Must See BG: Dunk Of The Year?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If you didn’t see it live, you missed Blake Griffin‘s latest entry in the Dunk (on someone) of the Year contest.

Even LeBron James, the weekend champ, gave it up (via Twitter) after watching Must-See-BG’s cram on Kendrick Perkins:

Dunk of the Year!! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!! Wow!! I guess I’m #2 now. Move over #6

You’ll get no argument here LeBron!

Feel free to debate its place in the all-time annals of great dunks you’ve seen. We’ll be doing so here at the hideout for at least the next 48 hours.

And in the meantime, we’ll add a few other reference materials for you to peruse while you debate:

We know the Knicks are going through a rough time right now and probably didn’t need to be reminded of this, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Sorry!

The slo-mo is just us being greedy and wanting to see last night’s wicked jam one more time!


  1. Anith says:

    I like basketball more than my life

  2. dunktogo says:

    Really well done. First time i see this and I wonder how successful he done this amazing slam dunk!

  3. charles says:

    Manimal. That guy is absurdly athletic. I mean wow!

  4. Rahul says:

    Man , both dunks were nasty sickeningly sweet , lebron jumps over and blake goes through and through . Im sorry perkins, but as far as i can remember that was the second sick dunk on him. ppl do ya’ll remember D-Wade getting nasty on perkins.check the link .You can just about remove that scowl buddy , nobody is intimidated by you anymore. I am definetly not going to compare dunks just lets put it this way
    Lebron’s is the best alley oop dunk this season.
    Blake’s is the best slam dunk of the season.

    Hooray for an NBA season this year.

  5. Fabio says:

    Kobe over Ben Wallace or Kobe over Yao Ming are better than these in the all-time annals of great dunks

  6. jcas says:

    lebron still no 1 for uremember vince carter?

  7. Bwood says:

    D-wade over perkins was better. Plus Blake holds Kendrick perkins down. still a nasty dunk tho. Lebron’s was better tho.

  8. 123germany says:

    wow , now perkins got even more reason to look mad

  9. Royale says:

    Guess who did it to? (the second best player in the nba)

  10. Perkins:FML
    Griffin: Good game, Perkins

  11. Marnel Miyasan Tuble says:

    Wow! That’s so amazing! A very hard dunk right into the face of a noted center Perkins!

    What makes this more appreciated even by LeBron himself is that it’s done in front of Perkins who is a heavy-bodied center.

    But of course, LeBron remains the most athletic in the league right now.

  12. JR says:

    Hey Sekou,

    How about a side by side video comparison of Lebron’s dunk over John Lucas vs Blake Griffin’s dunk on Kendrick Perkins?

    And a slow motion one of Lebron’s dunk too please.

    I literally cannot believe my eyes on these two dunks. Lebron’s is probably the most difficult dunk ever. Not only did he have to catch a ball flying 12 ft in the air, he did it with ONE HAND, and leapt completely over a 5’11” tall man!

    Blake’s is probably the hardest slam dunk ever! The sheer power behind it is frightening.

    Isn’t it “amazing” though, that there was only one player ever that dunked over another player like Lebron did, and could slam as hard as Blake?!

  13. ZeeshanC says:

    LeBron’s the best

  14. JohnMayer says:

    both dunks were simply amazing. LBJ is at a higher level of difficulty and unique thus my pick for number one. it is somewhat subjective and i respect (and understand) the people that picked BG. None of you posting here has ever seen someone jump over a defender and in mid air catch an alley-oop with one hand; dunking it down. LEBRON’S DUNK HAS NEVER BEEN DONE IN THE NBA! The athleticism and coordination required is mind blowing, not to mention incredibly dangerous. that’s why it has never been done before, ever. LeBron dunk is in my opinion number one.

  15. kalbo says:

    THATS NOT A DUNK>>>>he just throw the ball so hard on the rim but NOT A DUNK

  16. LION says:

    blakes dunk over a KIA car over a 5-11 lucas which is even a ally oop dunk and compared to bg’s dunk over perkins is a no argument.LBJ dunk still the best in my opinion guys…

  17. Will says:


    And, no, Michael Jordan is NOT the best dunker of all time.

  18. AYING says:

    wooow!!!!but still lebron’s dunk over lucas is the best in the games,,,watch it carefully,,,the difficulties owesome,,,when he cuts look at the defender his moving closing the lane,,but james did’nt see it and look how he catches the ball only 1 hand ITS EXTREMELY NICE!!!!!!…..

  19. Jess says:

    First of all, Lebrons dunk was good. But if you look at his dunk, it was non-contested and John Lucas was bend over almost half way.. John Lucas 5’11.. lets say he is an even 6 ft tall.. almost half of that is 3’6″… so for a guy like Lebron to jump over 3.6 ft isn’t that great.. Blake had a SHOT BLOCKER coming against him, trying to pull him down and foul him too.. But for him to still keep elevating, not fall back, and then throw it down (not flip it up) IS something..

    Want an easy way to evaluate the two dunks? Just switch players and put them in the other’s situation. Tell me who would’ve and could’ve pulled off and completed the dunk!!!!!!! Easy as that 🙂

  20. NyRican says:

    Great Dunk. Perkins is overrated.
    If I was OKC I would swap Perkins for Dwight Howard.

  21. rudi says:

    from the immediate aftermath of both dunks it looks like de andre jordan is blake’s biggest fan.

  22. JR says:

    Are you kidding me? Is this year’s NBA for real? These are not human beings we are watching. They are MONSTERS! I just finished watching Lebron do the second most incredible dunk I’ve seen (number 1 also jumped clean over someone, 7+ FT !!!), and then I witness this!! This is by far the most entertaining year in the NBA in a loooong time. The boring Celitcs, Lakers, Lakers, Celtics, Lakers, Lakers, shooting shooting ball-hogging shooting NBA is over for a while, thank goodness. DUNKS are back and they are back HARRRDD!!

    When everyone calms down, Lebron’s dunk is still slightly more impressive because you don’t see that often.

