Ready To Howl: TWolves In Playoffs?

HOUSTON – If you close your eyes and imagine the future, this is the stuff of fantasy – a shrewd, quick young point guard, a do-it-all All-Star forward on one wing, a redemptive scorer on the other and the kind of smart head coach who can make it all work.

If you opened your eyes at the Toyota Center on Monday night, Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, Michael Beasley and Rick Adelman were standing right in front of you.

If there is a team currently sitting at bottom of one of the league’s six divisions that could make the playoffs, it is the Timberwolves. Is it too early to beat the drum already for the post-season?

“No,” Love said after Minnesota whipped Houston for its sixth win in the last nine games. “This is the way we’ve thought we could play when we started putting things together. We had some tough early losses, but now I think you’re starting to see what we can become.”

What the Wolves are for the first time all season is healthy. Beasley, who pumped in 34 points, is finally fit after missing 11 games with a sprained right foot. Martell Webster is finding his stride after back surgery.

Of course, Love has continued on his All-Star arc from last season and Rubio is probably the early favorite for rookie of the year, already with nine double-doubles, including 18 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds against the Rockets.

But it would be the addition of a consistently producing Beasley who could help vault Minnesota into playoff contention this season, even in the deep Western Conference. They are currently just two games behind No. 8 seed Portland and would already be holding down the No. 7 if they were in the East.

“We think that we have some really nice pieces, but our problem is we’ve been so up and down,” Adelman said. “We’ve played a lot of good team and played them close, but we’ve always had periods that have just killed us.”

With a 10-11 record, five of the Wolves’ losses have come by five points or less, which shows that they’re not far away. What’s more, they have already won five road games, which equals their road totals from each of the past two seasons.

“We’re young and we’re learning about each other and how to play the game together,” Rubio said. “But we have guys who can play the game and who like to play together. What we’re trying to do is build something good for the future.”

Like April and May.


  1. Patrick says:

    I agree with you, faustonauta, and Charles.

    May be we have a new Beasley this year.
    Barea is able to shoot 3 points and go for lay up,
    he didn’t play yet.
    But no hesitation for another fast seven footer with a pure jump shot.
    But If this team go in play-off without that big man, that means Beasley makes something great
    fighting with a huge confidence. After being down for years..

  2. ash says:

    the timberwolves should trade beasley and darko to kings for Cousins, they need a centre if they are every going to contend and derrick Williams/Wesley Johnson will be just as productive at the 3 as beasley would be.

  3. charles says:

    Timberwolves might do better with Utah and Portland going into the playoff so they get their first round draft picks (first 14 protected) and make a trade to bring a decent shooting guard. The answer in this position is defnitely not ridnour. He’s a great player, just not a shooting guard. Martell Webster can secure this position, but he has a few games to prove it and if he does….the twolves go to the playoffs. It’s really mostly about Webster. Love is consistent, Rubio has been consistent in being the general on the field, Beasley is a talented but sporadic player, Darco and Pec make a doable pair. Our shooting guard position not good and without that, we don’t go into the playoff. Come on Martell prove us wrong!

  4. Rubio has not improved his jumpshot in the last 5 seaseons. Idont think he will make it in his life.

    • The dude says:

      Ricky Rubio has not try to shot since he is pro, I mean in Europe… so, of course, he can (and I’sure he well) improve not only his shot, but also his scoring ability. Actually, It’s happening right now, It will only get better. Book it, Ricky Rubio will be a good/solid/not great scorer in a couple of years.

  5. ko0kiE says:

    I’m not so sure if they should keep beasley and milicic…beasley is a very talented wing player, but he lacks consistency.. same for milicic.. he’s not that talented but a decent big.. it just seems he gives 100% every game.

  6. Aman says:

    I love the T-Wolves. Too bad Love wasn’t maxed though. And if they go for and get Kaman, I’d pick them for the 8th seed.

  7. supercarlitos says:

    Ok, guys – take it down a notch, way too much excitement, let’s not over-hype our situation, true that we have a very promising and talented squad, but let’s give them the room and the time to develop and come together.

  8. T-wolves says:

    Spain Golden Metall in the olimpics games ….Afro-America ,Silver Metall,……sorry

  9. amenedo says:

    RICKY will be the best guard,thre’s no doubt

  10. kickcans says:

    Have to be blind or racist and not see that …. Kevin Love is the best overall player in the NBA…… Check the stats. strong contender for MVP 2012. So far no show at the ALL STARS game. Hope he will be at the OLYMPICS.

  11. kickcans says:

    Rick Adelman is the big diff. Turnovers coming down and def much better. Beasly should be willing to share more and not force his shots. No doubt the will have presence at the playoff. The “POWER OF LOVE” has been under estimated.

