Ricky Rubio (MIN)
    Tony Parker (SAS)
    Lamarcus Aldridge (POR)
    Kevin Love (MIN)
    Note: I guess another snob for Montana Ellis and David Lee, but if both manages to get their first all star appearance, their coach Marc Jackson is responsible for that. There is no clear all-star player in Nuggets team, even with Nene, Ty Lawson, and Danilo Gallinari’s game play it would be good for the NBA not to reward Denver Nuggets, since that team doesn’t need all stars to win games it would just jeopardize their chemistry.

    East Starters
    Derrick Rose (CHI)
    Dwyane Wade (MIA)
    Lebron James (MIA)
    Carmelo Anthony (NYK)
    Dwight Howard (ORL)

    East Reserves
    Andre Iguodala (PHI)
    Joe Johnson (ATL)
    Danny Granger (IND)
    Chris Bosh (MIA)
    Brandon Jennings (MIL)
    Deron Williams (NJN)
    Amare Stoudemaire (NYK)

    Note: I suspect there is no Celtic player makes an all star appearance this year, Rajan Rondo is injured.

  31. leohimself says:

    The All star game should be all about showtime. Who cares about boring players? (Duncan, Garnett, Bargnani, Nowitzki, Millsap, Aldridge, Love etc. etc. ) This is how it should look:

    Josh Smith

    Vince Carter
    Rudy Gay
    Blake Griffin
    DeAndre Jordan.

  32. NBA WRITER says:

    Look at this though elite teams and there elite players became elties when ther teams stunk (not true in all cases) now got to medicore teams or suprise teams this season or even the bottom of the barrel. This is fan based starters so player like Bron Wade Kobe Pierce Garnnet Melo etc. will get the nod because they r household names. Reserves though are coaches and managers. They look at it with a point of view who is havin a better season. If this was just mangares and coaches and GM who made the decison alot of the palyers being snubbed now most likely wont get snubbed. Look at a team like the Sixers or Pacers they have players on there teams that deserve to be all-stars but wont be for the fact that they arent household names. Holiday Hibbert. Or a team like the Warriors or Kings they have all-stars in Monta, Steph, Reke,D-Cuz, though wont get the call because there teams have no businnes being in the playoffs. But teams like the Mavs or Cs will get players in the all-star game like Dirk or Garnnet or Allen even thogh they are not havin all-star season. The all-star game is fun an all but there really shouldn’t be fan voting if you want to see a true All-Star game. Have fans vote for all the other contests, like the dunk contest or 3-point shootout. If you want a real All-star game let the guys paid to break down the stats of who is havin a great, good, or ok season vote for the players that truly derseve. Now why dont you put this on TNT

  33. Rocket33 says:

    C – D. Howard
    PF – L. James
    SF – C. Anthony
    SG – D. Wade
    PG – D. Rose
    6 – R. Rondo
    7 – J. Smith
    8 – A. Iguodala
    9 – C. Bosh
    10 – R. Hibbert
    11 – J. Johnson
    12 – B. Jennings

    C – A. Bynum
    PF – B. Griffin
    SF – K. Durant
    SG – K. Bryant
    PG – C. Paul
    6 – R. Westbrook
    7 – L. Aldridge
    8 – T. Parker
    9 – D. Nowitzki
    10 – K. Love
    11 – P. Gasol
    12 – K. Lowry

    As we know the starters are voted by popularity and not performance. Rubio, Irving, Monroe and Wall are all good, but let them play in Rookies/Sophomores game, they’ll get another chance.

    Apologies to Gortat, Jefferson, Millsap, Deng, Granger, Bargnani and whoever else I forgot.
    To Nash, Duncan, Garnett, Pierce and Allen, give the younger players a chance. Or what about a legends game for this lot (Kidd and Grant Hill included)? Where you bring in several recently retired players as well. Give them a chance to play with some of the players they went up against in their younger days. Remind fans how cool Iverson, Hardaway, Webber, Shaq and them used to be. Just throwing it out there world…

  34. david says:

    Where’s Andrea Bargnani?
    The raptors have a winning record with him

  35. rdeano7 says:

    i dont think any deserves the back up center on the west more than al jefferson! possibly the best offensive center in the league. ccnsidering how undersized he is i think he rebounds pretty good too. being a solid performer for many years now, i think his time is now!