    Once every ten years dunk vs WOOWWWWW dunk!

  23. JJ says:

    AWW!!! nasty STUFF!! this poster will go down the books as the greatest posters…

  24. HeyHey says:

    I still think jumping over someone is better and less expected

  25. Wade says:

    lebron’s still better.

  26. Bert says:

    LBJ dunk – i was surprised!
    BG dunk – shock and awe!

    I want to see BG do that to Dwight Howard….

  27. Ryan says:

    lol lebron’s dunk wasnt even number 1, if you wanna talk about jumping over people, try vince carter in the olympics, lebron’s doesnt even compare. besides, i rather watch a dunk on someone than over someone anyday, it looks so much nastier.

    • Lebrons REAL friend says:

      lots of people dunk on people, Blake dunked on perkins . . but lebron jumped OVER. who does that?! oh . . vince carter . .thats right. . only 2!!!!!!!

  28. Lebrons REAL friend says:

    NOT EVEN THAT GOOD!!! lebron jumped OVER . a guy . . . who even does that!? blake dunk #2

  29. djtchio says:

    the reason y lebon’s dunk is the best of all time is because he done it with one hand people it’s seem like everybody forget that.

    • Jess says:

      yea, with no defender and the guy that was next to him was bend over trying not to get hit… yea.. WOWWWW!!!! -__-

  30. they should put a lebron top ten Dunks or blake griffin top 10 dunks on NBA.COM

  31. kobe says:

    both were amazing dunks….Lebron was crazy.Griffin dunk was crazy..Lebron who is 6’8 jumped over a 5’9 GUARD gRIFFEN WENT UP AND THRU 6’11 perkins who is a nasty defender..Lebron dunk is even second compared to Kevin Johnsons who is 6’2 dunks over Mark Eaton AND TOM cHAMBERS

  32. sameer patan says:

    I think Blake’s dunk was nasty and easily one of the top dunks this year but how many times have people jumped over a man completeley in the NBA. Poster dunks on the other hand – we see them every single day! Nene seems to posterize someone every couple of games. I dont see him ending up here. Just cos Blake posterized someone who was clearly slow to jump, he cant be the dunk of the year. That being said, he did make it look like the dunk of the year. But, I would go with Lebron’s dunk cos its just so rare and I haven’t seen one like that ever since I started following NBA.

  33. chris says:

    Slam Dunk- A shot in which a player thrusts the ball emphatically down through the basket

    clearly this was a dunk whether he touched the rim or not , this is by far the best dunk this year

  34. hot2rest says:

    If you think that blake griffin dunks better than lebrons, then you dont play basketball and you dont understand basketball.wathc it griffin always hold down deffenders with his let hand to push him self up and thats illegal…lebron jumped over over the deffender….lebron is the king…

  35. gidfish says:

    between lebron and griffin i have to go with griffin. lebron’s dunk was amazing yes, but he didnt do anything different than he normally does when he catches an alley-oop other than bend his knees a little bit. and the fact that lucas is like 6ft or whatever has nothing to do with it cuz he was bent over. griffins dunk was a lot higher degree of difficuly and he packed on one of the better shot blockers in the league. lebron vs. griffin? griffin wins hands down

  36. NMDJV6 says:


  37. In short Blake´s and Lebron´s dunks are tied. The dunks have evolved since Do Wilkins.

  38. Faisal says:

    LeBron had to jump over a guy, catch the ball, and dunk it. His dunk was far better. Blake’s is powerful, but not as difficult to pull off.

  39. delta says:

    Lebron’s dunk was better ; the pick for king james

  40. Christopher Plumley says:

    Can i have a B.G slam-burger please with a side of Perkins????!!!!!! Did you hear the crowd on that one?!!!

  41. Al says:

    Lebron’s Dunk was way better. Blake’s Dunk was basically a replay of last year, although nice. But, I have never seen a dude get hurdled on the way to an alley oop dunk!

  42. Bob says:

    This dunk was so dirty i switched to Po**

  43. Swede says:

    dunk (dngk)
    v. dunked, dunk·ing, dunks
    1. To plunge into liquid; immerse. See Synonyms at dip.
    2. To dip (food) into a liquid food, such as a beverage or sauce, prior to eating.
    3. Basketball To slam (a ball) through the basket from above.
    1. To submerge oneself briefly in water.
    2. Basketball To slam a ball through the basket from above.
    1. The act or an instance of dunking.
    2. A liquid or creamy food into which other foods are dunked.
    3. Basketball A dunk shot.

  44. JTGV1 says:

    some dud just said mj is the best dunker of all time thats a god damn lie vince carter is and forever will be his dunks had finess power and the awe facor his top 3 dunks will never b topped – the 1 hand 360 dunk, the dunk over the 7 footer in an olympic game everybody in the wrold saw that and the dunk over alonzo mouring blakes griffins dunk is good but no thing to vince carters top 3 if they had hd when vince carter did those dunks it would look even better then bg dunks but BG is the man but dont disrecpect carter

  45. Blitzing_U says:

    Blakes new name is The Incredible Hulk. If Jordan hadn’t held him and calmed him down he woul’d have gone green and destroyed the Staple Center. Jordan is a hero

  46. lalala says:

    such a overrated dunk… still LBJ is dunk the best

  47. luismvp6 says:

    im a lbj fan but blakes dunk was just nasty perkins name your two sons Blake and Wade

  48. natefilewood says:


  49. Michael says:

    a slam dunk competition btw LBJ and Blake would be the best eva!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Let´s face the reality we are in front of a new era of dunks. Lebron and BG have taken the monsters jams to another level.
    After Micheal retired it was Vince Carter who replaced him. Then was Lebron and Blake G.
    Before Michael who was in?= D Wilkins. So don´t you forget that the first revolutionary was Do Wilkins period. You can´t argue with this.
    You forget Grant Hill., OVER.

