No Magic Way Out In Orlando

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Foolish me, I thought cooler heads might prevail and that they’d be able to salvage a little something in Orlando this season.

They’re all grownups, right? They’ve learned from the mistakes of others, seen how dangerous that road to breakup can be. No one wants this to be more painful than it has to be. So I assumed that no one would let this situation deteriorate into some sort of mess.

Again, I was wrong. (I know, plenty of  you tried to warn me last week. Silly me.)

There is no magic way out for the Magic and their Dwight Howard dilemma. I just don’t see it right now on the heels of the Magic losing four of five games and coming apart in the process.

Howard started the weekend blasting his teammates after a despicable loss to the lowly New Orleans Hornets:

“I look at guys and they don’t look like they want to play,” Howard said following the lopsided loss. “I told them at halftime, ‘If you don’t want to play, just stay in the locker room, because it don’t make sense for a team who we should beat to just demolish us.’ ”

“It hurts to get out there and you play your hardest and you expect everybody to play the same way, and I’m not calling anybody out by no means because we all have to get better … but if you don’t want to be out there, don’t dress up,” Howard said. “If you don’t want to play, stay home. People work too hard. I want to win a championship. I work too hard every night for anybody to not want to go out there and play hard. …

“None of the — whatever, trade stuff — none of that stuff matters. Play basketball. That’s why we all get paid to do this, because we love the game and it’s basketball, so why not give it your all?”

He finished the weekend with crickets … Howard didn’t make himself available after the Pacers waxed the Magic in the second half Sunday at the Amway Center. And his silence says more to me than any emotional words he might utter after an ugly loss.

The fact is, five games in seven days has a way of exposing a team, and the cracks within its foundation, that the good times simply do not.

Shaking up the lineup or rotation is fine, but when Stan Van Gundy starts talking about finding a “consistent energy and effort” … you have to know where this is headed. This Magic team is free-falling before our eyes right now, with the Howard situation (not to mention All-Star Weekend) looming.

I don’t think a win streak makes this go away. Not when the fans walk out booing the home team the way they did after Sunday’s thumping at the hands of the Pacers.

The decline has been so dramatic. At 11-4 and seemingly in control of their own destiny after an impressive win over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Magic promptly went to pieces. They scored a franchise-record low 56 points in a 31-point loss to the Celtics before rebounding briefly with a solid win in Indiana.

But then came the rematch with Boston Thursday night on TNT, a game the Magic appeared to have in hand before the most stunning collapse of the season by any team in the league. Their fourth-quarter meltdown helped the Celtics erase a 27-point deficit for the win. And that debacle was followed up by the loss to the Hornets, after which Van Gundy said:

“We were awful. The three worst losses I think we’ve had since I’ve been here and it’s in the matter of five days. It’s tough to take. We were sitting at 11-4 and playing pretty well and all of a sudden, other than the Indiana game, we’ve fallen apart. … The only thing we did tonight was dump the ball into Dwight. We had no energy coming off screens, the ball didn’t move, guys didn’t want to shoot the ball. It’s very, very bad right now. It’s a matter of energy and we don’t seem to conjure that up right now.”

No one is making this stuff up, folks.

This is reality TV going on with the Magic right now, and the takeaway for all of us is going to be a familiar one.

That sick feeling you have after the show ends just won’t go away!


  1. Fritznel Louis says:

    D 12 needs to go to Dallas ,Nets or Atlanta.

  2. huh!? says:

    @Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!!


  3. Ao1 says:


    “Hey DWade can I play with you in Miami Heat so I could win a ring against anyone? I know that no superstar could do it alone but I’m very impatient. I’m not a competitive so I’d rather stay in your team DWade and get some help for a ring. Please let me. Wait, let me call Bosh to play with us too so it would be even better than just the two of us Wade. But let’s plan it well like Bosh should sign before me then I’ll do my decision on national TV so that the world may know. I want everyone’s attention to me that’s why.”

  4. Ao1 says:

    I hope Dwight will not go to Lakers otherwise they will be in deep trouble! LOL… We want Bynum and Gasol in Lakers! Lakers only need a young, quick, playmaker PG who could score. PG is more needed in L.A Lakers than a center/PF

  5. DWYT says:

    Just Fire the coaching staff trade for Steve Nash 🙂

  6. Indra says:

    I heard this one before from Dwight Howard, complaing about his teamates over and over again. well…if he dosent want to be in magic uniform just beat it… dont put the blame on your team, its basketball its a team sport not a one man sport.. I think Dwight will complain all the time no matter where is he going to play with or what uniform he is going to wear, especialy when bad situation comes…I just want to say what He said about his team right now, it is not good… no one wants to have a teamates that can put it all the blame on somebody.. please be wise before you want to put the blame on somenone..

  7. Tampa Trish says:

    Wouldn’t it be it be nice if instead of tearing down the Magic because of the 4 straight losses and fanning the flames of division, if we could Instead support them thru the bad as well as the good? Perhaps even giving insight to how to help them get back on a winning track?! Negativity will not turn this team around! A positive attitude, synergy, energy, teamwork and creativity and fan support can!

  8. Chicago fan man says:

    I might be mistaken but wilt chamberlain once took it upon himself to average 50 points a game in order for his team to win. I’m not saying that wilt and dwight are the same players, but Dwight needs to take it upon himself to be more aggressive and average 30points a game, as a minimum.

  9. Gamemaster022 says:

    @Dwight to Miami heat!!!!

    I am a solid Heat Fan, even before their was such a thing as super friends. But I am in no way believing that you even watch basketball. Nobody in their right mind would give up their star for James Jones or Joel Anthony, or even both of them combined on the same body. LOL It’s like you just declared yourself a heat fan after watching Perkins be “Mozgov’d”. 🙂 HAHAHA. I am really laughing my heart out after seeing you rationalize that they only need to match D12’s salary. You’ve been playing too much basketball dynasty mode while forcing trades.

    Although I am for Miami, I definitely see D12 going to the Bulls or Nets.

  10. MagicFan12354 says:

    im a magic fan and the depressing thing is that dh12 will be out of here before the trade deadline. the magic can be a good team when theyre not slumping, but right now i cant really see a way out of this. if we get a good trade package for howard, since otis will probably trade howard at the deadline, of course, dwight only wont be traded and will decide to stay because of a miracle from god really… i really, really hope orlando could turn out like denver with some good rebuilding pieces. dwight, please don’t go…youre superman, orlandos best hope.