  36. Manel says:

    Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett shouldn’t be all stars at all.

  37. Mike Brittain says:

    Thanks to those guys backing me up about Andrea Bargnani. For anyone who still thinks he is either one dimensional, or a weak defender, you actually have to watch how he is playing THIS season. He finally has a coach who can teach defense, and Andrea more than anyone else on the Raptors has turned his whole game around in that respect. Props should be given just for that. Add 23-24 ppg, and rebound numbers getting to the 7 pg mark, that’s pretty good. Remeber, you don’t get 12 boards per game when you shoot and make long range jump shots – just ask Dirk.

    Yes the Raptors are a bad team. Were they that much better when Chris Bosch was making every all star team? Not every year.

  38. Bev says:

    So much great talent. So little spotlights for #1.

  39. Tom says:

    All i wanna say, and i m happy that at least some people have recognized it, is that Andre IGUODALA finally has to become an All-Star. He already showed in previous year what stats he s able to put up…and even tho his scoring is down a bit, this is all in favor of the team success. He s the undisputed leader of the Atlantic leading Sixers, a defensive powerhouse and one of the biggest all-around talents in the league.

    And by the way, as this also counts for the All-Star Game, he s one of the most spectacular players in the NBA…

    So come on, show Iggy some love and send him to Orlando.

  40. MBsV says:

    I’m disappointed nobody mentioned MARC GASOL. Put the Grizzlies on his back with Zach Randolph gone and he even won western conference player of the week at one point.. he bettter be an All-Star he so deserves it!!

    • NBEATZ says:

      PLaying better then his brother for sure, but you know these owners dont know how to pick em. Pau will be an allstar over Marc, a tragidy

  41. Armin Halvadzic says:

    If I was a NBA player and I was playing well while my team is winning I wouldn’t mind if I don’t go to the game.

  42. Mantas says:

    Sorry for my opinion, but Dirk Nowizki this year dont deserve to be an All Star… He is playing terrible all this season, out of shape… I really like LA, or Kevin Love, even Milsap is playing better

  43. Marco Polo says:

    WEST: Russell Westbrook, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Love for sure.
    i suppose Rudy Gay, Kevin Martin, Al Jefferson must be all star
    don’t forget Danilo Gallinari who effects Denver Nuggets to be 3rd place of Western Conference

    East: Chris Bosh, Danny Granger, Joe Johnson, Amar’e Stoudemire, Deron Williams, Brandon Jennings, Andre Iguodala,

  44. Tops says:

    M. Chalmers

  45. kwikshake says:

    The NBA’s newest award – MUP (Most Underrated Player) goes to Mr. Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls

  46. willy says:

    kyle lowry, andre iguodala, brandon jennings and rudy gay. really surprised at how they got no mention or recognition, ESPECIALLY rudy gay.

  47. MATT says:

    Jason Terry and Andre Iguodala should be..-both great players that should be in he all star game (specially terry, who played an important in las year’s championship).

  48. jergumbs27 says:

    the most underrated is the fearless deer brandon jennings

  49. douglas says:

    some one from the pacers team and the sixers team should be in the all star seeing how their team are doing great this season… Deng would definately be in the team

  50. benny says:

    not so accurate: my opinion is if a player is performing good for a long term season real fans will notice and pick him!

  51. KoBEAST says:

    MONTA, DAVID LEE. C’mon, guys,

  52. Bud Selig says:

    How ’bout Shaq? He’s had a great year. Would love to see one more all-star game with him in it.