  51. Mitch S. says:

    I will admit, this dunk is the best of the year. If Blake would have been able to actually grab the rim instead of literally just throwing it through the goal, then I’d say this would be the BEST dunk in NBA history……but Serge Ibaka’s free-throw line dunk in the dunk contest last year is my ALL-TIME favorite.

    • OH WOW says:

      you have up and lost your mind.. or maybe your only 12 who knows but Ibakas freethrow dunk was ok at best (james white’s freethrow ensemble was much better) and your saying that BG’s is the best ever? Get your facts straight, last year when blake was playing the knicks and did that spin move monster jam on Gallanari was better than this. Not to mention any of VINSANITY lets not forget how he jumped all the way over a 7footer or how he postered Alonzo Mourning on multiple occasions and Alonzo is one of the better shot blockers in the history of the NBA. Yea Perk is a big dude and a great defender but this is not the best dunk of all time. MJ dunked all over Ewing after he tip toed the baseline,that dunk is better than this one.

  52. Cleepers says:

    It’s hilarious to me that ANYONE can find a reason to hate on this! Lakers fans that are disappointed in their “team” and Lebron nuthuggers. C’mon fellas, LBJ himself said that this is better than his.

  53. Michael J says:

    It goes to say that 98% of us arm chair spectators can do neither dunk. For that reason they both were spectacular. Both requires a lot of talent and athleticism.

    • AndyK says:

      You seriously thing 2% of population can do these dunks? That means milions of poeple..try 0.00000000002%…

  54. Keith says:

    Seriously for those who are talking about Tis-No-Dunk thing, this is considered a DUNK on NBA official website.

    There is no official definition of how one player should dunk the ball in order to be considered as a dunk.

    Most importantly, the concept of dunking came from NBA, therefore NBA has its right to define what a DUNK is, not you or me or anyone.

    All in all, Blake’s throwdown is fierce enough to stand itself up on the headline. Stop picking on definitions and start appreciating the game.

  55. Denzo says:

    Scottie Pimpin is the man, #### the rest of these guys.

    Oh yeah, LBJ and BGs dunks were crazy good. Couldnt pick a clear winner. LeBrons was cool over a short dude, BGs was cool, over a big dude.

    And I hate LeBron. Self centred prick.

  56. Bev says:

    Awesome !!!!

  57. BGftw says:

    Did you ever see LeBron dunk over people with the height like that of Perkins? Lucas wasn’t even looking and he was too short. He even ducked when LeBron dunked over him (but surely that was impressive). BG’s dunks are awesome in any perspective and angle. They are more intense and gives out that resonance that a dunk really should have. That one he made there is a dunk. It’s a throw down (throwing down the ball inside the ring) not to mention that he touched the rim while he did so. Seriously? Dunking over a center just like that with that POWER? You’re gonna be kidding me if you say LBJ’s was better. BG can always do that to Lucas anyway. Btw LeBron, join the dunk contest please? 🙂 why back out?

    • LBJ FTW says:

      i have seen lebron dunk over someone that big and with more power and it was a game that mattered in the playoffs against the celtics. im pretty sure that marv albert referred to it as ” lebron james with no reguard for human life” in which he made KG his little play thing, not to mention putting the okie doke on paul pierce. Now when it comes to dunks this past weekend, how many times have you seen someone jump all the way over an opponent in a game? Vince did it, MJ did it (kinda) and LBJ did it. So he stands with some pretty elite comany in that reguard where as just about any one who is a high flyer has dunked on someone hard. I would say that when Vince was playing for the nets and dunked on Mourning is better than BG’s dunk.. Vince and Mourning met in the air and Vinsanity dunked on the way down he was so high. Lets not crown this dunk the best ever just because its new people.

      • jumpedover says:

        True, and besides I have not seen Vince Carter sort of pushes the defender in order to gain a higher advantage to be able to dunk. It’s either a chest bump, sideways, or over. 🙂

      • Jess says:

        LOL i saw both the dunks… almost the same.. cept the difference is that alonzo turned his back and played D with one hand and was UNDERNEATH THE RIM.. Vince was already right up next to the rim… Come on now.. your comparing that with blakes who had a person on him (who didn’t fall away), who pretty much fouled him through the whole dunk, and not to mention his distance from the rim that he had to stretch his hand horizontally to complete the dunk (not vertically like vince).. and trust me when i say this.. vince’s height on his jump was NO WHERE close to how high griffin got up there…

  58. asdf says:

    Lebron’s dunk was better blake’s dunk been done before check out lebron’s no regard for human life dunk over kg. A dunk from the 2007-08 second round of the playoffs against Kevin Garnett. This is also known as the “no regard for human life dunk,”

  59. LeBron James no. 1 fan-Sparsh says:

    oh commooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn lebron just dunked over lucas’s head but griffin only above chest lebron james’s dunk is no.1 of all time

  60. lord p says:


  61. bostonlou says:

    this is the first time i’m glad perk is no longer a celtic 😉

    although… this was a throw in… barely a dunk

    vince leaping weis is still #1

  62. Most of Griffin dunks are says:

    offensive foul. Pause at 0:10 second mark on the second video and see for your self. Blake covered Perkins head including his eyes before he dunked it.

  63. jumpedover says:

    Vince carter over weis, lebron over lucas, kirk snyder over von wafer 😀

  64. Rich says:

    Thanks for the entertainment Blake and Bron. I hope you guys don’t get injured. It will be fun to see you both in the Finals but too bad it’s not gonna happen ! Bulls – Mavs !

  65. Most of Griffin dunks are says:

    offensive foul, he used his forearm.

  66. miguel mercedes says:

    griffin is overrated! he is 6-10 and jump hig! thats it! i stay with lebrons dunk ! griffin is good but not enough!

  67. Most of Griffin says:

    dunks are offensive foul. Don’t get me wrong here, they are fun to watch but Griffin uses his other hand to hold his opponents so that they cannot block the shot! Didn’t he grab Mozgov Head before dunking?

  68. miguel mercedes says:

    top dunks.
    #1 – lebron james over john lucas
    #2 -dwayne wade over perkins
    #3 ….