  11. matt says:

    A lot of the trade saga and people stupid ideas about dreamin trade….

    howard come here, d-12 come there…. come on …first you gotta know better about basketball first, and then understand business politics and contracts.. which more than half of you dont even think or know about it…(as i read)
    I’ve heard people say.: maybe he wont come here but let me dream about it…. well ok dream about it and say it on yo twitter or FB pages…. here we talk about real basketball, real business and to find explanation, solutions and tryin to make our point…
    just imagine i was stupid and wanna to say something that i want or whish..ok? let say iam a TP fan and villeurbanne (france) fan…and say something as ridiculous as this; d 12 come to villeurbanne with tp !!!! of course it’s exagerated… but just as some comments…without any senses….
    what about talkin about something that pointless ??
    so of course it’s a blog and you can comment on anything you want… but first who gives a dam* about your wishes about trading players ??? and second more important…. did you know that the brain as more cerebral capacities that those kind of people are showin….so to better begin with….. i would recommend to think twice or even more about what stupidities you might says…and think about sayin something intelligent, with reflexion… in fact just a smart simple thought….

  12. Smartest says:

    YO! Dwight should come to the bulls. We can trade Boozer (he gets paid a lot) and move Joakim to power forward. Then we could extinguish the HEAT.

  13. Jayson says:


  14. Ex-Dwight Fan talks too much. says:

    Try being the franchise player of Orlando for the change and see the pressure. Jeez man.

  15. Matt says:

    Thinking Miami will get Dwight is just silly, Miami are my team and i would love to see Dwight in Miami, But it would simply not work with 4 All stars. 3 is enough it is not possible to get him with trading one of the big 3… The most suitable trade would be Dwight to Bulls.

    Bulls trade:

    Magic trade:

    Bulls become a very powerful team and Magic have 4 talented players to work with = strong bench also

  16. It doesnt matter. says:

    Hey Dwight,
    I have a fantastic idea, instead of complaining that your teammates arent doing enough to win games, you should just stay in the gym and continue shooting free throws,
    Because tonight against philly isnt the first, or even the second time this season that your team could have won if you had managed to hit even close to 75% on your free throws.

    Until your doing everything well… please STFU

    • cisco says:

      done with the nba . . . . . . old enough now to have learned through strikes with these rich babies i am done . . . . . . good run but now working on the house and missing games is NO problem for me!!! TIME THE FANS STRIKE BACK!!!! DO NOT BUY TICKETS . . . . . NO APPAREL . . .. . .AND BOYCOTT THE GAMES!!! NO INTEREST ANY LONGER!!! TIME FOR ALL OF US TO STEP UP AND REBELL!!! ITS ALL FIXED ANYWAY . . . . . KNOWN THIS FOR YEARS BUT BELIEVING IN IT MORE AND MORE AFTER THESE GAMES!!!

      • Ao1 says:

        Blame the FIRST cry baby that is, LeBron! He triggered all of these… When superstars player together in a certain team NBA will lose its flavor. 29 teams only 5 to 6 teams ok to watch because of those cry baby superstar played together. What about the rest? Why can’t they spread and compete with each other as they claimed to be competitive ones.

  17. Ray says:

    Howard just trying to preserve his HERO image before trashing the team. Tricky hah…..

  18. cacti says:

    Orlando Magic woes:

    management: a fish rots from the head down.
    team: neither fish nor fowl; neither a determined group nor a bunch of clowns (a bit of both probably)
    players: seem to have other fish to fry than play basketball pundits: fishing for compliments
    a/ a big fish in a little pond?
    b/ in a new team he might, just might, feel a fish out of water
    c/ at the end of the day should fish or cut bait
    the whole situation: fishy



  20. sally says:

    I say Dwight go home and play basketball in his backyard..MIAMI WILL BE THE NBA CHAMPION!!1-3 qtr Lebron will take over 4qtr-leave it to wadw and bosh!!

  21. D12 to LA says:

    Howard should go to the lakers!!!!!! he wants a champion he should go f=join forcs with kobe and itll be like the kobe-shaq duo again except this time you’ll also have gasol on the side = recipe of another 3-peat in Lakerland!!!..C’mon Howard, follow in shaqs footsteps how he left orlando for lakers and look at his success in should do dat

  22. jerichvc says:


  23. LAL>LAC says:

    Lakers should deal w/ D12,NELSON,TURKOGLU for PAU,BYNUM,BARNES,Ebanks and draft picks…and bring KMART to the lakerland..and also trade for some reliable backup SG to help kobe..



    they will surely get 2 champs with them..

  24. Stan says:

    If HOWARD does get traded, it wont be to the Lakers, Heat, or any other team with 2 superstars already there. Lakers already have a deadly frontcourt….Heat don’t have the Cap space. The Nets are really only doing bad, because they are missing Lopez, who is a very good center himself. The best teams that he can go to that offer good trading pieces are the Bulls, Mavs, and Sixers. I dont know if anyone has noticed, but the sixers have better bench players than starters, and have plenty of trade pieces the magic could use and still be a playoff team. Sixers have a very good young PF in Young, good young PGs, a center, and a good swingman in Turner. Bulls have a 2 good trade pieces at Center and have Boozer…they also have a nice bench with taj Gibson and Co. The Mavs are older and probably want to keep the young guards they have, but they have 2 swingmen in Odom and Marion, a Center…some young talented PFs and the Jet. Now im not saying this is what they need to trade the Magic to get DH12, but those are players that may be apart of the trade conversation if a trade were to go through one of those teams. All these teams are rich with players they may not need (or good benches). All these teams could trade 1 starter w/ 2 bench, and a draft pick to get DH12….and both sides would win and be in Playoff contention.

  25. jonski22 says:

    Sixers are ahead right now, although it’s still early. But i want the Magic to lose, so DHoward will be frustrated, and will really push for a trade. I hope Lakers management is aware of what happening coz they can make a move with the situation. Hopefully also a straight up trade for Bynum for Howard. Pua is a good PF, he will be perfect with DHoward.
    Hopefully it come sooner.