  53. dont forget... says:

    I think Derek Fisher is one

  54. 123germany says:

    id like to see nash in the allstar-game aswell – and no damn rubio, im tired of this overhyped guy – first of all he has to bring it!

    some words to dirk: with his current play he doesnt deserve the allstar-spot, and defeintely not as a starter!
    As long as his struggles continue i would not be surprised if he skips the allstargame.
    And please: dont get Duncan and Garnet in that game! ;x

    • i hate rubio says:

      OMG thank you! first person to dis rubio. he is overhyped. cant stand him. everyone says he is sooo good. i find nothing special about him. point guards they will have CP3 Nash(= and Westbrook. they dont need rubio. fans better not vote in dirk or garnett. the fans and owners better not vote for them in. they arent playing good this season.

      • Jameson says:

        if Garnett isn’t in there, then Josh Smith can’t be either, their stats are nearly similar and Garnett can actually make free-throws.

        Smith: 15.4 PPG, 3.2 APG, 9.1 RPG, 1.3 SPG, 2.0 BPG, 0.47 FG%, 0.52 FT
        Garnett 14.6 PPG, 3.0 APG, 8.0 RPG, 0.9 SPG, 1.1 BPG, 0.48 FG%, 0.84 FT

  55. James says:

    All-Snubbed Team

    Roy Hibbert
    Ryan Anderson
    Luol Deng
    Andre Iguodala
    Brandon Jennings

    Marcin Gortat
    Paul Millsap
    Danilo Gallinari
    Monta Ellis
    Kyle Lowry

  56. Oliver Clark says:

    Marcin Gortat is completely under rated and putting up allstar center numbers in Phx, players like him, Paul Millsap, and Andre Igoudala are puting up great numbers and helping their teams a lot but aren’t household names, so they get overlooked. That being said Kobe Bryant definitely earned despite his name this year.

    PS. Durant’s also the man and deserves to be there, not every top 10 play should be a Blake Griffin dunk.

    • Chico says:

      Gortat is only putting better numbers because he has Nash feeding him, and the rest of the team is really bad, so someone has to appear more. He is no All star.

  57. jasonC says:

    Somewhere in this thread I heard someone say CP3 shouldn’t make it. Chris Paul is the best PG in the leage, hands-down. Ignore the stats, watch him play. No one controls the game as well as he does. I’m not the biggest Clipper fan, but it’s plain as day!

  58. phamie says:

    Steve Nash deserve to be an ALL STAR this season. At his age, he’s doing great as a player and his efficiency is still there.

  59. GV Royal says:

    The Most underrated players are D. Granger, A. Bargnani, Josh Smith, Joe Johnson, B. Jennings, L. Aldridge and J.Wall.
    Stevie will probably get the snips this year, undeservingly so with the dimes he’s been dropping, but Nash is getting old and still doing what he has throughout his whole career with a next-to-nothing supporting cast. Give the Canadian one more chase at glory.

  60. Vinny says:

    Marcelo huertas…Barcelona…..the best basketball player not playing in the nba!

  61. Vinny says:

    Tiago Spliter
    Leandro Barbosa

    • Chico says:

      Tiago is no all star with the little time he is having on the Spurs. Popovich should understand that his team is going nowhere without Splitter’s help. Maybe after he realizes his importance, Splitter will become on the NBA the same player he was on Europe and is on Brazil team. Then he will get all star chance.

  62. White Mamba! says:

    ok by far the most underrated player EVER to play thee game of basketball is…. BRIAN SCALABRINE!

  63. No one cares says:

    Uh, hello? While scrolling down this page, only a few people have mentioned the name “JOSH SMITH”. Right off the bat, he should be an all-star with JOE JOHNSON.

  64. desiballer3point says:

    Ray Allen definetly should be there.

  65. Sam says:

    Everyone’s hating on Pierce but idk if you guys have seen anymore than his first couple games this season because ever since Rondo has been out he’s gotten back into the groove of things and been averaging over 20 ppg, 7 ast, 7 reb. If you ask me those are pretty deserving numbers, not to mention him taking over 4th quarters to either win the game for his team and or just keep them from blowing the lead.