    #7- blake griffin over perkins

  69. Robert says:

    I know this would happen after the Lebron Dunk. BG would have said: OK now is my turn to posterize somebody jajajaja. BG SICKEST DUNK, the best jam of the season, but that would be until he decide that need another noumber as number 1

  70. prix says:

    Its seems Blake is gaining more popularity than Love… Blake is the next Vince Carter and Love is the next Timmy but without a ring…boring…

  71. Manu says:

    What ‘s all the debate for?
    Keep the comments to the dunk itself.

    Did you even see the look on Perkins’ face afterwards? That tells it all. That’s pride reduced to a molecular level! He just realised that whatever he’s done in the past or eventually will in the future part of his career, this dunk will always come back to haunt him.

    Give Perkins credit for trying though, but that was mission impossible. Blake just took the elevator to the eleventh floor, pressed “hold”, saw Perkins being stuck at the seventh, and flat out destroyed him.

    LBJ also went to the eleventh floor by the way, John Lucas got stuck on the fifth. 🙂 Make your pick for number 1 dunk of the year, I can live with both.

  72. ice_pogi says:

    “LeBron already said that BG’s dunk was better. Nothing needs to be debated. LeBron leapfrogged over John Lucas, with Lucas’ not knowing LeBron was right behind him… I mean, above him. That was an ambush for Bron. But this BG dunk is a face to face, nasty and powerful dunk. Talk about doing that against one of the premiere defenders in the league… John Lucas isn’t one.”

    How About Dwade’s Poster Dunk on Perkins Face to Face….Much more Nasty and more Powerful….. And the GUY is Much Smaller than Blake… He’s Just 6’4″ …………… Want Evidence??? Check it Out On Youtube……

  73. poster child says:

    I don’t know Sekou… Lebron did jump OVER John Lucas. But yes, that Blake dunk made my eyes pop out.

  74. ALI says:

    Lebron still the best…..

  75. ALI says:

    That was not even a dunk…. I don’t know why ppl would consider that a dunk….
    The guy just threw the ball on the net…

    • BFoulds says:

      dude, a dunk is when you throw the ball down into the basket. Defined your hand doesnt need to touch the rim at all PEROID. Learn your basketball before writing nonsense.

  76. Moses says:

    This dunk is way better than Lebron’s
    John Lucus is way shorter and lighter than lebron, and he didn’t know that Lebron is behind him
    but actually Perkins is trying to foul blake griffin, but he is just a monster
    he slams it, slams it in Perkin’s face
    Also, even Lebron James said that Blake’s dunk is better, so the answer is obvious
    Blake’s is better than Lebron’s, what is the argument for ???

  77. reagan says:

    Kendrick Perkins is immortalize forever. ROFL

  78. Fan Favourite says:

    how can Lebrons be compared to blakes he jumped over a 5’11 guy with his back semi turned Blake went up and over a 7 footer who was trying to block enuff said really

  79. drin says:

    dunk champion, anyone? Obviously it’s a bigtime dunk by a slam dunk CHAMP! Lebron’s too afraid to be a part of any dunk competition! damn, Blake, that was DAYYUM!

  80. Witness says:

    Lebron;s Dunk on Jhon lucas III is the Greatest…

  81. King James Fanatic says:

    If Blake can copy the dunk of Lebron i would accept that he gets the dunk of the year.

  82. alpas says:

    that’s not a dunk!tap ring maybe!lebron still nmber 1!

  83. rynd2rei says:

    ohw my ghawd! This is too nasty it should be banned!!! hide yo kids!

  84. Michel says:

    haha, lebron is guessing dat he is number 2…. story of his life….he will always be number 2. On the miami team he is second behind wade, in the league second behind kobe and now, second behind blake….haha….

    • oats man says:

      oh man its sad that nobody talk about kobe high lights, oh and check ur stats evrytime kobe meets lebron he loses. laff at dat hahahahahaha

      • Mack says:

        Kobe is past his prime now. You can’t judge it that way. No one judges MJ when he returned from his retirement. Sure he still put up numbers but he’s no longer the explosive scorer he once was. Kobe in his prime was way better than LeBron. Stat-wise , Ring-wise.

  85. Kasek says:

    You should never wear blue jersey when you play against Blake, it works like red for bull, he’ll get mad and destroy you, and you’ll be in top 10 plays/dunks for more than a year, I am serious, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one will be showed in top 10 plays in 2013. Check out my twitter @Kasek_

  86. Sam says:

    offensive foul? Man, what do you have against spectacular basketball. For this type of play he may commit all the fouls he want to in my opinion

  87. Sam says:

    who cares if he hits the rim or not. This is a unbelievable move

  88. FF says:

    anyone noticed blake seems to get real angry when he’s heading towards a player in a blue jersey? maybe nobody should wear blue clothes playing against him- it’s his spinach 🙂

  89. Lob City says:

    you see CP3 face after BG dunk…. he said “is he a Human being?…”

  90. jasmine says:

    Jame’s dunk was good … but man this was AWESOME however there both very good

  91. just commenting says:

    People were praising him so greatly with that dunk but if you would really watch it intensively, you would see him that he holds and push down Perkins face. That should have been called for an offensive foul. Watch it carefully.

    • NorthPole says:

      That is exactly my point… LBJ barely touched JL, Griffin was all over Perkins face with his left hand. Again, no disrespect to Blake, it was a great dunk…

  92. Do says:

    Lebron’s dunk on damon jones is still the best if you ask me.Barely touching the rim doesn’t actually appeal me.

  93. crocs says:

    yeah lebron’s dunk is still number one…because it is hard to dunk and jump over someone in an on going play….because no one will dare to do that because it’s so very dangerous…KING REIGNS!!!

  94. marl clyde says:

    it’s new and fresh that’s why people get frantic but when we review it next week…we’ll realize that JAMES dunk is way better than Blakes 😉

  95. angeli says:

    i still love JAMES’ alley ooop jumping over Lucas dunk. LBJ just humbled down himself and know how appreciate others. but BG its a great dunk but LBJ’s dunk and over all play is still no. 1

  96. Chris says:

    I’m a big Lebron fan but I must say that BG’s dunk was better. Hands down.