  12. Patrick says:

    Love and Rubio : double double double double double double double for the kids, and all year may be. I am sure Beasley is very happy of this situation.
    Kevin Love is considered as a great player in France, but I wonder what’s going on in USA, they are still waiting may be for Carmelo and Stoudemire to make something great, medias look so excited about that.

    • Faustonauta says:

      IMO, players like Melo or Stoudamire have no room in this type of team. This is a Humble team (as the Kings were in the Adelmans era) with atheletes able to put their talents at the team disposal, not focused for reaching personal glory and selling t-shirts with their names but for team success. I’m sorry if my take of these 2 great players is misunderstood, but I don’t think neither of them will fit in this type of team. Do you really think that Melo or Stoudamire will sacrifice their “NBA Star trait” in order to work for the team and not for their own recognition?
      In this case, I agree with the idea that Wolves are similar to Spurs, is about team effort, not about Stars in the team, but the outcome of using the same philosophy is so different from one to another.
      Someone like Marc Gasol would be a perfect addition (Grizzlies did it well fighting for him), is not D.Howard and this is what makes him perfect, not being a Star but a worker, after all this is still a team sport and Adelman knows it well.

  13. lj says:

    T-wolves on the prowl!!..How about they try and get Kaman as center instead of Darko? 🙂 If they can keep beasley at cost and he can be consistent turning into the all-start that he can be, then the wolves would have their own Big 3 in a couple of years!.. only thing left o do is get a good center and great role about wes and darko for kaman?

  14. Corey says:

    “Rubio is probably the early favorite for rookie of the year”.

    I’m guessing the author never heard of Kyrie Irving?

  15. 123germany says:

    minnesota might have a very talented roster but honestly i dont see a chance for them to get into the playoffs this year.
    Just take a definite look on the western conference:

    OKC will make it
    no one really can believe that the big three of the west wont make it – so add the spurs, lakers and mavs to okc
    the nuggets also look very good and have a deep roster
    with cp3 caron butler and billups the clips will aswell have a better record than the wolves

    so only the 7th and 8th seed left for (imo) 5 teams: houstun, the wolves, the jazz, memphis and portland
    id put the wolves on the same lvl like houston and the jazz, they might have more talent but they need to show it constently( one kevin love is not enough). Well and with zach randolph back (btw when will he return?) i dont think many doubt that memphis is better than minnesota. Same for Portland with LA, Wallace and dont forget the addition of crawford.

  16. Atraccion says:

    When he learns to shoot RRR will be the best PG ever.. a 25 ppg 12 as machine, pistol maravich II, he is a dinasty changer.

  17. holayadios54 says:

    Wolves have a great team this year, but they have to train the Game-Time, they firsts half are really bad, but in the seconds half they plays amazing and in the almost of the match breaks it and win. When K.Love, R.Rubio and another player are on fire, its win match without dude.

  18. ball86 says:

    rubio-beasly-love could be the best big three in next teen years…….they just need time is just the first years they play together and they are 21-22-23 years old…..if minnesota gets the PO, it’s becasue of the teams like SAS with old people cant continue playing 4 games every week at the same level,the last month will be incredible hard and we’ll see if any old team go down

  19. T-wolves says:

    Spain is Different.

  20. Viktor J says:

    Pekovic is beast he will be starting center he is so good!

  21. Penckm says:

    I watch a game most days from Australia. Being a Bulls and Spurs follower for many years I find I want to watch the Wolves games every day. There is a story unfolding with the T wolves and it’s fun seeing it happen each game. They deff need another peice but with JJ and Williams playing with confidence they could be a tricky frist round match up for the 2nd or 3rd team is they can get that high by playoffs. I want to watch that happen, the NBA is interesting again.

  22. Mike says:

    I’m looking forward for this team in the playoffs! Wolf pack on the hunt? Certainly!

  23. allaroundballer says:

    Kevin Garnett would be proud

  24. Derek says:

    Minnesota is looking very good this year! A rising, young point guard who can see the court like nobody else, a scoring and rebounding machine and an offensive spark off the bench. They have been plagued by Injury including a key reserve that is JJ Barea. They are looking great this year and are really challenging that playoff spot. I hope for the best for them and I am confident that they will prevail!

  25. Donathan says:

    I really like the core of Beasely, Love, and Rubio. I feel like the key to success is Beasely. Love and Rubio will always be consistant and give you what you need, but I think that Beasely has the ability to create his own shot and knock it down consistantly unlike Love and Rubio.

    • pudge says:

      rubio really isnt consistent…
      especially not with “the ability to create his own shot and knock it down”

  26. Roy says:

    I think the T’wolves have a 40-60% chance of making the playoffs, the last 2 seeds in the West are changing almost every day and its always a possibility for a new team to fill the spot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it they certainly have the potential.

  27. Chot says:

    Rick Kamla Must be proud to see his t’wolves. haha i think they will make the 7th or 8th seed.

  28. Cholo1864 says:

    wait until JJ gets back it will be another level go JJ.