  26. Eric says:

    I would say the MOST likely place howard will end up is with the lakers….BUT…. then the deal will gets screwed over somehow and Howard will end up with the Clippers. Oh wait, that was chris paul, my bad. Seriously though, the lakers is the best trade option for the Magic because they can get Bynum, the second best center in the NBA, and LAL can eat Hedo’s contract as well. Not to mention Howard would win a championship. with kobe drawing so much attention from the defense, Howard would get a lot more good looks

  27. jase says:

    he shoulda went to atlanta. the hawks are insanely good this year. with dwight there would be no stopping them. plus him and josh smith are best friends. get with it dwight. atlanta is your best hope. you not gonna shine out in la with kobe. it wont work. ask shaq. get ya head outta you know where and get to the hawks ASAP.

  28. Purple & Gold says:

    Dwight, come to LAKER LAND! You’ll look good in Purple and Gold. + Disneyland is better anyway than Disneyworld! WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA…!!!

  29. CMJS says:

    LAL have 16 franchise companionship’s. they might be in a slump at the moment but that will change and if Howard wants rings than he needs to go to the Lakers.

  30. javanar says:

    This is the situation what Howard is dreaming since the start of season. Good playing stats for Howard. And the opposite for others in team. In other words Howard is good, others are bad, including SVG and Otis Smith. This is what Howard wants since the start of season.

    This team was winning and playing well, only a few days ago. What has changed? The only thing changed was Howard’s criticism to his team mates in front of media-also possibly in the locker room-, and his desire to be traded to Boston.

    I dont care about how he plays, his playing stats or his value in trade market. He does not respect his team mates, his coach and his franchise, despite the fact that he is still paid 18 milion a year by this franchise. orlando should get rid of him as soon as possible. Or they will lose more games, more players ,more money and more time.

  31. Ronald says:

    Dwight please Go to Lakers… Kobe is waiting for you… Shaq did it before so you can do as well, Surely you will have Ring with Kobe

  32. LakerforLife says:

    If you(DWIGHT) is working too hard every night and you want to win a championship,.. then KOBE is the only player you should play with….. a player who is woking hard everyday.. He’s in the GYM at 6 a.m. for practice.. ask Brian Shaw how he love the game and how focus he is…..

    Dwight Howard,Works too Hard Every night + Kobe Bryant,Works too Hard Everday = TITLE(S)

  33. JERBY says:

    its just a matter of understanding..DWIGHT IS DWIGHT.. He wants to WIN on a TEAM who wants to compete. Go to Minnesota Timberwolves and TEAM-UP with Ricky Rubio and the others. Or simply go to MIAMI AND BE CALLED A LOOSER WITH MULTIPLE CHAMPIONSHIPS BUT STILL LOOSERS. LOL!

    – Or go to Los Angeles/Dallas 🙂

  34. Celtic says:

    or if orlando’s management did some really good work, they could surround dwight with legitimate players. they had some good prospects–Chauncey Billups waive, and more. They need to trade jameer and turk, they need to trade ryan anderson. get some other players around dwight and he’ll stay.

  35. deagLe says:

    LOL Dwight definitely won’t be going to Miami. They don’t have enough money. If they give up their bench and Joel Anthony, they’ll have 4 players on their team.

  36. SS says:

    Howard should team up with D.Will and both go to the Lakers! I don’t know how that would work but giving up Bynam and Gasol and Fisher (Who is a horrible PG) would be a small price to pay for the best C in the league and a top 3 PG. Plus it would be a very interesting Big Three to go against Miami and other teams like Chicago and OKC

  37. Things to consider says:

    The only real players are Dallas and LA. Why would Orlando trade Howard to another team in the East? They’ll want him out of the East. And for Roy up there to say Lakers is the best destination is presumptuous. You say Bynum and “2 bench players” who are so good you can’t even name them. Yet, in Dallas Roddy B is better than everyone on the Lakers not named Kobe, Bynum, Gasol. Lakers WILL have to trade Gasol with Bynum. It’s a fact. Sorry, but Dallas can do better than Bynum + “2 bench players”.

    Dallas has what LA can’t offer: 2 players in break-out seasons (Mahinmi and Roddy B). They have veteran depth (oodles of it). Mavs have chips. But what they also have is cap space to sign Deron Williams in FA after Howard comes to Dallas.

    It’s looking more and more like Dallas. Forget the East teams. Why would Orlando trade within the conference when they don’t have to? Dallas has more to offer than LA unless Orlando is that in love with Gasol. I don’t see it.

    Howard might be going to Big D.

  38. Bullet says:

    Orlando wants to give away Hedo w/ Howard, so Miami can’t make that deal. Dallas has nothing to offer except 35+ players. Lakers won’t give Bynum. Also if Chicago wants to exchange Howard vs. Boozer + Noah, they need to wait until March bc of Noah’s BYC situation.
    I think the most likely trade would be Portland. Hedo + Howard to Portland, Camby + G.Wallace + Felton to Orlando. Old Camby’s contract will already end at the end of the season, so as Felton’s. Thats good news for Orlando

  39. J says:

    Honestly, the Magic is a well-balanced team, but I do agree with Dwight that not everyone on the team wants to win as much as he does. I feel you Magic fans out there. I’m from Washington so I’m used to my team losing every night haha.

  40. XDD says:

    nash to orlando

  41. True Colors showing says:

    Dwight Howard is starting to show as the spoiled baby he is; I feel sorry for whatever team “wins his services”

  42. Michael says:

    Come to Spurs. Best coach in the league. Guys always want to play hard at San Antonio…. It won’t happen I know but why wouldn’t he consider a place like Spurs when he is complaining about the lack of effort in the locker-room

  43. If anything DH12 will go to LAL. For real doe.

  44. abcdefg says:

    I agree

  45. Chris says:

    Van Gundy is the problem. All he does is complain and moan. He talks about energy a lot but doesn’t seam to imput a lot of positive energy himself and the players switch off. It always starts from the top. Van Gundy doesn’t have the leadership skills to handle difficult situations and Howard or any other superstar talent. Watch back a few years ago at all star weekend and there is footage of him and Wade talking in the locker room pregame. Its awkward. He doesn’t seem to build good relationships with players.

  46. dwight to bulls says:

    dwight go to chicago bulls. howard for noah and boozer. howard is the missing piece of the chicago bulls. BULLS FRONT OFFICE make a move. its obvious that your lineup today wont beat heat. we saw that last sunday. get howard and bash the team in the east.