  66. swag242332 says:

    IGGY IGGY IGGY!!!!! He is just plain amazing…….and im not a 76ers fan…..Im a lakers fan

  67. MJ says:

    i dont like rose being the east starting point guard. rose is just an offensive threat. rondo deserves the east all-star starter PG position. all-star team doesnt need another offensive threat like rose, what they need is a excellent floor general like rondo. i dont like melo too in the starting position. hes too small, thy need a big forward. james and carmelo cant play together.

  68. BoyfromOz says:

    Andrea Bargnani annoys me, I don’t know how you can be 7 foot and average around 6 rebounds.

    • marco says:

      you probably meant:

      Andrea Bargnani…annoys me, I don’t know how you can be 7 foot and shoot and drive to the basket like a point guard

  69. David Stern says:

    Brian Scalabrine is the most deserving and overlooked player PERIOD. look at his team record

  70. NBA Commissioner David Stern says:

    Brian Scalabrine is the most deserving and overlooked player PERIOD.

  71. joblagz says:

    underrated “all stars”
    Andrea Bargnani
    Monta Ellis
    Kyle Lowry
    K Mart
    Brandon Jennings
    Tyreke Evans
    Paul Millsap
    Michael Beasley

    overrated all stars
    Joe Johnson
    Amare Stoudemire
    Pau Gasol

  72. Kating says:

    Ñene and Anderson Varejao

  73. butthead says:


  74. nick james says:

    What About Javale Mcgee. Hes On A Really Bad Team, But Hes Been Averaging.. Almost
    12points.. 10rebounds..over 3 blocks, and less than 2turnovers and 3 fouls, shooting .528… not bad for the players on his team

  75. oli says:

    It’s the ALLSTAR game, not the “who deserved it more” game… I agree with a lot of you guys with is the way it is and will never change… It’s just about the players fans want to see play…

  76. _ _ says:

    Come on people really? Andrea Bargnani deserves to be an all star more then Millsap or Harden. Bargnani has played outstanding in the season so far; top 10 in scoring, rebounds up dramatically and help defense has improved IMMENSELY.
    The thing that I don’t understand is that the only reason Andrea is not mentioned is because he plays for the Raptors and no one has any respect for them no matter what.

  77. Daniel says:

    First Blake Griffin is not underrated everyone gonna vote for him.

  78. Charlie says:

    Why isnt Greg Monroe in consideration as the east’s back up centre? His numbers are far more impressive than Noahs, Hibberts and obviously Joel Anthony’s, yet he is about 6th in polling

    • LANSING says:

      Hibbert is one of the most consistent players and is a HUGE part of why Indiana is successful.Hibbert>Monroe

  79. Sam says:

    I think Ray Allen deserves a spot in there. By far the best 3-point shooter of all time, how couldn’t you throw him in there. This year hasn’t been his best, but give the guy some respect. He’s got Pierce playing lights out, so they are going to give the ball to him and yesterday he took place for Rondo and dropped 8 dimes! He should be in there in my opinion.

  80. Celtic says:

    first—blinebury…you always surprise me…
    second—luol deng is the most underappreciated player in the nba. he is far more deserving of a starting spot in the east than melo. deng is the reason why the bulls have a chance at being successful in the playoffs–no disrespect to rose.
    third—blake griffin in the starting line up? west has a lot of potential players, i see it like this:
    C–Bynum/Al Jefferson/Mark Gasol–all three playing the center position the best in the west.

    and in the east–what about danny granger? he and roy hibbert are unquestionably better choices that melo and amare. granger is an all star.

  81. Jacky says:

    I think Jason Terry has definitely been overlooked. He’s played really well this season but I guess the main problem is that he’s not a starter for the Mavs (although he probably plays more minutes than most of the team)

  82. KL says:

    Andrea Bargnani has been performing like an All-Star this season and certainly deserves a mention, but not selection. To the person who says that he has only filled the stat sheets but have not won any games with his play…Please watch some of the games he has had this season.