  97. Defence says:

    Well u got to give perk a prop he isnt affraid to jump against blake hes old skul type of center i bet next time if blake jump on him he will jump again no matter what i respect that…

  98. ARe32 says:

    Who cares if it’s a dunk or a throw-in? Just watch it and enjoy!

  99. LBJ/BLAKE says:

    much respect for those two.. LBJ and Blake so athletic, im a fan of LBJ and Blake, they should be in NBA Slamdunk competition this year!

  100. Kneebs says:

    LBJ dunked over a midget!!(was nice though)…….Griffin wins hands down!!

    • LOL says:

      AInt a midget. Doesnt matter how tall or short he was, he jumped over him IN A GAME. Lebrons better ALL DAY.

      • BFoulds says:

        dawg are you going to comment on everyone who says BG’s dunk is better than LeBrons? Your life must be really boring.

  101. Moses says:

    NASTY…….really NASTY
    This must be DUNK of the Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    doesn’t matter whether this is a dunk or not
    but this is totally INSANE!!!!!!!!!

  102. Joey says:

    Is this NBA2k12?!?

    Looks like Perkins is going to cry after that dunk…

  103. Monk says:

    It’s a dunk … Blake touch the rim. I play and pause for more than 5 times.. and notice that he touch the rim. It’s definitely a great dunk, blake griffin hater

  104. NorthPole says:

    Ok, it was a great dunk, but it wouldn´t be without Blake grabing on Perkins head(or whatever it was) with his left hand to get higher…Carter dunk on Olympics still ahead…

  105. NBAIQ says:

    Wow…just wow. This kid’s amazing!

  106. Mack says:

    LeBron jumped over John Lucas who was not that high , so BG is more impressive!

  107. DerrickforMVP says:

    Tap ring..just like last year, when he do the tap ring over mozgov..:)

  108. Alex says:

    OH ME OH MY!

    ^ nuff said.

  109. rac says:

    he touched the rim!!!just look good the different cam!!!

  110. Jordan says:

    For all those that can’t define dunk:
    A slam dunk is a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air and manually powers the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim.[1] This is considered a normal field goal attempt; if successful it is worth two points. The term “slam dunk” was coined by Los Angeles Lakers announcer Chick Hearn.[2] Prior to that, it was known as a dunk shot (Wiki)

    This means u throw the ball into the net from above the rim.
    Does not mean u have to grab on to the rim!!

  111. Mr.Rubio says:

    LeBron is jealous on BG because BG is the best dunker around!

  112. monkey says:

    james’ dunk is still number 1 so far… I don’t really like these “touching the rim dunks”.

  113. Bedlum says:

    All i know is that when BG prepared for take off, I knew poor Perkins was gonna get posterized, and thats gonna make one HELL of a poster. I can hear the printing presses going off as we speak. Throw in or dunk,,all i know is Perkins is havin nightmares tonight and should stay clear of ALL sportscasting shows for at least the next week,, and purchase some real dark shades if he must venture outdoors..

  114. D rose is beast says:

    why are people talking about lebrons dunk over a nobody named lucas in a blake griffin dunk link?????? if lebron would have jumped over lucas like VC did in the olympics head up then id say it was better…..come on people lebron jumped over a nobody with his back turned who is like 6 inches shorter and 150 pound lighter than him how is that better than the human highlight real elevating over KENDRICK PERKINS!!!! lebron is a great player way better than Blake but come on people the guy gives Blake his props as the superior dunker why can’t you Bandwagon jumpers give Blake his

    • LOL says:

      UH WHY do you have to hate? We aint hatin on Blakes dunk it was nasty. But he also used his elbow to hold his lift around Perkins. Lebron jumped OVER a guy noone cares how short or tall he was, he jumped OVER HIM. IN A GAAAME. That happens in the Dunk Contest not in a REAL GAME. Lebrons dunk better all DAY. And also Wades dunk over Perkins last year is better too.

  115. Marvin says:

    @raynier Let’s just get this thing clear, Lebron didn’t say that Blake’s dunk was better than his dunk. I mean his just kidding to say that thing as a part of praising Blake Griffin. I mean it’s good to see Lebron respect other players. If LeBron James didn’t tweet that Blake Griffin’s dunk is the dunk of the year, probably there is no #dunkoftheyear trending worldwide on twitter and in the So thanks to Lebron.

  116. the truth says:

    thats a dope dunk, LBJ ally oop dunk is a tie for best, they should do a dunk comp with the greatest dunker of all time vince carter doing the judging

  117. Riki says:

    Define Slam-dunk? when you throw down or throw in the ball into the hoop it’s a dunk. You “DUNK” the ball!, BG SLAM AND DUNK THE BALL INTO THE RIM! PERIOD!. It’s different when you shoot the ball there is a projectile motion when you do it. When it comes to rating the dunk, i think it depends on the perspective of the judge and the hype of the dunker. For example, when MJ did the free throw dunk and he will get 50 for sure. On the otherhand, when Serge Ibaka do the real free throw dunk and it is clearly not getting a 50 score. Rating the slam dunk is very subjective and somewhat biased. It’s different when choosing the winner in 3 point contest where the winner is the one who has the most score in the board.

  118. guinnyss says:

    Sports Center is going to show this for what it was… a throw-in.. look at 0:26… that’s not a dunk, the trow the ball in then tap the rim.

  119. D4sharpshooter says:

    This dunk was crazy…but LBJ’s alley-oop was still more impressive.

  120. John says:



    Perkins look small now.

  121. SAVVAS says:

    rediculous!!!!!next time he will put his head in the rim…something is wrong with the kid!!