  47. Roy says:

    Dwight’s best destination is the Lakers. They could trade bynum and 2 bench players for Dwight or Dwight and Hedo. Dwight already said he would love to play with Kobe bryant, plus he said he loves the city of LA. And also the fact that they could instantly be strong contenders again with him. D12 wants to be on a consistently winning team so this is the way to go. Dallas would be a good choice to but they would have to gut their roster to do so, so i dont see that happening. Bulls, no way they like what they have and dont need Dwight. And the Nets? hahahaha i dont think they can trade a thing to convince orlando to give up dwight, they have an injurred Lopez and thats not very appealing in such a short season. Plus New Jersey is terrible even with a top 3 PG in Deron williams.

  48. jose says:

    howard baby your coming,to the lakers.

  49. fan says:

    I have the feeling Dwight is going to Big Apple. Knicks have shown in the past they don’t hesitate to get rid of an all-star player past his prime and Amare looks like one. I feel sorry because he was the one that turned the franchise a litle last year before the Melo trade offcourse. Now the Knicks are in trouble and I’m sure they are already in talks with Magic. The other possibility beside Lakers is the Nets. Howard might willing to join Deron Willams, who knows, but I put my money on New York.

  50. Gizmo says:

    Sorry but, I can’t feel sorry for Dwight here. You start the seaosn off with the trade thing pretty much saying you have no faith in your team being good. You have an impressive start to the beginning of your season and still talk trades. Boston absolutely ruined us Monday and then before the game Thursday you’re talking about how you wouldn’t mind playing for Boston?

    Nice leadership there Dwight. It’s kind of hard to fall in line behind a guy who says he wants to win now, while adding teams to his preferred destinations. And NO ONE else on the Magic is going to step up and take the reins of the team from Dwight so it’s a lose-lose situation. If the All-Star game wasn’t in Orlando they would have already traded him.

    We Magic fans know Dwight’s gone, a lot of us are fed up with his antics and wish him luck being the second scoring option on another team. because a team that has Howard as their primary scoring option and the offense revolve around him, isn’t getting it done.

  51. TJ says:

    I think fire Otis Smith period.

    He signed Lewis $120B no scene. He is a BS manager

    Fire Otis Smith

  52. Jamaree says:

    I am a Dwight Howard Fan all the way but if he leave the Magic have no chance. Where he goes that will be my favorite team.

  53. steagle says:

    I’m a Boston fan and I would LOVE to see Howard in Celtic green next year, but I honestly think his best bet is New York. Phil Jackson is hinting at coming back to coach already, then add Howard & Carmelo to that mix, and you have a serious contender. Everyone thought Stoudemire + Anthony (and then +Chandler) would make them a serious contender but we’ve seen how that panned out. There is no doubt in my mind that Howard and Anthony would be much more effective than their current Big 3. Trade Stoudemire & Chandler for Howard and get Phil Jackson to commit. Overnight, NY will go to a championship contender and make the East even more interesting.

  54. Peter says:

    Well with all of their expiring contracts Boston will apparnelty have enough cap space next summer to sign two max contract players.

    Lets say KG, Ray Allen and Jermaine Oneal all sign for veteran minimum to stay in Boston (highly probable) and that Jeff Green resigns with Boston for the same 8M he was going to sign for this year. This leaves Boston with enough cap space to sign Dwight Howard outright AND pick up another very good playervery solid player while still staying under the cap.

  55. ryAN says:

    Dwight Howard for Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah, and some draft picks I think thats fair enough

  56. Hope says:

    Houston Rockets is a good choice.

  57. Trade Howard for LeBron says:

    Then maybe Miami might be able to win a championship.

    • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

      Wow, that is like amnestying lebron. Dwight is comming to the heat anyways, so why trade for him? Heat clearly has the best team in the NBA, so for a great player like Howard, don’t settle for less.

  58. Winning says:

    This is what’s great about sports. This is what the greatest thing about sports is. You play to win the game. Hello? You play to win the game. You don’t play it to just play it. That’s the great thing about sports: you play to win, and I don’t care if you don’t have any wins. You go play to win. When you start tellin’ me it doesn’t matter, then retire. Get out! ‘Cause it matters.” – Herm Edwards

  59. Fernando Camarena Jr. says:

    I have been an Orlando Magic fan since 1994. It has been tough being a Magic fan, especially with the team having no rings but I have stuck with them through the good and bad times and will continue to. This whole Dight Howrard Saga needs to end now. I have seen this with the Nick Anderson, Shaq, Penny, T-Mac, Francis etc.. The Howard is just another Era and like everything great, it must come to an end. Otis Smith is to BLAME. I am still upset of how he dismantled the 2009 Finals team. If all those players would have been signed, maybe he could have had ring by now. Howard is not to be hated, he did the best he could aswell as the rest of the great ones who’ve played for the Magic. I am a MAGIC fan 4LIFE and can’t wait til we call ourselves NBA Champions even if its once!

  60. Joshua says:

    I think Otis has to be fired, he’s making things worse with his comments, Dwight should stay, Orlando should make a really risky trade for a really good player like Josh Smith, Deron Williams or someone, im going to feel sorry for Orlando if Dwight leaves 😦

  61. tapk says:

    There are only 4/5 teams capable of trading and should get Dwight Howard right now..

    Bulls – for me its the best choice , they really need a real threat besides Rose he would draw double teams for Rose,Hamilton , Korver and Deng shots

    OKC – good choice for dwight , but i really dont see OKC trading anyone for the next few years , but if they could get him , i wouldnt think twice

    Lakers – they really need another all-star for free

    Knicks – yes they could trade for him , just move Stoudamire

    Spurs – They have the pieces to trade for him , and he would make spurs fans forget Tim Duncan

  62. ardit12345 says:

    I think Dwight should stay at Orlando because there is no good place to go for him except Chicago ,I don’t think he’ll go to Miami he is a competetive guy and doesn’t want to be a role player and winning a championship with Mia wouldn’t be much of a challenge or exciting.Niether the Lakers would trade Andrew for him , because Andrew is the 2nd best center in NBA and has no problems to match up with other centers untill the finals (if both teams could reach there)
    The magic need some good bench players good shooters and a good shooting guard,also a good defensive center so they can rest Dwight ….and a little bit changing of their offensive system (inside out maybe like the Spurs).