    Of the Raptors 7 wins, he has been the key in at least 5 of them (plus the Raptors have only won once without him). He has been a relatively good 1-on-1 defender for the past few years, but an absolute TERRIBLE help-defender, but he has improved in the help-defense category immensely this season.

    Please look at his roster, Paul Milsap’s, and James Harden’s rosters before trying to draw a comparison between the three. It is amazing that the Raptors even have 7 wins with the random roster of nobodies that they possess.

    If the Raptors can get a better roster going this summer, and Jonas Valuncias comes next season, then I would certainly expect Bargnani to be a 2013 All-Star selection.

    • Peter says:

      Utah’s roster is hardly star filled – with the exception of Paul Milsap, Al Jefferson and Derek Favours what other great players do they have? Toronto have Barnani, Caldeon, Barbosa and Derozian – that’s at least as much talent as Utah’s top 4 players.

      • KL says:

        I am not saying Utah’s roster is star filled, but it is considerably better balanced than Toronto’s.

        Also, how could you leave out Devin Harris…while he has not performed that well so far this season, he is still a good player and arguably better than a Calderon, Barbosa or Derozan.

  83. Molo says:

    Marcin Gortat his numbers are great!!!

  84. glock93308 says:

    Biggest snubs from the WEST will be:
    and maybe MARC GASOL
    from the East:

  85. SR says:

    An all star should be why a team wins. If you fit the definition for that, you should definately be considered an all star. People shouldn’t be weighing stats too heavily when they make there picks because you can play on a bad team, lose every game, and still put up “all-star” numbers; this certainly doesn’t make you an all star by any means. I already know how the lineups are going to stacked up and theres going to be a few names that are snubbed by a more popular player…

    No disrespect but seriously, Melo hasn’t played like an all star all season; Deng on the other hand has.
    Dwight is really fortunate that he’s still the obvious choice despite his terrible performances lately and his constant whining about not having a cast that could support him correctly… (You have some of the best players around you moron, use them correctly and stop it with the attitude)
    And finally, I’m not convinced that that Blake Griffin should deserve a spot just because he dunks well… Honestly, Love is so overdue for a starting spot and so is Aldridge…

    Recognize all stars people, don’t just vote for your favorites. As Chuck would say…. thats TURRRIBLE…

    • carlos says:

      i think that kevin love deserves it more than blae griffin, love is an all around great player whereas griffin is better known mainly for his dunks, but griffin is in a team that wins unlike love, i don’t agree with the logic that an all star should only be a player on a team that wins, i think a winning record should be indicative of a team as a whole not just one good player, i think love, bargnani, galinari and camby should make the all star roster, unfortunately it has become a matter of popularity not so much quality.

  86. Jon says:

    Marcus Camby?! What is this guy Fran smoking?

  87. Luke says:

    The two centers in the EAST should be Dwight Howard and ROY HIBBERT.. that will be a snub if Hibbert isnt on the all star team, over his last 12 games hes averaged 18ppg 13 reb

  88. i_am_soulstar says:

    Joe Johnson’s definitely going before Rondo does. Looking at NJ’s record, JJ’ll be in there before Deron makes it also. Josh Smith deserves it, but may get snubbed again for someone who he’s been having a better season than (likely one of the Celtics).

    • Peter says:

      If you look at stats alone the East Guards should be Derek Rose, Dwayne Wade , Rajon Rondo, Joe Johnson and Deron Williams, with Ray Allen being next on the list if theres an injury or a spare space.

  89. Dan says:

    Iguodala should make it this year. I’m sorry, Luol Deng fans, but he’s the better player. He’s an elite perimeter defender who averages 14. 7, 5, he’s the best player on a division leading team, and he’s perfectly capable of scoring more. I’m hoping that we avoid the Boston old man’s club making it this year so there is room for Iggy. There’s no way he should be behind Granger, Deng,or Amare this year.