  29. Tim says:

    They can be a contender as long as they find a better center than Darko Milicic and Pekovic or maybe Love can learn to play the center position so that you can insert Derrick Williams in the lineup. They drafted him 2nd overall and he’s like playing 15 minutes a game.

    • Faustonauta says:

      I agree with part of that, a reliable Center, not a Superstar one is needed, will provide a more balanced squad. Love is fine at his current spot, moving him to another will not fix the problem but will generate another (Who will take care of that position then? OK, I see you coming, Both positions is not a realistic proposition, even for a talented player like him). But we all know how the trade market is and what’s available, so, Which one?

  30. Matt says:

    Boy the Wolves are exciting to watch this year!!! Some of their losses (against contenders) have been close games and they had chances to win. If they keep the core of Love, Rubio and Beasley then add a couple of role players, they could make some noise in the West.

  31. clip58 says:

    I think they can’t make it in to the playoff, since there r lot of teams better than them in the West. Let them rematch with the lob city team, i want to see klove being posterized by BG

    • jacobj says:

      Your nuts! love is an all around player And bg is only good for jumping high. Love will win the matchup 9 outta 10 times. Wovles a lock for the 7-8th seed

    • uoykcuf says:

      love the new look clips but can we all stop saying “lob city”?

  32. Ghost says:

    Bro y dnt Derrick Williams play against Rockets.Last time i chech he only play like 7 minutes.Thats bull he was pick 2 pick right after Kyrie. He should deserve more minutes then 7 minutes C’mon R

    • Twolves fan says:

      I seriously agree with that. He has lots of potiential and already shown that with min, he can produce. Wes johnson needs to be bench. His stats lately is horrible. The number two pick is going be be wasted if he is rusting in the bench. It should be kyrie, rubio and williams fighting for rookie of the year right now, instead it’s just between kyrie and rubio. Not a fair chance for Derrick. Especially with beasely back, Derrick is only getting like seven min, per game. How you gonna develope or show any stats with those kind of min.

    • JK says:

      Right now, the Wolves are loaded at power forward when healthy. Derrick Williams is just playing the PF now so he only gets decent minutes when there are injuries or Love goes to center. They really don’t have many true wings so Wesley Johnson has to get minutes due to his ability to defend wings. He is lost right now on offense, but he will see reduced minutes when JJ Barea and Martell Webster are fully back. The Wolves right now are trying to win games so Wes Johnson and Derrick Williams will probably be bench role players this season if the Wolves are healthy. Remember, Derrick Williams is only 20, he’s been in the NBA for not even 2 months and he’s playing behind Kevin Love right now. He will get his chance.

  33. LakersBaby says:

    Rubio and Love is the key to make the playoffs.Leggo Rubio!!

  34. Irish Brendan says:

    I hope so! rubio – genius – so entertaining! love – stat machine – incredible player! beasley – slightly idiotic yet supremely talented! the wolves have the building blocks for a great team, if they could snag a superstar in free agency next year they’d be a serious outfit!

  35. prix says:

    T´wolves team in terms of excitement is just like the Spurs without a ring…Rubio like Parker and Love like Timmy…so basic… so straight… so boring…

    • Faustonauta says:

      So funny your comment, just the same but with a million of differences, an Apple and an Egg have much more in common between them. I give all the credit to the Popovich squad, Who am I to be blind after all they have accomplished? To be honest, your comparation makes no sense, the Popovich’s Spurs have never been funny to watch and the Wolves are (among others, like OKC) the most exciting team to spend time in front of the TV when watching Basketball right now.

      • Jeremy the Wicked says:

        what’s something in common with apple and egg?!

      • Faustonauta says:

        I mean, an Apple is more similar to an Egg than the Wolves to the Spurs. I’m sorry, I’m not English native so sometimes is hard to understand me. Thanks for your patience mates.

  36. Patrick says:

    One of the most exciting team to watch for this year.

  37. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Hope they make it. Rubio has made the team so much more entertaining. When he gets a jumpshot he will be unstoppable

  38. Robert says:

    Minnesota have two of the brightest superstar in the game today, they’ll end entering the playoff pictures without a doubt.

    • NyRican says:

      TWolves need Kevin Garnett in the locker room.
      To be in these players ears n backs no sugar coating.
      Plus KG would be able to come off the bench.
      Save some juice in those old legs.
      I don’t see why he hasn’t been traded.
      He can’t carry the Celtics any longer.
      Starting & playing the amount of mins. he will retire sooner.

      • all dayy says:

        he never carried the celtics not even in their championship year.he was just an important part of the team.

    • Antonio says:

      There is too much talent on the west. i think they will finish as the 10 seed this year but the future is bright. If they were on the east it would be a playoff team for sure.

      • ko0kiE says:

        please?! KG is the heart and soul of the celtics defense..and that’s where the celtics have been at top for the past four years…