  63. Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

    GMs should avoid paying high costs in terms of players to make a trade for Howard, he will be a free agent next summer with no chance of resigning unless the magics some how pull off a miracle and get lebron and kevin durant and wins a championship. So why cripple your team to get Dwight? New York gave too much for a guy who wants to go there anyways and now is a disaster.

    Magics have the choice of not getting anything back or getting some random peices just to balance out the salary, so why on earth would anyone offer them a third option of getting another solid player?

    • Mac says:

      Most of the teams that Howard has listed as his preferred destination do not have enough cap space to be able to get him without having to trade players. This doesn’t mean they’d trade players to the magic but they’d have to trade them somewhere to be able to afford Dwight.

  64. Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

    What exactly do you want Dwight to do?

  65. Big Bear says:

    Oh my, the NBA is so fickle. Everybody is talking about a Dwight Howard trade before the season. Then the Magic get off to a hot start and suddenly everyone says that he should stay in Orlando. Now, after a few bad (alright, terrible) games the talk is again “Trade, trade, trade!”
    Otis Smith has a history of being stubborn with these issues so I still don’t think they will move him until the trade deadline. By that time, who knows, maybe the Magic supporting cast will buck up their ideas and they will go on another strong run and at least make themselves look like a contender, even if they aren’t really.
    Ultimately though, Dwight just isn’t going to win a championship with this team and he deserves better than that. I see absolutely zero possibility of him resigning with the Magic this summer, even with the new CBA rules. The Magic need to get the best possible value for him while they can, whether that means trading him now or waiting until the deadline.

  66. Dont care about superman says:

    The only year Dwight Howard played at his best was when we made into the finals. Since than all I have seeing on TV is a boring and whiny basketball player. I don’t know how they watch films and they don’t see that the problem is D.H. Every time he goes down low and misses his shot it takes him about 3-5 min to argue with the ref. by the time his finished the other team has scored already on there side. If you want to complain and whiny that’s fine but not during the game. Do it at home were no one is watching you. I know what’s going to happened to D.H, he is going to be become the next Terrell Owens in basketball. Just in case no one knows the reason he wants to leave Orlando is not BC he wants a championship team, it’s BC he can find another woman that’s not married and have kids that he can take home. Just ask his ex personal trainer.

  67. Knicks are going to trade tyson and amare Dwight in the big apple

  68. ko0kiE says:

    omg.. the magic backcourt has struggled mightily.. they simply don’t have a solid pg.. and j rich is playing pretty bad this year. it would be smart to trade howard now, get something in return and start the rebuilding process.. compared to be a so-and-so team with howard and let him go for nothing after this season. maybe the magic management still think they are a contender.. lol

  69. Jimbo99 says:

    What I’d suggest Howard to do is just shut up!! All I’ve been hearing from him is how bad his teammates are since last year. Even though it may be true, you never hear the bashing he does with his teammates from the other superstars. Probably the reason why his teammates are not playing! Kobe for a time was like that but he just said “we need to get better” and that’s it…no “if you don’t want to play, then don’t play…”. Howard sounds like a mom.

    We could argue that it could be he is fed up with his teammates or he desperately wants to be traded so he is being childish now…but that’s not how you inspire your team. So the best is, trade Howard!! because he will be like this until end season. Get the most while the Magic still has him. Trade him for Amare and Chandler…that combo with Carmelo in NY is not working out as well anyway.

  70. Mooch says:

    Dwight is coming to LA

  71. Ken says:

    As a season ticket holder I am ashamed, disappointed, and I want my money back. I drive 45 minutes just to go to the games , at this point I have been selling my games and I watch other teams because I just can’t take watching the Magic any longer. I place the blame for this square on the shoulders of Otis Smith and Van Gundy. Both of you created this ****, you both need to loose your jobs. D Howard man please don’t leave this team needs you. I now attend a game only to see a favorite player on the other teams, and of course the Magic cheerleaders, Lyndsy and the ladies have true talent.

  72. Armin Halvadzic says:

    if he wants to win championships then he has to leave orlando. that’s it. fan or not a fan you have to face the facts.

    • Ex-Dwight fan says:

      i agree with you, but if we trade him to the Lakers for Bynum and Gasol, Orlando can win a championship too!

  73. EX-Dwight fan says:

    I used to be a fan of superman,but no i’m not. i want to even trade D-12 now, if it wasn’t for orlando,he wouldn’t be where he is today! But of course he’s going to be like stupid shaq and leave..badly! if otis smith is going to trade him,i hope he goes to the LA Lakers,so we can get andrew bynum and pau gasol…yeah would have to trade hedo turkoglu,too. But it;s worth it. Bye Dwight Howard,i thought you were a good person,but i guess everyone isn’t who they seem to be.

    • Rich says:

      Orlando Magic did not build his name. Howard put the Magic back in the NBA map !

    • Wil says:

      If the Magic didnt draft him someone else would have and then he never would have played on the Magic

      • Ex-Dwight fan says:

        Well, you should agree that he is selfish for insulting his teammates, he better shape up, or he’ll be traded as fast as shaq left!

    • anybody says:

      Ex-Dwight Fan is fickle and deluded.
      First they won’t get Pau and Bynum, just Bynum and maybe someone off the bench for Dwight and Turks contract. If they do I’m wrong lol. What makes Dwight bad? He didn’t call out anyone individually he made a shout out at his team. That’s what a leader has to do not present roses for everything, sometimes they need to get the word out.

      People get frustrated, the media pry and pry and are relentless so a player having a bad day mught say the wrong thing and Bam they lose a fickle fan

  74. Inkwell says:

    Oh please, give me a break.

    Every team has their ebbs and flows. Even with the way they lost their last few games, it isn’t responsible to label the Orlando Magic as being on a downward spiral. This is what I dislike about the NBA. Writers, commentators and the like are very quick to jump on some sort of band wagon when a team is either doing really well, or really bad. Yet, everyone forgets this is how teams evolve.

    Yes, it’s a bump in the road. No, it isn’t the end of the Magic and Dwight Howard.