    • Peter says:

      Among East SF’s Pierce ranks 3rd in efficiency after Lebron and Carmello. Since Rondo got hurt he’s averaged 22 PPG, 7.5 APG and 6 RPG. He’s at least as good as Deng and Iggy right now.

      • Jameson says:

        Dead on. Pierce has been playing like an allstar, especially since this is his 14th season and all, producing big numbers for the position. Deng is injured?!

  90. apex. says:

    Most underrated playerr: Luol Deng & Andrea Bargnani !

  91. Bogeymania says:

    Brandon Jennings anyone???

  92. chris says:

    It is a travesty to not mention Roy Hibbert as the back up center in the East. What a joke

    • Peter says:

      I have to agree there. Dwight Howard and Greg Monroe are the best centres in the East right now, but given the lack of quality bigs these days I really think a third centre deserves to make the team…and that spot would really is between Tyson Chandler and Roy Hibbert

      • areyouserious says:

        That makes no sense, why would they put in a 3rd centre if the quality is so bad when there are other much more deserving players in different positions?

  93. James says:

    Brandon Jennings anyone….

  94. SERIOUS?! says:

    NO mention of Andrea Bargnani at all?? I know they have a losing record, and the Raptors aren’t exactly a household name, but isn’t that what they pay you WRITERS to do?? Keeping COMPLETELY updated within the league?? C’mon now..the mans been clearly playing all-star caliber basketball. This is completely reflective of how lazy, or unwilling you writers are to throw a name in your piece that isn’t a KOBE, LEBRON, WADE, etc.

    OVERLOOKED for me:
    – Andrea Bargnani
    – Kyle Lowry

    • Peter says:

      Problem with Lowry is that there are just too many great PG’s in the NBA, and other then his 8 RPG (insane for a PG) there are too many guards the leage with better overall stats.

  95. DM9 says:

    I guess the 3 recent Sixth Man, Jet, Crawford and Odom.

  96. NBEATZ says:

    East Starters:
    Lebrone James
    Carmelo Anthony
    Dwight Howard
    Derek Rose
    Dwayne Wade

    East Bench:
    Chris Bosh (3rd optin and is averaging 20.6 PPG)
    Amare Staudimire
    Loul Deng
    Rajon Rondo (They need someone on the team)
    Derrin Williams

    West Starters:
    Blake Griffin
    Kevin Durant
    Andrew Bynum
    Kobe Bryant
    Chris Paul

    West Bench:
    Steve Nash (Leading the leaque in Asists AGAIN with the team he has…..WOW…..)
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    Kevin Love
    Russle Westbrook
    Marc Gasol (It’s about time he makes it)

    Just Missed for East:
    Joe Johnson (19PPG for a guy that is one of the highest paid players in the leaque?????)
    Josh Smith
    Roy Hibbert
    Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce (Names is there, but the numbers are NOT)
    Andre Igudola

    Just missed for West:
    Ricky Rubio (When Nash retires!)
    Pau Gasol/Tim Duncan (Against the other forwards, they just dont match up)
    Kyl Lowry
    Dirk Knowiztki (The heart is in the right place, but the body just wont take him there)

    • kyle says:

      Honestly, I don’t get why, other than being a fan favorite, people would vote CP3 in. He is an All Star in ability, but there are players in the west who A: are putting up better numbers, and B) Playing at a more efficient rate.
      Im no Paul hater, I am just saying that other players are definately getting snubbed. (Mo Williams,Gallo,Lowry).

      • Chico says:

        Unfortunately, so many players are snubbed because a lot of people, when voting, thinks about the player’s career instead of his season. Kevin Garnett, Dirk (not playing well this season) are probably going to make the all star game, while rising players(Gallinari,Lawson,Millsap,Lowry etc etc) doesn’t have a chance to play. This make the all star game uglier, because some of the chosen players are not able to put the same plays as before.
        I really like Gallo’s game, even with the recent struggles(last 2 games), he deserves some praise. Varejão after 20-20 too.