  122. Cyrus says:

    Lebron’s was better

  123. MALA says:


  124. PPayce says:


  125. mamba says:

    who ever said lebrons dunk is similar to the one vc did over the seven footer in the olympics is blind, lebron jumped over someone thats 5’11 and more importantly it was a lob dunk which is much easiar because you taking off without the ball in your hands. but anyways blakes dunk beats lebrons dunk by far, If you look closely perkins was trying foul blake hard by pushing him away from the net. But blake jus out muscled him in the air and went far above perkins to dunk on him. It was nasty, perkins shouldnt have even tried to jump, he should’ve just excepted that he was going to get dunked on.

    • LOL says:

      Blakes dunk was nice, but your just hatin on Lebrons, its ok. Many people still think Lebrons dunk is better because it is. At least we arent saying that Blakes aint nuttin. Cause we aint hatin like you are. Lebrons better ALL DAY. Hell for that matter, Wades last year on Perkins is better than this one. Wade did it off a SPIN MOVE and hes 6 4 and brought back behind his head 2 hand extension. Yea

  126. Johnsen says:

    What a mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That’s basketball dude!Perkins never let LBJ do this to you.

  127. Richrollin says:

    And Lebron jumped over a point guard who wasn’t even looking!! Get real!! Get off his nutz! Perkins saw it coming and still couldn’t stop from being on some 8 year old kids wall next month!! Best dunk of the year BG!!!

    • Padre Damaso says:

      ain’t impressive enough…

    • oats man says:

      dude lucas saw lebron making the base line cut an step bact to stop him an when he realize bron is going over him and not around him the only thing left to do was stand there. why humiliate himself even worse???
      tell BG to jump to use his jumping ability an jump over sum1 i saw him dunk over ppl too many time to be impress by that dat dunk. don’t get me wrong BG owns the poster sumbody in this game league but it take skills to leap over sum1 in a real game

  128. Victor Manoel de Brito says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? It was so powerful! You can see in the face of every Thunder player. James Harden is just trying to figure out what he just saw. You can see the expression which says “we can’t beat them”. And, later, Durant totaly get out of Griffins way, in order to not being in a great poster.

    Perkins didn’t learn since last year, when Dwyane Wade posterized him mightly in Miami.

    Surely the Dunk Of The Year. LeBron, as he admitts, is happy with the number 2!

    Anyway, GREAT PLAY, BEAUTIFUL PLAY!!! #TheLockoutIsOver, finally! I’m so happy!!! 😀

  129. nath says:

    that’s a dunk!!! period! whooo! BAD BLAKE…

  130. raynier says:

    LeBron already said that BG’s dunk was better. Nothing needs to be debated. LeBron leapfrogged over John Lucas, with Lucas’ not knowing LeBron was right behind him… I mean, above him. That was an ambush for Bron. But this BG dunk is a face to face, nasty and powerful dunk. Talk about doing that against one of the premiere defenders in the league… John Lucas isn’t one.

  131. Perkin's Manager says:

    Someones going to the D-League…

  132. rl17 says:

    lool BG looks all mad

  133. Richrollin says:

    Ooohhh Weee!!! Dunk of the year!!! Hands down!! Nothing more to say!! And 1

  134. Someone says:

    Lebron this Lebron that…stop it ffs

  135. DerrickforMVP says:

    This dunk is awesome..but ‘Bron still at top..Literally jumps on someone on an alley-oop..yes..its alley-oop man..So many man to man dunks these days..and Bad Blake rules that category..’nuf said

  136. KING G says:

    Blake’s DUNK was SICK.. but Lebron leaped over LUCAS in an actual game not a DUNK competition…

  137. Jordan says:

    Can they share dunk of the year? If I absolutely had to take one, I would go with Blake’s. He gets head-to-rim even with 260 lbs Perkins mauling him on the way up. Thats insane power. LeBron’s was still ridiculous, and easily the second best NBA in-game dunk of all time, but Blake is just a fraction ahead. Best dunk contest would be Blake, Lebron, J-Smoove and Paul George.

  138. bj says:

    yeah lebron dunk over lucas still number 1….

  139. NBAaddicted says:

    that was s0 p0wer! damn! but LeBron dunk over Lucas still my number 1 because nobody did that in NBA season.

  140. Cons says:

    I’d love to hear Dirk doing a commentary on this one. I think he’ll say…

    “Shut me down!!! I wanna go home!!!”

  141. PhxAZ says:

    he also pushed his right hand on Perkins to elevate higher or holding on to his elevation. not very impressive.

  142. Alex says:

    Poor poor Perkins. That’s gotta hurt like hell

  143. Great Dunk is still Amare teaching dude how to Dougie 2 years ago

  144. PhxAZ says:

    Dunking is one thing but well see who can hold their leadership position to win a championship. BG has great dunks but after a few years someone will posterize him so. I guess he is redeeming himself from falling over by leaning against a player and fall over. that was very much pathetic looking. lol. looking at that video make BG look ver STupid and ridiculous.

  145. nea_nelu says:

    i like lebron jumping over somebody better 🙂

  146. yimanseisj says:

    man, that’s a Mans dunk. Kendrick Perkins ain’t no skinny scrub, I can can now truely say Blake Griffin can make Dwight Howard look like a joke if he get s a chance at him. And I hope he does.

  147. Ivan says:

    So far dunk of the year but…
    Don’t be surprise if Bad Blake pulls another trick up its sleeve

  148. Jughead says:

    Nasty Jam Blake…. # 1Dunk of the year

  149. CMEE3 says:

    love the commentary – “its a phyiscal gaYYMEE”

  150. joblagz says:

    funny thing is.. they both jumped at the same time but perkins came down first while Griffin levitated, scratched his head, ate some chips, drank gatorade, dunked the ball then came down..

  151. sam says:

    I loveeee this game!!

  152. racsh says:

    For me it is noot a dunk He just throw the ball Griffin’s hand did not touch the rim, but It posterized Perkins.