  75. Squeaky Wheel says:

    As a resident of Orlando, no matter what you may say about the Magic, history is a tough rap to beat. Through blind luck, and good fortune, the Magic have been the cradle for two of the NBA’s premier “big-men” in the last 20 years, and they’ve squandered these rarer than rare opportunities ever to grace an NBA franchise. Regardless of the players’ desire or effort,
    a fish rots from the head down. The shocking inability of the Orlando management to build a team around either Shaq or Dwight, reveals the tragic short-sightedness of this organization. This time, when Howard leaves, most here in Orlando will
    not begrudge him for doing so. We won’t like it, who would, but most here will hold no grudge when Dwight moves on.

    As far as whether the Magic’s season is over, that’s another thing. I’d be willing to bet that there have been more “slumps”
    and “rough patches” in the NBA’s elite teams than Sekou has published blogs. When you’re hot, you’re the darling of the
    talking-heads and top 10 plays video’s. When you’re not, it’s always how long till the team’s total and utter collapse. Yawn.

    • Inkwell says:

      “As far as whether the Magic’s season is over, that’s another thing. I’d be willing to bet that there have been more “slumps” and “rough patches” in the NBA’s elite teams than Sekou has published blogs. When you’re hot, you’re the darling of the talking-heads and top 10 plays video’s. When you’re not, it’s always how long till the team’s total and utter collapse. Yawn.”

      My thoughts precisely.

  76. Howard's Choice says:

    The Lakers have gone through this, the only player who puts his heart out on court is Kobe, so you better join him!
    Let it be Howard’s choice, he should opt to go to Laker Land, he’ll get his rings, exposure, and represent the top franchise in the NBA.
    Chris Paul had the option, i still don’t get it why he chose to go to the Clippers, Lakers would guarantee a future for a player of his caliber, i don’t see his future in a Clipper uniform.
    Trade Bynum, young players like Ebanks, Morris and trade exception. Do whatever it takes but lets get someone else to play with heart in LA.
    I hope Lakers make a move, i keep hoping they play bad to make moves…. Same for Clippers, i’ve always been a Clippers supporter, but after they stepped in our toes i hope they go down the well and Paul does not resign with them.Hoping Orlande keeps playing bad so the Howard trade will be more imminent. Hope the Lakers do something about soft hearted players and crazy Whirled Peas who shoots bankers all night long.
    Nuggets are the surprise, hope Orlando takes a look at how they benefited form the trade. Bynum will play well in Orlando, trust him 🙂
    Take the LA freeway D12
    All the leaves are brown, and the sky is great…California Dreamin’….

  77. JoJo says:

    Pacers are looking dangerous!

  78. jay says:

    …and get jerry sloan to coach

  79. jay says:

    trade nelson, j rich and big baby for nash and gortat

  80. Rob says:

    u never knowe if magic can fix themselves dwight might come back to finish his career here and win a few for the magic but at this point its time to part ways

  81. Rob says:

    I think its time to move on from this team and coach orlando needs a more defensive team because thats whats wins championships not offensive . Teams have figured out the magics sceme now they ” the magic have been exposed by the celtics” now its time to get new coach like doc rivers ” he still has house in orlando” hes leaving the celtics after this year kind of weird but i bet he wants to coach the magic team still. and otis smith well i think its time to move on to a new gm as well . this magic team needs to be redone and needs to be formed more tougher and defesive minded ” like charles barkly says live by the 3 die bye it and that has always been magics issue not to mention horrible at the free throw line. Its time to blow up the team and managment start fresh look at what cleveland got for being the worst team a amazing point guard <

  82. Elliott says:

    The magic should of fire van gundy last year and Dwight is outta orlando if you magic fans like it or not why waste his talents there if no one is going to compete hopefully he goes to Lakers or knicks

  83. James says:

    why do you add your own name to the news? lol noone cares what you think.

  84. langnesechecker says:

    I’m a magic fan sice 94 but i’ve never seen worse basketball from this team.
    It makes me sad. Really.

    Otis you have to trade Dwight now. And pls get J Rich and Duhon out of Orlando. Especially Duhon. How many turnovers did he have against Indiana? 6? How can you play such bad basketball like this guy.
    Whatever. It’s time for a change in Orlando.

  85. D-LOve says:

    BS , goodbye Dwight

  86. DANITo says:

    its time to do wat shaq did dwight. lakers time now. time to win championship. dwight for bynum and metta world peace

  87. BID says:

    small market team…bad management decision…very inconsistent players…what can u expect???

  88. Magic Fan says:

    According to Dwight’s social pages, Dwight wants to win, he doesn’t like Stan, he wants billboards of the magic players around town, he wants to have certain players on his team. He has made his wishes known and still the organization chooses to ignore them, Something in the front office needs to be done, and it needs to be done before the All Star Break but the front office doesn’t want to move Howard before that since they are using his name to increase revenue and attract $$ to the arena I don’t see anything happening soon. Dwight leaves, we rebuild.

  89. charles says:

    Van Gundy at some point has to bear some responsibility for his performance as a coach as well. Teams have won with less talent than Orlando. I mean what did Dallas have last year? Nowtzki was their only star. Kidd is old. Matrix is their second best player. Terry is sixth man of the year. Chandler is a guy who is good defensively (overrated) but can only dunk offensively. Orlando has an exceptional player in Howard – both defensively and offensively. They have a great power forward in Anderson who can make the game easier for Howard. They have Richardson and Turkolu who can both play solid basketvall and Nelson who is a good point guard. They should win with this mix. But they don’t. The way they got beat in Celtics game and New Orleans was with lack of offense. They have lots of players who can shoot and a player who can score in the paint against anybody! How is this possible? I think the coach needs to get some heat here too.

    • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

      Dallas is actually very good personel wise last year, Dirk is better than Howard (howard just appears to be good because there are not very many true centers today in the NBA), all they other people you mentioned is better than everyone else on the magics except howard and anderson. There are just so many ex-allstars on that dallas team last season.

    • papamis says:

      I agree, all those years Van Guddy proved to be an overrated head coach either when the team was running for the championship, or last year when the Hawks made fan of them in the playoffs. Also the GM has done some pretty weird moves, let Hedo go when he was playing great ball and then Rashard Lewis trade for Arenas…It’s time for Howard to move on preferrably in the summer as a free agent and go to a team where he will be given the keys of their offense and not just trying to score 30 points a game with 10 shots…

    • QuestionMark says:

      They had depth which is why they won, Dallas had the same amount of offense and defense when the bench was playing, also depends on who played well, Dirk played amazing and Terry stepped up.