    • desiballer3point says:

      Where is Ray Allen, he is by far better than Luol Deng

      • Jameson says:

        agreed. and show me the Paul Pierce numbers aren’t there arguement. There isn’t one. His numbers are there.

  97. Mary Lou says:

    I think Anderson Varejao is one of the most overlooked players. He puts his whole heart into each game, plays unselfishly and always does the best for the good of his team. He is great in every aspect of the game!! Hola Andy y muy bien echo con mucha suerte!!

  98. mcgirt4232 says:

    This is a unique and interesting year for this discussion. i don’t recall ever thinking such a high number of ‘first time allstars’ there could be- if all was fair and just. i count 19 players that arguably deserve a spot, and may not get one because their spots will most likely be given to players that realistically aren’t having ‘all star seasons.’
    from the East- G.Monroe, Bargnani, Calderon, Holiday, Iguadola, J.Smith, K.Irving, Hibbert,
    and from the West- Rubio, Gallinari, Lawson, Lowry, M.Gasol, Harden, Milsap, Jefferson, L.Aldridge, R.Gay, and M.Ellis
    Most likely, only two or three of these guys will be rewarde for their play. Certain ‘mainstays’ will live up to this name by ‘staying’ on squads they may not belong on, at least not This season- Garnett, Duncan, Nash, Pierce, Stoudamire, Pau Gasol, Billups, Nowitski….to name a few

    • kyle says:

      exactly what Im talking about.

      • Jameson says:

        Pierce? don’t just throw him in the bunch like that. Look how on fire he has been this season, especially without Rondo! I can understand Duncan and Stoudemire, especially Gasol. But don’t throw guys in there who’ve been tearing it up like Pierce has…

  99. Kamleh says:

    To me Andeson Varejao deserves to be an all star this year he leads the league in offensive rebounds and recorded his first 20-20 game this week, not to mention he is playing out of position as center instead of power foward

  100. shengishere says:

    How about Yao MIng? He’s injured and managed to start for the All-Stars, so injured players shouldn’t be excluded!
    I think Kevin Garnett & Tim Duncan should make it, though they may be old, but they’re hot favourites!
    Fans want them in Orlando! Luol Deng deserve a spot, really!
    Vince Carter & Grant Hill… how about some Veteran All-Star game?
    Bring in Derek Fisher & Jason Kidd. Hmm

    • kyle says:

      Yao = retired HOFer

    • Peter says:

      Ming is retired. KG and Duncan are borderline worthy, but with their current production there is really only room for one. Hill, Carter and Kidd still have skill, but they aren’t all-stars anymore. Fisher has never been anything more then a tough defender and a spot up shooter.

      • kenny says:

        He didn’t mean Yao should be playing. He was merely illustrating a point about Deng being injured and still make the All-Star game like Yao did!

  101. Mike Brittain says:

    OK. I think the most underated guy right now has to be Andrea Bargnani. He is not being mentioned by anyone anywhere. Yet he is top 10 in scoring in the league, and has been absolutely unguardable this season. If the main reason he is left off these lists is that he is injured right now, so be it. Would not play anyway. But come on. How well does this kid have to play before he gets some recognition?

    • Adrea Bargnani says:

      No doubt about that, he carries his team on his back.
      Not even mentioned? It’s not fair.
      Paul Millsap and James Harden i’m sorry, but Bargnani deserves it more than you two. Writers, please, at least mention those who deserve. Bargnani has been delivering every game.

      Monta Ellis deserves to be bench for his quality but not a starter beside Kobe or Chris Paul.

      • Peter says:

        Bargnani is on a losing team and he’s an absolute liability on defence – this is most likely why he’s not an All-Star. Milsap and Harden have actually won games with their play, while Bargnani has only filled stat sheets.

      • deebee says:

        not so- as of last week, Bargs was leading the league in his one-on-one defensive rating (via PPP).