  153. RB says:

    This HAS TO BE the best poster dunk ever

  154. trobols says:

    check out the look on harden’s face

  155. futbollisti says:

    just watched it again: wow!!! twice
    sorry ‘Bron but you and Blake , you got to go to the slam dunk in Orlando!!! common man, at least we will have something to remember from this short season… pls

  156. Chritelle says:

    OH ME OH MY!!! MUST C BG INDEED!! now Perk will never smile in his life again -_-…

  157. LeBrandz says:

    this is SICK……..

  158. Yaron says:

    When it comes to highlights, Griffin is a league of his own. He provides 2-3 of these almost every match.
    Work on your free throws, jump shots and defence BG. Once his FT% will go up he will become a real superstar.

  159. DONG says:

    WHATEVER… you guys need to practice your free-throw first.. its not a dunk contest everyday.

    • Riki says:

      when you throw down or throw in the ball into the hoop it’s a dunk. You “DUNK” the ball!, BG SLAM AND DUNK THE BALL INTO THE RIM! PERIOD!.

  160. Cigar says:

    That was I.N.S.A.N.E.
    Don’t think anyone can top that for a while

  161. LeTwo says:

    yeah!!!! was just in awe with LeTwo’s dunk, then BG tops him already????? WOW as in WOW! Bron must have shouted his butt off in amazement. “Hey Bron, now top me. *smirk*” -BG

  162. doty says:

    i don’t care whether he was able to grab that rim or not…coz some folks would start another louse argument about what’s technically a dunk or not. BUT THIS IS D.O.T.Y. MATERIAL RIGHT HERE! NASTY. VERY NASTY.

  163. Marvin says:

    It’s not actually a dunk even if his finger tips touch the rim. He just throws the ball down. And not probably the dunk of the year. I want to know the experts say and your comments too.

  164. AX23 says:

    HOLY!!… MACARONI SALAD ! ON THE PLATE ! WHOAH ! ” PERK ” always gets dunked on by Superstars .. ( Remember D WADE ) ?

  165. sayWhat? says:

    More evidence that Blake Griffin is not human

  166. futbollisti says:

    my goodness!!! sorry for Perk but this was wow!!!!!!!!
    BG is fun to watch man, forget the rings 🙂
    i wanna see blake 🙂

  167. Victor says:

    Wow! That’s really nice. But LeBron’s was better!

  168. john says:

    Lebron’s is still def #1, but this was nasty too

  169. lolatallthelol says:

    lol u just got trolled buddy, No doubt Blakes dunk was the bigger monster of the two, but u wack for tryin ta downplay LBJs

  170. Ahmed says:

    We’ve seen this type of dunks from BG before and dont get me wrong blake’s dunk is siick but lebron’s dunk was INSANE. I saw two people do it lebron and vinsanity other than that NONE. LeBron still number one !!

    • Mack says:

      Sure! Vinsanity jumped over a 6 or 7 footer ( i forgot Weis’ height ) and LeBron jumped over John Lucas. Lucas is not that high. Give BG a chance , he’ll jump over Lucas at any time. Hell , even Nate jumped over Superman and that means Nate can also jump over Lucas. Just because Bron jumped over someone , doesn’t make his dunk entirely number 1. Get LeBron tu jump over Superman or Frederick Weis and i will not argue that he is one of the best dunker in the league right now.

      • kenny says:

        Don’t you get it! Nate jumped over dwight in the dukn contest. Lebron jumped over someone no matter how tall in A GAME. Im pretty sure if it was a dunk contest and dwight stood still lebron could jump over him easy! I still think blake’s dunk should be dunk of the year, but you are wrong to rip on lebrons dunk.

      • oats man says:

        look at that dunk contest again where nate jumped over superman, look at is hands using supermans shoulders to get extra ups! LBJ or BG wud get over superman in a dunk contest without touching him

      • Mack says:

        @kenny : Blake almost jumped over Chalmers once except Chalmers went sideways so Blake didn’t entirely jumped OVER him. Even Tom Chambers almost jumped over Mark Jackson but Jackson too went sideways to it’s basically the same. I’m not dissing LeBron’s dunk but there are too many players or ex-players that could jump over a guy if they had a chance. Go see BG on Chalmers or Chambers on Jackson and u’ll see that if the defenders weren’t moving , both of them would jump over the D. Both are IN A GAME too.

        @oats man : Yeah Nate needed the extra ups , but how tall is John Lucas compared to Dwight? I doubt Nate would need the extra ups to jump over Lucas. Nate’s got insane hops , prolly not enough for him to get over Dwight cleanly but I am sure he could jump over Lucas just like how LeBron did.

        P/S : BG posterized Perkins big time. I don’t care if it’s a throw-in dunk or whatever. Dwight did a throw-in dunk in 2008 and won so i see no reason for this dunk or no dunk arguement. U gotta be amazed by his hops man. He jumped high enough to throw the ball through the net. A lot of guys can dunk but only a few that can throw the ball through the net..

  171. markie marc says:

    lebrons still number one blake griffin is taller and has a much greater vertical dunking over perkins is expected but an alley oop over someone is a slam dunk contest type move in a GAME! no one will give lebron props cuz everyone is against em

    • lakermig says:

      i dont agree with everyone is against him but i totally agree with the fact the lebron did what you rarely see in a slam dunk contest happen in a game and blake just did something weird

      • oats man says:

        BG had almoet 200 dunks last season tink, thats all BG does…. dunk so him dunking over perkins not so much of a hype now if he had done that to superman it wud have been totally wicked, but LBJ jumping over sum1 in a game, u need to understand what happened LBJ jumped completely OVER the guy IN A GAME. and it was an alley oop. i cant tell u when last i saw that in a slam dunk contest. LBJ dunk is better in my opinion that is.

    • Carl says:

      OR, are YOU giving him too much props? Not to say the dunk wasn’t impressive, but that isn’t to say that Blake’s isn’t either. Don’t discredit his.

    • Graypoint says:

      i give a credit to lebron’s dunk ovLucas but Blake dunk over the back of Chalmers in the game of Miami vs Clippers

  172. Guinnyss says:

    Watch the slow motion at 0:26… it’s clearly a throw-in NOT a dunk.