    • ME says:

      Terry is definitly the 2nd best he only comes off the bench because he is more comfortable doing so and he provide a spark when the start of the game adrenaline rush is over. JJ was an amazing point gaurd with his speed, kidd is prolly the most bb savy player in the leauge, marion is good but really only contribute with rebounding, and chandler was one of the best defensive players in the league. Throw in the guys off the bench like peja and stevenson and they had a well of talent. They were just undercredited last year.

      • Rich says:

        Commitment to defense was the key to the mavs run last year. Everybody’s rotating and you very seldom see them failing in the rotation. Mavs still employing the same defensive system but with the new guys you can still see that they haven’t perfected the defensive rotations yet. Plus Haywood is one and a half step slower than Tyson.

    • Vidal says:

      Anyone who can beat Miami is a good team and they did it so easily 4-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. DownToEarthFan says:

    This is just sad. As a Magic fan I am disappointed with the whole team. As much as I don’t want to admit it, we need to trade out Dwight. I just hope we get a good trade and get back on track.

  91. QuestionMark says:

    Every team goes through bad games, the Heat did the same, and they bounced back, but the Magic still need to trade for a better PG and better defenders, I would go for Deron Williams, trade Nelson, J-Rich and a 1st Round Pick for D-Will and Stevenson, I would keep Turkoglu since he is shooting pretty well, and Anderson has to stay in Orlando for sure.

  92. Roy says:

    Time to blow it up, i really ut it doesnt thought things were gonna work in Orlando after they started picking it up but i guess i was dreaming. Best possibility i see is Dwight going to LA for Bynum and another player. Idk though this situation is pretty confusing, what other teams could he go to? And would Otis Smith be throwing in players like Hedo or Richardson in the deal?

  93. somebody says:

    I feel sorry for the Magic fans.

    It’s almost unbearable to watch this Magic team melt down like this, i don’t know if its the tight schedule or what, but besides Howard and Anderson, no one seems to be playing basketball. Especially that backup point guard Duhon(Not that Nelson was playing any better before he decide to sit with a bum)

    This is only a team that’s good when the shooters are on fire , they can’t get anything done solidly if their shooters lose their touch. they have a lot of them, but not many of them have consistency. or should i say, no one in that team has consistency.

  94. I been a fan since ’89. Born and raised here in Orlando and I been through the Nick era, Shaq & Penny era, Tracy McGrady & Steve Francis era, Eras come and go, so if this chapter wit Dwight is going to close.. so be it. But really, you cant blame the team when the so called Captain of the team consistantly talks about leaving current team and wanting to do everything he can at the same time. GTFOH, thats not what legends do #justSAYIN

    • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

      Dwight is not a legend, but he will be legendary at helping other legends win multiple championship. So in that sense he is sort of a legend.

    • illone says:

      The thing is, if not for reporters constantly asking questions about his trade situtation and what not, you’d never hear Dwight talk about his future with the team.

      Dwight has made the decision not to sign an extension with the team – that’s it. Reporters then keep shoving mics in his face to talk about what that means – and David Sterns forces all NBA members to make themselves available to answer questions from reporters.

      So you get what you get giving these dynamics. Dwight is making a decision about where he wants to work for himself and his family – David Sterns is trying to provide an exciting product to the public – And reporters are trying to entertain their watchers with ‘News’. No one entity is to blame here.

      • LOL says:

        HELLOO yes he is. Howard aka Elbows can DECLINE to answer these questions, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. But guess what he doesnt!!! Completely UNPROFESSIONAL

  95. Cess says:

    I think this is all BS, a team that its playing pretty good and suddenly they are playing worst than a D-league team. This is just a way to find an excuse to trade Dwight cause that is what the rest of the league and fans outside Orlando want. The NBA its becomming a soap opera where everytime a very good player wants to go to a bigger market, or a bigger market team wants a superstar they will use the media and money to convince everybody that player needs to be traded. I wouldnt be surprised if this is all planned. Dont trust the NBA anymore, it has become all about money, drama and no love for basketball. And since when a employee has more power than the employer??? Just saying…

    • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

      Dwight just want to switch jobs. Everyone has the right to compete for a position they like in a company they like, and firms has the right to hire the best candidate they can find, but with all the salary cap stuff, that right seemed to be taken away from NBA players. So I really feel sorry for these 450 lovely players. I know some people are going to say that they get paid x and x and x, but they revenue they generate is over 4 billion a year.

    • LEBRON IS TO BLAME says:

      Lebron is to blame the NBA isnt ever sense Lebron and Bosh went to Miami EVERY Superstar thinks you have to buy a team to win a championship now MIami is The death of real team basketball.

      • Carl says:


      • LOL says:

        No Lebron most certainly ISNT to blame. Lebron had every RIGHT as a FREE AGENT to go WHEREVER he chooses. Players put trade DEMANDS out there when they are UNDER CONTRACT, just like Howard is now!! COmpletely unprofessional for him to be doing this while hes under contract. Theres absolutely NO comparison. What Howard is doing is WAY worse than Lebron.

        And for YOUR information the Lakers have been BUYING championships for a REALLY LOOONNNG time, just like the Yankees in baseball. So you can keep on hatin Lebron, its ok. Im sure you about 12 from the way you are talkin.

  96. Law064 says:

    Feel sorry for Dwight and the GM of Orlando should blame himself. Why on earth did he get J Rich Gilbert A when he could’ve waited to get some real helf for Dwight. I feel you Dwight. In the Words of Sir Charles. Dwight is Michael Jackson surrounded by a bunch of Tito’s

    • LOL says:

      Thats whats SOOO funny about this. Howard a.k.a “Elbows” as I’ve called him for a year now, is crying about going to another team because his team isnt any good now, WHILE HE IS UNDER CONTRACT!!!!!!

      While he is UNDER CONTRACT people. Lebron did NOTHING of that at all. Lebron was a consummate PROFESSIONAL when dealing with his last days in Cleveland and didnt say a word about trades or NOTHING at all about leaving Cleveland. Until guess when???? He was a FREE AGENT.

      Thats right, Lebron made a decision and talked about it AFTER he was a FREE AGENT. For anyone who doesnt realize, that means you are ALLOWED by the NBA, to go to WHATEVER team will sign you, YOUR CHOICE.

