LeBron Over Lucas … Worth Another Look!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’ve been debating the merits of this dunk (above and from a different angle than you’ve probably seen) all day here at the hideout.

Man jumps over another man, you’re supposed to be impressed.

But the dissenters suggest that Heat star LeBron James needed to just over someone a hair taller than Bulls guard John Lucas III for this to be celebrated the way it has been since yesterday afternoon.

Our main man and Dunk Ladder guru LeMont Calloway has already weighed in, and if he’s impressed … who are we to argue!


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  2. Rahul says:

    Man , both dunks were nasty sickeningly sweet , lebron jumps over and blake goes through and through . Im sorry perkins, but as far as i can remember that was the second sick dunk on him. ppl do ya’ll remember D-Wade getting nasty on perkins.check the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWPlDbgkfQA&feature=related .You can just about remove that scowl buddy , nobody is intimidated by you anymore. I am definetly not going to compare dunks just lets put it this way
    Lebron’s is the best alley oop dunk this season.
    Blake’s is the best slam dunk of the season.

    Hooray for an NBA season this year.

  3. Bev says:

    That’s my boy !!!

  4. bostonlou says:

    lebron needs to calm down with the “look back”

    pure disrespect and i hope someone bridges him for it

    • JR says:

      Get a life! Even when he amazes and entertains, you still want to hate on Lebron. You must be from Cleveland.

      When you jump over a 5’11” man, catch a ball flying 12 feet high with one hand and slam dunk it, THEN come and tell Lebron how he should react.

  5. lakermig says:


  6. Jay Blanco says:

    This is better than Griffin because it was an alley-oop

  7. sayWhat? says:

    step aside ladies… Blake coming through

  8. I´m trying to figure it out what the h is going on here. See there´s a lot good dunks and this one was amazing you can´t rank best dunks ever cuz you should start all along with Wilt Chamberlain,Men you can´t stop this debate. It´s so polemical.
    I stay with Lebron´s dunk it was just amazing.
    But Media always will try to spotlight Lebron´s Kobe´s and so on. There are more plays in the league to put eyes on. Maybe unknown players. But Lebron is the best dunker in the league and best player now.

  9. wow says:

    @Frozenshaddow10 slow down! i agree that’s one of the best dunks of all time. lebron is way better player than vince carter and i am not hating LBJ, in fact i think that dunk is very impressive maybe top 10 all time but that dunk is not better than Vince Carter’s dunk over french center.

    first of all John Lucus is 5-11
    the french center is 7-2
    that’s a different of 15 inches
    which is harder to jump over ?? that’s obvious.
    vince stole the ball dribble, jump and dunk on the center.
    (in my opinion it is harder because vince have to dribble and bring the ball up to the rim, while lebron catch on top to put it in. NO diss to lebron it is very impressive jump anyway)
    and also the situation make vince dunk more bad A** dunk
    john lucus didn’t know LBJ coming in for oops, he was just backing up and trying to box out to get rebound and LBJ didn’t know Lucus is coming too he is already half way in air when john lucus was coming @0:03 (still really impressive he bent the knee to avoid collision )
    Vince know the french center is coming, in fact the french center is trying to take charge carter saw that and he just jumped over him to dunk it.
    Again i am not dissing or hating LBJ i am just saying i don’t agree with u saying it is better than carter’s dunk. LBJ is very impressive and if carter dunk rate 100, that LBJ dunk is easily 97 or 98. i am just saying.

  10. prix says:

    It could be the Dunk of the year unless… Blake will dunk over Kobe in battle Los Angeles… or Rose over John Wall in the battle of the first pick point gaurds …or the best it could be Rubio over Dwight…hows that!

  11. Frozenshaddow10 says:

    That was amazing…..Unscripted bro! That was fantastic….an Alley-oop over a man…incredible..better than vince carter though much taller he jumped on men!

  12. Sosay says:

    vinsanity style…. just plain ridiculous. i’m no heat fan, but that is just bananas. also, those new black and white jerseys are super ill

  13. CP15 says:

    Wade was like “Man, that was nasty!”

  14. newyorksteelo says:

    That was AMAZING!!!!!!

  15. SikWitIt says:

    John Lucas, you are now famous.

    • JR says:

      LOL I was thinking the same thing! When he stepped onto the court I was like “who is this guy again?”. Some short minutes later he is immortalized in the NBA history books. Many have been dunked on in the NBA. Only a select few have been dunked OVER!! John Lucas, you are part of an elite group now. If you feel bad, call up Frederic Weis. He knows exactly how you feel.

  16. gameon says:

    Man that was sick, filthy, dirty, nasty, grimy and whatever other word you use to describe it when you wear the “something smells face,” when you see a dunk like that!!! That hurt MY feelings

  17. Dramey says:

    Sorry, if you can jump over anybody playing in the NBA, it’s a feat. Let’s see they people talking jump over John Lucas.

  18. JZA says:

    greatest dunk ever!!

  19. Belizeboy says:

    That belongs in the top 10-20 all-time NBA greatest dunks IMO.

  20. Law064 says:

    That was the play of the game by far. I’m no LBJ fan but that was simply amazing and Lucas didn’t even see it coming lol ha thought he was gonna box out somebody but Lebron flew right over him lol. Great play from lebron