      • Raps says:

        James Harden over Bargnani??? really?? The man isnt even a starter, come on now people!

        Im sure if bargnani was on OKC he’d be winning games too.

  102. Bart says:

    And what about Marcin Gortat?? His stats are preety nice and this year he’s playing like crazy…..but PHX is not :(:(

  103. Victor Manoel says:

    Yes, Luol Deng is really underrated, mostly because the Bulls stil can collect wins even without him.

    Monta Ellis is a roobed guy. He should have been in last year All-Star.

    And, please, God, don’t let the coach in charge pick Kevin Garnett to the Esatern team bench. He’s a great player, but Josh Smith has to be the reserve power forward…

    • ko0kiE says:

      Luol Deng deserves to be an allstar.. imo he’s clearly their second best player..probably their best defensive player. (also the reason why the bulls didn’t look that good against Miami)

    • N8 the Gr8 says:

      It’s like you read my mind! This is almost exactly who and what I wanted to comment about!
      Deng,Ellis, and Josh Smith definitely deserve to finally make the All-Star team. I wish they would somehow alter the voting policy so the FANS don’t continue to put in the more popular, underperformers like Garnett, Pierce or Joe Johnson so others get a chance.

      • Peter says:

        Pierce is at least as deserving as Deng – look at their season numbers, and then look at what Pierce has done for Boston in Rondo’s absense. Deng might deserve it as much as Pierce, but definately not more.

      • Peter says:

        Per 34 min:
        Smith: 15.4 PPG, 3.2 APG, 9.1 RPG, 1.3 SPG, 2.0 BPG, 0.47 FG%, 0.52 FT
        Garnett 14.6 PPG, 3.0 APG, 8.0 RPG, 0.9 SPG, 1.1 BPG, 0.48 FG%, 0.84 FT

        Yes Smith’s numbers are a slightly better overall, but KG ‘underperforming’ – really?

      • samson says:

        the fans only vote for the games’ starters which last year wasnt joe johnson KG or pierce. the coaches voted for them

    • Jaykwan says:

      Look at how the Bulls have fared without Deng: two really close losses to two really good teams. I’m not going to say Lu’s absence was the difference in those games, but…

      …It probably was.

  104. prix says:

    Ellis deserves it…I would still vote for Ellis than Rubio to be an all star……as well as Verajao this year…he is the most hardworking guy in the Cavs… give the Cavs fans a chance since Lebron betrayed them…

    • Jake says:

      It’s the ALL STAR game.. this isn’t a game voted on by sympathy.. Sorry Cleaveland better luck next year

      • The Flow says:

        Unfornately, it IS a game whose starters are by a huge amount dependent on sympathy. It’s a lot more quality based when it comes to the bank players but sympathy does play a significant factor in the All Star nomination. If it was just based on quality, someone like Dirk Nowitzki would have been a starter at least a few times and someone like Yao Ming wouldn’t have been a regular starter.

  105. the real king james says:

    rudy gay also being overlooked

  106. qafafa says:

    The most underrated all star is the one none of you have even mentioned! Luol Deng.. the number two player on one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the league. right now he’s injured so that may cost him but he deserves a reserve spot more than anyy of the east forwards. behing him i’d put Iguadala and perhaps Granger and Hibbert

    • Jones17 says:

      Couldn’t agree more, well said!

      • Peter says:

        Paul Pierce started the season slowly due to injury, but has been destroying opponents since getting his step back – he’s the reason Boston have gone from 0.350 to 0.500 in the space of 6 games. He is as deserving of a spot as any forward in the East.

    • Taylor says:


      • Gary_david says:

        Pierce , Iggy , Hibbert , Granger , D.west! those guys should be in the list. well im not a pacers fan but those guys deserve more! you dont need to score a lot or getting fancy to the ball to be called an allstar!

    • imad akel says:

      oh no way igoudala’s not making the all star trip lol

      igoudala shouldnt be mentioned because igoudala should make it especially the way he’s been playing this season.