      Guess what everyone Elbows is STILL under a CONTRACT that he SIGNED with the Magic. That HE WILLFULLY signed, and now wants OUT of.

      It’s really funny that with most everyone talking about this, this is PERFECTLY ok, when its most certainly NOT. He shouldnt be talking this OPEN about his trade demands. Just like Jalen Rose said its COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL

      But for some reason he doesnt have the haters that Lebron had, even before he left Cleveland, as a FREE AGENT. O but wait thats right, Lebron is better than Elbows all day, and one of the greatest talents the game has ever seen. O thats right, THATS why Lebron got hated on before he even left Cleveland. K

  97. dirk45 says:

    Goodbye Dwight!

    I’ll have to agree. I don’t see Dwight finishing this season in Orlando anymore. And look at the stats. Nobody can say that he plays to leave. He plays to win but his teammates (or should I spell team”mates”) seem to be frightened by the thought of losing him.
    Whereever it takes him, I hope he finds a team with a spirit. Dallas maybe? 🙂

    • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

      That place is Miami. Dwight Howard has never been a very good offensive player (he is averaging less points than chris Bosh this season and is the goto guy on the Magics) but Miami do need him to rebound, defend, and bring energy every night and be the most consistent player on the team. He will probably end up with just over 10 points a game but his rebounding should not drop much (by less than 3 a game perhaps), because he will take away some rebounds from lebron and bosh, but these players are great players, so they will not care.

      Dwight is not designed to lead a team, he is not shaq, nor will he ever be as good and big, and average 30 points a game. But he is a good player, or better player than he already is, playing for a good team and be an important piece.

      Miami will have to match his salary by giving away chalmers, haslem, joel anthony, and some other players and draft picks, but it will not make sense to trade away any one of the big three because DH12 is not worth that much.

      If Dwight wants to be on a contender and a team his age, his only real options are chicago, LA Clippers, Miami Heat, and OKC Thunder, and you might be able to name just 1 or 2 more, but the three teams Dwight mentioned: Nets, Lakers, and Mavs are a total BS. But then again, which of the contender do not have a legitmite center? That is the team Dwight should go to to make an impact.

      • shink213 says:

        The heat don’t even have the slightest of possibility to grab dwight howard. 1) The heat do not have anyone to trade
        2) The heat have no room in their salary cap. 3) they are not giving away lebron or wade 4) forget that idea of him going there.

      • Eric says:

        Lol, the only way Dwight Howard will go to the Heat is if the Heat give up either:
        -LeBron + 2 bench players
        -Wade + 2 bench players
        -LeBron + Wade
        -Bosh + 3 bench players
        -Their whole bench + Anthony

        Basically, it won’t happen.

      • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

        They can come up with a trade package, no doubt. They have many solid players, they can give away James Jones, Udonis Haslem, Chalmers, Joel anthony, maybe someone else. All they need under the trade rules is to find a few guy’s salary that together after x125% = howard’s salary.

      • G-ZUS947 says:

        This guy has been hitting the sauce a little to hard…

      • dirk45 says:

        You’re totally right. LeBron probably needs Howard, followed up by Kobe, Dirk and Derrick on the bank to finally get a ring. He will then have a huge press conference where he explains that he was the true leader of the team and ask for a rule change where the NBA first and second team each year have to join his team the next year 🙂

      • QuestionMark says:

        How can you call Jones and Anthony solid players? And those 4 are practically their whole bench, good luck winning a championship with Lebron, Wade, Bosh and Dwight playing 48 mins every game, plus Orlando isn’t that stupid, they would want Wade/Lebron and Bosh, and if Orlando is going to give up Dwight that means rebuilding which means Miami is going to have to take Turk’s contract as well.

      • robbay2 says:

        quit dreaming. LAL Dallas Nets Knicks or bulls.

      • D12 all day says:

        you my friend…. have no idea what the heck you are talking about… you are just another person who started watching the NBA to jump on the heat bandwagon. Also there is no way by any force on this planet that will EVER happen.

      • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

        The heat should trade away some bech players for howard, they have too many bench anyways. Cole, haslem, mike miller, battier, james jones, juan howard, eddie curry, and a few other rookies. The heat really need 9 players on a nightly baisis.

      • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

        Dwight is about to become a free agent, why do you think any team is giving up solid players like the ones you listed to get him? Team will only need to clear enough spaces for him for the least cost personell wise. Like a possible senerio is Chalmers (4mil), Joel anthony (3.6mil), Udonis haslem (3.78mil), Mike Miller (5.4 mil). That is more than enough cap room to sign dwight.
        Miami will start cole, and have shane batier and james jones as the first ones off the bench. Pittman , Juan Howard, and Curry can back-up the 4 and 5 spots.

      • rdeano7 says:

        for the record this completely impossible and will never happen. however, if all you dwight for is to rebound, block shots and defend why would you go for the most expensive center in the league? hes obviously gonna demand a max contract (and rightly so). there are plenty of top defensive centers who dont need a max contract, or anything near that i.e camby, perkins (however i dont think these players would be available for trade). think before you type you dreamer!!!

      • Ronald says:

        Obviously coming from a heat fan who is still weeping from last year’s championship loss to Dallas.

        Man up dude! You have to stuck it up wih your big three for the nxt 4 years and there’s no way possible to add as big a piece as DH12 with the salary you’re in.

        If DH cannot do it in Orlando now, who would think that James (from cleveland), Bosh (from toronto) or a Shaq-Less Wade can turn it around?

        They needed more pieces than miami can offer up!

      • Dwight Howard to Miami Heat!!! says:

        Neither one of the big three has max contracts, nor does last season’s finals MVP Dirk, who out played all three of the Miami trio. Dwight needs to know winning basketball always comes before money. This is the right ethic for all the 450 players in the NBA.

      • LOL says:


        Dude you dont know what your talking about. Yea sure Howard is better than Lebron and Wade and bench players, really? Its the OTHER way around. Magic would be giving up Howard and couple bench players for Lebron. Sorry Lebrons better than Howard all day. You must be a hater. But good trolling though, I couldnt resist the urge to comment on how stupid these so called “trade scenarios” of yours are.

  98. prix says:

    Orlando ended up as a disgrace… What else could we say…make some trade out from the Wizards or the Bobcats and maybe the Magic deserves a chance…I felt sorry for the Magic fans…