  173. hacket says:

    jaw dropper… amazing dunk…

  174. Guinnyss says:

    That’s not a dunk, that another throw-in. ball left his hand way before he even touched the rim…. Another extension by blake, it’s a throw in.

    • Riki says:

      Did you ever go to school and know the definition of slam-dunk? Define Slam-dunk? when you throw down or throw in the ball into the hoop it’s a dunk. You “DUNK” the ball!, BG SLAM AND DUNK THE BALL INTO THE RIM! PERIOD!. It’s different when you shoot the ball there is a projectile motion when you do it. When it comes to rating the dunk, i think it depends on the perspective of the judge and the hype of the dunker. For example, when MJ did the free throw dunk and he will get 50 for sure. On the otherhand, when Serge Ibaka do the real free throw dunk and it is clearly not getting a 50 score. Rating the slam dunk is very subjective and somewhat biased. It’s different when choosing the winner in 3 point contest where the winner is the one who has the most score in the board.

  175. NewYorkKnicks says:

    Perk: What just happened?

  176. NewYorkKnicks says:

    GAWWWWWWWWWD perk’s teammates even turn their back at him like they don’t know him after that dunk! BAD BLAKE

  177. bj says:

    lebrons dunk is still number 1

    • Joel says:

      no its not… he had a tiny tiny player in front ( below him ) him while Blake had Kendrick Perkins…

      • sam says:

        Blake didn’t jump over perkins though on that note!

      • Raptors says:

        Griffin pushed off Perkins shoulder which helped him get higher. Lebron jumped over someone (cleanly).

      • Kit says:

        I agree.

      • SS says:

        The share power of Blake’s dunk puts him ahead. James’s one was good but it didn’t have the whole jump-out-of-your-street-and-throw-your-food factor.

      • Jordan says:

        Actually Lucas isn’t that tiny, he’s 5 11
        Even though I’m still a bigger lebron fan, Griffin’s dunk will still be Dunk of the Year out of the 2 cuz there’s alot more energy and its over perkins for crying out loud

      • Klynester says:

        common guys, BG’s dunk was way better! even if you’re a Lebron fan you should be able to appreciate that dunk or else your not into basketball at all, even Lebron tweeted about it!

    • dougman says:

      LeBron’s was pretty cool yesterday too. We’re pretty lucky to be arguing who’s dunk was better. The NBA has some awesome stars right now.

    • lakermig says:

      i totally agree with you i mean it doesnt make sense to compare. lebron had to litteraly jump over someone his knees were above the guys ears and then he had to catch the ball and dunk it.
      I dont even get the big deal of these stupid griffin dunks the one over the knick was ok because he was still like 5 feet away from the ring and just threw it in there,but i dont get all the hype of this one he went straight up like 2 feet away from the rim and dunked so what shaq used to do that all game long but at least he used to f*#k someone up in the process blake just jumped up with a guy in front of him he didnt jump over he didnt slam him into the next state. i just cant see the fuss i just think right now if blake griffin jumps in the air farts and then dunks its the most awesome dunk ever made.

      • Graypoint says:

        come on man shaq is 7’1″ blake is 6’11” & the rim was 2 feet aways thats incredible dunk, straigth up

    • LOL says:

      I agree. Griffins dunk was just NASTY, but Lebron jumped OVER a dude I dont care how tall or short he was. Lebron better dunk ALL DAY.

      • NBA FAN says:


      • Julio says:

        I completly agree with lol. LBJ WAS MORE INCREDIBLE THAN GRIFFINS.

      • Graypoint says:

        man if Griffin destroy Perkins in that dunk he can dunk over anybody lets be real

    • kobe says:

      hEY bj even Lebron said his dunk is number two..jumping over a 5’8 guard compared to going over and thru a 6’11 guy is alot tougher..remember Kevin Johnsons dunks over Tom Chambers AND Mark eaton….those were better then Lebrons…

  178. OHNO says:

    He goes up, DESTROYS THE RIM, keeps going up, pauses for the camera, and then comes down. MUST SEE BG IN THE BUILDING!

  179. HezBula says:

    My goodness, he just destroyed Kendrick. I guess being dunked-on comes with the job description as a shot blocker but that was ridiculous…

  180. Horace says:

    I just shouted and laughed in awe! WOW!!

    • paul says:

      too bad a “dunk” means touchin the rim… but other than that move out the way. LBJ still number #1.

      • Tom says:

        did u even watch the dunk??? his hand clearly hits the hoop, thats a monster DUNK!

      • Rich says:

        Dwight Howard’s superman didnt get any rim
        also if you look at :28-:29 he did get some rim

      • Jay says:

        A real defintion of dunk doesnt say that your hand has to touch the rim. Dwight Howard won the dunk contest and didnt touch the rim. Dunk; to slam the ball into the rim from above. i.e; A dunk shot

      • DON says:

        please see the dunk first before you say something.. that clearly a dunk of the year…WOW

      • skrutz says:

        I count dunks as the ball being thrown downwards. Definite dunkage.

      • SikWitIt says:

        Too bad a “hater” has to comment on what was an obvious dunk…

      • Godfree says:

        i’m not a fan LBJ or the heat, but some of his dunks are pretty cool. But Griffin’s dunk was WAYYYY better. Against Kendrick Perkins? Are you kidding me? Dunk of the year. Seriously, when are we gonna see James in the dunk competition?

    • dougman says:

      you’re RIGHT! It isn’t a dunk. It’s a MOZGOV! It’s a fastball thrown right through the hoop while the forearm gets shoved right in the defender’s MUG!! It’s ABOUT 30 TIMES MORE DIFFICULT THAN A DUNK!!!! Only SLAM DUNK KINGS LIKE GRIFFIN AND SUPERMAN can do it.

      • oats man says:

        hey i tink you for got LBJ…… his dunk that was called a miss shot

      • imad akel says:

        i feel so bad for perkins..
        I mean perkins is a great defender. I feel bad that he had to be a casualty of such an awesome dunk..